Fuck Me Harder, Sir

by ArcherStories

Tags: #bondage #dom:female #dom:male #sub:female #sub:male

Megan mind controls her man to fuck her harder and filthier.

Megan was in love with Chris and the feeling was mutual. They connected on almost every level. They had the same sense of humor, both enjoyed classic movies and live theatre, had long, thrilling conversations over dinner, and knew how to relax in the same space. There was no doubt, they were in love.

The problem was that he wouldn't fuck her as hard and as dirty as she needed.

Chris was tender and loving. That was great for holding hands at the park, but it did nothing for Megan in the bedroom. He would kiss her neck when she wanted him to bite it. His gentle hands would caress her curves, but she wanted him to spank her ass like a naughty bitch. He called her "my love", not "whore" or "bitch" or "slut". It was infuriating.

This wasn't the first time Megan had had this problem. Unfortunately, most men talked big about what they wanted to do to a woman, but had no idea about how to actually fuck a girl like a whore. Megan could get their hand on her throat with enough coaxing, but could never actually get them to squeeze. The only exception had been a specific ex-boyfriend. He had fucked her like an animal and it was great. The problem was that his disrespect has not been isolated to the bedroom. He was a pig and Megan had to dump him. Still... she often fantasized about the filth she had performed for him. That memory and a vibrator had comforted her on many lonely nights.

Megan was getting desperate. She had taken to faking orgasms and then going to rub one out in the bathroom with headphones and a hardcore porno on her phone.

One morning, Chris went to work with a gentle kiss on the forehead. As soon as he was gone, Megan decided to have some fun. She locked herself in the bedroom with a laptop and found some of her favorite websites. Even "Hardcore" on popular porn sites didn't do it. That just meant that the girl did a reverse cowgirl at some point. The sites that Megan had bookmarked under innocent-sounding names truly put a girl in her place. Thick ropes around a bitch's arms then facefucking into oblivion. Hair pulled, dildo in the throat, and cock in her ass. Whipped across her tits while strapped to a fuck machine, all the while she begged for greater defilement. Megan knew these videos well enough that she noticed when a new one was posted.

She took her time with her vibrator, imagining herself tied and defiled. She edged herself, imagining a powerful man telling her that she hadn't earned it yet. She imagined choking on dick, using the video on screen to stimulate her fantasy. She slapped her own face, but it didn't hurt as much as she wanted it to. A powerful man could really get some swing behind a slap to the face in a way that she couldn't get on herself.

"Fuck your dirty little whore, sir," Megan muttered to the fantasy that dominated her. "Make me into your bitch. Show me my place."

After sucking enough imaginary dick, riding an imaginary man like a true cowgirl, and abusing her body with pinches and slaps, she finally earned her own orgasm. She let the vibrator carry her into ecstasy. Her squeals echoed off the bedroom walls. Whores weren't supposed to be quiet when they came.

Finally done, she turned off the vibrator and sat back on the bed. She wondered how many more times she would go today. Chris was at work, but she was off today. She would have to restrain herself from sending herself wave after wave of orgasms to filthy porn all day--no matter how much she wanted to. She had spent all day last week when Chris was at work doing exactly this.

She paused the video, then caught site of an ad to the side of the screen. "Want to release her inner whore? Guaranteed results!" Megan scoffed. She was more than enough of a whore for any guy. What she needed was to release a man's inner dominator. It shouldn't have been so hard to find someone willing to fuck her like she needed.

Out of curiosity, she clicked the link. She expected to be prompted for a credit card number immediately, but instead she was redirected to a site that seemed to be selling "subliminal services". The site used "she" and "your girlfriend" throughout. It promised to turn any woman into a sultry vixen, willing and eager to do anything to please. As Megan read further, she found that the site sold templated audio files that men could record their own messages onto, effectively customizing the experience to whatever the guy wanted to program. In the sample video, the man who wanted anal implanted the message that "there's an itch in your ass that only my dick can scratch". The video insisted that he got his wish within three nights. There were pre-assembled packages for "traditional" desires as well.

