Katy Becomes A Whore

by ArcherStories

Tags: #dom:male #pov:bottom #sub:female

Katy’s professor makes her a whore—but not a stupid one.

Katy paused outside room 312 and took a deep breath. It had become a part of her ritual in this class. She needed to steel her nerves, prepare her mind, and tell herself, “You’re halfway through the semester! You can do it!” It wasn’t the course, which Katy was convinced she understood. It wasn’t the time of day, as on Tuesdays and Thursdays she actually woke up later than normal. It was just the professor.

Katy let out the breath and stepped into the room. Immediately, Professor Reiker’s eyes lifted from his desk. The old man seemed to be hyper-aware of when a girl entered his room and Katy wasn’t sure if this was especially true for her or if she was just more aware of it. Despite the thick, non-fitted sweater and plain, non-fitted jeans that Katy had taken to wearing to this class, Reiker’s eyes still perused her body, hunting for curves that Katy had tried her best to hide. Admittedly, when a girl has a certain level of endowment in her chest—like Katy—it can be a little harder to hide.

She walked quickly, trying not to notice the prying eyes of the teacher. She sat in her desk, kept her knees together, and opened her laptop. After several seconds, another girl entered the room and Reiker’s eyes started tracking her instead, giving Katy reprieve.

Katy shuddered. The man looked vaguely like Vulture—the Spider-Man villain and not the Michael Keaton version. He was balding, lurching, and had a nose that seemed to hook outward. The fact that Reiker taught a senior course—therefore technically had all students older than 18—didn’t make it any less creepy for him to be ogling girls over half his age. Katy found him repulsive. This class was easily the worst parts of her week. She had it on Tuesday and Thursday. Today was Tuesday, which meant she even had to endure it again before the weekend.

What made the situation even worse, however, was that it was at risk of ruining her GPA. Reiker seemed to be a hard ass on grading. He frequently found faults in what Katy considered to be perfect work. When confronted, he would try to use big words and convoluted logic to explain why Katy was wrong, but Katy wasn’t a dumb girl. She could tell that he was bullshitting her. She was passing the class, but it could put her at risk of not making the Dean’s List this quarter. Katy might not have minded so much if it was legitimate, but the fact that he seemed to have it out for Katy was not an acceptable reason to ruin a track record.

In the more recent paper, Katy had gone above and beyond. She was supposed to select a famous scientist, analyze their life and work, and pay special attention to their motivations. Katy had written about Marie Curie. She had spent an entire weekend on the project, citing twice as many articles as the minimum and reading two different books from start to finish. Her paper was succinct, comprehensive, and beautiful. She had even sat with her friend Joey—who was studying literature—and proofed every sentence individually. Joey had been a good sport, helping her polish the paper through from start to finish three separate times over the course of four hours. She had bought him dinner as a thank-you.

It was happy coincidence that Reiker had graded those papers over the weekend. He started class by passing them back to the students. Katy noticed that several girls put hands on their chest to prevent cleavage when he passed by their desks. Katy’s thick sweater—although getting difficult to deal with in the warm room—prevented that necessity.

Reiker finally gave her back her own paper. In large, red sharpie across the top was the letter “C”. Beneath that, Reiker had written, “Your conclusions were obvious and uninspired.”

Katy felt rage boil inside her like a white hot furnace. What was it with this old coot? Why did he have it out for her so badly? Her hands curled around her chest and she clenched her jaw hard, trying to prevent her rage from becoming audible. She fumed similarly through most of the class period, which Katy personally thought was taught in an “obvious and uninspired” manner.

Finally, at the end of the class, as students filed quickly out of the room, Katy took a deep breath and approached Reiker’s desk.

“Hello Professor,” Katy said, doing her best to sound pleasant. “I was hoping to talk about my paper.”

“Yes, I was surprised, Katy,” Reiker said. “I expected a little more effort from you.” Katy clenched her jaw and forbid herself from speaking, lest she saw something to make the situation unrecoverable. Reiker was packing his bag, so her silence was apparently not very obvious.

Finally, after steeling her rage back, Katy said, “I think there might be a mistake. I think if you look again, you’ll see I was very thorough and…”

“As I made clear on syllabus day, my gradings are final,” Reiker said. His bag packed, he turned his attention to Katy. Katy resisted the urge to place her bag in front of her own body. His eyes clearly and obviously dropped down to seek her curves once more.

“But if you’re concerned about your grade in my course, I do offer extra credit to participants of academic research,” Reiker said. “As it happens, there is a study tonight.”

Katy had planned on binging a new season of her favorite show that had just dropped online, but she quietly let that dream of relaxation fade in her mind. “What’s the study?”

“It’s just a study on the effects of various forms of advertising,” Reiker said. “I just had a cancelation from another student for the seven to eight slot. Should I pencil you in?”

Katy pursed her lips, took another deep breath—this was a common coping tactic around Reiker—and nodded her head. Katy told herself to bite the bullet and get the grade.

“Excellent,” Reiker said. “It’s this room. Be there at seven sharp.”

As Katy left the room, she sent a text to Joey: “The Bird shit on my paper.”

Joey responded with a frowning face, then another text: “I can shit on his car if you want.” Katy smiled, despite herself. The joke was “obvious and uninspired”, but Katy half believed that Joey would do it if she needed him to.

Katy wasn’t excited about participating in some advertising study, but if it was going to help save her grade and her Dean’s List track run, then she would do it. It would be like ripping off a band aid.

* * *

Katy never liked being in school buildings after hours. It felt creepy and haunted. Not for the first time today, Katy wished she was at home binging her TV show instead of here tonight. Katy steeled herself and marched down the halls, whose shadows seemed to be a lot deeper after the sun set.

Katy arrived early, with plans to study for an upcoming history test while she waited for the previous participant in the study to finish. Oddly, Reiker was alone in room 312 when Katy arrived.

“Oh, you’re here early,” Reiker said, welcoming Katy inside. Katy had maintained her layers since last seeing the professor, but Reiker’s eyes still leered nonetheless.

“I thought 7PM was the only opening,” Katy said. “Where is the participant before me?”

