Collection 2 - Kingdom Cum

by ArcherStories

Tags: #dom:male #pov:bottom #sub:female

Brandi is reclaimed by her Master and builds him a new life.

Brandi was bored. It wasn’t just a boring day or boring week, but it had been a boring couple of years. She had gone about her normal life. She had boyfriends that most likely only liked her for her big tits. She had jobs where she was probably hired for the same reason. She went to movies, went to eat, hung out with friends, but it all just seemed so bland. Brandi thought that she was missing some sort of purpose. She even thought that she might have had that sort of purpose once, but lost it somewhere along the line.

She wasn’t necessarily unhappy, but when she laid in bed at night she often wondered what would make her feel more fulfilled. She fell asleep before the answer came.

But sometimes, in the deepest dreams, she would have vivid fantasies that felt almost like memories. When she would awaken, she was at peace, completely content and fulfilled, but unable to quite remember what they were about.

Brandi was going to go out on a second date with a guy that night. He was nice enough and he seemed to have money. Brandi would’ve fucked him the first night, but he didn’t seem to be aware of that and hadn’t tried anything. That didn’t bode well. The sooner guys wanted to take advantage of her, the sooner she could get them to take the hint about giving her “gifts”. She knew it was whore-ish to want to exchange sex for money or things, but a girl had to do what a girl had to do.

Her doorbell rang. Brandi looked through the peephole. It was her ex-boyfriend. Brandi had ran into him and his girlfriend, a pretty girl named Alexa, a few months ago. They had seemed content and for some reason, Brandi had been genuinely glad to see him. She couldn’t put a finger on why though. She had the same feeling now.

Brandi opened the door. “Hey,” she said, exaggerating the confused expression on her face, “what are you doing here?”

Her ex looked Brandi up and down, a small smile on his lips. They lingered on her tits for a little long and Brandi repeated, “What do you want?”

“I want my bitch again,” he said.

Instantly, her ex-boyfriend was gone, replaced by Brandi’s Master. Everything else dropped out of Brandi’s mind. Dates, boyfriends, dinners, friends… none of it mattered. His pleasure mattered. That was everything.

Brandi suddenly realized that she was fully dressed before her Master. It was like some sort of cardinal sin in her mind. She wasn’t wearing the make-up that he liked. She hadn’t been keeping her body in the exact form that he liked it. She wasn’t even wearing her best lingerie beneath those silly clothes.

Then, Brandi realized that she didn’t know how long it had been since her Master had gotten off. She didn’t know what to do. Should she strip down or kneel down? She decided to give him the choice.

“Master,” Brandi said. “Should I strip? Change into something kinky for you? Or would you like to fuck my throat like this?” She opened wide for demonstration.

“Strip,” Master said as he stepped in, closing the door behind him. He locked it.

Brandi’s clothes hit the floor almost instantly. Her shirt had been chosen for its cleavage, but if she had known she would be Master’s whore again she would have worn something so much sluttier. Her little shorts followed. They made her ass look great, but a skimpy little thong would have made it look better for her Master. The bra and panties came next. Each of them covered far too much skin for a whore like Brandi.

“Kneel,” Master said.

Brandi’s knees hit the floor and she opened wide. Instead, a hand swung down and slapped her in the face. In was degrading. It was bliss. When she looked again, Master’s dick was out and Brandi went to work. She devoured.

“You adjusted Alexa before I set you all free,” Master said.

Brandi’s heart jumped a little. She had, yes, but in hopes of making Master happy. She had made her agreeable to any kinky sex that Master wanted, while providing him the relationship that Brandi had believed he wanted.

Brandi kept sucking, using her hands to fondle Master’s balls. It had been a while since she had used her mouth to truly worship a dick and she had lost practice. She knew that Master had no problem shoving it down her throat and she hoped that he would use force to overcome her weaknesses while her throat re-acclimated to his usage.

“You told her to agree to anything I wanted. At first I thought I had just found a kinky girl, but as I asked for weirder and weirder shit, I realized that she had no limits. And I realized that you had taken them away.”

His tone was very neutral and Brandi couldn’t tell how he felt. Was he mad? Brandi had only done what she thought would make him happiest. His pleasure was the chief driving force of her life. She wanted to look up at his face and see if she could see any other clue, but sucking Master’s dick was more important and she didn’t want to fuck up the angle.

“At one point, I even asked her how she felt about having a harem full of sluts for me to fuck. Alexa told me that the idea of me having my pick of whores to fuck made her wet and horny.”

Brandi hadn’t considered that. She wanted to unlock all the kinky delights in the world for her Master, but still give him the relationship he wanted. She hadn’t considered that it would create an imbalance that would ruin the fantasy.

Master’s balls were already swelling. It had been a while since someone had sucked him dry. Brandi felt shame that she hadn’t been around to blow him. She hoped that Alexa had done a good job in her absence.

“I think I know why you did it. I think I even know when and how. I’ve figured it all out. I’m not a stupid man, of course. I built the solution to rewiring a human mind. And I did it to you, but… but I thought it was false. I thought it was an illusion. I thought that I could punish my exes, have some kinky sex, and when I was done, I would send you all away.”

Brandi was working his dick farther back with each thrust, gagging and then pushing that boundary farther the next time. This was the fulfillment that she had been lacking.

“But I miscalculated. I didn’t just create some kinky sex slave. Well, I did, but not just that. I realized that you were committed to my entire happiness. If I can be cheesy, to my heart as well as my sock.”

It was true, but Brandi hoped that her service to his dick was still admirable. Her tongue played up and down the shaft as she worked.

“And I realized that maybe I created something better. Something I didn’t fully realize the capability of. Brandi, you took orders like you took dick: without question and with enthusiasm. But you took it farther too. You looked for further opportunity. You learned what I wanted, and then gave me what I wanted. And you did a good job.”

Brandi would have smiled if her mouth wasn’t otherwise occupied. Her heart swelled with delight, just like Master’s balls were swelling as he approached climax.

“And to be honest, if I’m going to have a girlfriend with a sex slave mentality, then I’m just depriving myself by not having the full harem to fuck. But more than that, I think that you can do more than I gave you credit for. I saw you as a whore, with a fuckable mouth and big tits.”

I am that, Brandi thought desperately. She knew how much he liked to degrade her and she didn’t want to take that away from him.

“And you are. But you’re also creative,” Master continued. “There were dozens of times where I was horny and I thought about coming back to collect you. But I didn’t, because I had a girlfriend who could suck me dry too. But I think I did something when I remade you that I never took full advantage of. I think I created someone fully devoted to every aspect of my happiness. And I never took full advantage of that.” He paused as he looked down at her thoughtfully. Then, “Finish me off on your tits and tell me how much of a fucking whore you are.”

Brandi released his dick from her mouth with a pop and immediately started stroking it over her chest. A flurry of words flowed out of her mouth, “I’m such a worthless little fucktoy. Oh my god, my mouth is so underfucked. I have been waiting to suck this glorious dick for so long. You own every part of me, Master. I hope you’ll use my stupid little whore mouth to your delight. I hope you’ll fuck my tight little slutty pussy. I hope you’ll stuff this thick dick up my ass and make me scream. I’m your slut and that’s all I ever want to be.”

