Gift of Orgasms - Aggressive

by ArcherStories

Tags: #dom:male #multiple_partners #pov:top #sub:male

A degrading story about addictive orgasms.

Author’s note: This is one of two stories with the same concept and mildly different executions. Both stories have the same intro, the same general plot, and lots of kinky sex. The difference is that this story is geared more towards domination and humiliation, while the other story has more “heart”—while still containing plenty of sex.

If fucking to dominate is your kick, this story is for you. Otherwise, I would recommend reading the other story, "Gift of Orgasms - Cheerful". Both stories are fun and are my personal kinks. For me, it is more a question of mood.

Uncle Pete always had pretty girls around him. I would be lying if I said that wasn’t part of the reason he was my favorite Uncle. At every family event, Uncle Pete could be counted on to bring along at least one hot, young, shapely girl. Sometimes, there were even multiple girls, all hovering around Uncle Pete, rushing to bring him beers, and all showing more cleavage than I had ever seen outside of the internet. As much as my parents tried to shield me, I always ended up hanging with Pete through most of the family gatherings.

It wasn’t just the girls, of course. Pete was funny and I was quick to laugh. Uncle Pete took me to movies. When I failed math in sophomore year of high school, it was Uncle Pete that sat me down and told me to shape up and quit cutting class.

The memory that I thought of the most, however, was when Uncle Pete picked me up from a party at 3AM, hammered and sick, and took me back to his place. The next day, he took the heat, claiming that I was at his place all night and he was sorry that he forgot to call. Afterwards, Pete and I talked for a long time. He told me that what I was going through was normal. It was okay to call him and he would never be mad, but I should be careful not to let the partying and booze go to my head, because I could screw things up that would take the fun away. I promised him I would keep my head.

I was really going to miss Uncle Pete. The heart attack took him quick, at least.

I was now 23, just out of college and trying to figure out what I was going to do with life. Uncle Pete’s death left me feeling even more like a boat without an anchor, just waiting for the next wind to push me along.

That being said, Pete was always the giver. His funeral was full of many of the gorgeous women that I had seen throughout the years and many more that I had never seen. They were crying, often in little pods together, and often very loudly. My family was there, too, and nobody quite seemed surprised to see the myriad of beautiful mourners. We had known Uncle Pete well enough to know the company he kept, even if none of us really understood why.

That confusion was redoubled now, looking back at Uncle Pete’s life. As long as I could remember, he had never had a single, serious girlfriend, but had always been surrounded by dozens who seemed to wait on his every whim. Why? Uncle Pete wasn’t an exceptionally handsome man, especially as he got older. What was his secret? I wished I knew. My last girlfriend had dumped me for a guy in her chemistry course that she had known for three weeks. We had dated for a year.

I listened to the eulogies, listened to the reverend, and watched a video montage that was accompanied by cheesy music. There was a blonde mourner to my right who had a way-too-short dress. She wept through the entire thing. I did my best not to look at her legs, as nice as they were. It didn’t seem like the right time or place.

After the funeral, I mingled with my family, trying to figure out how much time I needed to stay. I missed my uncle, but he was by far the best part of my family. Now that he was gone, hanging with my family had lost a lot of the draw.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and I found a tall, older gentleman. He asked me for clarification on my name, and I told him he had it right.

“Excellent,” the man said. “I was your uncle’s lawyer. As a part of his last will and testament, he wanted me to give you this.” He outstretched an envelope, then gazed over my shoulder at my family, who was watching curiously. “It was your uncle’s wish that you open it outside the company of others.”

“Uh, thank you,” I said. I was a little confused. Uncle’s money had already been accounted for. He had distributed it among a few different charities. They were selling his house and had an upcoming estate sale for his stuff.

I excused myself from my family and stepped outside the funeral home. The air was crisp and someone was burning leaves nearby. Combined with the orange leaves crunching under my feat, it was a perfect autumn day. I loosened the tie around my neck, walked to my car, and leaned on the hood. I carefully tore open the envelope and looked inside.

I expected—maybe hoped for—a check. There was none. There was just a single, type-written page inside. I carefully pulled it from the envelope and immediately smelled my Uncle’s cologne. I pushed down the tears that sprang up from the smell and forced myself to read the letter. It was type-written and not very long:

“My dear nephew,

“If you are reading this, then I am dead. I hope it’s long in the future, but however it went, I don’t have any regrets. I lived life well and I hope that you are able to do the same. To help you with this, I’m leaving you my greatest treasure—the gift of orgasm.

“Trust me, I know it’s a strange thing to say, but I don’t have to remind you of the company I kept through my life. Those girls didn’t want me for my great hair or warm personality—you know I had neither. They wanted me because I could get them off in a way that nobody else could.

“It’s a magic of sorts that seems to dwell within one person at a time. The last holder of it picked me and I pick you. When I die, this magic will pass along to you. You will only have to command a woman in your mind and she will have the most powerful orgasm she has ever had—or ever will.

“I know you don’t believe me. I felt the same way. The only way you will ever believe me is by trying it out. So go try it. Give a stranger the orgasm of her life. But please, DO NOT try it on a family member. Trust me, that’s a mess you don’t want.

“After you’re done, I’m giving you a link to a page I’ve set up to learn more.” Here he listed a URL to an obscure, strange page on the internet—obviously something he set up using a cheap web service.

“I love you, nephew. Pete.”

He was right. I didn’t believe him. This was Uncle Pete’s final joke to him, a practical joke that would live on forever. But still, I couldn’t deny that there were a hundred hot girls in that funeral. Pete had a way with women.

I got in the car, folding the letter up and sticking it in the cupholder. I knew I should say goodbye to my family, but I didn’t want to go back in there. Especially with that nagging curiosity in the back of my head. Also, they’d want to see the letter and—joke or not—I didn’t want that.

I went a few blocks through the suburb that Pete had lived in. I pulled into the parking lot of a coffee shop. Pete’s cologne still hung in the air. His words on the paper, even if they were a joke, were the last thing I’d ever had from my uncle. I lost it for a moment, I’ll fully admit it. I missed my uncle. And now I was going to go the rest of my life without him.

I got it together after a few minutes and took a deep breath. I stepped out of the car and into the coffee shop. The bell above the door jingled as I came in. The smells of overpriced coffee assaulted me.

I stepped into the line and looked behind the counter. There was a barista. She was pretty, in a hipster sort of way—the kind of girl I didn’t mind picturing on her knees. Uncle Pete’s words flashed through my mind: “Give a stranger the orgasm of her life”. I quickly shook it out of my head. There was no way I was going to try to pick up a barista at a coffee shop. Family or not, I had not inherited Pete’s sort of style.

The person in front of me stepped aside and I stepped up. I ordered my drink, paid (again, overpriced), and gave my name for the order. She smiled, a nice wide smile that I liked looking at. I didn’t know if my eyes were still red, but she seemed kind. Again, I thought about my Uncle’s advice. Come to think of it, Pete didn’t say that I had to sleep with her. He seemed to imply that I could command her and she could cum. But there was no way in hell that I was going to say anything like that to her.

I stepped aside, waiting for my drink. I did my best not to keep looking at the pretty hipster barista. I did my best to not think about trying out my Uncle’s claim on her. I also did my best not to think of the weeping blonde at the funeral hope with the nice legs. I realized that my uncle’s letter seemed to say that I could command “in my mind”. That didn’t seem very pranky to me. I would expect my Uncle to have written out some magic line that would make me sound like a fool when I tried it out. If it was a prank, why have it as a mental command? I realized that this was actually a very low cost experiment, should I decide to pursue it.

I glanced again at the pretty barista. I tried to think of a reason not to experiment. I had nothing to lose, did I? And when it didn’t work, I could go on with my life without my Uncle’s “gift of orgasm”.

Another barista called my name and handed me my drink. I took it, took a sip, and glanced one more time at the pretty hipster barista. Now or never. I shrugged, focused on her, and thought, “Cum.”

Something weird happened to my head. It was like I could feel a sort of “whooshing” and my focus on the girl intensified. As quickly as it came, it was gone. If anyone noticed something odd about me, they quickly were distracted by something else.

The barista cried out, squealing in a high, earnest voice. Her whole body shook and the notepad she was holding dropped to the ground. Her eyes bulged and she slammed her fists down on the counter, apparently unable to express herself in any other way. I watched, fascinated and horrified at the same time. The coffee shop wasn’t full, but now every eye inside was focused exclusively on her. Her squealing finished and her face quickly grew red.

As much as I wondered how she was going to talk herself out of a situation that I had put her in, I was more terrified than anything else. I took my drink and left. I peeled out and drove, doing my best to put as much distance as possible between me and the coffee shop.

As I drove home, clutching my uncle’s letter in one hand, an errant thought appeared in my mind, “Huh. She was a squealer. I never would have guessed.” I knew I would be jerking off to the thought of her squeals real soon.

* * *


“By now you will have realized I’m not bullshitting you. This also might help explain the girls around me. You were my favorite nephew and as much fun as I had, I never had any kids of my own. You can imagine the various creative methods that I employed in pursuit of that goal.

“To be clear, the gift you have will be better than anything else the girl could ever hope for outside of you. The best nights of her life will pale in comparison to what you can do with just a thought. Be warned, it can be rather addictive.

“I don’t know where this magic—I can think of no other word for it—started. I know that you choose who it goes to after you. I know that I got it when I was thirty and it never dulled throughout my life. I also know that I picked you on your 18th birthday. Whenever I pass—and if you’re reading this, I have—you’ll get that magic too.

“I hope you use this gift the same way I have, to fill your life with the pleasures that most men can only imagine. Your power only works on women, so you can’t give yourself orgasms, but once women have a taste of the delight you can provide, they tend to be very happy to return the favor.

“Let me be very clear—you hold all the cards here. You owe nobody anything. Women can be masters of guilt trips, but you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Remember that. If she wants something, let her earn it. This sounds crass, but just wait until they’re knocking on your door at 3AM begging for a release. You’ll learn very quickly that you provide a service and it’s not unreasonable to ask for something in exchange for that service. They’re using you for pleasure. Return the favor.

“I’m tempted to leave you with a list of numbers of girls that I have found especially agreeable, but I think that you’ll have no problem finding some of your own favorites.

“Have fun, nephew. God knows that I have. And make sure you pick an heir for the power. You can change it as you go through life, but don’t let it die with you.

“I love you. Uncle Pete.”

The webpage was cheaply-made and short, but it got the job done. I had a little lockbox—something cheap I had bought when I suspected a college roommate of stealing from me—and I stuck the envelope inside. I read the web page again, thinking. I thought back to the hipster barista. It had been easy to give her a command. It had been very impactful. I wondered if my Uncle Pete was right. Would she have… um… paid for those services? My mind started to fill with fantasies of what that might mean. The words “let her earn it” floated through my mind.

Perhaps I should have sat down and thought through a plan, but my mind was too filled with possibilities. I now had the ability to blow a woman’s mind. I just had to use it in such a way to get her to blow my mind. What was the old phrase for motivating someone? A carrot and a stick? I had the world’s best carrot, but what of the stick? Of course, this phrase put into mind images of spanging a girl with a riding crop, which weren’t exactly conducive for logical thinking through.

My mind drifted to the blonde who lived down the hallway. Her face—as pretty as it was—was not her best asset. That was definitively her phenomenal tits, which tormented my imagination as they paraded about in form-fitting crop tops. She entered my mind and I quickly placed her in a few appealing scenarios—on her knees with her hands tied behind her back, or riding me with those fantastic tits bouncing in the air, or bent over while I drilled her from behind and pulled her hair. The possibilities were endless.

I made a snap decision. The barista at the coffee shop was fine, but the blonde and her tits were the real deal to me. If I wanted anyone hooked on what I could give, it was her. I opened my door, walked down the hall, and wrapped twice on her door.

She was wearing a red tank top that I hadn’t seen before. Her generous chest pushed out again the fabric, creating a dark cave in the middle that I found very promising.

“Hello?” she said.

“Hi,” I smiled. I decided to just swing. I looked at her and thought in my mind “Cum”. Some part of me was terrified that maybe this all was still some sort of joke. Maybe this was where I was made the fool. But those fears were short lived. There was the “whooshing” in my mind and she started.

The blonde let out a short groan, then gasped. She grabbed onto the door frame for support. I watched while her hips bucked and shook. She was trying to keep her mouth closed, but soon failed. “Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!” came in sharp, forceful breaths as she shook. The hand on the door frame was steady, but the one holding the door waved back and forth as she shook. The door moved with her, occasionally banging against her side.

Then, it was done. The blonde continued to breathe heavily. She looked at me with wide, embarrassed eyes. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t enjoyed watching that.

“You can owe me one,” I said, riding the high that the power rush gave me. “If you want to pay me back or try to earn another, I’m in apartment 414.” I smiled, I turned on a heel, and left her standing in the hallway to catch her breath.

It took her about twenty minutes. I don’t actually know how I resisted jerking off while I waited. I spent a long time revisiting the quaking of her tits as she came. I also spent a lot of time envisioning the ways she could pay me back. I knew I didn’t have her yet, of course, but I wanted her. If Uncle Pete was correct about how addictive these could be, then I knew it was only a matter of time.

Just as I was about to break and jerk off, there was a tentative knock on my door. I opened it and saw the blonde, standing awkwardly in my doorway.

“Hello,” I said with a smile. “Would you like to come in?”

“I… uh… yeah, okay,” she said. She stepped past me.

I introduced myself and she gingerly took my hand. “I’m Niki,” she said.

“It’s nice to meet you,” I said. “I’ve seen you around the building.”

“Yeah,” Niki said, still looking at me warily.

“Would you like something to drink?” I asked. I was still feeling the adrenaline high and was a little manic. Never before had I had the upper hand in talking to a hot girl. It was a strange feeling.

“What did… what happened? Earlier?” Niki asked.

“I’m a little new to it, but I am pretty sure I gave you an orgasm,” I said.

Niki blinked. Then again. She pursed her lips and said, “But…” She paused, blinked again, and said, “What?”

“Apparently I can do that,” I said. “I can think and give you an orgasm. Again, I’m new to it myself.”

“That’s insane,” Niki said, a little bit of anger creeping into her voice.

I shrugged. “Do you have another explanation for earlier?”

Niki’s angry eyes faltered slightly. “Well… no. But… come on.”

I shrugged again. “Well how about we make a deal? If I can’t make you cum again, I’ll admit I’m lying and this is all bullshit. But if I can make you cum again, you return the favor.”

I watched a series of emotions pass through her eyes. The first was a sort of hunger. Already, she wanted what I had given her again. The second was an indignation at the prospect of “returning” the favor. The third was a genuine curiosity, presumably to test if I could do this at all.

“And what did you have in mind?” Niki asked. “You know, if you can do it?”

“I figure you strip down to nothing and suck me off,” I suggested.

Again, indignation flashed through Niki’s eyes. “If it’s as easy as you say it is, that’s hardly a fair deal.”

“It’s not about how easy it is,” I said. “It’s about how good it is. My Uncle said that it was the best orgasm you have ever had or will ever have. And it doesn’t lose potency the more it happens.” He hadn’t actually said this, but I took a little bit of a liberty. “If that’s true, then a blowjob with a view actually seems like a pretty good deal. If it’s not true, then I’m sure you can get what you need somewhere else.” I let my eyes drop to her tits, still nicely supported and displayed by that tight red tank top. She could see me leering at her, but I didn’t care. Pretenses were more or less thrown out the window by now.

“Fine,” Niki said. “I don’t really believe you can do it.”

“But if I can, you’ll strip down to nothing and suck me off?” I pushed.

“Yeah, whatever,” Niki said flippantly.

I shrugged. I looked at her and commanded in my mind, “Cum”. She did. For the second time in an hour, I watched her body shake and gyrate, while she moaned. It lasted longer this time, possibly because she wasn’t trying to stop it this time. It lasted almost thirty seconds. I sipped on my water and watched the busty blonde orgasm in my living room.

After, she put a hand on the wall for support, quivering. “Oh my god… oh my god…” she muttered.

I smiled sweetly, sipping my glass of water, and then set it down on the counter.

“Do you believe now?” I asked.

“I… oh my god,” she repeated.

“Well take a moment, catch your breath, and then we can get started,” I said.

Niki’s eyes locked onto mine. I could see the after-effects of pleasure disappear and sudden realization fill her eyes.

“What?” she said.

“I fulfilled my side of the deal,” I said simply. Again, my eyes dropped down to her full chest.

“You can’t be serious,” Niki said. “You really expect me… to… put out?”

“We made an agreement,” I said. “You agree that if I got you off, you would strip down and…”

“Stop! Stop!” Niki said. “You can’t be serious! I’m not some whore.”

“How convenient,” I said. “I can get you off twice with the best orgasm you’ll ever have, but you won’t return the favor?”

“I’m not a whore!” Niki said, quickly becoming hysterical. “I’m not going to… to… ugh!’ She turned, marching towards the door. Before I could say another word, she left and slammed it behind her.

I finished my water, jerked off, and then sat down on my couch. I might have blown it with Niki. I wanted her and perhaps I got a little greedy. I didn’t know how far she’d go and I took the power for granted. I offended her, but I was still a bit offended myself. I could give mind-blowing orgasms. She agreed to return the favor, then welched on the deal.

I ate some dinner, jerked off a couple more times, then went to sleep.

* * *

My uncle’s funeral was on a Saturday. The next day, Sunday morning, I heard a tentative knock on my door. I looked through the peephole and saw Niki, now dressed in a black tank top. I opened the door.

“Um… hi,” Niki said tentatively. “Can I come in?”

I stepped aside and Niki walked into the apartment.

“I’m… I’m sorry about yesterday,” Niki said softly. “I think I was a little freaked out. I don’t really understand how you did… you know… what you did. And I didn’t really think that you’d be able to do it again. I didn’t mean to shout. I was just… scared, I guess.”