Megan sat back, thinking. She hated how much she was considering this. It was obviously a cheap ploy to rope in horny guys who wished their girlfriends were pornstars, but the fact that Megan was so enticed by the idea demonstrated just how badly her needs weren't being met. She was in the same boat as those guys jerking off at home to a big-tit pornstar sucking a stranger's dick. Her desires were just on the other side.

Megan's phone buzzed. It was a message from Chris. "I love you, babe." She groaned. She did love him. She just wished he could plow her like she needed. The word "mercilessly" floated through her mind.

She looked again at the website. Desperation filled her again. "Fine," she muttered. "Let's give it a try." She pressed "buy" and put in the information before she had a chance to change her mind. Then she texted Chris back: "I love you too."

The website gave her a program to create the files, then suggested they be played while the target slept. The subliminal signals would help keep the subject asleep, but would also help input the desired ideas. She didn't really know if it would work, but Megan could put it on an alarm on her tablet. That way it would turn on in the middle of the night, play through, and turn off after the recording was finished. She could leave the tablet on his nightstand. She wondered if she would worry about being impacted herself, but then realized that she was trying to get him to act like she wanted. The desires were already in her. There wasn't much that could be programmed into her that wasn't already there. Still, it would help sharpen her wording.

Megan started writing out what she wanted Chris to believe. She wrote dozens of statements, then picked her favorites:

"Megan should be fucked like a whore."

"Megan's body is Chris's property to use as he wishes."

"Megan needs fucked into submission."

"Megan needs to earn the right to orgasm."

She added a few others, changed some wording, and then walked away for lunch. She came back, edited a few, added one, removed another, and thought more. She took a break to have another hardcore porn fantasy session. This time, she did envision Chris as her Master, denying her the right to cum until she had done a good job as his little whore. She found it easier to believe this time. After cumming, she revisited her statements and realized she had missed one. She added it, edited the others, and finally convinced herself to stop. She would drive herself crazy with the possibilities. She just needed to commit to it and go.

She allowed the program to overlay the statements with the subliminal audios, then exported as MP3s. She put them on her tablet, set an alarm, and left it on Chris's side of the bed. Then she masturbated again, because she was too excited to keep going without getting off.

Megan tried to stay realistic, reminding herself that it probably wouldn't work, but just the possibility of getting really dicked down hard and dirty made her horny and excited. When Chris came home that night, she practically jumped on him, even knowing that he hadn't been "trained" yet. He was open to sex, but Megan quickly realized just how boring he was compared to the fantasies that had occupied her all day. He kissed her tenderly on the neck and caressed her breasts. He wanted her to bite and smack her tit. He slipped his cock into her gently, building a rhythm slowly. She wanted him to slam it into her pussy and fuck her raw. He came inside her. Megan wanted him to paint her whore face. Afterwards, he used his fingers to make sure she "got hers". She faked it soon, just so he would stop. She would get herself off later if she needed it.

As she lay on the bed, she thought about how desperately she needed this to work. She loved Chris, but she just couldn't spend the rest of her life without being wrecked like she needed to be.


Megan didn't hear the tape at night, but while Chris was showering the next morning she checked the tablet. The alarm appeared to have gone off. When Chris came out of the shower, he didn't mention it, but Megan did see his eyes spend a lot of time on her legs under the covers. He winked at her, then went to work.

Megan also went to work, but had trouble focusing. The possibility of getting sexually dominated was never far from her mind. Somehow, she made it through the day.

When she got home, Chris kissed her "hello". It was a little different than his normal loving kiss, however. He grabbed both sides of her face, pulled her in close, and forced his mouth on hers. She welcomed him with tongue, encouraging more. He bit her lip a little when releasing her.

"I missed you," Chris said with a grin.

"I missed you too, baby," Megan said, trying to keep her hopes in check. He might just be in a passionate mood. Still, later, as Megan was walking past, he gave her ass a firm slap. He slapped her ass before, but never hard. Megan felt a thrill as the sting set in.

"Oh, that wasn't good enough," Chris decided. "Get back here."

