Love & Obsession

by ArcherStories


Dayna loves Zach & will do anything for him–She’s not alone.

Dayna woke up at 3:22 in the morning and knew instantly that she was in love. It was strange, really. Her dream had been about a giant circus tent pitching itself over her college campus—nothing at all to do with Zach. But in a second, the dream was gone and she was wide away in bed, thinking about him. And she was in love.

It was weird, because she had only met him once—and briefly at that. Her brother was having some friends over for a board game night. Her boyfriend at the time was picking her up soon, so Dayna was lingering around the area where the guys were playing, texting friends or browsing the internet on her phone. She thought that her brother might have introduced her, might not have. She was pretty sure that all of her brothers friends were checking her out, so eventually she went and waited on the porch to escape their gazes. Her boyfriend had picked her up and she had never thought about the group of guys again.

Until now. She didn’t even think she knew Zach’s name, but apparently she did. And he was the love of her life.

Dayna rolled over in bed and reached for her phone on the nightstand. She had to remind herself what room she was in. It was the start of summer between junior and senior year of college. Dayna was a senior, but had started school a year early. She was twenty while most of her peers were twenty-one or -two. A week ago she had been at school, but now she back in her childhood bedroom. She almost smacked her wrist on the nightstand, thinking it was farther away than it actually was.

Dayna opened up Facebook, typed a quick search, and found her way to Zach’s profile. He wasn’t her friend, unfortunately, so there was a limit to what Dayna could see. He was older—her brother’s age—and out of school for several years. Dayna scrolled, looking first at the relationship status—which was hidden. She let out a little groan of frustration at that. Then she started scrolling through his page, looking for pictures, statuses, or anything that might share just a little detail on his life. Almost all of it was hidden behind a privacy wall.

Dayna opened up his profile picture and felt the gasp escape her throat before she could stop it. There he was, in all his glory. If it had been anyone else but the love of her life, Dayna might not have thought he was so incredibly perfect. His haircut wasn’t her normal type and he didn’t have a huge sense of style, but it was Zach. The perfect man.

Dayna went hunting for more. Instagram, Twitter, and even his LinkedIn. She gobbled up every bit of public information, even if there wasn’t much. She memorized his work history, eager for any detail that might teach her a little more about him.

Eventually, she ran out of information. She was staring at the privacy wall again, wanting desperately to peek behind it. But she dared not send him a friend request at 3:45 in the morning—she had spent over a half hour internet stalking the love of her life.

She stared at the screen for a long time, eventually drifting off to a restless sleep.

* * *

Dayna had plans the next day. She was going to hang with some friends, maybe go shopping, and if she had time she was going to try to find a job for the summer—if she didn’t end up with one, that wasn’t a big deal, but it would be nice to have some extra cash coming into senior year. Her sorority sisters were planning a ski trip in the winter.

Dayna cancelled all the plans for the day. There was something more important on her agenda: the pursuit of true love.

As early as Dayna thought would be acceptable, she sent a friend request to Zach, hoping it would appear casual. Then, Dayna sat at the kitchen table and waited for her brother, Tim, to get up. He was out of school, working a steady job for a few years, but hadn’t gotten around to moving out. Their parents didn’t seem keen on kicking him out either. Luckily, Dayna was up earlier than he was, so she could catch him before he left. Dayna refreshed her phone screen a few times, seeing if Zach had accepted her yet. Nothing. Finally, Tim wandered down the stairs, wiping sleep out of his eyes. Dayna checked the clock. It was 7:00.

“Good morning, bro,” Dayna said, hopefully casually.

Tim stopped mid-stride and gave her an odd look. “Uh… good morning,” he grunted. Then he moved to the cereal.

“How’d you sleep?” Dayna asked, wondering how exactly she was going to swing the conversation around to what she really wanted to talk about.

“Fine,” Tim said simply.

“Any plans for the day?” Dayna asked.

Tim glanced over his shoulder at her, again with a strange look, then returned to pouring his cereal. “No, not really.”

“Not hanging with friends or anything?”


“It’s been a while since you’ve had a board game night,” Dayna observed.

Tim carried his bowl to the table where Dayna was sitting, blinked a few times at her, and said, “Did… are you asking me to play a board game? I have work…”

“What? No,” Dayna said. “I’m just saying it’s been a while.”

“I guess,” Tim said, his confusion clear.

“I was thinking the other day… I met one of your friends there once. I couldn’t remember his last name and it was bothering me. Do you remember… Zach?”

“Zach,” Tim said blankly.

“Yeah,” Dayna said.

“I don’t think there’s been a Zach here,” Tim said.

Dayna was about to offer Zach’s last name to refresh her brother’s memory, but that would have revealed her lie.

“I thought there was,” Dayna said. “You guys were playing here…” she gestured to the kitchen table “…and I met him. You don’t remember?”

Tim took a bite of cereal, closed his eyes for a moment, and then gave the smallest of nods. “Actually… yeah… one of Jeremiah’s friends. I think he came once. Just once though. I didn’t really…” He furrowed his brow. “I don’t remember introducing you, though.”

“I’m pretty sure you did,” Dayna said quickly. “Anyways… do you remember his last name? It was bothering me.”

“No, I don’t,” Tim said. “I don’t think he even told it to me.”

“Oh. Do you remember anything else about him?” Dayna said, hoping she sounded casual. Apparently, she failed.

Tim set his spoon down in his cereal. “Why?”

“Just curious,” Dayna said innocently.

“Why?” Tim repeated.

“Just curious! Damn!” Dayna said. “I couldn’t remember…”

Tim looked at her closely and the edges of his lips curled up into the smallest, knowing smile. “I don’t really remember the guy. Jeremiah brought him by. He played a few games. I think he talked about Dungeons and Dragons some. Then he left. Never saw him again.”

Dungeons and Dragons. Dungeons and Dragons. The thought ran rapidly through her head. Another detail! Some image flashed in her mind of her and Zach sitting around a table, dressed as wizards and dwarves and whatever fantasy things those guys dressed as. In her mind’s eye, she was wearing elf ears, a low-cut, cute corset that might belong to a warrior, and had a hand on Zach’s thigh. She had no idea how to play, of course, but she could learn. For Zach, she would.

“Do you have a crush on this guy or something, Day-day?” Tim asked.

“No! Of course not,” Dayna said, even as she knew a blush was betraying her.

“Uh huh,” Tim said. “Well sorry I couldn’t help more. You know… just for curiosity.”

“Yeah,” Dayna said. “Just for curiosity.” It sounded flat, even to her.

* * *

Zach accepted her friend request around 9AM. That meant that the next three hours were spent on the couch, scrolling through a decade of posts, shares, photos, and likes. She started saving pictures to her phone, just so she could get at them easier later. She resisted the urge to like them all—that would be too much, too fast. When she finally finished, she flopped back on the couch and let out a weak, girlish squeal. Her heart was beating rapidly, full of the intoxication that was Him.

Then, she did a deep dive into Dungeons and Dragons. She found there were books full of just “content” for the game. She found YouTube videos explaining it all. That led her to online playthroughs. It was all a lot at once, but by 2:30 she felt that she had a decent handle on what it was and how it all worked. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like something she could practice, so she hoped that if she ever did play with Zach, she would be good at it.

At around 2:30, Dayna went up to her room. She knew she needed to see Zach. She had to “run into” him. And there was only one place where she could think to do that. So she thought up a lie or two, then got dressed accordingly.

Zach worked in one of the tall office buildings nearby, with a dozen or so local businesses. So Dayna decided that she would pretend to be interviewing for an internship at one of them. Unfortunately, that relegated her outfit from some of her cuter options to more business options. But she could work with that.

She picked out a skirt that passed a “business-like” while still showing plenty of her legs—she thought she had good legs. She found a top and left one more button than normal undone. Her own natural shape helped amplify the effect. A deep well of cleavage presented itself. Dayna stared at herself in the mirror for a moment, wondering if it was too slutty. She wanted him to notice her—and remember her—but she also wanted him to believe that she was there for an internship. In the end, Dayna decided to add a slim business jacket that went well with the outfit. It didn’t hide the cleavage, but it added to the believability part. She set a pair of heels aside, ready to put on after the car ride. Then, she moved to the bathroom mirror.

She had just washed her blonde hair the day before, so it kept some of its volume. She did her makeup three times, unhappy with the results and resetting after the first two. Finally, she landed the right makeup that enhanced her blue eyes while still pretending to be for an interview.

Dayna stepped back, looking at herself in the mirror. It was definitely trying harder than she had for any man ever before. It was also sluttier than any job interview she had ever had. But she hoped it was enough to stand out in Zach’s mind. She was okay being just a little slutty if that meant the love of her life paid attention to her.

Doing the best to keep the butterflies in her stomach still, she drove to Zach’s office building. She wanted to be there at least an hour early, because she didn’t know his hours. So she walked into the lobby, did a quick survey, and then chose a spot out of the way, but with a clear view of the elevators. Perfect. Now, she waited.

She did her best to sit still, but her nervousness was building inside her. She scrolled through her phone, going back through the screenshots and notes she had taken about the love of her life. There were song lyrics from five years ago that she needed to listen to. There were links he shared to movie trailers. She needed to watch them—even if he ended up not liking them. There was so much about a person—her person—that she needed to understand. But above all, she needed to establish a line of communication. How had she waited so long before doing that?

The time ticked by and eventually Dayna realized that she wasn’t the only one in the lobby who was waiting for something. Across the way was a brunette, sitting on her phone. Like Dayna, she was looking up at the elevator bank frequently. Like Dayna, she was wearing try-hard heels and a deep neckline. A sinking feeling began to form in Dayna’s stomach. The similarity was striking—and ominous.

Dayna continued her studying of Zach, finding no evidence of Dungeons and Dragons on his Facebook page. Did that mean that Tim was wrong? Or did that give Dayna a leg up on anyone else who might be wanting to snatch her man away? She glanced up again at the brunette, who also took notice of her. The two women sat in their positions across the lobby, trying not to look like they were staring at each other.

At 4:45, an elevator opened and Dayna saw him. She was barely able to silence the little yelp of excitement that erupted from her throat. She stood and started walking towards the elevators, trying not to stare at Zach. Now that he was in the room, very little else mattered. Zach was strolling casually, looking down at his phone.

Dayna put on her best surprised voice and said, “Z… Zach? Is that you?”

Zach looked up. His eyes landed on her face, immediately dropped down to her neckline, and then bounced back up to her face. Dayna applauded herself on her choice of top.

“Hi,” Zach said. He furrowed his brow. “I’m sorry… you’re…”

“I’m Danya,” Dayna said, putting a hand on her chest to indicate herself, then quickly realizing her mistake and moving it away from her cleavage. “I’m Tim’s sister. I met you once when you were playing board games with my brother.” It occurred to Dayna that if Tim barely remembered Zach, would Zach remember Tim?

Luckily, it seemed to click. “Oh yeah,” Zach said. “That’s right. It’s nice to see you again.”