“I get it,” I said. “I don’t entirely understand what’s going on either.”

“Anyways, I was wondering if… you know… you’d like to many another deal,” Niki said. “And I promise to follow through this time.” She smiled sweetly and said, “How about you give me an orgasm and I’ll take off my shirt, jerk you off, and—to say sorry for yesterday—you can cum on my chest. I know that guys like that sort of thing.”

I don’t mind saying, I was a little turned off. Not that I didn’t like the idea of getting off on those tits that I had spent a lot of time envisioning, but that she wasn’t going to do anything more than say, “Sorry!” for not following through the previous day. She wanted to sweep that entirely under the rug and make a new deal from scratch, starting with less than she had agreed to yesterday. And to top it off, she wanted another orgasm, despite me having given her two already and her having given me none (other than being featured in my masturbation fantasies, of course).

“I… I don’t think so,” I said, summoning all my willpower. Even as I spoke, the horny dude inside my head was screaming at me, telling me that she would be the hottest girl I’ve ever been with and the biggest tits that I had ever cum on. I pushed that thought down, telling myself that if I played this right, I could get so much more than a handjob and a cumshot on her tits. Also, I didn’t want deals. I wanted her to be a junky for what I could give her. I wanted to own her.

“What?” Niki said, shocked.

“I don’t think so,” I repeated. “I’ve already given you two orgasms. And you welched on a deal for the second. If you’re here to fulfill your side of the bargain finally, then fine. And then we can talk about what else you could bring to the table to get another one. But I’m not giving you anything else until you’ve fulfilled your side of the bargain.” Bargains weren’t the long game, of course, but I wanted her to know that I held all the cards and if she wanted anything from me, I wasn’t going to give it away for free.

“And what was that deal?” Niki said softly. “Topless blowjob?”

“Completely nude,” I said firmly. She flinched.

“And I’ll get another orgasm if I do that for you?” Niki said.

“No,” I said. “That will just be the end of our deal from yesterday. After that, we can talk about what else you can do to get another orgasm.”

“Wait, you want me to suck you off and you won’t give me anything in response?” Niki said. Her voice was growing bitchy.

“I already gave you something,” I said patiently. “Yesterday. It’s you who hasn’t returned the favor yet.”

Niki pursed her lips, frustratedly tapped her foot, and then shook her head. She turned on her heel and walked to the door. “I’m not a whore.” She closed the door, but didn’t slam it as hard as the previous day.

“You will be,” I muttered. Then, this put me in a Star Wars mood, so I put on Empire Strikes Back, made some popcorn, and waited.

I barely focused on the movie. My thoughts were only on Niki. I was very tempted to go out and try to find any other girls to “get on the line”, but I decided to wait until I knew what it would take to break Niki. I wasn’t going to be making deals forever, but it seemed the easiest way of linking the reward to her sexual behavior. For now, I just had to work away her inhibitions. The fact that she came back this morning meant that I hadn’t blown my opportunity with her. And I hoped that my refusing her advance until she fulfilled her side of our original bargain told her that I was not going to be the “nerdy guy who is just grateful to get some”. I was going to be in control and she was going to have to behave as the grateful one.

Right around the time Luke left Dagobah to go try to save his friends in Cloud City, there was another knock at the door. I paused the movie, looked through the peephole, and saw Niki standing there again. Again, I let her in.

“Okay, you’re right,” Niki said. “I made a deal. And I’ll make good on it. Ok?” Her voice was still bitchy, but I was horny and I didn’t think I could deny her again. I could work on her attitude later. I could do a lot of things later. For now, I wanted her tits and her lips and she was willing to give both.

“Ok,” I said. I made a “go ahead” gesture and then waited.

Niki hesitated just one more time, then she bit her lip and started undressing. She took off her black tank top. She had on a plain white bra, which I didn’t care for, but I held my tongue. She didn’t look at me and I could see her face was red. She unbuttoned her jeans and slid them down. Her panties were similarly boring—a plain pink.

“Alright, let’s…” she started to say, but I was ready for this.

“We said nude,” I cut her off. “All the way.”

Niki flushed red and again hesitated. I could see her debating internally to see if she should just get redressed and leave again. I could see her reach a sort of “get it over with” decision. While still keeping her eyes away from mine, she nodded defeatedly. She reached around and unclasped her bra. She covered her tits with her hand as the cloth came away, then tentatively dropped the hand to the side so I could see.

They were truly miracles of nature. Full, beautiful tits with small, cute nipples. They were better than my fantasies. I wanted her even more now. I was about to get sucked off by her, but I wanted more than just a moment of her time and a brief thrill. I wanted her hooked on me. I wanted her devoted to me. I didn’t just want to receive a gift from her, I wanted to dominate her—inside and out and in several more directions. Seeing those lovely tits, I knew that I was doing the right thing. If I was patient, I could break her down.

She slipped off her panties and I saw that she was unshaven. That wasn’t my preference, but that wasn’t the point of this specific encounter.

“Alright,” Niki said meekly. “Let’s do this.” She walked closer to me, knelt down, and took a deep breath. She was still not looking at her face. I wondered if she was doing her best to imagine Ryan Gosling or something. It didn’t matter. This was just the beginning.

Niki unbuckled my belt, gently unzipped by pants, and scooted both jeans and underwear down to my ankles. She found my very erect.

She hesitated then just once more. I could see the “what am I doing?” cross her face. Then, it was replaced by a visible thought of “I’ve come this far”. She opened her mouth and went to work.

I had been blown before and I had always found that most girls seemed grossed out by the idea. They use their hands a lot and take only a fraction of the length of my dick. I found that Niki was very similar to this. She put both her hands on my cock, like she was holding a baseball bat, then placed her lips around the tip. She bobbed back and forth like that, her lips “popping” off the tip of my cock while her hands jerked me. Her eyes were closed very tight.

I enjoyed myself of course, but not because of her performance. I enjoyed myself because I had her naked on her knees in front of me. I enjoyed myself because twenty-four hours ago, I had never spoken to her, but now she was servicing my cock. Two orgasms and less than a day had gotten her here. She was far from the cock-guzzling whore she was in my fantasies, but I had time. And those tits were worth the wait. I’m sure that I could make the rest of her worth the wait too.

It wasn’t the glorified handjob that got me off. It was the rush of power I felt, knowing that I had an ability that was able to bring a girl I had fantasized over for months to her knees. It was the promise of what was next for her and any other girls I wanted. And yes, it was the very of those perky, full tits.

I came.

She locked her lips onto the tip of my dick, then pumped with one hand. I filled her mouth, but admittedly I had jerked off more than once the previous day. I wasn’t giving her a lot. Once I was done, she went to the bathroom and I heard her spit. Then I heard the sink running and her spit again. That would be another thing we’d work on in the future.

I was tired, as I normally was after getting off, but the post-nut clarity was setting in too. I realized that Niki was probably about to initiate another “bargaining” phase. She had done this in order to get back to the bargaining table and maybe get a third orgasm. I could use that third one to push her more where I wanted her to go.

I pulled up my underwear and jeans and rebuckled my belt. When she came back into the room, I was dressed and she was still naked. She went straight for her clothes, which she put back on as quickly as she could.

“So… um… are we even?” Niki asked.

“I think I’ve given you two and you’ve given me one, but… yes. Our deal from yesterday is resolved.”

“So… should we make a new deal?” Niki asked. “Or, even the same deal? We can do that again later, but this time I get an orgasm too?”

Here was the opportunity. And I seized it. “Nah, I don’t think so,” I said casually.

Niki’s eyes grew large. I saw both anger and confusion. “What?”

“Well… you’re very attractive, but you’re not… you know… very good at that,” I said. It was cruel, of course, but “nice” wasn’t the point.

“Excuse me?” Niki said, indignation rising.

“Well it was barely a blowjob,” I said. “It was a handjob with your lips as decoration.” I shrugged. “I don’t know if your boyfriends like that, but it’s not really my cup of tea.”

“Who the hell do you think you are?” Niki snapped. “I’ve barely known you a day and I’ve… I can’t believe I… and you don’t even…”

“I think I’m the person who can give mind-blowing orgasms,” I said. “I am the one who can do what no other guy out there can do. Can you say the same? Do you think I can’t get another girl with nice tits to suck me off? And do you think I’m going to waste my time with a mediocre blowjob? Look, our deal is done, but I am not really eager to make another if that’s what you bring to the table.”

“And what do you want? A deepthroat pornstar?” Niki demanded, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“Yes!” I exclaimed. “I want a girl to gag on me, swallow, and ask for more. I don’t want a girl to bitch about how much effort she has to put in. I don’t want the bare minimum. I can give the best orgasm in the world. In exchange, I want only the best.” I looked at her levelly and said, “You have the body, don’t get me wrong. But you are not the best.”

She was seething. I could see it. But I was confident that I had spoken the truth. She had gone half-ass at this and I was giving her something that no one else could.

“I realize you’re not happy about this,” I said, allowing more than a little condescension to slip into my voice, “but thank you for coming by to make good on your half of the deal. If you decide that you want to try again—maybe dressing up a little more, trying harder, showing a bit more enthusiasm—then you know where to find me. But I don’t think that you’re happy with that sort of arrangement, so I think we’re done here.”

I liked watching her anger. I liked watching the dozens of things she wanted to say to me pass by her lips, then be choked back down. I liked it because it meant that she wasn’t willing to burn the bridge. As much as I had offended her, she hadn’t quite decided to not try again yet, so she wasn’t telling me off.

“It was nice seeing you again,” I said with a pleasant smile. I cocked an eyebrow and said, “Unless you want to watch the movie with me?”

Niki looked at the screen, back at me, and shook her head. “No,” she said softly. “That’s… no.” She turned and let herself out of the apartment.

I sat on the couch, marveling again at my newfound power. It was enough of a power to get the big-titted blonde moved from my fantasies to my reality. It was enough that I could tell her that she wasn’t being slutty enough and she didn’t tell me off completely. It was an awesome power.

This time, I didn’t doubt myself by wondering if I had pushed too far and blown my shot. I was starting to realize that “best orgasm of your life” didn’t mean by a small margin. It meant by a huge margin that crippled anything that could hope to compare. And that meant that it didn’t take long until a girl was compromising in order to get her fix. I couldn’t talk her into it. I just had to wait until the memory of pleasure led the girl to talk herself into it.

I was confident Niki would be back. And I wasn’t wrong.

* * *

I had just finished Star Wars Episode VI and was debating whether to go back and watch Episode IV—which I had skipped to start Empire earlier today—or go to the prequels—which had more than a little nostalgia tied to them for me. There was a knock on the door.

I didn’t bother looking through the peephole. Before yesterday, no one ever knocked on my door. Now, there was only one person. I opened it.

Niki was wrapped up in an oversized coat. I opened the door and she opened the coat, showcasing her body in a beautiful composition of black lace. Her fantastic tits were held heroically by the fabric. Fishnets and garters led into the lacey panties. A lace choker and black high heels completed the look.

“If you like,” she said, her voice a breathy, tempting sound, “I would like to show you that I can be the best.”

I knew I would say yes, of course, but I was enjoying holding all the cards still. I looked down at her body, displayed for me, and made a show of “considering her offer”. Finally, I shrugged and said, “Ok. Come on in.”

If she was repelled by being dressed up as a slut, trying to earn back a right to mind-blowing orgasm, she didn’t show it. I was impressed by her composure, given how bitchy she had come across throughout the weekend. I wasn’t naïve enough to think that I had broken her yet, but at least she was finally willing to act the part.

I also admired how those tiny panties framed her ass as she walked past me, dropped the coat onto the ground, and took a very long time to saunter to the middle of the apartment. She then turned, faced me, and let my eyes devour her. It was a far cry from her insistence of “I am not a whore”. I applauded myself for holding out.

“What would you like, sir?” she battered her eyes as she spoke the last word. It was an obvious ploy, leaning into sexual stereotypes to boost one’s masculinity and appear submissive. It worked, of course, but it was still obvious.

“Knees,” I said. “Let’s give that mouth another try.” It was degrading, but as much as I watched for a response, I saw none in her face. Niki dropped down to her knees, smiled at me, then put her hands behind her back and opened her mouth in invitation. It was a true pornstar move and I suddenly became very aware that my pants felt very tight in the crotch area.

I unbuckled, unzipped, and dropped my jeans and underwear. I stepped out of them and crossed the room, fully erect, to my waiting conquest. I placed the tip of my cock on her lips. She looked up at me, knowing that I enjoyed the view.

“Sir, may I please suck it?” Niki said softly. I might have cum right there, all over that pretty face. Her tongue flicked out of her mouth, swirling around the head of my cock.

“Yes,” I said. “Get to work.” My horny power trip was making me flippant, but I didn’t care. I was having fun.

Niki clasped her hands tightly behind her back, opened wide, and descended onto my dick. She ran her lips down the shaft slowly, then reversed back to the head. She was getting used to the feel inside her mouth. As a pretty girl, I suspected she had never really give a full, deep, mind-blowing blow job. She would never have had to in order to keep a guy happy. I wanted her to learn.

She began to move faster and apply some suction. Her lips sealed down onto the skin of my cock and I could feel her tongue playing with me from within. As great as I thought the view was earlier today, it was nothing compared to the view I was getting right now. Dressed to impressed, hands behind her back, mouth full of my cock… Picasso could not have painted a better masterpiece.

I could tell that she was trying to work it further back into her mouth. With every bob down onto my dick, she got about halfway down, paused, and etched further. Then she pulled back and repeated. She was making progress, taking me just a little deeper each time. I stood very still, letting her work on it and enjoying myself. Too often in sex, I felt the need to rush to completion—especially during handjobs or blowjobs—as a kindness to the other party. Now, however, I was the one who called the shots. I was in no rush and I was happy to sit there for a long show.

Niki got about 80% of the way down my cock, then stopped gaining new ground. Each bob downward reached the same mark. I noticed for the first time that she was wearing lipstick. I could see it on my dick, marking her progress. 80% was pretty decent for her first time giving a true blowjob, but I wasn’t satisfied.

I began to rock forward with her as she bobbed down on me. Her eyes were large and filled with surprise. I heard a gag noise the first time and she looked like she was about to pull her mouth off my dick. Then her eyes locked on mine. She must have seen something in my face or reminded herself of why she was doing this. Her next bob was lesser—a sort of recovery moment—but her next pushed deeper. I continued to rock forward, pushing my dick further into her mouth. Her lipstick marks were soon pressing all the way against my crotch and my dick was completely buried inside her throat. For the first time, I truly felt like I had a pornstar at my disposal. That thought perhaps pushed me a little far.

My rocking forward became more aggressive. I reached down and placed a firm hand on the back of Niki’s head. I could see alarmed eyes, but she didn’t try to resist. Instead of her own head bobbing driving the blowjob, I took control. I set my own pace, driving deep into her face with each thrust. I was certain that this was far more degrading than any sex that a pretty blonde with big tits had ever had to give to keep a man happy. That meant this experience was mine alone. She was mine. My own little pornstar to play with. So much for “Not a whore”.

I didn’t last long. The power trip, the blowjob, and the beautiful view pushed me over. I became to cum, pumping still into her mouth. Niki’s hands began to wave as she took the cum, as if trying to stabilize herself. I kept going, riding my own orgasm as long as I could. I hear a gurgling and felt suction as she began rapidly swallowing. I kept going, giving her more to swallow.

Finally, after my own orgasm was finished, I pulled out of her face. Immediately, Niki took a deep breath and then started coughing. She took another breath, swallowed, and cleared her throat again. Her eyes were full, her mascara was running, and she looked shocked—even horrified—at what had just occurred.

I realized that I might have pushed too far. The post-nut clarity was setting in again. I had done what I wanted with her, but perhaps before she was ready for it. I needed to make sure that she associated this behavior with pleasure. There was one sure way of doing that. I focused on her and thought, ‘Cum’.

Niki began to shake as the orgasm rippled through her. “Oh yes, yes, YES!” she squealed as she realized what was happening to her. All appearance of discomfort disappeared in the extasy of pleasure. A huge grin filled her face and that perky body was bouncing in all the right places. She rode the pleasure for thirty seconds or so. I noticed that these orgasms were also much longer than the others I might have given girls, but then I wasn’t sure if that was just because of my own performance. How long did they normally last? I made a note to google later. Either way, she seemed to enjoy it now.

Niki finished, then sat breathing on the floor. Unlike after I had cum, this was a satisfied heaving. The ghosts of pleased smiles still rested on her face.

I looked down at the tip of my dick. I cleared my throat and then said, “Excuse me. There’s another drop for you.”

Niki snapped back to attention. She looked up in surprise, then down at my dick. It had softened some and a drop was dangling from the head. I could see the thoughts in her head. She had performed admirably and gotten her reward. Wasn’t their arrangement done? What else could she earn for doing any more? Except, of course, that now that this orgasm was done, there was next time to consider. I watched her hesitancy etch away, then she committed to action.

Niki crawled across the floor on her hands and knees. I had backed up a few feet to give her room while she orgasmed. She crossed that space now, then lifted up to bring her mouth back to my cock. She was just in time. It was about to drop. With a gentle suction, she nursed the last drops of cum out of my cock. Her tongue played around it as she sucked. She looked up in my eyes, knowing that she was giving me a wonderful view. Her lips curled into a smile without breaking suction. Then, she swallowed, winked, and let my cock fall out of her mouth.

I ran my hand down her cheek, gently. I smiled and said, “Good whores get rewards.” For the first time since I opened that door, I saw her gaze falter. She dropped down, looking at my dick instead of my face. For a moment, I could detect shame. She could not deny behaving like a whore now. But she had also gotten a wonderful reward for it. She gave my softening dick a long, lingering kiss, probably hoping that I would have missed her shameful look. Then she looked up at me again and said in a meek voice, “Yes sir.”

I stepped away from her, giving her a moment to compose herself, and went to my little shitty desk in the corner of my studio apartment. I took a notecard, wrote my number on it, and went back to her. She remained on her knees, but a sly, inviting look had replaced the one of shame on her face.