Megan hurriedly obeyed, presenting herself in front of him.

"Turn around," Chris said, grabbing her hips in tight hands and spinning her. He pushed her against the wall, then filled his palm with one of her ass cheeks. Megan was already breathing hard in desire even before he swung. When it landed on her ass--even through the pants--she yelped in a pleased delight.

"Damn you have a fine ass," Chris said, his hand squeezing harder than he'd ever touched her before. He reached up, tugged at the pants she was wearing, and yanked them down. If Chris's hand had explored the other side, he would have found that her panties had grown very moist in front. Instead, he gripped her ass cheek. Without any further discussion, he swung his hand again. The smack of skin on skin barely covered Megan's moan of pleasure.

Suddenly, something terrible happened. Chris looked up at her and said, "I'm not hurting you, am I?"

Megan's heart felt. That wasn't how you fucked a whore. Still, it was progress. Maybe she really could get him to fuck her raw.

"I'm alright," Megan said softly. "You can keep going if you want." She tried to keep the disappointment out of her voice. Telling Chris he had permission "if he wanted" meant that she wasn't his personal fuckdoll. Not yet.

"I think I got a little carried away," Chris said. He pulled her pants back up and kissed her cheek. "Still, I do love your ass."

Megan set two alarms. The recording would go for an hour. She set one for 12AM and one for 2AM. She resisted the urge to set another.


The next day was Saturday. Neither of them had work. Megan woke up first. She tried to get up slowly to not wake up Chris. She slinked across the bedroom, stepping lightly.

"Stop," Chris said suddenly. Megan's feet froze in place. She looked over at him. His eyes were barely open. One arm was slung casually over his forehead.

"Did I wake you?" Megan asked.

"Take off your shirt," Chris ordered, ignoring her question. Megan's heart pounded in delight. She always wore an oversized T-shirt to bed. Chris had never given her such a blatant command before--at least, not outside of her fantasies. Megan stripped without a second thought. The t-shirt hit the ground. Her bare tits were displayed proudly now.

"Why don't you get over here and suck me off?" Chris said. It was phrased like a question, but it wasn't a question.

Megan leveled her gaze at Chris, gave what she hoped was a seductive smile, and said the words she had been hoping to say for a long time: "Yes sir."

She crossed the bedroom again and disappeared under the covers at Chris's feet. She climbed up his bare legs, found his boxers, and slid them off of his cock. Then, she got to work.

She had tried to blow Chris before, but he had usually let her go for a minute or two, then tried to "return the favor". He had never simply sat back and let his bitch work. Megan intended to show him what a mistake that had been.

She gobbled his cock down eagerly. She had just woke up, but she was always ready to fuck--especially when it had been so long since someone had used her properly. Of course, this wasn't the sort of rough fuck that she had dreamt of, but it was a simple command from owner to property. It was more than she had gotten in a long time.

Megan sucked his dick down into her mouth, letting her throat grow acclimated to it. Then, she began to bob, pushing the tip of his dick against the edge of her gag reflex, slowly working away the latter. With each bob, she took it deeper. She pulsed the suction around his dick and let her tongue dance over it.

Being commanded to suck her man's dick had awoken something in her. She was very aware that her pussy was wet and ready. She let one of her hands wander down between her legs and began to play. After a moment, the covers were suddenly pulled back and she found Chris looking down at her.

"That's what I thought," he said. "Put that hand behind your back. Hell, get both of them behind your back. You can get yours after you've swallowed mine." Megan had never heard this man talk to her that way. She almost came right then and there, except that she was removing her hand from her dripping pussy. She was so fucking horny now. Her man had just told her to earn her orgasm with her mouth. What more could a girl ask for?

Megan tucked both her hands behind her back, as ordered. It meant that she had no support on the mattress. Kneeling down, her hips could only hold her so well. She resorted to dropping her entire head down, impaling her face on his dick, then pulling herself back up. "Halfway down his dick" was no longer an option.

"There you go," Chris moaned appreciatively. "There's my good little slut."

