Doctor is Always Right

by ArcherStories

Tags: #dom:male #pov:bottom #sub:female

Abby tries hypnotherapy to calm her anxiety.

Author’s note: While I’m used to giving credit when another writer’s work inspires a story, I’m less used to giving credit to a specific porn video. This story is largely inspired by Mind Under Master’s “Melody Marks—Trance Therapy”, which has been occupying a large portion of my personal free time in recent days.

Session 1

Abby was nervous. She had never been to therapy before. Her perspective was filled with old Frasier reruns, the odd episode of the Sopranos, and the ever-present stereotype of an old man in a musty room with a deep voice and notepad full of secrets.

She took a deep breath and glanced towards the door. Behind there was a therapist. She spun her diamond wedding ring in circles on her finger—a sort of nervous twitch. She told herself that she was being silly. People went to therapy every day. They went because it helped. And frankly, this anxiety is exactly why you need it.

Abby thought back to her conversation with her friend Melody. Melody had said that this therapist was easygoing, insightful, and helpful. He had a few odd methods—Abby didn’t know how she felt about the idea of hypnotherapy—but Melody had laughed at that. “It’s not like the movies, Abby,” she had said. “It’s just a relaxation thing. Lord knows you could use some relaxation.” Abby couldn’t exactly argue with that.

So Abby sat in the waiting room of Doctor Osiris’ office, feeling the anxiety that plagued her welling up again and trying to clamp it down. She didn’t know if it helped or hurt that there was no receptionist, just a sign saying, “Welcome. Sit and make yourself comfortable. The doctor will summon you soon,” it meant one less pair of prying eyes to face, but it also meant Abby was sitting and waiting alone, Finally, just as her anxiety was about to win and send her home, the door opened.

“Hi, Abby?” the man said. He was younger than Abby envisioned, with a pleasant smile and a t-shirt and jeans. “I’m Doctor Osiris. I’m ready for you.” His voice was also soft, pleasant, and conversational. Frasier Crane he was not.

Abby smiled, stood, and stepped into the room. It was more stereotypical than the doctor, with a large couch, a dark-stained desk, and a bookcase with hardcover volumes from end to end. There was a large television screen at the foot of the couch, which Abby hadn’t expected to see, but she supposed that some technology was to be expected—especially in a post-pandemic, Zoom-ready world. The thought of the pandemic struck another wave of anxiety through her.

“Well Abby,” the Doctor said, sitting down on an office chair by the dark-stained desk, “why don’t you have a seat and tell me a little about yourself?” He gestured towards the couch.

Abby settled onto the couch, laughing nervously and spinning her wedding ring, and said, “Ummm. Ok. Yeah. Ok.” She laughed again, realizing that she had said nothing, and tried again. “I’m Abby. I’m an accountant. I just started working a few months ago. And… um… I’ve been dealing with some anxiety.”

“How long have you been out of school?” the doctor asked casually.

“I graduated college almost a year ago,” Abby said.

“So you’re… what… twenty-three years old?”

“Twenty-two,” Abby corrected. “I skipped a year of school.”

“I see,” Doctor Osiris said with a warm smile. “And you’re married?”

“Yes,” Abby nodded. “We got married between sophomore and junior year of college.”

“That’s rather unusual,” Doctor Osiris observed. “Isn’t it?”

“Well… it depends on the school,” Abby said sheepishly. “My husband and I both attended a private Christian school. So… when it came down to a choice between getting married earlier than normal or… um… doing something that would violate our faith… we chose marriage.” Abby was red, but Doctor Osiris just smiled again.

“You mean you got married so you could have sex?”

Abby giggled nervously. “Well… I wouldn’t put it like that… it’s not uncommon from our school. They have married housing.”

“And how was the sex?” Doctor Osiris asked.

Abby blinked, taken back by the straight question. “Ummm… what?”

“Did it meet the expectation that you had given it?” Doctor Osiris said. “Abby, lots of times we feel out of control in life because we assign expectations to events that fail to meet them. You took one of the most serious decisions in your life—not to mention in your faith—because you had a desire for sex. I’m asking, as a therapist, if it met your expectation.”

“Oh,” Abby said. “Well… I mean…” She stammered, trying to find a way of telling another man about her sex life. Even if he was a therapist—her therapist—it felt wrong.

“We can get back to that later,” Doctor Osiris said with a wave of a hand. “I don’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“Ok,” Abby said with a nervous laugh.

“Tell me about your anxiety,” Doctor Osiris said.

“Yeah,” Abby nodded. “It’s gotten pretty bad. In familiar situations I’m pretty okay. In my house, in my car, even at my job—although that took a little while to get comfortable. But anywhere new… I just… feel paralyzed. Like there’s a car parked on my chest. Like I can’t breathe. I feel so… conspicuous.”

“I see,” Doctor Osiris said. “And why is that?”

“I just think that… that everyone knows I’m a fraud. And they can see it. And they’re talking behind my back about it. Because how could they not?” Her breaths were coming faster now. Doctor Osiris lifted a hand and smiled.

“It’s okay,” he said. “You’re in a safe place. I’m here to help you.”

“I know that,” Abby said, “it’s just… it’s hard.”

“Well,” Doctor Osiris said. “Do you know my specialties?”

“I… uh… do you mean the trance stuff?”

“Yes,” Doctor Osiris said comfortably. “I know that fifty years ago I would’ve been called a crackpot, but modern psychology has come around in the last few decades to the healing ability of a trance. Think about it like your phone. If you have a problem with your phone, if it’s running slow or running hot, one of the first and best things you should do is to restart it. Now, of course, we won’t be restarting a brain, but a trance allows your brain to rest, reset, and clear out a lot of the junk that you can carry with it.” He paused, cocked his head, and said, “Think of it like clearing the mental cookies that you pick up through the course of your life. And if you’ve never done it, that cache is pretty full.”

The metaphor was impactful, but Abby wasn’t sure. “What about the whole clucking like a chicken thing?” she asked tentatively.

Doctor Osiris laughed. It was a pleasant, easing sound. “I think you’ll find that there’s very little in common with this form of therapeutic hypnosis and the stage magic of the fifties. I do not have the ability—or the desire, frankly—to input foreign ideas into your brain.” He was moving to the tv screen.

“I understand that new experiences are one of your anxiety triggers. And I want to applaud you for coming here in the first place. It’s a great first step and I promise it will lead to you living a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life.” He glanced over at Abby on the couch. “Are you willing to give me just one more new experience today to see if it can help?” He smiled warmly.

“Yeah,” Abby said with a sigh. “Okay. Let’s see how it goes.”

“Good,” Doctor Osiris said. He pushed a button on the television screen and it came on. Abby saw a picture of a mountain range, which she thought was odd, until she realized it was the desktop of his computer. He was using it as an extended monitor. Doctor Osiris sat down, dragged a program onto the screen from his computer, and then looked up at Abby.

“This is going to be a bit of an odd experience for your first time,” Doctor Osiris said. “Some people aren’t used to feeling this level of relaxation. It’s good, though. It’s healthy.” He pointed at the screen. “I want you to lean back on the couch and look at that screen. Get very comfortable.”

Doctor Osiris reached under his desk and push a button. The lights in the room dimmed slightly. Abby leaned back on the couch, finding it quite comfortable. There was a pillow that was well positioned so that she could see the screen, but wasn’t craning her neck.

“When this starts, you might feel the urge to go to sleep,” Doctor Osiris said. “Don’t fight that. It’s actually the trance itself. And afterwards, you may feel that you are awakening from the most restful nap ever.”

That did sound nice. She knew she was here to get better and deal with anxiety, but the idea of taking a nap for her first session was a lot less pressure. She had been expecting to open up to the dark spots of her psyche and tell a stranger about traumatic memories. A nap was easier.

“All set?” Doctor Osiris asked.

“Yep,” Abby said.

Doctor Osiris pressed a button and Abby focused on the television screen. From the black screen, a soft purple light appeared. It was a small circle amidst the black screen. As Abby watched, the color of the circle shifted to blue, then green, then yellow. It worked its way through the color wheel and restarted.

“Just relax and watch the light,” Doctor Osiris said softly. Abby jolted a little bit at his voice. She was surprised to find that she had begun to drift already. She focused on the light again, just as it split.

The one light became two lights. They shifted through the color wheel again, very slowly. Abby was trying to see if one was moving faster than the other, but they seemed to not progress at the same rate or with any consistency. Abby realized at one point that there were three lights now. They were spinning in a triangle. One appeared to be moving backward through the color wheel.

Abby realized that she could no longer see anything outside the television screen. The room had faded from her vision. Had Doctor Orisus turned off the lights completely? Or had her eyes adjusted to the lights on screen? Abby briefly considered looking around to see, but didn’t want to look away from the light.

She did feel sleepy, but it was more than that. It was like she was looking into a window and there was a room on the other side.

“Just relax.” Doctor Osiris’s words sounded like they were drifting across an ocean. They didn’t startle her this time. “Watch the lights.”

Abby was trying, but it was light the lights weren’t even there anymore. She was looking past that, into something beyond. She was amidst the swirling colors in the darkness.

“You’re safe, Abby,” the distant words were almost a whisper.

Abby found herself on a beach of some sort. Instead of water, however, the waves that rolled in and out were made of the night sky, filled with stars of every color. The beach she was on was made of tiny beads of glass. She walked, listening to faraway voices that she could no longer understand and no longer recognize. The nightsky pooled around her feet, then receded back into the ocean.

She didn’t know how long she was in that no-place. Time didn’t seem to matter. But eventually, she became aware of a circle of lights, spinning before her eyes in various colors. They dropped away, one by one, until a single light was in the center of her vision. Around her, Abby could see the office of her therapist, Doctor Osiris.