“You too,” Dayna said, glowing in the compliment from the love of her life.

“I thought it was you, Zach,” another voice chimed in, almost matching Dayna for the enthusiasm and surprise. The brunette had made her way over. Zach cocked his head to the side as he turned to her, putting the same expression on as when he saw Dayna.

“It’s me, Amber,” the brunette said. “I was the barista at your Starbucks last week.” She put on a deep, conspiratorial smile and then recited, as if in an inside joke, “Grande mocha, no foam.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right,” Zach nodded. Dayna was shocked. How could he remember a random barista? And why was she here? The bitch was ruining Dayna’s second first impression.

“What are you doing here?” Zach asked, then turned towards Danya. “Both of you?”

“I’m interviewing for an internship,” Dayna said quickly, “with Hewitt, McDonald, Chambers.”

“Me too,” Amber chimed in. Then added perkily, “HMC!”

“Oh!” Zach said. “So you girls are sort of each other’s competition?”

“I… I guess so,” Dayna said, looking at Amber for the first time.

“I guess we are,” Amber said. Her lips were smiling, but her eyes were daggers.

“What time is your interviews?” Zach said.

“Five o’ clock,” Amber said, wanting to get the first word in this time.

“Five fifteen,” Dayna said, capitalizing on Amber’s blunder. She flashed a single raised eyebrow to Amber, then smiled warmly at Zach. “I guess I’m earlier than I meant to be. Do you want to grab a cup of coffee and keep me company while I wait?” Her smile widened. “I guess I know your order now.”

“I would love that,” Zach said and Dayna’s heart skyrocketed, “but I actually have plans tonight.” And her heart sank to the ocean floor. “Rain check?”

“Of course,” Dayna said. “How about I give you a call?”

“I’d like to catch up too,” Amber cut in quickly. “The cup of coffee can be on me for being one of the nicest customers I’ve ever had.”

“Yeah, of course,” Zach nodded. “I’m in a teeny bit of a hurry though.” He laughed a little and then looked at both girls. “This is a bit awkward, but do you mind if I just recite my number once?”

Both girls stumbled over each other’s words in trying to agree faster than the other. Their phones emerged like pistols in a duel and Zach recited his number to them both.

Dayna raced to send the message first, but also knew that it had to be better than the brunette bitch’s. What was she even doing here? In the end, she sent, “This is Dayna. Rolling an insight check on you.” She hoped she was doing that right. She added a winky face and a heart and pressed send. She was alarmed to see Amber’s hand drop a second before her own. Damn.

“Well I should get going,” Zach said. “And you have your interviews.” He looked at his watch and added, “Both pretty late, too. I hope they don’t give you late hours if you get it, too.”

“Where are you off to tonight?” Amber asked.

“I’m on my way to a date,” Zach said as he walked a little ways on. She wasn’t sure if the sudden intake of air she heard was from Amber of herself. “Just a casual thing with a friend, but… she texted me out of the blue this morning. Should be fun to catch up.” He smiled at the two girls and added, “Good luck on your interviews. May the best win!”

Dayna stood in the lobby, feeling the sweat drip down her neck and into her cleavage. “A date,” she said softly, turning it over in her mind.

“I know,” Amber said, matching her morose tone. “I don’t believe it…”

Suddenly, the two girls remembered their opposition to each other. Their momentary commiseration ended and they marched back in different directions. The sound of their heels clicked off the walls of the lobby.

* * *

Dayna resisted the urge to use the number immediately. He was on a date. As much as Dayna hated the idea, she couldn’t afford to come across as pushy or needy. Texting a guy while he’s on a date with someone else is definitely pushy. But what about before the date? Dayna thought about texting a “Good luck on your date!” message, but discarded the idea. She didn’t want him to have good luck, for one, and also she didn’t want to friendzone herself. She wanted to be the girl he talked to others about, not the one he talked to.

Also, who was this bitch texting him out of the blue asking to catch up? Dayna’s anger flared. She couldn’t be surprised that two other girls seemed to have a thing for him—he was the perfect man—but that didn’t make it any easier for her to stomach.

Dayna went back home, turning her mind over every little thing he said. It could have gone so much better if that Amber bitch hadn’t been there too. A barista, showing up out of the blue… And using Dayna’s lie, too.

‘She used the same lie,’ Dayna suddenly realized. Obviously the girl had been there to run into Zach, just as Dayna had been. That meant that she was probably stalking him on LinkedIn too, trying to find where he worked. Had Amber woken up the night before, just like Dayna had, and realized her feelings for the man she had met only briefly? Just like Dayna herself? Dayna didn’t know how she would have found his last name if she was just a barista…maybe some clue from a coffee visit or some hint on a computer system or receipt…but it made Dayna think back to her assault on her brother that morning for information.

Was Amber also in love with him? Just like Dayna was? Just as suddenly? And just as powerfully?

Dayna dismissed the idea after a moment’s consideration. There was no way that Amber could love Zach in the same way that Dayna did. Dayna felt a deep, burning, endless passion in her soul…the likes of which nobody else could replicate. No one could feel this deeply about anyone else. It wasn’t possible to match.

It’s an obsession. Dayna thought to herself. She turned the idea over in her head. It was harsh, but hard to deny. And she didn’t really want to deny it. She was obsessed over this man—this god of a man. And if another bitch thought she could come along and win his heart, she had another thing coming. Because there was nothing Dayna wouldn’t do to win.

* * *

At around 9 that night, Dayna’s phone pinged. She launched herself towards it and grabbed at the screen. She heard an actual whimper from her own mouth as she saw that it was Zach.

“I like to put a picture on people’s contact. Helps me feel like I’m actually talking to them. Mind sending me one?”

Dayna giggled in delight. How thoughtful! What a good idea, too. Zach was so smart.

The delight turned to panic. She had taken off a lot of the makeup after getting back—and dodging her parents before they could see—and now she was just normal. She hurried to the bathroom, planning in her mind. She needed the same eyeliner as before, definitely. But she could go heavier on the rest if she wanted. She didn’t need to look as pretend professional this time. After a quick, but skilled application—her fourth that day—she hurried to the bedroom. She closed the door, threw open her closet, and began hunting. She needed something playful. Maybe even a little naughty. Something that made him wonder. But not something that said she was trying too hard.

She eventually landed on an off-the-shoulder, torn t-shirt. It was something that she could feasibly be wearing as she just lounged about at night, but also something she could spice up a tad. With a tug, she tore the shoulder hole further. Her black bra strap was clear against her pale skin. With some arranging, she could position it so a lot of her chest on one side was visible, but it was “accidental”. As she opened her phone’s camera to take the selfie, it occurred to her that the same question had probably been posed to Amber, the brunette bitch who texted him the same day.

With the fires of competition in her heart, she tugged again on the shirt until a little bit of her bra itself was visible—again, by “accident”. With any luck, she could come across as a playful, easy-going, comfortable-with-her-body girl who just happens to be looking cute. She hoped that Zach liked that vibe.

She took the selfie, obsessed over if it was good enough, and finally sent it. She checked the time. Twelve minutes after he had texted her. She smiled. That was probably a good time. Long enough that he wouldn’t think she was waiting by the phone, but short enough to know she was attentive. Yes, that was very good.

After a moment, another text from Zach came through: “Cute. ;)”

Dayna squealed with delight, pressing her phone against her chest and shaking back and forth. He thought it was cute! He thought SHE was cute! She pulled her phone away from her body, alarmed to see that her skin had typed some characters. She deleted them, thankful that she hadn’t pressed send. Then, she broke her decision from earlier and asked what she really wanted to know.

“How was your date?” Dayna hoped it was casual. And she hoped it was over.

“It was fun,” Zach texted back. “I hadn’t seen her for a while, so we had a lot to catch up on.” The vagueness was a torture to Dayna’s imagination. She resisted her urge to go to the worst case scenario and decided instead to focus on her own action.

“Speaking of catching up, can I steal your next open dinner?” Dayna texted. Again, she ached over the words, wondering if they were casual and playful enough.

“Sure!” Zach texted back. “In full disclosure, Amber is meeting me for lunch tomorrow, but I’m free for dinner.” Hatred, jealousy, and fury towards that brunette bitch. Dayna bit it back, swallowed it for later, and went to text back an affirmative to the following night. Then, before she could respond, Zach sent another: “That’s not too weird, is it?”

“No, not at all,” Dayna texted. “You’re a popular guy. Dinner is good for me!”

“Great!” Zach texted. While they chatted through a few more details—whens and wheres—Dayna felt the swell of competition. He had three dates in two days. Dayna needed hers to be the best. Whatever it took, he needed to remember her the most fondly.

* * *

Dayna stood outside the restaurant fifteen minutes early. She wore a red, strapless dress that her chest pushed out. It had the tendency to ride up, so Dayna was perpetually pulling on it. But the fact that it was short meant it showed off her legs nicely. She looked a little bit like someone had tried to wrap her naked body in red ribbon and then run out of ribbon. She normally hated this dress, but she thought Zach would like it for the reasons she hated it.

She worried that she was going to look like she was trying too hard, but then she remembered that Zach had three dates in two days—he wasn’t likely to favor the woman who tried the least. So she bought new red heels that matched the dress.

Zach showed up in jeans and a t-shirt. His eyebrows hit the ceiling when he saw her. “Wow!” he exclaimed. “You look great!”

“Thank you!” Dayna said, feeling the warmth of his compliment course through her. She actually did a slowly little turn so he could see the dress—and her, by extension—from all angles. “I love this dress,” she lied. His eyes followed her curves through the entire thing.

Throughout dinner, Zach talked the most. Dayna sat enraptured as he talked about his favorite movies, his favorite TV shows, board games, video games, and anything else that popped into his mind. With another guy, she might have pretended to care, but this was Zach, the love of her life and her total devotion. If he cared where the Dwemer (Dwarves, apparently?) had vanished to in Skyrim, then so too did Dayna.

Throughout the meal, Zach did a poor job keeping his eyes on Dayna’s face. She felt a little surge of victory whenever his eyes inevitably dropped down to her body encased in the red dress. ‘Suck it, Amber,’ Dayna thought during one particularly leering glance.

“That was good,” Zach observed of the meal after finishing. He leaned back, smiled across the table, and added, “And fun, too.” He cast a glance down at his watch. “Too bad it’s so early.”

“We don’t have to stop,” Dayna said.

“I think they’ll want the table,” Zach said, glancing towards the front of the restaurant. “Unless… do you want to come back to my place for a night cap?”

“I’d love to,” Dayna said, her heart leaping with excitement.

They went to his apartment building. He continued to talk and Dayna continued to listen. She filed away as much as possible for later. She needed to watch his favorite movies, she needed to watch the YouTube videos he mentioned, and she needed to understand as much as possible about what he liked. How could she be something he liked unless she understood what he liked?

As she entered his apartment, she tried her best to become a living recorder. She took note of the posters on the wall, which game system he had on his TV stand, and which books he had on the shelf. He had a handful of ones that struck him as odd.

