Collection 3 - Succession

by ArcherStories

Tags: #dom:male #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female

As the Empire grows, Brandi looks for the proper successor to be his Queen of Whores.

It had been a year and a half since Master had reclaimed Brandi as his sex slave and commissioned her with the responsibility of making him the perfect life. Brandi had done well. Her Master had given her the device he had built to remake minds. She had used it to make him rich, buy him a massive home, recruit dozens of hot girls to be his personal harem, and protected him from every possible threat.

She had built a sexual empire for him. Every fantasy that he had was met with extreme enthusiasm: bound girls whipped and fucked, tit-jobs culminating in cum-covered faces and chests, Master’s dick shoved in the back of a bitch’s throat, French maids, cheerleaders, schoolgirl costumes, leather, and even a captive princess. Master’s favorite was the collection of superhero characters that he regularly fucked: Sometimes as a hero, receiving a much-earned reward, and sometimes as the villain, conquering and dominating. Brandi built it all for him, all the while waking him up every morning with a blowjob—it was her favorite part of the day.

Brandi had encouraged Master to find what would make him happy. Master had made a video game, which a company had bought, and had worked for the last year to finish it. Sometimes he would work for several hours, locked in his computer room. Sometimes he did the same, but with a slut’s mouth around his dick as he worked.

Last year, Brandi had given her Master a throne for his birthday. He had returned with gifting her a tiara and naming her “Queen of the Whores”. It was a title she wore with pride every day. She would often wear the tiara throughout the day, because Master liked seeing her in it. He had artfully bridged the gap of honoring her as special while ensuring that she remained a degraded sex toy for his pleasure. Despite any rewards or honor that he bestowed on her, she was still his bitch. When it came to getting Master off, Brandi had no dignity to defend. She would wrap her tits around his dick and jerk him off with them, while telling him in perfect detail how much of a filthy, worthless slut she was. She would shove his dick into the back of her throat, knowing the sounds of her gagging made him hornier. She would ride his dick with her pussy, displaying her bouncing tits for him and telling him that servicing his dick is the only thing that she wanted in life. Degradation made Master horny and Brandi’s life purpose was to make him happy. Nothing else in the world mattered.

Brandi felt a wholeness in her that was more than just because Master stuffed every one of her holes regularly. This was her purpose and she was fulfilling it. There was nothing more fulfilling that having found purpose in life and working in that purpose.

It was Master’s birthday—one year after Brandi had given him a throne—and she had something just as special in mind this time. She had spent ten months preparing. She had visited thirty different corrupt CEO’s to acquire the money. She had spent afternoons away from Master’s mansion, overseeing the work. It took millions of dollars, hundreds of hours of Brandi’s time, and thousands of hours of workers’ time, but she bought Master the top six floors of one of the high rises in the city.

Master’s Mansion was in the suburbs and, despite two expansions for additional slut housing, had become overcrowded. The high rise dedicated the top two floors to Master’s living, the third-from-top for roleplaying scenarios, and then three levels for housing of sluts. If they ran out of space, Brandi could simply buy the next level down and keep expanding.

It was impossible to keep the secret from Master, of course. Brandi couldn’t simply disappear from him and not explain why. It would make him unhappy. But Master was pleased when he heard and very excited—so excited he had climbed on top of her and drilled her pussy for only a minute or so before cumming inside her.

They kept the mansion, of course. Master could decide to stay wherever he wanted, but he would have options. Brandi always feared that Master would begin to feel cooped up in the Mansion. Now he wouldn’t have to.

On Master’s birthday, most of the sluts got up before him and went to the highrise. Brandi held only a skeleton crew that morning of seven sluts: A blonde, brunette, and a redhead (so Master could have his pick if he was in a mood), Michelle (the best cook among the sluts for Master’s breakfast), the Rigel twins (Master had renamed them “Slut A” and “Slut B” and they had been a favorite of his for a couple months), and Brandi. Brandi blew Master awake, the sluts served breakfast, and they left.

The sluts had to be street-ready at least, so after Slut A jerked off Master onto Slut B’s tits and then licked it off of her while staring hungrily at Master, all seven girls changed into skimpy black dresses. They got out of the limo at the curb and Master led the parade of hot women in matching, revealing clothes into the lobby. He was the envy of every man in view. Brandi marched next to him and Master’s hand rested firmly and unmistakably on her ass. It was glorious.

A special keycard was necessary to get onto the top floors. When the door opened, Master gasped.

They entered into the living floor. A massive TV filled one wall, with a large couch directed towards it—video gaming was always a priority to Master. The couch had five brunettes on it, each in matching red lace lingerie. The opposite wall had five glass insets, with stripper poles inside. In each, one of Master’s sluts was dancing nude. The wall between was a massive window pointing out to the water. The high rise was wide and other amenities scattered the floor: A bar, where Master’s tattooed bartender Erin was topless and ready to serve. There was a pool table, with two blondes in tiny tight shorts and black lace bras. There was a hot tub in one corner, with a redhead and two blondes in skimpy bikinis giggling in the water. The floors were black marble and colored lights gave the room a blue hue. It was sleek, sexy, and screamed “big shot in the big city”. Brandi knew Master was pleased.

The cherry on the cake, of course, was that aside from the tattooed bartender (who Master kept around as “eye candy”, but never got around to fucking), every slut was new. Brandi had scoured Instagram models, college sororities, and dating sites, looking for girls that matched Master’s preferences. They were skinny, but not too athletic. Their tits were big and perky. A few of them had nice asses that Master might like to fuck, but that wasn’t a requirement for admission. Because Brandi cast a wide net, she could afford to be selective. Every girl’s face was undeniably beautiful.

What they hadn’t been naturally gifted with, Brandi supplied. She indoctrinated each new girl with Master’s device, rewriting their priorities and their personality. They were now fucktoys—specifically Master’s fucktoys. Their purpose in life was his sexual pleasure. He would fuck them however and whenever he wanted. They would take orders without question and their bodies existed for his pleasure. Brandi coached them in what dirty talk Master liked, how to display themselves most appealingly for him, and how to work away at their gag reflex so that Master could fuck their throats as deeply as he wanted. There were fifteen new girls total, displayed around the room like works of art. Each one was a masterpiece. If Brandi wasn’t entirely focused on her Master’s pleasure, she might have even been jealous.

Master walked around the room, running his hand along the couch and the bitches seated on it. They leaned back, allowing his freer access over their bodies. One even licked her lips suggestively at him. Probably a bit too forward, Brandi thought, but it demonstrated her sluttiness sufficiently.

Master approached one of the blondes—Becca, if Brandi remembered correctly—at the pool table. He put his hands on her hips, spun her around, and bent her over the table. He delivered three sharp smacks across her ass—this was one of the sluts that had a fuckable ass. Becca moaned, the sound mixing pleasure and pain. Master turned to the other blonde and ordered her to go get him a beer. She hurried off and returned in a minute with the beer. Master had stood up Becca and was feeling her tits. She was smiling invitingly up at Master as he squeezed and played. Master took the beer without looking away from Becca.

Master took his finger and put it on Becca’s lips. Immediately, Becca’s tongue emerged and swirled around the finger, while she looked Master straight in the eyes. Becca took the finger into her mouth, easily pressing her lips against Master’s knuckle.

Master turned to Brandi. “I want to continue the tour. Have this one in my room at the end of it.” All seven sluts that escorted Brandi in had stripped down to their black lace lingerie. Brandi gave an order to Michelle and Becca was whisked away towards the bedroom.

Master approached the hot tub, where the redhead and two blondes were giggling at him as he approached. “Stand and show me your tits,” Master commanded. Immediately, all three stood up from the water and dropped their already-skimpy bikini tops into the water. Master beckoned them close, so he wouldn’t get wet, and they met him at the edge of the hot tub. He squeezed each of their tits, barely looking at their faces. He settled on the redhead, playing with her tits for almost twice as long as the blondes.

“What are you?” Master asked ambiguously.

“I’m your fucktoy,” the redhead—Julia, if Brandi remembered correctly—said. “I am a nice pair of tits, and an ass, a mouth, and a pussy for you to stuff your dick in.”

“They are a nice pair of tits,” Master observed casually. “I think I’ll end up fucking those too.”

“My body is for your pleasure,” Julia said.

“Dry this one off,” Master said. “Have her join the other one at the end.”

Julia was whisked away and Master continued around the room. He spent a long time simply staring out the window at the water and the city below him. When he finally turned around, he said, “Alright. Show me the rest.”

The level below the living area was dedicated to Master’s sexual fantasies. Brandi had built it uniquely, with a small lobby area at the bottom of the stairs. It had four doors, pointed to the four corners of the building. Behind each door was a scenario room.

The first was a new headquarters for Master’s “Just-ass Team”. Large monitor displays showed tactical readouts, important-looking information, and still shots of the numerous scantily clad villains. Just as at the mansion, a large conference table filled the center of the room. A view of the city set the perfect atmosphere for the superhero fantasy, combined with various bright metal important-looking contraptions littered the room, bolted to the ground or walls. To demonstrate the versatility of the room, a superheroine was handcuffed to every one. Master had expanded his collection of heroines over the last year, drawing heroes from three different comic companies and growing increasingly niche. Still, as he looked, he noticed some missing.

“Where is the Jester? Or the Cat?”

“They’re next door,” Brandi said with a smile. Master’s eyebrow rose in interest.

The next door room was an inverse of the heroines. It was filled with black metal, including a similar conference table. The readouts showed still shots of the scantily clad heroines from the previous room. Red lights gave the room a sinister appearance. And cuffed around the room were supervillains for Master’s delight. The Jester and Cat were both there, as were the Vine Mystress—a plant-themed villain whose vines always seemed to just barely contain her shapely body, the White Queen—a white corset-clad villain with telepathy abilities, Flamebird—a heroine-turned-bad by the intense power inside of her, Athena—an assassin with long knives and a flowing costume that hugged her curves, and more. Most of the costumes were already slutty, but all of them had been modified to show more skin in more appealing ways. All of them were cuffed around the room.

Master’s hands explored the women, chosen for their physical resemblance to the characters. He spent a lot of time on the White Queen, squeezing her tits from behind as he rubbed his erection against her firm ass. She rocked with him, bending low and deep on his dick. Eventually, Master stepped away.

“I’ll be back for more,” Master smiled.

Brandi had put a lot of thought into this scenario. She offered, “I know you like to dominate powerful women. But I also know you like being the hero. Now you don’t have to choose. You can dominate the bad guys or the good guys. In fact, if you wanted to break down the villains with a superheroine on your side, you could.” She smiled coyly and added, “Or if you wanted a villain to help you break the heroes, you could.”

“Brandi, you’ve done an incredible job,” Master smiled.

“Thank you Master,” Brandi smiled, dropping her eyes humbly.

“What’s in the next two rooms?” Master asked.

“Whatever scenario you want,” Brandi said. “If you want a princess in a dungeon, a starship bridge, a…” Brandi shrugged. “Whatever you want, that is where I will build your next fantasy.”

Master looked again at the supervillain sluts chained around the room.

“Good,” Master said. “I love new toys.”

The guest rooms were on a lower floor, so the highest floor was just for Master. His office was there, a carbon copy of the one at the mansion but a little bigger and with a better view. Brandi didn’t want to mess with his productivity. He had his bathroom, large and luxurious. And his bedroom was massive, with a custom large bed and a wide view of the city. On the bed were Becca and Julia, dressed in matching red lingerie.

“Everyone but Brandi, leave,” Master commanded. Then added, “Except, someone grab Brandi’s crown.” Michelle returned a moment later with Brandi’s tiara, which she put on her head.

All three sluts were ordered to strip. Master was happy, but the jovial spirit he had acquired in the super villain areas was gone. Brandi knew this attitude from her Master. He was horny, but on a mission. He had a plan.

Brandi was the only one of the sluts wearing any clothes—that was only if you counted her tiara.

“Redhead slut, lay on the bed. Pussy towards me.” Julia hurried to obey. She laid on her back, spread her legs towards the edge, and grinned. Brandi knew that she thought that was first in line, but she also knew Master something else in mind.

“Blonde slut, sit on the ground between her legs.” Becca sat on the ground, her back against the bed.

