Collection 4 - Master of the World

by ArcherStories

Tags: #dom:male #pov:bottom #sub:female

Brandi had built a lot of homes for her Master through her years of servitude. She had been her Master’s personal maid (when she wasn’t being fucked and degraded for his pleasure) in his original home, just after he had claimed her. She had renovated a small mansion for his pleasure, filling it with sluts for his amusement. She had built him a downtown home in the top floors of a high rise in the city, a mountain resort escape, a lakehouse, and a beach house—each one filled with the hottest whores she could find, willing and begging to do any depraved thing for Master’s sexual pleasure.

This home topped them all. It was a massive, sprawling palace—nine times the size of the White House. There were sections of the house with marble floors and elegant décor. Other sections mimicked pleasant, suburban houses. In the basement was a seedy strip club room. There were bars, theaters, a bowling alley, dozens of dining rooms, hundreds of bedrooms, and even an observatory with a scientific-grade telescope pointed towards the stars. The home was wrapped around an immense courtyard, with a massive pool, sand volleyball court, and spacious deck.

On top of the fabulous wealth, throughout the whole home was the greatest collection of fucktoys the world had ever seen. Blondes, brunettes, redheads, white girls, Asian girls, black girls, Hispanic girls, girls with big tits, girls with tight asses, girls with big asses, tall girls, short girls, goth girls, preppy girls… the collection was designed so that a man could list out a set of specifications (“a tall blonde with big tits”) and within minutes he would have a selection of at least twenty whores to choose from. Master had left strict instructions to never allow less than 1,100 sluts to be present on the premise. The number was very intentional—he could fuck three different sluts every day for a year and still not have gone through them all—even on a leap year.

On top of the normal, everyday whores that littered the palace in various forms of lingerie, there were dozens of special rooms—and in them, hundreds of dedicated whores—for Master’s various kinks. His favorites were the superhero and supervillain rooms, of course, which normally involved him “breaking the will” of skimpy-dressed comic characters. There was a romantic, posh apartment occupied by Valerie, a high-class girl for when Master was in a particular mood. There were several rooms dedicated to various bondage fantasies, including one that was always stocked with three different naked sluts, their wrists and necks locked into stocks as they knelt on the ground. At any given moment—even in the middle of the night—if Master wanted to throatfuck a bitch, he could simply go there and find three willing whores already shackled. The girls went on rotations, each spending hours hoping and wishing that Master would come and abuse their throats.

Master’s friends had moved into the home as well. If they were married and wanted to stay that way, their wives were adjusted to approve of their husbands fucking whatever bitch they wanted. Most of Master’s friends were single and having a great time.

Master, of course, was having a phenomenal time as well. He was surrounded by his friends, worshipped by gorgeous women, living amongst extravagant wealth, and free to have whatever his heart desired. And at the center of it all was Brandi. She was his oldest slave. She was his favorite fucktoy. He had named her his “Queen of Whores”. Her mouth was his daily alarm clock. She managed his affairs and sought his happiness at every turn. Legally, she was his wife. In practice, she desired nothing more than to serve him and thought that each and every girl in the world ought to beg and plead to be fucked by her Master. That was why today was such a big deal.

Master’s life had been built by a device that he had constructed a few years ago. It essentially produced audio waves that put the listener in a sort of “programming mode”. Whatever they were told while in that mode was gospel truth written into their brains. It has transformed Brandi—along with thousands of other girls—from hot but distant bitches into Master’s personal fucktoys. For a while, Master stayed under the radar, but at their wedding last year, as Master was receiving blowjobs from his collection of whores and playing with Brandi’s tits, the two of them had put together a plan—one that culminated tonight.

For the last several months, Master’s audio signal and brief instructions had been worked into several ads, television shows, and songs. All of them instructed the listeners to be ready for a special message tonight.

The timing was intentional—it was Master’s birthday.

Master spent the majority of the day with his friends and whores. It was a beautiful summer day, so they spent it in the pool, eating burgers, and watching the sluts play volleyball. At one point, five different massive cakes were rolled out on large carts. Out of each popped a stripper, covered in frosting and ready to fuck.

After dinner, Master and his friends sat down to a game of poker, while whores knelt below the table and sucked vigorously.

Master won big and had fun, but Brandi could tell he was nervous. His dick was hard and warm in her mouth, of course, but his knee continuously bounced and he didn’t thrust into the back of her throat like he normally liked to. When he came, she sucked the cum down her throat eagerly, grateful as always for Master’s gift, and then got him a beer. He thanked her, smacked her ass, and went back to the game.

As 7:00 approached, the men moved to one of the theaters, each bringing along some of their favorite whores to play with. Small devices were passed out throughout the room. They were like tiny earbuds and glowed blue when turned on and inserted into the ears. These would prevent the wearers from being influenced by the audio signal. Even the girls were given them, but that was more so they wouldn’t stop fucking while the message played. All of them had been indoctrinated already.

Master had been playing with a redhead’s tits while she stroked his dick, but when the news came on he shoved her away and beckoned Brandi close.

“Jerk me off with your tits,” Master ordered. “I want you here with me for this.”

“Yes, my King,” Brandi said, kneeling. She wrapped her significant tits around his dick and began to bounce. When she had first done this, odd muscles in her legs had hurt for days. Now, those muscles were strong with practice. She knew just how tightly to wrap around him, just how quickly to bounce, and just how to position her head to look sexiest for him.

“Master,” Brandi said softly. “May I tell you something?” It was rare for her to impose her own will. By her own programming, she only thought of that which benefited her Master.

“Of course,” Master said.

“You deserve this,” Brandi said earnestly. “You are the one who claimed everything you wanted. You are the one who built the device, cracked the code, and had the balls to do something about it. This wasn’t luck. You are the most successful conqueror in the world, and you did it without bloodshed. You are the apex predator on Earth, and I am so honored to be the first in your harem.” She glanced down at the dick riding between her tits and smiled. “I may do this because you claimed me, but everything I do I do with genuine joy. I love being your fucktoy. All these bitches do. And you deserve everything.”

Master smiled down at her. Without warning, he slapped her hard across the face. Brandi never broke rhythm in her bouncing. Nor did she say anything.

“Aren’t you going to ask me why I did that?” Master asked softly.

“No Master,” Brandi said. “I’m your property to do with what you like. You don’t need a reason to slap me.”

“That’s why I did it,” Master said with a smile. “I wanted to.”

“Then I’m so glad I could be of service to you,” Brandi grinned genuinely.

“And now,” the newscaster on the TV said, “a very important message.”

The audio signal went out to millions of people across the world. For just a moment, the world stood still.

It was Brandi on the screen, dressed in skimpy lingerie. “You will not remember this message after it is done. If you are driving, pull over. If you are doing something, put it on pause. This is the most important news you will ever heard. The truth I tell you will be permanently fastened in your minds. You will not think of it as new information, but rather the truth that you have always known.”

A picture of Master appeared on the screen. “This is your Master, your King, your ruler.” She told the world his name, speaking with reverence and awe. The name had not crossed her lips for years. She had always simply called him, “Master.” Now the world would too.

“Most of you will never meet him, but your allegiance to him is unwavering. You will never knowingly harm him. You will never try to overthrow this King. You will always treat him with respect. And even if you never see him, his word is absolute law and you will follow it.

“Men, you fantasize what it would be like to be him. You recognize that anything he wants is his by right and you will hold no harsh feelings against him for claiming what is already his… no matter what it is.

“Women, you fantasize about being fucked by him. Not just tender love-making, but brutal, degrading, humiliating, depraved sex. At his slightest whim, your inhibitions are gone and you will give him anything he wants. Your bodies, your minds, and your lives are his to do with whatever he wishes. You will crave information about what he desires sexually, so that in the event that he decides to honor you with his dick, you know how best to serve it.

“You live in his world. And you are very thankful that he allows you to. His word is final in everything: politics, entertainment, economics… anything.”

Brandi smiled into the camera, into the homes of countless people listening in total obedience. “He is a good king. And he deserves your total devotion.

“You may return to your lives.”

The message ended. The news returned to normal. Master sat back, smiling to himself as Brandi rode her tits up and down on his dick. It was very hard.

“Run this message again on regular intervals,” Master said. “Anyone who missed it the first time should see it soon.”

“Yes Master,” Brandi said.

He smiled again, sitting back and relaxing as Brandi served him. After a moment, he looked down at her again and said, “You did well.”

“Thank you Master,” Brandi gushed. “Happy birthday, My King. You are now Master of the World.”

“I suppose I am,” Master smiled. He stood, dislodging his dick from between Brandi’s tits. “Open wide.” Brandi obeyed, opening her mouth wide. Master thrust hard into her throat. He held her head in place as he roughly fucked it. Brandi did her best to sit very still and open very wide. Her hands dropped down to her side in a position of pure submission.

He turned to his friends, who were watching and cheering, all the while girls knelt before them. Brandi felt the purest joy in her heart—even as she did her best to time her breaths to hit the short gaps when Master’s dick pulled back. She had always said that Master deserved every bitch in the world. Now, they were all his. He was hard, he was rough, and Brandi knew that meant he was having a great time.

When he came it was with force, but Brandi was ready. She swallowed what she could, even as he pulled out and ordered her to finish him on her chest. She obeyed, jerking the last bit of cum onto her tits. She knew she looked great. It was all for him.

“I am now Master of the World,” Master grinned. Brandi took his cock in her mouth again, sucking gently to pull the last bit of cum out. “This is going to be a lot of fun.”

Master’s first public appearance was on a talk show with a young blonde reporter. The reporter was visibly bothered, breathing deep and continuously unbuttoning her shirt lower and lower to reveal more cleavage. She started with a few softball questions about how Master spent his time, but quickly derailed.

“What’s your favorite position to fuck someone in?” the reporter asked, her blouse fully unbuttoned to reveal a red lace bra. Her eyes spent a lot of time on Master’s crotch.

“Can she say that?” someone off camera said. Master apparently heard it and said, “When it comes to me, censors don’t apply.” That was the end of the question about what was allowed to be said or done on TV with Master.