I handed her the notecard and said, “If you want to play the whore again, text me.” As welcome as the surprise slut at my door had been, I wanted a little more of a filtering process. Now that this has been successful, I was planning on expanding my recruitment. It would be nice to have a little more control of when they showed up.

“Thank you, sir,” Niki said, taking the paper.

I held firm on my end of the notecard. She looked up at me, wondering what more I had to say.

“I decide when you’ve earned an orgasm,” I said. “Me getting off doesn’t necessarily mean you will. If you come play the whore, bring your A-game. If you slack, you get nothing and I won’t be inviting you again. If you make me very, very glad that I let you in, I might consider giving you another reward.” For just a moment, I saw anger in those pretty eyes. Then it was gone, buried beneath the façade of submission. Good. She wasn’t talking back any more. I knew I had been correct in my instinct to get her off when she had been at her whore-iest.

“Good whores get good rewards,” I said. “So don’t text me if you’re not going to give me your best.” I smiled, again not preventing the condescension from creeping through. “Ok?”

Niki pursed her lips for just a moment, then smiled widely and beautifully. “Yes sir,” she said. I could feel her anger and repulsion underneath the slutty mask, but she kept her composure.

“Go on then,” I said with a flick of my head. She stood, picked up her coat, and started toward the door.

At the door, she paused, dropped her head, and took a deep breath. Then she turned, smiled at me with her most seductive expression, and said, “Thank you for this opportunity to serve you, sir.” Then she placed her coat over her lace-clad body and left my apartment. I locked the door behind her.

I collapsed onto the couch, laughing a little bit to myself. Less than two days had moved Niki from masturbation fantasy who I had never spoken with to a slut who thanked me for face-fucking her. She didn’t enjoy it, but that wasn’t the point. I could get her off in a way that nobody else could. This was all about how she was going to return the favor.

I had two objectives now.

First I wanted to take Niki as far as I could take her. I wanted to make her my perfect whore. I wanted to mold her so that when she fucked me, she forsook all dignity, self-respect, and thoughts of her own pleasure or sanity.

Second, I wanted to find more girls and do the same.

* * *

I called in sick the next day to work. It was hard to imagine going back to a boring office job when there was so much depravity in my mind. Besides, they knew I went to my uncle’s funeral the prior Saturday, so what could they say about me not feeling up to work on Monday?

Further, my mind was starting to put together some ideas for how I might make some profit from my newfound ability. I did a series of google searches on obituaries over the last year. Eventually, I found a few “wealthy business owner dies too young” stories. I wanted rich cougars and by lunch I had a list of five.

I did a little internet stalking, then I started making housecalls. The first woman looked too old (I didn’t want to give her a heart attack, for Pete’s sake), but the second woman who answered her door on a very large home was perfect. She was the prototypical cougar, right down to a leopard-print dress.

As soon as she said “Hello”, I hit her with her first orgasm. That got me into the house, where we talked for a little while. I offered to do it again (I wanted to really drive home the desire and the easiest way to do that seemed to be doing it again for free), which she accepted. I then proposed a business plan, wherein we could make a normal appointment for me to “service her”, in exchange for monetary compensation. We negotiated a figure of $2,000 per visit. Before leaving, she asked if she could fulfill her first appointment immediately. I agreed, she hurried upstairs and returned a moment later with an envelope of bills—more cash than I had ever seen in one place before—and then I gave her a third orgasm. I got out before she could start begging for a fourth.

Widow three and four went similarly. Giving a few orgasms upfront seemed to grease the wheel of negotiating. With all three I had visited, we set a price and a regular time for weekly meetings. I was able to get all three within two hours of each other on one day of the week, which meant that I would just need to drive around once a week to visit widows and collect cash.

I did the math quickly. A $2K per pop, three widows per week, and fifty-two weeks of the year, I was making a little over $300k per year for two hours of work a week. I elected not to visit the last widow. Widows #2 and #4 had each paid for a third orgasm before I left, so I had $4K in my pocket—more than any cash I had ever had in my life.

I couldn’t wait to quit my job, so I drove there and made up some shit about a life re-evaluation. I was told how unprofessional it was to quit without two weeks notice, but I didn’t care. The figure “$300k” kept floating through my mind. I drove home, riding higher than I have ever felt in my whole life.

I now had all the time in the world and more money that I had hoped to make in the next two decades. The only thing left was to fill my life with carnal delights of the most depraved kind.

* * *

At around 5PM, I got a text from an unknown number. The text was “Sir, may I serve you tonight?” A picture came along with it. Niki was on her knees in red lingerie. The net bra hugged and displayed her tits in equal measure. The panties had garters linking them to the red fishnets, which curled under her legs in the kneeling position. Her makeup was heavy and her lipstick was the perfect shade to match her outfit. Her mouth was open and inviting. I thought for a moment that surely she didn’t have both black fishnets and red fishnets at the same time. Had she bought them today? Was she buying things to make me happy? I decided I didn’t really care, because I liked the view.

I had thought about spending the evening recruiting other whores as they came into the apartment building, but this looked like a better plan. I ordered a pizza for dinner, then sent Niki a text: “I’m home now. Come on over.”

The knock on my door was almost instantaneous. I envisioned her, standing at the door in her whore outfit, waiting for a text to tell her to come fuck. I liked that idea.

I opened the door. As before, Niki had covered herself with a coat. Even so, I could see the fishnets and red high heels. It was pretty clear that she was coming over to fuck.

“Come on in,” I said. She sauntered past, dropping the coat as she entered. I gave her ass an appreciative smack as she did so, then closed the door.

“I just ordered a pizza,” I said. “I plan on getting off once before it gets here. Then we can go another round after I eat.”

“Whatever you like, sir,” she purred. Her chin was pointed down at the ground, but her mischievous eyes were looking up at me.

“Are you my good little whore tonight?” I asked. I stepped closer, feeling her curves with my hands. Again, I took a firm grip of her ass and then delivered a smack.

“Yes, sir,” Niki said. “I am your whore for the whole evening.” If she was still repulsed, she wasn’t showing it. I suspected she had made some decision to lean into the whore role in hopes of getting an orgasm. I also suspected that being about twenty-four hours after her last orgasm wasn’t hurting this decision. I wondered how many times until she was hooked. I wondered if she craved it. More than anything, I wondered what I could do to her.

“And what does that mean, exactly?” I asked, again smacking her ass. I ran a hand along the front of her, playing with her pussy through the panties. Then, I moved the hand up to grip one of her fantastic tits. “What does it mean to be my whore?”

“It means I’m your’s,” Niki said. “Your… your plaything.” I liked that and she could tell. “I’m your toy. It means you can do whatever you want with me.”

“Whatever I want?” I said. I put my hands on her waist and moved her. She followed my guide so that she was turned around. I pressed myself against her from behind. I was sure that she could feel my hard dick against her ass. I filled my hands with her tits.

She giggled and purred, “Yesss. Whatever you want.”

I gave both tits an appreciative squeeze, then I slapped one. Hard. I heard her gasp in surprise. “Whatever I want?” I said again. I slapped the tit again.

“Yes, whatever you want,” Niki said. Her voice was less seductive now and more desperate.

“No limits?” I said. I slapped her tit again, even as I moved my other hand up to her neck. I wrapped it around her throat.

“No limits,” Niki said. “I’m your… your… your fucktoy!” I liked that. I pinched her tit for a moment, feeling her squirm in my arms. Then I let it go and unbuckled myself. With one hand still on her throat, I removed my pants. Then my bare, hot dick was against her ass.

“Yesss, sir,” Niki said. “How may I serve you tonight?”

If there was any hesitation beneath that façade of sluttiness, I couldn’t find it. I decided to believe, if only for the purposes of enjoyment, that she really was this sort of slut. It was more fun that way.

“You’re going to ride me, bitch,” I told her. I pushed her towards the bed, letting go of her throat as I did. She sat down on the bed, looking up at me with invitation.

“Yes sir,” Niki said with a deep smile. “Lay down. I’ll make you comfortable.”

I sat on the bed as Niki slipped out of her panties. Then, she climbed on top of me, descended down on my cock, and began to ride. I could tell immediately that this was something she was more accustomed to doing than deepthroating. We would practice on the latter, of course, but I wanted to try all of her out first.

She bounced on me, driving my cock inside her with every thrust.

“Yes sir, I am your toy. Your fuckdoll. Your whore. Your slut. Your private pornstar.” She could tell that I liked hearing her talk and I did. It was the power trip that I was quickly growing to love.

“Slap me sir,” she said. “Slap me while I fuck you.” She might have meant her tits, like I had slapped before. But the invitation unleashed something. I slapped her face, perhaps a little harder than I intended. Her face went to the side, but her rhythm on my dick never faltered. Her face rebounded, looking again down on me. “Yes! Slap me like a bad bitch. Slap me like a filthy whore.” I slapped her tits, her face, and her tits again. All the while, she chanted filth down at me and rode me hard.

I wanted to last longer, but I was only human.

“Get me off all over those fucking tits,” I commanded as I felt my orgasm approaching. She immediately pulled off my dick, positioned her chest over my cock, and began to jerk my dick hard.

“Yes, cover me, sir!” she begged. “Cover me like a filthy whore. Mark me as your property. Claim me, sir.”

She was quickly finding the right buttons to push. I accommodated her request and I felt my cock spewing cum before I even realized what was happening. While much of it ricocheted off her chest and landed on me, I plastered her chest with cum while she grinned and screamed, “Yes thank you, sir! Yes thank you!”

Once I was finished cumming, Niki bent down and found every drop of cum that had ricocheted off her. She sucked it off my belly while staring me in the eye and swallowed. To round it all out, she sucked on my softening dick without being told to, swallowing the last drops. The only cum that was left was what she was wearing.

“Well that was fun,” I observed mildly.

“I’m glad, sir,” Niki said, a big smile on her face.

I realized that this time around was probably easier for her than last time. Last time, I had face fucked her for probably her first time. This time, she just had to ride me and jerk me off. Still, I enjoyed it just as well.

After a few minutes, there was a knock on my door. “Pizza!”

“Go get that, would you?” I said.

Niki’s head snapped back around and I caught the surprise on her face. She quickly recovered, trying to look seductive again instead of horrified.

“I… of course, sir,” she said. “What… whatever you want.” I found my pants, fished a twenty out of it, and handed it to her.

Dressed in the red lingerie, missing her panties, and covered in my cum, she went to the door. She opened it. I could hear a brief conversation, with a surprised male voice and Niki’s voice low and embarrassed. The pizza guy was a little too enthusiastic when saying, “Thank you for the tip” and Niki walked back into the room holding a pizza. She was almost as red as her lingerie.

I walked close to her, cupping her ass in a hand. “Your my whore for the evening, aren’t you?”

“Y… Yes sir,” Niki nodded. She smiled at me, trying to overcome the red face.

“Why don’t you get cleaned up. I’m going to start on dinner,” I said. “Did you want some?”

“No, thank you sir,” Niki said. “I had a… um… light dinner earlier.” She started to slip away, but I put a hand on her to stop her.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I had a salad,” Niki said, “before sending you the text. I thought that anything else might… you know… bloat me. And… I wanted to look good.”

I smiled. She thought ahead. New lingerie, dinner, makeup, and forfeiting of self-respect. Good. These were the things that I wanted her to do. I wanted her desperate still when we went for round two, but I wanted her to know that I liked this.

“Niki, you are a very good whore so far tonight,” I said. I rubbed her bare pussy a little, finding it wet. “If round two is as fun as round one, I’ll reward you tonight.” Niki’s eyes flashed with hunger. I gave her ass a pat and said, “Now go get cleaned up.”

I ate half the pizza and drank a beer. Niki did a little dance for me while I ate, then we went back to my bed. I left the music running while we went at it.

I took longer to get off this time, so we made the most of it. I started out on top of her, my hands full of her tits while I drilled her pussy. I turned her around and fucked her doggy-style, pulling on her hair and spanking her ass. Eventually, I collapsed onto the couch and commanded her to “get me off with those sweet tits”. She wrapped her tits around my dick and bounced. I had never had a tit job before and Niki probably hadn’t given one, but we figured it out. The secret seemed to be that she do all the work. When I came, it was less in volume as before, but did a respectable job covering her face and her chest. Then, with a very long, intentional finger, she delivered each drop of cum to her mouth and licked it off. Finally, she knelt back down and sucked any last drop out.

Satisfied at last, I sat back on the couch and looked down at my whore on her knees in front of me. Without telling her, I focused on her and commanded her to cum in my mind. She did, thrashing about and moaning as the orgasm filled her. Once finished, she sat back on her heels, heaving deep breaths.

“You’ve been a good whore tonight,” I informed her. “You can go now.”

She nodded, stood quickly, and hurried toward the door. I watched her ass as she walked away. She bent down, picked up a coat, and then turned back to me.

“Thank you, sir, for allowing me to serve you tonight,” she said. It sounded a little bit more forced than the previous night, but I liked that she did it again. That let me know that she was still thinking about next time. Still trying to be “good”, so she could get another reward.

I smiled at her and nodded. She put the coat back on and left.

I helped myself to another piece of pizza.

* * *

I went out the next day to look for additional prospects for new “fucktoys”. Having big-tit, gorgeous Niki at my disposal make me picky. Pretty wasn’t enough. I wanted drop-dead stunning girls. I checked into a few coffee shops, restaurants, and stores. I looked at the customers and the workers both. Nobody was quite good enough for me.

Finally, on a whim, I went by a library that was near the local community college. I thought that maybe I could find the stereotypical librarian girl who turned sultry when you took off her glasses and undid her hair bun. Instead, I found a goddess.

On the third floor, away from most people, was a redhead. I could see her beautiful green eyes from across the floor. She was wearing a sweater, but couldn’t hide her figure. It was rare to find a natural redhead with naturally big tits. She was sitting at a table with a laptop and stack of books, very focused on her work.

I didn’t have a game plan, but I decided to have fun with it. I focused on her and commanded her in my mind: Cum. She took a sharp breath inward, then another, and let out a soft, “oh!” sound. She wiggled about at the table, moaning but trying to keep it quieter. As she tried to stay quiet, I did a quick look around. There was nobody in close earshot, but that didn’t matter to me. I wasn’t the one moaning and squirming in the library.

I walked away before she fully finished her orgasm, so she wouldn’t see me when she looked around to see if anyone heard her. I killed a few minutes in the back shelves, scrolling through my phone, and letting her catch her breath. Eventually, I wandered back towards her table.

The redhead was staring at her computer, but with nowhere near the name focus as before. Her mind seemed far away. I smiled, focused on her, and commanded her again. This time, I did see someone from the far shelves look up at her moans. As much as she tried to keep it quiet, she couldn’t. I smiled devilishly, then hid myself away again.

After I heard her quiet down, I waited for another few minutes. Then, I repeated the ritual. She was not even looking at the screen anymore. Her face was buried in her hands and I could tell that she was embarrassed. I started her again. Her hands immediately dropped from her face to grip onto the table. She breathed heavily, trying in vain to not moan. Her teeth sunk deep into her lip.

This time, I approached the table, even as she was still writhing. She saw me coming and her eyes grew wide in terror, even as she still rode her pleasure forward. I sat across from her, listened and watched her final moans, and smiled politely as I waited. Finally, she grew quiet.

“I’m so sorry,” she said quickly. “I’m trying to be quiet. I just… I don’t know what’s going on…”

“I do,” I said simply. “I’m doing this to you.”

She blinked.


“I am giving you those orgasms,” I said again. I gave the short version of the dead uncle, magic gift, mental commands explanation. True to prior experiences, she didn’t believe me.

“I don’t believe you,” she said.

I nodded, understandingly, then said, “Ok. Well I’m going to do it one more time. I’m going to count down from three, so you know it’s no accident.”



“Wait, now?”


“Hold on.”

“One.” I commanded her in my mind and she started again. Her eyes were wide, mixing the pleasure she was feeling with the horror and realization that I wasn’t lying. She tried not to moan. She tried not to gasp. She tried to maintain composure. She failed on all accounts. Meanwhile, her eyes were locked firmly on mine. I knew I had something of a satisfied smirk on my face, but I couldn’t help it. I was getting used to this power trip.

She finished and grew quiet. It was more orgasms than I had given anyone before. I did it to prove that I could and hopefully get a hook in her. I couldn’t count on finding her again at this library later, so I needed to make sure her first experience was enough to want—to need—more.

“Do you still doubt?” I asked.

The redhead shook her head slowly.

I smiled. “Look, I’m going to leave you alone now. You won’t have to worry about being tormented in the library by phantom orgasms.” Her eyes darted around to see if anyone else was listening. She had made quite the racket already, but the person who had heard her earlier had apparently fled the scene. “But I wanted to make a proposition to you. Now that you know I’m not full of shit.”

She looked at me quietly, waiting for me to speak.

“In case you haven’t guessed, I picked you here because you’re a stunner. Drop-dead gorgeous. And I want to see what you look like underneath that sweater.” I shrugged and added, “Probably more than just see it, but you get the point.”

She remained quiet, her eyes now wider with what looked like fear.

“I can give you those orgasms at will, but I won’t be giving anymore free ones,” I said casually. “If you want more and are willing to pay for them, I want you to text me. Do you have a pen for my number?” She nodded, grabbed a pen, and recorded my phone number on a piece of paper.

“What… um… what do you have in mind for payment?” she asked. “Do you just want to see or…”

“No, I want more than to just see,” I said with a gentle smile. “I know that what I give are the world’s best orgasms. In exchange, I want the world’s best sex. Not two people in a passionate embrace. Not even special occasion birthday sex. I want filthy, depraved, no-holes-barred, all-about-me sex.” Contrary to Niki when I propositioned her with this, I saw no repulsion or anger. I still saw the fear in her eyes, so I thought I should put her more at ease.