As Zach grabbed two beers from the fridge, Dayna looked closer.

“You like magic?” Dayna asked.

Zach seemed to straighten up a little. “Uh… what?”

“You have some books,” Dayna explained. She read the titles. “Spells for the real world, magic and you, the hidden truth of magick…”

“Just a hobby,” Zach said, stepping closer with beers. He seemed to note that Dayna noted the hobby. “I think it’s a fine hobby for guys.” Dayna turned to face him. She saw a look of focused calculation as he added, “I don’t really think women should get into magic or know too much. It’s the stereotype, you know?” He shrugged and stepped away. “But that’s just my opinion.” Dayna was glad he had shared it with her. The last thing she wanted was to do a bunch of research into something that he didn’t think was attractive in a woman.

“Come sit with me,” Zach invited, sitting on his couch. He extended a beer.

Dayna smiled as she accepted it and then sat on the couch. The couch was wide enough for three, but she sat in the middle to be closer to him. She folded her legs underneath her and leaned a little towards Zach. She rested her head against the back of the couch and looked adoringly at the love of her life. She knew that this angle was doing wonders for her cleavage. And Zach obviously knew it too.

For the first time that night, Zach seemed to run out of words. He looked at her, his eyes dropped, and then he looked away. After a moment, he repeated the whole process.

“I’m sorry,” he finally said. “I’m doing a really bad job at looking you in the eye. I just keep thinking about…”

“About what?” Dayna asked in what she hoped was a seductive tone.

“About how great your tits look,” Zach said. He bit his lip and added, “Sorry, I… I shouldn’t call them that.”

“You can call them whatever you want,” Dayna said with a coy smile. “And you can look wherever you want.” Ironically, this comment sent Zach’s eyes straight to her face.

Dayna smiled, sat up a little, and said, “I can help if you want.” She tugged on the little red dress, easing the fabric over her breasts—her tits. The cool air touched her skin and she dropped her arms again, giving him a clear view.

Zach’s eyes left her face and locked onto her tits. For a moment, Dayna saw a look of total hunger—absolute desire. For her. He wanted her. Maybe his lust began to approach the feeling of need that she had felt for him over the last two days. It wasn’t as deep and all-encompassing, but it was powerful. And irresistible. In this moment, he wanted to possess her. And that meant that this was the most important moment in her life with Zach. It wasn’t enough to make him hungry. She needed to prove she could make him satisfied, too.

“Do you like them?” Dayna asked.

“Yes,” Zach said, his voice barely above a whisper. He ended the word and sunk his teeth into his lower lip. He took a deep breath, his eyes alternating rapidly between left and right. “Are you always this forward?” he asked in a voice that sounded just a little strained.

“No,” Dayna said honestly. “I’m not. But… I like you. I like you a lot.” She chose ‘like’, fighting the desire to say ‘love’, ‘want’, or ‘need’, which would have been more accurate. “And I want you to like me too.”

Zach laughed. “I gotta be honest. I don’t know if I like you right now or your tits. I can’t quite think of anything else.”

Dayna smiled. “That’s okay. How about we start with liking my tits. And then see if you like any other part of me later on.” She took his hands and placed them on her tits—one hand on each. At first, his hands were barely touching her, only applying the pressure that Dayna gave his hand with hers. Then, they tightened. He squeezed hard and a sound of excitement erupted from him.

As Zach played with her tits, Dayna reached for Zach’s belt. As soon as she started to undo the belt, Zach froze, his grip still burying fingertips into the soft skin of her chest. Dayna locked eyes with him as she slowly unzipped.

“I… are you sure?” Zach asked.

“Yes,” Dayna said. She knew that he wanted it. The evidence of that was pressed out of his jeans that she had unzipped. She also knew that sex was important to men. If she wanted a chance with him—the only man she wanted—then she had to give it to him. And in a way that would make him remember her. Given his current fascination, Dayna had an idea.

“You should know…” Zach said softly, biting his lip, “that I’m not… well…” he laughed and finished, “I’m not exactly exclusive right now.”

“What do you mean?” Dayna asked.

“I mean my date last night ended a little like this,” Zach said. “I don’t want you to think that I’m… you know… faithful or something.”

“What did you get last night?” Dayna asked.

“Well, I got a handjob,” Zach said.

Dayna smiled, looked down at his hands, still gripping her tits, and said, “I think I can do better than that.”

Dayna pulled gently on the jeans until they ended up in a pool around his ankles. She got onto her knees, then edged down his boxers. She looked down at the dick of the man she loved. She had a sudden realization that this was her ticket in. If she learned how to play with this right… if she could unlock exactly how he liked to use it… then she could have him. Men did stupid things for the sake of their cock—sometimes defying all logic. If she could learn how to please him, he would come back to her time and time again.

She needed to know how to make him cum. In this little war between three dates, she would win on the battlefield of sex. She also knew that meant that dignity would have to be set aside for the moment. Men liked weird shit. She had to say yes. She had to shock him with what she was okay with. And the first bitch had already lost her battle.

“Just a handjob?” Dayna said, with a touch of pity. “You deserve more.”

“From a first date?” Zach said, a touch of humor in his voice.

“Imagine what we’re going to do on our third date,” Dayna said with a sinful smile. Then, she learned forward. Zach’s eyes dawned with realization and a wicked smile came across his face. Dayna took his cock, slid it between her tits, then pushed them together with her hands. His cock disappeared between her large tits. She gave a little bounce with her knees and the tip of it appeared out of her cleavage.

‘Abandon dignity!’ she screamed to herself. Dayna looked up at Zach and said, “Do you still want a picture of me for your contacts?” Then, she began to bounce for real. His cock slid up and down, in and out of her cleavage. She looked down, spit, and let it drip down inbetween her tits, lubricating the motion.

“Oh fuck,” Zach muttered, even as one hand was rapidly groping for his phone. He finally got it, but before he aimed it at her, he said “You sure?”

“Yes,” Dayna nodded, the motion complimenting the bouncing of her entire body. It occurred to her that every muscle in her body was currently flexing and contrasting for the specific purpose of jerking him off with her body itself.

Zach pointed the camera at her and took several pictures. Dayna looked straight at the camera and smiled. She had taken nudes before for boyfriends, but had never encouraged any sort of sex tape. But this was far beyond a boyfriend. That was the love of her life—the man she adored. Part of her felt that he was her very reason for existing. The rulebooks went out the window for The One.

“You don’t have to ask me if I’m sure, Zach,” Dayna said. It had occurred to her that so long as her tits were doing the work, her mouth was free to amplify his experience in other ways. “I’m the girl that you titfuck on the first date.”

He smiled. “I’m going to record you,” he said.

“Yes,” Dayna smiled. He pressed a button and held the phone steady. Then, he leaned back and watched. His eyes alternated between the recording and the live act. Danya realized that if this was something he played back, then she had an opportunity. One to drive home her victory here. She structured something quickly in her mind and then began speaking again.

“Zach, I will make you a deal. You tell me what you want… what fantasies are in your head… the filthy things… the naughty things… the forbidden things… and I’ll do them for you.” She decided she wanted her prior line recorded for his future masturbating sessions. “I’m the girl you titfuck on the first date. Filthy is our starting point. You tell me what you want… how to please you… how to really get you off… and I’ll do it. No questions. No judgment.” A phrase popped into her mind. After a quick mental workshop, she added, “My body is your playground. It’s recess. And you never have to ask if I’m sure. I’m sure.”

Suddenly, hot cum was erupting from between her tits. It wasn’t a complete surprise. She had felt him building. She was ready. She broke out into a joyous, huge smile as the cum rained back down. She knew that the camera recorded it. She hoped she conveyed the joy she was feeling at the act of satisfying him. Most of the cum landed back onto her large tits—easy targets as they were. One or two drops, however, had been shot with higher velocity and landed on her face. Good. She wanted him to understand the abandonment of dignity that she was committing to here.

‘I’ll be easy,’ she thought. ‘And kinky. And that’s how I’ll keep him close. And we’ll work from there.’ How long until she could shoo away the other bitches fighting for her man’s affection? How many titjobs, blowjobs, and straight up fucks would Dayna give him until he lost interest in the others? Hell, he could fuck her ass if he wanted. So long as at the end, he was her’s. He wanted to possess her. The cum on her chest and the video in her phone said that he had achieved that. Eventually, Dayna thought, after time and time of possessing her… she would possess him too. In a different way.

“I think that beats a measly handjob,” Dayna said. She felt the aching in her muscles, unused to the motion she had inflicted on them.

“Yes,” Zach nodded. Despite her doing all the work, Zach seemed out of breath. “That was… that was awesome.” He smiled, then added, “I knew I liked those tits.” Dayna smiled, hoping he was still enjoying the view. She felt the cum cooling and knew she should wipe it off before it dried. In a minute. She needed to stick this landing.

“I meant it, by the way,” she said. “If you want… well… anything.” She smiled, gave a playful smile, and clarified, “Everything. I want to do that for you.”

“But… why?” Zach asked. “I mean… I… that sounds great. But why?”

“I told you,” Dayna said. “I like you. And I want you to like me too.”

Zach looked suddenly nervous. “Look, I… gosh, I’m such an asshole, telling you this immediately after… well… that. But I don’t think I’m really looking for… you know… a relationship.”

Dayna blinked. She felt a feeling of dread in her, welling up slowly. “That’s okay,” she said quickly.

“No, I just… I know that girls are really into the… you know… commitment thing. Maybe that will be me someday, but right now I’m more… you know… looking for some fun.”

“Wasn’t this fun?” Dayna said, batting her eyes at him. She knew that the cool air and cooling cum were hardening her nipples—guys liked that, right?

“It was fun,” Zach said quickly. “A lot of fun. And you… you know… promised more fun. But… I just don’t want you to think that I’m here for something that I’m not. That’s not fair to you.”

“You want some fun,” Dayna said. “And I think I can give it to you. So how about we start there?” She was being purposely coy. She knew that if she could just blow his mind—and probably a blow another thing in the process—she would have him. She could turn that uncommitment into something else.

Zach stood, walking away from the couch and the topless, kneeling blonde. “But… what if it’s not just a start there? What if it ends there? Are you really okay with that? What if you hear that I’m having sex with another girl? Would you be okay with that?”

“I mean…” Dayna hesitated.

“Because I got jerked off last night,” Zach said, “and… well… got a nice titfucking tonight. And that sounds like the sort of life I want to enjoy right now. But I don’t want you to be surprised if you hear that I’m doing something else with someone else tomorrow.” Jealousy reared in Dayna’s mind. Zach gave a weak smile to her. “I just don’t… you know… want to hurt you. I want you to know what you’re getting into.”

“I just want to be around you,” Dayna said, more honestly than she had intended when she opened her mouth to speak. “And… if that means that you go do whatever you want… I can be okay with that.” She laughed slightly and added, “I won’t pretend that I didn’t… you know… want something more. But I’ll take as much of you as I can get. And if that’s just having fun with you… even if I’m not the only one you’re having fun with… it’s better than not having you in my life.”