“Brandi, sit on the redhead slut’s face.” Brandi sat on the bed and moved towards Julia. For a moment, Julia’s face registered surprise. Then Brandi’s pussy descended on it and blocked it from view. Julia sat there for a moment before Master smacked her tit and said, “Come on. Start eating her out.” Julia’s tongue slipped into Brandi’s pussy.

Master often incorporated lesbian play into sex. He thought it was hot, especially when combined with a cumshot in some way. But it was rare for a girl to eat another girl out. Brandi wondered what Master had in mind.

He dropped his pants and approached the bed. He slipped his dick into Julia’s pussy. There was no foreplay or warning or buildup. He began thrusting. Hard.

“Lick my balls, blonde slut,” Master commanded. Becca’s tongue emerged. It was hard to keep up with his balls as he thrust back and forth into Julia, but Becca did an admirable job.

Master looked at Brandi in the eye and said, “I command you to want an orgasm.”

Master had adjusted Brandi’s programming last year. Rarely, and only as a special reward, he would command Brandi to want something for herself. It was one of the very rare times when Brandi thought of something more than her Master’s pleasure.

Immediately, Brandi became acutely aware of Julia’s tongue. It wasn’t just there, but it was there and it felt good. Periodically, Julia sucked on her clit, which felt amazing. Brandi moaned in pleasure, leaning forward as she did to angle Julia’s mouth the best.

Master leaned forward too, kissing Brandi hard on the lips. The vibrations of Master’s pounding of Julia’s pussy reverberated through him, making the kiss hard to maintain. Brandi planted her hands on Julia’s tits to steady herself. Master reached up and pinched one of Brandi’s nipples hard. She moaned again in pleasure.

Master broke the kiss and maintained eye contact with Brandi. “You have made my year so amazing.” Brandi tried as hard as she could to focus on Master’s words, but her aching pussy was being stroked in the perfect way. She bit her lip to keep from moaning again. Master was speaking. That was what was important.

“You are my Queen of Whores and most important bitch in my life. You make me happy.”

“That’s all I wanted, Master,” Brandi said softly. “That’s all I ever want is your happiness.”

“Thank you for my birthday present,” Master said. “I love it. And thank you for my new toys.” He slapped Julia’s stomach as he spoke. “I love them too.” He leaned back and picked up his rhythm inside Julia. Then, he looked straight at Brandi and said, “I want you to describe them to me. You know what gets me off.”

Brandi immediately started speaking, “I got you a building full of worthless fucking sluts. Whores that are here for your amusement and your amusement alone. They will beg to suck you off. They yearn to know your darkest fantasies and to fulfill them all. They’re hot fucktoys ready to meet your every whim. You are the King. You are my King. You are the King of every single one of them.” Brandi pointed down at Julia. “Look at this whore. You’re put her to work already. She’s a filthy fucking slut who spreads her legs and eats me out at your slightest command. But she had these perky fucking tits, so at least that’s going for her.” She shook Julia’s tits as she spoke and then removed her hands so Master could see them more clearly. The words were becoming harder and harder to say. Master was grunting and thrusting harder and harder. Brandi slapped Julia’s tit hard, eliciting a grunt of surprise from the redhead and a smile from Master.

“Master, you own me. You own them. You won this whole fucking world if you want it. Claim your Kingdom.” Master pulled out of Julia and grabbed Becca by the hair. He pulled her upward and thrust his dick into her mouth. She made a surprised noise, but took it like a champ. Master exploded. Brandi could see it on his face, even though he couldn’t see it happening. He was pumping his cum down Becca’s throat, who was swallowing it eagerly.

“You are… the King… of…” Brandi was getting close to her own orgasm. The words were becoming harder to speak, but Master had told her to talk. “…everything. All…”

“Brandi, cum,” Master said. It was enough to send her over. Brandi squealed as she came, her hips buckling on Julia’s face. The waves of pleasure reverberated through her body. She grabbed onto Julia’s tits again and rocked back and forth with her tongue to ride out the pleasure.

Then, it was over. Brandi had an idea that she thought Master would like. She did not raise her pussy from Julia’s face, she merely crawled down Julia’s body towards Master’s dick. He had pulled it free from Becca’s mouth and she was catching her breath. Brandi took Master’s dick into her mouth, sucking gently to draw out every last drop of cum. Then her tongue went to work, licking him clean.

Brandi then sat back up and finally climbed off of Julia’s face. She took was gasping for breath.

“You are above them,” Master told her, gently stroking her cheek. “My Queen of Whores.”

“But still your bitch,” Brandi said softly. “Always your bitch.”

Master smiled. “Always,” he agreed.

Master’s party was that night. His friends came ready to party. They drank so much that Erin had trouble keeping up with their orders, especially when Master’s friend Jimmy got behind her as started fucking her ass. They jumped into the hot tub and the girls with Master quickly lost their tops. The pool table was in constant use. Often one girl was selected to be “prize”. Whoever won got to fuck her. Of course, if the loser waited until the winner was done, they could still fuck the girl, but it was more about the sportsmanship than the actual prize. Also, the loser usually fucked another girl soon after losing, so nobody really lost.

Brandi brought up all the sluts from the mansion as well. Master had about 18 to 20 of his friends there, but the harem was up to 160. For every one man, there were eight hot girls who were available for fucking. Only a few of Master’s favorites were off limits to others. Brandi, Slut A and Slut B, and the supersluts were the chief among them. Still, Brandi had to politely redirect a few horny and drunk men through the course of the party. She wore skimpy lace like the rest of the group and even if Master had made it clear that she wasn’t to be touched, a few hands occasionally wandered over her body. Normally, she need only take the hand of the nearest slut and introduce her to the man. The slut took care of the rest.

One friend, Matt, was a little harder to evade. The first time that Brandi had been owned by Master, she had gone to his house for dinner. She played the part of hot fuckdoll girlfriend to make Master look good. It had pissed off Matt’s wife, but had turned on Matt. Now, seeing her nearly naked, he resisted being handed off to a brunette slut and reached again for Brandi.

“Sorry,” Brandi said with a sweet smile. “I’m off the menu tonight. But I’m sure one of these fine ladies can take good care of you.”

“Well how about you take care of me?” Matt said, his hands skirting Brandi’s hips. She stepped back out of his reach.

“The birthday boy wouldn’t like that,” she said, her voice harder but still playful.

“The birthday boy doesn’t have to know,” Matt said, stepping forward again.

“I’d be a bad gift for the birthday boy if someone else unwrapped me first,” Brandi said. Then she forsook politeness and turned and walked away. Matt didn’t pursue it anymore and later Brandi saw him going off with a pair of redheads, a hand on each of their asses.

The room was packed and it was the best party that Master had yet thrown. The fact that they looked out the window at the twinkling lights of the city while the partied, fucked, drank, and fucked again only made it better. There was a sense of awe to the whole event and as men went back for seconds, thirds, and fourths, they knew that this was the best party in the whole damned city that night.

Master spent a lot of time with his superheroines and supervillains in the next weeks. His favorite was the White Queen, who he enjoyed bending over the table and fucking up the ass. He would pull her hair, smack her all over her body, and cum all over her face.

Master came up with various scenarios to explain his fucking of the characters. Sometimes he was the superhero who had just saved the world and the superheroines were going to show him how grateful they were. Sometimes he was the hero who had come to punish the supervillains that had been captured. As always, however, the prospect of being the dominating villain conquering the heroes was a favorite of Master’s.

As time went on, he became more elaborate and mixed different scenarios. He would cuff a superheroine (usually Mighty Girl, the blonde superhero from a distant planet who seemed to never cover her midriff) and parade her into the supervillain lair. Then he would tell them, “I’ll sell her to you, but you have to earn her first.”

Sometimes Master would bring in the supervillains and have them conquer the heroes on his behalf. For a span of about a week, not a day went by where Master didn’t rehearse the same scenario. He would have a slutty villain capture a hero and put her on her knees. Master could come close and facefuck the hero while kissing and feeling up the villain. It was degrading, villainous, and just good fun. Master loved it.

Master got back to work on his video game. It was nearly complete and Brandi would often sit next to him on the couch in very little clothing as she listened to him talk about it for hours. It was his passion project. As she watched him, she knew that blowjobs, kinky sex, degraded sluts, and cumshots would always make him happy, but having something he was passionate about would always give him joy.

He would work during the day, taking a break once or twice to screw one of his bitches, then would relax in the night, usually screwing one of his bitches again. Master had enough sluts that sometimes it was hard to find the one that he was looking for. It became a common practice to organize a “slut selection parade”. Every one of his sluts would line up in the lower quarters, march up the stairs in a single file line, march through the living room to display themselves for Master, and then out the other side. Master would watch them pass, occasionally stop the line to feel one of them up, and sometimes pick one. The parade wouldn’t stop until he ordered it, however, as often he would be in the mood for two or three girls at a time. These might come at any time, so every slut was constantly dressed in sexy lingerie, with their makeup and hair to perfection. Serving Master’s dick was their primary purpose in life, which meant looking sexy at all times.

At one point, Master instructed Brandi to buy a large quantity of high-quality leather collars. Brandi did and Master gave her further instructions: “I want you to add to the programming of the sluts. If I give a slut a leather collar, it means that she is especially pleasing to me. All sluts should desire to be given a collar, should hold in reverence those who have been given a collar, and should experience feelings of contentment or satisfaction if ever given a collar.”

“Yes Master,” Brandi said. “Would you like me to include that desire in myself as well?”

“No, no,” Master said. “You’re above them. It’s like a pyramid. Your crown is at the top. The collars are below you. And the lowest sluts don’t have anything.” He paused and added, “In fact, while you’re add it, add in programming that reflects the crown too. I want them to treat you like the Queen you are.”

The result was something like a “favorites” club among the sluts. Master immediately delivered a collar to Slut A and Slut B. Master took a liking to a redhead named Abby with big tits. He said she a nice tight pussy and had an accent that turned him on. She was gifted a collar. Master also gave one to a brunette named Anna, because “she can suck like a vacuum”. The other sluts looked with wonder at these favorites. They would whisper to each other, asking what it was that so pleased Master or how much they wished they could fuck that they could. The “Collared Bitches”, as they came to be known, walked with a sort of confidence and satisfaction that Brandi hadn’t seen from any of the sluts before. When brought into Master’s bed (or invited to his couch, chair, hot tub, pool table, or anywhere else he wanted to fuck), they still fucked like degraded whores, but when he was done with them they walked tall and proud throughout the slave quarters.

Master had successfully created an “upper class” to his whores. And the thought seemed to thrill him. Not only could he have whatever sort of kinky sex he wanted, he had presented a sort of motivation in the girls. They had always wanted to please him, of course, but now they wanted to earn something by pleasing him. There was a sort of hopeful enthusiasm now to how they sucked him off or how they bounced on his dick or how they heralded their own degradations for his pleasure. Girls knew that the odds of earning a collar were small (one collar earned for about every hundred fucks), so they worked extra hard to try to earn it. Combined with the fact that most of them got fucked once or twice a month at most (the harem was always growing and Master had his favorites), girls knew that they had limited opportunities to blow Master’s mind.

Brandi had to give Master credit. At first, Brandi thought the collars were simply so that Master could label his favorites and give some impression of reward. But he had tapped into something more primal than Brandi had expected. The girls were always fucking for Master’s pleasure, but now they were fucking for his pleasure and for their own self-oriented desires. The result was a level of enthusiasm that was more powerful than any simple programming could have created.

One girl stuck out in Brandi’s mind. She was a shorter girl with full blonde hair and perky tits. Master picked her out of a slut selection parade on a Saturday afternoon, along with a brunette and a redhead. Master had ordered the redhead to suck him, but hadn’t given any orders to the blonde or brunette. The blonde took it on herself to kiss the brunette passionately and slowly, while undressing her. Once the brunette’s tits were free, the girl learned down and took them in her mouth, sucking on them one at a time. Her hand rubbed the back of the redhead’s scalp as she bobbed on Master’s dick. Then the blonde moved to Master himself, kissing softly up and down his chest. Her grabbed her tit and she placed her hand over his, gently squeezing his hand so he would squeeze her chest. She whispered at him, “We are your property, my King. This…” she squeezed his hand again on her tit “…is your property. I adore being your whore. I love being your fucktoy. This little slutty body is here to do whatever you want to it.” Master changed blowjob whores, pulling the redhead off his dick and putting the blonde on it. She took his dick deep into her mouth, keeping it there while she sucked on it. Saliva was dripping out of her mouth and onto his balls. While she blew him, she stuck her ass in the air and wiggled it slightly. Her hands fondled her own tits, while her knees amazingly kept her balanced as her mouth bobbed up and down. Her whole body, with every conscious motion, was acting to service his sexual pleasure. She was seeking to give him the best blowjob while looking the hottest for him. He blew his load into her mouth. Instead of swallowing, she pulled the redhead close and let it fall from her lips onto the redhead’s lips. They then kissed, fonding each other tits and sucking Master’s cum from each other’s lips while the brunette licked Master clean. Master had given very few orders to his sluts, but they had put on a rather enthusiastic and filthy show. The blonde had been the stand-out, because she wanted a collar for herself and pleasure for him. After being sucked dry, he dismissed the girls. Master had fun, but wasn’t giving out collars. Brandi saw the blonde in the slut parade repeatedly, looking hopeful for another chance to prove her worth. Brandi wasn’t sure that Master remembered her.