'I am a good little slut,' Megan thought with glee, dropping his cock into throat again.

Eventually, Chris reached down and put a hand on Megan's head. He gripped her hair--still messy from the night before--and began to set his own pace with her face. He pushed her head down, then pulled her hair to pull it back. He got faster quickly. Megan remained obedient, keeping her mouth open and letting her man fuck her skull how he wanted.

Suddenly, there was cum. It was in her mouth and it tasted wonderful. Chris used her face to pump the rest out of his delicious cock. Megan did her best to keep it in her mouth, wanting to make a big show of swallowing it for him. Finally, after he was done cumming, Megan sat up, looked at him, and opened her mouth wide, showing his cum on her tongue.

"Wait," Chris sat, sitting back and admiring her.

Megan froze, showing the cum in her mouth and wondering what he was thinking next.

"You can play with yourself, but only so long as you still have my cum in your mouth," he informed her.

It was filthy. She loved it. She wished she had thought of it.

Megan worked her finger against her clit, keeping her head back to not spill any cum. She was soaking wet from being facefucked by her man. Her pussy was quivering with excitement. She tried not to go too fast, but she was just too turned on to last long. The fact that Chris was watching her and had given her parameters around which she was allowed to play made it that much hotter. Soon, she was cumming hard, squealing while trying to not spill any cum.

It was the first time that she had actually cum in front of Chris.

After she was finished, she leveled her eyes again at Chris, then closed her mouth and swallowed. She swallowed a few more times, just to be sure she got it all. Then, she opened her mouth to show that she was a good girl who did what she was told.

"Damn baby," Chris grinned. "You can be filthy."

Megan smiled back at him with a promising grin. "You don't know the half of it, babe."

Chris smiled, but she could see that the dominator in him had been sated for the moment. That didn't matter. Megan had just gotten her best orgasm that Chris had ever given her. Something was working. She was starting to get what she needed.

"Well go on. You can go now," Chris said with a joking wave of dismissal.

Megan licked her lips once more for him, said, "Yes sir," and stepped off the bed. She gave her ass a little shake as she walked away from him.


Hopeful that she would get dicked down again that day, Megan spent a long time on her makeup and hair. She tweezed, waxed, and shaved. She wore the sexy lace underwear under her outfit, so when he tore her clothes off her would get a view.

When she got downstairs, however, Chris just gave her a warm, loving smile and asked if she wanted any breakfast. There was no sign of the slave-master she had seen this morning. Some insane thought inside her wondered if she had sucked it all out of him.

They went out for lunch to a nice café. The girlfriend in Megan thought it was a cute place and a nice afternoon out. The whore in her wanted to be stuffed in every direction.

After lunch, they went on a walk through a cutsie old downtown shopping area. Megan bought a pretty scarf. She envisioned it wrapped around her neck and pulled like a leash while Chris fucked her ass. Instead, she just put it on her shoulders. It was pretty.

Chris had a box in the car trunk that he needed to drop off at a thrift store. They stopped outside the donation center and he handed it to the worker. Megan watched the box disappear inside the thrift store with a touch of jealousy. At least something was going to get a second chance to be used.

Chris drove them home, keeping pleasant conversation through the while. He thought that they should go on a trip soon to get away for a weekend. How did a cabin sound? Megan said that she thought it sounded great. Meanwhile, she could only think about how wonderful his cock in her throat and his hand in her hair had felt.

They went back into the house. Megan took off her shoes. Suddenly, the scarf tightened around her throat and pulled her upright. Chris's breath was in her ear and his body was against hers. A hand was gripping greedily at her tit.

"Yesssss," escaped her throat, just barely audible.

"You've been taunting me with that ass, bitch," Chris informed her.

Megan sunk her teeth into her lower lip, looked back at him with a daring defiance, and then slowly grinded her ass against the front of her pants. She could feel him hard.

"Like this?" she said. Chris pulled again on the scarf, pulling her head back and forcing her lips to break out into a smile.

"I think you need reminded whose in charge," Chris said.