Zach nodded thoughtfully. “Are you sure?”

Dayna smiled, hoping to reclaim some of the seductive energy of the night. He toplessness probably helped. “I told you,” she said coyly. “I’m the girl you titfuck on the first date. You don’t have to ask if I’m sure.”

* * *

Dayna laid in bed that night, thinking back through the evening. It had been one of the best in her life—spent with the only man she wanted to spend it with. Her fingers traced over her skin. She had showered after getting home, but her fingers still found the spots where the love of her life had sprayed his cum on her tits. She hoped he was satisfied. She hoped he spent hours and days reliving that memory. She knew she would.

It occurred to her that neither of them had even considered getting Dayna off in return. She laughed to herself. It hadn’t seemed important at the time and it still didn’t now. The night was all about showing Zach that she was devoted to him—and giving him the best memories to keep him company when no one else was around. There was also that element of competition—Dayna needed to be better than the other dates Zach had.

It occurred to Dayna that there was nothing stopping her from keeping herself company now. She slipped some fingers into her underwear, finding her body already ready and waiting. She summoned the memories of the night, from Zach squeezing and playing with her tits to the moment he erupted onto them. She replayed it, thinking of the hunger on his face. It wasn’t long until she came.

So Zach didn’t want a relationship right now. What mid-twenties guy did? He just wanted fun and a good time. She could give him that. She could pray he would change his mind some day. If that happened, he would surely go with the girl that was giving him the most fun and the best times.

That meant that Dayna needed to be sure that she was giving him the most. Because if she wasn’t careful, Amber or that other jacking-off bitch might beat her to the punch. And Dayna could not allow that to happen.

As Dayna drifted off towards sleep, she thought again about the books on Zach’s shelf, with magic titles and old binding. But she dismissed the thought. Zach didn’t want girls interested in magic. So she stopped thinking about them entirely. Soon, she was asleep.

* * *

The next day, Friday, Dayna was distressed to learn that Zach had another date that night. Apparently, Amber and him had scheduled it on lunch. Dayna felt the anger in her rise up again, but stifled it. The following day was Saturday. Dayna scheduled a lunch date with him. In hopes of teasing him and keeping in his mind, Dayna asked: “Are you more of a lace guy or a leather guy? Just so I can plan appropriately.” She sent this with an ungodly amount of winky faces.

Zach sent back something odd that made Dayna sit upright: “Lace underwear, leather collar.” Dayna read it again, blinked, and realized that this was crucial information. He was letting her behind the curtain on what turned him on. Dayna smiled widely.

Before she had a chance to respond, Zach sent another text: “Blondes look good in black.” Dayna thought for just a moment that every girl looked good in black, but dismissed the thought. It was confirmation and instruction. She would never get his sexual preferences from his Facebook page. That meant that she needed to horde every little detail she got from him like a dragon on a gold pile—specifically an ancient dragon, the type to be determined by the terrain of the campaign.

Dayna responded, hoping to coax out more: “I can see it clearly. I look like a nice treat for you. Tell me, is this treat wearing anything else?”


And then: “Wide net fishnets.”

And then: “As big of heels as you can wear and still walk.”

Danya looked down at her phone as if it were gold. Here it was. The secrets to unlock her man’s pleasure. The recipe for his satisfaction—even if only for one time.

Dayna sent: “I’ll be perfect for you.”

Then: “Did you want pictures ahead of time? To wet your appetite?”

She had assumed the answer was an obvious yes. She was only asking to again tease him. She was shocked, therefore, when he sent back: “No thanks. I’m going to be busy. See you Saturday!”

Dayna flashed again to the knowledge that Amber was going to be with him that night. She thought about it. She tried not to think about it. But she thought about it.

* * *

Dayna sat at the small café down the street from Zach’s apartment. She picked at her meal, spreading out the time she could be here on her vigil. She watched Zach’s car enter the parking garage of the apartment building.

Then, she watched another car park in front. Amber stepped out and Dayna’s hatred of the woman flared inside her. Amber walked to the front of the apartment and Dayna noted knee-high boots with a pointed heel. She was wearing tiny shorts and a crop top. ‘What a slut,’ Dayna thought.

Amber pressed on the keypad outside the apartment, apparently got buzzed up, and disappeared inside.

Dayna heard a disgusted grunt. She turned and saw a redheaded girl a few booths down. She was looking out towards Zach’s apartment building. The woman saw Dayna looking at her and quickly looked down at her food. Dayna looked back at her plate, then stole another glance at the redhead.

Her hair was long and sleek. It looked like it was freshly dyed to accentuate the red. She was wearing a low-cut shirt, showing off an impressive chest. Dayna herself was wearing something similar. Oddly, the redhead was wearing a red, leather choker. It was thick, almost like… a collar.

The woman was staring at Dayna not, not pretending anything else. She was coming to a similar realization, apparently.

“Are you…?” Dayna said.

“I’m Tiffany,” the woman said. “Are you Amber?”

“No, I’m Dayna!,” Dayna exclaimed. She pointed towards the apartment. “That was Amber!”

“You were the one with him last night?” Tiffany demanded.

“Yeah,” Dayna said, swelling up in pride. “You jerked him off with your hand. I did it with my fucking tits.” It was then that Dayna realized she wasn’t minding her volume. She glanced around, seeing several heads return to their food when Dayna looked their way.

Dayna quietly sat down at the booth with Tiffany, feeling a shade of red on her face to match her competition’s hair.

“So… you’re the one who texted him a few days ago?”

“Yeah,” Tiffany nodded. “He dated my big sister a couple years ago. I got the number from her.” Both women were subdued now, talking in hushed voices. They both were trying not to wonder what was going on upstairs with the brunette slut and the man they loved.

“What about you? How’d you know him?” Tiffany asked.

“He played board games with my brother once,” Dayna said.

Tiffany raised her eyebrows. “And you just…”

“I realized I love him,” Dayna said firmly. She would not stand for Tiffany questioning how well Dayna knew the man of her dreams. She blinked, then gestured up towards the apartment. “Besides, she was just a barista at a Starbucks he went to.”

“What, like a regular?” Tiffany asked.

“I don’t know,” Dayna said.

“And she, too, just… woke up and loved him?”

“I guess,” Dayna said. She cocked her head to the side. “When did you realize you loved him?”

“Early Wednesday morning,” Tiffany said. “Around 3:30 in the morning.”

Dayna frowned. “Me too. I just woke up.”

“Me too,” Tiffany said.

Dayna shifted uncomfortably. Both women sat in silence for a moment.

“Do you know why…?” Tiffany asked.

“No,” Dayna shook her head.

“I’m thinking that… well… he had some magic stuff in his apartment,” Tiffany said. “I wonder if…”

“He said that he doesn’t like girls who know about magic,” Dayna said quickly. “It’s too stereotypical.”

“Oh,” Tiffany said quickly, shutting her mouth. She pursed her lips and Dayna could practically see her deleting the thoughts in her mind.

“Besides,” Dayna said. “Does it matter?”

“No, of course not,” Tiffany said.

Dayna was silently kicking herself for telling her competition anything about Zach. She could have let her go learn a bunch of things that would make her unattractive to Zach.

But even as Dayna looked Tiffany up and down, she realized that there was probably very little that could make Tiffany unattractive to any man. Like Dayna herself—and, if she was willing to admit it, Amber—the gifts of nature or gods had been generous to Tiffany. She had a well-endowed chest and tight stomach. Although Dayna couldn’t see it from this angle, she suspected that Tiffany too had a shapely butt and nice legs.

What were the odds that three objectively voluptuous, young women all woke up on the same day with the realization that they loved Zach—a man they had barely met before?

Of course, the answer was simple. It was Zach. He was the best man in the whole world. Dayna could only be amazed that not every woman in the world, regardless of her curves, wasn’t chasing after him. He was perfect in every way.

“I jerked him off, yes,” Tiffany said, apparently defensive and stewing on what Dayna said earlier, “but he was sucking on my tits as I did.”

Dayna’s jealousy flared against the woman across from her. She could envision this bitch and the love of her life all too easily, his lips locked onto those slutty tits while she jerked him off. Dayna resisted the urge to lunge across the table and attack. She decided to do the only other type of attack available to her.

“Yeah? Well, he recorded me on his phone as I gave him a nice big tittyfuck. And in that recording, I invited him to do anything in the world he wanted to me. So any time he watches it, he’s going to hear me inviting him for more.” Tiffany was seething, staring fireballs across the table at her. Dayna decided to twist the knife: “How many times do you think he’ll watch it? How many times will he jerk off to me?”

“You bitch,” Tiffany hissed.

Dayna’s eyes flickered down to the collar around Tiffany’s neck. “You’re wearing that for him?”

Tiffany defused a little bit, then slide a thumb underneath the collar, pulling a little. “Yeah, just in case I run into him. He told me how he wants me next time.”

“He told me how he wants me, too,” Dayna said. She smiled coyly. “How’d you think I knew about the collar?”

“I’m not giving up,” Tiffany said. “If you think I’m going to just go away, you’re wrong.”

“I’m not giving up either,” Dayna said. Both women glanced out the window towards the apartment building. It had been long enough. They were both sure that Amber had wiggled her way out of the crop top and was making her own case to Zach about why she was the best lay.

“Well… I should go,” Dayna said. “I have plans tomorrow.” She smiled in false sweetness at the redheaded bitch across the table.

“Me too,” Tiffany said. “Just in the evening. You know… when adults have dates.”

“I’ll try to leave some in his balls for you,” Dayna said. “But no promises.”

Before Dayna went home, she went by a shoe store. She found the highest heel that would actually fit her foot—nine inches—and bought it in a sleek black. She had already gotten black lace, wide-net fishnets, and a black collar earlier that day from a shop that she had driven past frequently, seldom looked at, and never thought she would actually go inside. She was going to go with the heels that she had—four inches—but her conversation with Tiffany had inspired her. She needed to bring her A-game in every way.

Dayna practiced with the heels for a lot of the evening, trying to look both natural and sexy with her walk. There was a possibility, depending on the position, that she would have to fuck in these. A fuck that ended in a hospital trip was sure to make her lose standing in the eyes of her man.

She went to bed, trying to convince her brain to slow down and sleep. She needed the rest. But every time she closed her eyes, she imagined new, filthy things that Amber might have done for Zach tonight. He wanted fun and Dayna was sure that all three women were equally dedicated in giving him everything he wanted. Had Amber heard about the hand job and the titjob and opted to go further?—just as Dayna had pushed further than the handjob? If Dayna had considered that, she would have given everything she could think of and then some on the very first night.

Dayna eventually drifted off to sleep, but it was later than she had intended.

* * *

Dayna showed up at Zach’s front door with food in-hand. Neither Dayna nor Zach had even bothered suggesting eating anywhere else. They were both caught up with the fun that this date promised.