As revered and desired as the collars were among Master’s whores, they didn’t hold a candle to the way the sluts treated Brandi. Without prompting, they began calling her, “My Queen Mistress”. Any direction that Brandi gave, the sluts literally ran to fulfill. They rarely looked her in the eye, always dropping their gaze, but occasionally sneaking glances up at the tiara on Brandi’s head. She was a goddess among them. Even the Collared Bitches treated her with awe.

The ranking structure also provided Master an easy way to have a good time. Sometimes, when he didn’t feel like going through the work of a slut parade, he would simply tell Brandi, “Get me the collars.” His collection of Collared Bitches would come, a sensuous collection of perfect female bodies and pure devotion to their Master. Sometimes he would direct them, but most times he would simply sit back and enjoy. Brandi knew what he liked. She would direct the bitches, performing a sort of sexual theater for their Master. Often this involved the sluts sucking him one at a time, kissing and sucking each other’s mouths and tits, and often positioning two girls (most often Slut A and Slut B) on his right and left to rub his chest and rub their tits against him. Master was often in a lazy mood when he summoned the Collared Bitches, so he enjoyed sitting back and having his sluts please him.

After he came on a slut’s chest or in a whore’s mouth, Brandi would step forward and lick him clean. Then, kneeling before him, she would say, “Master, is there any other way we can please you?” She did it for a few reasons: First and always foremost, it turned him on. Second, she genuinely wanted to know if there was anything else they could do for him. Third, it was important that the Queen set a good example for her subjects. Even despite the awe they held for the Queen of Whores, she was always subject to their King. That was important for them all to remember. Most often, however, Master simply dismissed them.

Master often threw parties for his friends. Sometimes they were loud and big, like his birthday parties. Sometimes they were themed, like sports games or television series premieres. Most common, however, was the somewhat more chill poker nights. Master invited over eight or nine friends, each kicked in twenty bucks, and they played poker. Knowing this, Brandi had built a special area in the living floor of the home to accommodate this. The table and chairs were elevated, while the floor sloped downward under the table. This allowed each player to have a slut of his choosing kneel before him in the game.

By the fourth or fifth card night, the system worked flawlessly. Master’s friends showed up, Master called for a slut parade, each friend picked a girl, and they sat down for cards. Brandi had one of the sluts learn how to host the game, complete with the official Vegas tools for sliding chips back and forth across the table. She was wearing skimpy lingerie and lingered for a moment every time she leaned forward to move chips. Brandi had picked out four or five serving girls to attend to the men as the played, fetching them drinks and allowing themselves to be felt up. Usually, the guys were more rowdy before they blew their first load. One serving girl was even pushed onto the poker table so the guys could see if her ass “rippled” the way they expected when she was spanked. Once the sluts under the table sucked them off, the guys calmed down and focused more on the game. If the guy was horny later on, he would tell the serving girl and she would bring him four or five sluts to choose from. Whichever he picked would disappear under the table and the process would begin again.

Master had Anna, the slut with the “vacuum mouth” service him the first time. Later, when he wanted more, he directed Brandi beneath the table. As she sucked on his throbbing dick, she listened to their conversation.

Master normally didn’t talk politics, but he was getting invested in listening to one of his friends. There was an election coming up and one of the popular candidates was proposing some rather dangerous ideas. There was a sense of unease around the table, especially in Master’s voice. The conversation moved on, but Brandi knew that Master was still not happy.

That night, Master summoned Brandi to his office. It was unusual for Master to work late, especially on a Friday, but Brandi found he wasn’t working. He had been researching the candidate, one Senator White.

“My Queen,” he said tenderly, taking her hand and pulling her onto his lap. She straddled him and he felt up her tits as he talked. “I’m the King here in this little world, but I don’t have any influence out there. Maybe I should. Maybe I should right wrongs when I see them. I fuck a lot of superheroes, but I don’t think I do enough actual saving. But I could. I have the ability to.” Master gave her instructions. Then he fucked her pussy, came inside her, and went to bed.

The next day, Brandi got to work.

It would have been easy to simply walk up to Senator White with Master’s device and tell him to resign, but Master didn’t want just that. He wanted the public to see Senator White for what he was. They apparently refused to do that based on his politics, so maybe they would do it if his dirty laundry was exposed.

Brandi took a team of girls and dressed in actual professional clothing. They had to go to the store to find something that covered all of their skin. Brandi equipped them all with the ear devices that protected them from Master’s rewriting device. Then they went to the campaign headquarters.

It was criminally easy to get in. They activated Master’s device, asked where Senator White was, and told them to forget that the girls were ever there. The front desk girl didn’t know, but her superior did. They were in and out in three minutes and nobody remembered them.

Senator White was at an event nearby, posing in front of a school for a photoshoot. Brandi got close to the fenced off area and opened a few buttons on her blouse to show some cleavage. It had the desired effect. When Senator White came to talk to the crowd, he made sure to pass by the pretty blonde with the big tits. For just a moment, Brandi activated the device and told him, “You want to talk to me alone.” The people immediately around Brandi grew quiet when the device was activated—as did Senator White—but nobody seemed to notice the few seconds of silence it took to instill the order. Senator White invited to speak to her alone and Brandi agreed, stepping around the gate and joining him in his limo.

There were four security guards in the limo with them. Brandi activated the device and everyone’s mind when blank. Brandi instructed the guards to forget that they saw her and ignore what she was saying to Senator White. Then, she asked Senator White some questions.

Master had been adamant. He wanted White to hang for what was true about him, not what they would make up. So Brandi asked Senator White about his perverse fantasies. She asked about the deeper, darkest ones. She asked about the ones that he never told his wife. She made him give all the details, while Brandi took notes. Then, she told him where to be and when. Brandi exited the limo, sent instructions to her girls, and went to the hotel.

Brandi was used to kink. Master liked to hear her degrade herself, then paradoxically loved to honor her for it. Master liked to fuck girls wearing superhero costumes, in addition to the occasional cheerleader outfit, schoolgirl outfit, or princess outfit. Brandi had even dressed as a slutty secretary in the earliest days of her devotion to Master, but once seemed enough for him for that particular fantasy. Senator White had different kinks, however, and Brandi was glad for that. She didn’t want Master upset to see his enemy persecuted for the same kinks that he enjoyed. That might take the fun out of it for Master. They weren’t destroying White because of his kinks, they were doing it for his policies. But his kinks provided a good tool.

Brandi’s girls showed up well before Senator White. They had strap-ons, ball-gags, leather corsets, kitty masks, thick whips, and an HD video camera.

When White showed up, Brandi used the device to remove his inhibitions, then started recording. While most of the video had Senator White wearing the red ball gag and nothing else, the part that the public really got a kick out of was when he had the ball gag removed so he could lick Brandi’s tall black heels, while his ass was swatted from behind with the whips. After every whip strike, he said, “I’m a bad boy.” It wasn’t a good look for someone running for public office.

Senator White published the video to his own social media accounts, with the caption, “In this town, you can pay for whatever turns you on. Vote White!” Naturally, this ran against the image that he had built of a family man. His polling numbers disappeared overnight.

Brandi supposed the worst part was that Senator White had been whipped, degraded, gagged, and even penetrated with a strap-on, but he had not gotten off. For all that the night cost him, he had gotten very little out of it.

The girls disposed of the evidence, returned home, changed back into lingerie, and presented themselves before Master.

“It’s done,” Brandi said, her tiara gleaming upon her head once more.

“I know,” Master said, “I’ve been watching the news. Nobody knows how to describe it. Or why he won’t take it down off his pages.”

“He won’t for at least six hours,” Brandi said. “And he’ll defend the video for the course of those six hours to any reporter that asks him about it.”

Master laughed, clapping his hands together excitedly. “Oh I look forward to that.” Then he beckoned Brandi forward. He kissed her passionately, getting a handful of ass in one hand and tit in the other. She twisted her body to allow him freer access to both, while reaching down and stroking the hardness in his crotch.

“Suck me off,” Master instructed her after breaking the kiss, and Brandi immediately dropped to her knees and went to work. He dismissed the other girls with a wave of his hand. As Brandi sucked him off, Master watched the news on his phone. Master blew his load in her mouth, which she swallowed dutifully and then licked her Master clean.

As she moved to leave the room, Master called after her, “Brandi. You’ve done well. I command you to desire an orgasm.” Immediately, Brandi knew she was wet and needy. Her knees grew week. Master added, “Go pick a bitch to eat you out.” Brandi tried not to look too eager when leaving the room. As soon as she was out of view, she ran down the stairs and commanded the first slut she saw to follow her. Brandi laid down on the couch and had the slut eat her pussy. To complete her pleasure, she fantasized herself kneeling before her Master. The taste of cum in her mouth helped complete her fantasy. She came hard.

Then she went back to work for her Master.

Master paid more attention to the outside world now. He occasionally sent her out on missions to adjust the outer world. Afterwards, he normally rewarded her with an orgasm (sometimes even fucking her himself) and then spent most of the next day with his supersluts. These adjustments made Master genuinely happy. He saw himself as a sort of Lone Ranger. It wasn’t the first time that his device had been used to fix moral wrongs. Whenever they needed money, Brandi simply went to corrupt CEO’s, took their money, and made them confess their crimes. This was more active, however. Master wasn’t just making CEO’s confess to get their money, he was actively fixing problems he saw in the world. And he was doing it without the glory.

Perhaps it wasn’t coincidence that soon after, Master began going out a lot more. He would instruct Brandi to collect fifteen to twenty of the girls and dress them in slutty outside outfits. Brandi obeyed, dressing the girls in skintight dresses with plunging necklines and skirts that barely covered the bottom of their assess. Brandi coordinated their colors together, so there was no doubt they were all there together.

They would hit a bar, with Master buying drinks for everyone and everyone admiring his girls. Inevitably, guys would hit on Master’s girls.

They were instructed on how to respond: “No, thank you. Do you see that guy over there? I’m here for him.”

Inevitably, the guy would respond: “But he’s with that girl.” Master would normally be surrounded by at least three or four of the girls, all looking at him with pure devotion and unhidden lust.

The girl would say something along the lines of: “I know, but I’m really hoping he chooses to fuck me tonight too. He’ll have a few of us together a lot of the time.” She would look at Master dreamily and add something like, “Hell, I’ll settle for his left ball in my mouth.”

Sometimes, after seeing two or three guys strike out with the same hot girl, Master would beckon the girl over to him and whisper in her ear. She would listen, then drop down to her knees, take out Master’s dick, and begin blowing him right there. All the while, Master would be talking, kissing, or feeling up another hot girl.

The message was clear to the whole bar: he had all of these hot girls’ undivided and total devotion. They were his sexual playthings.

On a few occasions, the guys would even ask one of Master’s bitches something like, “I don’t get it. What is it about him?”

The girl would lean conspiratorially in and say, “Well most of the time he fucks my face or my tits, but… when he pounds my pussy…” Her eyes grew wide, her knees grew week, and she appeared to lose the ability to put words into a cohesive sentence. She would bite her lip hard and then simply say, “Just… oh my God. He can stick it anywhere he wants, in anyone he wants, however he wants, or while I’m wearing whatever he wants… just so long as there’s the slightest chance he’ll fuck me that way again. Nobody else comes even close.”

The guy, if he were so bold, might invite the challenge, saying, “Well how about you see what I can give you?”