Megan felt giddy inside. She had been begging him to show her who was in charge for as long as they had been together.

Chris grabbed her hands and pulled hard, placing them next to each other. Then, she felt her scarf tighten and appear on her wrists. He tied her hands together, simultaneously locking the scarf in place on her neck. Then, he grabbed her wrists and lifted, pushing her face down towards the floor.

"Let's go, whore," Chris said and began marching. Megan hurried forward so that she didn't topple to the ground. Chris directed her toward the bedroom.

Chris pushed Megan onto the bed. She landed, envisioning all the various pornos that she had lusted after. It was finally her turn to get fucked--not to have sex or make love, but to get royally and truly fucked. Megan heard Chris move out of the room. She looked up, confused, and heard him opening a closet and move some things around. She shifted around so she could see the door. Just as it came into view, Chris returned, holding a long thin rope.

"I'm going to have some fun with you," Chris informed her. "And I want you exactly where I put you."

"Yes sir," Megan said. "Put me in my place."

Chris tied one end of the rope to her wrists and the scarf that already bound them together. Then, he stood on the bed and reached up to the top of one of the bedposts. When she had bought the bed--before dating Chris--she had bought one with bedposts in the hopes of being tied to them. Now, her dream was becoming reality. He pulled on the rope until it was taut. Then he pulled a little further--forcing Megan's arms higher--and tied it around the top of the bedpost.

Chris stepped off the bed and stepped back to admire his work. Megan was bound, her wrists tied twice, and nearly suspended from the bedposts.

"You're overdressed, whore," Chris said. He approached from behind and Megan felt his fingers tearing at her pant line. It wasn't the gentle undressing of his former lovemaking. It was the possessive strip-down of her fantasies. He dropped her pants around her ankles, then lifted each foot to remove them.

"Ahhh, there it is," Chris said, admiring her ass. She had chosen a thong, which displayed her toned ass rather well. She had noticed that this morning in the mirror when she had fantasized about this moment.

The first smack came without warning. It was followed by the second, which was more expected but hurt no less. A third and forth followed. It was harder than he had ever slapped her, but... there was still hesitation.

"Harder," Megan muttered.

"What was that?" Chris demanded.

Megan looked over her shoulder at him, with a brazen, lustful challenge on her face. "I said that surely you could do better than that."

Chris's surprise quickly faded into an aggressive resolve. While staring into her eyes intently, he unbuckled his belt and slid it off his pants.

Smack! It hurt. It hurt bad. It was even better than she had dreamt about.

Smack! Smack! Megan squirmed, not from the pain but to stimulate her clit. She was very turned on.

Smack! Smack! Smack! Chris railed on her ass with the belt. Finally, after twelve strikes, he pulled on the scarf, pulling her head backward.

"Is that better bitch? Is that what you fucking want?"

"Yesss yess oh my god yesssss," the words poured of Megan's mouth before she could dress them up in roleplay.

"Well I want your tits now," Chris said. "If you do a very good fucking job, then maybe I'll consider giving you what you want next."

Megan thought they had had a conundrum. She had worn sexy underwear, but hadn't expected to be tied up before revealing it. How would get her shirt off while...

He tore it. There was no hesitation. There was no consideration. There was lust and a solution. He made another tear, then removed the two pieces from behind. He reached down and wrapped a hand around her neck. He lifted, pushing her up onto her knees on the bed.

"You really dressed as a slut today, didn't you?" Chris said, admiring her. "Were you hoping to get fucked today, whore?"

"Yes sir," Megan nodded.

"What, your one orgasm wasn't enough today?" Chris demanded.

"Maybe you'll let me earn another," Megan suggested.

Chris slapped her face. Megan felt sexual satisfaction ripple with the blow through the rest of her body. This was what it was to be owned. This was what she was waiting for.

"I'll decide what we fucking do with that perky little fuckdoll body of yours," Chris said. "If you get another orgasm, it'll be a fucking accident, bitch."