Dayna wore a long jacket. She glanced down the hallway in either direction, then unbuttoned it, displaying herself for him while resting the jacket on her shoulders. Then, she knocked on the door.

Zach opened it after a moment, admiring her. “Wow, you look great,” Zach said. Then, momentarily breaking the trance, he added, “Come in, come in.” Dayna stepped inside, setting the food on the counter and then making a show of striding into the middle of the living room on the nine-inch heels, turning to face him, and dropping the jacket the rest of the way.

True to instruction, she wore a lace, black bra. She had opted for one of the ones without the nude-color backing, preferring instead to show her tits. The panties were a tiny strip of fabric, hugging her shape tightly and disposed-of easily. The wide-net fishnets crept out of the 9-inch heels and up her long, shapely legs. And, as instructed, a thick black collar was around her neck.

“What do you think?” Dayna asked. “Do I look… fun?”

“Yes,” Zach nodded hungrily. “You look like a lot of fun.”

“Do you want to try me out? Or eat first?” Dayna asked. She knew the answer before even asking the question.

Zach crossed the room, his hands greedily grabbing. On their first night, she had to put his hands on her. Now, they found their way easily. First, groping at her tits. Then, at her ass. His right had grabbed her full, left ass cheek, squeezing hard, then delivered a firm slap against it. It squeezed again, then slapped again. Finally, his left hand slipped up and wrapped around Dayna’s neck. He held her hand steady with this, kissing her as he squeezed.

Dayna felt like she had released some sort of animal here. Some hungry, devouring beast that demanded to be satisfied. She was on the menu. And he would do whatever he wanted until that animal was satisfied. That was fine with Dayna. Better that animal be sated with her than with anyone else.

“You’re mine,” Zach informed her simply after breaking the kiss.

“All yours,” Dayna confirmed, the words slipping around the grip on her neck. “All your’s daddy.”

“Not daddy,” Zach corrected her. “Sir. Call me sir.”

“Yes sir,” Dayna said. She would have nodded vigorously if her neck weren’t in his grasp.

“You’re my property,” Zach said, the beast inside him eyeing her dangerously.

“I’m you’re property, sir,” Dayna said.

Zach loosened his grip on her neck, then slid his fingers underneath the collar. Pulling on it to guide her along, Zach sat on the couch. For one terrifying moment, Dayna thought she was going to fall and fall hard, her nine-inch heels and the tug on the collar spelling a bad combination. But she caught herself with a hand on the couch, steadying herself.

“Get that ass up here,” Zach commanded, slapping with his free hand on the couch next to her. Dayna positioned herself as ordered, kneeling on the couch next to him with her ass up in the air. Zach had pulled on the collar to put her face down by his crotch, leaving no mistake about how she was going to be pleasing him this afternoon.

Dayna, glad to be off her heels but still careful to balance on her forearms, unzipped his pants and pulled. Zach helped, eager to free his cock and get to the fun part. He kicked his pants and underwear off his toe. They landed in the middle of the living room, next to Dayna’s discarded jacket.

Dayna admired his cock one more time, reminding herself that whatever Zach wanted, Zach got. Slutty, degrading, and downright whoreish were small prices to pay for the love she felt for him. Committing to it, Dayna opened wide and went to work.

His cock was warm, Dayna felt immediately. The stiff, throbbing shaft was hot in her mouth. She took it as deep as she could, opening her mouth wide to encourage the act. She leaned forward with her whole body, using her weight to help push the cock past her gag reflex. Even as her body declared, “That’s not what this is for!”, Dayna overrode the instinct and thought, “It is if that’s what Zach wants it for.”

The cock pressed deep before Dayna’s lips finally settled at the base of it. With one, fluid, solid motion, she had engulfed his entire dick into her mouth. She was amazed by how completely it was actually filling her throat.

Dayna had blown boyfriends before. With those other men, it was something to get through and be done with. She had used her hands more than her mouth and had worked him up and finished as quickly as possible. Then, after a spit and mouthwash, it was all over.

But this was Zach. This was the love of her life. The man she belonged to—even if he didn’t belong to her yet. Half measures and rushed blowjobs weren’t to even be considered. As his dick throbbed in her mouth and she played her tongue over it, the word “worship” came to Dayna’s mind. That was it. She wasn’t just blowing Zach. She was worshipping his dick with her mouth and throat and whole body.

Dayna eased the cock back out of her mouth, sucking hard on it as she did so. When she got back to the tip, Dayna reversed, letting the suction work her mouth back down. A pace was set. It was slow at first, with every lick of the tongue and inch of cock carefully measured and committed to. Noises of pleasure were coming from Zach, but at this angle she couldn’t see his face. He could see her body, of course, displayed from the side for him as she sucked. That was more important than her seeing him, Dayna decided.

Dayna began to move faster, working her mouth up and down faster. With her first few plunges, Dayna had counted to “eight Mississippi” before coming back up. After five of those, she shortened to “seven Mississippi”. After five, down to six. With the increasing pace, Zach grew more free. He reached down to her dangling tits, grabbing them in their net bra and squeezing. Then, a hand found its way to her elevated ass, pointed up into the air and easily the highest part of her body. Zach cupped, fondled, and then smacked. The sting of pain was satisfaction to Dayna.

‘Let loose that animal on me, Zach,’ she thought as she sucked. ‘Give me all that hunger, all that passion, all that fury. Take it out on me.’

As if he could read her mind, Zach slapped again, harder. “Damn, that jiggle looks nice.” Another slap. He was holding less back.

“Damn you suck good,” Zach said through gritted teeth.

Dayna, whose gag reflex had long stopped pretending to function, pulled the cock free for just long enough to say, “Thank you, sir.” Then she impaled her face again. The “Mississippi”s were gone now. She was averaging two thrusts a second now.

“You’re a filthy bitch, aren’t you?” Zach inquired, apparently realizing how much he liked talking to the slut sucking his dick.

Dayna pulled free again and said, “Yes sir. Please punish this bad bitch more, sir.” Then, she returned to the blowjob.

Zach obliged the request, slapping hard on her ass. “You like that, you filthy whore?”

Dayna emerged just enough to take a quick breath and say, “Yes, sir. I like being reminded I’m bad.” Then, back down.

“You’re mine, right bitch? To do what I want with?” Zach asked.

Dayna pulled up and said, “Yes sir, whatever you…” She got that far before Zach’s hand wrapped around the collar on the back of her neck. He pushed down and suddenly the dick was back in her throat. Another hand appeared on the back of her head and suddenly Zach was in control. He pulled up with the collar and pushed down with the hand. Dayna opened wide, catching breaths in the brief moments where he throat wasn’t full. The pace was rapid and eager and Dayna knew that Zach wasn’t going to last long. She kept her body steady, her neck loose, and her ass elevated. Zach fucked her face as much as he wanted. ‘I’m a living fleshlight,’ Dayna thought. Then, with the mental equivalent of a smile, she thought, ‘I’m Zach’s living fleshlight’. That made it okay. That made it wonderful.

Even though she knew it was coming, the sudden appearance of cum in her throat took Dayna by surprise. Zach was grunting with delight and the force of his hands suddenly reduced, presumably as the pleasure flooded his body. Dayna maintained his pace, even without his guiding hands. She resumed the suction, pausing just briefly at the tops of her motion to swallow and gasp before plunging down on him again.

“Ohhh fuuuuuck,” Zach moaned in a sound that Dayna would repeat in her fantasies for many future fingering sessions. It was a sound of total, delighted, surprised satisfaction.

When there was no more cum, Dayna loosened the motion, with gentle suction and a probing tongue. She found the messy mixes of cum and saliva, sucking it down and swallowing. When Zach’s dick finally emerged from her mouth, it was polished clean.

“Holy shit, girl,” Zach muttered with a laugh. “You’re a god damned vacuum cleaner.”

Dayna giggled with the compliment, giving her ass a little shake in the air. Zach noticed the motion and rubbed an appreciative hand over her soft skin. For a moment, Dayna thought he was going to spank her again, but the hand remained gentle. Dayna knew that the beast had been sated. For now, at least.

“So… I’ve had lunch. Would you like some?” Dayna said with a coy smile. Zach grinned and Dayna fetched the bag of fast food from the counter.

Her joke aside, Dayna was hungry. She had worked through quite a few calories. They ate on the couch. Occasionally, Dayna had to brush some crumbs off of her near-bare chest and onto the wrapper.

“I never thought I’d fuck you like that,” Zach said with a laugh.

“Oh? How’d you think of fucking me?” Dayna said, pleased in the attention.

“I mean… I guess I fantasized about that, but I never thought it would happen,” Zach said.

“Why not? I told you I would do it,” Dayna said. “Maybe now you’ll believe me when I say that I’ll do anything you want?”

“I didn’t mean… well…” Zach suddenly seemed hesitant.

“What?” Dayna said.

“I meant when I first saw you,” Zach said. “When I came to your house for board games. God, I couldn’t keep my eyes off you. Your shorts were painted on.” He laughed. “You fucking haunted me.”

“I did?” Dayna said, shocked. “I didn’t know you liked me.”

“You had the most perfect body I had ever seen,” Zach said. “I… well… not to sound creepy, but I literally scrolled through your entire Facebook page, hunting for bikini pics or something. Whatever I could see without friending you.” The echo of her own actions earlier that week took Dayna by surprise.

“Why didn’t you say anything? We could have been… well… having fun for so much longer,” Dayna said.

Zach’s openness closed up a little. “If I had called you last week, you would have met up with me? Throated me like you just did?”

Danya opened her mouth to say that she would have, but then thought another moment. Would she have? She knew she was in love with this man. She knew that she was put on Earth to make him happy. But did she know that last week?

“I… I don’t know…” Dayna said hesitantly.

Zach smiled, his point made.

“But I should have,” Dayna said, suddenly feeling upset. “Zach, if you wanted to fuck me like that when you saw me that night, I should have taken you right up to my room that moment. If that’s what you wanted… Did I really make you unhappy for so long?”

“Not unhappy,” Zach said, seeing her get upset. “Maybe a tad bit frustrated. Pent up, if you will.” He laughed. “Although, I definitely jerked it to some of your pictures anyways. So I guess you were helping me without realizing it in the first place.”

That did make it better, Dayna realized. Even before she knew that she wanted to make him happy, she was making him happy. But the crushing weight of wasted time settled down over her.

“Let’s make up for it, Zach,” Dayna said. “Let’s fuck and fuck and fuck. Catch up for all the times that you did it alone.” Dayna smiled, leaning forward. Despite her transparent bra, Zach still locked onto her cleavage. “I can make it up to you.”

“Easy now,” Zach said. “I don’t know if I’m ready for another go just yet.” He lifted his sandwich. “At least let me finish lunch.”

Dayna smiled and leaned back again. She watched him for just a moment. He was so magnificent. She couldn’t believe that she could have been doing this for so much longer. Fantasies crept in her brain… positions, outfits, holes…

“So…” Zach said, breaking her trance, “I’m going to be moving into a new place soon.”