Master turned back to the reporter and said, “I love a good blowjob,” Master said. “I love throatfucking a whore and when I pull out, she begs for more and tells me how much of a worthless little fucktoy she is.” He smiled, knowing that women around the world were swooning as they imagined themselves kneeling before him. “I love having three girls around me. Two of them kneel and suck on my dick and balls. The third should have awesome tits and be good at kissing, because I want to feel her up as the whores down below do their work. After I’ve had my fun, I want the big-titted bitch to jerk me off onto the two whores below—their faces and tits. Then the two girls should lick the cum off each other while the big-titted one finishes sucking me off.” Master smiled and nodded. “I think that’s my favorite, but I’m always trying new things. Does that answer your question?”

“Oh my gaaahhhhhd yessss,” the reporter said, obviously rubbing her pussy and trying to catch her breath. “Master, I think that’s so… amazing. I… I would do anything to be any one of those whores for your pleasure.”

She stumbled for a minute, apparently trying to remember her next question. Professionalism was far out of the window.

“Well how about this?” Master said. “I want you to have a story and be able to tell the world about me accurately. So I have an idea.”

The reporter was very agreeable as Master commanded her to strip and bend over her stool. Master fucked her pussy from behind, pulling her hair and smacking her ass. “Ohhh gaaahhhhhd,” she screamed, her pleasure visible on every television in the nation. At the same moment, housewives, college girls, divorced women, corporate women, and everyone else was rubbing their pussies, wishing to be as lucky as the blonde reporter on the screen.

“I like when you degrade yourself,” Master called down to her.

“I’m such a dumb little whore,” the reporter immediately chanted to the world. “I’m good for nothing but fucking and sucking and fucking again. I’m a toy for your pleasure, nothing else. Fuck my worthless little pussy.” She went on for a while. At Master’s command, she knelt and jerked him off onto her chest, never stopping the slew of filth coming from her lips.

When finished, Master said, “Well I think that’s all the time I have today. I hope that gives you a little insight into my life.”

“Thank you… for joining us… Master,” the report said, her bare chest heaving still.

The reporter was on every possible interview through the next week, telling all about her experience. With each telling, awe over Master’s dick increased through the world.

As an unexpected side effect of Master’s instant rise to power, “Master Merchandise” was everywhere overnight. There was the routine celebrity stuff, like his face on t-shirts or posters of him. There was also the very odd stuff that they should have thought about, but didn’t. Masks of Master’s face were produced and sold at alarming rates. It turned out that millions of women were asking their husbands to wear masks of Master’s face while they fucked, so they could pretend to be one of his whores. The men didn’t mind, of course, as it was Master’s right to take their women’s fantasies for his own. In fact, there was a nice bonus for them, as the women often replicated the degrading sex they knew Master liked with their fantasy partners.

Sales of dildos and vibrators broke records and the video of Master fucking the blonde reporter became the most watched video of the year. The two trends were often linked by analysts.

Master became the single most common topic of “my hero” essays and speeches. Fan fiction of Master was everywhere, usually with his bitch of choice an obvious stand-in for the horny writer.

Master enjoyed the attention, but rarely stepped out in public. He seemed to enjoy the mystique that his title commanded. In fact, he often donned a crown—the one that Brandi had given his for his birthday a few years ago—and lounged about the house.

One morning, Master called a local television network and told them to send a crew over. Brandi heard the news talk about “a special message from Master” before the crew even arrived. Within twenty minutes, a helicopter landed near the front door of Master’s palace, the crew within hurrying forward. They had obviously sent the hottest anchors, but Master wasn’t in the mood to fuck a reporter this time. He had given Brandi special instructions.

The reporters were gathered in one of the large atriums in the palace. Master emerged from a large ornate door, carrying a leash. The end of the leash was attached to a thick gold collar around Brandi’s neck. She wore platform heels, the collar, her glimmering tiara (given to her when Master had dubbed her his Queen of Whores) and nothing else. Master pulled his bitch along as he approached the reporters.

Before addressing them, he turned to Brandi and ordered, “Down, bitch.”

“Yes Master,” Brandi said, dropping to her knees in front of Master. She undid his pants and began sucking vigorously.

Master turned to the reports, his whore like a makeshift podium in front of him as he spoke.

“This is an official edict from your King,” Master said to the cameras. “If you have committed murder, you are to turn yourself in to your local authorities. Give a full confession, show them where the bodies are hidden if possible, and plead guilty. No one else will kill anyone else out there. We’re done with senseless violence.

“There will be more edicts like this, but let’s start with the really big shit. Once the system has worked through all of the murders, we’ll look at the next group of people.”

Master smiled, looking at the reverence the reporters were pouring on him. Several of the hot anchors were stealing envious glances down at Brandi as she made happy gulping noises on his dick.

“Also, my people will begin taking applications for my own harem,” Master said. “We’ll share an email address soon, where you can submit photos and videos of yourself. Due to my own personal preferences, only submit applications if you are between eighteen and twenty-four, have c-cups or bigger, and have at least twenty referrals from men actually claiming you are hot. Men, this is in service to me, so only give a referral if you genuinely believe the girl to be stunning. My people will filter through, bring in the hottest of you, and you might get a chance to be fucked by me.” He shrugged. “If you match the mood I’m feeling.”

Master grabbed a handful of Brandi’s hair and began to thrust his hips forward, hitting the back of her throat. She opened wide, receiving as much as she could. She was well practiced.

As Master went to work on her throat, he gave a few more edicts about various things. Billionaires were instructed to give half of their wealth to aid the poor. Guacamole would no longer cost extra to add to Mexican food. A fantasy show that had 7 great seasons and ended with a terrible final season would redo the last season and “do it right this time”. People would no longer correct people when they say “Frankenstein” instead of “Frankenstein’s Monster”—they would just trust that they knew what the other person was talking about.

After a few minutes, Master stopped talking to the cameras and turned his attention to Brandi. He pulled her head off his dick and ordered, “Jerk me off onto your face and tits.”

“Yes Master,” Brandi said. “May I tell you some things as I do?”

“Yes,” Master said.

“I’m such a filthy little fucking whore. God I love sucking on your dick so much. I want to choke on you every moment of the day and I live in constant hope that you’ll cover this slutty little body with your hot cum. Doesn’t this face look so much better when you’ve marked it as your private cum dumpster?” She went on and it wasn’t long before Master let loose, covering her face. Brandi leaned back, finishing him off all over her tits. She had lost count of how often she had done this, but she had gotten very good at it. She smiled happily up at her Master as she sucked his dick softly.

“Good girl,” Master said. “Stand up and let the world see you.”

Brandi hopped to her feet and turned to the camera. Her perky tits and smiling face proudly displayed Master’s cum. It gleamed like her tiara in the light of the cameras.

“By the way, I wanted to introduce you to Brandi,” Master told the cameras. “I am your King. She… is my Queen of Whores. She is my favorite fucktoy. She sucks better than anyone else and her tongue on my dick is the way I start my every day.” He smacked her ass hard. “I am your King and she is your Queen. She’s still my bitch, but she’s your Queen. Her word is law, as an extension of mine, and you are to treat her with the same reverence you give me.”

Master looked at his bride again, admiring her tits, then told the camera crew: “Alright that’s all. Go on out of here.”

The crew packed up quickly and left.

“Thank you for honoring me, Master,” Brandi said softly.

“You’ve been a good bitch to me,” Master said. “And I like rewarding you. Besides, it’s easier having a right hand out there who can speak for me.” Master stopped one of the lingerie-clad girls in the hallway of the home and said, “Lick all the cum off her body, then eat her pussy until she cums.” Master turned to Brandi and said, “Enjoy this. I command you to want an orgasm.”

Brandi became instantly aware of her dripping pussy. After the hallway slut had licked the cum off of her, it was not long before Brandi was screaming in pleasure from the slut’s tongue. After she came, she got back to work.

If Master was going to give press conferences from the home, they should have a space to do it in. She started plans on a new addition the palace.

Brandi’s cum-covered body was instantly famous. Posters went up across the world. She was the single most fapped-to woman on Earth. Brandi had no thought about her own fame, she was just glad that the reverence and lust given to her reflected back upon Master—if men wanted to fuck her, then they would greater revere the man who fucked her every day.

Overnight, violent crime dropped. Murders walked into police stations and confessed. While Master’s brief notice had meant that not everyone saw the message immediately, the news stations replayed it throughout the week. By the end of the week, there was the first day in American history with no murders. The rest of the world was rapidly following suit.

And, of course, work immediately began on a new eighth season of everyone’s favorite fantasy show.

Brandi sent word to a nearby State College that Master was going to be visiting. Girls were advised to look their most fuckable and the school was ordered to put on a party. Everyone obeyed admirably.

A large posh atrium space, normally reserved for alumni and snooty gatherings, was filled with booming music, alcohol, and trashy college girls. It was a college guy’s wet dream, but not a man was visible in the whole room other than Master himself.

Master had not fucked any girls all afternoon, saving his appetite for that night. Before going in, he handed Brandi ten leashes, not unlike the one that he had paraded her in front of the world in. He entered and the room full of hot girls instantly focused in on him. Master ordered them to continue dancing and partying, which they did. He watched as they grinded on each other and gyrated in front of him. Occasionally, if he saw a girl he liked, he pulled her close and felt her up. They looked up at him in awe and carnal need as he squeezed their tits and smacked their ass.

When he really liked a girl, he gestured to Brandi. She stepped forward, clipped the leash around her neck, and pulled her along behind them as Master continued around the room. Soon, Brandi had a bitch on each leash. Master looked again at his collection, then nodded and moved back towards the door, the girls in tow.

Before reaching the door, Master caught sight of a group of girls. They were wearing tiny pencil skirts and skimpy plaid shirts, the single button that held them stretching to contain their tits. Most of them had pink lipstick or pigtails.

“What are you girls supposed to be?” Master said over the music.

“We’re schoolgirls,” one of the girls grinned. “We thought that since you’ve visiting school, you might like a schoolgirl experience.”

“Come here and let me look at you,” Master said. The girls—ten of them in all—formed up in front of Master. He felt up their cleavage, smacked their asses, pulled their pigtails. He was impressed, Brandi knew.

“I always do like a good roleplay,” Master admitted.

“Teacher,” one girl said, “I just need a good grade in this class. I’ll do anything.”

Master shook his head. Another girl chimed in, “Sir, I’ve been a bad girl. Can you teach me a lesson?” She put on pouty lips as she thrust her chest forward.