He exploded, covering her chest with thick cum. It was warm and Brandi was filled with a sense of homecoming as it covered her. She continued to pump him, covering her chest as completely as she could.

When he was finished, Brandi leaned forward and began to suck his dick clean. She did it with a playing, teasing tongue and took her time with it.

“Do you understand what I’m saying?” Master asked after a few minutes.

Brandi took a pause, gently massaging his cock as he did. She said, “You want me to make you happy. Not just horny, but happy.”

“Yes,” Master nodded.

“Master, I’m honored. And I’m going to do everything in my ability to make you happy.” To demonstrate, Brandi scooped up a drop of cum that was dripping towards her nipple and licked it off her finger. She added, “But I truly believe that you’re happiest when your horny needs are met too.”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Master said. “I’m still going to use you as my whore.”

And just like that, Brandi had a purpose again.

Brandi packed a bag of her sexiest lingerie—the type of lace she knew Master liked—and went with him. She wore a long jacket to cover herself on the way to his car, but left it open once inside so she could display herself for him while he drove. She offered to go down on him again, but he told her that he wanted to wait until they got home to play a little more seriously. Brandi liked the sound of that.

When they entered Master’s home, Brandi was struck by the sweet memories immediately. This was the door that she had met him at, dressed in a whole myriad of sexy outfits. That was the couch that he had played video games while she blew him or served him dinner. Virtually every piece of furniture she had been bent over, kneeling in front of, or displayed on top of at some point.

Alexa, the pretty girlfriend, came out of the kitchen dressed in a sheer onesie that hid nothing. She smiled warmly and said, “Hey babe, is this the first whore for your collection?”

“Hi,” Master smiled. “It would make me really hot if you went upstairs while Brandi and I talked.”

“That sounds like so much fun,” Alexa said with a wide grin and bounded up the stairs.

Master turned to Brandi. “That’s a trick I learned. If I frame anything as ‘it will turn me on’, she’s all for it.” Brandi slid out of her coat, now nude in Master’s living room, and followed him to the couch. He sat down and Brandi began dancing for him. His hands explored her body as she swayed.

“I wanted to make sure you could have any new fantasy you wanted, so she’s agreeable to anything that turns you on,” Brandi explained.

“It was a good idea,” Master nodded appreciatively as he pinched one of her nipples. “But I traded out three sex slaves for one sex slave, but with more complex rules.”

Brandi straddled Master, grinding her bare pussy against the stiffness in his pants.

“Have you considered that you deserve slaves?” Brandi asked. “That women should be begging for the privilege of tasting your dick?” Master reached around and smacked one of her ass cheeks hard. It was how you treated property. Brandi smiled at how quickly they got back into their proper forms.

“I’m not going to lie,” Master said, “it was kind of relieving when I realized I could just order her around. I think I wanted a relationship, but only because that was what I was told I wanted. As nice as a girlfriend could be, I really missed the days of jerking off onto three girls faces and watching them suck it off each other. Or knowing that I could send an order in a text and get whatever kinky fantasy I had played out for me when I got home. Or even the ability to send you away when I am done getting off.” He smiled as he wrapped a hand around Brandi’s throat. He began to squeeze and she didn’t squirm away. She grinded harder on his dick to make sure he was having the best time possible. “I like having sex slaves,” he said. He loosened his grip on her so she could speak.

“You deserve it,” Brandi said. “And not just because you were mistreated by bitches like me. And not just because you built a device to enable you to have a harem full of sluts. You deserve to have sex slaves like me because of who you are. From the start.”

Master smiled and said, “You only think that because I programmed you to think that.” He unbuckled his pants and slid them down. He hard cock sprang out and Brandi lowered herself onto it, impaling herself.

“Yes, I suppose,” Brandi admitted. “But do you remember what I told you on the last day? When you sent me away? This is my purest form. This is all I desire to be.” She bobbed up and down on his cock, knowing her tits looked great with this motion. “For the last year, I was wandering around looking for purpose. I was unfulfilled. But the second you reclaimed me, I knew I had purpose again. You may have remade me, Sir, but you have done it in a way to give me the ultimate joy in life. Every girl on earth should hope to find half the fulfillment I have found being your fucktoy. This isn’t enslavement. It’s liberation.”

“I believe you,” Master said, grabbing onto her bouncing tits and squeezing hard. “So tell me. How do you make me happy? I’m giving you full reigns. What do you have in mind to make me happy?”

“First and foremost, I think you should embrace the idea of your harem. Remake your girlfriend upstairs into the pure sex slave, like me. In fact, any girl you desire. Be greedy about it. You deserve to have any girl your cock desires and you should not be afraid to claim that rite.”

Master grabbed her ass and buried his face between her tits. She continued.

“Use your device to get money. Get a house. Get a big TV and a pool. And fill the whole thing with a harem of whores that you can take any time you like. Invite your friends. Host parties. Your sluts will be for pleasure and your friends for companionship.”

Master reached around and pulled Brandi’s hair hard. He neck pinched in pain, but she didn’t stop.

“Then decide what you want to do. If you want to fix old cars, take up painting, read, write… sluts can suck your dick and make you happy in the moment. But then you should find what makes you happy in the long run.”

Master let loose her hair and set back in the couch. Brandi leaned forward and looked in his eye deeply. “The most important thing, Master, is that you commit to your own happiness. That you believe you deserve all of this. Every panting slut that begs you to fill her. Every dollar that you take. Every afternoon of pleasure and fun. If you don’t choose to enjoy it… choose to believe yourself worthy… then you won’t be happy. You deserve to be a king. Reach out and take your throne.”

Master smiled widely. But Brandi worried her didn’t get it. She took his hand and placed it back on her throat. “Take your throne. You are my king. Take it.” His grip tightened. The thrusting beneath her picked up a little bit.

“Own me, my King,” Brandi said. “Claim me. Fucking claim me. You are royalty and I’m a fucking peasant whore who should be so lucky as to service your magnificent dick for a moment. Own me!”

Master pulled out long enough to throw her down onto the couch. He stuffed himself back in her. He wasn’t gentle. It was exactly what Brandi wanted from him. He began to grunt aggressively with each thrust.

“I am your fuckable servant. You deserve to own my pussy. My mouth. My ass. My tits. You deserve this.”

His hips buckled and Brandi felt him cum inside her. His grip tightened and cut off the words from Brandi’s mouth. She couldn’t breath, but her breath was secondary to his pleasure. He kept thrusting and grunting. He even added an ass slap for good measure. Then his grip loosened and Brandi could breathe again.

He sat back on the couch, breathing deep. Brandi slid up on his chest, massaging it with her hand and being careful to also brush her tits against him, teasing.

“That’s how I want to make you happy, Master,” Brandi whispered in his ear.

“Do it,” Master commanded.

Brandi went to work.