Finally, the last light faded and it was just Abby on the couch. She stretched, feeling that her muscles were very stiff, but relaxed.

“Oh,” she muttered. “Did… I fall asleep?”

“No, dear,” Doctor Osiris said softly. “You were put under a relaxing trance. Do you remember that?”

“Oh yeah,” Abby said, smiling. She did feel very relaxed. “That was wonderful.”

“Not scary?” Doctor Osiris asked.

“No, not scary,” Abby shook her head. “I want to do more of them.” The words popped out of her mouth spontaneously.

“Maybe later,” Doctor Osiris said. “For now, I think we should talk some. This is therapy after all.” (sAfE spAcE)

“Okay,” Abby nodded. “This is a safe space.”

Doctor Osiris smiled pleasantly. “Yes, it is a safe place. And it’s important that you trust me.” (trUst) “Abby, do you know what ‘repression’ is?”

“It’s like when you push something down, right?” Abby said.

“Very good, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr)

Abby smiled, glowing with the compliment.

“Specifically,” Doctor Osiris continued, “it’s when you take something that is natural and hard-coded in your DNA and attempt to deny it. Push it down, in your words. And bottle it up. But it doesn’t go away. It’s just hiding. Does that make sense?” (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) (sAfE spAcE)

Abby nodded. “Yes, that makes sense.”

“I’m worried that for a person of faith such as yours, you may be dealing with a lot of repression,” Doctor Osiris said. (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) “Can you tell me at all about your sex life?” (trUst) (sAfE spAcE)

“It’s… it’s pretty boring,” Abby said. She was glad that she had done the relaxing techniques. She felt much less stressed talking about her sex life now. “We do it once a week. Thursday nights are date night. We do it after that.”

“Do you cum?” Doctor Osiris asked. (sAfE spAcE)

“Sometimes,” Abby said. “We mostly do hand stuff. We try to do more sex, but he doesn’t like wearing a condom and neither of us have much practice. So hand stuff is simply easier.”

“Very good, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr)

Abby gushed with the compliment.

“I’m not surprised that you have a pretty boring sex life,” Doctor Osiris said. “Sex takes practice. It takes exploration. And that is something that a faith generally squashes. But it’s natural for a young woman such as yourself to want to explore. That energy is being repressed and is causing you anxiety.” (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr)

Abby nodded vigorously. “That makes sense.”

“I can help you, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. (trUst) “So how about you schedule another appointment and we can dig more deeply into this?” (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr)

“Yes, absolutely,” Abby nodded.

“But… I think it’s important that doctor-patient confidentiality works both ways,” Doctor Osiris said. (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) “So I want you to keep what we discuss between just us. That’s how this remains a safe space for you.” (sAfE spAcE) (trUst)

“Absolutely,” Abby nodded. “I’ll do whatever you say.” (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr)

“Very good, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. “You’ve been an excellent patient today.”

Abby rode the high of that compliment all the way home.

* * *

Session 2

“Welcome back, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. He stepped aside and let her come in.

As soon as Abby was in the room, she felt the weight of the world drop away. (sAfE spAcE) It had been a hard few days since her last session. Her relaxation coming out of the last session had lasted a few hours, but once she was back into the routine, the anxiety crept back up. She yearned to come back and find that relaxation again.

“How has your anxiety been, Abby?” Doctor Osiris asked. “You seem a little stressed.”

“I’ve been managing…” Abby said. “But I’ve been looking forward to coming back here and destressing more.”

“Well should we get to it?” Doctor Osiris asked. “We can talk more afterwards.”

“Yes, please,” Abby nodded.

She laid down on the couch and looked at the screen. The purple light appeared and immediately Abby began to feel (sAfE plAcE) relaxed.

“Just take a deep breath,” Doctor Osiris instructed. “Let the stress melt away.” (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr)

“Yes, Doctor,” Abby said, feeling her brain slow and her eyes drift off amidst the lights.

“You’re doing great, Abby,” Doctor Osiris’ far-away voice said.

“Thank you, Doctor,” Abby said (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr), the words taking much longer to pronounce than normally. Already the room was dark around her. It was easier this time, like finding your way to a place you had been before.

Before she even realized that the lights had split or that she was going under, she was standing on the beach again, walking on glass sands while the night sky rolled in and out in gentle waves. Far away, she could hear words. She knew she was listening to the words, even if she couldn’t understand them. But none of that mattered here in the glass sands.

When Abby awoke on the couch, the same, familiar peace was resting on her. She wondered how long she had been out, then decided it didn’t really matter.

“Welcome back, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. “How do you feel?”

“I feel good,” Abby said with a smile. She hoped that he wasn’t too bored while she was in a trance. It must be really boring. (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr)

“Good,” Doctor Osiris said. “Now tell me about the last few days. How have you been since our last appointment?” (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn)

“It was good for the first day,” Abby said, “and then I got anxious again.”

“Worse than before?” Doctor Osiris asked.

“Not worse, no,” Abby said. “But the same. And I think it felt worse because I knew how relaxed I could be.”

“That’s very insightful,” Doctor Osiris said with a smile (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr). “Very good, Abby.”

“Thank you, Doctor,” Abby said with a wide, relaxed smile. The euphoria of relaxation was still on her.

“It might be like that in the future,” Doctor Osiris said. “Until you learn to control your anxiety and find your own safe place” (sAfE spAcE) “you are going to find that these sessions provide temporary relief. If you need to, we can increase the frequency of these sessions.”

“I would love that,” Abby said. “But I don’t know if I can afford that.”

“I wouldn’t worry about that,” Doctor Osiris said. (trUst) “We can work out a plan or figure out another way to pay. The important part is that you get the help you need.” (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr) “So let’s schedule what’s needed and you pay what you can.” (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr) “Don’t worry, Abby, I’m not going to bankrupt you. I’m here to help.” (trUst) (sAfE spAcE)

“Thank you so much, Doctor,” Abby said. “That makes me feel so much better.”

“Absolutely,” Doctor Osiris said. “But let’s talk about the real issues. Do you remember what we discussed last time?” (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn)

“Repression,” Abby said. “Bottling up natural feelings.”

“Very good, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr) “Specifically, we were talking about how your upbringing in faith might have bottled up some rather natural feelings” (AlwAys hOrny) “for a healthy, developing woman.”

“You think I bottled it all up,” Abby said.

“Didn’t you?” Doctor Osiris asked. (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr)

“Probably,” Abby nodded. (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn) “You’re not allowed to… want it… in church. You’re told that it’s bad. That you’re bad for wanting it.”

“It’s not sin,” Doctor Osiris said gently. “It’s biology.” (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn) (trUst)

“I can see” (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) “that now, Doctor,” Abby nodded thoughtfully.

“Good,” Doctor Osiris said. “Now, I want you to start to look at what you have repressed. What natural” (AlwAys hOrny) “healthy” (AlwAys hOrny) “urges you might have denied.”

“I… I am horny, Doctor,” Abby said. She hadn’t actually realized how horny she always (AlwAys hOrny) was until now. Therapy was teaching herself more about herself (sAfE spAcE).

“I see,” Doctor Osiris said. “And tell me… are your needs being met?” (sAfE spAcE)

“No,” Abby admitted. “I’m so” (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn) “bottled up all the time. Even if I let it out, I don’t think I’d get what I need.” (AlwAys hOrny)

“Just because you don’t get what you need, doesn’t mean you don’t need it,” Doctor Osiris said. (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) “You should be honest with what your body needs.”

“Yes, Doctor,” Abby said. “I’ll try to be more honest with how horny I am.”

“Good girl,” Doctor Osiris said. (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr) (AlwAys hOrny)

* * *

Session 3

“How has the past couple days been, Abby?” Doctor Osiris asked. Abby had tried to schedule a session the next day, but he didn’t have an opening until the following one. Her husband had been concerned about the cost of so frequent of sessions, but Abby had explained that the Doctor wanted to make sure (trUst) she got the help she needed and he wasn’t going to bankrupt them. He hadn’t seem convinced, but had relented.

On the other hand, he hadn’t complained about the three times they fucked in the last two days. He actually turned her down for the fourth. Abby had also insisted that they do more than hand stuff. She told him that the only way they would get better would be practice. So they practiced.

“Good, doctor,” Abby said. “After acknowledging how horny I am, I didn’t have as much time to be anxious.”

“That’s very good, Abby,” Doctor Osiris smiled. (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr) “I think it’s also that you’ve started to unbottle some of the repression” (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn) “and now your emotions are more balanced.”

“So this is helping,” Abby glowed. (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr)

“Absolutely,” Doctor Osiris said. “It’s helping. And I want to talk more about this, but we should get you nice and relaxed first, don’t you think?”

“Absolutely, Doctor,” Abby nodded.

She settled back, looked at the screen, and anticipated the peace and relaxation that was to come. Soon, she was walking on glass beaches in space, while a distant voice told other parts of her mind important truths. Then, she awoke on Doctor Osiris’ couch again.

“That was a really good session, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. “You did really well.” (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr) She found that the Doctor had moved his office chair close to the couch, so they could talk closer.

“Oh, thank you so much, Doctor,” Abby beamed from her relaxed mind. She went to sit up, but Doctor Osiris put a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“How about you just sit back and relax,” Doctor Osiris said (sAfE spAcE). “We can talk like this.”

“Okay, Doctor,” Abby said, (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) laying back down on the couch.

“So last time, we talked about how your repression” (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn) “was causing you to bottle feelings of sexual need” (AlwAys hOrny) “and that was causing you anxiety,” the doctor summarized.

“Yes, Doctor,” Abby said.

“We found that you had a much higher sex drive” (AlwAys hOrny) “than you allowed yourself to realize,” Doctor Osiris said.