“Look,” I added, “I know that it’s a tall order. If that’s not something you’re comfortable with or not something you think you’re capable of doing, that’s fine. Don’t text me and I will just remember you as the beautiful girl in the library. But if you want more of what I can give, I don’t give it away cheaply.”

I knocked twice on the table, smiled again, and said, “Think about it. If you want more, text me.”

I walked away with more than a little of a swagger in my step.

* * *

Niki propositioned me again that evening with a preview picture. It would be the third night in a row I fucked her. This time, however, the picture she sent was kinkier. She wore a leather corset, black studded collar, and a ballgag in her mouth. She was looking needily at the camera with her arms behind her back. Very submissive. I looked at it and, while I appreciated the intent, I wasn’t a huge fan of leather. I thought about being nice and just commanding her over to fuck, but then I decided that I wanted the best. I sent a text back: “Keep the collar and ballgag. Change the outfit. I don’t like leather.”

I waited a few minutes, then I got another text. Same collar, same ballgag, same pose and same desperation in her eye. This time, however, a lacey black babydoll with open holes for her tits to pop through. That was better.

“Come on over,” I texted.

Her ballgag didn’t last long. Although I liked the implied submission, I preferred to use her mouth for other things. I found a crappy tie in my closet and tied her hands behind her back, then began we worked again at her gag reflex. Whether it be practice from last time or further removal of her self-respect, she was able to take my dick all the way now with very little leadup.

I was tempted to let her finish me off quick, but I wanted to enjoy this more. I grabbed her hair, pulled her mouth off my cock, and demanded, “What do you say?”

There was momentary alarm on her face, then she realized what I wanted and she began to beg. “Thank you sir! May I have more? Please let me suck it more. I neeeed it.”

I let go of her hair and she gobbled down my cock again. I let her work me up again, then pulled her hair again to remove her.

“Please sir!” she said after taking a gasp of air. “Please may I have more? I want it in my throat! I want to swallow every drop of your delicious cum. I want to be your good little cum dumpster. Please let me suck it.”

I relented and let her suck it. We did this a few more times until eventually I just wanted to get off. I let her suck me to completion, after which she swallowed greedily. I had to admit, she was a good little whore tonight.

I wasn’t in the mood for a round two this evening, so I gave Niki an orgasm and sent her on her way. I ate some dinner and thought. I was being generous with Niki, but I didn’t intend to be forever. I wanted her to get used to the reward. I wanted her to get really hooked on the orgasm. I wanted her to start to get comfortable in her routine.

For now, the fear of my initial threat to not reward her if she wasn’t slutty enough was keeping her very slutty. I thought she might have bought some additional lingerie, which I was perfectly content with. She was living up to the “no limits” promise of that first night. She was putting out hard and taking whatever I threw at her. But I knew that she would get comfortable. She would get complacent. And when she did, I had a plan for how to get her back to where I wanted her.

Until she did, however, I was perfectly fine reveling in her sluttiness.

* * *

The redhead texted me the next day. I wasn’t surprised. It turns out her name was Mikayla. She was not quite sold on the idea yet, but I was confident that she would come around.

After a brief exchange establishing her number and her identity, she texted, “So what types of things are you wanting to do? As payment?”

I loved that no matter how indignant or hesitant girls seemed to be at the beginning, they always talked themselves into fucking me. The memory of those orgasms must be incredibly powerful. It meant that all I had to do was wait. And with Niki throwing herself at me every night, I could afford to wait until Mikayla was willing to do exactly what I wanted.

“I don’t want just a checklist. I want a pornographic enthusiasm. I want deepthroats, dirty talk, lingerie, pornstar makeup, tit jobs, cumshots, cowgirl, doggystyle, and frankly any position that I want in the moment. And I want you to approach it with glee and convince me that you’re having the time of your life and can’t wait to do more.” I looked at it and realized I neglected to add the bondage and slapping that I had been enjoying with Niki. Still, this was a good start. I shrugged and pressed send. I thought another moment, then sent off another text: “It’s not about checking boxes. I want you to behave like a filthy whore for me. And if you completely satisfy me, I’ll give you a reward.”

When I had told this to Niki in the room, I could read her emotions pretty clearly. In text, I just had a void of silence while I waited for a reply. I told myself to be patient.

After a few minutes, I got a text back from Mikayla: “I don’t know. That’s pretty intense.”

I nodded, then responded: “Totally understand. I ask a lot, but I think I offer a lot too. Not all girls are up for it and that’s okay.” I didn’t want to talk her into it. I wanted her to talk herself into it. I also didn’t want to go through another lack-luster blowjob like Niki’s first. When she came around, I wanted her to be committed.

With that in mind, I sent another text: “I’ll be honest, I don’t want to mess with girls who aren’t willing to go all the way. I don’t enjoy myself and there’s no ‘second date’. If you don’t want to do it, then I don’t want you to do it either. It’s more fun when girls go don’t have reservations. Those are the ones that I end up having over a lot.”

Mikayla waited another few minutes, then responded, “Ok. I have to think about it.”

I smiled and replied, “Take your time. No rush.”

I wanted her to think about it. I wanted her to dwell on those orgasms. And I wanted her to decide well in advance that she was willing to go all the way in being a whore for me. In the meantime, I would play with the one I got.

I had Niki over again that night. There was another new outfit, with a tiny miniskirt, knee-high spiked heel boots, and a net bra that covered nothing. I fucked her on my bed, my hand on her neck, while she told me how worthless she was for anything other than being fucked by me. She jerked me off onto her face, then smiled widely up at me. I told her to get cleaned up. While she was in the bathroom, I thought of a new way to push her limits. I put on one of my favorite porn videos onto the TV, sat on the couch, and told her to suck on me. She gave one of the longest hesitations that I had ever seen her give, but she obeyed. She knelt down in front of me, took my dick in her mouth (it was soft now, having just gotten off on her face), and began to suck. After a few minutes of watching my favorite pornstar on the screen and having a real mouth on my cock, I grew hard again. Her mouth continued to work. I was enjoying myself, of course, but this was more about breaking down those borders within Niki. She had allowed herself to be my whore, but that assumed that my attention was entirely on her. Sure, she was doing filthy things, but at least she was getting credit for it. Here and now, would she allow herself to be nothing more than a stand-in for a pornstar on the screen? To be honest, I preferred fucking Niki in filthy ways than watch someone else get fucked while Niki blows me. But I wanted Niki to allow this. I wanted to push her closer to her breaking point.

Having just gotten off and gone straight into another blow job, it took a long time. Thankfully, the video was long. After a half hour, I came again. There wasn’t much, but Niki swallowed it without complaint. I could see her deep offense at this particular act, but she didn’t speak it. The thought of a reward was in her mind. I had never cum more than twice in a night and she had always gotten off soon after the second.

I went to the fridge, grabbed myself a beer, and opened it. I took a sip and then asked, “Do you want one?”

“No, thank you,” Niki said, her eyes growing a little wider. I could see her thinking through how to ask for her reward for the night. I sipped beer.

“Is… is there anything else I can do for you tonight? Sir?”

“Yeah, we’re going to be going again in a little while,” I informed her.

“What?” Niki said.

“Did you not hear me?” I asked.

“I… no… I heard you,” she said.

“Good,” I said. “You’re my whore for the night and I want a third round.”

“Aren’t you tired?” she asked.

“Yeah, but give me a half hour or so,” I said. “I’ll be ready to go again.”

Niki bit her lip. She no longer looked like the whore who had stripped at my door and taken my cock into her throat. She looked like the bitchy neighbor again, offended at not getting the world’s best orgasm for free. As much as I missed the whore, I was glad. I had a plan in my head. I just needed to find these sort of boundaries and push on them. I wanted to feel her push back against them.

Niki sat, still on her knees in the living room. There was no trace of seductive smile. There was no enthusiasm. She was even slouching in a way that I didn’t like. Good.

“In fact, how about you give me a back rub while I watch some TV?” I suggested. I pretended not to see her obvious discontent with the situation.

She obeyed, but quietly. There was no “yes sir”. She gave a decent backrub while I watched an episode of a sitcom. Then, I told her to dance for me while I put on some music. She did. She even transitioned into a lap dance, straddling me and rubbing me dick against her pussy. I buried my face in her tits and removed her sexy net bra so I could suck on her nipples. Once I was fully hard again, she removed my pants and mounted me. She rode me on the couch. This time, there was no dirty talk. I could still sense her discontent and lack of enthusiasm, even as she fucked me and did all the work. I focused on what I was going to do with this—how I was going to sculpt her further—and let the power trip fuel my pleasure. I came inside her, but I don’t know if I even had any drops left. Still, it was fun.

After she dismounted, I stood and got another beer. “You did everything I told you to tonight,” I observed. “Have a reward.” I commanded her to cum and she did. I drank my second beer, let her finish, and enjoyed the spectacle. In my mind, I thought, ‘Enjoy it. It’s your last for a while.’

After she was finished, Niki stood, got her clothes together, and said, “Thanks.” She was still not happy, despite having her reward. She left my apartment and went home—much later than previous nights.

I sipped my beer, watching my TV show, and smiled in anticipation.

* * *

The next day, as I was browsing for new apartments online—if I was making this much money, I could afford an upgrade—I got a text from Mikayla. It was actually perfect timing, given my plan for Niki. It read, “I don’t know if I will get it right the first time, but I’m willing to try to be your whore. If I don’t do it right, you can tell me how to do it better and I promise to learn.” I smiled. It was submissive in a practical manner. Also, as I had no one to fuck tonight, I was perfectly willing to show her how to be a good whore for me.

I texted back: “I can work with that. Give me 100% effort, follow my instructions, and I’ll reward you. Are you free tonight?” She was. We set a time and I gave her my address.

Niki always texted me shortly after 5PM, presumably after she got home from work. I had made the date with Mikayla for 6PM. I anticipated fooling around with Mikayla for an hour or two and then sending her on her way. She was earlier in the “molding” process and, admittedly, I didn’t have as much built up need as when I started fucking Niki. I planned on easing Mikayla in a little more.

Also, frankly, Mikayla hadn’t been a bitch to me. I was going to fuck her. I was going to do depraved things. But we could go slower and work up to slapping her tits, tying her up, or choking her as I fuck her. We’d get there, but she hadn’t welched on a deal and tried to make me feel like a pervert. I didn’t want to punish her in the same way.

I got a text from Niki, shortly after 5PM. She was dressed in a lovely dark green lace babydoll with a sly smile. It was sexy, but a little more respectable than some of her other outfits. I admired the picture, saved it to a slowly-growing folder on my phone, zoomed in on her tits, then sent my reply: “Not tonight.” I smiled, envisioning Niki in her apartment, dressed up to fuck, just waiting for the command to do so and being told no.

I made some quick dinner. In the midst, I got another text from Niki. It was another picture, with her babydoll pulled down so her tits were popping out of it. Her mouth was open wide and her eyes now had a sort of primal intensity. Again, I saved the picture and admired her for a moment. I replied: “No, I have another girl coming over to fuck tonight. She seems like a better time tonight.” Again, cruel, but I had all the cards and I wanted Niki to know that.

Niki responded with a series of texts and pictures:

“Deeper throat than mine?” A picture of her open mouth, painted lips and all.

“Bigger tits than mine?” Her tits were now completely free of her babydoll. Admittedly, they were nice.

“Wetter pussy?” A closeup of the lower portion of the babydoll.

A few more samples of her body came through. I could feel the desperation in her building. She had taken for granted that she would get fucked every night—and get that orgasm as reward. I was proving her wrong. It was time to let her know why.

I replied, “When she says whore for the night, she means it. She doesn’t lose steam in the third round.” There it was. The reprimand. She had followed orders, but had lost the enthusiasm. And I had seen it and wasn’t pleased. So I was letting a different bitch earn a reward tonight.

Her next text took a little longer to come through. I waited, as I had been getting good at recently. It read: “I’m sorry for not being a good enough whore for you last night. I promise to make it up to you. Let me show you how sorry a bad little bitch can be.”

I responded quickly. “Not tonight. I have plans. Leave me alone now.” Again, the power trip thrilled me. I had just shut down a girl that wanted to be my depraved fantasy because she hadn’t been depraved enough for me. And that was okay, because I had another gorgeous girl coming over to learn how to be the best depraved bitch possible for me.

Mikayla showed up just before six. She was wearing a sexy black dress that was too short for her long legs. I hadn’t known how nice her legs had been in the library. Up top, the dress hugged her impressive tits and a deep neckline showcased the cleavage.

I hoped that Niki was watching. I hoped that she was jealous.

I let Mikayla in and offered her some food.

“No, thank you,” Mikayla said. “I ate on the way over.” She looked at me nervously. “I… I never wear this. Do you… do you like it?”

“I do,” I said, hoping to put her at ease. I was going to get off. I didn’t need to be as aggressive as I had been when Niki showed up in her sexy lingerie.

“I have some other things on, too,” Mikayla said, “that I hope you’ll like.”

I walked to the couch, sat down, and said, “Show me.”

She slid the dress off. She had some sexy black lace lingerie. It wasn’t quite as degrading as the outfits that Niki had worn, but it was a good start.

“I like that too,” I said, leering openly at her.

Mikayla approached me on the couch. “Now tell me,” she said, her voice a low whisper. “How do I be the best whore for you?”

“You call me sir,” I said, again feeling the power trip inside me.

“Sir,” Mikayla said, sampling the word on her lips. “How do I be the best whore for you, sir?”

“Let’s try out your mouth,” I said.

She went to work on my dick with her mouth. She started with kisses, planted up my shaft. Soon, her tongue appeared, caressing my balls and licking all the way up to the tip of my cock. She planted kisses there. I could tell she was nervous to put it in her mouth. I also knew that I was approaching a “teaching moment”.

I reached down and put my thumb in her mouth. Her lips sealed onto it and her eyes looked up at me in alarm. Good. That’s what I wanted.

“You want to be my whore tonight, don’t you?” I said.

She nodded, keeping the finger in her mouth.

“And good whores get good rewards,” I said. She nodded again.

“This is how you earn those rewards,” I told her. I took my thumb out of her mouth, put my hand on the back of her head, and pushed. My cock slid into her mouth. The first drop made it halfway in before I felt the first resistance on my hand. I eased back, let her slide up to the top again, then pushed down again. This time I pushed against her instinctive resistance. She moved with me, taking it deeper into her mouth. It was a far cry from facially devastating Niki, but we would get there.

After bobbing for a few minutes, I learned forward and unclasped Mikayla’s bra. Her mouth popped off my cock for just a moment, then she shrugged off the lingerie and went back to work. She was developing a good rhythm. She wasn’t taking all of it yet, but I was having fun. Her tits were big, with larger nipples. I helped myself to handfuls of them while Mikayla sucked on me. I squeezed them appreciatively and she adjusted her position to allow a better angle.

After a little while, I felt myself getting close. “Keep that rhythm,” I ordered. “I’m going to cum. And you’re going to swallow.” Her head gave just a slightest nod as she bobbed, indicating she understood. She kept pace and soon I erupted into her mouth. I felt the suction of her mouth as she tried to take it all. She did a decent job. When she finally pulled her mouth off of my cock, she took a deep breath and swallowed again. She smiled up at me, a sort of frenzied accomplished look on her face.

“I did it!” she declared.

“Yes,” I nodded. “First blowjob?”

She nodded and I could see a touch of the nervousness reappear on her face.

“It was a good job,” I said. “Most guys will be pleased with that. For me, it’ll be the easiest blowjob you ever give. Next time, we’re going deeper. I might set a pace myself and you’ll have to take it. That was a good girlfriend blowjob. Next time, we’re doing a whore blowjob. Do you understand?”

She looked alarmed, but she nodded.

“You can go wash your mouth out if you want,” I said. “We’ll be doing a few more things before you get your reward.”

For round two, I fucked her pussy, which was nice. I started with her on her back, but I got tired and eventually told her to mount me. She rode decently and I filled my hands with her tits. After a little while, I got her back on her knees and we started on the tit job. She had plenty of tit to wrap around my dick, but it took her a moment to find a rhythm to bounce on. Once she got it, she got it, though. She worked my cock up and to finish I jerked myself off onto her face. She didn’t shy away from it.

I told her to wash up, which she did. Then I gave her an orgasm. Unlike the library, she wasn’t quiet. I hoped Niki heard it. I was glad to reinforce her behavior. She had been enthusiastic, if untrained. I wanted her to associate that enthusiasm with reward. Her moans indicated she had received that lesson.

After she was finished, Mikayla looked at me and said, “Did… did you have fun? With me?”

“I did,” I nodded. “I’d like to keep… uh… training you, if you want to keep learning.”

Mikayla bit her lip and nodded. “If making you happy gets me… happy… then I would like to learn how to make you very happy.”

I smiled. “Give me your sizes. I’m going to buy some things for you to wear that will make me happy. Next time, it will be a little harder and I’ll be a little more… dominative. But if you’re a good whore, you’ll get good rewards.”

Mikayla smiled widely and responded teasingly, “Yes sir.” Then, she dropped her eyes, bit her lip, and said, “How about tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow is good,” I smiled.

* * *

The next day was Friday. I went out to a few stores with Mikayla’s measurements and bought some outfits that I wanted her to wear. One of my widows texted me asking if we could schedule an additional appointment for that afternoon. She offered a “late-notice bonus” that would bring the total to $3k. As I didn’t have any other plans, I accommodated her and earned some extra pocket money.

A little after five, I got a single text from Niki and several pictures. Each featured a different skimpy lingerie set. The text read: “Which one do you like sir? Which one says, ‘Your slutty fucktoy wants to apologize with an open mouth’?”

Personally, I thought that the third picture she sent said that message the best, but that wasn’t the point. She was sorry and she was making amends, but that wasn’t enough yet. I wanted her desperate. I took a little bit of evil delight in responding: “Not tonight. Last night’s bitch is coming over again.”