“She had to back out suddenly,” Reiker said. Katy noticed that nobody seemed to want to participate in this experiment. She looked around the room and found no one else. The projector mounted on the ceiling was turned on, but showing a blue screen.

“Whose study is this?” Katy asked. Normally, students working on grad projects would use college students as guinea pigs.

“Oh, this is mine, actually,” Reiker said. His voice was dripping with pride. “I’ve been working on a project for several years. I think it’s finally ready to test.”

“What do I do?” Katy asked. She was eager to get out of the room and back to the safety of her dorm.

“Just sit here,” Reiker said, patting a desk in the front row. “I’m going to play several commercial clips. Just pay very close attention. I will replay them again later, but with minor changes. I will ask you what changed between the commercials.”

“Alright,” Katy nodded. She sat in the desk, knees together. Reiker stepped to the computer, pressed a button, and quickly hurried out of the room. He closed the door behind him.

Katy focused on the screen. The projector began playing a Coke commercial. Katy tried to take note of the individual elements of the commercial, lest they change later. The woman was wearing a red shirt. The glass she drank from was clear and full of ice. The final product display had Coke in the center, cherry on the right, and diet on the left. Katy tried to commit all of this to memory.

As the commercial faded to black, for just a moment Katy thought she saw a flash of something else. Was that writing? Or a swirling shape? Before she had time to reconcile the flash, another commercial came on.

This was a movie trailer. Katy focused on the voiceover. She took note of the order of the scenes she saw. The music. How the actor’s names were written.

Was that another flash? This one between clips? Katy was sure she saw something.

The commercial continued. Katy was growing tired. Trying to keep focused on so much all at once was mentally exhausting.

The third commercial was a prescription drug commercial. Katy tried to tell herself to remember the name of the pills, because she suspected that would be an easy switch to make when they were re-run, but she was drowsy. That flashing of the screen kept happening, but Katy was alarmed less and less each time. In fact, it was rather calming.

Katy thought the fourth commercial was for an exercise machine, but she couldn’t quite be sure. The world seemed farther away now.

Katy didn’t know if she was bored or tired or even awake at all. For a moment, she thought that she might not be watching a commercial at all, but a swirling on the screen and calm, cool directions being given by a powerful, manly voice from the speakers. She drifted in and then back out. She got the impression that she might be listening to instructions, but she didn’t know what.

Words seem to stick out to her. Service. Submission. Obedience.

The images on the screen alternated between swirling and pictures of people. Some part of Katy, deep inside and far from any connection to the outside, was alarmed by the images on the screen. It felt wrong in a way that she couldn’t put a finger on. Were those… naked people? The swirling returned before Katy’s mind could fully comprehend what she was seeing.

More instructions. More words. Tits. Suck. Fuck.

Katy was pretty sure that at some point she started watching commercials again. Victoria’s Secret, perhaps? There were images of lingerie on the screen and Katy was feeling a sudden, very powerful urge to wear those frilly, lacey things on the screen. She wanted to look good. She wanted to be on display. She wanted to be… alluring? Was that the word?

More instructions. More words. Katy listened intently. Whore. Slut. Fucktoy.

Katy knew that certain sentences—certain commands—were repeated frequently. They were like mantras and every time Katy heard them, she believed them more.

Eventually, Katy was aware that she was watching a makeup commercial. She blinked, suddenly realizing she hadn’t been paying attention to the details as much anymore. Had she drifted off? Katy lifted a hand—her arm was very stiff, she was alarmed to find—and brought it up to her chin. It was wet. Had she been drooling? Katy quickly wiped her mouth off with her sweater sleeve.

She looked at the screen again, looking for some sign of a flashing swirl. There was none. Just a minor celebrity with a new makeup line.

The commercial ended and the screen went blue. The door opened and Reiker stepped into the room again. He seemed positively giddy.

“Well that’s that,” Reiker said. “What did you think?”

“Ummm,” Katy said. She was very aware of the sweater she was wearing. It’s not just that it was hot in the room, it was that it seemed like so much clothing. Katy also knew that she was wearing some rather plain underwear beneath and that didn’t seem like much fun at all.

“Katy?” Reiker said. “Were you paying attention?”

“I… I tried, Professor Reiker,” Katy said. How much time had passed?

“Did you fall asleep?” Reiker demanded. Despite the harsh tone, his eyes still shined with glee. He wasn’t actually mad, Katy thought. Why was he pretending to be mad?

“No, I didn’t sleep…” Katy said.

“You stupid bitch,” Reiker snapped. His eyes were on fire with excitement as he hurled the insult.

Katy was instinctively offended. Professors should never use such language with a student. But Katy quickly found that the offensiveness carried little weight to her. She didn’t really believe it. In fact… she was excited herself. Katy immediately found that her jeans—which were doing very little for her figure, by the way—were very uncomfortable in the front. She shifted, feeling a not unpleasant sensation as she did. Oh God… was she turned on? Why???

“Wh… what?” Katy said.

“I said you are a stupid bitch,” Reiker repeated. His eyes were devouring her as he spoke. Again, Katy tried to be offended. Again, she was just more aware of the itching between her legs.

“I… I think I should go,” Katy said.

The excitement in Reiker’s eyes faded just for a moment. “No, no. Stay. We’re not done with the experiment.”

But Katy was standing already. She picked up her bag, slung it over her shoulder, and started for the door.

“Sorry, professor,” Katy said. “I don’t feel well.”

“No! Come back!” Reiker said. Katy almost did, too. She felt like she should obey when a masculine voice told her to do something. But Katy looked over her shoulder and saw him. She didn’t so much mind his hooked nose or bald head anymore. What she did mind were those eyes. They were still creepy to her. They reminded Katy that men should be obeyed, but this one was still repulsive. As good as it would feel to obey, Professor Reiker was repulsive.

“I’ll see you in class,” Katy said. She opened the door, left room 312, and hurried down the hall. As soon as she was out of view, she ran. She didn’t look back.

* * *

Katy felt very strange as she walked back to her dorm. She was still horny. She kept replaying the memory of being called a “Stupid Bitch”. Why did that excite her so much? Katy knew she should be offended. That was unacceptable. Why then did she relive it with such joy?