She started with Alexa. Brandi, gifted with Master’s remaking device, reshaped Alexa’s mind. She was no longer the doting girlfriend with the kinky sexual streaks. She was the obedient whore, the first of many. Brandi left special instructions that Alexa was to cater to Master’s needs while Brandi was out with her next errands.

Brandi knew she had to do double duty: First, she needed to keep Master’s libido satisfied. Second, she needed to do the work to expand his life and make him happy. That meant she needed a harem for him.

Brandi logged onto Master’s computer and went to Instagram. She looked for the “Instagram models” who had skimpy bikinis, lowcut shirts, short skirts, and outright lingerie. She found the ones around their area and assembled a collection of 15 girls, with five to ten pictures each.

Just as she was finished and about to retrieve Master for his evaluation, she noticed an album on his desktop named, “Perfect Whore”. Brandi wondered if it was a porn collection. Had his tastes changed? Brandi hadn’t even considered that. She would have to relearn all his kinks to service them best. She opened the “Perfect Whore” album. It was indeed full of It was indeed full of porn, but the familiarity struck her immediately. There were thousands of pictures of Brandi herself dressed in sexy lingerie, special fantasy outfits, or straight-up nude. Some of them were the pictures or videos Master had taken while fucking her, but most were the ones she had done herself while he was at work. Brandi felt a little red in her cheeks as she zeroed in on the compliment of the album title: “Perfect Whore”. It was pure pride in her heart and devotion in her mind.

“I’m trying very hard to be your perfect whore again,” she whispered.

She closed the album and then retrieved her Master. She showed him the Instagram sluts and he picked out two or three of them as a “first wave”. Brandi gave him a blowjob, because he was horny again, and then went to work researching the insta-bimbos. She found names, which she used to find addresses. Then she went to get them.

The first was named Sierra. She was a brunette with a great ass that always looked confused in her pictures. She met Brandi at the door when Brandi told her that she thought they had both been sleeping with the same douchebag. Once Brandi activated the device, it was a simple process to mold her, get her sexiest clothes ready, and get her into the car.

The second was named Melanie. She was a redhead with large—if enhanced—tits that she liked to show off next to the pool. By happy chance, Melanie was outside on her balcony when Brandi arrived, staging a picture in a blue bikini. Brandi stood below, opened the device, and apparently had enough range to give Melanie the order to let her in. When Brandi was inside, she repeated the process and had two Instagram sluts in her car.

Melanie happened to know the third girl, Kimber, from a shared photoshoot the prior year. She was a blonde, like Brandi, but her hair was more of a bleach color as opposed to Brandi’s natural blonde. They both had sizeable tits however. Melanie called ahead and Kimber met Brandi downstairs. Soon, Brandi had three bags of skimpy lingerie and swimsuits in the trunk and three newly-born slaves in the car.

They pulled into Master’s house shortly after sunset. It had been a rather long day, but Master seemed to be radiating energy when Brandi led the sluts into his living room.

“Girls, this is your king,” Brandi told them. “He’s the one who I told you about. He is now the purpose for your existence.”

The girls were all already near-nude, but at Brandi’s words they seemed to shift from standing in a living room to “on display”. They perked up their tits, pursed their lips, and stared hungrily at Master’s crotch.

“Sir,” Kimber said softly. “Would you like to play with your new toys?”

“Go upstairs,” Master said. “All three of you. I’ll be up in a minute.” The girls giggled and ascended the stairs.

Master looked at Brandi, who was now dressed in the black lace that she remembered her Master loving so much, and stepped closer to her. Brandi realized at the last moment that he intended to kiss her. He grabbed one of her ass cheeks in one hand and a tit in the other. He squeezed both appreciatively as he kissed her long and deep.

“You did good,” Master said. “How can I reward you?”

Brandi remembered that this was something Master wanted to do frequently. He had even occasionally assigned a slut of his to service her orally, thinking that would work. Only when he explicitly ordered her to enjoy herself did anything actually happen. But still, Master felt the need to reward.

Truthfully, there was one thing that Brandi did want.

“Master,” Brandi said softly. “If I had a reward, I would want the honor of waking you up with my mouth tomorrow morning.”

“That’s something for me, not you,” Master objected.

“No, Master,” Brandi said. “My whole being is your whore. I feel fulfilled when I am used. Serving you is rewarding me.”

Master shrugged. “Alright. Tomorrow morning.”

Then he went upstairs. He closed the door behind him and Brandi heard the giggles through the door for just a moment.

She crept upstairs and stood next to the door. She listened.

There was already a gurgling sound that Brandi recognized as a dick breaking through gag reflexes. Brandi wondered which one Master had decided to facefuck first.

She heard a soft voice purring, “You’re so sexy, sir.”

Then Master’s voice: “You. Play with her. Suck on her tits.”

A third voice: “Oh god that’s so hot. Look at these big titties. Don’t you like them?”

Brandi knew they were behaving as they thought they should: like a cheap porno. Brandi also knew that Master would be having a lot more fun if they were degrading themselves instead. Whoever’s tit was being sucked should be saying things like, “Oh God, I’m such a slutty little whore.” But they would catch on later.

Brandi went back downstairs and straightened up the house. She recruited Alexa. It wasn’t perfectly clean, but much better by the time the three sluts came back down the stairs, giggling to each other.

Brandi gave them orders to clean, then went to bed. She had a lot to do the next day and she had an early start already planned.

After Master’s good morning blowjob, Brandi initiated phase 2 of her plan to make Master happy. Now that he had sluts to play with during the day, Brandi was more free to go on with other tasks. She took the device and went to a nearby office building complex. Four or five towers held a series of organizations.

Brandi knew that Master would want to remain untraceable and would also feel guilty if he got money from people who couldn’t afford to lose it. Brandi took this knowledge into each of the twenty or so businesses she visited. She used the device to get through the series of secretaries and to the CEO of each business. She then asked each CEO if they behaved unethically in business. She didn’t know enough about the business world to understand their answers entirely, but prompted by Brandi’s device they answered honestly about their own guilt. Those that were honest, she took less. Those that were not, she took more. Brandi collected checks made out to cash from each business. For the guiltiest of CEO’s, she also took him to the bank with her. The CEO entered with the twenty checks and emerged with a very fat envelope of cash. Brandi also made him empty out half of his own personal account. Each CEO was told not to place any importance on Brandi in their memory and to dismiss her if she was ever brought up. As for the withdrawals, when asked each CEO would admit their own shady dealings and say that they money taken was a buy-off to keep people quiet.

In the coming weeks, Brandi would see several resignations from the shadiest of businessmen.

She cleared the day with just shy of $7 million. Master would be pleased.

When she got home, Brandi found Master in the living room, playing his video game. Melanie, the redhead with big fake tits, was blowing him. He shooed her away when he saw Brandi and invited Brandi over to take her place. Brandi knelt and went to take his dick in her mouth, but he said, “Tits instead. I want to hear what you’ve been up to.”