"Yes sir," Megan nodded. He pulled at the lingerie, popping her tits out. He smacked one on a whim, then moved back around behind her. He pulled at her legs, forcing her back down. Then, her panties were gone and Megan heard him undoing his own pants.

For just a moment, Megan was worried that she would wake up and this was all a dream--a cruel joke from whatever gods stole away orgasms from good whores. Then, she felt his dick find his way into her asshole and she knew this was no dream. This was glorious reality.

"Oh yes! Use me!" Megan squealed as he entered her. He began thrusting, not working up to anything but slamming her hard from the start. The force of each thrust sent waves up her body, rocking her tits beneath her. Firm, unkind hands were holding her hips steady and pulling them back onto his cock. He used her body like a toy. And she was a toy. She was his toy to play with and they both knew it.

"Oh! Oh! Fuck! Yes! Fuck!" Megan said, syllables escaping her throat with each thrust of his cock into her ass.

Suddenly, he pulled out. Then, his cock entered her again in the pussy. If he didn't know she liked this before, he did now. She was soaking and warm, ready to receive him.

"Damn. You are a fucking whore," Chris observed as he began to fuck her.

"Yes I am," Megan said, feeling his glorious cock fill her. "I'm such a fucking whore."

Chris reached forward, pushing her head further down. Her only recourse was to lift her hips higher, which was what he wanted in the first place. Having achieved the angle he wanted, he thrust hard, occasionally delivering slaps against her ass.

Chris pulled out again, then gave her hips a shove. She spun, pulling on the rope that suspended her. She almost fell off the bed, but caught herself and pointed her face towards Chris. They had both been waiting for this part, she knew. She opened wide and he began thrusting. He didn't treat her throat any easier than he had treated her pussy or ass. He was claiming what was his. And he was claiming it roughly. Gagging was not something to consider. Neither was breathing.

Finally, after he had used her body to the point of his own climax, he pulled out of her throat, reached up, and tugged on her rope. She lifted herself and gave him a little slack, which he used to slip the rope off the top of the bedpost. No longer suspended, he shoved Megan onto her back. He climbed on top of her, aimed his cock at her face, and jerked. Megan opened her mouth wide. She also looked up at her master's face.

There was no consideration on his face. She wasn't a girlfriend anymore. She was his whore. And he was using her accordingly. He was going to watch his cum spray her because he wanted to paint her face. Maybe later he would "check on her", but not now. Now, she was nothing but a fuckdoll. That's all she wanted to be, too.

He came. It hit with surprising velocity, too, first on her cheek, then two spurts in her mouth. Chris then redirected, painting her tits with the rest of it. Finally, he reached down and pulled her hair to lift her head up. He popped his cock in between her lips, where he delivered one more final spurt. Then, he held her head in place while she sucked out anything that might have remained.

Finally satisfied, he sat back and looked down at his work. She hoped he liked what he saw. Her pussy was still aching in need, but she felt more of a satisfaction in this moment than during any previous sex she and Chris had had.

"You're a whore," Chris said, "but damn it you're my favorite whore."

Megan glowed in the light of the compliment. "Thank you, sir," she smiled.

He untied her hands. She started to reach for her pussy, but then paused.

"Do... do I... umm... do I have permission to cum?" she asked.

Chris raised his eyebrows in surprise. At first, she thought she had sucked the Master out of him again. He as about to say something like, "Of course sweetheart". She regretted asking now, actually, because it would blunt the memory of the slave-master that she was about to get off to.

Instead, he said, "I thought I already answered that question."

"You... you did?" Megan said.

"Yes," Chris nodded. "You've already had one today. You don't get another."

Megan never felt such a mix of being turned on and disappointed at the same time. He was in control and that made it so that she knew she could get off in under fifteen seconds. But he was in control because he told her no.

"Can I earn one?" Megan pushed. "I'll... I'll..."

"You'll fucking deal with it, bitch," Chris finished the sentence for her. "Now I'm going to go watch some TV. You're welcome to join me if you want."