Katy had been lucky enough to have a dorm room to herself—a privilege reserved for seniors with excellent academic records. She was glad for it, too. She closed and locked the door to her room, then immediately stripped off her sweater. It felt so oppressive, covering so much of her. Her plain, white bra quickly followed. The jeans, the underwear, even her socks… all of it went. She stood naked in the dorm, feeling like she had been suffocated for a while and was now free to breathe.

Katy opened her dresser top drawer—underwear, socks, and bras—and reached into the far back. Past all of the plain, comfortable underthings was a single set of something more exciting: A black net bra and lace panties. All of it did very little to hide her body. She had worn them after a boyfriend sophomore year had begged and begged. She had kept them after they broke up because they were so damned expensive.

She put them on now. Katy wished she had some fishnet stockings or spiked heels to go with them. Maybe even a nice lace choker. Alas, she had none of it, but at least she was wearing something more fun now.

Katy paused. What was going on? Why was she wearing this? Never in her life had she come back to her room and gone immediately for the sexy underwear. Never had she enjoyed wearing it. The underwire of the bra was already digging into her tits—no, breasts. Not tits, breasts. What was going on?

“Something’s wrong,” Katy muttered. “Something… something…” She continued muttering and looked down at the sweater. It had been so comfortable just this morning. Why was it so oppressive now?

Katy realized she was no longer muttering “something… something…”, but rather “must look fuckable… must look fuckable…” Katy bit her lip hard to silence herself. That was something she had never said before. That was something she had never thought. But the evidence seemed to weigh in the other direction, because she was standing in her room looking very fuckable indeed.

“Maybe I just need to get off,” Katy muttered. A quick, experimental finger found that she was wet and ready. She went to work, flopping onto her bed and fingering her clit. It didn’t take long for her body to respond. The orgasm was great—rivaling even the very talented tongue of her last boyfriend. Still, as she laid in her bed catching her breath, Katy couldn’t help but feel unsatisfied. She had gotten off, but was still feeling bothered. Still feeling horny.

“What is going on?” Katy said. “I’m not myself. What is going on?”

She decided she needed a distraction. Her TV show had a new season. She opened her computer, went to click on the shortcut to the streaming site, and paused. She bit her lip again, wondering, and then finally clicked the url box. She typed in a porn site and pressed enter.

Katy wasn’t entirely against porn. She had experimented sometimes, especially after a breakup left her feeling empty and needing. She knew that guys tended to take it way too far, but she was not morally against someone exploring their sexuality online. Normally, she stayed on the “for women” sections of sites, but a video on the home page caught her eye. A redhead with big tits was being railed from behind in the thumbnail. Katy immediately clicked on it.

With rapt attention, Katy watched the video. The redhead was a champ, starting with a blowjob that showed very little hints of inhibition. Then she took it in her pussy, where the guy went to town. Katy’s second orgasm of the night came when the man wrapped his hand around the redhead’s throat and said, “Take it, bitch.” Katy was surprised by the force and suddenness of her orgasm.

Katy paused the video, thinking that two must be enough. But as she sat on her bed, her hand still on her wet clit, Katy found that she was not feeling satisfied. “What the hell?” Katy said to herself. “What is wrong with me?” But she still had a deep, primal need for release. She played the video more.

The redhead took it up the ass as the man pulled her gorgeous hair hard. He put her back on her knees, where she opened wide and let him set the pace. Katy really got going when he pulled out and had her jerk him off onto her face. Katy watched the throbbing cock with breathless anticipation. She buried her fingers again into her pussy. She was still soaking wet.

“Please, cover my pretty little face,” the redhead said sweetly.

“Your whore face,” Katy muttered a correction.

“I want it,” the redhead said.

“You want to serve,” Katy muttered.

The man came. He covered the woman’s face liberally. With every drop of cum that landed on the pornstar’s face, Katy came again. It shook her body. She moaned and whimpered. She imagined herself on her knees, taking the cumshot on her own face. She imagined being used like that. Being disgraced like that. Her orgasm was constant and unrelenting. Finally, when the man finished, Katy’s body felt rest. She sat back, watching the redhead smile up at the camera, her reward on display on her pretty whore face.

Finally, Katy was satisfied. She closed the video tab and rested back on the bed. Her heart was racing. Her lungs couldn’t get enough air. Her whole body felt worn out.

More than anything, she felt that she was in trouble.

This wasn’t her. Katy didn’t especially enjoy going down on boyfriends, although she did it occasionally when he returned the favor. But she had never imagined that she would get off on something as degrading as a cumshot. What changed?

More frightening, she remembered how turned on she was when Professor Reiker had called her a stupid bitch. Why had she been so turned on? That had been rather bold of him, actually. And Katy couldn’t get over the idea that he wasn’t actually angry. So why would he say something that could risk him his job if he wasn’t even angry? He seemed excited. And why had it turned her on so much?

Katy wasn’t a dumb girl. She was actually pretty smart. But it was that intelligence that was fighting against the conclusion that she kept arriving at. Mind control? Come on. That’s cheap science fiction. Surely he couldn’t use subliminal messages to make her want to be… fucked? Dominated? Sexually destroyed? Treated like a filthy whore and made to take it any way that he wanted it? Put on her knees like a good little…

Enough! Katy shook the thoughts from her head. As ridiculous as the idea of mind control was, there was still the reality that Katy was different now than she had been this morning. She was a horny fuckdoll, ready and eager. And it happened after Professor Reiker’s “experiment”.

More than anything else, Katy was afraid of one question: If she had stayed in that room with the professor, what would have happened? She had been horny. She had been vulnerable. She had wanted to obey. How far would she have let the Professor go? Katy bit her lip and realized that wasn’t the real question. The better, more accurate question was: What sort of kinky shit would he have had her do? She knew that if she had stayed, she would have done it all.

Katy was undoubtably horny, almost begging to be used by a man. But Professor Reiker was still repulsive. He was a man, which meant obedience, but…

Wait, obedience? What the hell?

Katy got off her bed, closed her laptop, and took a deep breath. She was in trouble. She was in bad trouble and she knew it.