“I like that,” Master said, pointing at her. “Look, I’ve already picked out my treats for tonight, but I like you all. Stick around after the party. I want you.” He turned to Brandi and said, “Send them back with us. And set up a classroom in the palace. Chalk board, little desks, the whole thing.” He looked back at the girls, leering at their cleavage as the giggled excitedly. “They look like fun.”

“Yes, Master,” Brandi said, already thinking through the logistics. She was sure that they could get the room perfect within a day, perhaps even overnight.

“Alright, I’ll see you bitches later,” Master said. “I’m gonna go play with these toys.” He gestured at the ten girls on leashes behind him.

In the lobby outside the party, he put each girl on their knees in row. Brandi gave them instructions about what Master had in mind. Each one opened wide. One by one, Master walked down the line. He grabbed one of their heads, thrust hard into their mouths a few times, and pulled out again. Each girl, once their mouth was free, thanked Master and insulted themselves.

Master grabbed onto the first, a redhead with big tits. He abused her throat for three thrusts and pulled out. She said, “Thank you Master. I’m a stupid little whore.”

Master thrust four times into the mouth of a pretty brunette with dimples. “Thank you Master. My body is your cum dumpster.”

Master facefucked an emo girl with pink highlights in her blonde hair. “Thank you Master. I’m a worthless slut who needs to be punished.”

A blonde with big tits barely contained by tiny lace. “Thank you Master. I’m your happy little fucktoy.”

Round and round he went. He did five laps and Brandi could see the effort it took for him to pull out of a bitch’s face instead of finishing. It was like a game of chicken, but with more gagging.

Finally, Master could take it no more and grabbed hard onto the redhead’s head. He thrust hard, deep, and fast, pumping only ten times before letting loose. Brandi could heard the surprised gagging noises and smiled, thinking of how naïve these girls must be. It was probably their first throatfuck.

“Good girls,” Master said, pulling out as the redhead gasped for breath. A drop of cum was sliding down her chin. She quickly licked it up and swallowed. “I had a lot of fun with you.” The girls giggled happily. “Go back to the party.” The girls hurried back into the atrium. Master zipped up and took a deep contented breath.

“It’s good to be King,” Master said softly. He glanced off to the side and noticed a group of guys standing at the window, watching him. Master gestured them to come in and they hurried to obey him.

“Hello Master,” one of the guys said, bowing awkwardly. The others hurried to follow the example.

“At ease, guys,” Master smiled. “Tell me, have you ever been laid?”

There were four guys. Three of them answered, “No.” One answered, “Yes, once.”

“Ok,” Master said. “Follow me.”

He led them into the atrium, where the party of hot girls was still raging. He asked for a microphone and quickly received one.

“I’ve had my fun tonight,” Master informed the girls. At his voice, the whole room grew quiet. “But I’m feeling generous.” He turned to the four guys to his side. “It’s ten at night right now. For the next twelve hours, these gentlemen’s sexual delight is your responsibility. Any of you that they want, however they want it… no holes barred.” Master smiled and added, “And you’ll enjoy it, just like you were fucking me.”

The girls cheered.

“Thank you, Master!” the guys’ declarations were barely audible over the cheering host of hot, nearly-naked sluts.

“Have fun. Don’t break anything,” Master said.

Master, Brandi, and the collection of ten schoolgirls left the college right around the time the first guy was blowing his first load in a slut’s ass. Master was there just for some quick fun, but for four college students it was only the beginning of the greatest night of their lives.

Brandi knew that Master enjoyed giving back every once in a while.

The classroom went up overnight and Master spent much of his time in the next couple weeks playing with his schoolgirl sluts. At the beginning, he leaned hard into the punishment roleplay, lining the girls up and spanking their tight asses with a thick metal ruler. As time went on, he occasionally reverted to simple facefucking, assfucking, and normal fucking, without the pretense of roleplay. On one specific day, he entered the classroom and simply declared, “Suck it.” The girls eagerly crawled to him and took turns sucking on him while the others declared their sluttiness in a whoreish chorus.

His favorite schoolgirl was a shapely brunette. Her tits often popped out of her tiny plaid top, her ass looked the best as it was smacked by the ruler, and her long hair in pigtails provided great handles for Master to utilize when abusing her throat. He normally finished her mouth or on her body. Master didn’t bother to learn names. He simply called her “my whore next door”. She glowed whenever he called her it.

The girls texted their friends and family frequently, sharing pictures of their bodies covered in cum, their asses red from punishment, and dressed in the sluttiest schoolgirl outfits. Not only were their families very proud of their little whores, the local news quickly got news of the story and the schoolgirls were hailed as heroes for satisfying Master. Their story was like that of a come-from-behind sports hero: “Normal, regular girls who were able to seduce the most powerful man in the world by creating a fantasy world for his amusement.”

Master enjoyed them so much he ordered Brandi to start on parallel fantasies, starting with a locker room populated with slutty cheerleaders. Brandi remembered fondly back to their first week together, all those years ago. He had ordered her to dress as a slutty cheerleader, then brutally punish-fucked her. Brandi smiled warmly at the memory and immediately began construction.

Most news stations installed permanent “Master Correspondents” at the palace. These usually constituted big-titted bimbos that knew how to operate a camera. There were stationed at the palace and did their best to imitate the other sluts that were present. Master didn’t fuck them very often, but they were nice eye candy for him. Master occasionally gave press conferences, which were aired live and repeated frequently in the days afterwards as “edicts from the King”.

He made the world better, ordering those guilty of egregious crimes come forward, confess, and make things are right as they could. Corrupt CEOs, mafia leaders, and child molesters were among the crimes. With each crime, he also ordered people not to do them again. His word was law, not just in the government, but in the hearts and minds of the people. Brandi knew that she was programmed to adore her Master, but she suspected that even if she wasn’t she would see him as a truly good King. The parade of bitches for his sexual delight was nothing more than the world repaying him for service.

Master’s application process made acquiring new whores for the palace easy. Stunning sluts sent cam porn, hoping to be selected. They showcased their deepthroat skills and dirty talk capabilities, promising the viewer to be the best slut they could for Master’s pleasure. Master assembled a team of his whores who best understood his tastes and assigned them to pick and choose. The hottest girls were brought to the palace, dressed in lingerie, had any lingering dignity or hesitations removed by Master’s device, and put into service throughout the palace. Master had simply too many bitches to actually fuck them all, but they all lived in hope that any moment they might serve him. Every waking minute they wore their best makeup, the sluttiest lingerie, and their hair done to perfection. “Staying in peak fuckability” was the term they used to describe it. The men who lived in the palace enjoyed it.

The girls who were not selected to join the harem still were used, however. The hours and hours of cam porn, begging, and self-disgrace was played on video monitors throughout the palace as a sort of living art, celebrating Master’s conquest.

College visits became regular parts of Master’s entertainment. He would pick his favorites from the throng of sluts and fuck them in whatever disgraceful and lecherous way he desired. Sometimes he would leave afterwards, other times he would party with them until he was horny again. He would often bring his friends along with, giving them their choice from the crowd as well. Colleges capitalized on the visits in their marketing, positioning their proximity to Master’s place of living as a reason to attend the college. It worked and female admissions to nearby colleges doubled. Girls hoped that the college would pick them as “hot girls” to bring before Master, and among the hundreds of hot girls they hoped that Master would pick them for a single fuck. The odds of actually being fucked by Master from among the thousands of applying girls were tiny, but the hope was enough that hot women flocked to the colleges near the Palace.

Often times, Master would bring the parties to him. He had no shortage of hot girls around him and on every holiday he threw a party. Halloween was his favorite, probably due to his cosplay- and roleplay-related kinks. The first Halloween as Master of the World, every superheroine, female fantasy character, girl action hero, or hot video game character was represented by some bitch. Master’s sex dungeons were themed for Halloween. Even classic monsters were given sexy twists, with the Whore of Frankenstein and Countess Dracula being popular fucktoys.

The party started three days before Halloween and didn’t let up. Master and his friends fucked, drank, and fucked again. Gangbangs were common, with popular characters fucked from every direction by men who had always lusted after them. Drunken and sated men often collapsed late in the night in a bed with three or four whores. They would wake the next day and start again, fucking their hangover away and drinking more.

On Halloween night, a drunken Master invited a television crew into the courtyard to record the feast of flesh. It was the first look into Master’s home that the public had received. The hundreds of scantily-clad cosplaying fucktoys went out to the world, rekindling the inherent jealousy that all men felt towards Master and stoking the raw lust that women felt. The news media praised Master for celebrating the holiday in style. The most replayed clip of the feature was when Master gathered together a group of his sluts—at least forty of them—and asked, “Girls! Tell the world what you are!” The girls, in unison and with genuine joy, shouted, “Happy little fucktoys!” and let out a cheer.

The house was quiet for a day or so after Halloween, but the girls cleaned up instantly. When Master emerged into the courtyard, holding a cup of coffee and shying away from the morning light, it was spotless. Girls were displayed throughout, in case Master was in the mood, but he only admired and told them that he was giving his dick a rest. Even the greatest needed a break every now and then.

Cities across the world began construction of “Master’s Palaces”. This news was a surprise to everyone, Brandi included. Apparently, the reverence instilled in the people naturally produced the desire to create a local home for their King. Requests were made of the Palace for information: “What sort of lighting does Master like?”, “How many whores does Master usually travel with? Do they each need their own room?”, “Does Master prefer to stay in busy downtowns? Or more quiet spaces?”

Master told Brandi to put together something to send to them all, so Brandi put out a single document detailing Master’s living preferences. It was distributed widely and construction began immediately. Motivated by reverence for their King, the buildings went up very quickly. Property values near the palaces increased sharply, perhaps under the idea that proximity to a place where Master might be incrementally increased the possibility that the women nearby would get fucked. That hope was enough to drive up property values.

As the homes went up, Master decided to utilize them and do a sort of world tour. He sat with Brandi, picked out some places he wanted to go, and then throatfucked her. After swallowing, Brandi got to work.

Logistically, going to a place wasn’t hard. Master had a private plane already and the home was provided by the city. The harder part was ensuring that Master’s needs were met at every place, without him growing bored. Luckily, resourcing was not difficult.