The girl would smile, pat his hand condescendingly, and say, “I don’t think so. Besides, I don’t want to ruin my chances with him tonight.” Then she’d take her drink elsewhere.

Master liked the show. Brandi knew that seeing other guys getting jealous over his collection of hot fucktoys turned him on. They went out almost every weekend to different bars. Before long, Master had the reputation around town as “The Man with the Magic Dick”. There were mixed feelings about him showing up to bars. On the one hand, he made men feel inadequate and jealous. On the other, he tipped big, bought drinks, and brought along plenty of eye candy—even if they weren’t available to anyone else.

Meanwhile, Brandi continued to identify new potential sluts, use Master’s device to recruit them, and fill Master’s home with fresh faces, tits, pussies, and asses to fuck. Brandi acquired two additional floors below the slave quarters, renovating them to maximize the space and house more girls.

There was another thing to consider, however. Master had been acquiring bitches for a few years now. He had the target ages of about 19 to about 23. Sometimes he grabbed older girls, if they were hot enough, but he rarely went over 26 or 27. There were no shortage of girls in the fuckable age range, but suddenly there were beds occupied by girls who Master didn’t play with anymore.

One afternoon, Brandi asked for a moment of Master’s time. It was rare for Brandi to ask anything of Master and whenever she did, it was usually for Master’s benefit. Brandi took him to the living area, where twenty-five of the older girls were lined up in their lingerie.

“Master, these are some of your older toys. You haven’t played with any of them for at least three months. If you want to keep them, it’s absolutely your right. But I’m wondering if you want to start phasing out some of the ones that don’t please you anymore.”

“They’re all hot girls,” Master said, but Brandi heard hesitation in his voice. “But I think you’re right, the new ones are more fun to look at.” He turned to Brandi. “What would you do with them?”

“Whatever you wish,” Brandi said. “I can have them take care of the mansion, so you can call them back if you ever want to play with them again. Or if you want, we can revert them back to their old personalities. We can give them money to go and a reclaim word if you ever wanted to resummon them.”

Master considered. He stopped in front of one of the girls. All of them were staring straight ahead, without emotion, as they were instructed. They each still thrust out their tits to look as appealing as possible. The girl that Master stopped in front of was one of his earliest acquisitions. Brandi suspected that as he ran his finger between her tits, he was remembering them wrapped around his dick.

“Keep this one,” Master said. He looked down the line and pointed at another girl, possibly just on a whim. “And her. The rest, I like the idea of old memories and money.” He paused and said to the girls, “I am very pleased with your service. This isn’t rejection, this is mission accomplished.” He turned to Brandi and said, “Program in feelings of immense accomplishment. They’re done me well. Fill their missing time with something cool that they can brag about doing.”

After that, Brandi did a slut cleanse every few months. She would bring out some of the oldest toys, ask if Master wanted to play with them anymore, and send them away if he wanted. Sometimes he kept a girl around, sometimes he told Brandi to assign them to the mansion, but most of the time he sent them away with his thanks and instructions to give them good lives.

As Brandi continued to fill Master’s home with fresh, young, college-aged whores for him to fuck, she wondered. Brandi was her Master’s first acquisition. She had been young and perky at that time, but that was a few years ago. Brandi brought suggested dismissals to Master based on their age and the last time he fucked them. She wasn’t that much younger than some of the girls she was dismissing. Sure, she still sucked Master awake every morning and got fucked more than almost any other girl in the apartment (some of the supersluts might have passed her on that), but how long until she wasn’t appealing anymore to her Master?

Brandi managed the household. She knew which lingerie to dress Master’s sluts in so they would look most appealing for him. She knew what time his food should be made, what he would likely be in the mood for, and which bitch should serve him (she often ended up eating him while he ate). She organized the parties. She chose which girls to recruit. She put them through training when they were recruited, so they could suck dick and dirty talk to Master’s preferences. She carried out Master’s missions to better the outside world. She was Brandi, Queen of the Whores. But if she lost her appeal to her Master, would she just be another liability? Someone to dismiss when they stopped being played with?

It wasn’t feelings of rejection or fear that a girlfriend or wife would have. No, this was nothing about Brandi at all. This was all about her Master. If she stopped pleasing him, what did that mean for her duty to him? She was programmed to put her Master’s happiness above everything. How was she best to serve her Master?

One day, after thinking through this dilemma, Brandi went to the bathroom, stripped off the skimpy lingerie she was wearing, and looked at her naked self in the mirror. Her tits looked great, but 20-year-olds had a certain perkiness to their tits that was hard to replicate. Her face was still hot, but it was no longer the face of a just-after-college slut. Her body was tight and firm—she and all the sluts had a physical routine and diet that kept them in the shape Master liked them—but when would it droop or start to sag? Brandi had a high criteria for the sluts she chose for her Master. She knew what type of tits he liked, which ass he would want to stuff, and what type of pretty face he preferred. Brandi asked herself, if she saw herself on Instagram, would she recruit herself for her Master? Brandi didn’t know.

She would have to think of something. Master’s happiness depended on it.

While Master spent most of his time at the high rise, he would occasionally slip away on the weekends to the mansion—especially during the summer. He liked having the girls in the pool and getting away for a while. His harem had grown big enough that Brandi was able to keep both places full of sluts, so they didn’t have to ferry girls back and forth. Some of the favorites—notably the Collared Bitches—still moved with Master on the weekends, just in case he wanted one of them.

Having both locations stocked with whores presented an odd application of resources. Most of the time, the whores were always in the most fuckable condition possible. They wore slutty lingerie, did pornstar-level makeup that was always kept perfect, and kept perfect physical form. Each of them lived with the constant hope that they were one summons away from fulfilling Master’s sexual fantasies. But having a growing number of girls at the mansion distanced them from the summons. Of course, when Master spent weekends there, he would fuck several of them, but when he was at the high rise, they were just wasting their sexual appeal.

Brandi made a suggestion to Master to maximize their resources, which Master approved of. Several webcam stations were set up throughout the mansion, mostly in the sleeping corridors or extra rooms. Computers were bought with high-def webcams and the internet connection was ungraded. Master could have money whenever he wanted by using his device, but there was value in having money arrive more naturally.

The girls, of course, were hot. They were instructed that girls who made more money for Master would please him the most, which was ample motivation for them. The sexy sluts never said “no” to a webcam request, no matter how kinky or degrading. They displayed their feet, sucked on dildos, bent and twisted for the camera, danced, dirty talked, ate each other out, and did anything else asked of them. It was common for two or three girls to be in the same webcam session, while charging the price of one. Master’s bitches soon dominated the market and Master’s bank accounts grew large without any need for his device.

Master was pleased. It was a good use of his harem.

Brandi began to plan additional vacation spots and hired contractors and architects. She bought a massive part of land out in the middle of nowhere, with a large lake. They built a huge lake house, with large windows facing out over a gorgeous deck and dock. Brandi arranged for the delivery of a pontoon boat, a hot tub in the deck, and a massive stock of alcohol.

They didn’t wait for Master’s birthday to use it. Master spent a whole week there, bringing along some of his favorite whores and inviting some of his friends. They would drink through most of the day, splash around in the lake, and then sit back and let a whore suck them dry. At night, they would go out on the pontoon boat. The moans of whores getting furiously drilled in every hole wafted across the dark lake.

The next morning, the girls would be put to work again, making breakfast, blowing whoever they were instructed to blow, and providing more alcohol. It was like spring break for Master and his friends: Alcohol, water, and sluts. For the girls, they were just thrilled to be pleasing Master.

As they were leaving at the end of the week, Master realized that this place would also be cozy in winter. Brandi immediately put in orders for snow mobiles, skiis, and a lot of firewood. She envisioned skimpy fur lingerie and blowjobs in front of the fireplace.

She also got to work planning additional resort locations for her Master.

It was a Tuesday night when Matt came over to the high rise. Master never had unplanned gatherings and rarely had friends over in fewer quantities than five or six. But Matt came along that night and he didn’t look good.

Brandi served them beer as they sat on Master’s couch. Matt was crying and the few words she overhead confirmed her suspicion: His wife was either leaving him or cheating on him—she couldn’t hear which. Master put a comforting hand on his friend’s shoulder and nodded thoughtfully as he listened. It was only then that Brandi realized that her Master was a genuinely good friend. He shared his good fortune with his friends. He welcomed them to play with his harem. He kept a few of his favorites for himself, but Brandi thought that many guys wouldn’t want to share any of their sluts with friends. Master enjoyed his friends and wanted them to be happy. She could see Master’s face as he listened. He was devastated on behalf of his friend.

“You want a distraction?” Brandi heard Master say. “Do you want to play with a girl or ten? I’m sure they can cheer you up.”

“Well actually…” Brandi heard Matt say. Then his voice dropped. Brandi’s heart sank and she knew what was about to happen. She watched Master’s face grow pale.

Brandi turned to Erin, the tattooed bartender, and quietly gave a few sentences worth of orders before Master called out, “Brandi. Come here.”

Brandi approached dutifully.

“Matt here has had a rough night,” Master said. He wasn’t looking at either of them in the eye. Brandi had never seen him as conflicted as he was then. “He’s… he’s asked to play with you. To make him happy. Do whatever he wants and make him happy.” Master was looking at the ground, apparently resigned. He stood and turned. Brandi knew that he hated the idea of someone else touching her. She was his Queen, about to be defiled by another man. But he had given his orders.

“Thanks man,” Matt called after Master. The tears were gone. He was grinning. Apparently the idea of fucking the forbidden slut had cleared his mind from his problems.

Brandi reached out her hand and Matt took it. She led him toward the downstairs, walking slowly. His free hand explored. Brandi did her best not to pull away from him as he cupped her tit and felt up her ass. The actions were very familiar to her, but the one touching her was not. It felt so wrong when it wasn’t her Master.

Brandi led Matt down to the first guest room.

“Alright,” Matt said, practically hopping with excitement. “First…”

“First,” Brandi cut him off, placing a firm hand on his chest, “how about I warm you up with a little dance? Give you a show? Then let’s talk about all those fun ideas you have in mind.” He voice was tender and seductive, full of promise and sin. Matt was conflicted. He obviously already had a list of things in mind, but maybe this was what made Brandi so special? Matt didn’t know. Finally, he nodded and said, “Ok.”

Brandi sat him on the edge of the bed and took her time. She moved her hands over her body, pushing Matt back on the bed so he could watch, but not reach. She slipped out of her bra, dropping it to the side and massaging her breasts slowly. She didn’t know how long Matt would last before deciding it was time to play. Matt had seen her tits before—every girl had been topless at some point in that apartment—but he was more eager for the things he hadn’t done before. Brandi ran a finger from his chin down his chest to his belt buckle.

There was a knock at the door. Brandi stepped away and towards the door.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Matt said.

“It’s the bartender,” Brandi said with a smile. “I thought some wine would be in order.” Brandi opened the door and Erin was there with a bottle of wine, a video camera, and a small device that looked like a cellphone.

“Thank you,” Brandi said with a smile and closed the door.

“Ok,” Matt said. “I don’t need the wine. Let’s just get started. You’re supposed to do what I say.”

“And what would you like me to do first?” Brandi asked, setting down the wine and the camera. She picked up two small earbud-looking devices and slipped them in her ears. Matt barely noticed, his eyes bulging with the fantasies in his mind.

“First I’m going to tie you to this bed,” Matt said. “I think I’ll take your pussy first. I’ll whip you with my belt. Then when you’re good and…”

Brandi activated Master’s device and Matt grew immediately silent. Brandi picked up the camera, set it on the nightstand, pointed it at Matt, and pressed record. Then she knelt in front of him and spoke clearly and slowly.

“You remember fucking me. You had a list of things that you wanted to do to me, and you did them all. My pussy was tight, wet, and was like a massage to your dick. When I blew you, it felt like I was going to suck your dick right off your body. My tits were firmer than you imagined, but bounced amazingly when I rode you. In fact, your experience fucking me was so mind-blowing, that you feel guilty about it. You know now why I was off limits. You know why your friend kept me all to himself. I am the best bitch in the whole damned house, but it’s his house. He deserves me all to himself. You know that now and you’re very sorry. You are going to apologize to him for taking advantage of his generosity. And from here on out, whenever he says that a girl is off limits, that’s the end of it. You won’t even think about doing anything to her, because she belongs to someone else.”