* * *

The next day, she emailed all her professors as “sick”. She was, but not in the traditional sense. Katy started the day off with more pornography. Just watching one man get off on a porn star didn’t seem to be enough this time, so she watched a few different videos before she worked out her desire to serve and satisfy a man, vicariously fulfilled through the pornstars. She found that if the man insulted the pornstar as he fucked her, Katy was more inclined to be satisfied.

Katy wrote that as item number one on her notebook: “Insults turn me on.” Still dressed in the black lace and resisting the urge to turn back to the porn, Katy tried to think. She had been changed and needed to know what that meant. She tried very hard to remember everything from when she had drifted off in Professor Reiker’s experiment, but it was like trying to see through a curtain and she couldn’t get anything firm. Also, she kept being distracted by the gloriously sexy moment of being called a “stupid bitch”. It got hotter the more Katy thought about it.

“Lingerie,” Katy said suddenly. She wrote on the notebook: “I feel compelled to look fuckable.” She looked at the last work and frowned. That was new language for her, but she knew it was right. She could say it different ways (“appealing to men”), but that wasn’t it. There was a mantra buried in her mind and she knew the word was “fuckable”. That also explained Katy’s urges to go put on makeup and do her hair nice, even though she was not going out today. She needed to look fuckable.

Mentally exhausted from trying to understand herself, Katy turned back to the porn. She went more hardcore, finding dungeon bondage videos. She watched three at once and tried to time all three cumshots at the same time. She was mildly successful and the degrading sexual fantasy did help clear her mind somewhat.

She returned to her notebook.

“I need to serve men,” Katy wrote. She knew that wasn’t all of it, but couldn’t quite work out the mantra that had been drilled into her. Was it “submit to”? Maybe “be dominated by”? They were true, but Katy couldn’t quite put her finger on the perfect wording. She moved on.

“I need to obey men,” Katy wrote. She wasn’t sure if this was different than the previous, but she felt that it as. There was an element of needing to satisfy the capital-H “Him”. But there was also the need to obey “Him”. They were concurrent, frequently overlapping, but different.

“He made me into a fucking porn star,” Katy muttered to herself. She was well-qualified to make the statement, too. She had spent a lot of time watching them in the past twelve hours. The thought should have made her angry, but inside her twisted mind she found that it was conflicting with the idea of submission to a man. Shouldn’t she submit to those changes?

Katy decided she needed to get out. She had spent too much time fucking herself while watching porn. She was mentally exhausted and hungry. She had snacked a little on whatever she had squirreled away, but had been afraid to leave her dorm. She still was, but now she was also afraid of staying here too long. She felt like whatever Professor Reiker had done to her was settling in to stay. Maybe she had gotten away from him at first because it was still settling, like paint drying on the wall. But with every orgasm and reinforcement from porn, the paint was drying.

Would she be able to resist a command again? Would she be able to keep her mind if he told her she was a slut? Katy could imagine going to pieces at such a scenario and vigorously fulfilling all of Reiker’s fantasies. As much as such a thought turned her on, Katy couldn’t help but think that he was still repulsive. He had changed a lot about her, but he hadn’t changed her original, firm opinion of the man. If he had thought to instill positive emotions in regards to him specifically, Katy might have already been on her knees in front of him, but he apparently incorrectly assumed it would be easy to claim her once she obeyed all men. If she had stayed in that room for any longer than she had, it might have been true.

Katy decided to get some food. It would get her out of the dorm and maybe occupy her mind with something else. But Katy quickly realized she had a problem. She was still wearing the black lingerie and the thought of changing was impossible to consider. She had to look fuckable.

Katy tried hard to resist, even picking up a pair of jeans and trying to convince herself to wear them. She told herself that she would still be fuckable underneath. She told herself that she could just wear normal clothes for a while. Still, she could not will herself to look respectable.

Eventually, she settled. She picked out a pair of short shorts that she wore to the beach sometimes. They were a size too small and he ass was clearly shaped beneath them. She added a tiny halter top that she often wore as pajamas. With her ample chest, there was more than one angle that would show more of her than she might otherwise intend. She found a pair of boots with heels that Katy could imagine pointing to the ceiling tiles. It was the middle of fall and she was would still have been underdressed for summer, but at least she could leave the apartment. She looked “fuckable”, but was wearing slightly more than the lingerie.

When she went to leave, however, Katy was faced with the fact that she hadn’t done her makeup right. The thought of men seeing her while she didn’t look her most fuckable was unacceptable. With a groan of frustration, Katy grabbed her makeup bag and mirror and went to work. Of course, after the sharp eyeliner, thick eyeshadow, and red lipstick had been applied, she was left with her undone hair. Katy spent more time getting just the right look with an iron, brush, and mirror.

Finally, Katy surveyed herself in the mirror. She looked like a cheap call girl. She was embarrassed, but finally knew she looked fuckable enough to risk being see.

Katy grabbed her phone and wallet and left the dorm. She moved quickly, hoping to avoid the gaze of the girls who lived alongside her. As much as she tried, she couldn’t avoid being seen by one girl, who met her gaze with very raised eyebrows. Katy probably looked like she was on her way to answer a booty call. Katy decided it wasn’t terribly far from the truth. Thankfully, the girl said nothing and Katy hurried to her car.

Katy turned on the car and put her phone in the mount on the dashboard. When it connected to the car, the phone lit up. Katy saw that she had numerous emails and a couple texts. She groaned. She hadn’t so much as looked at the thing since leaving the “experiment” the previous night. Her mind had been otherwise occupied.

Katy opened up the emails and immediately realized it was a mistake. There were five emails from Professor Reiker. Apparently, her quick escape last night had made him worried. There were emails from 11PM, 1AM, 2AM, 7AM, and 9AM. The last one was subjected “Open This Email”.

Katy saw the trap, but he finger was already moving to obey. She wasn’t sure she could avoid it if she wanted to. As her finger pressed the email, Katy realized that it wasn’t “Read This Email”. She turned her head as she opened it. With her head turned, she pressed the home button on her phone and the app closed.

She also had two texts from Joey. One was from the previous night and read, “Hey, how was Mr. Bird’s experiment? You get the extra credit?” The second was from just an hour prior: “You missed class. Are you alright?”