“Oh?” Dayna said.

“Yeah, I came into a bit of money, so I’m moving on up,” Zach explained. “Also going to be taking a bit of a break from working.”

“What money did you come into?” Dayna asked.

“I won the lottery,” Zach said. “A small pot, but… enough for now.”

“You… you won the lottery?” Dayna said.

“A small pot,” Zach repeated. “Nothing to… I don’t know… draw too much attention.”

“Zach, that’s great!” Dayna exclaimed.

“Yeah,” Zach said, as if it just occurred to him that it was great news, “yeah, I suppose it is.” He laughed. “So I’m moving into a house on Monday. I don’t technically own it until the paperwork is all done, but I flashed a few extra dollars to ‘rent’ it until the property transfers to me. I didn’t really want to wait.”

“Well can I see it?” Dayna said.

“Yeah, I’ll have you over,” Zach said. His eyes dropped down to her well-displayed assets. “You can be my housewarming present.”

Dayna stared at him with promise in her eyes.

“I meant to ask you the other night,” Zach said, “and now, too, I suppose. Did you… I don’t know… want anything from me?”

“Want anything from you?” Dayna said, confused.

“Yeah,” Zach nodded. “So far I’ve painted your chest and filled your mouth. Did you… I don’t know… want me to do anything for you?”

“Oh,” Dayna said. She laughed. She had forgotten again. “To be honest… I mean, if it did something for you, of course, but… I’m really happy to just give to you, Zach.” She pursed her lips and added, “And… I’ll be honest… I know I’m in a little bit of competition for your time.”

Zach didn’t seem surprised by the comment. Neither did he speak to it. He just waited. Dayna eventually continued.

“When you think of me, I… I want you to remember the things I do for you. I can take care of myself on my own time. This time with you… that’s just for you.”

“Well I won’t complain about that,” Zach said with a shrug.

“You know… if this is the last time I’ll be here…” Dayna said, eyeing the empty wrapper where Zach’s lunch once stood.

“Yeah?” Zach said.

“Well it’d be a shame if I never fucked you in your own bed,” Dayna observed mildly.

Zach smiled and it began again.

Zach laid back on his bed, not keen on doing work after a full meal. Dayna was happy to do the work and put on a show. She straddled him and mounted him, feeling his stiff dick inside her with pleasure. She pushed past that thought, focusing on his. She rode, knowing she looked fantastic as she fucked him. He eventually pulled at the bra and she loosened it, dropping it clear. As she bounced on his dick, her tits also bounced freely. She looked down at her Adonis, loving every inch of him… including the several that were inside her.

Eventually, he decided he wanted to control. He flipped her, climbing on top and setting his own pace. She clung onto him, her nails in his back. She could taste his sweat as her face pressed into his shoulder.

“I’m all for you, Zach,” Dayna whispered to her man as he fucked her. “I’m all for you. All of me is for you.”

He proved it when he came inside her.

As he collapsed on top of her, breathing hard and rapidly softening, Danya kissed his shoulder and breathed in his scent. Then, she looked to the ceiling and thought wickedly, ‘You can have what’s left, Tiffany. If I’ve left you anything at all.’

* * *

Dayna wanted to see Zach again the next day, but he told her “I’m taking a bit of a break. I need to refuel.” Dayna hoped that meant that Tiffany and Amber were also being shooed away.

Dayna’s parents made a comment about her being busy lately. She brushed it off, letting them believe that she was catching up with friends. If Tim remembered their conversation about his old board game buddy, he made no mention of it.

Around noon, her phone pinged. Just as she had every time since she had started texting Zach, Dayna grabbed it with lightning fast speed. She was confused for just a moment. It was a notification that she had been paid a large sum of money. Zach’s name was attached to it. Following the notification came a text from Zach.

“Here’s a shopping list for you. Find the right sizes. Have it delivered to your name, but at this address.” There was a link and an address. The link was to a list of shopping links from various vendors. Dayna straightened up, seeing the gold that had been offered to her. There were various forms of lingerie, several outfits of a kinky nature, and similar accessories—including a half dozen different collars. Zach liked his bitches collared.

Another text came thru while Dayna was scrolling. “There should be plenty in the amount I just sent you. Whatever’s left is up to you how to spend. Feel free to get creative.”

Dayna hurried to her computer, where she could see the links better. She went through the shopping list, picking her sizes and ordering them to the address Zach had sent, one by one. With each one, she imagined the fantasy the two of them would enact in it. There was a cheerleader outfit, which Dayna could imagine wearing while blowing him during the Superbowl. There was a midriff corset, where her tits were still free. She could imagine how bouncy she would be in that. There was a schoolgirl outfit, a superhero outfit, a sexy maid outfit, and over a dozen nighties, lingerie sets, and all of the various methods that men had invented to dress up a woman’s body.

It occurred to her very suddenly that she didn’t know if she was the only one receiving the money and links. Were Tiffany and Amber buying these same outfits? As much as Dayna wanted to believe it, she was too practical to think that he had just stopped fucking all girls but her. Or that he was okay to fuck them, but he would only dress up her. No, this was another area where she had to compete. To show that she could make Zach—the most important thing to have ever happened to her—happier than any other girl.

The leftover dollars were the way to do that. Of course, she would buy what he told her he wanted, but he had generously allowed for an element of creativity too. An area where she could shine.

So what did Zach really like? What had gotten him off the hardest? There was undoubtedly a commitment to his pleasure, but that would be obvious for any man, wouldn’t it? He seemed to like when she invited him towards dirtier and filthier sex. She thought for a moment, reliving every glorious moment of sex that she gave Zach and looking for common themes. Finally, she rested on a centralized idea: Aggressive submission. Zach seemed to like when she threw herself at him, imploring him to degrade her. She initiates, she submits.

So Dayna needed an outfit that told Zach at a glance that she was his plaything. She realized suddenly that this was what the collar was all about—an at-a-glance indicator of submission. And suddenly it’s contrast to the lace made sense to her too. She tended to subscribe to the idea that guys were either lace or leather guys—but Zach liked lace lingerie and a leather collar. He liked to see her and he liked to own her. Aggressive submission.

Dayna went hunting for the right outfit to tell that story. At a glance, she needed him to know that she had come to him to be defiled. She ended up with a body harness—the kind that had numerous elaborate straps and connections, but didn’t even pretend to cover her tits, pussy, or ass. The kind that made her look like a sex slave. Then, she found a custom shop and commissioned three different collars with writing on them—she would have done more, but she ran out of the extra money. She was tempted to spend her own—and would have, of course—but first she wanted to see if Zach liked the direction she was taking this. She did, however, add a little of her own to make it a rush order.

* * *

Zach gave Dayna a time in the evening to show up on Monday to the new house. Dayna did a scouting trip that morning, just to make sure she knew where it was and how to get there. She drove out of town and then kept going for a little while. It seemed like Zach had bought some privacy and some space.

She eventually found the house, with a gate around it off a side road. Dayna drove slowly past the gate and looked through. She could see a couple delivery vehicles and even two men carrying in a large couch. But all of that stopped mattering as soon as she saw the car parked alongside the house. She knew it immediately. It was Amber’s car.

Dayna’s mind flashed back to what Zach had said when she offered to come over: “You can be my housewarming present.” It looked like he was already unwrapping someone else’s housewarming gift.

Dayna drove on, white hot rage building in her head. She was having trouble seeing the road. Finally, she pulled over on the side, next to a field. She placed her hands firmly on the steering wheel, took a deep breath, and screamed. The shriek echoed off the walls of her car.

After the scream, Dayna’ mind began to clear a little bit. The pent-up rage at that brunette bitch had passed. Truthfully, she couldn’t blame her. If Zach had told her to be there at lunch, it would probably be Dayna performing whatever degrading, unspeakable act Zach had in mind instead of her. Instead, she was given the evening slot. Was Tiffany going to be there in the afternoon? Or had she already been there that morning? Or was Zach only planning on fucking two of his admirers today?

That’s what it boiled down to, of course. It didn’t really matter if Dayna had thoughts about love, relationship, marriage, and a family. When she had woken up that morning, she had thought that if she could lock Zach down, all of that would be within her reach. Sure, Dayna had no problem using sex to move towards those goals, but had failed in doing anything but teaching Zach that she was a sexual plaything. She was no closer to her actual desires. But it was Zach’s desires that had guided this more than anything. He had to have known that women didn’t tend to like hearing about how many other girls they were fucking. He had disclosed it in the name of transparency, but now Dayna wondered if he had an alternative motive. Had he known the jealous fire it would ignite in Dayna? Jealousy that would push her further to fuck him harder in some attempt at winning?

Dayna took a deep breath, trying to think clearly. Three different women woke up in the middle of the night and decided they loved the same man—a man they hadn’t seen in a very long time. That wasn’t logical. And all of them were putting out in attempts to win the man for themselves, all the while Zach told them he wasn’t really interested in a relationship. The women, unable to deny their feelings for him and unwilling to give up, took whatever he offered them, demeaning themselves into being his personal fuckbuddies. On top of that, Zach goes and wins the lottery? And barely bats an eye at it in the first place?

Dayna blinked. Her thoughts crept back to the books on Zach’s shelves. They held titles proclaiming magic and mysticism. A couple of them looked very old. Zach said that he didn’t like girls who knew about magic, but you didn’t have to really know about it to connect a few dots. Dayna could comfortably leave the specifics uninvestigated and still know that Zach had stumbled onto something.

“It’s magic,” Dayna muttered. Three girls that he saw at various points in his life—the little sister of a girl he dated, the barista at his Starbucks, and the sister of a guy whose house he once played board games. She didn’t know if whatever spell he used required three women or if he just performed it three times. She could almost imagine him, awake at night wondering what to jerk off to, and deciding to give it a try. Suddenly, it works. A love spell—one of the oldest ideas in fantasy fiction.

What was the lottery spell? Was that a spell of luckiness? Or maybe foresight? It didn’t really matter. Now he had what he wanted: sex and money.

Danya blinked again, staring out at the field. It was clear now. Maybe she didn’t have the little details, but she had the big picture. She also suddenly saw her own part in his life much clearer. Zach had made her love him, but not because he loved her or ever planned on maybe loving her someday. He made her love him because he wanted to fuck her. And, desperate for anything approximating love from the man she adored, she had given it to him.

Because, Dayna thought, maybe love wasn’t about getting love in return. That was transactional and hollow. If you only loved someone to get something back from them, was it really love? Wasn’t love something deeper? To love someone meant being willing to sacrifice something for them. To put them ahead of yourself. And, frankly, that’s what Dayna had been doing—whatever Zach wanted, Zach got. Because she truly did love him. She wanted him to be happy. She wanted to give him whatever he wanted.

Dayna saw things clearly. Zach wanted to fuck multiple beautiful women. Dayna was one of three. He never had intention of whittling down to one. That’s why Amber was in his house right now and Dayna was scheduled for later. They weren’t girlfriends or even friends with benefits… they were just the entertainment.