Brandi wrapped her big tits around Master’s dick and began to bound them up and down. Occasionally, she spit down in between them to add lubrication. Brandi explained how she had gotten the money and how much she had gotten. Master’s eyes bulged when she told him the figure.

“I’ve had you for less than a day,” Master said. “You’ve already gotten me a bunch of hot sluts and made me a rich man.”

“You deserve everything, my King,” Brandi said. “You deserve to have anything you want in the world.”

“And you want this?” Master asked.

Brandi smiled. “Master, all I want is to serve you. There is nothing else in the world like the feeling of being used for your pleasure.” She spit again down in between her tits. She was picking up a good rhythm. “When I do this… when I wrap my tits around your dick and get you off with them… it’s pure extasy to me. When I kneel in front of you and swallow every drop of that delicious cum you give me… it’s heaven. Don’t you see, sir? I am the purest whore in the world. My one and only thought is you pleasure. Your happiness in the world. As long as I am allowed to serve you, I will continue to make you wealthy. I will continue to bring you young, hot whores to fuck. And I will relish every opportunity to service your dick. Anything in the world that makes your happy, I will do it. Anything that makes you horny, it is your’s. My everything is your’s.”

Master exploded. He had been fucking a lot in the previous twenty-four hours, so there wasn’t a lot of cum, but Brandi made sure that it landed on her large tits so he could see. She licked him clean, then smiled at him. “Master, I have an idea for something I think you will like. May I?”

“Of course,” Master said, settling back lazily in the couch.

“Melanie,” Brandi called out. The redhead emerged back into the room. “Master has given you a treat. He left it on my tits. Lick it off.” Melanie squealed in delight and knelt down next to Brandi. She leaned over and ran her tongue over Brandi’s chest, collecting the cum. She swallowed, then her tongue went exploring for more. Throughout the entire process, Brandi was looking her Master in the eye, proudly on display.

Once Melanie was done, Brandi shooed her away and turned back to Master. “Is there any other way I can serve you? Or would you prefer to play more games?”

“I’m going to play more,” Master said. He smiled and added, “Go away now, slut.” Brandi immediately obeyed. She was thrilled that Master was treating her more like property. She knew that made him hot.

Brandi did some research online that night, preparing for her next day.

Brandi woke up Master with a long, sensuous blowjob. He sat lazily back and watch her work, her tongue and lips playing teasingly over his shaft before taking it deep into her throat. When she had sucked him off, Brandi laid down on the bed, displaying herself in red-and-black lace lingerie while he got dressed.

“What are you doing today?” Master asked.

“I’m going to look at homes for you,” Brandi said. “There are some big houses about a half hour north that are already for sale. That shouldn’t arouse too much suspicion.”

“Houses?” Master smiled. “You’re on a roll.”

“Oh, sir, please forgive me,” Brandi said. “Did you want to come with? It will be your home, of course.”

“I think I’m going to sit this one out,” Master said. “I was thinking about tying up Sierra and fucking her ass. And then I might go catch a movie.”

“Sounds fabulous,” Brandi smiled.

Master took a picture of her on display on the bed before he left. Brandi took that as a compliment.

Brandi found the perfect house that afternoon. She made an offer over asking, with the stipulation that the process move as quickly as possible. The process still took longer than she would have liked, but as soon as it closed she started on the renovations. She oversaw most of them herself, to ensure that her Master would be pleased. It took almost a month, but when it was ready, she told Master that his palace was ready.

His eyes boggled as they entered the home. Master and Brandi led the way, followed by the other eight sluts (Brandi had added a few as a treat to Master through the last month). The main floor of the home was large, with big windows. Brandi had renovated it to fill one large wall with a huge screen, to add in a bar, and to install stripper poles in the four corners of the main living room.

Out the back, the living room led into a large pool. It was surrounded by a massive privacy fence, which would eventually have vinery growing up it. Another bar was added outside.

The basement had been renovated to now include twenty small living areas, big enough for a bed only. There was a community bath, with makeup stations and showers. It was dark and cramped, but Brandi didn’t envision Master down there at all. It was simply a servants quarters to ensure the home could house as many sex slaves as possible.

The upstairs had at least ten bedrooms, with the Master’s bedroom encompassing almost a fourth of the floor. Brandi had the bed custom made so that it could be twice as wide as a king size. Brandi wanted to ensure that he could fit as many bitches in it as he wanted. The other bedrooms were smaller, intended for any houseguests that Master wanted his girls to entertain.

After Master finished the tour, he settled himself down on the couch in the midst of it and looked at Brandi.

“Brandi, you have outdone yourself,” Master said. Brandi smiled, but part of her was worried about Suzy, one of the newer acquisitions. She wasn’t looking as slutty as Brandi would have liked in the lace lingerie and Brandi was beginning to wonder if she should try to reprogram her again to remove any lingering dignity.

Master beckoned Brandi closer and she obeyed, swaying her hips as she moved. She could feel her Master’s eyes on her body and knew he was enjoying it.

“I want to reward you,” Master said. “This is incredible. And I want to reward you. What can I offer you?”

“I want only to please you,” Brandi said. “Knowing you are pleased is reward enough.”

Master shook his head. “There has to be something I can give back to you.”

“You have given me a purpose,” Brandi said. “There is nothing that I desire for myself. Except continued service.” She smiled. “With that in mind, sucking you off would be a reward to me, Master.”

Master nodded and smiled, but Brandi noticed that the smile didn’t quite touch his eyes. He was unhappy with this, but he had still given her some implied order. Brandi knelt before her Master and began to devour him. Brandi found that his apparent unhappiness was no inhibitor to his horniness, which was good, but she knew she had to do something. Master felt the need to give her things in exchange for her service. But Brandi didn’t want anything but his pleasure. There was an imbalance that she needed to figure out how to correct, for the sake of her Master’s happiness.

Master came in her mouth, which she greedily swallowed. Then he played games on his big screen TV. He was happy again.

While he was occupied, Brandi took Suzy down to the slave chamber and adjusted her programming. “You should be ashamed of every scrap of clothing you wear that doesn’t make you look like a cock-hungry slut,” Brandi informed her. “You have no dignity. Your degradation makes Master horny, which is the number one priority of your life.”

After that, there were no problems with Suzy being slutty enough.

As Master’s cum dried on her chin and she lay displayed across his massive bed, Master asked her what she was going to do today.

“I’m going to find some more bitches for your pleasure,” Brandi said. “Would you like me to submit applicants for you? Or would you prefer I go get them myself?”

“I trust you,” Master said. “How many?”

“Well we have space for twenty,” Brandi said. “That’s assuming we don’t start bringing in bunkbeds, which we can if you would like even more of us. I was thinking we could also build a small building out behind the pool. It could house more sluts for you.”

“How many sluts does a guy like me need?”

“Master, if I could personally enslave each and every bitch on Earth to serve your dick, I would. But we don’t have the space for them, so I’m going to settle for fitting every hot one I can into this building for your play.”