Matt was nodding along the whole time. When Brandi was done, she added, “You’re going to wait here for thirty minutes. You’ll count in your head. At the end, you’ll remember leaving me in this bed after being done fucking me. Then you’ll go talk to your friend and apologize.” She then stood and turned off the video camera. She walked back to Matt.

She was angry. Not because he tried to take advantage of her, but because he tried to take advantage of Master. She made Master unhappy. And that was unforgivable. Master’s device was still running. She decided to add one more thing.

Brandi bunched his still-hard dick, holding nothing back. Matt’s body shook in response, but his eyes remained empty, waiting for orders. Brandi said, “Your dick hurts because of how good the fucking was.” Then she turned off the device, picked up the camera, and left the room while Matt counted.

Master was looking out the window in his room when Brandi entered. He glanced at her and then turned back out the window. He was still unhappy. “That was fast,” he said softly. Brandi thought that perhaps he had been crying. “I thought he would have taken his time more.”

“I didn’t fuck him,” Brandi said softly. Master turned sharply. There was an odd mixture of anger and relief in his eyers. Brandi added, “But he thinks I did.”

“What do you mean?” Master asked.

“I recorded it,” Brandi said. She extended the video camera. Master approached her, took the camera, and watched. Midway through, he closed his eyes and Brandi was sure she saw a tear drop out of the corner of his eye. He pursed his lips in a thin smile.

“Did I overstep, Master?” Brandi asked softly.

“No,” Master said with a deep breath. “You did phenomenally.” He set the camera on the nightstand and closed the door. “How long do we have before he gets here?”

“I came right here,” Brandi said. “Probably twenty-five minutes.”

“Good,” Master said, pulling down Brandi’s panties.

He threw her against the wall, holding her up by her thighs. He maneuvered her until he could slide in and found her wet and waiting. As Master began to fuck her, Brandi didn’t need any coaching to say what he wanted to hear—it was the same truth that was echoing inside her brain.

“I am your personal, private fuckdoll,” Brandi said. “Nobody gets to touch me but you. This body is your exclusive property.”

“Want it,” Master grunted. There was a brute fury to the order. “Want that fucking orgasm.” Normally when he rewarded her, it was intentional and almost serene. Now, it was aggressive and desperate—something primal in him. Brandi expected Master to command he to want it ever since he used the word, “Phenomenally” to describe her action, but it didn’t stop the immediate feeling of lust and pleasure that exploded from her pussy midway through her Master’s thrust.

She continued: “I am your Queen of Whores. It is the title that gives my life meaning. It means that you are my King. This pussy is exclusively for your personal pounding. My throat is yours to fill. These tits are for your eyes, your dick, and your hand alone. I am only ever for you. Being fucked and used by you is my own heaven. I hope that I’m able to give you a slice of personal heaven too.”

“You are. You do,” he was grunting in pleasure, meaning that he was getting close. That was good, because so was Brandi. When they really got going with each other, it didn’t take either of them very long. Master wasn’t being gentle, but that was perfect. It was how he wanted it, which meant it was how she wanted it.

“Fuck your Queen’s little dripping pussy, my King,” Brandi shouted in his hear. “She’s such a little whore and she needs it from you. Ohhhh god I need it from you.” She sunk her teeth into his shoulder, tasting his sweat.

His grunts were desperate and his thrusting was deep, hard, and desperate.

“Cum inside your private little whore. Know that nobody else gets to do that,” Brandi said. She was holding off on her own orgasm, trying to time it. When he let loose, so did she. They both let out noises that were somewhere between moans, grunts, and shouts. It was pure sex and pleasure.

Then, they were quiet. Master pulled out and set her down. Brandi immediately dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. She licked him clean and sucked him dry. Then she stood.

“I think it’s best if I’m not here when Matt gets here,” Brandi said. “It might confuse him.”

“I agree,” Master nodded. “But come back here when Matt leaves.”

“Yes Master,” Brandi nodded. She smiled. Did we he want to sexually claim her again?

Brandi had Erin tell her when Matt left. Apparently he was very apologetic, morose, and quick to leave. Erin also mentioned that he was walking oddly, as if in pain. That made Brandi smile. When Brandi emerged back in Master’s room, he gestured at the bed. He was changing out of his shirt and getting ready for bed.

“Stay with me tonight,” he said.

“Yes sir,” Brandi said. “Would you like me to do anything to put you to sleep?” She presented her body for him as she spoke, laying across the sheets with one knee in the air and her body turned towards him. She looked good and she knew it.

“No, I think I’m…” he started to say, then he looked at her. His eyes dropped to her tits and he shrugged. “You know what? Fuck it. Blow me, bitch.”

He hopped into the bed and she went to work with her mouth. He had fucked a lot that day and it hadn’t been long since his last orgasm. Brandi coaxed his dick hard, nursed it with her tongue, and gave a long, slow, tender blowjob. She didn’t rush to get him off. Rather, every motion was in service to his pleasure, with long, lingering thrusts of her tongue and teasing fingers on his balls. She kept her eyes focused on his as much as possible and, whenever her lips weren’t needed to suck, she was smiling at him. She took off her top midway through, which inspired him to adjust his order from blowjob to tit-job. That served Brandi fine. She wrapped her tits around his dick and bounced up and down for him while telling him that she was “a worthless fucking whore who needs stuffed in order to have a single coherent thought” and “a fucktoy who needs covered in your thick hot cum”. He finished on her chest. They ordered another slut to come in and lick Brandi’s chest clean, then Brandi climbed on top of her King and he wrapped his arms around his Queen of Whores. They were asleep within minutes.

Brandi still blew him awake in the morning.

One day, after Master’s morning blowjob, Brandi was displaying herself on his bed while he got dressed. He kept stealing glances at her, admiring her form. He must have seen her dressed up for him thousands of times by now. He had seen her nude, covered in his cum, begging for more. One of the first times he had ever fucked her was when Brandi was wearing a cheerleader outfit, standing in for all the bitches who had rejected him in high school. She had dominated supersluts in leather with a whip. She had gotten him off with her big tits. There was absolutely nothing new to see of Brandi, unless Master came up with another twisted fantasy. Despite all of this, he still liked looking at her, displayed on the bed for him. It made Brandi wonder how long he would enjoy her appearance. It made her wonder how she should best take care of her Master.

“I think I know what I want for the third fantasy room,” Master said after he dressed. “I want a high class, romantic, passionate meetup.” This was new for Brandi. He liked to degrade his girls and the words “high class” were never used. “One girl. One classy girl. Lots of candles, low lighting… all that. Do you know the vibe I’m thinking of?”

“Yes, I believe so,” Brandi nodded. She got to work immediately.

Master had never asked for something like this before, not even back when they were living in Master’s tiny home in the suburbs. But maybe that was the point. He had his pick of big-tit, dumb sluts begging to be wrecked by his dick. Now he wanted some more variety in his experiences. Brandi wanted to make sure that it was perfect.

The room was the easy part. Fine leather furniture was brought in. A thick fur rug covered the black tile ceiling. They installed a fireplace in one wall of the room. A long, sturdy table with high-backed chairs were added, with an elaborate centerpiece with tall candles. Brandi visited some more expensive furniture stores in the city, asking tastefully-minded experts their opinions. The room was easy. It was the girl that was hard.

Master had said one girl. High class. That meant that Brandi couldn’t find the big-titted bimbos on Instagram and teach them to suck dick. She needed a girl who moved right. A girl who knew how to handle herself and a man. A girl who was sexy, yes, but more in an alluring way than a fucktoy way. Hot wasn’t enough. She needed a girl who bridged hot and classy in an effortless way.

Brandi roamed expensive stores, political gatherings, upper-suite corporate parties at multi-million-dollar companies. There were plenty of girls, some of them even hot, but none of them with that special charm. Brandi didn’t want to keep her Master waiting, but even worse was delivering less than perfection on his fantasy.

Brandi pulled up movie clips of high class prostitutes, the types that the movies showed visiting billionaires and senators. The girls on screen were nearly perfect, but Brandi didn’t know where to find girls like that. Finally, it hit her. She wasn’t looking for someone who was from the upper class, she was looking for someone who knew how to act upper class. Not just a high-quality girl, but a girl who knew how to act high-quality. Brandi needed an actress.

She went to agents and said she was filming an independent film and needed a girl to play an alluring, upper-class romantic partner. She even had one of the girls who was a gifted writer draw up a script for her and hosted auditions. Many of the girls were young and enthusiastic, but lacked the proper poise that Brandi was looking for. Some had that poise down, but were older or not quite pretty enough. Brandi was not willing to settle. On her third mass audition, she found the girl.

Her name was Valerie. She was a beautiful brunette with thick, straight hair. Her eyes were deep brown and seemed to look inside whoever she laid them on. She was thin, but well portioned. Her breasts were not as large as most of Master’s hoes, but Brandi thought that was possibly better. It made her look more respectable and less like a fuckdoll. When she walked, Valerie commanded the room. Every muscle was intentional in its motion and she seemed to glide like a piece of art. There was a hint of an accent in her voice, but Brandi couldn’t put her finger on it. She spoke each syllable of every word, her voice soft and charming, but clear and purposeful. She was perfect.

Brandi offered her the job. With a few quick applications of Master’s device, Valerie was free of her contract with her agent, her loved ones believed she was shooting on location and it wouldn’t be weird if she was gone for a while, and Valerie’s mind belonged to Master.

Brandi programmed Valerie differently from most girls. She wasn’t the degraded whore whose job it was to get Master off in whatever filthy way he wanted it. She was devoted to Master, but she believed that it was the most important thing in the world to give him the night of his life every time she saw him. She would follow orders, but she would also lead him. She could get off, but Master’s pleasure was the priority. She was to make Master feel like the King of the whole damned city. For good measure, Brandi still had her train her gag reflexes away and still ordered her to crave the approval of a collar.

Brandi bought Master a suit. She helped him dress, tied his tie for him, and made sure that he looked sharp. Brandi and him both knew that he could walk in with sweat pants and a t-shirt, but there was something about raising his own appearance up that would elevate the whole night. Of course, Brandi was still in slutty lingerie as she helped him, which Brandi thought was a good representation of their relationship. She wasn’t meant to be elevated. She was meant to elevate him.

The sun had set and the lights of the city were bright. Master actually looked nervous, as if he were on a first date. Brandi supposed he was, but he still had nothing to be nervous about. Brandi knew that a high class bitch was still second to the King.

Master descended the stairs and left Brandi behind. She heard the rest of it from Valerie later.

Master entered the room. It was dark, lit only by the fire in the fireplace, the candles on the table, and the lights of the city. The room smelled of fine leather and smoke. Valerie was standing by the table when he entered. She wore a fine silk dress that clung to her like water. Its neckline was low and it hugged her curves in every way.

“I thought you would like some wine,” Valerie said, pouring a glass of red wine for him. They stood by the window, sipping wine and watching the city. Eventually, Valerie turned and leaned him, giving him a long lingering kiss with a tongue that explored his lips. Her hand ran down the length of his tie, gently pulling his mouth lower towards him. When her hand ran out of tie, it landed on his belt buckle and she pulled him closer. His hands were tentative, perhaps for the first time in years. But whenever they landed, Valerie leaned into them.

Valerie moved them towards the fireplace, resting Master on the firm leather loveseat. She let the shoulders of her dress slip down her arms, exposing her breasts while staring at him with a passionate intensity. It was a look that said, “Watch me. This is for you.” Then she slowly climbed on top of him and kissed him.

They tangled on the loveseat, her silk dress, her hair, and her perfume mixing in a blend of sexual energy. Neither of them knew when his buckle had come undone or when the rest of her dress had slipped off. But they both paused when he entered her. She lowered her hips slowly down, his dick sliding into her. Her soft moan was barely audible over the crackling of the fire.

Master was used to plowing a bitch’s pussy or deepthroating a slut at his leisure, but this time Valerie set the pace. She moved slow, each motion of her hips like a caressing of his dick. She didn’t stop so much as she rolled into her next motion, lifting again and lowering.

“You are so beautiful,” Master said with almost a shudder. His hands were on his hips, but his eyes were on her breasts. Her soft skin glowed in the light of the fireplace.

“I am all yours tonight, my love,” Valerie purred.