Dayna realized how much she had underestimated Zach. He was so much better than she ever considered he might be. Of course the love of her life was a magician capable of casting spells he found in a book. He was amazing. And of course he wanted beautiful women fucking him in increasingly filthy ways. How smart had he been to weaponize the intensity of feminine jealousy to give him what he wanted. He was brilliant. And of course he deserved the women of his dreams at his beck and call, fucking him when he wanted. Dayna’s mistake had been thinking that the greatest man on the planet would want what she wanted. If she really loved him—really wanted to be an ongoing part of his life—she would have to change what she wanted to match him, instead of expecting him to change what he wanted to match her.

After all, isn’t the first, most basic part of love accepting the other person as they are?

Dayna smiled. She had driven away from Zach’s new house with the energy of a jealousy wannabe girlfriend. She would see him tonight with the energy of a wannabe whore. Because that’s what Zach wanted her to be more than anything.

* * *

When Dayna showed up again that evening, the moving truck and Amber’s car were gone. She rang an intercom at the front gate and was buzzed in. Dayna drove up and parked right where Amber’s car had been parked earlier. It seemed to matter less to her now that she realized what Zach really wanted and now that she had committed to her role for him.

Zach met Dayna at the door. He had told her that a lot of packages had shown up, so she should dress normal, but Dayna still felt a surge of pleasure as Zach eyed her midriff and tiny shorts.

“Welcome to my new home!” Zach said. “I’m still moving things in and lots hasn’t arrived yet, but… you can get a sense of it.”

Dayna could. It was a very large bachelor pad. Black leather furniture was pointed towards a massive TV instead of the ornate stone fireplace on the other side of the room. The cupboards were bare except for plates, bowls, and glasses—apparently Zach hadn’t bought and hadn’t moved any pots and pans. There were six bedrooms. Zach had set aside one near the side door. Three large piles of boxes were erected in the room, in front of three identical tall dressers.

“I figured this could be where you kept some stuff,” Zach explained. “This pile is yours. A lot of it has shown up already, it looks like, but I figured you could pack the dresser however you wanted.”

“And these are for your other girls?” Dayna said, pointing at the other two piles and dressers.

“Yeah,” Zach said, somewhat hesitantly. It looked like he wanted to say more, but he didn’t.

“Well how about I do a little bit of unpacking, see what’s here, and then we can have a little fun?” Dayna said. Zach agreed, as she knew he would.

Dayna went quickly through the boxes. Most were small, as reflecting the amount of fabric they contained. She organized them into the dresser in a way that made sense to her: Roleplay outfits in one drawer, collars in another, more typical lingerie in a third. She was pleased to find the items that she rush ordered had indeed arrived in a timely manner. She set these aside.

Then, she pulled the two notes that she had written from her pocket. They were identical: “I have an idea for a gift to make Zach happy, but it needs to be all three of us.” She included her phone number. She placed the note in the center drawer of each of the other two dressers. She noticed that Amber’s pile was just as tall as the other two and her dresser was empty, so the dressers had been set up after Amber had been here. That was probably better, Dayna thought. It meant that Amber would surely discover the note as she unpacked.

Dayna then got dressed. The body harness, with all it’s various straps, hugged tightly to her curves, propped up her tits, and wove a web across the vastness of body—all while covering nothing that Zach would want to see. Then, she donned the custom collar. It had a thick D-ring on her throat. To the left was the word “ZACHS” and to the right was the word “SLUT”. She attached the thin, silver chain of a leash to the D-ring and let it drop down between her ample tits.

Dayna took her phone and took a selfie. Then several more. It was good to get pictures now before her makeup was smeared. Finally, she added the tall, pointed black heels she had worn earlier and left the room.

Zach was in the living room, sitting on the couch. The clicking-clacking of her heels stirred him and he quickly rose to his feet as she walked into the room.

“Holy shit,” Zach said. His eyes devoured her, unable to land on her tits or the collar or her pussy or her tits again. Dayna felt right. He wanted to objectify her—that’s what made him happy. He was doing it now. And it made him happy. So Dayna was happy.

“That’s not one of the ones I sent you,” Zach said.

“No,” Dayna agreed. “But I thought you would like it.” She twisted, showing the straps on the back and how they did nothing for covering her ass. “Do you?”

“Yes,” Zach said, approaching. His hands slid naturally over her curves. One hand immediately cupped her ass, while the other grabbed needily on her tit. Suddenly, the hand on her tit became fingers on her nipple, pinching slightly.

“Harder, sir,” Dayna cooed. “I’m all for you, sir. I want you to fuck me, sir. I want it rough, sir, and bad, sir, and dirty, sir.”

The grip of his hands tightened on her body. Combined with the straps, Dayna felt very captive by him. But that’s what she was tonight, wasn’t it? A willing captive? A sex slave? As Zach let loose of the pinch and delivered a simultaneous slap to her tit and ass cheek, Dayna knew that he would never respect her. He would never love her like she loved him. To him, she was for fucking. And Dayna was happy to give him whatever she could.

“Thank you sir,” Dayna said. “More please, sir?”

Zach obliged her, letting loose another smack on her tit and ass. Then, his hand found the leash and a sudden tug forced Dayna down to her knees. Suddenly, both of their hands were on his jeans as rapidly as they could, unbuckling, unzipping, and frantically trying to extricate his dick from within. Once out, a hand appeared on the back of Dayna’s head, but she needed no help. The cock impaled her face, pulling back, and thrust forward again. This time there was no slow build of deepthroating. There was a rough, almost angry, facefuck. Dayna opened wide and took it.

She perfectly expected to kneel there and take his cock in her face for as long as it took to blow his load, but apparently Zach wanted to own her everywhere tonight. After a moment, Zach pulled his cock out and bent down. His hand on her neck pushed her face down against the hardwood floor. Her ass went into the sky and Dayna had just a moment to feel the head of his dick pushing against it. Then, it was there.

Dayna had never done anal before—would never have even considered it. But Zach got what Zach wanted. And he wanted to fuck his whore in the ass. It hurt, of course, but Dayna could feel the excitement and satisfaction in her man—her owner. There was a tug on the leash and Dayna’s head pulled back. She had the faintest image of Zach on a horse, reigns in hand. It elicited a little giggle from her, despite the pain.

“Oh, you like that?” Zach demanded.

“Yes sir!” Dayna said. It wasn’t even that much of a lie. She liked that he liked it. “Yes sir! I like being owned by you, sir! I like being dominated, sir!”

“Oh god, you filthy whore,” Zach grunted.

“Yes sir!” Dayna agreed heartily. “Your filthy whore, sir! Your happy, filthy whore, sir!”

Then the cock was not in her ass anymore. She looked back, trying to see where Zach wanted to put it next. She was confused to find him walking away from her, towards the living room, but then the leash went taut against her throat and she hurried to catch up. She could have done so easily by standing, but somehow it seemed more proper for her to be on her hands and knees.

Zach sat in a leather chair. “Hop on, bitch.” There was no reverence in his voice, but she hadn’t expected any. She was a thing for his amusement. Neither of them pretended otherwise.

Dayna straddled Zach, descending her pussy down. She put a hand on the arm of the chair to steady herself and another on his cock to guide it in. Her ass ached, but she ignored it. Everything was for his pleasure tonight. And every night. And any other time he wanted it.

His cock found her pussy wet and waiting. She began to ride, while Zach busied himself on sucking and playing with her bouncing tits. His hands were greedy and rough. The way her buried his face between her massive tits might have been humorous if there wasn’t the aura of raw, unfiltered lust in it.

“This is all for you, Zach,” she moaned. “My pussy, my ass, my throat, my tits… anything else you want of me. It’s all for you, sir. I’m all for you, sir.” Zach didn’t respond. His mouth was full of her chest. “What do you like to call me, sir? Am I your bitch? Your whore? Your slut? I know I’m all of it. But what’s your favorite? What do you like me to be, Zach?”

His lips left her tits just long enough to inform her, “You’re my fucktoy.” Of course. It was arguably the most dehumanizing of them all. Again, Dayna knew that she just that to him—a toy to play with when he was bored. To another girl, it might have been discouraging or offensive. To Dayna, it confirmed exactly what she knew. She had correctly understood what he wanted and how to give it to him. To Dayna, it was a badge of honor.

What did the man of her dreams want her to be? His fucktoy. Then that’s what she was. She would be his fucktoy as much as he wanted. She could give him that. And she would give him that.

“Yessss, sir,” Dayna purred. “Your fucktoy. I’m Zach’s fucktoy. I’m Zach’s happy, eager fucktoy. Do you like the sound of that, sir?”

“Mmmhmmm,” Zach agreed. There was a neediness in the agreement that told Dayna something else. He wasn’t going to last long.

“Which hole do you want to fill, sir?” Dayna asked. “Where in your personal fucktoy do you want to cum?” She massaged his hair as he sucked on her chest, while doing her best to keep the aggressive pace of her pussy going. “Do you want to cum in my ass, sir? Show me I’m your property? Or my pussy? I could just keep riding you like this for as long as you want. Do you want to paint my tits? I can lick it off after you’re done. Or…” She knew what he would pick. That’s why she was saving it for last. He didn’t even say it. He just pulled her off his dick and pointed to the ground.

Dayna hit the floor with her knees and opened wide. The cock appeared in her mouth a second later, matching the pace of her fucking from a moment ago.

“Hands behind,” Zach commanded. Dayna obediently tucked her hands behind her back, a statement of total submission. Zach gathered up a bunch of her hair—despite the perfectly good leash still attached to her—and held it above her to keep her head steady. Then, he fucked her face, just as he had at the start. It wasn’t long until cum was spewing into mouth. With the aggressiveness of the facefuck, it was inevitable that some would come out of her mouth, too, dripping down onto her tits. She eagerly swallowed as much as she could though, amazed that he had this much to feed her after presumably fucking Amber earlier in the day.

The pace grew slower as Zach climbed over the crest of his orgasm. He edged out the last pumps slower and Dayna heard his breathlessness from above her. She swallowed after each pump, teasing with her tongue on the bottom of his shaft.

Finally, Zach let go of her hair and pulled his cock from out of her mouth. He collapsed back onto the leather chair that they had both been on a moment ago.

“Holy shit, babe,” Zach muttered. “That was… that was fucking great.”

“I’m glad you liked it, sir,” Dayna smiled, knowing she still looked aggressively submissive. She still knelt in the demeaning outfit, her hands behind her back and bits of his cum still on her chest.

“You can stop calling me that if you want,” Zach said and Dayna could see that he was once more sated. The aggression was gone. The powerful, primal lust had been dampened again. He was satisfied.

“Is this what you wanted me to be when you changed me?” Dayna asked.

“What?” Zach said, growing suddenly very still.

“When you cast the spell. Or whatever magic it was. Was this what you wanted me to be?”

“Wait, you know?” Zach said, sitting up suddenly. The post-nut clarity was gone and Dayna could hear the verge of panic.