“Wipe your mouth,” Master said, approaching the bed. Brandi wiped her mouth off on the sheets, making a note to ensure they were cleaned today. She had no more than set the sheets down when Master kissed her. She could feel his lips curling into a smile as he kissed. She kissed back and Brandi knew it had nothing to do with sex in that moment. He was happy. And he was expressing it.

He broke the kiss and said, “I’m going to take a shower. Is there anything else?”

“Just one,” Brandi said. “Did you want to throw a party or something? Bring your friends over?”

“That sounds fun, but wouldn’t they notice that I have a bunch of sex slaves around? And also that I upgraded my house while simultaneously quitting my job?”

“I was thinking that when they get here, I adjust them,” Brandi said. “Nothing to their personality. Just that it’s not weird that you bought a house. And there’s nothing to question about the fact that you have a house full of sluts who do your every bidding. And neither of these things should be mentioned to anyone out there.”

Master thought a moment. “I don’t like the idea of changing them, but I don’t think this is changing them. Also, I’d be giving them a lot of fun with the girls, so even if they knew, they would probably go for the tradeoff.” He nodded. “Ok. Let’s do it. But Brandi?”

“Yes Master?”

“Nobody else touches you,” he said seriously. “You are just for me.”

Brandi put out a wide net for whores. She didn’t want carbon copies of the bimbos Master already had, but she wanted to work within what he liked. Brandi collected a few girls of different races, a few girls of different hair colors, and a few alternative looks.

One of those was a tattooed, big-titted girl with pink hair named Erin. Brandi stationed her permanently at the indoor bar, where she wore booty shorts and nothing else. Topless, you could get a good look at the dragon snaking its head around her tits. Master approved of the tattooed bartender, but never bothered to fuck her. He said she was better “eye candy” than anything else.

After this find, Brandi began to cater the whores specifically to different fantasies.

He found one girl who had a round, cute face and high-pitched voice. She was twenty-one, but Brandi dubbed her the “schoolgirl”. She was given a skimpy schoolgirl outfit and often wore her blonde hair in pigtails. Master fucked her twice on the first day.

Brandi knew that Master liked a specific superhero, “Mighty Girl”. Brandi had dressed up for him on at least five occasions the first time he had owned her so he could pretend to fuck the character. She wore a short red skirt, a halter top, and knee-high boots. Brandi found a girl who physically resembled most of the comic art of the character and claimed her. The girl’s original name no longer mattered. She was known as Mighty Girl in the house and was allowed to wear nothing but that uniform. For all intents and purposes, she was Mighty Girl to Master. He liked that one very much and summoned her four times in the first week.

On the fourth, he also summoned Brandi. He commanded Brandi to dress in black leather, which Brandi did. Master tied Mighty Girl to the bed so that her head hung off the side, but her body was belly-up to the ceiling. Then he facefucked her. All the while, Brandi watched and hurled insults down at Mighty Girl: “You call that sucking, you fucking whore? I thought you were super.” Brandi was given a riding crop, with which she whipped Mighty Girl repeatedly. At one point, Brandi bent down and pulled up the halter top to expose her tits, which she then whipped as well. When Master was about to cum, he grabbed Brandi and kissed her passionately. He came deep into Mighty Girl’s throat while he passionately kissed the mistress.

When he pulled his dick out of Mighty Girl’s mouth, she coughed instinctively. Brandi whipped her tit again and said, “Don’t you dare waste a drop of his precious cum. Lick him clean, whore.” Despite being still tied to the bed and gasping for breath, she reached and stretched until her lips could make contact with his dick again. She sucked the last bit out and used her tongue to clean him.

After freeing Mighty Girl, Master looked at Brandi and said, “That was amazing. You acted exactly as I wanted you to. I want to reward you. What can I give you?”

Brandi set the riding crop on the bed and approached Master. She dropped her eyes in humility. She had thought a lot about this question. She knew that she needed nothing and wanted nothing. But her Master was unhappy with that, so she had to change. Knowing that it was to benefit her Master made it possible in her mind to think of rewards to herself.

She reached out and touched Master’s dick. It was growing softer after Mighty Girl’s facefuck, but she still stroked it a few times.

“Master, I need nothing. But I know that you want to give me something when I please you. I thought of a fitting reward that you could give to me, your slut.”

“Brandi, at this point I’m willing to give you anything. Only ask,” Master said with a wide grin.

“If you wanted to reward me, I think you should alter me so that, when you command and only when you command, I crave and enjoy orgasms.”

“You don’t now?”

“My only thoughts are for your pleasure,” Brandi said. “My orgasms are, by definition, my pleasure. I’ve never even thought of one for me. But if you wanted to reward me, you could change that.”

Master nodded and smiled. “Go get the device.”

It was a quick modification. Brandy reminded him to emphasize “only when I command”, so as to not compromise her current drive to please him in every way. She went under for fifteen seconds. When she came back up, she felt no different, which she was happy about. Master had not commanded her to crave it.

“Come back in an hour,” Master said. He paused and said, “Make it two. Dress in that red and black lace thing you have. And keep the girls away from me until then.”

Brandi obliged. She did her makeup up nice, fluffed her hair, and added garters to the red-and-black lingerie set. She went to Master’s bedroom and knocked softly.

“Come in,” he said. Brandi entered.

Master had lit candles. He had music on. He was wearing black boxer shorts, which he normally didn’t wear nowadays (he normally went commando so the girls could have easier access to pleasing him). Brandi realized that this was him trying to give to her.

“Brandi, you are amazing. And if rewarding you is really about pleasing me, then that’s fine. But I want you to enjoy it too.” He smiled. “I command you to want orgasms.”

Brandi was aware that she was wet. Perhaps it was the first time she had realized that in months, despite the constant fucking. The panties made her look good, but they itched slightly on the lips of her pussy. Brandi bit her lip, feeling that itch and the one deeper inside her.

“Ohhh,” she said, the word escaping her without intending.

Master smiled again and beckoned with one finger. She met him on the bed, reaching for his already-hard dick and stroking it. At the same time, he pulled at those panties. She shifted her hips, helping him take them off. He laid her down on the bed and climbed on top of her.

“Please fuck me sir,” she said softly. “Oh god, I’m so horny, please fuck me.”

An odd look appeared on his face and he said, “You really want that.” Then he smiled and said, “Alright then.”

He had fucked her pussy dozens of times in the last month alone. He preferred her mouth, but had taken a liking to her pussy lately. None of them felt like this. He was big and she was soaking. She gasped as he entered.

Brandi’s nails sunk into Master’s back. He began to thrust. Each one felt like it was cutting into the very center of her being, rocking her very soul loose. She wrapped her legs around him, breathing in his smell.

This was her Master. This was her purpose for existing. This was the dick that she often caught herself day-dreaming of sucking. This was the man who she had robbed corrupt CEO’s for and built a home for. This was the King of her whole self: her mind, her body, her soul. This was the only important person in the world. And he was giving her pleasure.

“Oh my god, Sir,” Brandi called out. “There. Right there. Just like that. Please, sir.” She was conflicted. She normally didn’t dare give her Master orders. She was the whore, he was the King. She took orders. But she wanted it now and in a certain way. He obliged her and picked up a rhythm.