Katy let out a slow breath, but realized suddenly that any use of her phone was dangerous. Obviously, Professor Reiker could email her or even get her number and text her. But beyond that, Joey didn’t know what effect his words would have as a man. What if he told her to do something? What if he didn’t know she would have little choice but to obey? Or even more broadly, what if she opened Facebook and saw someone from High School telling everyone to come buy stuff at their Etsy page? If it was a man, would Katy be able to resist?

Katy turned off the phone rather than risk finding out. She knew even more now that she was in trouble. How was she supposed to function in this world now?

Her stomach rumbled. Katy decided to drive. She needed food. She just prayed to God it was a female cashier in the drive through.

* * *

Katy got food without incident. She ate it in her car in the parking lot. Afterwards, she did feel better. At least she could get this done. Some part of Katy was also happy that she was outside her apartment and in the world. She even looked so (fuckable) cute in this outfit.

If she was going to be compelled to wear slutty clothes, Katy was going to quickly wear out her one set of lingerie. She decided that a quick run to a Victoria’s secret wouldn’t hurt. After all, it was likely to mostly be women inside, so she would be relatively safe from compulsively following men’s orders.

Katy parked, cautiously avoided men in the parking lot, and found her way into the store. She knew almost immediately that it was a mistake. It was like giving an alcoholic “just a sip”. She also knew that this store didn’t have what she wanted. After picking out two or three sets of lingerie that Katy found sufficiently naughty, she looked online for a nearby store that would push the envelope further. She was careful to avoid her email and texting apps. She found a store twenty miles away.

Katy sat in the parking lot of Victoria’s Secret, having already spent money in the triple digits on more fuckable lingerie. “You’re not really thinking of doing this, are you?” Katy said to herself. But she was. She knew her voice was hollow. She knew she wanted more. She had this compulsion to look fuckable. The thought of stopping now had no force in her brain.

She put the directions in. The calm male voice giving her directions was oddly alluring.

* * *

It was getting dark when Katy got back to her dorm. She had eaten dinner on the drive back, before carrying the multiple bags of sexy things halfway across campus. She closed the door quickly and locked it. Then, she started laying out her treasures.

She had started pretty straightforward. She couldn’t pick between the different fishnets (different patterns, different widths between wires… how do you pick just one?) so she had gotten five sets. There were sex heels that Katy could imagine wrapping around the back of a man as he thrust into her. There were a few more sets of lingerie, including black and red.

It was the pink that had really fucked her over, however. The store had a dressing room. The image of herself dressed in the soft pink lace had unlocked something in Katy’s mind for roleplaying. As such, there were three different sexy costumes she had bought. She had gone with the nurse, the school girl, and the cop, figuring these were common enough fantasies that she was most likely to look fuckable for a man. She had gotten the pink lace too, of course.

From there, Katy had started on accessories. Handcuffs were a must, of course—both fuzzy and not. Lace chokers had special appeal—she was pretty sure that she had been instructed on this specifically during the experiment. She had also gone further, getting collars and leashes that she could wear.

Katy tried not to think about how much money she had just dropped to look fuckable. Her savings account had taken a hit today.

Katy down on the bed and looked over the treasures. She was preparing to be somebody’s fuckdoll. Maybe everybody’s fuckdoll, for all she knew. She knew that there was one person who was most likely to get benefit from all of these frilly, expensive, sexy things. That was Professor Reiker. How long could she avoid him? It would just take one slip up for him to be able to give her an order that she found irresistible. She felt like there was a ticking clock until she was on her knees, dressed as a slutty nurse, gobbling dock his cock. As much as the thought excited her, she also was repulsed by him. She had never felt such a confliction. She wanted to be a slut, a whore, a fuckdoll… but not his. She hated him. More so, now that she knew what he had done to her. But she was 100% confident that she would obey him and actively seek to fulfill every twisted fantasy.

She thought about how quickly he had come in insulting her after the programming had taken place. Insulting her was his fantasy. Degrading her was his fantasy. Now, he had made it her’s too. He was so eager to capture her with it and he almost had.

“I’m a bitch, but I’m not stupid,” Katy said softly. He hadn’t changed that part of her. Slut? Yes. Whore? Yes. Fuckdoll? Absolutely. Sex slave? Just waiting for the opportunity to prove it. But stupid? No. She wasn’t stupid.

Maybe that meant that she still had hope. Maybe that meant that there was still some way out of this. Could she undo the programming? Maybe she could put together some solution herself. How had the projector worked? She remembered a swirl. Was it hypnosis? Some form of it? She strained to remember, but it was still a haze. Then her eyes landed on the lingerie on the floor and her hope fell. She couldn’t even stop herself from buying lingerie to please a theoretical man who wanted to fuck her. How could she hope to fight off this?

To make matters worse, it had been hours since her last orgasm—since the last time she had vicariously pleasured a man through a big-titted slut on the internet.

Feeling defeated, Katy stripped off her skimpy clothes. She picked the pink lingerie—she liked the implied contrast of innocence and naughtiness. She donned fishnets, heels, and selected a thick leather collar for her neck. She looked in the mirror at herself. She had to admit, she was mighty fuckable.

Katy turned to the computer. At that moment, there was a knock on the door. Katy’s heart dropped. Had Professor Reiker come for her? He could find out where she lived, but did he dare enter the woman’s dorm? Men could come and go pretty freely before a certain hour—and with a tad more secrecy after that hour—but Katy hadn’t even considered that he would dare breach the dorm. That was a big risk for him, wasn’t it? Katy kicked herself. This was the mistake that would cost her the last bit of freedom. She hadn’t relocated. She had been predictable.

“Katy, it’s Joey,” a voice called out. “Are you there?”

“Joey?” Katy said, her surprise and relief eliciting the reaction before she could think.

“Yeah,” Joey said. “Come on, let me in.”

Katy began moving toward the door instantly. It was important to obey men, she knew. She realized when her hand hit the door handle that this was the impulsiveness that Reiker had given her. She was following a man’s order. Katy hesitated, fighting the urge to open the door and obey the man. Then, Katy remembered that it wasn’t Reiker. She was concerned with fighting against Reiker. This was Joey. She didn’t have to fight that command.