It wasn’t just a fucking. It wasn’t even just sex. It was almost a work of art, with Valerie’s body as the brush and Master’s as the canvas. She edged him upward slowly and with delicate care. Every motion was thick with intention and passion. Her lips explored his neck and chest, perfectly timed with the rocking of her hips and pussy. She seemed to know when he was cumming. She didn’t pick up the pace as much as she deepened her motions, drawing it out and making his need for release greater and greater. When he came, she pushed herself down on him, keeping him deep inside her. At the same time, she wiggled her hips back and forth. Then she lifted and dropped a few times, finishing him off and maximizing his orgasm.

Master lay on the loveseat, breathing deeply—even desperately. Valerie planted kisses down his body, letting him rest. Then she stood and crossed the room back to the table. She retrieved the two glasses of wine and returned to the loveseat. They drank slowly. Master watched her body in the flickering light of the fire.

At the end of the wine, Valerie reached out and took Master’s glass. She said, “I don’t want you to be late on account of me.” There was of course nothing for Master to be late for, but the entire night had been an illusion. Valerie knew that she couldn’t very well simply say, “We’re done” and leave. She continued, “But I don’t want this to be our only night together. It can’t be. Will you come see me again?” Valerie was an excellent actress, perhaps aided by Brandi’s programming that gave her devotion to Master. She looked at him with an expression of pure hope. In that look, Master believed that he was the more important of the two. She might have called the shots, led him through the night, set the pace, and give him the pleasure, but at the end of it she was hoping that he would come see her again. She might have been the high class woman, the most passionate and alluring lover in the city, but she was waiting on his approval. That made him the most important man in the city.

“I’ll try to get away,” Master said, taking the role of the important man who might give a favor to the girl who wanted him. Valerie leaned into it, smiling hopefully. As Master left, Valerie was laying on the loveseat, still like the work of art that she was.

Master had had a lot of fantasies fulfilled. He told Brandi as she blew him the next morning that this was different from every one. She was “a goddess, both in how she looked and how she fucked”, but Master said that he would have to be in a mood for her. Most of the time when Master got a new toy, he played with her a lot.

With Valerie, he seemed to save her for special occasions. He did visit her again, apparently leaning into the “important man” part. While with the supersluts or supervillains, he would simply show up and start fucking, he would always tell Brandi in advance when he was going to go to Valerie. He would say, “Tell Valerie that I’ll have time to see her on Thursday, around eight.” Valerie would play with him, usually greeting him with “I’m so glad you could get away” or “I was worried that you wouldn’t call”. As Master leaned into his important persona, he and Valerie traded out who led their encounters. Sometimes Master would lay her on the rug, taking charge of his pace. Unlike the sluts, however, he was more delicate with Valerie—even tender. Sometimes he brought her to orgasm, although this wasn’t a requirement of his when he visited her. Valerie sometimes gave him long, sensuous blowjobs. While with the sluts, these usually evolved into facefucking sessions by the end, with Valerie he let her guide and bring him around in her own time.

Master still preferred degraded whores, begging to be abused. But periodically, he was in the mood for a high class girl, and now he had her. Brandi was glad. It was her purpose to make her Master’s fantasies come true.

Brandi built several more resorts for her Master. In order to speed them along, she would often purchase an existing space and order renovations. She bought a mountaintop resort that had once been a hotel. She added stripper poles, upgraded internet connections, and installed a large hot tub. The renovations were done quickly and Master spent a weekend in the mountains, appreciating the grandeur of nature while a whore knelt in worship of his cock.

Brandi also bought a beach house on the ocean, with a lovely strip of private waterfront. She added security and privacy fencing to ensure no one would enter the space, then put up a volleyball net, a full-stocked bar, and several tanning beds. Master took this retreat by himself. He enjoyed swimming in the ocean, watching his whores play volleyball, and fucking one or two at a time on the beach. Once, in the morning, he came out and saw his sluts sunbathing, topless. He survey them slowly and picked a favorite. He ordered Brandi to jerk him off onto the whore’s tits. The whore rubbed it into her skin like suntan lotion. Apparently Master liked the scenario, because it happened several more times that weekend.

With so many weekend excursions, transportation became a necessity. Brandi visited a few CEO’s for an influx of cash, then purchased a private airplane. The sluttiest stewardess outfits were found and Master spent most of the flights with a whore’s lips wrapped around his dick. Sometimes it was Brandi’s, but on vacations he seemed to prefer different girls. That was fine with Brandi, of course. His pleasure was Brandi’s only priority.

Every resort that Brandi purchased, she stocked with whores. They would keep up the place, but also were webcam girls. Master’s revenue quickly grew to thousands of dollars per day. Master earned it all without having to lift a finger. It was simply because hundreds of the hottest girls that could be found were entirely dedicated to serving him.

Brandi looked for more and more every day.

When Brandi first found Natalie on Instagram, she almost passed over her. She wasn’t a big-titted bimbo trying to get followers with cleavage and ass-shots. She was a very cute girl with a sweet smile. She had a lot of followers, but didn’t seem to be monetizing them in any way. She was a sort of girl-next-door who liked to travel and post pictures of herself doing so. In fact, a few of her posts seemed to indicate that she was surprised at how many people cared about her adventures. She didn’t fit the normal profile for Master’s collection, so Brandi almost passed by.

Then she considered the multitudes of guys that followed Natalie’s page just for her smile. Would Master have been one of them before? Brandi didn’t know. She decided to collect Natalie for variety purposes. If Master liked her, great. Otherwise, she could be released back into the wild after a little while.

Brandi’s tits were smaller than most of the sluts. Her ass was tight, but not spectacular. She had pretty brown hair and looked best when presented in natural makeup. Brandi indoctrinated her, worked her gag reflex down, and dressed her up in standard slutwear. Brandi often would populate the living floor with a collection of sluts throughout the day. It was never enough to make the place feel busy, but just enough so it didn’t feel empty. It also gave Master nice eye candy throughout the day.

When Master came down the stairs that morning, immediately after Brandi blew him awake, Master zeroed in on Natalie. She was with a redhead toy of his by the pool table. Master diverted from his normal course to the breakfast table and went instead to her.

“Who are you?” he asked, a curious smile on his face. He didn’t even look at the redhead.

“I’m Natalie, sir,” Natalie said meekly, but with a smile. Her eyes fluttered a little bit, partly looking down in humility, but flickering up to meet his. Brandi had to admit, she was adorable.

“Come with me,” Master said. She followed him to breakfast and sat across the table from him. Brandi wasn’t close enough to hear them, but she watched them talk. Natalie would laugh at his jokes, which made Master smile—Natalie’s laughter was infectious.

Brandi was worried that Natalie would be too cute to fuck, but Master proved her wrong. He summoned Natalie three times that day.

First was right after breakfast. Master sat back on the couch and watched contentedly as Natalie sucked his dick, with a big glowing smile on her face. She took it slow, making a pop-noise as her lips pulled off his dick which set them both off laughing. After a teasing build-up, Natalie got to work. She took his dick deep at a quick pace, almost rivaling a handjob’s speed. She did a great job maintaining eye contact with Master too. Master blew his load into mouth and she opened her mouth to show him before swallowing.

The second was in the early afternoon, where Master climbed on top of Natalie in his bed and fucked her pussy. The noises she made were both believable and complimentary to Master. The crux was when Natalie threw her head back onto the sheets and looked into Master’s eyes with an expression of shocked revelation. Halfway thru, Master told her to take charge. She flipped ontop of Master and rode his dick. He came inside her and kissed her before sending her off. The kiss was unusual. Master most often just sent the girls away once he was done.

The third time was in the evening. He was looking out the window at the city when he summoned her. He ordered her down on her knees with her back to the window. He fucked her face as he looked out the window. He held her head in place and thrust with deep, forceful movements. She opened wide and took each one, while massaging his balls with her fingers. When he came, she swallowed and then looked up at him with her sweet smile and said, “That was fun. Can we do that again?” They laughed.

Master gave her a collar that night, marking her as one of his favorites. She was a regular in his repertoire from then on. Brandi was surprised, but delighted that her gamble on the “sweet girl” was working out for Master’s pleasure.

It became clear that Master’s fun with Natalie was not a fad. Often he would find a slut that he liked, fuck her a lot for a week or two, then grow bored of her and start to see her less frequently. He always had a soft spot for his former favorites, fucking them at least once a month, but he had moved on. This was not the case with Natalie. A month passed and Master still fucked her once a day at least. He also seemed to enjoy her company, often sitting with her, talking and laughing. He even gave her a controller and they played video games together, but only after Master ordered her not to let him win. Natalie beat him once, but he beat her three more times after that. She was his fucktoy, but she also appeared to be his friend.

Natalie’s good night blowjob became as common an occurrence as Brandi’s morning blowjob. He went to bed to Natalie’s mouth, woke up to Brandi’s, and enjoyed a few other bitches throughout the day. As it became clear that Natalie was going to remain in good graces with Master, Brandi knew she had a solution to her problem.

Natalie was only 19. She would be in Master’s favorite fuckable age range for six or seven years. Brandi began to enlist Natalie for help with some administrative elements and found her smart and well-tuned to Master’s tastes.

On Natalie’s suggestion, the girls adopted a sort of rotating cleaning schedule. A group of eight or nine would be nocturnal for a week, cleaning while Master slept. They were some of the lesser-frequented bitches, so Master never missed them for the week. In fact, when they returned, Master was even more likely to take them, because they appeared as more of a fresh face in the slut selection parades. Having the nightly cleaning crew made mid-day cleanings less necessary, aside from cleaning up after Master’s meals. His place was always fresh, he never missed the bitches, and nobody got in his way during the day. It worked well.

Brandi gave her more and more responsibility, which she handled well. Brandi began to slowly adjust her programming, using Master’s device to nudge her brain slightly. Instead of the programming most sluts received, where their primary cues were Master’s sexual pleasure, taking orders from Master, and the desire to be awarded a collar, Brandi began to add extra elements to Natalie. Natalie was now concerned about making Master happy in a general sense. She was encouraged to be creative in that, but to vet ideas through Brandi if she thought of what might make Master happy. This allowed Brandi to check her work with Natalie and make adjustments.

The girl was good. With Brandi, Master had sculpted a fucktoy with big tits who worshipped his existence. With Natalie, he had found a sweetheart who could be his friend and fuckbuddy at the same time. It was a different dynamic, but maybe that was exactly what was necessary in a replacement for Brandi.

Brandi didn’t want to leave, of course. She wanted to wake Master up with her tongue for the rest of her life. She wanted to collect every bitch in the world for him to have his fun with. She wanted to make his every day perfect, make him happy for forever. But Master would want a young fuckable girl to do all that for him. Brandi was still hot and probably would be attractive forever, but how long before “for her age” started to creep in? Master deserved the best. Maybe that was Natalie now.

The crown she wore—the tiara that Master had given her when he declared her Queen of the Whores—was the honor of her life. But maybe in order to fulfill that role for Master, she would have to pass it along to someone else.

So Brandi planned and trained Natalie.

Halloween was coming up and Brandi had an idea. She approved it with her Master and then bought a few dozen acres in the middle of the Midwest cornfields. She erected large walls around the property for privacy and then began construction. She poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the project and it was well worth it.

For Halloween, Master and his friends took a long weekend and went to the property. The large farmhouse had been converted to a sort of haunted house. It was comfortable still, but themed. A corn maze had been erected and the various trees on the property had been decorated with ghosts, large spiders, and cobwebs. Thematically, it was a Halloween palace. And, of course, Brandi had stocked it with girls.

First were the normal costumed girls. There were the typical Halloween-slut costumes, including sexy nurses, sexy nuns, sexy French maids, sexy police officers, and sexy cowgirls. One of the favorites was a brunette with ample tits tightly packed into a witch’s costume. These were table stakes, of course, but Brandi had planned something else too.

The previous year, Master’s friends had really enjoyed fucking the “captive princess” character from a fantasy show. And Master himself loved being the conquering villain, subduing superheroines for his pleasure. Maybe Master and his friends liked being the villains.

With that in mind, Brandi had recruited several new sluts and dressed them as the horror movie whores:

Brandi put a large chain around the neck of a blonde with big tits in a skimpy cheerleader outfit. She was placed in the dining room, shacked to the wall. It was common for guys on their way to grab snacks or a beer to take a side trip to facefuck her.