The schedule was set, so Brandi arranged transportation of sluts to every stop. She thought that 200 girls at each destination would be enough to accommodate any mood he was in. The homes were instructed to allow accommodation for 250 girls at a time (with a single, large, dorm recommended for most convenient slut housing). She acquired 4 different 737 airplanes that could fit each caravan of whores and notified the airports that Master would be arriving, with an advance team the day before. Once she identified herself as Brandi, Queen of Whores, her word was law and there were no problems.

Now that Master’s fucking was accommodated, Brandi arranged local tourist destinations to be closed the days that Master wanted to visit. He was King of the World and shouldn’t have to deal with crowds blocking the views. The colosseum in Rome, the pyramids in Egypt, the Louvre in Paris… all of them were closed on the destination days.

On Master’s command, Brandi arranged meetings with presidents of the respective countries. They were instructed to bring forward the most pressing issues of the country for resolution from their King. Brandi was surprised that Master was committing to working on his vacation, but apparently he was taking “King of the World” rather seriously. She obeyed, of course.

Finally, each destination was encouraged to nominate their hottest sluts and provide them for a party each night. This last command generated universal excitement, especially from the female populations in the destination countries.

Master was excited for his trip and Brandi did everything possible to ensure he would enjoy it.

On the flights between destinations, slutty stewardesses served him drinks and anything else he desired. On short flights, blowjobs were most common, but on the longer flights Master grew bored and got creative. While crossing the Atlantic, he told Brandi that she was now mistress and needed to discipline the stewardess crew. Luckily, Brandi had brought a variety of outfits and toys. She dressed in tight leather and whipped the girls with a riding crop. After each one, the girl said, “Thank you mistress”. Master watched, growing harder and harder. Finally, he ordered Brandi to pick the bitch that had best received discipline. Brandi selected a cute little blonde girl and Master told her to kneel and receive reward. She obeyed, presenting her face and tits for Master. Brandi jerked him off, rubbing her body against him and whispering in his ear how incredible he was and how every bitch on Earth wanted nothing more than a single drop of delicious cum. He came all over the blonde girl, then had a drink and watched a movie.

In England, the royal family invited him to sit on the throne. He did so, enjoying a beer and one of London’s hottest bitches.

In Rome, several of the best sluts of the city dressed in skimpy warrior outfits and acted out a battle in the Colosseum. Master enjoyed it and rewarded the winner with a rough fucking of her ass.

In Egypt, Master was treated to belly dancing from local whores under the starlight before the pyramids. They called him “Pharaoh” and he seemed to enjoy that.

In every city, a party of sluts was hosted on his behalf. He always got off on or in the locals, sometimes picking a favorite that would come home with him. The news followed him closely, showcasing his fucking, his whores, and his daily activities with awe.

At each destination, he met with political leaders and listened for a few minutes to summaries of their complex issues. He would normally ask the same question to start: “Who do you represent with this concern?” When the answer was corporations or a privileged few, Master almost immediately favored the other side, declaring the cause that best suited the common people. He explained to Brandi after the first visit, “I think that if people are honest about motivations, the best thing to do is very quickly apparent. And I can make them be honest, so I can make the right decision.” He thought another moment and said, “Besides, this is my world. I can make it how I want it.”

“Yes Master,” Brandi said, continuing to jerk him off between her tits. He came over her and they went to the local home.

The “Master Homes” in each city was impressive. They blended comfortable with local architecture. The home in Egypt was air conditioned to meet the comfort level of the West and all the furnishings were remarkably comfortable, but it still was presented as an Egyptian home. Master didn’t stay long in each city, but warmly thanked the people in each for their generosity. His approval was an obvious reward for the people, who talked of it nonstop for weeks afterwards.

Master continued to Russia (which provided an impressive collection of gorgeous fucktoys that Brandi did not expect from a country known to be cold), China (the forbidden city was filled with Chinese sluts for Master’s amusement), and Japan (Master’s home overlooked a beautiful mountain range, which he enjoyed with a Japanese girl sucked heartily before him). He stopped in Hawaii, where he decided to stay an extra day fucking beautiful bitches on the beach. Then he flew to California.

In Los Angeles, Master had arranged for a specific treat to himself. He went through the list of Hollywood A-listers, picked his favorites, and had Brandi arrange a party. The event was televised and watched from coast to coast. The arrival of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses was covered like a rewards show, with the women stepping out of limos and onto a red carpet, but instead of talking about their designer dresses, they were talking about their designer lingerie. They proudly displayed themselves for the camera, with very little skin hidden, and talked about how much they hoped Master fucked them. One actress had to be cut off by the host because her rant about all the dirty, vile things she wanted Master to do to her went on for ten minutes and they had other celebrities to cover.

No cameras were allowed inside the party, on Master’s decree. Apparently he wanted to be the only one who got to see such a collection. As King of the World, it was his right to make such a decree. When his limo pulled up to the red carpet, the entire crowd went silent. Master stepped, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt and still tan from Hawaii. Brandi followed, wearing only a diamond-encrusted collar, glass heels, and her tiara. There was the flashing of cameras, but the reporters didn’t speak, for fear of missing anything that Master said.

Master waved to the cameras. He looked at them for a moment, then apparently had an idea. He turned to Brandi and leaned in for a kiss. His kiss was long, passionate, and his hands had no limits. For a while, he squeeze her tits and ass. He moved at one point to fingering her pussy, which was soaking and ready for him. He ended up with one hand on her tit and the other wrapped around her throat, gripping onto the diamond collar. Brandi’s own hands massaged the hardness in his pants. Cameras flashed repeatedly.

Master broke the kiss and smiled at her. She smiled back with a sultry gaze.

“God, she’s a nice fucking whore,” Master told the cameras. “I hope these famous bitches can fuck half as good as her.” Then he went into the room.

Master forbid the celebrities from telling the outside world who got fucked. He said they were famous enough and he didn’t want to add bragging rights to anyone. He took his time, often pulling out of before a celebrity could suck him all the way off or before he blew his load inside them. He had obvious favorites, revisiting them frequently. With one actress, a Cuban actress who was the next girl in the upcoming James Bond movie, he couldn’t help himself and she eager swallowed his cum while he held her head in place with a handful of her hair.

He ordered a movie to be put on while he got back in the mood and he watched an early release of an upcoming blockbuster. He enjoyed it and after it was done he got back to fucking the Hollywood whores. There was no bitch that he didn’t stick somewhere (he had handpicked them all for a reason), but only two actually got swallow anything.

When he was finished, it was the middle of the night. He left the room and found the reporters still there, looking for news on which celebrity was the best whore. Master didn’t specify. He simply smiled and said, “That was a lot of fun.”

For months after, the tabloids theorized about what celebrities were fucked in which degrading way. Everyone had different opinions, but the girls were all silent—obedient little bitches for their Master.

When Master finally got home from his world-wide tour, he found his home decorated for the holidays. Christmas trees towered in the atrium areas, lights were everywhere, several large doors were decorated to look like ginger bread houses, and almost all the sluts were wearing Christmas-themed lingerie: skimpy elf costumes, red lace with white fuzzy trim, tiny bows instead of clothes… Master loved it all.

He also loved being home. Brandi found him the next day in one of the theater rooms, playing video games. The room was curiously absent of sluts and Master explained that he had sent them away for a while.

“Would you like me to go too?” Brandi asked.

“No, you can stay,” Master said.

Through the speakers, someone with a nasally voice shouted, “Your mom’s a whore!”

“You couldn’t afford her if she was!” Master shouted back through the headset.

Brandi’s eyes grew large. How dare someone speak to their King like that? Rage boiled up from inside her. Master cut his mic and said, “Don’t worry, he doesn’t know it’s me. I like to play anonymously.”

Brandi calmed herself as Master explained, “I like being King, but sometimes it’s nice not to be. These guys don’t let me win. In fact, I haven’t played for a while, so they beat me pretty easily. But it’s a fair game. If I win, it’s because I actually won.”

“You’ve won the other stuff in a fair game too,” Brandi said softly. “Anyone else could have done what you did.”

“Yeah, but I won once and that kinda just kept going,” Master said. “It’s just nice to lose sometimes. It’s nice to just be me sometimes.”

“Whatever you want,” Brandi said.

Master gave her an odd look and said, “That’s actually it though. You give me anything I want. And I love it. So much. But if I wasn’t King and hadn’t programmed you, you wouldn’t give me anything. I get blown whenever I want right now, but if I hadn’t programmed everyone, would I ever get any head?”

Brandi was silent. Was her Master unhappy? Had she been so blind as to not know? He saw the thought cross her face and intercepted it.

“I love my life, Brandi. So much. I guess I just like remembering what it was like before.” On his video game, he suddenly died. Brandi didn’t see what happened, but he muttered, “Sniper.” He turned back to her and said, “I just like remembering what it was like.”

Brandi thought for a little while, sitting on the couch next to him as he played. She looked down at herself, dressed in lingerie that she knew he loved. She had toned her body to his preferences. She knew how he liked her hair, her makeup. She knew how he liked her to talk to him, handle him… She was his creation.

“Master, may I… May I try something for you?” Her voice was hesitant. She normally knew how to please her Master, but that was apparently part of the problem. She had accommodated every whim, but now the whims were the normal. What if he wanted the normal?

Master looked at her curiously. “Sure,” he said. “What do you have in mind?”

“Meet me in your bedroom? Twenty minutes?”


When he entered, Brandi was not wearing lingerie. She wore faded jeans that didn’t fit her too well. She wore an old t-shirt. Her hair was a mess and her makeup wasn’t done well. She had a pile of laundry on the bed and was folding it while watching a soap opera on the television.

“Hi honey,” she said passively. “How was your trip?”

He looked at her, blinking a few times. He looked at the television, the laundry, and then again at her. Finally, he said, “Fine.” He blinked again and said, “How was your day?”

“Long,” Brandi said with a sigh. “Work was… well… I don’t want to talk about it. By the way, we are almost out of chicken. We’ll need to run to the store tonight.”

“I was gonna play some games with the guys,” he said, smiling softly.

“Well we need to go to the store,” Brandi said. “Can’t video games wait for an hour?”

“Fine,” he said, stepping into the room. He reached for her, a tentative hand wrapping around her waist. His second hand on the other side was firmer.