Niki responded quickly, “Surely two mouths are better than one? Or four tits?” I admired her insistence and creativity, provoking my fantasies. But I was already too hard on the power trip of denying her. I simply didn’t respond to the text. Let her stew on that.

Mikayla came over at 6PM and greeted me in the doorway with a long, promising kiss. She pressed her body up against mine and her hand found her way down to my crotch, where it massaged my hard cock through my jeans. I let her in and closed the door behind her. Unless I was mistaken, I could hear a door close shortly after mine. I hoped that Niki saw the shapely redhead come into my apartment.

Mikayla looked great in the skimpy lingerie I had bought for her. I squeezed, appreciated, and gave her ass a few light smacks. Then, I put her on her knees. I was standing this time while Mikayla knelt and sucked. Apparently the reinforcement of last night’s behavior had helped. Mikayla was gobbling as much dick into her mouth as she could in an attempt to please. I started to rock forward, pushing more cock deeper into her face.

I remembered Niki’s first facefuck—the way I had grabbed her head and just gone to town on her throat. As much as I was enjoying teaching her a lesson, I did miss Niki’s throat. The image of her on her knees, attacking my dick with her face, popped into my head.

Instinctively, I reached down and gripped Mikayla’s head. I set aside “going easy” for a moment and started to set my own pace. Mikayla opened wide and took my cock as I shoved it deeper. With Mikayla’s head in my hands and the image of Niki in my mind, I didn’t last long. I filled her mouth with cum. As I came, I looked down and saw Mikayla’s eyes wide in surprise, but also with a sort of determination. I saw her tits, poking out of that skimpy outfit that she looked so good in. I thrust hard, pumping every drop I had into her face.

Finally, when I pulled out, Mikayla took just a moment to swallow, gasped for air, and cried out, “Thank you sir! May I have more?”

Just like that, her innocence was broken in my eyes. She wasn’t the girl to protect and ease into the life of a whore. She wasn’t a girl in a library anymore, but a whore on her knees. She was my toy. I liked that.

I didn’t wish Niki was there anymore. For round two, I fucked Mikayla doggystyle, pulling her hair and smacking her ass. She screamed, “Thank you! Thank you! More! Please fuck me more! I need it!” I nudged her dirty talk with a grunt of, “You need it, you filthy little whore?” Mikayla took the cue and said, “Yes! Fuck me like a whore! I’m a slut! Fuck my slutty pussy, please!” I put her on her back and she jerked me off onto her chest.

For round three—which Mikaela had no problem in accommodating—I simply sat on the couch watching TV while she laid next to me and sucked on me. It started with a teasing tongue and my balls in her mouth, but I got hard again over time and she picked up a pace until I came in her mouth. She swallowed, licked me clean, and looked up at me with a smile. “Would you like me to do it again, sir?”

“No, thanks,” I said. My dick was tired and I had had my fun for the evening. “Here.” I focused on her and mentally triggered her orgasm. She writhed on the couch, moaning loudly. I paused my TV show, because I couldn’t hear the dialogue.

Once finished, Mikayla asked, “Is there anything else I can do for you tonight, sir?”

“No, I’m good,” I said. “Actually! Can you bring me a beer?”

“Of course!” Mikayla said. She went to the fridge, got a beer, opened it, and brought it to me.

“Ok, now I’m good,” I said with a grin.

“Ok,” Mikaela smiled back. “Do you want to meet up again this weekend?”

“Maybe,” I shrugged. “Proposition me when I’ve have the chance to get horny again.”

Mikayla smiled. She gathered up the various lingerie things that I had bought for her (we had tried out one tonight, but I had boughten enough for three different outfits) and started toward the door.

“Hey Mikayla,” I called out. She turned, an eager-to-please look quickly appearing on her face. I told her, “You’ll be more likely to seduce me if you send me pictures with your proposition.”

I had never actually told a girl to send me nudes before. Niki had just done it. Mikayla had started more timidly and I wasn’t sure how she would take it. That’s why I had positioned it not as an order, but suggestion. If she was offended or detested the idea, she did not show it at all. She just grinned again and smiled at me, “Yes sir.” Then she left.

* * *

On Saturday morning, I heard a knock on the door. I looked through the peekhole and saw Niki in one of her trademark overcoats. I knew that she was wearing something sexy underneath. I checked my texts. She hadn’t messaged me. She was just hoping to seduce me in the moment. Good. She was getting desperate.

I didn’t answer the door, but kept watching in the peephole. She knocked again after a moment and then left. A few minutes later, I got a text. It was a video. Niki did a little dance in a skimpy red outfit. Then she leaned in, careful to show as much cleavage as possible, and said, “Your little whore wants to please you, sir. How do you want to fuck me? My tits? My mouth? My pussy? You haven’t tried my ass yet. It’s all yours. As much as you want. As filthy as you want. And I promise you, I’ll beg you for more.” She dropped to her knees and reiterated. “I will beg you for it.”

It was a good proposition. It was tempting. I didn’t respond.

An hour later, there was another knock on the door. I looked through the peephole. Niki was wearing the coat, but had spread it towards the door to display herself in the same skimpy red lingerie. She also opened her mouth wide in invitation. She knew that I was stonewalling her and was inviting me to use her. I appreciated the view, but held my ground and didn’t answer. After she left, I got another video.

This time, she was begging. “Please sir. Please fuck my dirty holes. Please take me in every filthy way you want. I want to be your whore. I want to be your plaything. I already am these things, I just want to be used by you. I’m not your whore for a night, I’m your whore for life. Let me show you. Let me apologize for not showing you every piece of slutty attention you deserve. I promise you, I will never hold anything back from you again. I promise you. You don’t even have to get me off. Just let me show you how good of a fucktoy I can be. Let me prove my value as your plaything. I will do anything. Anything at all. All I need is one chance and I can blow your mind and blow your load. Just give me one chance to prove it to you.”

It was very tempting. It was extremely tempting, in fact. The idea that she was offering so much and not even wanting an orgasm in exchange meant that she was truly desperate. She knew she had blown her chance for anything more and was willing to go all out just in hopes of re-establishing the smallest foot in the door. I forced myself not to respond.

After another hour, there was another knock on the door. I looked out. This time, she was wearing something different. It was the lace babydoll with holes for her beautiful tits. She had the black collar on her neck that I liked. Her mouth was wide open and her hands were behind her back. There was no coat, this time. She was fully on display, begging to be fucked, and easily visible by anyone in the hallway. I suspect that she knew I was watching her. She stayed standing there in the hall. Two minutes passed. Five. She stood on display. I heard a door down the hall and knew that someone had seen her. She only remained at attention. Ten minutes.

My phone buzzed. I looked down. Mikayla sent me three pictures. Poses in all three outfits I had bought her. She looked great. I flipped over to the pictures Niki had sent me. She looked great too. Perhaps better. Her tits were perkier and her depravity was deeper.

I looked through the peephole again. Niki was still standing there. I looked at the clock. It was a little after 1PM. A text from Mikayla came through: “Can I entertain you today, sir?”

I looked again through the peephole. Niki was still on display in open invitation.

I wondered for a moment if Mikayla would be as desperate to please as Niki if I stopped giving her a reward. Surely Niki wasn’t this much of a whore last week at this time. Maybe a day of waiting would push Mikayla a little further into the whore territory. After all, there was undoubtably a whore outside my door and she looked like fun.

I decided that if I spent too much time trying to sharpen my tools, I would forget to use them. I could afford to enjoy someone once in a while.

I opened the door. I could see Niki give a tiny, desperate gasp as she saw me.

“Sir,” Niki said softly, “I would like the opportunity to apologize for not appreciating you fully. And I would like to give that apology in the proper way for a whore.”

“Come on in,” I said, stepping aside. Niki stepped inside, turned, and knelt in my living room. I closed the door, locked it, and lifted a finger to Niki: ‘One second’.

I sent Mikayla a text: “You look fantastic, but another whore beat you to it today. How about tomorrow? 10AM or so?” I looked again at the pictures, then down at Niki’s perky tits, and I knew I had made the right decision. Today was going to be more fun.

Mikayla sent a text back: “I can be there at 10AM. Unless you want me to tuck you in tonight? ;)”

With a waiting whore on her knees in my living room, I took my time responding, “No, I think today is going to be rather exhausting. Tomorrow is good. Wear #3.”

I waited for her response: “Yes sir. ;)”. She really did like her winky faces.

I set my phone down on the counter, helped myself to a beer from my fridge, and then stepped into the living room. I looked down at Niki.

“Well?” I said.

“Sir, my conduct was unacceptable for a whore,” Niki said. “I failed to attend to your needs with the proper energy. I have no excuse. Only the promise that I will never again forget that my body belongs to you, as much as you desire, as filthy as you desire, whenever you desire, and as many times as you desire. I am your property and will never again forget it.”

“I know that,” I said. “I’m asking how you will apologize.” I lifted a finger in warning. “And don’t say whatever I want. Tell me the filthy things that we’re about to do to prove that you’re a sorry whore.” I took a drink of beer. Niki spent only a moment gathering her thoughts, then began.

“You’re going to keep me on my knees, but you’re going to back me up against a wall, pin my arms above my head, and drill your lovely, delicious, beautiful cock into the back of my slutty throat. You’re going to make me choke on it. And when you pull out so that you can slap my whore face or my big pornstar tits, I’m going to beg you for more.

“Then, you’re going to bend me over the arm of that couch. You’re going to tie my wrists together, lift them into the air, and press my face down into the cushions. You’re going to fuck my ass, because I’m a dirty girl who needs to be disgraced. You’re going to be rough. You’re going to be mean. And I’m going to beg you to fuck it harder.

“Then, you are going to sit down and I’m going to relax you. I’m going to wrap my big tits around your cock and caress your wonderful dick with them. I’m going to do all the work and tell you all the filthy things you love hearing. Sometimes, I’ll have to use my tongue to tease your head, but my mouth will perpetually be in service to you either way.

“After that, I’m going to climb on top of you and ride you. You’re going to want to slap my tits and suck on them, but you won’t have to choose. I have two of them. While me and my pussy do all of the work, you can suck on one and punish the other.”

“Don’t I get to cum at all?” I said with a tease. I unbuckled my belt and dropped it on the ground. “This sounds like a lot of action.”

“Oh sir,” Niki smiled with deep promise. “You’re cumming this whole time. You’re cumming in my throat. In my ass. On my chest. In my pussy. We stay in each position as long as you want. For as many orgasms as you want. You can keep cumming in my throat. I’ll be a good whore and stay perfectly still until you come back and decide you want some more. When you want the next, we’ll do the next. I’m at your disposal as long as you want.”

She licked her lips one more time, a look of genuine excitement on her face. If she was acting, this was her best acting yet. “Can I tell you the best part, sir?”

I unbuckled my pants and nodded at her.

“You’re recording me the whole time,” Niki said. “As you fuck my face. My ass. My tits. My pussy. And whatever else comes after that. You’re taking your phone and turning me into your own private pornstar. Or not private, if you want. You’re saving every filthy thing we do. So you can watch later. So you can show your other whores how to behave. So you can send it to your friends. Whatever you want with it. It’s your property.” She smiled up at me. “And I am your property as well.”

I knew I had made the right decision.

True to her word, we did everything. I put her up against a wall first, like she suggested, and fucked her throat with vigor. I found that the angle wasn’t great for recording, however. I moved her over to the couch, where I could put her head against the arm of the couch. The angle was better there. At one point, I handed off the camera to her. She kept an arm out to the side, recording herself being facefucked, so I could enjoy myself. I came hard, but she gobbled it up like a good whore.

I ordered a late lunch. She answered the door when it arrived, without needing prompting this time. I heard her tell the delivery guy, “Oh I’m glad you’re here. He wants to eat before we go again and I just can’t wait! Here! Keep the change!” She knew I liked to display her as my property and this time she wasn’t shying away from it.

After lunch, we started phase two. I had never fucked a girl in the ass and wasn’t sure how I felt about it. It was alright, but not as nice as her throat or pussy. I didn’t spend long there. I had her clean my dick off with her mouth, then we went to the tit-job. Her lingerie came off at this point. I admired her tits as she used them to jerk me. She told me about how much she had missed being my fucktoy over the last two days. How horny she had been. How thirsty she had been. How she ached to be used. I recorded it all, even as I came on her chest. Even as she delivered each drop of cum to her mouth and licked it off. Even as she bent down and licked the last drop off the tip of my cock.

I told her to wash her chest off (I was going to be sucking those tits soon), bring me a beer, and then get ready for round 3. She did. I spent a long time sucking on one tit and slapping the other, alternating. My cock quickly grew hard again and she mounted me. I never stopped alternating my attention on her chest. She purred in my ear, “Oh that’s lovely, sir. I love it when you use my body for your play. I’m your property. Slap it harder sir! Make me hurt! Yes, like that! Again, please!” After awhile, I simply sat back and let her ride while I recorded her on my phone. My camera spent a lot of time on her bouncing tits.

I came again, but there probably wasn’t much left. As I sat back, feeling the after-effects of my third consecutive orgasm in the afternoon, I thought about how good of a job I had done in sculpting this bitch. She was exactly the type of whore I wanted. Eager. Desperate to please. Depraved. No thought about herself. I needed to preserve this.

“Get me another beer,” I commanded.

“Yes sir,” she said and hurried to the fridge. She opened a beer and brought it back to me.

“I don’t want to let you off the hook,” I said. “This afternoon was too much fun. I want you just like this next time too.”

“I will be sir, I promise,” she started.

“Shut up, bitch,” I said and her mouth snapped close.

“You came here to apologize. And if you leave, having apologized, then we’re more or less even. I know you’ll try to be a good whore next time, but I like you like this. I like you desperate to please.”

Her eyes were wide. She was unsure of what was coming.

“So here’s what I’m going to do,” I said. “I’m going to put you in my debt. That way, next time, you’ll be eager to please again. Because you owe me one.”

I looked at her at commanded her in my mind to cum. Her eyes bulged. Her lips pursed. She tried not to make noise, because I had told her to shut up. Desperate, muted squeals could be heard from inside her highly-violated mouth. Her body quaked with the orgasm. As always, I enjoyed watching it.

When she was finished, I reached down and took her chin in my hand. Her eyes locked onto mine. I told her very calmly, “Now you owe me one. The next time you’re over here, you’re not trying to earn a new orgasm. You’re trying to earn the one that I just gave you. And if you’re not a perfect fucking whore, you have not earned it. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” Niki said softly. “Thank you sir. For forgiving me.”

“Thank me for fucking you,” I told her.

“Sir, thank you for fucking me. Thank you so much,” she said, the desperation back in her voice.

“And for disgracing you.”

“Thank you for disgracing me sir. I’m a worthless fucktoy. Thank you for treating me as such. Thank you sir.”

I took a sip of beer and, on a whim, let it fall from my lips down onto her face. She didn’t wipe it away. She let it sit on her face as she looked up at me, still eager to please.

I smiled, nodded, and said, “Alright. Go get cleaned up.”

Niki hurried to the bathroom. I looked at the clock and found that we had been fucking for about two hours. My dick was tired again, but I had absolutely no regrets. Not about locking her out for three days, not for driving her crazy with desire, and not for bringing her in today to fuck.

I sat on the couch, put on a TV show, and smiled. I was still not wearing pants. I glanced down at my phone and replayed some of the footage of Niki’s facefuck. It was beautiful, actually. Her holding the camera to record her own defilement, all the while taking a brutal deepthroat. The sheer submission was a work of art.

“Sir, is there anything else that I can do to serve you today?” Niki asked, presenting herself in the living room again.

“Yeah, why don’t you suck me off again,” I said.

“Yes sir,” Niki said quickly. She hurried to her knees in front of me. Her mouth absorbed my dick and I felt a pressure like a vacuum on it. I watched my show while she sucked. After one episode and one more swallow, I sent her back home.

After another hour, as I started to think about dinner, my phone buzzed. There was a link from Niki to a share album. The text read, “This is one more thank you for fucking me, sir.” The picture was filled with self-captured porn of Niki. Dozens of outfits, dozens of positions, all featuring one pretty face, one deep mouth, and two beautiful tits. As I appreciated them, another text came through: “Naturally, these are your property to share if you wanted.”

“My own little pornstar,” I muttered. “Not bad.”

* * *

There was a knock on my door at 10AM. I had actually forgotten that I had set a time with Mikayla. Still, a hot redhead outside my door wanting to get me off wasn’t something to say no to. I let Mikayla in and locked the door behind her. She was wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants.

“I have on your outfit underneath,” Mikayla explained quickly. “Would you like me to strip?”

I thought for a moment. Of course, I wanted her naked. But I didn’t want her coming into my apartment in anything but “fuck me” clothes. I had gone easy on her, but the depraved enjoyment on Niki the day before had made me a little tired of going easy on this bitch. If she wanted what I had to offer, I had the right to insist she play by my rules.

“Yes, you are going to strip,” I said. “But you will never again come in here wearing that.” Mikayla’s smile faltered as she realized I wasn’t happy. I continued. “If you must cover yourself, do so with a coat that can be removed very quickly. But I expect you to look and behave like a proper whore from the moment you arrive.”

“Yes sir,” Mikayla said. “I’m sorry if…”

“Why are you still wearing that?” I cut her off.

Mikaela quickly grew quiet and rushed to strip off the t-shirt and sweatpants. Once those were on the ground, she looked more like a proper whore.

“Kneel,” I told her.

Mikayla dropped to her knees, looking up at me with a mix of fear and willingness to please.

“How are you going to please me today?” I asked.

“However you want,” Mikayla said quickly. It was a boring answer and I didn’t try to hide my boredom.

I turned, walked to my phone on the counter, and picked it up.