Another girl—a blonde girl with an innocent-looking face and lust-inducing body—was dressed in plaid and tied with her arms above her head in the entryway. There was a lever on the wall to raise or lower the ropes. Sometimes she was lowered so she could blow a man. Sometimes she was raised high so her legs could be spread and her pussy fucked.

Still another girl played the part of the “horror movie bitch”. Brandi found a girl who resembled the shrill girlfriend stereotypes in horror movies. She did her makeup to emphasize the roll, then tied her to a table on the back porch. Brandi left two whips on the table next to her. The men took the implied invitation enthusiastically. Men drilled her from either her mouth or her pussy (sometimes one in each), while whipping her exposed tits.

After a few hours of being fucked like this, Brandi approached while she was not being fucked and asked discretely, “You okay?”

“Oh yeah,” the girl grinned. “Is Master watching me at all? Is he happy with me?”

Brandi smiled down at the whore and said, “You’re doing great. I’m sure Master is happy.” The whore beamed. Brandi left her alone as another one of Master’s friends approached, unbuckling.

The men spent the weekend watching horror movies, fucking costumed sluts, and partying. The highest point of the weekend was when the brunette in the witch’s costume was taken out into the “haunted forest” section of the property and gangbanged. She took as many dicks in her as she could at time, her mouth being passed around like hot potato. Her costume didn’t last long, but the guys didn’t mind. Her pointed hat, skimpy skirt, and tight jacket hit the ground. Her high-heeled boots occasionally were pointed towards the sky, but the men didn’t seem to mind fucking a whore without a costume. After nearly an hour, the last man had gotten off on the cum-covered slut. She laid on the ground, catching her breath, as the men walked back to the house. Several of them were already feeling up different whores.

Brandi approached the witch and said, “Go take a quick shower, redo your makeup, and then get back to the party.”

“Yes my Queen Mistress,” the witch said. She gathered her costume and hurried back to the house.

On Halloween night itself, Master and his friends gathered in the living area of the house. Most of them had a whore quietly sucking on them as they watched horror movies. Brandi watched quietly, ensuring that nobody needed anything. She saw that Natalie was in front of Master, going slow and steady on his dick. Master occasionally ran his hand through her hair, almost tenderly.

In the morning, after the sluts had drained the men of cum one more time, the men boarded the airplane and went back home.

The next day, computers with webcams arrived at the complex and the whores began making Master money.

Master summoned Brandi to his office one day. Brandi suspected that he had a mission in mind, as he usually only summoned her to show her a person who needed removed from the public landscape for the betterment of society. If he wanted a blowjob, he usually told Brandi to send him a random whore—a randomly selected girl sucked like her life depended on it, because it was her chance to maybe earn a collar and she rarely got to please her Master. Sure enough, Master had a news article up, but it wasn’t a normal target for him.

“This is Tanny Dryer,” Master said. “Do you know who she is?”

“A singer,” Brandi said. “She had a few hits before I came back to serve you.”

“She’s blown up in the music world since,” Master said. “Biggest pop star in the world.” He paused and said, “She’s hot, don’t you think?”

Brandi thought she was fine, but also thought that some of the shine came from her stardom. Master had hotter girls already. Brandi said, “She’s pretty.” It was forbidden for her to lie to Master.

“I want her,” Master said. “Get her for my birthday.”

Brandi blinked once. She had always told Master that she thought that every girl in the world should beg to be his whore. She believed that. But Master had always flown under the radar. It was unusual for him to want a girl in the public eye. But Brandi looked again at the image on the computer. Tanny Dryer was pretty, but Master thought she was hot. Master wanted her on his knees for him or singing his praises, which meant that she already belonged to Master. It was now just a matter of claiming her.

“Yes Master,” Brandi said. “Do you want her to retire? Or just disappear?”

“I want her on-call,” Master said. “She can still sing and go about her life, but if I call she comes. And I want her to write songs about how much she hopes I’ll fuck her. I want people wondering who this guy is that has so captivated her. She’ll perform at my birthday party this year. I’ll fuck her and then maybe I’ll let my friends have their turn at her.”

“Yes Master,” Brandi said. “I may have to go away for a few days in order to acquire this one for you.”

“That’s fine,” Master said. “Have Natalie blow me awake in the mornings.”

“Yes Master,” Brandi said.

It took seven days, but Brandi fulfilled Master’s request. She used the device countless times, on agents, security guards, and anyone else who got in her way. In the end, Brandi finally got alone with Tanny Dryer, the biggest pop star in the world, and, with the aid of Master’s device, Brandi explained that Tanny would continue with her life, but all the while she was the personal property and whore for Master. She would begin to write songs that reflect this. If Master called her (Tanny’s number was retrieved and Master’s was put in her phone), then Tanny would drop everything and come to serve for as long as she was needed. And Master’s birthday was scheduled, so that Tanny could perform for her new Master. With final instructions to work out her gag reflex, Brandi left Tanny and went back home.

Master welcomed her back with a rough degrading titty fuck while Brandi chanted about how much of a fucking whore she was. When Master exploded on Brandi’s chest, he summoned Natalie to come lick it off of her. Brandi was happy. She was home, she was being treated like the whore she was, and Master seemed to enjoying Natalie. Master was happy, which meant that Brandi was happy.

Master had given out collars to a few more bitches throughout the months since starting the program.

He had given one to Samantha, who he enjoyed to fuck in the hot tub. She was a big-titted bitch with dirty blonde hair and a talented tongue for dirty talk. He would often sit in the hot tub while she rode his dick, nice and slow, and poured out a non-stop wave of self-degrading filth for his pleasure. He would smack her tits, pull her hair, choke her, and hiss his own insults at her. All the while, she continued a thrusting pattern down onto his dick and continued to chant “this fucking whore needs destroyed will you please defile this whores mouth and stick it up my ass so I know I’m a worthless fucktoy god I need it so bad…”.

There was also Jenny, who apparently looked like a girl from Master’s high school. He ordered her to wear her cheerleader outfit and would aggressively shove his dick down her throat. Master liked to facefuck girls, but there was a sort of punishing enthusiasm with which Master went at Jenny’s throat. Brandi thought that the kicker was the first time that Master had Jenny on her knees. Master had torn off her skimpy cheerleader top, pulled her hair above her head and gripped it tightly, and proceeded to abuse her face for five minutes. When he finally pulled out, Jenny’s first words were, “Oh God more please!” These words had apparently set Master, who was already edging his orgasm, completely off. His hips buckled forward involuntarily and a surprise strand of cum landed on Jenny’s cheek. Master wasted no time pumping the rest down her throat. He gave her a collar on the spot and repeated the ritual regularly.

Finally, there was Molly. She was a pretty blonde that Master picked out of the slut selection parade one lazy afternoon. She had an admirable figure, but Master had hotter bitches. Master had sat back, watched TV, and told Molly, “I’m in a chill mood. Don’t distract me too much.” Molly had very quickly sucked on him, maintaining a solid rhythm and keeping her eyes focused down on Master’s stomach to not distract him. It was a long blowjob, but Molly never gave up the good pace. Finally, she brought him to completion, very meekly and quietly draining him of cum. She liked him clean, then sucked softly on his dick. It wasn’t trying to bring him back up, it was just to feel good. Master apparently loved the low-key blowjob. He gave her a collar and frequently summoned her when he wanted pleasure, but not necessarily a show of it.

As Master’s birthday got closer, Tanny Dryer’s music was constant in the high rise. Master would listen giddily, often watching her sultry music videos on the big screen while a slut sucked him off. One afternoon, Master summoned Brandi excitedly to his office. He pointed at the screen and said, “Listen!” Brandi did.

Tanny Dryer had put out a new single, titled “How Long”. Brandi listened. It was obviously the first song dedicated to Master. Tanny sang: “How long do you think I can last? How long will I wait with hope? How long until you fuck this ass? How long until you fuck this throat?” Tanny went on, begging the unspecified man to take her in increasingly degrading ways. The bridge highlighted a few different kinks that she could play for him: “I can your teacher and we can raise that D. You can be my preacher and I’ll take your charity. Put me on a leash and I’ll be your bitch. Stuff it in deep and scratch this itch.”

It was catchy, it was trending online, and it was an unprecedented level of vulgarity in her music, which had always hinted more than it had told. The music world was taken back, wondering if this was the singer trying to shed her “nice girl” image. When interviewed, Tanny simply said, “I was inspired. I’m a booty call for this guy and… well… I just can’t stop thinking about him. I daydream of the things that I want him to do to me and I think some of those daydreams just kinda made their way into a song.” Master was so pleased with his acquisition that he order Brandi to desire an orgasm and told her to have one of the sluts eat her out. Brandi knew Master was especially pleased when he rewarded.

His birthday was getting close. Brandi ordered a small stage that they could deploy into his living area. She put out invitations to his friends, added new whores that could bring fresh life to the place, and ordered a fresh batch of matching lingerie for every slut in the collection.

It was going to be a great party. Brandi didn’t know how long Master would want her, but she wanted to ensure that every opportunity she had to please him was maximized to her fullest. They might be some of the last memories.

One Sunday morning, Master called Natalie and Brandi to his bedroom. He was in a playful mood and ordered the two to start making out. They obliged, quickly stripping off their lace bras and sucking at each other’s tits. Master sat back on the bed, watching. When he beckoned, both whores crawled across the floor, onto the bed, and to Master’s waste. They slid his pants down, trading kisses between each other and the tip of his dick.

Master ordered Natalie to ride him. She climbed on top, stuffed her pussy with his dick, and began to bounce. Brandi leaned over, sucking on Natalie tits, her lips, and occasionally the dick/pussy combo beneath her.

“That’s right,” Master sighed in pleasure. “My two best bitches.”

It was then, sucking on the tits of the whore that Master had chose to ride him, that Brandi knew. Natalie would succeed her and it would be soon. Master had just equated them to each other. No other whore had ever achieved this. She smiled, but felt a twinge of sadness inside. She moved past it, knowing that her sole focus was Master’s pleasure. That took priority over any sense of sentimentality.

Master came in Natalie’s pussy, then sent both sluts away. Brandi began to make a list of any final things that she needed to do. She would give Master his first choice to leave her after his birthday.

Master’s birthday came with much pomp and circumstance. Tanny Dryer arrived and was immediately dressed in skimpy lingerie and delivered to Master’s bedroom. Brandi hoped that Tanny would still be able to sing after whatever abuse Master delivered to her throat. Master finished with her and apparently tied her to the foot of his bed. Later, he came back and fucked her again. Only after this act of conquest did he untie her and go off to do other things.

Party guests came early, as they were prone to do at Master’s parties. Several picked favorite girls and got started with celebrations early. Brandi saw Matt, who avoided her gaze and took a redhead to one of the guest bedrooms. The guys started drinking almost as early as they started fucking. After dinner, as the sun set on the city, they began chanting for Tanny Dryer.

Master seemed to be enjoying himself, even as his friends sat around cheering for more. He had Natalie on her knees in front of him and was enjoying her mouth on his dick. Several of the guys appreciated her, but were informed that she was off limits. That was the end of it.

When Tanny took the stage, she was wearing a thick metal collar around her neck, shackles on her wrists and ankles, and nothing else. The men’s cheers were almost as loud as the song she performed, which was of course “How long”. She sang three songs before Master came up on the stage holding a stool. His dick was nice and hard from Natalie’s sucking. He placed the stool in front of Tanny, who looked confused. Master bent her over the stool, repositioning her to ensure that her tits were hanging freely and not inhibited by the customed stool. Then he fucked her from behind. She continued to sing, but her voice was strained and several times she simply let out a, “Ohhhhh Gooooooddddd” noise mid-verse. When he was ready, he pulled Tanny off the stool and ordered her to kneel before him. She jerked him off while opening wide, but Master was sure to hit her face and tits as well as her mouth. Then, once he had treated himself, he turned to his friends and said, “Whose next?”

Every man had a chance with her, no holes barred. Tanny probably hadn’t been fucked as vigorously as some of the sluts, but she took each pounding like a champ. Most guys treated her fucking like a part of the stage show. They would sit back and watch, most often with another girl sitting on their lap or kneeling before them. They were drunk, rowdy, and having a great time.

Master brought both Brandi and Natalie into his bed that night, cuddling with each of them under one arm. They woke him up the next morning with a dual blowjob.

Brandi lined up a series of sluts for his Master who had grown towards the end of their fuckability. They were still attractive to most men, but Brandi only cared what Master thought. He had preferences and Brandi wanted to clean shop to accommodate them, but she dared not dispose of his toys without his permission.