“Hey sweetheart,” he said softly. “You look beautiful.”

“The fuck are you talking about?” Brandi scoffed. “I’m a mess. Can you put this in the dresser?” She pushed a folded shirt towards him. He took it and set it on top of his dresser. He turned back to her and put his hands on her again, firmer this time.

“I mean it,” he said. “You look great.”

“Well you have to say that,” Brandi said, turning to face him. “You’re my husband.”

“Doesn’t make it less true,” he grinned, leaning in. She turned and his kiss landed on her cheek.

“What’s gotten into you?” Brandi laughed.

“I missed you,” he said. “A guy is allowed to miss his wife.” He kissed her neck. Brandi leaned her head back and laughed.

“Stop that,” she said without conviction. “I’ve got laundry to do.”

“Laundry can wait,” he said, kissing her again.

“We have to go to the store,” she said, her voice softer and wispy.

“That can wait too,” he said, kissing lower on her neck.

“You’re the worst,” Brandi said, lightly slapping him with the sock still in her hand.

“You love me,” he laughed.

“Yes I do,” Brandi said, running a hand up her husband’s chest. They kissed. It was slow, tender. When he took her shirt off, he didn’t find lace. He found a nude-color plain bra that didn’t match her panties. When he went to stick it in her, she said, “Not yet, honey. Get me ready for it.” He fingered her for a few minutes until she said, “Ok, I’m ready.” He stuck it in and began to thrust. “Slower,” she coached. “Get me there slow.”

“Want this,” Master said softly.

Brandi gasped and almost broke character, but kept it under wraps. “Slowly, baby,” she said. “Get me there slow.”

He obeyed. Their bodies were close and their kisses were passionate, but almost routine. Brandi’s body ached, but she pushed down her desperate need and played the part.

“Right there,” she said sharply. “Right there. Just like that. Yes!” He continued thrusting in that place, picking up speed.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Brandi cried out, letting loose on her orgasm. Nothing was faked as she tossed her hips and her body shook. When it was over, she slipped back into the part.

“Ok, honey,” Brandi said. “Finish up now. Come on.”

He continued to thrust in her until she heard the grunting noises that she knew so well. His body buckled a few times as he came inside her.

He collapsed on the bed next to her and the pile of laundry. He smiled.

“That was fun,” Brandi said. She rubbed a tender finger along his harm, stroking him. “I love you honey.”

“I love you too,” her husband smiled. His smile widened and he repeated, “I love you so much.”

They lay there, Brandi laying on her husband’s chest for a few minutes. Finally, Brandi said, “I gotta pee.” She stood and walked to the bathroom. She partially closed the door as she went and came back out after a minute, getting dressed again in the plain underwear, jeans, and t-shirt. “If you want, we can go to the store tomorrow. I can move my lunch meeting and we can go on break.”

“Stop,” Master said softly. “You can stop now.”

Brandi stopped speaking. Her heart was racing.

“Did… did this make you happy?” she said softly.

“Yes, but not in the way you think,” Master said, sitting up.

“Was it the t-shirt? Too unattractive? I didn’t mean to nag you…”

“It made me happy that even after all these years, you are still looking for new ways to make me happy,” Master explained. He looked at the laundry on the bed next to him. “Even if it’s weirder and weirder kinks.”

Brandi smiled and looked down at the ground. “I only want your happiness.”

“Go back to my Queen of Whores,” Master said with a smile as he climbed off the bed. He leaned down and kissed her lips one more time. “And don’t worry about the store. We have bitches who can do that for you.”

“Yes Master,” Brandi grinned. Brandi redressed in the skimpy, slutty lingerie she was used to wearing. She did her makeup and her hair to look as fuckable as possible. Then, she adorned herself with the tiara.

When she presented herself before Master, he ordered her down on her knees while he played video games. She sucked him off like a whore and was happy to do so. After she swallowed, he told her that she had done a good job. He commanded her to want an orgasm—her second that day—and to go find a bitch to eat her out.

Brandi obeyed.

In the aftermath of the Hollywood party, Master got a taste for celebrity fucking. He commanded visits from several of his choices.

First, a country-turned-pop singer with blonde curls performed a concert at the palace before Master fucked her throat.

Next, Master had the Cuban actress who had swallowed at the party visit again. She stayed there most of a weekend and Master spent a portion of it with her in the sex dungeons.

The actress who had played “The Spider” in a populate superhero franchise (a spy-turned-hero in a team-up movie) was summoned. She arrived in the actual costume from the film—tight leather, zipper cleavage and all.

Master invited the British actress who had been the female lead of a very popular wizard franchise. He told Brandi that she was “Classy Hot” and he wanted to break her. He did, discarding her dignity with whips, ass fucking, and the endless slew of filthy self-degradation that she poured out in her British accent as she jerked Master off all over her body.

Singers, actresses, athletes, and even a female MMA fighter were summoned to please the King. All of them performed eagerly. Master rarely told the press or allowed the girls to disclose their visits. As much pleasure as he got watching a normal girl talk about her fabulous fucking experience in front of cameras, he didn’t want rich, famous people to get more rich and famous just because he wanted to fuck them.

Brandi got a request for an audience with Master from a senate leader. Master had left the current government in place, of course, instead of actually trying to run everything himself. Even Brandi, who hadn’t focused on anything but Master’s happiness in years, recognized his name. It was rare for anyone to request time with Master.

Brandi tentatively asked Master what he wanted to with the request. He thought for moment and said, “Yeah, sure. Have him here.” She relayed the message to the Senator and they set a time for the next day.

Brandi wanted to have the meeting in the palace’s throne room, a lavish, towering room with an impressive throne at the head of it. It would remind the Senator who he was talking to. Master dismissed the idea quickly, telling Brandi to bring the Senator to one of the lounge areas in the palace. No need to frighten the man before they knew what he wanted.

When he arrived, the Senator was guided to a sizeable living room, with a half dozen couches, tall tables with stools, and a built-in bar. It was a comfortable space commonly used for Master’s poker games.

Master entered, followed by eight sluts in skimpy, expensive lingerie. All of them wore thick collars—a sign of favoritism from Master that all the bitches were programmed to crave. The girls stood at attention near the door and Master left them behind as he welcomed the Senator warmly. The Senator was very respectful, bowing low before the King and thanking him repeatedly for seeing him.

“Is there anything I can get you?” Master asked. “The girls can fetch you a drink if you want.”

“No, no,” the Senator said quickly. “I know how busy you must be and I don’t mean to take much of your time.”

“Then why don’t you tell me what brought you here?”

The Senator spoke quickly about his plan. He was good at presenting it clearly and simply, although Brandi and Master both knew that there was likely more complicated matters behind it. Effectively, Master could lift sanctions against an oil-rich country that was not being traded with at the moment. Master’s word would override the congressional stalemate and lead to an influx of cheap oil.

The Senator ended with, “…and, of course, we would graciously thank you for you involvement in this.”

Master blinked and smiled, but Brandi did not see joy in his eyes. “Thank me?”

“Yes, of course,” the Senator nodded vigorously. “There are many millions of dollars at play here. However much you desire, just say the word.”

“How is that different from right now?” Master asked.

“I’m sorry?”

“What’s stopping me from going to the bank right now and telling them all the money in their vault belongs to me and I want it in cash? Or, for that matter, do I look like I need money?”

“Of course not,” the Senator said. “I… whatever we can do to thank you for your assistance, it’s yours.”

Master turned and pointed at one of the collared bitches by the door—a girl with curly black hair and significant tits. She was wearing a black miniskirt, black heels, and a black lace bra. He snapped his fingers and pointed at his crotch. The girl hurried over and knelt in front of him. She unbuckled him and began to suck. She did her best to minimize any noise, so as to not distract from the conversation.

“Do I look like I need anything from you?” Master asked, rubbing his hand through the girl’s curly black hair and pushing her head down farther on him. She complied eagerly.

“Of course not,” the Senator backpedaled quickly. “I did not mean to offer you, Master. I was only…”

“You were trying to bribe me,” Master said simply. “Like you would bribe anyone else when you try to make money for yourself. But you can’t, because you have nothing to offer me. You have literally nothing that I want.” To drive home his point, he grabbed a fist full of the curly hair and began to set the rhythm himself, bobbing the girls head up and down on his dick.

“That’s why I am the best King this world will ever see,” Master said. “Because I do what I want. And I make decisions as I want. And I don’t need to trade for sex, money, or anything. It’s just mine. So I’m free of conflicts of interest. I’m incorruptible.”

“Yes, Master,” the Senator said, his eyes wide with fear and pointed down at the ground (or the girl’s ass, it was hard to tell).

“This country… I’ve heard of it. Isn’t the oil cheap because of the forced labor camps?”

“Yes, sir,” the Senator said softly.

“And did your plan do anything to address those?”

“No, sir,” the Senator said.

Master said back in the chair, releasing the girl’s hair as he did. The girl maintained the rhythm he had set, taking the dick deep in her mouth with each plunge.

“Brandi?” Master called. Brandi immediately stepped forward. The Senator looked at her, first at her face then immediately down to her bare chest. It was a common pattern.

“Is this country in our influence?”

“Yes, Master,” Brandi said. “We have been broadcasting on their TV and radio stations for at least three months now.”

“Good,” Master said. “All the leaders who approved of the labor camps will step down. They’ll give their entire fortunes to the country’s coffers. Anyone who spoke out against this government will be released from prison and put in charge in place of the corrupt officials. Once this has been accomplished, other countries will purchase their oil exports at prices higher than valued, to stimulate their economy.”

Master turned back to the Senator.

“Now what do I do with you?”

The Senator’s fear grew more visible on his face.

“Mercy, my King,” he said softly. “I beg you.”

Master said thoughtfully, “I could just have you quick and give all your money away. But I’m worried that someone else will just take your place and I don’t want to have to go through this again and again.” He thought for a moment, absently stroking the curly black hair bobbing at his crotch as he did so. “I think what we’ll do is just change your priorities. You came here hoping to profit the few at the expense of the many. But I am giving you orders now to use your position to protect the common man. I am King of the whole world, not just the few. And I charge you to go out and make decisions that greatest benefit the most people. Not just in this country, but everywhere.”

“Yes, my King,” the Senator nodded vigorously.