“Yes, Doctor,” Abby said. “I’m always horny.” (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

“How you feel is perfectly healthy,” Doctor Osiris said. “And I’m proud of you for admitting to yourself just how horny you are.” (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr) “Tell me, Abby, when you fucked your husband, did you cum?”

“Two of the three times,” Abby said.

“And how did it feel?” Doctor Osiris said.

“I“ (lOvE tO cUm) “loved it,” Abby said. “I love to cum.”

“You need to cum a lot, don’t you,” Doctor Osiris observed mildly.

Abby thought for a moment (AlwAys hOrny) (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE) before realizing he was right. She did need to cum a lot. She was always horny and always needing that release. No wonder she was so (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn) bottled up for so long.

“Yes,” Abby said. “I need to cum a lot.”

“You need to cum all the time, don’t you” Doctor Osiris amended. (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) (AlwAys hOrny)

Abby was faster this time. “Yes, I need to cum all the time.”

“Do you need release now?” Doctor Osiris asked. (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

“I do,” Abby nodded. “But… I shouldn’t. I should wait until my husband. Like a good wife.” (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

“I think I sense some more repression there, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn) “You labor under the pretense that the only one who should get you off” (lOvE tO cUm) “is your husband. But your husband is every bit as repressed” (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn) “as you were. So how can he keep up with your constant” (AlwAys hOrny) “need for release?” (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

Abby—suddenly very aware of a pulsing, needing feeling in her vagina—moaned slightly. “What do I do, Doctor?” (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr)

“You take care of it yourself, of course,” the Doctor said with a gentle laugh. (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

“You mean… masturbate?” Abby said. (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

“Yes, I do,” the doctor said.

“But that’s sin,” Abby said. (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn)

“No, it’s natural,” Doctor Osiris said calmly. (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr)

“It’s…” Abby said (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE) (lOvE tO cUm) “...natural.” It was simple now. If she was shrugging off repression, she should be shrugging all of it off. That included misguided prohibitions towards otherwise healthy behaviors.

“Yes, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said comfortingly. “Very good, Abby. I’m so proud of you.” (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr)

“Thank you, Doctor,” Abby glowed. “I love when you’re proud of me.”

“So why don’t you go ahead?” Doctor Osiris said.

“Go ahead?” Abby said, confused.

“Yes, go ahead and masturbate,” Doctor Osiris said. “I don’t mind.”

“Wh… what? here?” Abby frowned.

“Yes, here,” Doctor Osiris said, somewhat exasperatedly (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr). “You need release now and your husband isn’t around for it. Didn’t we just cover this?” (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr)

“I’ve never… in front of anyone,” Abby said.

“You’re safe, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said more gently. (sAfE spAcE) (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) (trUst)

“I’m safe,” Abby reiterated.

“And you need release, don’t you?” Doctor Osiris asked. (AlwAys hOrny) (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

“I need release, yes,” Abby agreed, focusing again on that pulsing feeling.

“Abby, you might also be surprised what happens when you cum in your safe place,” Doctor Osiris said coyly. Abby wondered what he meant by (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE) that, but decided to (trUst) trust her doctor.

Abby undid the button of her jeans, unzipped, and reached into her pants. Her pants were tight and didn’t leave a lot of room, but as soon as her fingers touched her clit she stopped worrying about that.

“So to review…” Doctor Osiris said. Abby did her best to focus on his words (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) as the pleasure erupted from her pussy. “You are always horny,” the Doctor summarized. (AlwAys hOrny)

“Yes, I’m always horny,” Abby agreed heartily.

“And you need release,” Doctor Osiris added. (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

“I need release, yes,” Abby nodded vigorously. She was amazed by how quickly a reaction was building in her body.

“And how does it feel to get a release? Do you enjoy it?” Doctor Osiris asked. (lOvE tO cUm)

Abby was just wondering what sort of question that was when her mouth opened and the words came pouring out, “Yes, I love to cum, doctor. I love to cum.”

“I’m so happy you feel safe “ (sAfE spAcE) “here, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. “You’re making such excellent progress.” (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr)

The final knowledge that her doctor was pleased with her pushed Abby over the edge. The pent-up desire since her last fuck—a full sixteen hours ago—released (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE) all at once. Her body quaked suddenly and the pleasure rippled outward. (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE) It had never (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE) been like this before. She cried out, the pleasure (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE) more and more suddenly than she had been expecting. The Doctor sat patiently while Abby writhed in pleasure. She screamed, like her husband had never made her scream (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE).

Finally, Abby collapsed backward onto the couch, breathing heavily.

“That was amazing,” Abby said to herself.

“Do you see what happens when you leave repression behind?” Doctor Osiris said. (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn)

“Yes,” Abby nodded. “And it’s amazing.”

* * *

Session 4

Abby was downright giddy when she walked into the office the next day. She had had one of the most vigorous twenty-four hours of her life. Her husband hadn’t brought up fucking, but that hadn’t stopped Abby from achieving climax nine times. None of them were quite as powerful as the time in (sAfE spAcE) the office (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE), but it was rather empowering to be able to be horny (AlwAys hOrny) and do something about it herself (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE).

“Hello Doctor,” Abby said pleasantly.

“Hello Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. “You look happy.”

“I am so happy,” Abby glowed. “Thank you so much for helping me, Doctor.” (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr) “I don’t know what I’m ever going to do to thank you.”

“I’m glad to hear that you’re handling your anxiety so much better,” Doctor Osiris said.

“I feel much more relaxed,” Abby nodded. Then, she cocked her head to the side and amended, “Or… at least less anxious. I have had a lot of energy in other ways.”

“I’m sure,” Doctor Osiris said. “Did you want to rub one out here before we get started?” (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE)

“That would be amazing!” Abby said. Her hands performed their well-rehearsed motion of lifting her skirt—she wore a skirt instead of pants for greater accessibility—and slipping her fingers into her panties. Abby began rubbing furiously. (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

Doctor Osiris moved to the screen, turned it on, and readied his program. Then, he turned back and watched his patient. He didn’t have to wait long until she was shrieking in pleasure again. (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE) This room offered her a sort of pleasure that nowhere else did. She hoped that they could always start their sessions like this. (lOvE tO cUm)

After her body-wracking orgasm finally subsided, Abby took a deep breath. She could go again, but she knew it was time to get some serious therapy done.

“Thank you for letting me get release,” Abby smiled at Doctor Osiris (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr).

“You’re welcome, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. “I know how good it can be to resolve sexual frustration. Now, shall we get to the relaxation trance?”

“Yes, please, Doctor,” Abby said. She was worried that she might take longer to go under because her heart rate was higher after cumming, but Abby immediately found herself on the glass beach.

Abby remained in that abyss for a time—how long, she didn’t know and didn’t care—until she found herself again on the couch in her (sAfE spAcE) safe place.

“So you’ve had quite the past day, hmm?” Doctor Osiris said.

“Yes,” Abby nodded, feeling the relaxation in every muscle in her body. “I’ve been doing away with so much repression.” (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn)

“So you’ve adopted the masturbator’s lifestyle?” Doctor Osiris said. (lOvE tO cUm)

“Yes, I have,” Abby nodded. “I have masturbated eleven times in the last day. Counting both of the times in this office.” (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE)

“Eleven times?” Doctor Osiris said, his eyebrows raised.

“Yes,” Abby said proudly.

“That’s great that you’re exploring yourself” (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr) “so confidently, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said, “but I’m a little concerned.”

Abby’s glee dampened almost instantly. (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr) “Oh, why?”

“Did you know that if someone is starving” (AlwAys hOrny) “you can actually harm them by giving them too much food too quickly?” Doctor Osiris said. “You’ve been repressed for so long, I don’t want you to fracture something… mentally or physically… by doing too much all at once.”

“Oh,” Abby said. “I hadn’t thought of that. I was just” (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE) “having so much fun freeing myself from repression.”

“I know,” Doctor Osiris said. “How about this? How about you let me help you?” (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) (trUst) “You want it as much as you want, but I’ll help moderate you.”

“How do you mean?” Abby asked.

“Well, you don’t touch yourself unless I say it’s okay,” Doctor Osiris said. (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm). “And I’ll keep track and let you know when it’s alright.” (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) (trUst)

“Oh,” Abby said. “That makes sense. But what if I want it?” (AlwAys hOrny) (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

“Then you call me,” Doctor Osiris said patiently, “and ask for it.”

“And if you say no?” Abby said. (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm)

“Then I say no,” Doctor Osiris said simply. (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr)

“And I don’t get to cum?” Abby said, still processing the idea of calling for permission to masturbate.

“That’s the whole point, yes,” Doctor Osiris said with a gentle laugh. “I know that it sounds odd, but it’s for the best. You” (trUst) “trust me, don’t you?”

“I do,” Abby immediately nodded. Another thought occurred to her. “Well… what if my husband wants to have sex?”

“Well I don’t want you poking loopholes,” Doctor Osiris said. “And if I say no, you could just go jump your husband to get it that way. So I don’t see a reason to make an exception.”

Abby blinked. “I… I can’t cum with my husband?” (fAkE It wIth hUsbAnd)

“No,” Doctor Osiris said. “Only when I say so.” (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm)

“What am I supposed to do if we have sex then?” Abby asked (fAkE It wIth hUsbAnd), somehow already knowing the answer.

“You fake it,” the doctor said simply. (fAkE It wIth hUsbAnd) “Women have been” (fAkE It wIth hUsbAnd) “faking it for as long as there have been orgasms.” (lOvE tO cUm) “I’m sure you’ll manage.” The doctor grew very serious. “But you have to listen to me” (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) “and do what I say, Abby. It’s for your own good.”

“Yes doctor,” Abby nodded, feeling a little pitiful at the moment.