“I put it together, yeah,” Dayna said. “But it’s okay. I just want to… you know… make sure I’m right. What you want.”

Zach blinked, visibly alternating between panic and consideration of the question. Finally, he said, “Yes… yes, this is what I wanted you to be.”

“Oh good,” Dayna said, genuine relief flooding through her body. It erupted out of her, with a smile that seemed to set Zach at ease.

“You’re… ok with it?” Zach asked.

“Yeah, I am,” Dayna nodded.

“But… why?” Zach said.

“Because I love you more,” Dayna said, as if the answer were obvious. It had been bouncing around her head all afternoon. “I love you more than autonomy. Or self-respect. I love you more than any idea of what I am supposed to be or what I’m supposed to want. The only thing that’s important to me is that you’re happy. And… I don’t need to be the whole reason you’re happy. If I can dedicate all of me to just those few little parts of your life that I can brighten up… I’m happy to give it all up.”

“You’re happy,” Zach said, digesting the statement.

“I think that love is giving,” Dayna said, “and not expecting anything in return.” She smiled. “If whatever magic you did made me love you more than anything else on Earth… then I want to give everything to you… and I want absolutely nothing back.”

She smiled, looking down at her body and how she displayed it for him. She thought of the fucking she had just given him—three for three on holes of her body and twice in the throat. She thought of the dresser full of sexy, degrading outfits in the room that he set aside. She thought of the two identical dressers next to it. She had given him everything she could think to give. And she was working still to give more.

“I’m happy to be your fucktoy if you want me to be,” Dayna said. She smiled, then added, “Or… if you want some bimbo cheerleader, I could do that for you too. Or if you want me to be a princess who is grateful for you saving me… or a superhero who needs to be shown who is boss…” She smiled and let the silence hang, knowing it told stories of the endless possibilities. “I’m happy to be whatever you want me to be.”

Zach’s panic was gone. He was looking at her with a curiosity, almost a confusion. “I… I didn’t quite know what the incantation would do,” he admitted. “I thought it was just a fantasy while I was horny. But this… this is more than I thought it would be.” He smiled, then added, “I think you’re my favorite one, Dayna.”

Dayna glowed in the praise. She had been fighting for that honor ever since she had woken up and realized that she loved this man. But now that she had it, she knew what it really meant. Being the favorite—being the best—didn’t mean that she won him. It didn’t mean that he would drop the others and marry her and go off to live happily ever after. It meant that she had satisfied him the best tonight. And tomorrow, that honor might belong to another slut. It was just hers to try to earn again and again.

If the day ever came when Zach decided he wanted something else from her—maybe to be a girlfriend or even a mother of children—then she would be that for him to. But if that day never came, then she would continue to do this again and again.

“I’m hungry,” Zach said. “Let’s get some dinner. Then, we’re going again.”

“Yes sir,” Dayna smiled coyly at him.

* * *

Zach was surprised when all three girls told him they wanted to spend Friday with him “for a special surprise”. He was apparently under the impression that the women were unfamiliar with each other still. Nonetheless, he agreed.

The other women had a similar reaction to Dayna when she outlined the whole story Tiffany had more of an idea of the magic element than Amber did, but Amber had figured out more that Zach just wanted a fucktoy. With the whole story assembled, the rest became easier to plan. Each of the women had been trying so hard to win, they didn’t consider that Zach wanted them all to lose—that was how he won. And that was an arrangement everyone could get behind.

On Friday, the girls met at Zach’s house. They had been there frequently that week, of course, and knew their way through the side door to their dressing room. Dayna was there first and quickly got dressed in the special outfit. Amber and Tiffany showed up soon thereafter. It was only once they were all in the same room that Dayna fully realized that Zach had picked variety in the most basic terms: a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead. She smiled, loving his pragmatism.

The women dressed, looked each other over, and made minor adjustments. Each had learned how to please Zach in their own ways since falling in love with him. They had traded a lot of that information over the course of the prior week and Dayna had learned tips and tricks.

“One more quick one?” Tiffany asked, holding her phone?

“Yeah, good idea,” Dayna nodded. Now that they weren’t competition to hate, Dayna had learned how useful teammates like these girls were. They had even taken to texting about tangents other than how to best fuck Zach. Zach was still their priority, of course, but it was good to have friends with the same interests.

The girls gathered around, learning forward to accentuate their tits and puckering their lips just a little. Tiffany took the selfie and looked it over. “Perfect,” she declared. She added it to the server and then set the phone down.

“Alright, shall I send?” Dayna asked.

“Do it,” Amber nodded. “He’s gonna love it.”

“I hope so,” Tiffany nodded.

“He will,” Dayna assured her. Then, she pressed send on the prepared message. She set the phone down, smiled widely at her partners, and added, “Well let’s go see!”

The three girls, clad in identical black lace lingerie—all girls looked good in black—walked into the living room, where Zach normally waited for them.

Zach looked up, his eyes growing with the feast for the senses that presented itself to him. In addition to the black lingerie, the normal accessories adorned the girls: towering heels, fishnets, and thick black collars. On each of the collars was the custom writing: “Fucktoy #1”, “Fucktoy #2”, and “Fucktoy #3”. The girls had drawn straws for who got what order.

“Well, we thought you might enjoy if we took care of you together,” Dayna explained.

“We know you’ve had fun with us one at a time,” Amber said, “but how many guys could say that they fucked three eager sluts at a time?” Amber’s experience with Zach had shown that Zach enjoyed doing things that he thought nobody else got to do—something that Dayna hadn’t caught onto and was eager to learn.

“We thought that maybe instead of competing for who could outfuck you, we would just join forces,” Tiffany added. “Give you something none of us could on our own.”

Zach licked his lips and Dayna could see the possibilities floating through his mind.

“Also,” Amber said, “we had one more treat for you.”

“It was Dayna’s idea,” Tiffany said. In the last week, Dayna had learned that Tiffany was sweet and impulsively honest.

“It was,” Amber quickly agreed.

“It was all of us,” Dayna insisted. “And it’s morst important that he likes it.”

“You’re right,” Tiffany nodded.

“What is it?” Zach said, suspended between the desire to fuck them all right that moment and the desire to know what the extra surprise was.

“You should have just gotten a link,” Dayna said.

Zach tore his eyes from the display in front of him and went to his phone. He opened it, stealing glances at his three fucktoys. Then, his eyes locked onto the screen and didn’t leave.

“One thousand, two hundred, and fifty-six pictures,” Amber declared proudly.

“Fifty-seven with the selfie from a moment ago,” Tiffany amended.

“Oh, good point,” Amber said.

“And that’s this week,” Dayna said. “More to come. We thought you might enjoy your new home some more with some personalized artwork.” Zach’s finger was scrolling. “So we put together a sort of shared album. We thought you might get a TV to act as a big frame. Set it on a random through the album and our slutty selves will always keep you company on the wall.”

“Are you to the couples shots yet?” Tiffany asked excitedly. Zach nodded, his eyes now glued to the screen. Dayna smiled. That one had been Amber’s idea. Once they realized that one girl at a time was keeping Zach company, that left the other two to take pictures together for him. They had smuggled some of the lingerie out. While Amber was getting fucked in the ass on Tuesday night—apparently Zach had a fondness for Amber’s ass over the other two—Dayna and Tiffany had gotten together and taken both solo shots and pictures couples shots that were considerably more intimate. When Tiffany was riding Zach on Wednesday night, Dayna and Amber had done the same. And when Zach fucked Dayna’s face on Thursday—he seemed to like her aggressively submissive deepthroats more than the other girls—Amber and Tiffany had done the same. Now that they weren’t at each other’s throats, the three fucktoys were a pretty good team.

“We thought you might enjoy taking some more pictures in some poses that we can’t recreate together,” Amber said coyly.

Zach looked up from the collaboration of smut that the girls had proudly delivered to him. His eyes lasted only for a second on their faces before dropping down to their bodies.

‘He’s happy,’ Dayna thought. ‘He likes this. He likes us like this. And he’s hungry now. Good.’

“Tonight?” Zach asked.

“Whenever you want,” Tiffany said.

“I might have some other things to do with you first,” Zach informed them.

“We’re here for whatever you want,” Amber said.

“All night!” Tiffany added excitedly.

“All weekend!” Amber corrected.

“Whenever. Forever,” Dayna said, knowing she spoke for all three.

Zach set his phone down. “I love your surprise,” he said.

“Can we give you another gift now?” Amber asked.

“What do you have in mind?” Zach asked. He unbuckled his own belt as he crossed the room.

“Well we figured you have nine holes to choose from,” Tiffany said.

“And that doesn’t count if had wants a good titfucking,” Dayna added knowingly.

“So much to do,” Amber said with a mock despair.

“But all the time in the world to do it,” Dayna said with a smile.

“Knees,” Zach commanded, the raw lust palpable in his voice. All three girls dropped in unison. They looked up at the man of their dreams as he dropped his pants. He started on Amber’s mouth. Tiffany and Dayna serviced his balls, combining a suction with a sort of kiss with each other. The girls alternated throating and worshipping his body in other ways. At one point, he had Tiffany stand so he could play with her tits while the other girls sucked him.

He had Dayna use her tits on his dick, just like she had the first night they were together. Amber added her tongue to the equation, lubricating and teasing with every upward thrust. Tiffany took pictures of them with her phone. Both fucktoys beamed proudly up at the camera.

While Zach surely had a laundry list of ways to enjoy them, this sensation proved too much to hold out on. He came, erupting onto Dayna’s chest. The girls had done a very good job of draining his balls throughout the week, so there wasn’t as much as the first night, but there was still plenty for the other two girls to suck off of Dayna’s skin and swallow.

As Dayna felt the soft lips of the two girls against her, she looked up at the man on her dreams. He was holding the phone now, taking pictures. The hunger had abated somewhat, but not entirely. The greedy fierceness was still in his eyes as he documented them.

Dayna felt again the perfect joy of being exactly what the man she loved wanted her to be. Maybe it wasn’t what most women wanted from their relationship, but that didn’t matter. She loved him. She loved him enough to give him everything he wanted. She loved him enough to be whatever he wanted. For now, he wanted a fucktoy. So she was a fucktoy. Whatever he wanted tomorrow, she would be that too.

Amber realized that Dayna wasn’t able to swallow anything, so suddenly Amber’s soft lips pressed against Dayna’s own lips, delivering a strand of cum with the kiss. Dayna, grateful for the gift, returned the kiss, using her tongue to remove the cum from her partner’s lips and swallowing. She giggled. Tiffany turned her attention to Zach’s cock, sucking gently to remove any last bits of cum from within it.

“Well, sir,” Amber asked up at Zach, “how did you like having three sexy fucktoys on their knees for you?”

“I loved it,” Zach said. Amber smiled at his word choice.

“Do you have other plans for us tonight?” Dayna asked, although everyone already knew the answer.

“Yes,” Zach nodded. “We’re just getting started.”

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