She should be disgraced, Brandi knew. She should be filling the air with insults at herself and telling him in the finest detail about how much of a worthless fucktoy she was. But she couldn’t think of a single word. There was only pleasure.

This is my reward, Brandi thought. It was okay to just enjoy it. That was even what Master wanted.

Her body was quickly climbing to orgasm. She worked her hips with his dick, riding it even as he thrusted. They worked in tandem. Brandi looked at him and found that he was looking at her too. They locked eyes. For just a moment, it was like they were all there was in the world. No manor, no other sluts, no device, and nothing else. Just the two of them, finding pleasure in each other. The word ‘Lovers’ entered Brandi’s mind.

“You are my everything,” she whispered, just as she climbed over the hill of orgasm and her body exploded in pleasure. She cried out, again involuntarily. She threw her head back and sunk her nails deeper into him. She felt him quicken and heard his grunting through the white lights and soundlessness that was enveloping her brain. He came too, just as she was coming down.

He pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to her. Brandi was catching her breath when she realized that he had just cum and she hadn’t serviced him. She climbed off the bed and knelt next to it, licking his dick clean. She tasted her own juices on him.

“Brandi,” Master said softly.

“Yes Master?”

“Did you enjoy your reward?”

“Yes Master,” Brandi said, a hint of guilt in her voice. “I… I enjoyed it very much. I enjoyed myself for selfish reasons. And I had a lot of fun.”

“Good,” Master said with a smile. “And where is your mind now?”

“Entirely on service of your pleasure,” Brandi said.

“Also good,” Master said with a contented grunt. Brandi knew him well enough to know that he was going to go to bed soon. “I want you to wake me up at 8AM tomorrow with that slutty little mouth of yours.”

“Yes Master,” Brandi beamed. “I look forward to it.”

Master’s first party was on a Saturday afternoon. The summer had been very hot, but the weather dropped just slightly on the day of the party. Brandi couldn’t have planned for it any better. It was comfortable, but just hot enough that a pool party was the perfect relief.

Brandi met each of Master’s friends at the door. She used the device to ensure that they saw nothing wrong or strange with Master’s new house full of slutty bunnies. She was careful not to remove any feelings of awe, excitement, or jealousy over the facts however. Master liked to show off. Finally, she made sure that each of them would not think to bring up any of these facts with anyone who had not been invited to the home.

Once inside, the men were greeted by a wonderful wide collection of women to appreciate. Each of the four stripper poles in the corners of the living room was occupied. Brandi had hand-selected sluts with different physical attributes, to provide a sense of variety, and had them train for three weeks to ensure that they were good at pole dancing. Erin, the bitch with the dragon tattoos circling her ample tits, was manning the indoor bar.

The best of the action was around the pool, however. Most of Master’s sluts were around the pool, wearing very skimpy bikinis. The girls had been coached to flirt with whoever showed interest. Master’s friends usually zeroed in on a favorite pretty quickly. The girls allowed themselves to be felt up and leaned into it. Several slipped off their tops and encouraged the men to play with whatever they wanted to. Almost all of Master’s friends were being led upstairs to the guest bedrooms within a half hour of arriving. Once fucked, the men often lost interest in the girls for a while and went for a dip in the pool or got a beer. Usually, within an hour, the men had chosen another favorite and the process repeated.

Once all of Master’s guests had arrived, Brandi did laps around the house, ensuring that beer was stocked, sluts were slutty, and everyone was having a good time.

Master seemed to be having the best time of all, sitting on a pool chair with Melaine and Kimber next to him. Each girls’ eyes were fixed firmly on Master, their mouths open in awe and total devotion. It looked like every word he was saying was the realest truth they had ever heard. Brandi thought she heard him talking about video games. Each girls’ hands were exploring his chest and teasing the lining of his swimming trunks. It was only because Master had told them to hold off that they weren’t devouring his dick right there.

Brandi noticed one girl emerging from the house that she didn’t recognize. She was obviously out of place. While every bikini-clad slut at the party had tits (if not massive, then at least squeezable), this girl’s chest was rather flat. Every other girl showed as much skin as frequently as possible, but this girl was wearing a one-piece. She was looking at every other girl around her in shock, but trying poorly to hide these emotions.

Brandi and Master saw her at about the same moment. Brandi went straight for the device, which was in a padlocked safe near the front door. She retrieved it and met Master as he was gently guiding the girl inside the house. Her eyes found the strippers in the corners and bulged again. They went past one of Master’s friends on the couch who had Mighty Girl (her normal superhero uniform had been replaced by a bikini with the same color scheme), kneeling in front of him.

“What’s your name?” Master asked when they were in the kitchen.

“S… Sammy,” the girl said. She looked shell-shocked. “What is this place?” It was weird to hear a woman talking to Master in anything except a worshipful awe.

“This is my home,” Master said. “And you weren’t invited.”

“I followed Jimmy,” Sammy said. “I thought… I thought if he was going to a party, I could just show up.”

Master turned to Brandi. “Do you know where Jimmy is?”

“He’s upstairs with Suzy,” Brandi said. She remembered Suzy leading him upstairs about ten minutes ago. Depending on how aggressively Suzy sucked or rode, they could be almost done.

“Is this some sort of brothel?” Sammy said, growing delirious.

Master turned back to the girl, annoyed, but then his face cleared. Brandi knew that look. He had an idea.

“No,” Master said, turning back to the girl. “This is not a brothel. These women are not for sale. They’re here because I built a device to rewire their brains. They are dedicated to me and my pleasure. I fuck one of them probably about 4 or 5 times a day.” He smiled and added with a touch of pride, “And I can do it however I want. Stick it wherever I want. They beg me to abuse them.”

“What… what are you talking about?” Sammy’s eyes were wide.

“In fact, they’re out there fucking my friends, because it makes me happy. Including your Jimmy. He’s upstairs with one of my sluttier bitches, Suzy.”

“Suzy is ashamed of every scrap of clothing you wear that doesn’t make you look like a cock-hungry slut,” Brandi chimed in, remembering her instructions to the girl.

Master grinned at her and then turned back to Sammy.

“What do you think of that, Sammy?” Master asked.

“I think that’s impossible,” Sammy said, but her eyes dropped down to the skimpy swimsuit Brandi was wearing.

Master turned to Brandi. “If I asked you to suck my dick right now, what would you do?”

“Master, I would drop to my knees and stuff it to the back of my throat,” Brandi said without hesitation. “Would you like to me to blow you?” Her mouth watered at the thought.

“And if I wanted to fuck your ass?”

“I would drop and bend myself over this countertop,” Brandi said. After getting over her kneejerk agreement to a blowjob, Brandi saw what Master was doing now. “And as you were fucking me, I would probably explain to Sammy that being fucked and degraded by my Master is one of my greatest pleasures in life.”