Katy smiled, relieved. She opened the door.

Joey’s instinctive drop of the eyes down to her pink lingerie with black accessories reminded Katy that she was less-dressed than Joey would be expecting.

“Woah,” Joey said, his eyes bulging.

“Get in here,” Katy said, grabbing Joey’s arm and pulling him inside. She did a quick glance down the hall before closing the door. She thought she saw a girl smirking from the stairwell. Embarrassment filled Katy.

Katy turned to Joey, who was doing his very best to look her in the face, but was frequently failing.

“Are you waiting for someone?” Joey said. “I didn’t know… I’m sorry… I shouldn’t…” He turned away from her, forcing his eyes to the rest of the room. What he saw wasn’t much better. Katy had left the kinky lingerie and costumes strewn about.

“What the… oh wow,” Joey said. “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that this was what you were doing. I didn’t realize you were seeing anyone, actually. I should leave you alone.”

“Joey, please stop talking,” Katy said. “Before you say something stupid.”

“Sorry, I just…”

“Joey, listen to me!” Katy said. “Please!”

Joey’s mouth snapped closed. His eyes found the ceiling tiles, which were apparently very interesting.

“Joey, you can look at me,” Katy said. “You might as well, really.”

“Are you sure?” Joey said softly, hesitant to speak.

“Yeah,” Katy said. “You ogling me is the least of my problems right now.”

Joey’s eyes descended, landing on Katy’s face. They dropped quickly, then bounced back up. They repeated this process frequently. This lace was one of the ones without the nude backing, meaning she was very much on display.

“I’m in trouble, Joey,” Katy said. “And I don’t think anyone will believe me.”

This appeared to reach Joey, who stopped being as concerned about trying to not look at her tits. He furrowed his brow and looked Katy in the eye.

“What’s going on? Is someone… I don’t know… blackmailing you?”

“No,” Katy said. “Well, almost. Not exactly.”

“Tell me,” Joey said. “Maybe I can help.” Again, he had given a command. Katy was talking instantly.

“Professor Reiker programmed me to be a kinky sex slave and now I have to obey men,” Katy said.

Joey blinked. “What?”

Katy sighed. “I have to obey men. It’s… compulsive. I barely think. That’s why I opened the door. And why I told you that.”

“Professor Reiker? The bird?”

“Maybe you should sit down,” Katy said. “I’ll tell you everything.” Joey sat at Katy’s desk. Katy sat down on her bed, pushing aside the laptop that she had been about to use to get herself off. Joey again was trying not to look at Katy’s body. Katy admired his willpower, actually.

“You can look at me,” Katy said softly. “I don’t mind.” In her mind, she added, ‘I kinda like it, actually’. She was on display. A man was seeing her. Even as she started telling him the story, she was aware that every glance at her tits flooded Katy with feelings of excitement.

* * *

“I tried to not buy it all, but I had to,” Katy said. Joey had been rather quiet as Katy had told the story. “Look around. You can see it all. I just was so obsessed with looking fuckable that… I couldn’t help myself. I came back here and was about to do the porn thing again when you knocked.”

Katy opened her hands to him, as if to say, ‘Your turn’.

“It’s crazy,” Joey said softly.

“I’m telling you the truth, I promise. Why else…”

“No, no, I believe you. I do. It’s just… it’s crazy.”

“You believe me?” Katy said.

“Well, yeah, I do,” Joey nodded. “I might have a harder time of it if you hadn’t been wearing… well… if I didn’t have the same evidence. But you’re not someone who I know to make up stories or anything. And you’ve never been voyeuristic, at least in my experience. This would all be different if I didn’t know you so well, but I… I don’t see a less crazy reason for what I’m seeing right now.”

Katy let out a deep sigh. She had been certain that nobody would believe her if she had told them. She probably wouldn’t have told Joey at all, except that he commanded her to.

“So what do I do?” Katy asked. “Reiker has sent me a bunch of emails. I know he’s trying to command me. It’s only a matter of time before he catches me somewhere. I can’t hide from him in a vault.”

“Can I see the emails?” Joey said.

Katy nodded. She took out her phone and handed it to Joey. Joey scrolled through the emails, bit his lip, and nodded.

“He believes it worked, at least,” Joey said. “And he’s trying to get you to speak with him in person.” He hesitated. “He implied in the last one that he might have to fail you if you don’t respond.”

Katy sighed again. “Why me? Why did he do this to me?”

“Well… I think that one’s kind of obvious,” Joey said, still scrolling through the emails.

“What do you mean?”

“Well I mean, look at you,” Joey said. He handed the phone back to Katy. “You’re… well… ummm… you’re really…” He trailed off, trying to find an ending to the sentence.

“You think I’m attractive?” Katy said.

“Well I’m under duress while you’re dressed like that,” Joey said with his witty smile. “I can’t be held accountable.”

“Do you think I’m sexy?” Katy asked, dropping her voice slightly. A seed of an idea was planted in Katy’s brain. Joey’s eyes fell down onto her tits again, then he looked away entirely.

“I shouldn’t… I don’t exactly trust anything right now,” Joey said, almost apologetically.

“You are a good friend, Joey,” Katy said. The idea had taken root in her mind and was growing rapidly. “You came here to check on me. You worked for four hours on that paper with me. You’re a good friend. A good guy.” She grinned. “You’re a really good guy.”

Joey was uncomfortable. He must have seen what was coming.

“You deserve a sex slave,” Katy said. “You’re the one I want to have me.”

“Nobody should have you,” Joey said.

“Well somebody is going to,” Katy said. “Reiker did his work to me. I don’t know how. I don’t know what he did. But it’s done. And some guy out there is going to figure out that he can tell me to do anything and I’ll do it. I might as well choose my own master.” Katy stood, displaying herself. She was glad that she happened to look so fuckable. “I choose you.”

“Katy, you’re not yourself,” Joey said.

“And if you want to blame Reiker for fucking around with my desires, great. You are innocent of all of that. And yes, I want to be fucked. I was to be used. To be dominated. Sexually destroyed. Tied up, slapped, with a cock shoved down my whore throat so far that…”

“Katy!” Joey said, and Katy snapped out of her fantasy and back to attention.