“And if I say no,” the Doctor said, keeping his stern demeanor, “then I don’t want you calling me another five minutes later to ask again. A no is a no.” (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm) “And if I think you’re too desperate for it, I probably will be less likely to give it to you in the first place.” (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE) “This is for your own good.” (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr)

“I understand,” Abby nodded. “Can… can I cum before I leave?” (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm) (AlwAys hOrny) (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

The doctor got a weird expression on his face. It was almost like amusement and almost like desire. Then, it was gone and Abby doubted if she ever saw it at all.

“No, Abby,” Doctor said. “You do not have permission.” (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm)

Abby almost whimpered, but stopped herself. Her body was aching for it, but she dared not touch herself without her doctor’s permission. It was for her own good.

“You’ve already cum in here once today,” the Doctor said. “You’ll have to wait until our next session for an orgasm in your safe place.” (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE)

“But it’s Friday,” Abby said meekly. “It will be all weekend.”

“You’ve gone twenty-two years controlling yourself,” Doctor Osiris said with a touch of humor. “I’m sure you’ll last the weekend.”

Session 5

Abby hadn’t been this nervous since her first session. She also was keenly aware of the dripping wetness underneath her skirt. She had been aware of it all weekend.

She managed to only call Doctor Osiris seven times. Six times, he said no. Every time, she resisted the urge to call him right back or—worse—to go ahead and do it anyways (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm). She had sex with her husband on his initiation, hoping that she would accidentally cum. She was plenty wet, but her body didn’t even remotely approach climax (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm). So she did what she had to do (fAkE It wIth hUsbAnd) and then laid there desiring.

She waited until her husband was in the shower, then called her therapist. “I just had sex with my husband, but I didn’t have permission, so I faked it. Please, can I have permission to cum?”

“You’ve been very good,” he had said. “So yes, go ahead and do it once.”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you,” she had blurted out. Then she went to town on herself, quickly rubbing out an orgasm. She grinded her teeth together to stop from screaming when she came. Only afterwards did she realize she never hung up on her therapist.

“I’m glad you had fun, Abby,” he had said. “I’ll see you on Monday.”

That hadn’t stopped Abby from calling him three more times at different times, asking for more—which he denied.

Abby didn’t know what her therapist would think of her behavior this weekend. Had she asked too much? Was she in danger of hurting herself? (AlwAys hOrny) Or was she in danger of sinking back into repression? (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn) Most of all, she wanted to know if she would get one of those amazing, safe space orgasms. (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE)

The door opened and Doctor Osiris popped out. “Hi Abby, come on in.”

Abby hopped up and hurried inside. She felt the safety of the room descend down on her. (sAfE spAcE)

“So, how was your weekend?” Doctor Osiris asked casually.

“It was… difficult,” Abby said, as if he already didn’t know.

“Because of anxiety?” Doctor Osiris asked.

“Because” (AlwAys hOrny) “I was horny the entire time, but couldn’t cum,” Abby said. Only afterwards did it occur to her that she didn’t think twice about telling her therapist these things. (trUst) (sAfE spAcE)

“I am pleased with you that you obeyed,” Doctor Osiris said. (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr)

“Good,” Abby said, gladness emerging through the cloud of horny haze in her head.

“Now, how about you lay down and we get to work?” Doctor Osiris said.

“The… the trance?” Abby said hesitantly.

“Yes,” Doctor Osiris nodded. “Why?”

“Well… I… I was hoping I could… you know…” Abby said. (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

“Abby, I am a therapist, not a mind reader,” Doctor Osiris said simply.

“I was hoping to have permission to cum,” Abby said. (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm) (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE)

“Oh, I see,” Doctor Osiris said. “Well let’s do this relaxation first, and then we’ll talk about that afterwards. Is that okay?”

It wasn’t, Abby thought. It really wasn’t. But (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr) Abby nodded and laid down on the couch. She looked at the screen. The purple light appeared, transitioned colors, and Abby was well on her way into the abyss.

There was less horniness on the glass beach. There was nothing there, actually. In the distance, voices instructed another part of her with important, powerful truths. But here, her consciousness wandered the glass amidst the stars, free from all trouble.

Then, there was a purple light again, receding into a black screen. The sense of perfect post-trance relaxation washed over Abby again.

“Hello Abby,” Doctor Osiris said softly from his chair next to her.

“Hello Doctor,” Abby said pleasantly. Her horniness hadn’t quite returned to her yet. One part of her mind was still drifting in starlight.

“So, you were asking for something before you went under,” Doctor Osiris said. (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

“I want to cum,” Abby said softly. (lOvE tO cUm)

“How badly do you need it?” Doctor Osiris asked.

The post-trance relaxation was no longer repressing the desire. (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

“Bad,” Abby said. (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm)

“Who would have thought that such a sex-fueled woman lived inside that docile one from our first session?” Doctor Osiris mused. (AlwAys hOrny) “I’m glad to have unleashed that side of you, Abby.” (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr)

“Thank you, Doctor,” Abby said, her voice hushed and husky. She could only think that she was just a few words of permission and a few strokes of the finger away from one of those explosive, full-body, safe space orgasms. (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE)

“Have you given any thought to how you might repay me for these sessions?” Doctor Osiris asked mildly. (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr)

“Repay you?” Abby asked, most of her mind still fixated on the prospect of an orgasm. (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr)

“Yes,” Doctor Osiris said. “We’re doing daily sessions. I’m not looking to bankrupt you, mind you. I’m just talking about a little thank you.” (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr)

“What are you thinking?” Abby asked.

“I was wondering if you had given it any thought,” Doctor Osiris pushed back. (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr) “I want you to come up with something.” (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr)

“I don’t know,” Abby said dumbly.

“How about… you come up with an idea and you’ll have earned your orgasm for today?” Doctor Osiris said. (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm)

“Earn…” Abby said, wondering about that concept. It sounded perfectly natural that she had to earn (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm) the orgasm (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE) but they hadn’t talked about it like that before.

“Yes, earn,” Doctor Osiris said simply. (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm) “One of the best psychiatric concepts is the idea of reward. If you take something you want” (lOvE tO cUm) (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE) “and make it a reward, then you’re powerfully motivated to do things you’re less likely to want. It’s a prize.” (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE)

“That makes sense,” Abby said. (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr)

“We’re going to channel that raw, sexual” (AlwAys hOrny) “energy into something productive,” Doctor Osiris said. “Let’s start here. Tell me how you’re going to thank me for daily free sessions and I’ll give you permission to get yourself off.” (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm)

Abby thought… hard. She needed (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE) to get off, but how did the doctor want her to repay him? (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr)

“The answer is in your head, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said patiently. (trUst) “I know it is. Try to reach for it.” (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr)

“I… I…” Abby thought hard. Strangely enough, she did feel like there was something in her head. It was the equivalent of waking up and gradually releasing that you were sleeping on something. You could feel the shape of it, the foreignness of it, and eventually you could grab onto it. Mentally, there was something there that…

(lOOk sExY fOr dOctOr)

“I could look sexy for you,” Abby said.

“Well that’s an idea,” Doctor Osiris said, considering her idea. Even as he thought about it, Abby wondered where it had come from. Wasn’t that terribly slutty? Then again, she talked very openly with this man about her sexual needs. He had watched her masturbate on multiple occasions. In fact, he was the one she needed permission from before she masturbated. Was it so strange to dress sexy for him?

“I like the idea,” Doctor Osiris said, considering. “It sure would make our sessions more entertaining for me.” (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr) (lOOk sExY fOr dOctOr) “And it would give us the chance to explore what sort of sexual energy you have bubbling under there in the first place.” (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn) He looked at her seriously. “This was your idea. Are you really sure?” (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr) (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr) (lOOk sExY fOr dOctOr)

“Yes, of course,” Abby nodded vigorously.

“Well it’s settled,” Doctor Osiris said. “You go ahead and dress sexy for me. Don’t tell anyone, as per our original agreement about doctor-patient confidentiality. You can change here, if that’s easier.” (lOOk sExY fOr dOctOr) “Well that’s settled then.”

“Yes,” Abby nodded. “Umm…”

“Is there something else?” Doctor Osiris asked. (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE) Abby could feel frustration and need inside her. How could he forget? They had agreed. She would have to ask for it.

“Can I cum, please?” Abby asked. (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm) “I came up with a good idea. Haven’t I earned it?” (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm)

“Yes, that’s true,” Doctor Osiris said. (lOvE tO cUm) “Go ahead, Abby. You earned it today.” (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm) (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm)

“Thank you, thankyouthnkyuuuu,” Abby said, the words slurring together. She went to work on herself immediately. Her body… pent up again with (AlwAys hOrny) so much repressed energy… responded quickly. Midway through her powerful, squealing orgasm, Abby found herself looking at her therapist. He was watching with an amused little smile while she rode the best orgasms (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE) of her life. Thankfully, she was in a safe place. (sAfE spAcE)

“Pick your outfit carefully,” Doctor Osiris advised. (lOOk sExY fOr dOctOr) “The way I see it, a sexy outfit is an easy way to earn an orgasm.” (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm)

“Yes! I’ll make you happy,” Abby promised. (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr)

“I’m sure you will,” Doctor Osiris said.

Session 6

Abby felt like a slut. She hoped that meant she would earn her orgasm (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm). She wore fishnets, garters, and the tiniest black panties. She had a black lace bra that she filled out quite nicely. She hadn’t been content with any of her shoes, so she had bought platform heels—two inch platform paired with a six inch heel. Walking was hell, but she looked good. She had thought a few times about wearing something less provocative, but (lOOk sExY fOr dOctOr) that wasn’t acceptable for reasons she couldn’t quite put her finger on.

She was sex on heels (AlwAys hOrny) and she hadn’t cum in twenty-four hours (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE). It felt like a lifetime.