“Go on. Get out of here,” Master said with a dismissive hand wave. The Senator rushed towards the door, but Master called out after him, “Oh! Senator. When you encounter resistance, tell them you’re under my orders. If anyone doesn’t like it, they are welcome to come here and discuss it with me as well.”

“Yes King,” the Senator said before leaving the room.

Master sat back happily on his chair, taking hold of the black curly hair again and picking up a face, aggressive pace.

“Is there anything else you would like me to do for this, Master?” Brandi asked, standing at attention beside the King.

“No, my Queen, that will be all,” Master said. As Brandi left the room, she heard the gurgling noises of a face-fucked whore swallowing all she could as quickly as she could while her face was still being abused. Brandi loved that sound, because her Master loved it.

Master threw a Christmas party—a lavish, loud, four-day bash. Strippers emerged from presents, sluts were tied to giant candy canes with tight ribbon to be bondage-fucked (it was Brandi’s idea to add bows on top of their head), and Master and his friends fucked repeatedly. They were getting good at getting off multiple times per day while still drinking excessively.

Brandi had purchased, on Master’s behalf of course, very expensive, lavish gifts for his friends. Most of their regular fucktoys had presented great ideas for what they might like. New cars, impressive computers, massive televisions… there was nothing Master couldn’t give and he enjoyed watching them light up as they opened presents. Brandi was always amazed by how much Master loved his friends. Would any other King share his spoils so freely? His friends complained that there was nothing they could give Master, but he shrugged it off and told him in good humor to “stuff your complaints in a whore’s throat and get over it”.

Of course, Christmas was followed by New Year’s and another party ensued. More alcohol, more fucking, more fun. Nobody partied like the King of the World.

As the New Year progressed, the news was consistently reporting amazing changes. Regimes topped—even those not explicitly destroyed by Master. Poverty and hunger were being eradicated as the richest billionaires in the world spent their excessive fortunes and toned business acumen developing and funding solutions to the world’s problems. There was no war anywhere on the planet. Crime in every country was at its lowest ever. Master had given a few commands and showed the world that those who did things that displeased him would be broken down. Fear of retaliation and respect for the King had done what his explicit orders had not.

The news and the world might have been surprised, but Brandi was not. She had enjoyed the peace of subservience for years. With the whole world now subservient to Master, it was only natural that it mold itself to his desires.

As for Master’s collection, it had grown large enough that Brandi was able to keep all of his US-based palaces stocked. He could visit without needing to bring along his own entertainment. He often was in moods for different parts of the country.

In January, Master and his friends went to a Colorado palace high in the mountains and had a ski weekend. The bitches there were thrilled for the visit and were happy to keep their visitors warm when they weren’t on the slopes.

Later that month, when the cold got too much for them, Master and his friends went back to Hawaii. Master learned to surf and the girls’ grass miniskirts were the only thing they wore all weekend. The guys had a competition to see how many lays they could acquire from the sluts—one per orgasm. More than one complained about a sore dick on the flight back home, but the stewardesses were happy to treat them to gentle, tender blowjobs to kiss them better.

Master and his friends spent a week in Las Vegas. They lost a fortune at casinos, but Master’s coffers were never dry anymore and there was plenty to make it rain at the strip clubs. Of course, the girls would have danced and grinded (and done anything else requested) on Master and his friends for free, but Master ordered them to take the money. He said it was a part of the experience.

Master and his friends personally sampled the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders from a private box during the Superbowl. After the abuse their throats took, it would be a while before they could cheer again.

Master treated his friends to another Hollywood bang-bash, where they could choose whatever celebrity they wanted. As they had their fun with familiar faces, Master fucked Brandi’s pussy, kissing her passionately and squeezing her tits as he pounded her. Then he rolled onto his back and watched her ride him, her perfect body rocking and rolling on his cock like a well-oiled machine.

The Royal Party—as the news came to calling the group of horny twenty-somethings that happened to include the King of the World—attended theaters on Broadway, museums across the country, college parties at some of the biggest schools, sports events of every kind, and did it all while showering a parade of bitches with their cum.

At some point through the trip, Master realized how many of his whores were simply sitting in homes waiting to fuck. He told Brandi that if any of them wanted to leave, they could. He had plenty and could always get more if he wanted. Brandi relayed the message to the whores at every palace, but—as Brandi expected—no one took him up on it. They wanted to stay fuckable in Master’s various homes, just on the odd chance that Master would come and fuck them.

Master put forward a different plan instead. He had a small camera empire that had funded his bank accounts at one point. Now, he didn’t need the money, but he still liked the idea. All of his homes had a high-tech building added to them with dozens of cam rooms. Whores took shifts performing. No request was denied and no girl was anything but stunning. No man was charged. Anyone could log on and request depraved acts from bitches from the King’s personal harem.

Whenever a viewer thanked the girls, they would simply smile warmly at the camera and say, “Be thankful to Master. I’m on loan to you from His collection.” Master didn’t need to pander for approval, of course. He had claimed the world. But he liked to do things for the people and he didn’t mind their genuine gratefulness.

As Spring Break approached, Master decided to celebrate with bitches from across the nation. Through Brandi, he ordered hundreds of schools to elect their hottest whore to present before Master. Contests were held and the best were selected. They flew to Puerto Rico and boarded a massive cruise ship that Brandi had acquired. Skimpy, matching bikinis were issued to each girl.

When Master and his friends boarded, a boat full of the hottest sluts that the United States had to offer greeted them warmly. They took a long tour around the Caribbean, partying as they went. On Master’s orders, the girls were given extra programming: “This is your chance to earn Master’s affection. If he or his friends like you, Master will add you to his collection. You want that more than anything in the world.” While Master and his friends could always tell a whore to suck them off, they had never before been met with such a wave of bitches literally begging for the honor of dick in their mouth, pussy, or ass. The men got in the habit of pushing away girls if there were too many, like furniture in the way. But when the men relented and let the girls suck them, it was some of the best sexual performances they had experienced. They were gorgeous sluts desperately trying with every ounce of their strength and suction ability to make a man happy. It was a great idea, everyone agreed.

Perhaps the most memorable part was when Master took a bitch onto the upper deck, an elevated platform above the deck where most of his friends were being sucked off. He ripped the bitch’s bikini off, bent her over the rail, and started fucking her pussy from behind. He pulled her hair back hard, so her face was pointed toward the sky and her tits down at the deck.

“Tell these guys what you are,” Master, fairly drunk at this point, ordered.

“I’m a happy little fucktoy,” the slut squealed, her voice quivered with each thrust of Master’s dick. “I’m a worthless bitch. I’m a cumdumpster who wants to swallow every drop of treat that you give her. Break me in half! Abuse me! Wreck me! Devastate me! I want it all! I’m begging you! Please disgrace me like the worthless, filthy whore I am!” She continued as the men cheered, most of them with a hot bitch sucking them off or riding their dick. When Master got bored of this, he pulled out and let go of the bitch’s hair.

“More please, Master!” the slut said, immediately dropping to her knees. “Fuck my face. It’s a pretty face and it would look so good with your glorious dick in my mouth.” Master, always one to appreciate good dirty talk and a good, rough blowjob, obliged her. He fucked her mouth hard, occasionally pulling out so he could slap her face or tits. As he struck her, the bitch would say, “Yes sir, I’m a bad bitch. Punish me more.” He came in her mouth and she swallowed, thanking him vigorously for allowing her to pleasure him. He ordered her to get him another beer.

As she hurried away, Master walked close to Brandi and said, “She’s fun. Remember her for me. We might want to take her back with us.”

“Yes Master,” Brandi said as the bitch hurried back up the deck with a beer for her Master.

After a week, the cruise ended and Master told Brandi to program a “sense of accomplishment and satisfaction” in each of the girls, as they had all performed admirably. He took a few favorites with him, including the girl he had fucked on the upper deck. The others went back to school and told of the week of depraved debauchery in blissful, nostalgic tones.

After the cruise, Master took a break from travel. He also concentrated on a few of his longest-serving bitches. Brandi got fucked more in that next month than any time other than when it was only her serving Master. He often enjoyed sitting on a lounge chair in the courtyard with Brandi on his lap. She rode his dick her pussy, displaying her tits proudly for him as she bounced. Sometimes—often times, in fact—Master would order her to desire an orgasm and they would come together, their cries of delight echoing off the courtyard walls as they came. Master also invited her into bed with him frequently, not just for sex. He said he enjoyed sleeping with his wife. Sometimes he held her, but more often they just slept next to each other. Brandi would still wake him up with her well-trained mouth.

Master was feeling nostalgic, Brandi knew. He didn’t seem discontent, or else Brandi would have been alarmed. One morning, after Brandi had swallowed, but before Master was ready to get out of bed, he confided in her, “I’ve done almost all of it that I wanted to do. It’s a lot of fun. It’s all great. But I own the world now. This will be the rest of my life and that’s great. But for some reason, it does make me appreciate you more. I’ve fucked bitches on every continent except Antartica…”

“I can make that happen,” Brandi chimed in softly, and Master smiled.

“…but you’re still my favorite. Your pussy, your mouth, your… well… I confess that I enjoy fucking Natalie’s ass a bit more, but you’ve got two out of three.” Brandi smiled warmly at her Master. His preferences were well known and Brandi didn’t care—she only thought of her Master’s pleasure. “But I think that more than just your fucking or your tits… it’s your devotion. I trust you completely. And if you wanted anything in the world, I would give it to you. I love you, my little fucktoy.” He caressed her cheek warmly and Brandi nestled up closer to him. She knew he could feel her tits against him. Even though he had just gotten off in her mouth, she knew this would stir him.

“I just want to continue serving you,” Brandi said. “Did I ever tell you how it felt when you sent me away?”

“Hmmm?” Master frowned. “I don’t think so.” Back when his agenda had been primarily punishing his exes, Master had claimed and fucked Brandi. After he wasn’t as angry anymore, he had sent Brandi back to her life for a year or so. Later, he had reclaimed her and starting building the empire that eventually claimed the whole world.

“I was going about my day, but I knew something was missing,” Brandi said. “I was so bored, so empty. I felt like I used to have a singular purpose, but it wasn’t there anymore. Once you claimed me again… I got my purpose back.” She slipped her hand down his body and found his cock. It was getting hard again. She stroked it slowly.