“But you didn’t make me this way. It’s the same as if you happened to meet a girl who liked to do kinky shit.” She stepped closer to him, noting that his hands were covering the bulge in his pants. “Well you met me. And I want to be your sex slave.”

“We’re friends,” Joey said.

“And we can continue to be,” Katy said, “but after we play MarioKart or watch a movie or do homework, I’ll happily fulfill your twisted fantasies.” Katy reached up, running a hand through Joey’s hair. His face was leveled at Katy’s chest. She was glad he was enjoying the view. “Tell me those fantasies, Joey,” she said in a hushed voice. “Tell me all the fucked up shit you want to do. Because I want to do that too.”

“How do we know this will save you from Reiker?” Joey asked.

“I have to obey,” Katy said. “But what about conflicting orders? What if you tell me not to obey him?”

“What if you take the last orders given? What if his words contradict mine?”

“Let’s test it,” Katy said. She stepped back, postponing her seduction of her friend. “Order me to read one of Reiker’s emails, but not to obey it. If I can do that, then you can prevent me from following other orders. If I start to obey Reiker, then you can command me again and override it. We’ll know, but I’ll be safe.”

“Ok,” Joey said, nodding thoughtfully. “That’s a good idea.”

“He made me a whore,” Katy observed, “but not a stupid one.”

“Read Reiker’s last email, but do not obey him,” Joey commanded, adjusting his pants as he did so.

Katy began moving instantly. She didn’t fight the order that lived in her head. She opened her phone, opened her email app, and opened Reiker’s last email. Within it, he gave her several commands, such as “Call this number right away” and “Email me back right now. Do not delay.” He also was liberal with the use of “stupid bitch” throughout. Joey watched her, ready to intervene with a fresh command if she started to obey.

Katy finished reading, set the phone down, and stepped away.

“Did you feel anything?” Joey asked. “Compulsion to obey?”

“Yes,” Katy nodded, “but not his command. Your’s. Just your order.” She smiled. “You can command me to be free of him.”

“Absolutely,” Joey nodded. “Hell, I can undo it all then. I can command you to not want to be a sex slave! I can…”

“Noooo,” Katy said, her voice more of a moan than a word. “Don’t do that. Please.”

Joey looked confused. “What? I can free you.”

“I… I don’t want that,” Katy said.

“You don’t want what?” Joey said.

“I don’t want to go back,” Katy said softly. “I want to be a whore.” She turned her body more to him, inviting his gaze. “I want to be your whore.”

“I don’t think that’s you, Katy,” Joey said.

“It’s me,” Katy said. “It’s me that didn’t want to be Reiker’s whore, right? That makes sense. It’s me that hated him. It’s me that knows fully what he did to me. But… as much as I detest him… I don’t want to give this up.” She bit her lips and added, “This is fun. I am having… I am having a lot of fun.” Joey’s eyes were freely exploring her. It felt good to be on display.

“Why?” Joey said.

“Because the orgasms I’ve felt… the satisfaction I’ve felt… frankly, the carefree fun that sex is in my mind right now… I… I like it.” She grinned. “It’s kinky. It’s fun. It’s fulfilling. It scratches an itch in me.” Her voice was taking on that seductive, low quality. “Don’t you have any secret things like that, Joey? Don’t you have those secret desires that just scratch an itch? That satisfy you?”

Joey licked his lips and looked away. Katy approached again and his eyes locked back onto her—but not her face.

“So what do you want, Katy?” Joey asked. He paused, lifting a finger to stop her from talking, and added, “Tell me the truth.”

“I want you to command me to be free of the commands of all other men,” Katy said, speaking instantly and automatically the truth in her soul. “Then I want you to call me a whore, a bitch, a good-for-sucking slut. I want you to man-handle me. I want you to slap me. Then I want you to stuff every hole I have in the order that most fully satisfies you. After you’ve had your fun with me, I want you to jerk off onto my face, call me ‘a good little fuckdoll’ and tell me to rub myself off.” She smiled and added, “Then I want to go out and grab some ice cream at that little creamery down the street, because that sounds really good right now.”

Joey was looking down at her body, perhaps believing for the first time that she really wanted this. “Keep going,” he ordered.

“As we eat ice cream, maybe you could tell me your fantasies, so I know how best to please you. You could tell me which of these lace outfits you like best or which ones I should pick up to make you happy. Maybe after ice cream you’d be in the mood to come back and use me again. I’m hoping that you’ll keep fucking me for as long as you want. All night if you want. And more tomorrow. And…”

Joey lifted a finger, stopping her. He stood and walked to her. His eyes perused her body.

“I command you…” he said softly, “…to reach inside your mind and find the you before all this. I command you to tell me the truth from her perspective. Is this really what you would have wanted?”

Katy paused, blinking. She tried to obey, she really did. She tried to find the her of 24 hours prior inside her brain. Her brow furrowed as she thought as hard as she could. Nothing came.

“Truthfully, I don’t think she would have thought that sounded like fun,” Katy said truthfully, “but she’s not here anymore. I truthfully don’t think you could even command her back. I think that whatever changes were made to me are here to stay. But who I am right now is still your friend and still the person you knew. It’s just with some extra stuff there.” She smiled.

Joey considered this for a moment, nodded, and said, “And you right now? What do think?”

“I’m wondering why I’m still standing and not on my knees,” Katy said truthfully. “You’ve been a great friend, Joey. And I don’t think there’s anyone else who deserves a sex slave half as much. And I want to be that.”

Joey nodded again, thinking. Finally, he shrugged and said, “Might as well make the most out of the situation, then.”

He reached up and wrapped a hand around her throat. It was not a gentle one. “You’re a filthy fucking whore, Katy.” Katy moaned in pleasure as the words washed over her. “But you’re my filthy fucking whore. Get to work.” He pushed her downward. Katy hit her knees with a happy little giggle. She unbuckled Joey’s pants, slid them and his underwear down around his ankles, and found that he was already very hard.