“When I met you, I was punishing my main whore for not being enthusiastic enough,” I said. “I was denying her any orgasms and not allowing her to serve me. Yesterday, I released that punishment and she gave me the most filthy fucking that I have ever had. She is forgiven and gets her reward back.” I could see the fear take hold in Mikayla’s eyes. She was asking herself if she was going to be punished too. It was tempting, to be honest. Now that Niki was a shameless slut and right down the hall, Mikayla seemed a little boring. But more compelling to me was the idea that I should have multiple fucktoys. And they should all be enthusiastic.

I sent Niki a text: “I have a bitch in my apartment right now that I want to fuck better. Are you home and free to show her how it’s done?”

The text back was nearly instant. “Yes sir. I’m not dressed as a good whore should be. Would you like me immediately or after ten minutes prep?”

“Ten minutes,” I replied. Then I set my phone down.

“My other bitch is getting whored up, then she’s going to come here and show you how it’s done,” I told Mikayla, who was sitting obediently on her knees and looking properly chastened. I sat on the couch, put on a TV show, and waited.

She was faster than she said she would be. There was a knock on the door after only seven minutes.

I let Niki in. She was dressed in a fishnet body stocking. Her makeup wasn’t done as fully as normal, but I was willing to let that slide. She did not wear a coat as she crossed the hall to my apartment.

“Hello, sir,” Niki purred as I let her in.

“Hello bitch,” I said pleasantly.

“I’m here to teach another whore how to fuck?” Niki asked, eyeing the redhead on her knees.

“Yes,” I said. “She came in here wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants over her lingerie.” Niki gave a soft gasp of horror. “I want to show her the sort of reckless self-disrespect that pleases me.”

Niki smiled promisingly, ran her hands up my chest, and leaned in to kiss my chest. “Can I still swallow whatever reward you give me?” Her eyes flashed in inspiration. “Or would you prefer to watch me spit it over her face? To show her how a good little slut should look?”

I smiled at the thought, making a mental note that I definitely wanted that. My hands landed naturally on her ass. I could feel the fishnet under my fingers, hugging tightly to her skin.

“We’ll see what I’m feeling when we get there,” I said mildly.

“Please, sir,” Niki said, planting another kiss on my neck. “Won’t you slap that ass? I want to feel your control.” I obliged, spanking her ass with my palm and hearing the satisfying echo. “Yes sir! Remind me I’m your fuckdoll.” I spanked her again. “My tits, too. Please sir, hurt me.” I slapped her tit, hard. They both bounced around in the fishnet sock before returning to their position. “Yesssss. I’m a bad little bitch, just like you like.”

“Knees, bitch,” I said. My voice lacked the sharpness when I had said something similar to Mikayla. It was now filled with anticipation.

Niki dropped obediently and looked up at me with a sultry smile. She unbuckled my belt, removed my pants, and took my cock in one hand. She looked up at me, a neediness in her eyes. She began to smack herself in the face with my dick, across one cheek then across the other.

“Sir, may I please gag on your lovely cock. I want to be so full of you that I can’t breathe. Let me earn every gasp of air by swallowing every inch of you. Please, punish me with your dick. Pleeease.”

“Suck,” I ordered.

Niki devoured. There was no halfway for the first bob, like when we had started. She opened wide, abandoned pretense, and shoved all of it deeply into her mouth. Her lips pressed against my belly, she waited for a half a second, then she began to set a pace. Her neck heroically slammed her face back and forth on my cock, impaling her mouth with every thrust. I was tempted to take her head in my hands and set my own pace, but I genuinely didn’t think I could fuck her face any harder than she was already doing.

“Tits,” I ordered.

Niki’s mouth detached and immediately I felt her warm, soft tits envelope my cock. She began to bounce and hurl more filth up at me and down at herself. “I want to be your fucktoy forever. Your dirty fuckdoll. Use my body over and over and over again. Degrade me. Ruin me.” Her form was perfect. It might as well be a hand jerking me off, but it wasn’t. It was her slutty little chest.

I spit down on her. It landed on her face and she smiled. “Thank you sir, for degrading me.” No hesitation. No self-respect. I came.

My cum spirted upward, hitting her face with the first and then covering her chest with the next wave. She continued on her pace, never slowing. “Yes! Claim me!” she cried out. “Mark me as your personal whore. That’s all I want in the world!”

Eventually, I was finished. I sat down on my couch, letting out a contented sigh.

“Come here, bitch,” Niki said. I looked up, surprised, but Niki wasn’t talking to me. She was still kneeling, but her finger was pointed sharply at Mikayla. “Get your worthless ass over here right now.”

Mikayla looked at me for just a moment, the hurriedly scooted across the floor toward Niki. Niki took her hair in her hand, then pushed her face down into her chest.

“Suck it off my tits, whore,” Niki demanded, the redhead pressed against her. “Your master has left you a treat all over me. I want you to swallow every fucking drop, bitch. Don’t you dare waste any of it.”

She might have been a little more forceful than I liked a girl being—even directed at another whore—but I liked the view. Mikayla quickly opened her mouth and I watched her tongue explore Niki’s chest. Niki moved her around like a vacuum cleaner, finding every drop of cum and pushing her lips against it until Mikayla swallowed it.

“Now suck on these tits,” Niki ordered, looking up at me with a mischievous grin. “Suck on my tits while he watches.” Mikayla filled her mouth with Niki’s tits, sucking on them one at a time. Niki let a look of pleasure fill her face, knowing that I was enjoying the view.

“Is this what you wanted to show this whore, sir?” Niki asked, keeping her hand full of Mikayla’s hair. “Or should I be filthier for you? You could fuck her ass while I suck on your balls. You could tie us back to back on our knees and take turns fucking our mouths. One of us could ride you while you watch us play with each other.” She tugged on Mikayla’s hair. The redhead obediently followed Niki’s guide upward. Niki initiated an impassioned kiss. While they traded tongues, Niki filled one hand with Mikayla’s tit and the other with her ass.

Niki finally let the kiss break. She crawled, hands and knees, over to me. Her tits dangled fabulously, swaying with her slow crawl.

“You have two bitches, now, my master,” Niki observed mildly. “Two begging to fulfill your filthy, dirty fantasies.” Niki raised an eyebrow, looked over her shoulder at Mikayla, who still knelt in the middle of the living room, and added, “Although, maybe one needs taught how to beg.”

Mikayla realized her lack of proactive submission and quickly hurried over, but by then it was too late.

“Mikayla, are you willing to learn how to beg?” I asked. “Or would you like to go home?”

“I want to learn,” Mikayla said quickly.

I stood, reached down, and took hold of Mikayla’s hair. I pulled her back to the couch and bent her over the arm. I found the old tie that I had used to bind Niki last week and tied Mikayla’s hands behind her back. Then, I went to my pants on the floor and removed my belt from them. I handed it to Niki, who smiled up at me wickedly.

“We are going to teach you how to beg,” I informed Mikayla.

“Yes sir,” Mikayla said quietly.

I sat on the couch, positioned myself beneath Mikayla’s head, and filled my hand with her hair. Holding her head above my cock, I told her, “Beg for it.”

“Please, sir! Please let me suck it!”

Niki folded the belt in half, then delivered a firm spank with it across her ass.

“Please!” Mikayla said, pushing through her pain. “Please, I want it in my mouth! I want it so bad!”


“Please! I can be your whore. I want to be your whore. Please use me as your…” smack! “whore. Please!”

Smack! Smack!

“Not just a whore,” Niki said. “A filthy, fucking whore. A worthless fuckdoll.” Smack!

“I can be worthless!” Mikayla cried out. “Let me prove it! Let me suck it!”

Smack! Smack!

“Can be? You are!” Smack!

“I’m your worthless whore!” Mikayla cried out. Smack! “Let me suck your dick! Please let me suck it!”

Smack! Smack!

“Not just suck it,” Niki said. “Anyone can suck a dick.” Smack! “What does a whore do?”

“Please! Let me…” Smack! “Let me… let me choke on it! Please, shove it down my throat!”

“Good!” Niki said, but gave another smack nonetheless.

Mikayla began picking up speed. “I’m your dirty, filthy slut! I want to gag on your cock! Use my mouth for your pleasure! Let me please you!”

“Good!” Smack.

I let her go a little longer. I liked hearing Niki refine Mikayla’s begging. It made me realize just how well Niki had gotten to know my kinks. It wasn’t just submission that got me hard. It was enthusiastic, desperate submission. Begging to be subservient. Niki continued to spank. Mikayla continued to beg. I continued to hold her hair still, so her head was just above my cock. I watched her eyes fixate on it. I began to believe that she really wanted it in her throat.

“Please! Fuck my filthy whore mouth. Jerk off with lips! I need to be used!” Niki smacked her ass again. This was the whore that I wanted. This was the filthy mindset I needed to preserve in her.

“Do you really want it?” I demanded.

“Yesss! I need it! I need it so bad!”

“Take it,” I demanded. Then I plunged her head downward. Her mouth filled with my cock. I quickly set a pace with her head. Her hands were still tied behind her back and her ass was still taking Niki’s punishment, but she did a brilliant job of opening wide and taking it deep. There was no hesitation and she curled her body with each thrust to push deeper.

I went for a little while, then pulled her head back off my cock. I didn’t have to tell her to beg more. She just did it.

“More please, sir! I can still breathe and I want to only be choking on your cock!”

I obliged her, filling her mouth again. We went through a few cycles, me fucking her face, then pulling her off so she could beg, then fucking her face again. All the while, Niki in that sexy fishnet body stocking continued to use my belt on her ass. This was how you trained a whore.

I pulled her face up and demanded, “Are you a good girl?”

“No! I’m a bad bitch!” Mikayla exclaimed. She took a deep, desperate breath, then added, “Please punish me like a bad bitch.”

I pushed down again, shoving my cock deep.

I was getting close. The power trip, the two girls, the throat fucking, and the knowledge that this was all about my depraved pleasure was pushing me hard towards my second orgasm. But I had a plan. I knew that Mikayla would never forget this, but I had one more idea for how to make sure she would remember it fondly. I pulled her up off my cock.

“Please sir! I want to swallow everything! Give your bitch a treat, please!”

I looked at her and thought, ‘Cum’. I felt the familiar whooshing and her begs disappeared into a squealing of pleasure.

“Open,” I ordered. I didn’t want her to bite me. Mikayla’s mouth opened wide, despite her hooting and moaning. I pushed her head down again, filling her throat with the tip of my cock. I thrust hard, gripping her hair firmly to maximize speed, and hurried myself to completion. While she was still cumming, I came. I felt her trying to moan, suck, swallow, and gasp all at once. I continued to fuck her face down onto my dick. I heard the continued smack of my belt on her ass.

My second orgasm was shorter than my first and the ones that I induced in women seemed to last longer. We finished right around the same time. I pulled her mouth off my cock. Mikayla took several needy, loud gasps for air. I pushed her back off the arm of the couch, letting her fall to the floor. I pointed at Niki, then down at my cock. Niki hurried over, kneeling and sucking. A lot of spit was left over from Mikayla’s mouth. Niki licked it clean and then continued to gently suck on my dick, nursing the last drops out.

I stroked her cheek and whispered, “Good whore.” Niki smiled up at me, reveling in the compliment. I didn’t know if any part of her was repulsed anymore, but I didn’t care. She had forsaken self respect and that made her much more fun.

I stood, looking down at Mikayla on the floor. She had mostly caught her breath.

“That’s how you be a whore,” I informed her.

“Thank you sir. Thank you. Ohhhh thank you,” Mikayla moaned.

I stood over her, admiring her tits. “So next time, you’re going to come in here ready to fuck.”

“Yes sir,” Mikayla nodded. She sat up, ready to serve again.

“And you’re going to bring your own ideas of filthy ways to get me off,” I said.

“Yes sir, I will.”

“Anything else?”

“I’m going beg you for more,” she said instantly. “Like a good whore should.”

“Good,” I smiled. “You may go.”

Mikayla quickly gathered her things and stepped into the hall, still wearing the skimpy lingerie. I supposed she put on the shirt once outside, but I really didn’t care. I sat on the couch and gestured for Niki to come close.

“You, on the other hand, I am not done with,” I informed her.

Niki smiled and teased, “Should I be begging right now, too? I have a few new ideas, myself.”

“My cock has had a wild ride for a few days now,” I said. “You’re going to give me a nice, long, handjob. If you must lick it periodically, then fine. But I am going to watch TV and stare at your tits, while you entertain me.”

“Yes sir,” Niki said. She climbed on the couch next to me, took hold of my cock, and began to gently stroke. It was soft and remained so for a little while as I found the right TV show. Then, I watched the episode, glancing periodically at her perfect tits held by the fishnet body stocking. After a while, I got hard. A little while after that, I came. She licked it all up, received an orgasm for her service today, and then went home.

It wasn’t even 1PM.

* * *

Throughout the week, I spent most of the days playing video games, watching TV, or wandering around town. I acquired a few more widows for my weekly pay day. The others were continuously begging for additional sessions, so if I was bored I could just take up one of them and earn a few extra bucks.

It didn’t take long before I started to be thinking about a new place to live. My tiny studio apartment wasn’t going to cut it soon. Of course, with that came the thought that moving would put me farther from Niki. I could have her come visit me—and she certainly would—but I liked the idea of having her just down the hall.

I decided to up my prices with the widows. In practice, I told them that I wasn’t sure how I felt about what I was doing and I might have to stop soon. The panic induced in them naturally led to desperate pleas for me not to stop. They were suitably hooked. Just as I had molded Niki into my perfect fucking toy, I was molding these ladies into sugar mommas. They upped their offer to keep going and it wasn’t long before I was taking home $10K per visit. Combined with my extra widows, I was rapidly approaching home-buying territory.

Meanwhile, in the evenings, I spent most evenings with either Niki or Mikaela entertaining me. I wanted to pick up an extra girl, but it took a lot of training to get Mikaela where she was and I didn’t want to take subpar fucking again. Both sluts were regularly blowing my mind and literally begging to do it again.

One evening, after fucking a tied-up Niki doggystyle while pulling on a chain attached to a collar on her neck, I sat down on my couch to relax. Niki sidled up next to me, pressing those fantastic tits against my chest and saying softly, “I… I have an idea, sir.”

“What’s that?” I said, my post-nut relaxation filling my head.

“I have some sorority friends getting together at my place on Friday,” Niki said. “I… I was wondering if you wanted to… um… come over.”

I turned, raising an eyebrow. “What, like a boyfriend introduction?”

“No, no,” Niki said quickly. “I meant… well… to get them hooked on you.” She hurriedly added, “May I get my phone and show you pictures of them?”

I nodded and Niki hurried to the door. She had apparently set the phone there when she let herself in that evening. I hadn’t noticed, as I was distracted by her other assets. She returned with her phone and showed me pictures of her friends. Good whore that she was, she had found bikini pictures.

I looked through, appreciating their figures and the sparseness of their bikini tops. She told me their names, but I wasn’t really paying attention. In my head, I was renaming them: Redhead with tits, curls with nice ass, hipster bitch.

“So what is your plan here?” I asked.

“Well… they come over to my place. You come over and… um… give them a sample,” Niki said. She quickly added, “Just to get them hooked. I promise, they’ll repay you for it.” I waived my hand, letting her know I was not concerned about giving away a freebie or two upfront. Niki continued. “Then… you can leave. I will tell them about our arrangement. The things I do to make you happy and the reward I get for it. Then… I’ll ask if they’re willing to make the same arrangement.”

I liked the idea. I liked Niki being the intermediary. Maybe she could get them to come in sluttier than before. But there was something I didn’t understand.

“Why are you doing this?” I asked.

“What?” Niki said, taken back.

“Why are you offering your friends to me?”

“To prove that… well… to prove that I am still trying new ways to please you.” She paused, then added, “You’ve fucked every hole of mine as many times as I can count. I’ve done everything in my mind to come up with new ideas. To… earn my place here… I’m worried that… that I’ll bore you.”

“So you’re offering your friends so that I don’t get bored and cut you off,” I summarized.

Niki shifted uncomfortably, but nodded nonetheless. “Yeah, I guess so.”

I nodded thoughtfully. “Ok. Pose yourself here so I can look at you. I’m going to get a snack and a beer. When I get back, you’re going to ride me and tell me about how fun it will be to fuck all of your friends.”

“Yes sir,” Niki said, her eyes electrified.

We fucked and planned.

* * *

On Friday night, as Niki’s friends started showing up, Niki made no attempt to hide that she had been “getting dicked” by a guy down the hall and that I was giving her the most intense, explosive orgasms of her life. She neglected to mention the manner by which I gave them, but freely admitted, “I’ve been buying sexy lingerie and doing a lot of crazy, sexy stuff to satisfy him, just so he’ll give me that orgasm. I’ve had his dick in my throat more times than I can count.”

When one of her friends inevitably referred to me as a boyfriend, Niki quickly corrected her. “It’s not like a relationship like that. I’m… well.. I’m his little fucktoy.” She giggled, despite the shocked looks she received. “But genuinely, the sex is so amazing, I don’t care.” If this seemed out of character to Niki’s friends, the next statement was another language all together. “In fact, I know he’s got a lot of girls to choose from, so I have to try my upmost to blow his mind in return so he’ll choose me.”

“Wait, he’s sleeping with other girls too?” redhead with tits—real name Abby—said. She was appalled.

“Oh yes,” Niki said. She cocked her head to the side, and said, “Why, do you want to give it a try?”

“What? No!” Abby said. “I’m… what?”

The proper seeds planted, Niki discretely sent me a text. I walked down the hall and knocked on Niki’s door.

Niki looked through the peephole, made an excited gasp, and exclaimed to her friends, “It’s him!” She opened the door.

“Hello, master,” Niki gushed at me. She shifted from foot to foot nervously, then said, “Do you want to come in?”

“Sure,” I said with a shrug. As I stepped inside, I caught Abby mouthing ‘Master?’ to another friend.

“I was just telling my friends that the orgasms that you give me are mind-blowing above anything else,” Niki gushed. The other friends in the room looked up with alarm, shocked that Niki had so freely disclosed the topic of conversation.