“Sometimes I worry that you feel guilty about claiming bitches,” Brandi said softly. “I know you have a good heart. And I know that you care about people. But that doesn’t have to be in place of owning a collection of whores to fuck.” With every sentence, her hand’s pace quickened just slightly. “You like to punish. You like to devastate. You like to own a slut. These are just kinks. At every point, as you claim and punish and conquest, you also tell the slut to enjoy it. That’s why you’re good inside.” She was stroking fast and his dick was hard. She sat up slightly so he could see her tits better. “You have the power to do whatever on Earth you wanted. You took it slowly, hesitantly, for fear of hurting people. But you tell me that any other man of Earth would have not claimed a harem. All of them would have fucked every bitch they wanted and satisfied their every desire. If they say they wouldn’t, they lie. That doesn’t make you bad. That makes you a man.

“What makes you a good man is that while pursuing your fantasies, you wanted the girls that performed them to enjoy them. To enjoy their lives. To be happy. And they are happy. I am happy.”

Master was getting closer. Brandi leaned in close, her nipples brushing on Master’s chest. “I am proof that you are a good man. A good King. A good Master. If you were bad, I would not have swallowed any less of your cum, been fucked in any less degrading ways, or done any less to serve you. If you were bad, I would still be your whore.

“But you’re a good person. And because of that, I am so proud to be your whore. I am so happy with my life sucking you off and bringing you a parade of bitches to fuck. My life is one of joy. My servitude is one of joy.” He was grunting, the same way he always did just before he got off. She looked in his eyes, knowing how sexy she looked on display for him as she jerked him off.

“My Master, from the bottom of my heart, with every ounce of my being, and with no resolution, I tell you that I am so incredibly happy to be your fucktoy. In total, absolute truth, I tell you there is nothing else I ever want in this world. You have made me whole. As your whore, I am complete.” He let out a final grunt and began cumming. He was laying on his back and it landed on his belly. Brandi didn’t stop until he had gotten all of it out. There wasn’t much—the rest had already gone down her throat. When he was finished, Brandi made a show of licking up the cum off of him and swallowing each strand independently.

She leaned back close to his ear and whispered, “You should never be sorry. Ever. This world has a good King. Your bitches have a good life. I have a good Master.” She kissed his neck, his chest, his belly, and worked her way down to his dick. It was soft now, but she cherished it no less. She took it her mouth, sucking softly. It still tasted like his cum.

Then, Brandi stood, presenting her nude body before him at the foot of his bed. “Should I have breakfast sent up to you?”

“No,” Master shook his head, admiring her. “I’ll come down after my shower.”

“Yes Master,” Brandi smiled. She turned and started towards the door.

“Brandi?” Master called. She turned back and faced him. “I love you, bitch,” he said softly.

“I love you too, Master,” Brandi smiled.

Master put together councils. He ordered Brandi to find the smartest people on certain issues and to summon them all together. Economics, government, different sciences, different art worlds… he covered a wide variety. He saw each group a week at a time, hosting them in his palace. He gave each one the same speech:

“I’ve gathered you here so we can solve problems,” Master said. “You are the smartest people in your field. I believe that you can mutually identify the biggest problems in your field and find solutions for them. I order you, as King, to put aside selfish interest and work towards the solution that benefits the most people. We are looking for the morally correct decision. You will present the problems and recommendations to me, as well as any side effects of these solutions. I will determine the best route to take. Get to work.”

Each committee was hosted in the palace. For the men or lesbians on the council, Master’s collection was available to help relieve their stress. For the women or gay men, they put in a request and someone ran out to retrieve what they wanted. At the end of each week, Master’s councils presented to the King the most pressing issues in their fields and recommendations for moral solutions. Master asked informed questions—Brandi suspected he had been doing research through the week—and often adopted the recommended solution. He asked his council to assemble written edicts so nothing would be lost in translation, then read them aloud to the press. These were distributed widely across the world.

A council would be dismissed on Saturday with the King’s thanks. A new one would assemble on Sunday with the King’s orders. Not every problem could be addressed, but Master made a point of saying it would be a repeating process. He told Brandi that he was smart enough to become King, but he was also smart enough to know that didn’t mean he was always right. He wanted a better world and that meant taking advice.

Research was funded in critical scientific areas, like climate change and fighting diseases. Profitability became second to societal benefit. The poor were fed, drug addicts recovered, the homeless were sheltered and given jobs. Through all of it, Master usually had a bitch on her knees before him.

The girl from the cruise, affectionately dubbed the “Boat Bitch”, became a regular in Master’s fucking schedule. She had the filthy talk down, Brandi had to admit, and she looked cute begging for Master’s cum on her “slutty little face”. Master was always rough with her and she always begged him for crueler, more brutal treatment.

As summer approached again, the world praised the King for his decisiveness and virtue. Interestingly, these were not things that they were commanded to respect him for. They were things that the people apparently had genuinely noticed.

Master’s whores were treated as heroes, even those that were dismissed after their fuckability had worn off with age. They were often given cushiony jobs with high salaries and most married rich. Rich men liked the idea of being married to one of Master’s own bitches. The men were programmed not to mind all the ways that Master had already fucked them. As a bonus, most of the girls were amazing in bed, being already trained to joyfully satisfy a man’s every need.

In May, one of Master’s friends, Alex, approached Master awkwardly. He had his hands in his pockets and looked unsure how to say what was on his mind. Master invited him to sit with him in the courtyard and have a beer.

“What’s going on?” Master asked.

“Well… I… Do you know Cassie?” Alex said.

“Maybe? I confess, I don’t know a lot of girls names. Is this a girl here at the palace?”

“She’s here, yes,” Alex said. “I’ve been playing with her a lot lately. She’s…” he smiled, his eyes distant “…amazing.”

“Sounds like you’re having fun,” Master said.

“Yes, I am,” Alex nodded. “And… well… It’s dumb, because I know she’s a part of your collection and all, but I really like her. We fuck, but we also talk and laugh. It’s fun. She’s hot, but she’s also a lot of fun.”

Master laughed. “You have a thing for her.”

“Yeah, I do,” Alex nodded. “I think I might even love her.”

“Well that’s great!” Master said.

“Yeah, except… well… I’m kinda worried that…”

“…that someone else will want to fuck her,” Master finished the thought. He pondered for a moment and then added, “That I’ll want to fuck her.”

“Yeah,” Alex nodded. “I know she’s your’s… I just… I don’t know how I could handle that.”

“I understand,” Master said thoughtfully. “Have I fucked her already? Do you know?”

“No, you haven’t,” Alex said. He bit his lip and looked down, almost shamefully. “She is very hopeful though.” His voice was filled with a deep pain.

Master grimaced. “I’m sorry buddy. I didn’t mean for… well… let’s fix this.” Brandi was at his side before Master even summoned her. “Do you know who Alex is talking about?” Master asked her.

“Yes, sir,” Brandi said. She had often seen the girl pleasing Alex in the recent weeks. Alex liked to sit back on a reclining chair and watch her ride him. Apparently to satisfy Alex’s kinks, she often wore a cowboy hat as she rode.

“Go get her,” Master ordered.

“Yes sir,” Brandi said and went away. Brandi had a summoning system in place in the palace, usually detailing physical specifications (cup size, ass shape, hair color), but she was able to use it to summon Cassie and bring her to Master in quick order. Cassie was visibly excited to be summoned.

Brandi could see why Alex had a thing for her. She was intensely pretty, with a big smile that left dimples in her cheeks. She was well proportioned and walked with a sort of cheerful bounce that radiated a sort of innocent excitement.

“This is the girl?” Master asked Alex when Brandi presented Cassie. The girl was standing tall, thrusting her chest out for proper display and beaming with joy.

“Yes, this is Cassie,” Alex said. He was visibly nervous, probably concerned that by calling attention to the girl, Master would want her more. Master stood and approached Cassie.

“You know him?” Master asked, gesturing at Alex.

“Yes, Master,” Cassie said.

“Do you like him?”

“Yes, Master,” Cassie said. “I like Alex a lot.”

“What do you think about serving him instead of me?” Master asked.

Cassie blinked a couple of times and her smile faded slightly. She said, “Master, have I displeased you?”

“No, no,” Master said. “This is not punishment. In fact, this is reward. You have so pleased Alex that I am pleased because of it.”

Cassie’s smile returned to full size. “If it would please you, I would happily serve you by serving Alex.” Master took a deep breath, thinking. Apparently, the syntax wasn’t what he had in mind.

“How about this,” Master said. “You have lust for me and hope that I fuck you, correct?”

“Yes,” Cassie nodded fervently.

“And I never have,” Master said.

“Yes, Master.”

“So that lust and hope is unfulfilled,” Master said.

Cassie nodded. “Yes sir. But I continue to hope that…” Master cut her off.

“But what if you had that for Alex instead of me? What if he was your Master? Your hope and lust would be for the man who fucks you regularly. You’d be only for him.”

“Is that what you want, Master?”

“Forget your duties for a moment,” Master said. “I’m asking what would make you happy. Would you be happier if you had a Master who fucked you all the time.”

Cassie thought a moment and then said, “Yes. I would be happier.”

“And would you be happy serving Alex, exclusively?”

A genuine, excited grin spread wide on her cute face. “Yes, that would make me very happy.”

Master smiled. “Ok. Well let’s make it official.”

It was a little bit like a wedding, if a wedding ended with the bride sucking off the groom. Master officiated. His friends all gathered in the courtyard. Cassie wore white lingerie. Master, Alex, and Brandi donned the protective ear pieces. When Master turned on his device, everyone in the courtyard went into programming mode.

“Cassie, you now belong to Alex,” Master instructed. “His every sexual whim is your joy and purpose. You are his property and his companion. He can still fuck whoever else he wants, but no one else will fuck you but Alex. And that will be enough for you. You have no sexual desires for anyone else but Alex. You are still a citizen of my Kingdom, subject to my rules and decrees, but immune to the sexual devotion to me.”

He turned his attention to the crowd. “Cassie belongs to Alex. It won’t occur to anyone else to fuck her. The thought will simply not enter your mind, no matter what she’s wearing, how good she looks, or what she’s doing. She’s Alex’s girl and only Alex gets to fuck her.”