She took her time. A firm, exploring hand worked its way up and down his shaft as her tongue and lips explored his balls. She kissed her way up to the top of his cock, then swirled a tongue around the head. After a few minutes, Joey’s knees began to shake. He backed up, sitting down on the bed. Katy followed, climbing onto the bed. When he settled, she went to work again, her body displayed from the side. She started with slow, deep-sucking plunges onto his dick while she fondled his balls. As he moaned in delight, she picked up the pace, creating a rhythm. Joey’s hands freely explored her body as she sucked him, squeezing her tits and slapping her ass. Katy could not begin to explain the pleasure that rocked her pussy with every slap of her ass.

“Good little slut,” Joey muttered. “Now take it all the way.”

Katy obeyed the order, taking his cock as deeply as she could. She ignored the urge to gag, thrusting him into her throat. Her painted lips were pressed up against his belly and balls. He put a hand in her hair, pushing her down just slightly, then took grip of her hair and pulled her off. Katy gasped for air.

“Are you okay?” Joey asked, his hungry, lustful demeaner failing for a moment. “Tell the truth.”

“I’m having more fun than I can ever remember having,” Katy grinned at him. “I want more.”

“Good,” Joey grinned. His lust returned. “Then you do the work and ride me, bitch.”

“Yes, sir,” Katy said. Her pink panties were gone after a moment. She descended down onto him, impaling herself as she went. Like with the blowjob, she developed a rhythm quickly. Joey sat back, enjoying the view and the sensation. Every now and then, he would reach up and slap a tit. As she rode, he began slapping her harder.

“Is this what you want?” he said. “To be treated like a whore?”

“I do want to be treated like a whore,” Katy said. “I want you to slap me harder.”

Joey slapped her sizable tits. They both relished the sound of the hard smack.

“More,” Katy begged.

Joey slapped her tit again.

“More!” Katy begged again. “My face!”

Joey slapped her face—hard. That was when Katy had her first orgasm. As she squealed and gyrated, still riding his cock, Joey continued to slap her tits. He apparently had a fondness for this action and Katy was happy to please him.

He elected to not fuck her ass just yet. He told her that he wanted her to finish him with her tits. Happy to fulfill his fantasies, Katy pulled her pussy off his dick and he sat up on the bed, hanging his legs off the side. She knelt down in front of him, then bent down and wrapped her tits around his cock. She bobbed and bounced. It didn’t take long. He erupted, hot cum spewing upward. Some of it made it to her chin, but most of it covered her chest. Joey apparently preferred this. With every spurt of cum, Katy had another wave of orgasm.

When Joey was finished, Katy smiled up at him, remembering the lesson from the porn stars.

Joey sat back on her bed, smiling at her. “That was awesome.”

“I’m very glad you liked it, sir,” Katy said.

“You’re a good little fuckdoll,” Joey said. “Go ahead and rub one off.”

“Thank you, sir,” Katy said. Her fingers went to work. It didn’t take long for her to have her third orgasm—something that boring, prudish Katy of the past would never be capable of.

“So…” Joey said thoughtfully, “Ice cream?”

“Oh hell yeah,” Katy grinned.

On her new master’s orders, Katy got dressed in normal clothes. Before leaving, Joey gave her the all-important command that she was not compelled to follow anyone else’s orders other than his. He added, “You’re mine alone” and that was just fine with Katy.

They talked movies on the way to the creamery. Joey teased her for not having seen Blade Runner. Katy told him that if it was as bad as the original Alien, he could shove it. He told her that the original Alien was a masterpiece and she could shut her mouth for saying otherwise. Katy was glad that being a sex slave didn’t mean they weren’t friends.

They got ice cream, but Katy did get just one scoop instead of two. After all, she had to remain fuckable.

* * *

Katy and Joey both sent emails to their professors saying they were sick. They spent most of the day indoors. When they weren’t fucking, they were laughing, watching movies, binging Katy’s new TV show season, and eventually talking themselves into fucking again.

“Reiker’s class is right now,” Katy observed, glancing at the clock. She had been wearing a sexy schoolgirl outfit recently, but now she was only wearing the pleated plaid skirt.

“Oh yeah,” Joey said, looking at the clock. “I actually forgot about him.”

Katy laughed. “Men. I put some tits in your face and you forget everything else.”

“That’s an interesting theory. We should put it to the test,” Joey said, grinning as he leered at her tits. Katy stood and shook her tits in his face. He had just gotten off in her throat, otherwise he might have ordered her to get to work.

“I have an idea,” Katy said, looking at her computer. “He keeps sending me emails.”

“Yeah? So?”

“I wonder if the dean would be interested in seeing what he is saying to students,” Katy said.

“That’s a great idea,” Joey said. He blinked. “Yeah! Why the hell is he emailing you this shit anyways? It’s a paper trail right back to him.”

“He’s panicking,” Katy said. “Because he knows that every minute he’s not in control of me, someone else could be.” She smiled at Joey and added, “He’s not wrong.” She opened the computer, reviewing each email. Even as she flipped through them, a new one arrived, telling her that he found her absence from his class unacceptable and if she didn’t present herself for punishment immediately, she would be failing his course.

Katy forwarded the emails to the Dean. She wrote a message saying, “I think that Professor Reiker has become obsessed with me and I don’t know how to handle it. I’m really scared that this will affect my academic career.”

“Nice touch,” Joey muttered.

“Thanks,” Katy said as she forwarded the last email. She felt good. He had made her a whore, but his mistake had been not making her a stupid one. She closed the computer.

“Hey Joey?” Katy said softly.


“Thanks. For helping me.”

“What else are friends for?” Joey said. He grinned, then added, “Well…”


“Well I was just thinking about what else friends are for,” he said with a small shrug. “I had a couple ideas.”

Katy smiled. She pushed the chair into her desk and sauntered back towards the bed.

“Oh? Do you want to tell me your ideas?” Katy said.

“How about you guess them?” Joey smiled coyly.

Katy straddled him, pushing him gently back onto the bed.

“How about… anything you want,” Katy said, kissing him teasingly on the lips.

“Everything you want.” She kissed his neck.

“Any time you want.” She kissed his chest.

“For as long as you want.” She kissed his belly.

“Wearing anything you want.” She planted a kiss on his rapidly-stiffening cock.

“And let’s start with my mouth.”


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