“Oh, is that so?” I said, raising an eyebrow.

“I don’t think they believe me,” Niki said with a ‘they’re-so-silly’ smile. “Why don’t you show them?”

Abby stood, indignant. “Alright, this has gone…”

I focused on her and thought, “Cum”. Abby’s words cut off and she stood on her feet, dumbly, for a moment. “Oh.” She said simply. Then, “Oh! Ohhh! Ohhhhhhh!”

Curls with nice ass—real name Valerie—looked up in alarm. I focused on her next and gave the command. Valerie whimpered, then started gasping in surprise.

The last friend, hipster bitch—AKA Emma, looked rapidly between her two orgasming friends, possibly convinced she was being pranked. I focused on her and proved that she wasn’t. She had a sort of body-rock with the orgasm, where she lifted her hips and then dropped them again.

I looked around at the three girls, all deep in their first “world’s best orgasm”. I smiled for a moment, then looked at Niki.

“Niki, get over here on your knees,” I ordered.

“Yes sir!” Niki said gleefully. She dropped to her knees in front of me. My pants and underwear came off quickly—with well-practiced motions. She went to gobble me down, but I stopped her.

“Ah! Wait. Tits out.”

“Oh, of course, master,” Niki said. “I’m so stupid.” She tore her shirt and bra free. She looked up at me for approval, which I gave with a satisfied nod. Then, she inhaled my cock.

It was right at that moment that Abby’s orgasm finished. “Wh… what?”

“Ladies, Niki here is paying for your pleasure with her mouth,” I said. “Enjoy this, because next time you’ll have to earn your own.” Valerie was just finishing her own orgasm. I focused on Abby, commanded her to cum, and then Valerie. When Emma finished, I restarted her too. While Niki blew me, I kept her friends in perpetual orgasm. It was a lot for a freebie, I knew, but I needed to hook them early. I wanted them desperate for more.

Niki sucked vigorously, but it wasn’t long before my hands were holding her in place so I could thrust at my own pace. Like a good whore, she took it deep without complaint. In fact, she propped up her tits with her hands so I could see them better.

I took my time fucking Niki’s mouth. I wanted the bitches good and hooked. Nobody was complaining. All three girls—the one with the full mouth excluded—were squealing in delight. Finally, I filled Niki’s mouth with cum, which she happily swallowed. With my needs satisfied, I stopped restarting each girl’s orgasm. I pulled up my pants, rebuckled, and waited for the last girl to finish. All three were panting, trying to catch their breaths.

“You should thank Niki,” I told the girls. “Her mouth and tits paid for your orgasms tonight. Next time, you’ll have to earn your own.”

I started to turn to the door. It was Abby that called out.

“Wait! You… you could stay if you want,” Abby said. She looked around at the other girls for support. “Right?”

“Yes, of course,” Emma said.

“We’ll open some wine,” Valerie said.

“Thanks, but not right now,” I said. “I don’t mean to intrude on girls’ night.” I smiled warmly and let myself out. Truthfully, I would have loved to stay and play with them, but I wanted them to have some time to think about what I had given them. I wanted them to miss it. And I wanted them to hear straight from Niki about what it took to earn them—in detail. That way, when they came back for more, they would be ready.

Also, I had Mikayla in my apartment. I was planning on getting off a few more times and she had brought a bag of fun things to wear. It was going to be a long night. Right now, she was kneeling in my living room with a dildo in her mouth, waiting for me to replace it with something more real.

There was time enough for all girls to earn their orgasms.

* * *

The next morning, Niki texted me: “All three girls are willing to be whores together for you. None of them can wait.”

I smiled, but I also felt a little wicked. I knew that I had them in the palm of my hand. No girl had yet received an orgasm from me and had resisted becoming my whore. This text here proved that. And the “service” I had received from Niki the prior day made me curious. I texted back, “What’s their proposal?”

I smiled and went to bed, knowing that the girls now had to deal with the rubber meeting the road. Yes, they had agreed to be whores, but what did that mean? It was up to them to try to please me.

I found out from Niki later that they had debated most of the morning, trying to figure out what a “proposal” meant. Was that positions? Was that costumes? Lingerie? I had been purposely vague. In the end, they had decided to “go big” and overshoot any one specific service they provided.

Around lunch, I received the text: “Abby’s family has a cabin. We’re going on Thursday night. All girls promise to be good entertainment all weekend long.” I will admit, I was impressed. I had left it in their court to decide how to impress me, but they had delivered with more than I would have propositioned them with.

I thought about it through most of the afternoon, also enjoying leaving the suspense. Again, I heard later through Niki that numerous texts were exchanged through the day, asking if anyone had received news yet. For my part, I wanted to be sure I knew how to craft a response in the right way. Obviously, I was going to the cabin and was going to fuck them, but how did I get them to perform the best for me? How did I motivate them?

I thought about proposing “One orgasm for everyone, the best whore of the weekend gets three.” I was worried, however, that this would lead to competing bitches instead of collaborating. I didn’t want to fuck them one at a time and have the girls trying to outfuck each other. I wanted to fuck four of them, all of them slutting it up together. At about dinnertime, I had an idea, to motivate them. It occurred to me that team members were often motivated by the fear of letting down their teammates. I could do the same sort of thing.

I texted back: “I’m in. Every night, if I’m satisfied then everyone gets one orgasm.” This was to further their devotion to me throughout the weekend, lest they wonder on day 2 of 4 why they’re doing so much for just an orgasm. “On Sunday, if every girl has gone above and beyond, blown my mind, and shown me a new meaning of ‘filthy whore’, then everyone gets two minutes of continuous orgasm. If one girl slacks, nobody gets it.” I wasn’t super concerned with being transparent about my motivations to use shame, guilt, or peer pressure to push them to be better whores. I didn’t need to be subtle. By the end of the weekend, each of them would be hooked on what only I could give them.

After a few minutes, I got a text back from Niki. “We’re all in. We promise to be the best whores you’ll ever have.”

* * *

I did my best not to play with my toys all week—especially Niki. Of course, I could have called Mikayla, but I also wanted to give myself a rest. I didn’t want to restrict the fun I could have over the weekend by getting off too much throughout the week.

I broke on Tuesday and had Mikayla over to suck me off. Just one orgasm, though. Then I sent her on her way and I saved up for the rest of the week.

* * *

I drove out to the cabin on Thursday, doing my very best to not show up as early as I wanted to. I was hard most of the way out there, just in anticipation of the debauchery that awaited me. It was a two-hour drive and I hadn’t fucked anyone in four days—the longest I had gone since receiving Uncle Pete’s ability.

Of course, I found out that the girls had gotten there Thursday morning. They had spent the day preparing, planning, and fantasizing. According to Niki later, they had sworn to each other to leave all inhibitions, values, and restraint behind—for the sake of each other. Apparently, this oath was given in a rather solemn manner.

The cabin was reasonably secluded. I arrived at around 4:30, probably earlier than I had planned, but I left a tad earlier than planned and drove a little faster. I took one, deep breath, got out of my car, and went up to the door.

Before I could knock, the door was open and Abby let me in. The other three girls, Niki, Valerie, and Emma, stood at attention. All three girls looked spectacular.

Aside from the obvious care and intentional-sluttiest that they had put into their makeup, each girl whore a beautiful, lace lingerie in different colors. Abby wore a scarlet set, which matched her red hair. Niki wore black, which paired nicely with the blonde. Valerie’s green lingerie paired well with her brown curls. Emma’s hair—a grown-out blue when I first saw her—was freshly-dyed purple, with lingerie to match. Each set was identical, with lacey bras supporting their substantial tits. Colored garters descended from their underwear to the fishnets adorning their legs. Each girl wore a mesh “cloak” on her shoulders. The result was that while each bitch was heavily adorned, it was carefully done so that they were hiding nothing.

As impressed as I was by the coordinated outfits, what really got me going were the collars. On each girl’s neck was a black leather collar—Niki must have shared that I liked this sort of submissive adornment. Engraved in white on each girl, however, was a title. Niki’s collar read “Whore”, Abby’s read “Bitch”, Valerie’s said “Slut”, and Emma’s said “Hoe”.

I knew at that moment that this was going to be a very fun weekend.

“Hello, sir,” Niki purred. I could see desire in her eyes above the others. Had five days without getting off been taxing for her? How desperately would she fuck? I was eager to find out.

“Sir, thank you for coming, this weekend,” Abby said. “We have been looking forward to it all week.” As she spoke, she took the jacket off of my shoulders with a sort of reverence.

“I confess, I’ve been looking forward to it myself,” I said.

“Sir, we have been talking, and we wanted to let you know that we have come up with a few… uh… rules for this weekend,” Emma said.

I felt impulsive annoyance that sprung to mind at the word “rules”. Had they brought me out here just to turn around and tell me where I could stuff them? I resisted the feeling, waiting to hear the rest.

“The first rule is that our only goal this weekend is your total pleasure and satisfaction,” Valerie said. “We will ask nothing from you and at every moment we will be actively pursuing your pleasure.”

I silently applauded myself for waiting to hear their rules. The first one was pretty good.

“The second,” Abby said, taking up a position next to the other girls, displaying themselves for him in a row, “is that your word is absolute law. While we will do our best to please you, anything you say is a command from on-high. ‘Different whore’, ‘different hole’, ‘deeper’, ‘faster’, ‘harder’… Anything you say is law.”

I smiled. Niki had done a good job prepping them. I wondered which bitch I would cum in/on first.

“Sir,” Abby said, “this weekend, we are not women to be respected. We are not girlfriends to be romanced. We are not even booty-calls who you need to not offend.”

“We are property to be used,” Valerie said.

“We are whores to be fucked and abused for your pleasure,” Emma said.

“We are porn,” Niki said, “performed exclusively for you and your pleasure.”

“And if you leave this weekend,” Abby said, “with unfulfilled fantasies… filthy, depraved desires that you someday hope to do… then we have failed you miserably.” She smiled coyly. “And we hope you’ll give us a chance to rectify such a mistake.”

The speeches had been carefully worded, choreographed, and rehearsed. I knew that, but it didn’t matter. That meant that they were actually more genuine, with thought put behind every word.

I smiled. “May I share my intentions for the weekend with you?”

“Yes please, sir,” the girls each said, voices overlapping in eagerness.

“I intend to ruin all of you,” I said. “If you are with another guy and you have to explain your sexual history, I intend to be the thing they can’t get over. I intend to use you without regard to your pleasure, your comfort, or your dignity. And I expect you to beg me… literally beg me… for more. I am going to defile you.

“If there are any of you that don’t want that, you may leave now.”

I waited, knowing that nobody would leave.

I glanced at Abby, looked down at her collar, and beckoned her to me, “Bitch. Over here.” Abby hurried forward, presenting her body to me. I let my hands wander, squeezing her tits. They were great—firm, full, and perky. I gave one a slap. Abby’s eyes twitched slightly, but she didn’t pull away. Instead, she purred, “Thank you, sir.”

I turned her around, feeling her ass and giving it a few sharp slaps too. I reached up and filled my hand with her hair. I tugged hard, pulling her head backward. With my other hand, I reached around and grabbed her tit. I gave it another slap—harder this time.

“This bitch is first,” I declared to the other whores. “I want to humiliate her as I fuck her. I want to shatter any sense of inhibitions or boundaries. I want her to prove that my pleasure is the only thing in the world today.” I smiled, slapped her tit again, and added, “And I want you all to prove it too.” I looked around at the fantastically sexy bitches surrounding me. “You know her best. How do I do that? How do I break her down?”

I held her hair back, displaying her tits to her friends. For a moment, there was quiet. I could feel the indecision floating between them. Good. I wanted them to get over that early. This would be the test for if they were truly committed to my pleasure above everything else.

It was Valerie who spoke first. “She’s not sure she can deepthroat. She told us beforehand.”

Emma chimed in immediately. “She said that her blowjobs are normally just handjobs with a little tongue.”

Niki added, “When I described how you throatfuck me, she said that she wasn’t sure she could go that deep.”

I gave one of Abby’s tits a harm slap. Then I asked, “And what do you propose we do with this information?”

“We help her break through those boundaries,” Valerie said with a wicked smile that I found very exciting. “We kneel down there with her, take her head, and force her to… to…”

“To gag like a whore,” Emma added helpfully. “And we can handcuff her hands behind her back, to make sure she unlearns bad habits.”

I smiled. I liked the idea. It was exactly the type of teamwork in domination I was hoping for. I knew that Niki had surrendered to me. That was why I had her friends to play with in the first place. But it seemed like Valerie and Emma were just as willing to surrender. There was still just one to commit to her role.

“Well bitch?” I said, giving her hair another tug to really thrust her chest out. “Do you have anything to add?”

I felt Abby hesitate, but only for a moment. Then, she took a breath and said, “You said you want to humiliate me.” She took another breath, then said, “Record me. Film it all.”

The room was silent in surprise—myself included. After a moment of awe, I pushed the point, “And that recording? What do I do with it?”

“Anything you want, sir,” Abby said. “It’s your property. Put it on Facebook and tag me, if you want. If that would give you pleasure.”

I let go of her hair. The tension release dropped her head a little bit, but she stayed mostly in place, with her tits thrust out. I walked around her, retrieved my phone from my pocket, and opened the camera. I began recording.

“Tell me,” I ordered her.

Abby looked into the camera. Her eyes filled with a sort of wanton promise. “I want you to fuck my throat raw. I want my friends to help me impale my face on your cock.” She paused, dropping to her knees. I followed her with the camera. “And I’m begging you to record it. So you can do whatever you want with it.” She paused again, smiling, and added, “And whatever you want with me.”

I handed the phone to Niki, who continued to record. “Get to work,” I said simply.

Valerie appeared next to Abby with two pairs of handcuffs—one fuzzy and one not. She extended both to me, a questioning eyebrow raised. I pointed to the non-fuzzy cuffs. Valerie moved behind Abby, took her hands, and cuffed them.

Abby dropped to her knees and undid my belt. My pants slid to the ground and she waited just a moment, looking at the cock inches from her face. Emma and Valerie knelt down next to her. Valerie put a hand on the back of Abby’s head, which seemed to shake her from her gaze.

Abby leaned forward with an open mouth. The tip of my dick disappeared into her lips. She started to pull back, but Valerie’s hand on her head stopped her. Emma’s hand joined and together, the two girls pushed Abby farther down. Abby’s eyes were wide and I could feel her tongue trying to figure out where to go. I let them push her down slowly. As much as I wanted to fuck her face into oblivion, I had just enough consciousness to know that this first time was delicate. Besides, I could devastate her throat all weekend long.

Abby’s friends pushed her halfway down my dick, then allowed her to retreat. After a very brief pause, Emma and Valerie began pushing again and Abby found herself descending again onto my cock. It was faster this time and with more force. Abby’s eyes remained wide as she passed the halfway point. An odd, struggling noise came from her mouth, but nobody paid it any mind.

“Take it deeper,” Valerie said as she thrust her friend down on my dick for the third time.

“Bitch,” I added.

Valerie looked up in confusion, suddenly understood, and looked again at her friend, “Take it deeper, bitch.”

Abby’s mouth opened very wide and with the help of her friends, my dick entirely disappeared into her mouth. I reached down and added my hand to her friends’. I held her in place, dick deep, and waited. I felt Abby struggle for a moment, calm, and then begin to struggle again. Finally, I removed my hand and Abby pulled her face off my cock with a ‘pop’.

“You’ve gotten it all the way down,” I observed. “You ready to really be facefucked?”

Abby was breathing heavily. She looked up at me with those same wide eyes. I saw them drop for just a moment as she hesitated, then I saw resolve enter them and she nodded. “Yes,” she said.

“Then beg me,” I told her.

Abby blinked and said nothing.

“Your already on your knees,” I reiterated. “Beg.”

“Please, sir,” Abby said softly. “Please.”

“Please what?” I demanded. I was losing patience. I wanted to fuck her throat already.

“Please fuck my face,” Abby said. “Please, please I want you to do it. Fuck me in the face. Please!” She grew more desperate sounding as she went. I wondered if she was begging for an orgasm in her mind, therefore lending credibility. “Please! I want you to do it. I want you to fuck my face. Please, sir! I’ll do anything. Just fuck it.”

“Get to work, ladies,” I ordered Emma and Valerie. “No holding back this time.”

The girls obeyed my command admirably. There was no hesitation as they shoved their friend’s head down onto my cock. Abby’s throat had been warmed up. She took my cock deeper, faster. This time, however, when she started to pull it out, her friends let surrender only a few inches before pushing down again. To Abby’s credit, she stopped fighting them after a few bobs. She opened as wide as she could and let her friends use her throat to jerk me off.

Niki pulled up close to me, holding my phone to give a downward looking recording of Abby’s facefuck. She was careful to not block my own view of the event and also very careful to rub her tits on my chest for extra entertainment.

It was Valerie who looked up at me, however, and smiled such a wicked grin that I almost came right then and there. She began to whisper, “Fuck that bitch’s throat, sir. Fuck it really good. Look at her. Look how she takes it. Look how she takes your wonderful cock so deep in her slutty throat.” I made a mental note to reward Valerie later.

Emma began to talk as well, but to Abby. “Take that thick cock, you bitch. Take it and thank him. Do you have any idea how lucky you are to be gagging on that lovely cock? Do you, bitch?” Their thrusts on Abby’s head became more aggressive, launching her mouth down onto my dick every time.

If Abby had anything to say about it, nobody knew. Her hands were cuffed firmly behind her. The noises from her throat were wet and constant, but she wasn’t fighting against the hands on her head. I had to imagine it was the most humiliating experience of her life. It was no coincidence that with that realization, I came.

I don’t know if Valerie or Emma were aware that I was cumming or that they were pumping it into Abby’s mouth as they thrust her down onto me. They continued chanting, Valerie telling me how much of a whore Abby was and Emma telling Abby to suck harder. The noises from her mouth changed and I felt her rapidly trying to swallow and breathe in rapid alteration. I had a moment of mercy halfway through my orgasm.