They spent the evening almost normally, except that Megan was horny through all of it. She could barely think by the time they finished dinner. She kept waiting for her man to relent and allow her pleasure, but he didn't. She considered sneaking away and getting off on her own, but knew that she wouldn't. She was only horny because she was under his control. And frankly, she was too much of a submissive slut to break the order of her master.

She tried to seduce him again before bed, but he simply said, "No. Deal with it." Then he laid down and slept, leaving her wet, horny, and all the more respectful of his authority. She knew there were two more alarms on her tablet, ready to train him further overnight. She dared not turn them off. This was too much fun.


Megan woke up to find that Chris was already awake. He was opening her drawers, looking for something. She sat up, stretched and said, "What are you doing?"

"Here it is," Chris said. He pulled out a red lace babydoll. He set it on the bed and said, "You'll be wearing this today. No panties."

"Yes sir," Megan nodded obediently.

She showered quickly and got ready for the day. She put on the red babydoll then did her makeup. She went heavy on it. No point in pretending she was anything but a pornstar today. Finally, she found a tall pair of red spiked heels and added them to the outfit. Then she walked downstairs.

Chris was drinking coffee when she walked into the kitchen.

"Good morning," Chris said. "We're going to play a game today."

"Ok," Megan said, knowing she would agree to whatever Chris proposed.

"Play with yourself," Chris commanded.

"Yes sir," Megan nodded, eagerly dipping her fingers into her pussy and playing with her clit.

"You're my plaything today," Chris informed her. "I'm going to have a lot of fun with you." Megan was still soaked from her denial yesterday. Chris could see that her breathing was rapidly quickening.

"I'm aiming for five orgasms for myself today," Chris continued. "I'll expect you to swallow at least three of them."

"Yes sir," Megan nodded, her voice straining through the pleasure pulsing from between her legs. Damn, she was soaked already.

"I've taken a special liking to your throat, so we're going to do that a lot," Chris observed.

Megan began to moan and Chris said, "Stop." Megan whimpered, but her fingers stopped playing. She had been a few seconds shy of relief.

"And we're going to play with that pussy," Chris continued, "but we're not going to push you over. If at the end of the day, you've given me five mind-blowing orgasms, then I'll allow you one of your own."

Megan blinked. A whole day without orgasms? A whole day as a fucktoy with no satisfaction of her own? Marching around in this ridiculous outfit, desperately trying to prove to him that she deserved something that she could give herself? Megan smiled, letting the joy inside her erupt out. "Yes sir," she said. She finally had a man to really own her.

Chris's first orgasm was from a facefuck after breakfast. Megan's head was against the kitchen counter. Chris fucked her throat. He instructed her to play with her pussy, but to stop just shy of orgasm whenever she got close. She obeyed. She brought herself to the edge five times while Chris fucked her throat. This was also the first one of the day she swallowed.

Chris's second orgasm was on the couch. He ordered Megan to ride him, but to not get herself off on his cock. It was the hardest challenge she had ever faced. She wanted nothing more than to ride his dick into her own paradise. Instead, she rode him until she was about to cum, then stopped. She waited for it to pass, then continued to ride. Meanwhile, seemingly-oblivious to her struggle, Chris simply sucked on her tits and enjoyed the experience. Finally, out of mercy, Chris told her that he could finish him with her ass. Gratefully, she turned around and rode him reverse, riding his cock with her ass. Her came inside her.

Shortly after lunch, Chris summoned her to the living room, where was still sitting on the couch. He commanded her to stand very still, then began playing with her. He fingered her for a few seconds, then let the pleasure taper off. Then her did it again, bringing her further up before stopping. Megan was soon panting in pleasure, standing completely still while Chris tortured her with her own clit. For one moment, Megan was sure that she couldn't hold off anymore. She was sure that he was about to send her over the edge into orgasm and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. He slapped her tit just as he stopped fingering her. Despite the pleasure of the pain, there was no orgasm. He edged her for ten minutes, then sent her away with a reminder that she hadn't earned it yet.

Chris's third orgasm was in the shower. With the soap lubricating their bodies, Megan gave him a long, sensual handjob. Her tits pressed against him and her lips worshiped every inch of his body. Finally, when he could take it no more, she wrapped her lips around his cock and sucked it out of him, eagerly swallowing as he came.