Her fingers played absently on the silky fabric of the tiny panties. She had worn them for an anniversary once, but already she was feeling greater pleasure in them than she had on that night—even if the pleasure she was feeling was hollow without permission to finish. (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm)

The door finally opened and Doctor Osiris stepped out. “Abby, you can come in now.” His eyes surveyed her as she stood, caught her balance, and moved as gracefully as she could to the room. She felt embarrassed until the exact moment she crossed the threshold into the (sAfE spAcE) doctor’s office.

“Well well,” Doctor Osiris said, admiring her. “You dressed well for me today.”

“I owed you” (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr) “for how much you’ve helped me,” Abby said. “This is the least I can do to give something back to you during these sessions.”

“That… and you want to cum, don’t you?” Doctor Osiris asked with a coy smile. (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm)

“Yesss,” Abby said with a touch of a whine in her voice. “I want it” (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE) “so badly.” (lOvE tO cUm)

“Let’s get you nice and relaxed and then we can talk about it,” Doctor Osiris suggested. (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr)

“Okay,” Abby said, still disappointed she didn’t get to cum before.

Abby visited the glass shores, wondered at the sea of starlight, and returned safely to Doctor Osiris’ office. Feeling relaxed, Abby stretched out, leaned back lazily on the couch, and looked over at her therapist.

Doctor Osiris glanced down over the lace and the skin that it did a poor job of hiding. A look of desire filled his eyes and Abby (yOU lOvE bEIng ObjEctIfIEd) felt a thrill of excitement. She turned slightly, giving him a better view of her straight-on. She had never felt quite so sexy (yOU lOvE bEIng ObjEctIfIEd) as right then and there.

“So,” the Doctor said, still filling his mind full of images of her that only her husband had ever received, “let’s see if you’ve earned a treat today.” (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm)

Knowing she was being evaluated, Abby lifted one long, fishnetted leg into he air, feeling the tiny panties wedge as she did so. (lOOk sExY fOr dOctOr) At the same time, she ran a hand along her side, letting it cup her breast enticingly for a moment before continuing on above her head.

“Very good,” Doctor Osiris said. “I am pleased.” (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr)

“I’m so glad,” Abby said, feeling anticipation boil up inside her.

“You may get yourself off…” Abby squealed with delight and (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE) reached for her panties. “…but.” The word dropped and the room went silent. Abby, her pussy aching for attention and her permission suddenly contingent, listened (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) intently. “But I want you to look me in the eye the whole time. If you break eye contact, permission is withheld.” (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm)

Abby opened her mouth to ask “why”, but quickly decided that that didn’t matter. She had permission, even if it was contingent. Instead, she simply said, “Yes. Thank you!” (lOvE tO cUm)

Doctor Osiris settled back in his chair as Abby slipped her fingers into her soaked panties. She stared with intensity into his sharp, green eyes. He sometimes looked back at her, but more commonly surveyed her body, quaking with the pleasure that (sAfE spAcE) she was feeling. The pleasure she had earned. (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm)

“You look very sexy, Abby,” Doctor Osiris observed. (yOU lOvE bEIng ObjEctIfIEd)

“Thank you so much,” Abby said, the compliment surging her pleasure.

“I like how your tits look in that bra,” Doctor Osiris said. (yOU lOvE bEIng ObjEctIfIEd)

“Thank you, Doctor,” Abby gushed, her eyes locked onto his—seeing the way they wandered, evaluated, and lusted. (yOU lOvE bEIng ObjEctIfIEd)

“Silly me,” Doctor Osiris said. “I didn’t get to see that ass of yours.” (lOOk sExY fOr dOctOr)

Abby—careful to not even blink, much less break eye contact—rolled over on the couch, displaying her ass for him as she looked back over her shoulder to look him in the eye. All the while, her fingers played, aggressively pushing her body closer to its edge. (lOvE tO cUm)

“That’s a great ass, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said mildly. (yOU lOvE bEIng ObjEctIfIEd) “You’ve got the body of an angel. Or… maybe something more naughty.”

“Thank you, thank you,” Abby said, feeling her orgasm approaching like a train speeding towards a wall.

Doctor Osiris looked back at her eyes. They hadn’t left his the whole time. He smiled at her.

It took all of Abby’s willpower to keep her eyes open and locked on him as the freight train of an orgasm smashed through her body. (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE) She squealed, cursed, and moaned like a whore, but stared at her Doctor through the whole thing.

Doctor Osiris continued to smile, watching the body he had lusted after quake with pleasure—the pleasure he had given permission for. (cUm fOr dOctOr OnlY) It was a knowing smile in a way that Abby didn’t quite understand.

Finally, the orgasm finished, Abby collapsed back onto the couch.

“Good job, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. Abby didn’t know why he was congratulating her, but it didn’t seem to matter. (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr) She was just happy to be praised by him.

“I’m very pleased with how your therapy is going, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. “You’ve made leaps and bounds in managing your anxiety and have freed a lot of the repression of your upbringing. I think you deserve a reward for your hard work.”

“A reward?” Abby said, raising her head from the couch.

“Yes,” Doctor Osiris said. “From now until our next session, you have my permission to masturbate to climax as much as you want.”

Abby sat up, excitement and hunger filling her mind. (AlwAys hOrny) (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE) (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm) “Thank you,” Abby said, her mouth dry. “Thank you, thank you!”

Doctor Osiris raised a finger and said, “I should clarify… If you cancel your appointment or reschedule, this is immediately revoked.”

“Of course,” Abby nodded. “I’ll be here.” She grinned. “I… I might be a little tired. But I’ll be here.”

“And when you get here?” Doctor Osiris asked. Abby was confused for a moment, then realized what he was asking. (lOOk sExY fOr dOctOr)

“I’ll look sexy for you,” Abby said.

“In a different way,” Doctor Osiris said. “If you want to continue to earn pleasure.” (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm)

“Yes, absolutely,” Abby said. “A new, sexy outfit. For you.”

“Excellent,” Doctor Osiris said.

“Doctor… what about my husband?” Abby said.

“What about him?” Doctor Osiris asked.

“Can I cum with him? You said I can masturbate to completion, but…” (fAkE It wIth hUsbAnd)

“Ah,” Doctor Osiris said. “This is a reward for you and the work you’ve done. It has nothing to do with him. So how about you just keep faking it with him?” (fAkE It wIth hUsbAnd)

“But…” Abby started, seeing holes in logic.

“Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. “I think this is rather generous.” (lOvE tO cUm) “How about we don’t push it?” (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm) (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) (trUst)

“You’re right,” Abby said, a sheepish smile on her face. “I’m sorry. Thank you, Doctor. It is so generous.” She giggled. “I’m going to be very busy today.”

Session 7

Abby was horrified, still, but she was here. She was embarrassed, felt guilty, and didn’t even want to come today, but she dared not cancel. Her morality and her desperation were at war within her…and desperation was winning. (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

Abbey had gone home to masturbate rather excitedly, but she had not been capable of cumming for ten minutes. She sat there on the edge, satisfaction just on the other side, but couldn’t make it there. She thought about her husband, then eventually to movie stars, but it was only once Doctor Osiris popped into her head that she was suddenly cumming. (cUm fOr dOctOr OnlY)

After that, she had gone a little crazy. Knowing that this was her small window of time she was allowed to masturbate freely, she dared not waste it. She actually lost count of how many times she fucked herself, but was only ever able to cum when she thought about Doctor Osiris. (cUm fOr dOctOr OnlY) Eventually, she stopped even trying to think of her husband and rubbed them all out for her therapist.

Now, she was here again, in his office, and she was full of shame. Logically, she knew she should feel shame because of the lacey red corset she was wearing. Her tits were propped up and displayed proudly through the lace. It had been expensive, but she knew that future orgasms depended on how sexy she looked. (lOOk sExY fOr dOctOr) (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm) Money was nothing next to that.

Her shame, instead of coming from the slutty outfit, was because she had cum to the thought of the therapist—not her husband—almost continuously for the last twenty-four hours. (AlwAys hOrny)

The doctor opened the door, smiled at her, got an eyeful, and then said, “Come on in, Abby.”

Abby, wearing new red leather boots with a spiked six-inch heel, obeyed and followed him into (sAfE spAcE) the room.

“Why don’t you spin around and let me see you?” Doctor Osiris suggested.

Abby, now feeling (sAfE spAcE) comfortable, smiled widely. She turned in a slow, sultry circle (lOOk sExY fOr dOctOr), letting the good Doctor enjoy every curve (yOU lOvE bEIng ObjEctIfIEd) of her body in the lacy, sexy outfit. Again, she felt such shame as she thought about all the ways she had imagined him fucking her over the last day. It had started out with just picturing his face, but as Abby had fucked herself harder… so had he. In any event, despite the shame she felt, she was glad to give Doctor Osiris a show (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr). He had been so generous to her, it was the least she could do.

“How has your day been, Abby?” Doctor Osiris asked.

“Well… a little difficult, actually,” Abby said. “I… for some reason, I had some difficulty cumming. I wanted to, but…”

“So you didn’t orgasm at all since our last session?” Doctor Osiris asked, surprised.

“No, I did,” Abby said, feeling redness creep up in her cheeks. “It’s just… I had to think about… it’s sort of embarrassing.”

“Oh, I think I know what’s going on,” Doctor Osiris said. “Sometimes, when a repressed person steps out of their repressive state” (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn) “they concentrate their sexual energy on a particular fantasy, act, person, or even object. That representative becomes the harbinger of all sexual satisfaction for the newly free person. They can’t get off without it.” (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) (trUst)

“Oh, I didn’t know that,” Abby said. “That… isn’t wrong? To fantasize?”