This was now a regular part of their routine every few months, so Master quickly walked up and down the line. He dismissed all but one, who he instructed Brandi to tie up and leave on his bed that night. He was in the mood for a bondage bang and she looked like fun. Brandi nodded and then started into the other topic.

“Master, I notice that you dismiss your fucktoys around the age of twenty-six or twenty-seven,” Brandi said.

“Yeah, I like more of the ‘college slut’ stereotype,” Master said. “I never had a MILF kick.”

Brandi smiled. “It occurs to me that I would not be serving you appropriate as your Queen of Whores if I did not consider that a successor would become necessary. I have trained Natalie in many of the logistics of running your empire. I will of course always be happy to serve, but if you decide that you would be better served by…”

“Stop it,” Master said. His voice was angry and it shocked Brandi. She seen him a great many ways, but never angry—maybe angry horny, but that was more horny than angry.

“Sir?” Brandi said, confused.

“Brandi, why are you my Queen of Whores?” Master said, walking closer to her.

“Master, because I am dedicated to your happiness entirely and consistently demonstrated enthusiasm and aptitude in my service to you. Also, I suck your dick well.”

“That’s not why you’re my Queen of Whores,” Master said. The dark cloud of anger was still on his brow. “Try again.”

“Master, because I am the first conquest you took,” Brandi said, trying a different angle. “Because I’m a sort of firstborn of your harem.”

“No,” Master said. “Try again.”

Brandi thought rapidly. She wished she hadn’t grouped her dick sucking and logistics under the same group in her first description. She could have offered them as two separate reasons.

“Because…. Because I built you a throne?” Brandi reached. “And a home, and a life, and…”

“No,” Master said. “Try again.”

“Because I wear the crown?” Brandi reached.

“No. Again.”

“I…. Master, please forgive me,” Brandi said. “I thought this was why I was your Queen of Whores. If it’s not for these things, then… well… I just don’t know. Please forgive me.”

She lowered her head in humility, but Master grabbed her by the chin and forced her upward to look at him. His eyes were harsh, but no longer angry. There was a seriousness about him.

“I care for you,” Master said softly. “If I ever had a partner in life, it was you. You are my favorite. Not just my favorite slut or fucktoy, you are my favorite person. I like to fuck cheerleader whores and supersluts. I like to play video games with Natalie and have her suck my dick after. I like fucking pop stars. But I like you. Not for anything you do or are, but just because I do. I guess, if you wanted to be cheesy, I guess I love you.” One hand found her ass and the other found her tit. He roughly pulled aside the fabric of her bra and squeezed her tit’s bare flesh. As he did, he kissed her hard. She leaned in, receiving the kiss and making his grip on her body easier.

When he broke the kiss he said, “I’m not going to send you away. Ever. You’re my Queen here.”

“Master,” Brandi said softly. “I think only of your pleasure. I don’t want you to regret that some day. If I get old and gray, if I sag, if I stop being able to deepthroat you…”

“Sure,” Master shrugged. “I might not always want to fuck you. You might not always be the slut to blow me awake in the morning. I might pick a young hot bitch for that. But you will never be sent away. You are my Queen.” He considered and then added, “And frankly, even if you’re old and grey, I think I would enjoy having you suck me off while younger sluts perform for me. There is no next Queen, Brandi. There is only you. And so help me, if you ever bring up leaving again, I will rewrite you so that the idea never crosses your mind again.”

Brandi smiled, feeling tears in her eyes that she didn’t quite understand. He kissed her again, but this time with more hunger in it. He pushed on her shoulders and Brandi dropped to her knees. There was relief in her, of course, but also a sort of view of her Master that she had never thought of before. Maybe she had always misunderstood her role as Queen of the Whores. Maybe it meant more to Master than she ever realized. Maybe she was more special than she realized. Brandi channeled the realization, the feeling, and every emotion in her into the oral worship of Master’s dick.

She worked her head back and forth, her muscles well trained to this movement. She started slow, with lingering sucks and a darting tongue, but picked up quickly and used more of her throat. Her hands explored him, fondling his balls and rubbing his chest tenderly. As she began to really thrust her face down on his dick, she felt the tiara she wore strike his chest. She smiled. It would only ever be her tiara. When he came, Brandi was careful to take the first bit in her mouth, then pull out and let it cover her face. Still coated in cum, she licked his dick clean, then used her finger to transport each drop of cum to her mouth, where she swallowed like a good whore.

Master watched her work. He said with a soft voice, “Perfection.” Then his eyes lit up and he added, “Brandi, I have an idea. I want you to get started right away.”

She wore white fishnets, white boots with a spiked heel, a tiny white miniskirt, and her tiara. Otherwise, she was bare. She perked her tits out proudly as she walked. They had brought in chairs and hundreds of sluts watched in awe as she walked. Brandi looked at none of them. Her eyes were fixed at the end of the isle, where Master stood. He was dressed sharply, as if he was going to see Valerie. He watched her with unmasked lust that must have inspired the envy of every whore in the room. For Brandi, it only filled her will glee.

She reached the end of the isle and stood before her Master. They didn’t have much of a ceremony planned, which often boring for Master, but they did have vows.

Master went first. He had only one. “Brandi, I vow that you shall always be my Queen of Whores. No matter how many sluts I fuck, no matter how big my empire grows, no matter what fantasies I conjure up in this life, you will be next to me in all of it.”

Brandi had more vows. She outpoured her soul in each one:

“Master, I vow that I shall always put your happiness first above everything else on this Earth.

“I vow that I will build an empire of wealth, joy, and pleasure for you.

“I vow that I will always be seeking new fantasies for you, new whores for you, and new pleasures for you.

“I vow that my body will always be a plaything for your pleasure. I will always yearn to suck you off, fuck you with my pussy, and degrade myself for your pleasure.

“I vow that I will always continue to look for joy on your behalf, sexual and otherwise. I will try my best to build you a life of pleasure and fulfillment, working in tandem. I will help you achieve both your fantasies and your dreams.

“I vow that I will always do my best to look fuckable for my Master.

“I vow that I shall always and forever be your bitch. I surrender all ideas of individuality forever. I exist only in your service.”

Throughout, there were small sounds of “aww” from the crowd of bitches throughout the vows. At the end, Master was told, “You may fuck the bride.”

Master picked up Brandi and slammed her back against the wall. He lifted her skimpy skirt, dropped his pants, and entered her. Brandi whispered in his ear as he picked up a rhythm: “Yes, oh God, fuck that slutty little pussy really good. God I love being your whore for life. Break my whore body in half, Master.”

“Want it,” Master said softly in her ear.

Brandi squealed in delight as the pleasure pulsated out of her pussy with each thrust. She dug her nails into his back, holding tightly to help maintain the rhythm. The pleasure was making her body quake. She thrust her back against the wall, simultaneously stabling herself and giving Master a view of her chest.

“Master, you alone hold pleasure for me,” Brandi whimpered. “When you fuck my pussy like this, I can’t… I can’t think of anything else. If my tongue… my pussy… my ass… anything could give you pleasure half as sweet as this, I would give anything.” She looked in his eyes. After admiring her chest for another moment, he matched her gaze. She said, “I would give everything I have for you.”

“You have given everything,” Master said with a small smile.

“Then I would give it all again,” Brandi said.

Master smiled. He reached out and grabbed her throat tightly. It helped keep her stable, but it inhibited her ability to dirty talk him, but she hoped the tiny squeaks of pleasure escaping her throat did something for her.

“You are my whore,” Master said. Brandi got the impression he was talking to her, but also to himself. “You are my forever fucktoy.” Brandi nodded as well as she could with the hand on her throat. Master smiled. “I don’t know how I got so lucky.”

Brandi opened her mouth, trying with everything in her to speak. Master saw the motion and loosened his grip long enough so that she could say, “You deserve this.”

Master smiled and nodded. “I deserve this.” He pulled out and commanded, “Knees.”

He turned so he could look out over the audience as Brandi dropped down to serve Master. Her pussy was still begging for more attention, but Brandi’s pleasure was always second to Master’s. She sucked while Master rubbed his hand through her hair, almost tenderly.

“Finger yourself,” Master commanded. “It’s your wedding day. You should enjoy it too.”

Brandi’s hand dropped and she fingered herself. She didn’t last as long as Master, but as her orgasm shook her body she continued to suck like a good whore. She found that she could somewhat direct the waves of pleasure to help her bury his dick in her face. Moans of pleasure barely escaped around his dick.

When Master came, he held Brandi’s head steady so he could pump his cum down her throat at his own pace. The playful hands in her hair became firm grips. Brandi didn’t mind—in fact, it was wonderful. Master owned her and he liked to abuse her face. That was all the reason in the world to open wide and swallow.

She licked him clean and smiled up at him, a bride beaming on her wedding day.

“Master, may I ask one thing?” she said softly, so only he could hear.

“Yes slut,” Master said.

“Can you slap me? Hard? So the whores out there know that I’m still your bitch?”

Master struck before he even answered, striking his whore three times quickly across the face. Brandi beams up at him, eternal devotion and worship in her eyes. “Thank you Master.”

“Your welcome whore,” Master smiled tenderly down at her.

Brandi stood and turned to the crowd. She lifted her arms at the whores cheered in celebration.

Most brides described the day as the happiest in their lives. For Brandi, it was the third.

The first was the day that Master had claimed her. She had sucked him off a few times and then sat at his hip while he told her his fantasies. She had no idea how far she would take those fantasies for his pleasure. She had no idea that this day was essentially her first birthday of her new life.

The second happiest day was when Master reclaimed her after sending her away for a time. She had felt the hole in her life filled again. That day was the beginning of Master’s sexual and material empire. She collected him his first whores and got him off with her tits while she explained her plan for him.

This day was the third happiest, if for no other reason than Brandi was promised that her whole life would be in service of her Master. She would have many days of victory for Master ahead of her. She would collect him sluts, build him homes, help him achieve his dreams, and do most of it topless. What she hadn’t considered before, however, was that Master might like her for more than her ability to suck him off or build him an empire. Master liked her for reasons that couldn’t be passed on to a successor and couldn’t readily be explained. As much degradation as Master bestowed on her and as much causeless punishment she dealt out, there was a genuine admiration inside him.

Brandi normally balked at any sense of things that would give her pleasure. Her existence was one of pleasing Master, not herself. But some part of her recognized that this was actually the dream. She had a guy who cared for her and promised that he always would. That was the dream. Most girl’s dreams probably didn’t include their man fucking hundreds of other girls and personally selecting them for him. Most girls probably didn’t want to be sexually defiled regularly without the faintest hint of pleasure for themselves. But Master didn’t care about most girls, he cared about Brandi. She was special to him. And if that thought gave Brandi pleasure, she allowed it, because it gave Master pleasure too.

Brandi was always going to worship her Master. She was his slave, his property manager, his secretary, and now, his wife. But first and foremost, she would always be his bitch.

Tanny Dryer had canceled a concert to perform at the wedding reception with less than 24 hours notice. She had told the press that “my beau called and I need to get stuffed”. She performed nude while looking lustfully at Master.

Master sat in a chair at the front of the room with his whole collection of bitches lined up. One by one, they approaching him and gave him their wedding present: one long, lingering, deep-throating thrust with their mouth. Each gave it to him slowly, then stood and moved along. Master barely looked at any of them. He was turned and was kissing Brandi while playing with her tits.

Eventually, he sat back and started talking with her. “So what’s next, Brandi?” Master asked. “I have mansions, high rises, whores… You’re giving me vacation homes and wealth. I have projects to work on, friends, and I’ve even been able to do some good for the community. What next is there for me?”

“The whole world is your’s, Master,” Brandi said as he playfully pinched her tit. “I think it’s not a question of how much of it you want to take, it’s a question of how much you’ll settle for. You’ve only scratched the surface.”

Master looked at Brandi with a soft smile. “And how much do you think I should settle for, my pet?”

“Master, I don’t think you should settle,” Brandi said. “I think you should take the whole damned thing. You deserve it.” She rubbed his hands across his chest as another whore gobbled down his dick. “Say the word and I’ll go get it for you.”

Master smiled and nodded. “You’ve given me a kingdom. Now build me an empire.”

“Yes Master,” Brandi glowed. Her mind was already working on ideas.


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