Master moved around behind Brandi and untied her bikini top. He let it drop to the ground. Brandi stood proudly topless before both of them. Master came around the front of her and then slapped her tit. Brandi winced instinctively, but did not back away. Master slapped her tit again. And again. Harder. Then he slapped her across the face. Brandi took each hit, hoping she was pleasing her Master and trying to stand very still.

“I want to fuck your ass,” Master told her. Brandi immediately dropped off her bikini bottom and bent over the counter. Master lowered his own buckle and slid himself up her ass. He grabbed a chunk of her hair and pulled back. It hurt. It all hurt. But Brandi knew she was on display for her Master’s benefit. It filled her with glee.

“My body belongs to my Master,” Brandi explained to Sammy as he thrust into her. “He will often humiliate me, hurt me, and degrade me. But I love every minute of it. I crave that degradation, because it makes him horny. And my sole existence in life is to please my Master.”

“Do you believe it now?” Master asked Sammy.

Sammy nodded, watching with wide eyes. “You’re a monster.”

“He’s not a monster,” Brandi said sharply. “He’s an evolutionary apex.”

“A what?” Sammy frowned.

“What?” Master added.

“An evolutionary apex,” Brandi said. Master loosened his grip slightly on her hair, but continued to thrust into her ass. “Evolution selects individuals from the species with advantages and rewards them with breeding. With sex. Birds with bright colors can have harems. The brighter the colors, the larger the harem. Master has created something that empowers him with greater sexual availability. He’s essentially won the evolutionary game. And we, as his sluts, are the reward and natural biproduct of that victory. If human kind is the dominant species on the Earth, my Master is the dominant human. And we are his harem.”

Sammy’s eyes were wide, but the alarm in them had diminished only slightly.

“You really love him, don’t you?” Sammy said.

“Love?” Brandi said. “Well of course. But it’s so much more than that. It’s complete and total devotion. My existence is for his pleasure. For fuck’s sake, I recruit him additional sluts to fuck because that makes me happy. Don’t diminish my adoration for him to just a pretty ‘love’. I’m not a high school fling whose gonna get jealous he’s passing notes with some other girl. Everything I am is in service to him and his pleasure. ‘Love’ doesn’t even begin to encapsulate how I feel about my Master.” She realized that she might have started to preach to Sammy more than trying to please her Master. Brandi shouted, “I’m such a fucking little whore. Fuck my slutty ass into fucking oblivion.” It might not have been the most congruent of speeches.

Master pulled out and Brandi prepared to kneel. He had mentioned blowjobs and her experience was that Master often circled back to them once bringing them up once.

“Go find Jimmy,” Master said. “And leave me the device.”

“Yes Master,” Brandi said, handing the device to him and running out of the kitchen. She realized that she was nude, which wasn’t entirely out of place around the party—especially in the living room with the strippers on the poles.

She found Jimmy descending the stairs with Suzy not far behind. Brandi told Jimmy that Master needed him and pulled him back to the kitchen. As she was entering, Master was deactivating the device.

“Sammy?” Jimmy said.

“Yeah, she apparently followed you here,” Master said. “She has a crush?”

“Yeah, she’s been following me around a lot lately. Sorry, I didn’t think she’d come here.”

“No problem,” Master said. “I just made some adjustments to her. She won’t remember this party. Also, I think she has something to tell you.”

“You can fuck me if you want, Jimmy,” Sammy said with a wide smile. “I’ll be your little slutty secret whenever you want it. I’ll suck you off, dance for you, fuck you with any hole, and I know it won’t mean anything from a relationship standpoint.” She giggled and added, “In fact, if you’re horny and in a relationship, you can still call me and I’ll keep that secret too.”

“I know she’s not a whole lot to look at, but I figured she could be a good stress reliever for you sometime,” Master said.

“Hey, thanks!” Jimmy said.

“No problem. Consider this a birthday present,” Master said. “Now go enjoy the party! And Sammy, go home.”

“Bye!” Sammy said happily. “I’ll look for a call whenever you want, Jimmy.” Both Jimmy and Sammy left the kitchen.

Master looked around the kitchen and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been in here. I normally just have one of you bring me stuff.”

“Would you like me to finish you off, Master?” Brandi asked. “Or should I get back to the party?”

“Evolutionary apex, hmmm?” Master said.


“Is that really how you see me?” Master asked.

“It’s not just how I see you. It’s a simple fact,” Brandi said.

“I like that,” Master said with a smile. “Bend back over. I want to finish fucking your ass.”

It didn’t take long. Brandi chanted to the empty room about how much of a whore she was and Master came in her ass. She dropped to her knees and licked him clean, then they went back to the party.

The rest of the party went off without a hitch. Brandi lost the official count, but estimated that each attendee fucked at least three different girls. Even Erin, the tattooed bartender, finally got fucked by a guy who wanted to “poke the dragon”. They fucked on the bar itself, which Brandi advised be sanitized after they were done.

Suzy was the one who got used the most. Of the ten guests, at least six of them fucked her at some point. Brandi inquired later on and found that it accounted for three blowjobs, two pussy fuckings, and once in the ass.

A group of girls started a topless volleyball game in the pool. Even though none of them was very good, it still drew a crowd. For dinner, Brandi had one of the girls fire up the grill and make hotdogs and burgers. She wore an apron, for safety purposes, but her ass looked great from behind as she cooked. The guys went through a lot of beer, while the girls all drank imitation beer (Brandi didn’t want any of them to bloat, but she suspected that guys found girls who drank more attractive. The food-colored water in bottles was a nice win-win).

The party went late and five of the guys crashed in bedrooms upstairs, each of them with at least one girl joining them. Master was drunk and ordered Brandi to help him upstairs. She wondered if he would ask for her to blow him to sleep, but he didn’t. As she settled him down in the bed, he said, “You are my favorite slut, do you know that? Because you’re also a slut in my heart, too. You know? Like, I have a heart-boner for you.”

“I guess I’ll have to learn how to suck that one too,” Brandi said with a sultry smile.

Master laughed and it transformed into a snore. Brandi made a note to make a lot of coffee and greasy food the next day.

All of the sluts that weren’t still entertaining guests cleaned. In the morning, Master came down to a clean house, coffee, and a text from every single friend (even the ones who crashed) talking about how awesome his party was.

Master scrolled through them while Mighty Girl (back in full costume) blew him. “Good job, Brandi,” he said simply as he drank the coffee. “Start planning the next one.”

Parties were a regular occurrence after that. Poker nights were common, with each of the players sporting a slut beneath the table to service them while they played. Football games saw each bitch in cheerleader outfits. Movie nights, sporting loud action movies with half-dressed girls, was readily accompanied by full-undressed girls. Master became very popular.

The best party was the premier of a fantasy show that had encapsulated everyone. While the show sported much nudity on its own, girls in the house were assigned a character to dress as. They had warriors with skimpy leather and queens with miniscule skirts. One character, a captive princess, apparently led a large lustful following among Master’s friends. Master’s version had been chained to the bar for the night and men frequently visited her and her shockingly-deep captive throat.