“Abby, you’ll find that once you’ve freed yourself from the shackles of repression,” Doctor Osiris said, “very little is wrong anymore.” (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn) “We are much more liberated, sexual beings than any faith is comfortable accepting.” (AlwAys hOrny) “And a healthy young woman such as yourself should explore that freedom.” (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr) “So tell me… what’s the representative of you sexual satisfaction?”

“Oh…” Abby said. “I don’t know if I should say…”

“Come now, Abby,” Doctor Osiris chastised. “I am trying to help you. This is your safe place after all.” (sAfE spAcE) (trUst)

“Well… okay…” Abby said, taking a deep breath. “It was you.”

“Me?” Doctor Osiris said. He didn’t seem particularly surprised. “You fantasized about me?”

“Yes,” Abby nodded. (cUm fOr dOctOr OnlY)

“How many times did you cum thinking about me?” Doctor Osiris asked. He didn’t seem phased by the revelation at all.

“I…” Abby hesitated.

“Come now,” Doctor Osiris prodded. “You can tell me.” (sAfE spAcE)

“No, it’s not that. It’s just that I lost count,” Abby said.

Doctor Osiris smiled. “Was ‘masturbate’ all you did yesterday?” (AlwAys hOrny)

“Basically,” Abby nodded.

“What did your husband think?” Doctor Osiris asked.

“He… oh… I don’t know…” Abby said. She was sure that he was around, but she barely remembered thinking about him at all. (cUm fOr dOctOr OnlY) Had he heard her in the bathroom rubbing it out? Had she even been trying to hide it? (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

“Well, I don’t mean to distract,” Doctor Osiris said. “We should get to your relaxation session.”

“Yes, of course,” Abby nodded. She sat on the couch, let out a deep, relaxed breath, and looked at the television screen.

Doctor Osiris, instead of sitting down at his desk, wandered over next to the couch and looked down at her. It felt good (yOU lOvE bEIng ObjEctIfIEd) to have his eyes prying at her body.

“Abby, I want you to pop those tits out of that corset for me,” Doctor Osiris said.

“What? Why?” Abby said, more confused than offended. Didn’t he like the corset?

“Because I think it would be sexier,” Doctor Osiris said matter-of-factly. (lOOk sExY fOr dOctOr)

“Okay,” Abby said, the confusion gone. She pulled one ample breast out of the corset, letting the cup dangle below, then did the same for the other. Doctor Osiris looked hungrily (yOU lOvE bEIng ObjEctIfIEd) at the newly-exposed tits.

“Good girl,” he muttered (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr), then left Abby on the couch to writhe in the knowledge that she had pleased him.

After a moment, Doctor Osiris fired up the program and Abby slipped off into glass beaches. When she returned, she was relaxed and ready to get better.

“Abby,” Doctor Osiris said softly. “You might not realize it, but this was a rather important session for you.” (dOctOr Is AlwAys rIght)

“I believe you,” Abby said obediently.

“Do you want to know why?” Doctor Osiris asked, apparently amused.

“Sure,” Abby smiled groggily. She stretched, feeling her stiff muscles relax.

“Because from here on out, it’s just about customization,” Doctor Osiris said. (dOctOr Is AlwAys rIght)

“Oh? That’s great! What does that mean?” Abby asked. She had no doubt that he was right (dOctOr Is AlwAys rIght), only she didn’t know what he was right about.

“I suppose we can discuss more on that later,” Doctor Osiris said. “I am probably just indulging myself. Speaking of indulging myself, how about you stand up here.” (ObEy dOctOr)

Abby stood immediately. Doctor Osiris reached out and filled his hands with her breasts. Abby waited patiently while he got his fill of them. (yOUr bOdY bElOngs tO dOctOr)

“You’ve got such an amazing body, Abby,” Doctor Osiris informed her. (yOU lOvE bEIng ObjEctIfIEd)

Abby giggled with delight. “Thank you, Doctor.”

Doctor Osiris’ hands moved to her ass, grabbing and cupping. He actually spanked her, which surprised Abby in its suddenness, but (yOUr bOdY bElOngs tO dOctOr) she had no problem with it.

“Abby, I think we have a little bit of a problem,” Doctor Osiris said.

A moment of panic filled Abby’s head. (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr) “What is it?”

“Well we’ve worked through your sexual frustrations,” Doctor Osiris said, pinching her right nipple between his thumb and forefinger. “In fact, I would say you’re damn near close to being cured of sexual repression.” (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn) (dOctOr Is AlwAys rIght) Abby swooned with the good news. “But in doing so, we’ve led to my sexual frustration.”

Abby gasped, partly because of the Doctor’s words and partly because his pinch of her nipple had just tightened.

“See, as enjoyable as it’s been to have you dressed all sexy for me,” Doctor Osiris said (lOOk sExY fOr dOctOr), “and as rewarding as it’s been to watch you go from a shy flower to a” (AlwAys hOrny) (lOvE tO cUm) “sexually liberated woman… I find myself increasingly horny during our sessions.”

“What can we do about this, Doctor?” Abby asked, horrified to have put Doctor Osiris in such an uncomfortable position. Abby, of all people, knew how terrible sexual frustration could be.

“Well I’ve been jerking myself off after each session,” Doctor Osiris said. “But seeing as how you’ve been getting off during the session, it really doesn’t seem fair, does it?” (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr)

“No, not at all,” Abby said. Doctor Osiris took a break from speaking so he could suck on her tits for a moment. He took a long, hard suck on the right while he massaged the left with a full hand, then swapped. After having his fill, he continued.

“So let’s do this,” Doctor Osiris said. “You jerk me off.” (ObEy dOctOr) “And if you do a really good job, I’ll give you permission to cum.” (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm) (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE) (dOctOr Is AlwAys rIght)

“Okay,” Abby nodded eagerly. Somewhere in her mind, she thought that this was odd, but (yOUr bOdY bElOngs tO dOctOr) (dOctOr Is AlwAys rIght) she couldn’t actively see anything wrong with it. Maybe her husband wouldn’t like it, but he was still repressed. She was an unrepressed, sexually liberated woman—and that meant there was very little really “wrong”.

Doctor Osiris unbuckled and dropped his pants. He took a hand off of fondling her tit, put it on Abby’s wrist, and guided her hand. With his encouragement, she slipped off his underwear and then took hold of his dick. It was warm and stiff and Doctor Osiris smiled as soon as she touched it. (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr)

“Remember,” Doctor Osiris said, “this is how you’re going to earn it today.” (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm)

“Yes, Doctor,” Abby nodded, accepting the parameters eagerly. Doctor Osiris let go of her hand and then placed his hand on the base on Abby’s neck.

Abby started to massage, using an open palm to run her hand from the base of his cock to the tip, then back down slowly. Doctor Osiris, his body pressed close to her’s, felt very stiff and tight all of a sudden. Abby had never touched a dick other than her husband’s, but she was surprised by how natural and easy the experience was. (sAfE spAcE)

The third time Abby’s open palm worked its way up his shaft, Doctor Osiris said through gritted teeth, “You’re teasing me.”

Abby could see the tension in his every muscle. She could feel it in his grip on the back of her neck and on the way the other hand massaged her chest harder and harder. She could feel the intensity of his focus. She smiled sweetly and said, “I’m earning it.”

His eyes flashed with desire and pleasure—which Abby took to be approval. Gradually, her hand curled, forming a grip. Doctor Osiris bent down, sucking on her tits one at a time. She could feel his teeth playing against her nipple. Abby hoped he was enjoying her body (yOUr bOdY bElOngs tO dOctOr). She leaned her head back to give him better access to her. She couldn’t see his dick anymore, but had gotten into a firm, steady rhythm.

She was jerking hard now, working him up. The intensity of suction on her chest and the deathgrip on the base of her neck told Abby how badly Doctor Osiris needed to get off. She felt guilty for making him so horny for so long without providing any relief at all. (AlwAys hOrny) She was happy to provide satisfaction to him. (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE) It was the least she could do. (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr)

Suddenly, Doctor Osiris’ mouth was against neck. His hot, eager breath against her ear. “Tell me your body belongs to me,” he commanded. (ObEy dOctOr) (yOUr bOdY bElOngs tO dOctOr)

“My body belongs to you,” Abby said obediently.

“You only cum for me,” Doctor Osiris said. There was desperation in his voice—a sound that Abby had never heard before.

“Yes,” Abby agreed. (dOctOr Is AlwAys rIght)

“Tell me,” Doctor Osiris said gruffly.

“I only cum for you,” Abby obeyed. (cUm fOr dOctOr OnlY) (ObEy dOctOr)

Suddenly, Doctor Osiris’ lips were locked on her neck and he was making a grunting, almost barking sound. Abby felt the hotness on her legs first, then on her hand. Hot cum was erupting from his dick. Doctor Osiris’ hands were shaking, even as their grip remained tight on the back of her neck and her tit.

Abby continued to work the pace, easing out every last bit of cum and satisfaction from Doctor Osiris. Her pace slowed, but never stopped, stretching the experience as long as she could for him. She looked at his face and found his eyes locked onto her’s. Abby remembered staring into his eyes while she came. She was glad to return the favor. (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr)

Finally, Abby let her hand slow and stop, then drop down from his dick.

“That was a great handjob, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr)

Abby smiled. “I’m so glad.”

“I think in future sessions we’re going to have to explore all aspects of your sexuality,” Doctor Osiris said. “I think that will be very helpful. For both of us.” (dOctOr Is AlwAys rIght)

“Yes, Doctor,” Abby nodded vigorously. “I would like that.”

“Tell me, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said (ObEy dOctOr), “do you think you earned an orgasm today?” (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm)

“I… I hope so,” Abby said. “Yes, I do think I earned it.”