Chris's fourth orgasm was in the late afternoon. He bent her over a chair and railed her from behind. He held onto the edges of her mouth from behind as he fucked her. If he had chosen her pussy, there was no force on Earth that could have stopped her from cumming. He chose her ass, so she was able to remain an obedient whore who didn't cum without permission. He came in her ass for the second time that day.

For the fifth, shortly after sunset, Chris summoned her to the bedroom. He tied her to the bedpost, this time while kneeling on the ground. One rope affixed her arms to the post. Another affixed her neck to it. She had very good posture while she knelt. He fucked her tied face, again using her as a personal fuckdoll. Megan had spent a lot of time envisioning getting fucked in the face, but had never thought she would be so lucky as to experience it so frequently. She was getting very good at just opening wide and taking it.

At the last moment, Chris pulled out and jerked off. Megan, eager to swallow her third cumshot of the day, desperately tried to latch her lips onto the tip of his cock, but she was tied in place. The cum landed on her chest. There wasn't much of it, as it was his fifth orgasm of the day, but enough that she could feel each drop on her.

What did that mean? She hadn't swallowed the cum he had told her to. She hadn't followed his orders. Despair and desperation filled Megan's mind and pussy.

Chris leaned down and undid the knot tying Megan's arms behind her. Suddenly, she understood. With one deliberate finger and her head still tied to the bedpost, she scooped the drops of cum off her chest and licked them off her finger. She swallowed each one.

Chris smiled down at her. "Good slut," he said softly. Then, he disappeared from her view. She heard a drawer open. Was that her nightstand drawer? Then, Chris appeared again in her view. He was holding her vibrator.

Megan's heart leapt in excitement. Chris bent down, running an exploratory finger across her clit. It was dripping. The lightest touch of the tip of finger almost sent her over right there.

Chris turned on the vibrator and let it gently settle against her clit. Megan's whole body responded, quaking once. Her neck pulled at the rope that still held her in place on the bedpost. A deep, guttural moan erupted from her chest: "Yessss..." Chris pushed the vibrator closer against her, allowing the vibrations to echo across her body.

"Oh my god, yes!!!" Megan squealed. Her whole mind felt like it was about to pop with the pleasure. She couldn't see straight. She had no control over her limbs. Was she crying?

"Cum for me, my lovely little whore," Chris said. It was his tender voice again. It was the man she loved who had finally fucked her like she wanted.

The orgasm erupted from inside her like Krakatoa. She didn't moan or squeal--she screamed. Any air inside her lungs was vacated in the bellow of pleasure that escaped her lips. She gasped for more air so she could continue to scream. Her body shook. The rope at her neck tightened as she pulled against it, amplifying the experience.

Chris held the vibrator steady, letting her finally get the orgasm she had earned. He didn't push it further in, like most guys would. He let her rock against it, delivering her own pleasure.

Nothing had ever been like this before. Not with the one prior boyfriend that had fucked her right. Not with the porn that had guided her fantasies. Nothing held a candle to it. Maybe it was how good he had fucked her. Maybe it was that it was Chris that had given it to her. Maybe it was both. In any event, it was the greatest moment of Megan's life--the sort of primal explosion that forever marks the moment in your brain.

As the orgasm tapered off, she found that Chris's free arm was around her, holding her steady. The other was holding the vibrator, but he was holding her as she came. She smelled him. The sweat of kinky sex was still on his skin. He was as steady as a rock.

Finally, Megan was done. She only gasped for breath. She leaned her head back so the rope on her throat wasn't tight anymore. Her whole body was sore and satisfied. Chris took away the vibrator from her clit.

He smiled at her as he undid the knot that held her neck in place. As he removed the rope, he leaned down and kiss her lips gently.

"I love you," he said gently.

Megan smiled up at him. Her chest was still heaving, trying to regain control of her breathing. Still, she had enough breath to pause and say, "Yes sir."

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