Master looked at Alex, the unspoken question on his face: Sound good? Alex nodded fervently. Master nodded and turned off his device.

He turned to Cassie and said, “I now pronounce you to be Alex’s private whore.” She knelt and blew her new Master, looking up at him with raw, animal lust as she sucked. After she swallowed, Master’s friends threw rice in the air, had a party, got drunk, and fucked a variety of Master’s whores. It was a perfect excuse to party.

Master allowed occasional private ownerships after that. It wasn’t just when a guy thought a girl was especially hot, it was when there was an extra spark of affection in their eyes. Lust was for anyone, but love—or something approaching it—was treated with higher regard. In due time, most of the guys felt something for some of the girls and collected them into a private collection. This opened the door for different types of vacations, where each man brought his private slut with him to mountain retreats or overseas excursions. There was an element of romance to it now, although admittedly most of the girls still were degraded and fucked raw by the end of the trip. The difference was now they had a romantic glass of wine before being fucked in the throat or destroyed up the ass or tied to the bedposts.

Brandi was Master’s partner of choice. Nobody would have blamed him for bringing along four or five of his favorites, but Master seemed to enjoy the couples companionship with his friends and their chosen whores. Besides, Brandi was more than equipped to satisfy Master’s desires by herself.

These romantic trips did not replace the existing fuck-tours, however. Master and his friends still frequented colleges, fucked their way through major holidays, partied with whores at touristy destinations, and denied themselves nothing. They had every bitch in the world and also a special bitch just for them. What more could a man ask for?

In the early summer, Master realized he had never taken advantage of the White House. He ordered Brandi to set up a trip, which was easily accomplished. Master arrived in Washington D.C. via his private plane, took a helicopter to the White House, and waved to the onlookers at the far-away fence as he entered the building.

The building was packed with sluts, all dressed for the theme. They wore tiny white blouses, cut off to show off midriff and buttoned with only one button, barely containing the bitch’s tits. Slate grey miniskirts accompanied them, tiny enough to show off half of the slut’s bare ass beneath. Every whore wore long stockings and tall heels to complete the “sexy assistant” aesthetic. As Master entered the building, Brandi called out, “Bitches! Present!” Every slut dropped to her knees, clasped their hands behind their back, and opened their mouths wide in invitation. Master enjoyed that very much, but did not take up any of the invitations just yet.

As he was led towards the Oval Office, one of the bitches was on hand to handle any questions. Master was very interested in the history of certain place, especially questioning to see in how many of the rooms Kennedy had fucked a young bitch. The answer was “most of them”.

Master entered the Oval Office, finding more sluts kneeling and ready for service. He barely noticed them, but focused immediately on the brunette standing in front of the desk. In the 90’s, her name had become famous overnight when it was discovered that she had been sucking off the president. It was a big scandal and her name had essentially become synonymous with “home-wrecker”. She was older now and Master had never had a thing for milfs. She wasn’t as hot as most of his whores, but the allure was present nonetheless. How could Master, who was simultaneously the King of the World and a great appreciator of a woman’s oral capabilities, not partake of the most famous presidential fucktoy of them all?

The woman knelt before the King, stripped her top off, and sucked vigorously. Brandi supposed that this was more childhood fantasy fulfillment than anything else. How could someone that grew up knowing that this woman’s blowjob had almost toppled a presidency not wonder about it?

Master pulled out of her mouth before he was finished. He pushed her up on the desk and ordered two of the other assistants to come close.

“Jerk me off onto that tiny little skirt,” Master grinned, pointing at the woman’s miniskirt. “Enough to leave a stain.”

“Yes, my King,” the two assistant-bitches said in unison. Master grabbed each of their asses as they sidled up next to him, stroking his dick and rubbing his chest. Brandi ordered another slut to go suck on his balls. She knelt down low before him, sucking on each of his balls one at a time. It didn’t take them long to get Master off, successfully hitting the miniskirt that the legendary blowjob woman wore.

Satisfied with his fantasy complete, Master told her, “Ok. Get out of here.” The woman hurried off.

Master sat behind the desk, admiring the room and the bitches inside it. He turned to Brandi and said, “Ok. Have my friends come over. Let’s party.”

Their party was unlike any presidential bash before. Even Kennedy would have admired Master’s style.

Master’s birthday was coming up—the anniversary of him being declared Master of the World. The world universally declared his birthday a holiday. Statues of him, paid for largely by men looking for a way to express their thanks for the free kinky cam experiences. Master’s favorite statue showed him tall and proud on a mountaintop, with smaller figures of well-proportioned nude women crawling up his legs with looks of carved lust on their faces.

The world admired his accomplishments, including world peace, pathways towards global prosperity, and the end of crime. Parades and festivals were planned across the world, most of them including local sluts who volunteered to display themselves in celebration of their Master and for the benefit of their community.

Brandi, after sucking Master awake one morning, asked Master if he wanted anything specific this birthday. Previous birthdays had given him a new slut (in the days when he had only a few), a massive throne, a high rise home, and, of course, the world itself. It was hard to outdo her previous efforts.

“I think I just want a quiet day this year,” Master said. “I have a party all the time. I think I just want to play video games this year.”

The King had spoken, but Brandi believed in making preparations in case he changed his mind. She ordered there to be no decorations or party immediately planned, but did purchase things that could be quickly deployed if he changed his mind. She stocked up the alcohol, equipped each slut with frilly new lingerie, and ordered several of his favorite celebrity fucktoys to stay in hotels nearby the palace, in case they were needed.

When the day came, Brandi sucked him awake. She had a few other bitches bring him breakfast in bed, which he ate while Brandi ate him. Master took a shower, got dressed, and then went to his favorite lounge area. Each television in the home had Master’s favorite video game consoles installed and synchronized to each other. He ordered most of the sluts out of the room, leaving only one bitch to man the bar and Brandi.

He played video games, later turning on a movie, and relaxed. He drank a beer, but didn’t get drunk. He admired Brandi, but didn’t fuck her. He was content, Brandi could see, and he was relaxed. Most importantly, he was happy.

In the afternoon, he watched a little bit of the news coverage as the world celebrated him, women preemptively declared themselves his property, and the news reporters talked about how much better the world was now than a year ago. After a few minutes, he changed back to a movie and ordered popcorn to be brought to him.

Brandi delivered the popcorn and Master invited her to stay with him on the couch.

“I’m having a good life, Brandi,” Master said, admiring her tits and the way her lingerie displayed them for him. “And I think that the rest of it will be pretty much the same as this.”

“I hope so, Master,” Brandi said.

“I’ve done about as much as I want to do,” Master said. “There’s always more, of course, but…” He shrugged. “I think I’ve done what I set out to do.”

“Which was what, Master?” Brandi asked softly.

“To live my fantasy,” Master said. “I started by wanting to punish my ex-girlfriends. Then I wanted more. And more. And more. Who wouldn’t?” He wasn’t sad, he just nostalgic. “I sometimes wonder what another guy would’ve done. Maybe he would’ve had a kink for milfs. Or feet. Maybe cosplay wouldn’t have done anything for him.” He shrugged. “It does a hell of a lot for me. And I think that’s kinda the point.”

Brandi frowned, not understanding. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that the fantasy isn’t just blowjobs. It isn’t sex slaves or costumes or roleplaying. It isn’t any specific kink. The fantasy is that it’s any kink. The fantasy… the one that I built and lived… is the freedom and power to do whatever the fuck I want. To have any kink met. To have any bitch I want. Maybe another guy wouldn’t have gotten political. Maybe another would have gotten more political in an entirely different direction. Maybe another guy would’ve brought the world to its knees below him. Maybe another would have remained secret the whole damn time.” Master shrugged. “It’s not really about the specifics, I guess. It’s about doing what I wanted.”

He smiled. “I don’t give a fuck what anyone else would have done. Let them have their fantasies. I’ve enjoyed mine. And I’ll just keep continuing to enjoy it from now on.”

He looked at Brandi again. “Get down on your knees and blow me, bitch.”

Brandi obliged. She knelt down and unzipped him. She took his dick in her mouth in long, lingering motions. Her tongue explored his shaft as her fingers massaged his balls. She sucked, gently at first and then growing stronger.

“You are my ultimate fantasy, Brandi,” Master said, watching her. “Take your top off.” Without removing her mouth from his dick, she reached around her back and unclasped her bra. It dropped to the floor, freeing her tits for his viewing pleasure. He continued.

“You are my fantasy. A bitch totally devoted me. A sexy whore whose primary function in life is my happiness. My satisfaction. A girl who thinks only of my pleasure. A girl who believes that every other girl should be just like her.”

Brandi hoped that the bobbing of her head on his dick looked like nodding. She was in total agreement.

“A bitch that I can simultaneously break down and raise up.” He stroked her hair. “If it wasn’t for what I built, you wouldn’t exist like this. I know that. But…” He smiled, watching her. She had lost count of how many times she had sucked his dick, but it must have been over a thousand. It never got old.

“…but I did build something. And I did make you. And I did claim everything I wanted to. I created a path for me to live this fantasy. I created you.” He smiled, listening to the happy sucking noises. “Part of my fantasy is making the world better. Another part is fucking whoever and however I want. But the biggest part of the fantasy was your total, unashamed, unapologetic, unrestained devotion.” He shrugged. “I guess that’s just what I like. And I made my fantasy real.”

He leaned back, watching his favorite slut suck him happily. “I’m glad I got to live my fantasy. I hope other guys enjoy theirs too.”

Brandi continued to suck on her Master’s dick, her lips, tongue, mouth, and throat declaring utter devotion and adoration. As every time she served her Master—with her mouth, her pussy, her ass, her hands, or even just her words—she felt a wholeness and fulfillment that was unparalleled. The proudest title she would ever wear on Earth was “Queen of Whores”. She would live the rest of her life in service of her Master. She had given him the world, but only because he was her whole world. And because of that, he deserved it all. He had a collection beyond number. Brandi had a collection of one and that was all that mattered to her.

She sucked happily, knowing she looked damn good doing so. There was no thought of dignity. No thought of selfishness. No ounce of hesitation. Just her lips, her tongue, her body—the tools of her Master’s pleasure. Fully in service to Him, the King of the World and the only important thing in Brandi’s existence. She sucked and sucked and sucked.

And like a good little whore, she swallowed.


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