“I do too,” Doctor Osiris said mildly. “But I think that next time… you’re going to have to try harder to earn it.” (dOctOr Is AlwAys rIght) “Don’t you?” (dOctOr Is AlwAys rIght)

“Yes,” Abby agreed. “I’ll have to try harder next time to earn it.” She had no idea what Doctor Osiris had in mind by trying harder, but that was next session’s problem.

“But for now,” Doctor Osiris said, “I think you’ve earned it.” (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE) Abby’s heart leapt. “You have my permission to cum.”

Abby lunged her fingers for her pussy, but Doctor spoke again.

“But, you may not masturbate,” Doctor Osiris informed her. (ObEy dOctOr)

Abby’s lower lip actually quivered. “But… how…” She thought about her husband (fAkE It wIth hUsbAnd) but quickly discounted the idea.

“Drop your panties and spread your legs, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. (ObEy dOctOr)

Abby quickly removed the tiny panties beneath her corset and then spread her legs.

“Actually, come over here and put your hands on my desk. Then spread your legs,” Doctor Osiris amended. (ObEy dOctOr)

Abby obeyed eagerly, hurrying over to the large, dark desk. She bent over, placing her palms flat on the wood. She spread her legs, feeling the cold air on her wet pussy.

“Your body is my property, isn’t that right?” Doctor Osiris said. (yOUr bOdY bElOngs tO dOctOr)

“Yes, my body belongs to you,” Abby agreed eagerly.

“Then I think it’s only right that I do this, don’t you?” Doctor Osiris said. (dOctOr Is AlwAys rIght)

“Yes, Doctor,” Abby nodded.

Then, she felt his hand. It was firm—confident. Abby gasped deeply as it explored. It nudged at her clit and Abby heard the whimper escape her throat. Then two fingers found their way up and Abby rose with them. She almost looked like she was vaulting over the desk, her hands flat on the wood and her weight moving up to her toes.

“Are you always” (AlwAys hOrny) “this wet?” Doctor Osiris asked.

“Lately, yes,” Abby said honestly.

Doctor Osiris revisited her click, rubbing without gentleness. It was the rough, dominant touch of someone who truly owned her. Her pussy wasn’t picky, it was just needy. (nEEd sExUAl rElEAsE)

“Oh thank you!” Abby gasped. “Thank you, thank you!” Doctor Osiris pushed up against her from behind, reaching around her to continue the stimulation. Abby could feel his dick—not fully erect again, but not soft either—pressing against her ass. Doctor Osiris’ other hand was in her hair. Suddenly, its grip was tight and Abby’s head was pulled back. (yOUr bOdY bElOngs tO dOctOr)

The rough hand was moving her quickly towards completion. She had permission, she had stimulation… she knew just needed one more thing to cum. (cUm fOr dOctOr OnlY) It wasn’t hard to think about Doctor Osiris. His dick was against her ass, he was pulling her hair, and his hand was in her pussy. But Abby pushed out any other thought than her Doctor. What husband? What fantasies? What world outside this single (sAfE spAcE) room? It was just her body—his property—and him. That’s all she ever needed.

Suddenly, the motion stopped.

“Beg,” Doctor Osiris commanded. (ObEy dOctOr)

“Please! Please! Please Doctor, may I cum? Please may I cum, sir?” Abby started squealing. “Please finish me, sir. Please get me off. I’m so” (AlwAys hOrny) “horny, sir. Please finish me. I’ll do anything, sir.” There was a single flick of the finger against her clit. Abby let out a moan and continued. “I’ll do anything you want! Everything you want!” Another flick, another moan. “I’ll jerk you off, I’ll suck you off, I’ll even fuck you if you want.” The motion started again, rewarding her. It was slow and teasing, but it was something. “I’ll dress like a slut, let you use me however you want to satisfy you” (yOUr bOdY bElOngs tO dOctOr) “and I’ll do all the work. Just please, sir, let me cum.”

“You think fucking me will earn your next orgasm?” Doctor Osiris asked. (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm)

“I don’t know, sir,” Abby said. She was rocking her body, trying to add to the teasing, desperately slow motion on her clit. Orgasm was close.

“Who decides if you’ve earned it?” Doctor Osiris asked. (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm)

“You do! You decide if I’ve earned it,” Abby said. “You decide if fucking you is enough to let me cum. You decide if I’ve been a good girl.”

“And after you cum today, are you still going to feel this way?” Doctor Osiris asked. “Are you still going to want to fuck to earn your next one?”

“Yes! Yes, I promise!” Abby screamed.

“Because I’ll be rather upset if you make promises that you don’t keep,” Doctor Osiris said, picking up the pace just a little. A little more was all Abby needed. Her fingers, pressed against the desk, were white.

“I will! I’ll earn it! However you decide! Whatever hole you want! I’ll earn it from you! I promise!”

“How do I know?” Doctor Osiris asked. Abby didn’t know how he knew how to keep her right on the edge of orgasm, but here she was—balanced on a razor’s edge from pleasure.

“Because I’m always horny!” Abby screamed. “I’m free from repression! I love to cum! I love it so much! And I need sexual release. I need it all the time because I’m horny all the time. Because the best orgasms are in my safe place, right here. And because I need your permission to cum. And I have to earn that permission to cum. And I cum for you only. So if I don’t earn it… if I don’t fuck you really good to satisfy you… if I don’t repay what I owe you… you just don’t give me the permission. And I’ll be begging and pleading for it. I’ll do anything for it. You can fuck me right now if you want, sir. Just to prove it.”

“And how do you feel about this arrangement we have?” Doctor Osiris asked.

“I love it. My body belongs to you, sir. And I just want to please you. I want to listen to you and please you and trust you and fuck you. You’re always right. I love being objectified. I love dressing sexy for you. I love obeying you.”

“You’ve learned so much,” Doctor Osiris said, almost sentimentally.

“Yes, I have,” Abby tried to nod, but he was still pulling her hair.

The fingers picked up a pace, splashing against her clit. She could feel the wetness of her pussy dripping down her leg, past the dried cum.

“Oh, yes! Oh yes! Oh…” She never made it to the third yes. (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE)

Doctor Osiris gave her a moment to clean up and catch her breath before she went home.

Session 8

It had been a hard twenty-four hours. Abby could still hear her husband’s shouts in her ear—as well as the slamming of the door behind him. That had been hours ago. She wondered if he had come home yet. She had left herself pretty soon after—she still needed to pick up a new sexy outfit for her session today.

Abby had completed that mission. As she sat waiting outside the (sAfE spAcE) office, her fingers wandered absently over her wet pussy. She was wearing a tiny, trashy skirt that more resembled a thick belt than a skirt. While sitting on her hips, her bare pussy was clearly visible beneath it. On top was a net bra, showing off her tits in a fishnet draping. She had a new pair of platform boots to complete the outfit. Looking in the mirror while she was changing, Abby had thought that she looked like the trashiest girl at a rave. She hoped her Doctor would like it.

The door opened and Doctor Osiris waved her in. “Come on in, Abby.” As she passed, Doctor Osiris patted her on the ass appreciatively.

“Hello, Doctor,” Abby smiled.

“How was your day today?” Doctor Osiris asked.

“Not great, doctor,” Abby said honestly. “My husband and I had a huge fight.”

“Oh? About what?” Doctor Osiris asked.

“Well… these sessions,” Abby said. “He thinks I’m cheating on him. He says that I only ever talk and think about sex now. And that I’m going every day to a therapist who isn’t charging me. So obviously I’m having an affair.”

“What do you think about that?” Doctor Osiris asked.

“I think my husband is still repressed,” Abby said. (dOctOr Is AlwAys rIght) “Like you said.”

“I think that’s a wise assessment, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. “Did you tell him anything about our sessions?”

“He demanded to know, but I didn’t tell him anything,” Abby said. “Doctor-patient confidentiality and all that. That only seemed to make him think I was fucking someone behind his back more.”

“That sounds like a very stressful encounter.”

“It was,” Abby nodded.

“Well let’s get you nice and relaxed and then we’ll talk about next steps,” Doctor Osiris said.

“Okay,” Abby said. She settled back on the couch, but before looking at the screen, she looked over at Doctor Osiris and said, “Oh, but don’t worry, Doctor. I haven’t forgotten. I promised to fuck you to earn my orgasm today.”

“Don’t worry, Abby,” Doctor Osiris smiled. “I haven’t forgotten.”

“Good,” Abby smiled as she looked at the screen. “I have been looking forward to it.”

Abby walked along the glass beach, wondering if this was heaven. She stared up at the sky and felt the stars pool around her ankle. In the distance, beyond the world, someone was telling her something and she was listening like a very good girl.

Then, she was awake back in her safe space. (sAfE spAcE) She stretched, feeling the warm air of the room on her exposed tits and pussy. She hoped the Doctor got a nice eyefull (yOU lOvE bEIng ObjEctIfIEd) while she was entranced.

“How do you feel?” Doctor Osiris asked.

“More relaxed now,” Abby smiled. She wondered what hole he would want to fuck first. (yOUr bOdY bElOngs tO dOctOr) (yOU ExIst tO sErvE yOUr dOctOr)

“Good,” Doctor Osiris said. “Now, I believe you owe me a good fucking.” (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr)

“Yes, I do,” Abby nodded eagerly.

She went to get up, but Doctor Osiris said, “Stay there.” (ObEy dOctOr) He moved around to the end of the couch and then reached down. With hands on her shoulders, Doctor Osiris guided her so that her head was hanging over the side of the arm of the couch.

“I’m going to fuck your throat like this,” Doctor Osiris informed her. (yOU ExIst tO sErvE yOUr dOctOr)

“Yes, Doctor,” Abby smiled. She opened her mouth, ready for it. Then she realized that his zipper wasn’t even undone yet.

“You really are quite the whore, aren’t you?” Doctor Osiris observed mildly, rubbing one exploring hand across her fishnetted tits.