“Her face,” I ordered, straining through my own pleasure.

Valerie apparently got the cue. She pulled Abby’s face off my cock, then immediately went to jerking. I was mid-orgasm and cum spilled out of Abby’s mouth. Still, I had more to give to her face. Valerie ensured that I delivered it all. Abby alternating between gasping, coughing, and trying to stand still as my cum covered her.

Finally, I was finished. I stepped back, looking down at Abby. In my post-nut clarity, just as I had when I first fucked Niki’s face, I saw that perhaps I had gone too far too fast. Abby’s eyes were not those of the ardent whore she had played when she suggested she had been filmed. She had probably thought she could do it, even up to the moment I began to fuck her face. She had the will, but the reality of it was something different. She wasn’t an eager whore anymore. She was now in over her head. I could see the entire weekend disappear in front of me, just like that. I had pushed too hard, assumed that the memory of an orgasm wave would be enough, but apparently she wasn’t hooked like Niki was. I had overreached. I could see tears welling up in Abby’s eyes.

I did the only thing I could think to do.

I focused on her and commanded her to cum. Abby’s body quaked once, shaking free a bit of cum that had been dangling on her chin. She cried out, eyes wide in alarm. Then, she cried out again and her face erupted into a wonderful grin. “Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes!” The fear was gone. Pure pleasure was erupting out of her. Emma and Valerie had instinctively backed away from her. Abby’s body shook ravenously. I saw with pleasure that Niki was still recording.

When Abby was finished, I approached again. Abby was no longer the afraid in-over-her-head girl. Beneath the satisfied vixen, I could see my whore lurking again. I placed the tip of my dick in front of her smiling mouth. Cum was still on her chin.

“Well Abby?” I asked. “How was you first throatfuck?”

Abby looked at the tip of my dick with a small smile. A drop of cum had emerged at the tip. She leaned forward and gave a long, teasing suck on the tip. Then she swirled her tongue around it and leaned back again.

“I’m ready for more,” she said. “May I have some more, sir?”

“Soon,” I promised. I outstretched my hand to Niki. She gave my back my phone and I stopped recording. I quickly decided that this view was now one of my prized possessions.

I looked around at the other girls. “This bitch did a good job, so I gave her a treat. I reserve the right to give—or not give—at my discretion.” I smiled, then added, “Who wants their borders shattered next? Who wants to be fucked, humiliated, and defiled?” I couldn’t hear and specific words as all four girls begged to be next. Even Abby, on her knees and still covered in cum, was asking for another round.

* * *

I spent the evening breaking them in. As with Abby, the girls friends disclosed how they thought she should be best broken down. I noticed that Abby was very quick to volunteer information from her friends, presumably because of how they had sold out her fears. After each girl’s hard fuck, I saw the same sort of fear and hesitation in their eyes, so I gave them each an orgasm to reward them and reinforce the behavior.

Valerie was next. I fucked her ass vigorously, holding her curly hair like horses rains. Midway through fucking her ass, Emma shoved a ballgag in her mouth, which I liked. I came on her face, then we took a break for dinner.

After eating, Emma went next. She wrapped her tits around my dick and gave me a tit job. The girls took turns spitting down on her, lubricating her tits and defiling her at the same time. Meanwhile, I played with the other girls bodies with my hands.

I was a little tired afterwards and I knew I had already defiled Niki enough. I didn’t need to break her in. So I sat on the couch and had all four girls blow me at once, while I watched TV. I took plenty of pictures as they sucked. To be honest, I don’t even know which girl’s mouth I ended up cumming in.

Before we turned in, I gave each of the girls one orgasm, as per our arrangement. I told them that they would get another one the next night, or earlier if they earned it.

That motivation carried through the weekend. I made a point of stuffing each of their holes at least once. We recorded lots of video. I grew fond of telling them that I was creating a montage for their next boyfriend, to give a little preview of what they were capable of. Despite the humiliation, they begged—literally—for dirtier sex and greater defilement.

I had a few favorites. Valerie’s ass was simply phenomenal to fuck. Despite breaking in Abby’s throat, her tit job was easily the best thing she offered. Emma’s pussy was very tight and while I fucked it I could usually have another girl straddle her belly and let me play with her tits. Of course, my favorite hole remained Niki’s throat, which I had trained to perfection.

This was the first time that I had four girls at my disposal to do with as I wish. I had a lot of pent-up fantasies and we went through them like a to-do list. Never once did I hear a complaint.

A strange thing happened as the weekend continued. At first, the girls were obviously hesitant and were obviously performing. I didn’t mind. I wanted them to behave as whores and they were. They were just learning how to do it. But as the evening progressed, I found that I saw less and less hesitation. And either their acting skills had increased or they weren’t acting anymore. When Abby was on her knees, begging for me to cum all over her tits, I didn’t think that she was doing it just so I could get her off. I almost believed that she really wanted me to cum all over her tits. Was that possible? Or was I just wrapped up in the fantasy that was the weekend?

As Sunday afternoon rolled around, my dick was simply tired. I had cum a lot over the past few days and I barely had enough to put onto a girl’s face anymore. As such, the day was slower and the fucking less vigorous. The girls brought no less passion to it. Even if they weren’t being vigorously throatfucked anymore, they took it down all the way to the throat and then gently sucked.

After a few hours and multiple orgasms, I sat down on the couch and beckoned them all to come closer.

“Girls, you have behaved wonderfully this weekend,” I said. “Your depravity is unparalleled.” The girls giggled excitedly. “Take your reward.” I started their orgasms. All girls ended up on the floor almost immediately.

It was almost comical. They had been total sluts for a whole weekend. They had giggled, moaned, begged, and screamed for my pleasure. But now… they moaned for their own pleasure. The sounds filled the house. Every time a girl tapered off, I got her going again. The mass of erotic flesh, intermingled on the floor, pulsed with pleasure. I watched and reminisced on all the ways I had defiled them over the weekend.

At the end of three minutes, I stopped restarting their orgasms. The girls sat panting on the couch. They perfect skin was laden with sweat.

“Thank you, sir,” Emma was moaning softly. “Thank you so much.”

“I can be a good whore,” I heard Valerie mutter.

“Sir,” Abby said, rising back to her knees. She cupped her tits in her hands, presenting them to me. “Sir, I don’t want this to end. Please, can I keep serving you?”

“Yes!” Valerie exclaimed, rising to her knees and presenting her tits similarly. Emma and Niki quickly took the same position. Their voices overlapped, but I could hear each of them begging to continue “to serve”.

I was surprised. Of course, I could fuck Niki any time I want. Half the time I was restraining myself from calling her up every evening. But there was a desperation to please that I had only seen a few times. And to see it from all four at once was astounding.

I found that my dick was indeed hard. I shrugged and said, “Get to work, then.”

I had fucked their mouths plenty throughout the weekend. I had found their limits, pushed them, broken them, and came. This was something different. The total oral worship was unprecedented. One bitch would take my cock deep into her throat, bob there a few moments, and then relent. As soon as her lips disengaged, another mouth eagerly took it’s place, thrusting my cock into the next bitch’s throat. All the while, lips and tongues played at my balls and the skin around my dick. Looking down, I saw a feast for my eyes that I hadn’t ever quite seen before.

It was slow, almost tender. As they went, a rhythm developed and began to quicken. The thrusting into slutty throats intensified. The tradeoff to other mouths happened quickly. The sluts threw their faces forward without hesitation, but never forgetting the sort of sensuality that they were presenting.

Abby— in between her mouth’s service to my balls—began moaning, “I am my master’s little slut. I am a happy whore.” The other girls began chanting similarly, breaking only when their lips, mouths, and throats were needed for a more physical pleasure.

They were the hottest girls I had ever seen. They had given me the most depraved weekend I could have ever wished for. And they had taken their reward, but were still now on their knees in devotion to my pleasure. And they were enraptured by service to me.

I didn’t last long.

They must have gotten to know my body as well as I had gotten to know theirs. Just as I was about to cum, Abby’s mouth disengaged from my cock and no new mouth replaced it. I don’t even know whose hand was on my dick, but it pumped three times and I came. They gently moved my cock and their faces, each girl taking a generous helping of my cum and then moving it to another slut. I had been emptied pretty thoroughly throughout the weekend, but I apparently had enough to give each girl a little bit.

Once finished, four tongues swirled around the tip of my dick, licking the last little bit out. Then they sat back on their knees, looking up at me with smiles.

“Master,” Abby said. I didn’t remember them calling me that before, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t like it. “May I ask that you take our picture? So you can remember us as your happy little whores?” I had plenty of material to remember them by, but who was I to turn down such a request?

My pants were around my ankles, but Valerie pulled my phone from the pocket and lifted it up to me. The girls posed, each with my cum proudly displayed on her face, and smiled into the camera. I took a picture. Then I took several more.

“Sir… please don’t let this be the end,” Valerie said softly. “We can do so much more. We can… we can make you so much happier.”

“Please, sir…” Abby echoed. Within seconds, all four were begging again.

I lifted a finger and they grew silent.

“If I’m in the mood for you, I’ll text you,” I told them. “If you’re feeling especially slutty and need a conduit, then make videos, take pictures, become porn. Send it to me.” A notion of cruelty slipped into my mind and I didn’t back away from it. I wanted them slutty and desperate to please me. In order to do that, I needed to make sure they needed that orgasm more than anything. “And if any one of you has an orgasm that I haven’t given you, then you won’t be getting any more from me.” That would make them needy. I wanted a constant stream of porn coming to my phone. And I wanted them to fuck my brains out whenever I called them up. I remembered what three days of being cut off had done to Niki. Now, I wanted to do it to all of them.

The girls readily agreed. Each one offered to accompany me home, so they could suck me off as I drove, but my dick needed a rest. I left alone and my mind replayed the many memories made the entire drive home.

When I got home, I found Mikayla at my door. I had told her I’d be gone for the weekend, but not when specifically I would get home. She was topless, in heels, and with a skimpy thong. How many people had walked past her while she was on full display like this? I liked the thought. Let them know I have hot fucktoys waiting on me.

When she saw me coming down the hall, Mikayla dropped to her knees. “Sir, welcome home. I… I was wondering if you wanted some relaxation this evening?”

I looked down at her, considered a moment, and then shrugged. “Sure. Come on in.”

* * *

The girls didn’t disappoint. I had an unending stream of porn to my phone. I didn’t even watch most of it, but it was enough to know that they were needy and willing. Maybe I had gone too far. Maybe I had gotten too many bitches hooked on me. I really didn’t care. I was having a good time.

I spaced out my conquests. I had five girls. I scheduled them out throughout the week, fucking one every night. On the weekends, I often had two or three over, sometimes at the same time. After a weekend of getting an orgasm multiple times a day, the girls were now on one or two per week. They were starved for it and their performances showed it. I had the most enthusiastic fuckdolls every night. They always came in with ideas, but my word was law. Even Mikayla, reduced now to the same frequency, fucked with enthusiasm.

If I wanted to fuck outside of the scheduled times for each bitch, I could simply text them and they’d be over as soon as possible. Or if I wanted something soon, I could simply text Niki and she’d be gagging within five minutes.

After about a month, I had acquired enough from the widows to buy a house. I shopped around a little, then found one that was on a little bit of property and farther away from people. The privacy would be nice. It was big, nice, and I liked it. I bought it with cash.

Immediately, I began renovations. I put two full bathrooms into the basement, even after the contractor looked at me like I was crazy. I paid a lot of money to build a pool very quickly, then I paid to have a huge hot tub added to the master bathroom—I borrowed some space from one of the unused bedrooms next to it. I had built a very large privacy fence around the edge of the property. I bought ten twin-size beds, which I put in rows in the basement. I ordered a very large bed for my own room. I could fuck all evening, but overseeing the house construction filled up my afternoons nicely. I liked having something to do during the day.

After another month, it was done. I had a basement that could house ten sluts, should I need it. I had a bachelor pad unlike anything else. I bought new furniture, new electronics, and the biggest TV I could find for the living room.

Then, I sent a mass text to all five of my fucktoys. I told them to be at the house on Saturday. I had made a point of not telling any of them about it. I also canceled my fuckdate—this one with Abby—on Friday evening.

All five girls showed up promptly on time. They parked their cars and emerged in fancy, frilly lingerie. I was pleased. I let them all into the house at the same time. As they filed past me, I slapped each of their asses appreciatively.

“What is this place?” Abby asked.

“This is my new home,” I said. I saw Niki’s head bolt up suddenly. “You all are my housewarming party.”

“Your new home?” Niki said. I thought I heard panic underneath her voice.

“Yes,” I said. “This is where I’ll be fucking all of you from now on.”

I gave them the tour, showing them the pool, the living room, the hot tub in the master bathroom, and of course the bedroom. Abby hopped up onto the bed, leaned her head backward over the edge, and said, “Am I going to be spending a lot of time like this, then?” She giggled, but I decided she looked pretty good in that position.

“Yes you are,” I said. I made a split-second decision to pause the tour. “Starting now.”

I unzipped, she opened wide, and I drilled into her face. Constant training had removed the gag reflex that had inhibited her so in the beginning. I think she was proud of that, because her first instinct on any fuckdate was to drop to her knees and impale her mouth on me. She leaned her head back, took my dick deeply and without complaint. Meanwhile, I pried her tits out of her lingerie bra.

“Smack them,” I commanded my whores. Emma and Valerie appeared on my left and right. They began slapping Abby’s tits hard. Mikayla came up behind me, her hands exploring my body and her tits pushing against me. Niki straddled Abby, stripped off her own top, and massaged her tits while she told me about how much she admired how I could fuck a whore’s face and just how hot that made her.

I came on Abby’s tits, all the rest of the girls licked it off of them, and we continued with the tour.

We ended back in the living room. I ordered Valerie to get me a beer—if I didn’t specify a girl, they would trip over each other while rushing to fulfill the order—and then sat down on the couch. I took a sip from the beer, sighed, and ordered my bitches to kneel. All five lined up. Niki and Abby were still topless. On a whim, I decided to order the other three to strip too. They did, and all five of my beautiful fucktoys knelt topless in front of me.

“In case it wasn’t obvious, I’m moving here for more space, more privacy, and generally a better place to live. When I allow you to please me, we’ll be here now,” I said.

“Yes sir,” the chorus of whores said.

“I know this is a little farther for all of you, but I still expect you to honor your commitments, be here on time and ready to fuck, and to bring the same enthusiasm to every fuck session, because if you don’t, then I’ll find someone else who will.” As usual, the threat brought a solemn silence to everyone.

I looked at Niki, who I could see was distraught. I knew she would be. She was my favorite fuckdoll, being right down the hall. Now, I was farther away. I allowed myself a small smile.

“But I have a surprise for all of you,” I said. “In the basement are ten beds and two bathrooms. Think of it a little like a fuckable sorority hall. You five cumsluts are allowed to be here any time you wish, provided that you remain in my good grace. Go to work if you have to. Go visit family, if you want. Keep your other apartments, because I can’t keep all of your stuff. But you have my permission to be live-in sex toys for my amusement.” The girls all giggled excitedly. I let them giggle for a moment, then continued.

“A few rules about this arrangement. I want a fucktoy here every night, beginning at 6PM. No exceptions. I want two here on weekends. It’s up to you to organize this.

“You are not guaranteed orgasms. In fact, you have the privilege of living here, so I expect you to fuck extra hard to earn your orgasms for the day.

“If you are in this house, I expect you to be fuckable on arrival. No one is to be wearing any clothes that doesn’t make me horny at any time on this property.

“You’ll notice there are more beds in the basement. I’m planning on acquiring more whores for myself. As that happens, I may require more to be onsite here at any given time.

“Periodically, I will have sex weekends, where I expect all of you to attend and perform exceptionally.” I smiled, thinking about the rules that the girls had declared at the beginning of our long cabin weekend. I added, “You are not women while here. You deserve no respect or dignity. You are property. Whores. Sluts. Fuckdolls. And you will be used accordingly. Does anyone have any problems with this?”

“No, master,” the chorus of whores declared with wide, excited smiles.

“Great,” I said. I took another sip of beer, considered their tits for a moment, and then pointed at Niki. “You. Get over here.”

Niki straddled me, slipping her tight pussy onto my hard cock and beginning to ride. She looked at me with all the awe and adoration that she could ever experience.

I had realized something a little while ago that I was reminded of as Niki rode me. Uncle Pete had given me a gift of orgasms, yes, but I don’t know if he fully knew what that meant. He had pretty girls that he fucked and that waited on him. Maybe that’s all he wanted. I guess I wanted something a little more depraved. It wasn’t just the gift of orgasms, but the gift of reshaping.

I think it had to do with the pure pleasure. Like Pavlov’s bitch, the girls’ minds latched onto whatever was giving them that pleasure. With repetition, they didn’t just associate depraved sex with pleasure, it became their primary goal.

I had made them actual sex slaves—slaves not only to the orgasm, but to the way of life that gave it to them. They needed both now.

That’s why Niki rode me with such ferocity and looked at me with such reverence. That’s why she took the beer from my hands, spilled it on her tits, and encouraged my to suck it off her chest. That’s why there was no more acting when it came to the depraved, filthy sex that I demanded of them. Because they didn’t need to act, anymore. They weren’t pretending. They had become the filthy, fuckable whores that I wanted them to be.

I ordered Niki onto her knees and ordered Mikayla to jerk me off onto her face. As I came, painting white streams of cum onto her beautiful, gleefully smiling face, I admired for just a moment how far this girl had come. And I thanked Uncle Pete for the ability to remake her this way. There was no shame in her eyes as I sprayed her face. There was just an eagerness to please.

I gave Niki an orgasm. While she writhed in pleasure, reinforcing her place in the world, I looked to the other girls.

“Alright, who is next?”

There were no shortage of volunteers.

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