At the sound of “whore”, Abby felt suddenly strange. (yOU crAvE dEgrAdAtIOn) It was like she had been waiting all her life to hear someone call her that, but never realized it, because no one ever had.

“Oh… oh yes,” Abby moaned. “I am such a whore, doctor.”

Doctor Osiris lifted his hand, then delivered a firm slap across one of the tits. (yOUr bOdY bElOngs tO dOctOr) The impact jiggled them both inside their net cage.

“You like being called a whore, don’t you?” Doctor Osiris asked, unzipping.

“Yes, I had no idea I would love it so much,” Abby said. (yOU crAvE dEgrAdAtIOn)

“What if I were to tell you that you were a dirty, fucking slut?” Doctor Osiris asked, unbuckling and dropping his pants. “You’re a dirty, nasty fucking slut.”

If she had permission, she might have cum. (yOU crAvE dEgrAdAtIOn) “Oh, thank you, Doctor,” Abby moaned.

Doctor Osiris dropped his underwear and Abby’s eyes went crossed, focusing on the cock that appeared by her face.

“Shall we see how good of a fuckdoll you are?” Doctor Osiris said. He cut off the moan of pleasure coming from Abby’s throat with a hand on her neck. He pulled her head a little farther over to get the right angle, then directed the tip of his dick to her waiting tongue.

For just a moment, Abby thought about how little experience she had with this. She had tried to go down on her husband once or twice, but it never seemed to fit right and they had ended up just finishing by hand. But she was glowing in the glory of being called a “fuckdoll” (yOU crAvE dEgrAdAtIOn) and was willing to give her good Doctor anything he wanted. (yOU ExIst tO sErvE yOUr dOctOr)

She swirled her tongue around the head of the dick, beckoning it farther. Then, Doctor Osiris thrust.

It filled her mouth, kept going, and filled her throat. (yOUr bOdY bElOngs tO dOctOr) The angle was advantageous to him, with his upward arcing dick gliding easily through her mouth and bending down her throat. Abby felt her body react against her will, with a gag. She fought hard against the instinct, wanting to provide anything her Doctor wanted from her. (yOU lOvE tO sAtIsfY yOUr dOctOr) She tensed her legs, shifting her position slightly to allow a better fit.

Doctor Osiris pulled out then, letting her breathe for a pair of seconds, then thrust again. Abby did better this time, opening wide and submitting. It occurred to her that this was also a form of degradation (yOU crAvE dEgrAdAtIOn)—being facefucked so that her tits were visible instead of her eyes. There was sheer glee in that thought.

Doctor Osiris played with her chest while he fucked her mouth, alternating between slapping and squeezing her tits.

“That’s right, whore,” Doctor Osiris called down to her, “take that fucking cock, bitch.” Abby tried to smile, but found that logistically difficult. The feeling was sufficient. (yOU lOvE tO sAtIsfY yOUr dOctOr) As she timed her breaths around the cock in her face, Abby thought about how much she loved her safe space.

Finally, Doctor Osiris pulled out his dick. Abby took several deep breaths, catching up. Doctor Osiris moved around the couch and climbed on ontop of her. Abby looked down to see what he was doing just as the cock slipped into her pussy.

“Oh! Oh fuck!” Abby cried out in pleasure. With the combination of Abby’s perpetual wetness (AlwAys hOrny) and the saliva-covered cock, it slid in easily.

“Abby, I have to tell you,” Doctor Osiris said as he began to fuck her. “I think your therapy is making great progress.” (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr)

“Thank you, Doctor,” Abby said, smelling his sweat as he laid on top of her.

“We’ve found that not only are you no longer repressed” (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn) “but you’re also a rather talented whore.” (yOU lOvE tO sAtIsfY yOUr dOctOr) (yOU crAvE dEgrAdAtIOn)

“Thank youuu,” Abby said, feeling the pleasure in her pussy. He was fucking her better than her husband (fAkE It wIth hUsbAnd) had, but that might have been because she was in her safe place (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE).

“Can I cum, sir?” Abby purred as her Doctor began to suck on her tits through the fishnet.

“No, bitch,” Doctor Osiris said simply.

Abby whimpered, knowing how great it would feel to cum with a dick in her pussy—her Doctor’s dick no less. (cUm fOr dOctOr OnlY)

“You haven’t earned it yet,” Doctor Osiris informed her. (nEEd tO EArn OrgAsm) (dOctOr Is AlwAys rIght)

Abby whimpered, but knew he was right. It was selfish of her. She had cum how many times in this office? And she had only given her Doctor an orgasm once? (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr) She owed him more than this.

Abby began to thrust her hips back against him, fucking him back. It drove his dick farther up inside her. She didn’t even try to stifle the squeal that produced.

“Abby, do you know why you’re here?” Doctor Osiris asked, a manic sort of pleasure in his eyes.

“To get better,” Abby said. “To be free of repression.” (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn)

“No, I mean why you’re on Earth,” Doctor Osiris said. “Why you exist?”

That was a big question to ponder—especially with something big inside her—but the answer came from her mouth before her brain had a chance to process it. (yOU ExIst tO sErvE yOUr dOctOr)

“I exist to serve you,” Abby said.

“Good fucktoy,” Doctor Osiris said. Abby glowed with his approval. (wAnt tO plEAsE dOctOr) (yOU crAvE dEgrAdAtIOn) “Now flip over.” Suddenly, the dick was no longer in her pussy. Abby hurriedly (ObEy dOctOr) flipped over. Doctor Osiris spread her ass cheeks, maneuvered his dick, and thrust.

It was a sensation that Abby had never experienced before. The good Christian couple that had been Abby and her husband had never even considered anal sex before. But (yOUr bOdY bElOngs tO dOctOr) her body belonged to Doctor Osiris now. That meant he got what he wanted from it.

The wet, hard cock went in smooth, but it still hurt. It was a feeling of defilement (yOU crAvE dEgrAdAtIOn) that Abby relished. Hands were in her hair again, pulling hard. The dick thrust and fucked her ass with vigor. Abby felt like a whore. It was an amazing feeling of freedom.

“Alright bitch,” Doctor Osiris said. “Get yourself off. You have my permission to cum.” (ObEy dOctOr) (nEEd dOctOrs pErmIssIOn tO cUm)

“Thank you!” Abby cried out, even as he thrust again into her ass. Abby steadied herself with one hand, then maneuvered her other to her pussy. It was still warm and throbbing from the fucking it had taken—but her clit had barely been touched. Abby started playing there, feeling the curious mix of pain from the anal and pleasure from her clit.

In a moment of total clarity, Abby saw the whore that she was. Her Doctor was taking what he wanted from her body without concern for her pleasure. She was playing with her own self and grateful for permission to do so. The imbalance was perfectly clear. She was so far beneath him.

(yOU crAvE dEgrAdAtIOn)

She came.

Her squealing seemed to ebb and flow with the thrusting of the cock in her ass. “OhhhOOhhhOOohhhOOOOhhh,” she screamed. (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE) Somewhere in there, she was aware that her Doctor was also cumming, filling her ass with his cum. Together, their quaking bodies amplified each other’s pleasures.

Then, it was over. The cock disappeared from Abby’s asshole. She took several deep breaths, then collapsed forward onto the leather couch.

“Ohhh… thank you…” Abby said. “Thank you so much.”

“Your welcome, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said, stroking a hand from her ass cheek up her back and finally to her hair. “I’m glad to be able to help you get better.” (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr)

“I owe you so much,” Abby said.

“I appreciate that, Abby,” Doctor Osiris said. “But maybe we should talk about some next steps.”

Abby looked up, suddenly remembering that she was in therapy. (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr)

“Of course,” Abby said.

“Come on and sit up,” Doctor Osiris said.

Abby’s ass was sore, but her Doctor (ObEy dOctOr) had told her to do something. She sat on the couch. She wondered if cum was dripping onto her tiny skirt.

“I’m concerned that your relationship with your husband has become unhealthy,” Doctor Osiris said. (dOctOr Is AlwAys rIght) “That his repression is holding you back.” (frEE frOm rEprEssIOn)

“So what do I do?” Abby asked. (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr)

“How about you stay with me for a little while?” Doctor Osiris said. “It’s not common for a patient to live with their doctor, but I don’t think we have a common relationship.” (yOU ExIst tO sErvE yOUr dOctOr)

“Live with you?” Abby said.

“Yes,” Doctor Osiris said. “Think of it like full time therapy. My home would become your safe space. We would continue to work through any lingering repression, and I would fuck you whenever I wanted. As repayment.” (yOU OwE yOUr dOctOr) (yOU lOvE tO sAtIsfY yOUr dOctOr)

“That sounds amazing,” Abby gushed. “How soon can I move?”

“Right now. You can leave your old things behind,” Doctor Osiris said. “In fact, I think I have done enough at this location for a while. I will probably close up shop, take you and my patients to another city, and open a new practice.”

“Patients?” Abby said.

“Oh yes,” Doctor Osiris said. “Didn’t I mention? I’m helping more than one woman work through their repression. In fact, your friend Melody has been living with me for a week.”

“Oh, I didn’t know that,” Abby said, thinking back to the woman who had originally recommended this doctor for her.

“She’s made great progress,” Doctor Osiris said. “In fact, I think group sessions would benefit you greatly.” (lIstEn tO yOUr dOctOr)

“Oh, that sounds great,” Abby said.

“I’m so glad,” Doctor Osiris said. “Well let’s go on back home, then.”

“I might miss this office,” Abby confessed. (sAfE spAcE) (bEst OrgAsm In sAfE spAcE)

“I know,” Doctor Osiris said. “We’ve done a lot of good work here. But I promise, we’ll do much more in many more safe places.” (trUst) “Your therapy has just started.” (dOctOr Is AlwAys rIght)


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