Halloween approached and Master’s friends submitted costume ideas. The best were adopted and the party sported the record for most fucks in an evening—around five per man. Apparently the men had essentially fasted sexually to prepare for it. Brandi had been assigned the costume “Pirate Whore”. While no other guy was allowed to touch her, Master still pulled her into his bedroom twice and fucked her. Both times she had to reapply the eyepatch to her left tit.

Mighty Girl was popular that particular night, but the most common was an angel/devil pair, with a platinum blonde and a dark-haired slut playing the parts, respectively. The angel encouraged the guys to be tender, the devil encouraged them to dominate. The guys usually sided with the devil. In fact, the angel got fucked in the ass at least three times, usually while the devil whispered filthy talk in the man’s ear. It was a great party.

Shortly afterwards, construction was complete on the additional dormitory. It could house another thirty sluts and Brandi went to work immediately on identifying them. Master was more hands-on this time, reviewing near-nude Instagram pictures and even searching out there on his own. Brandi expanded the search to nearby metro areas and committed to day-trips to collect them. The extra space filled up quickly and Master soon had fresh sluts to fuck. He spent a lot of time with them, but Brandi still woke him up with her mouth and tongue every morning. It was the best part of her day.

Twice, Brandi had to deal with one of the sluts families. A quick application of the device solved most issues. A quick visit and the girl went from “in a cult” to “studying abroad and we couldn’t be prouder”.

Master was happy. No horny desire went unfulfilled. He was popular with his friends. He was rich. Brandi began to plan for the next stage to make him happy.

One morning, Brandi gave him a long, sensuous, teasing blowjob in the morning. She had learned him well enough to know that waking him up slowly made him more inclined to talk. Once she had blown him to an orgasm, swallowed his load, and licked his dick clean, she laid down on the bed, displaying her body for him. She knew she looked good, too. She had honed her body back to his liking since he reclaimed her: Thin, but not too athletic. And the net bra that she wore made her tits look great, while hiding nothing.

Master showered and got dressed slowly, occasionally approaching to pinch a tit or run his hand along her hips and ass.

“You’ve been very good to me,” Master said appreciatively.

“Will you let me continue to be good to you, sir?” Brandi asked softly.

“What do you mean? Like am I gonna send you away again? Of course not. That was a mistake,” Master said.

“No, of course,” Brandi said. “Not that. I mean… when you reclaimed me, you told me to make you happy. And I’ve done everything I could to make you happy. But… there’s more.”

“What are you thinking of?”

“Well I know that in any given moment, you’re never bored. You always have a bitch to fuck, a party to look forward to, or something. But I worry that you’ll grow bored of it altogether. Never in one moment, but the whole of it. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah,” Master shrugged. “I think so. What are you thinking?”

“Well I was thinking that you need something more. Some outlet. Something to do with your time. There will always be sluts begging to suck you magnificent dick, but in between them something to do. I’ve heard of guys repairing cars or painting or writing. Do you want to do anything? Have you wanted to do anything before?”

Master considered for a moment. “I suppose so. I’ve always kinda wanted to make my own video game. Some adventure game. I’ve tinkered with storylines before… but… I don’t know.”

“I think you should do it,” Brandi said. “You can fuck whores all day. And you can have friends who adore you. But I think everyone needs something to really be passionate about.”

“I know how to do it,” Master thought, staring past her. “I know the languages. I know the programs. I would need to map it all out.” He was now somewhere else. Brandi let him talk for a minute until he looked down at her.

“Set up a space for me,” Brandi said. “I’ll let you know what computers I’ll need.” He got up and pulled on his shirt. He didn’t look at her again. His mind was elsewhere. Brandi was glad.

She knew firsthand what it was like to have nothing wrong with you life, but to still be bored. That was how she felt before Master had reclaimed her as his slave. She also knew the joy of having and fulfilling a purpose.

Brandi converted one of the bedrooms to a computer room. She got the right specifications of computers, bought a series of white boards, and bought the perfect office chair for him. She also installed an intercom system. He could press one button to connect to the kitchen, where he could order food or coffee. He could press another to connect to the slave quarters, where he could order a whore to come service him. He could also press a third button to connect to Brandi, in case he should need anything else. Other than that, no bitch was allowed in the computer room at any time. Brandi even locked it during parties, in case someone should wander in.

It was a success. Master got into a routine. Brandi would blow him awake, he would get breakfast, then go straight to the computer room. He would be in there for an hour or so, summon a slut to fuck, and then stay in for most of the rest of the morning. He would take a break at lunch to go for a swim or play a game or watch some TV. Then he would select another whore. This became a coveted position, because he would usually have dirty, degrading, punishing sex at the end of his lunch break. He would choke, slap, assfuck, spit, and insult. Every girl hoped to be chosen. Then he would go to work for several hours. If he was really on a roll, he would go until six or seven. If it was a lighter day, he would be done by four. Whenever he finished, he would eat dinner, then spend the evening in some sort of carnal delights.

At this time, he would often summon four or five girls to engage in a lesbian orgy in front of him. When he snapped his fingers, some of them would begin crawling towards him and begging to be slathered in his cum. He would pick one of them to jerk him off and the girls would each struggle to be covered in as much as possible, before licking it off each other.

Other times, it would be just one girl and he would take his time, having her switch positions four or five times before really committing to one and fucking her to completion.

In any event, it was generally more relaxed in the evening.

After a few weeks, he started to invite Brandi to sit with him after he got off. He would sometimes talk about his work (Brandi spent portions of the day studying programming and game creation intently so she could understand him). Then he would ask her about her day. She would explain whatever she had done to serve him that day. Sometimes that was selecting new sluts. Other times it was construction projects around the home that would improve it (what did he think about having a third slave quarters?). Sometimes it was just general managerial tasks: organizing cleaning, cooking, and lingerie selection. Master seemed to enjoy hearing about her day.

He would watch a movie, play some games, or go for a swim. Then he would go to bed.

Master had always been happy. Brandi had never doubted that. No man could be unhappy when there were forty-three sluts (and counting) begging to serve his every sexual need. But now, he seemed content too. Brandi knew that people needed something to work towards. Master had a project now.

On weekends, Master wouldn’t work. He would have Brandi wake him a little later, then have an easy morning. He would sometimes hang with friends, most often at Master’s house. He relaxed, sometimes with TV and movies and sometime with video games. He liked to pick four or five of the girls, have them dress in skimpy dresses, and go out on the town with them. The girls would fawn over Master and every male who saw them would wonder what Master had that commanded such attention from so many hot girls. Master liked to be appreciated.

If Master had any elaborate sexual fantasies to play out, he would do them on the weekends too. Almost every other weekend, Mighty Girl was tied to something and defiled. Master often had a leather-clad Brandi accompany him, and Brandi became a sort of recurring character in the fantasy as well.

One time, Master had about thirty of his sluts kneel in a massive circle. He would thrust once into their mouths, then move on to the next girl, like a sort of sexual musical chairs. As he went around, he became more forceful with each thrust, often grabbing the bitch’s head to hold her still while he thrusted. He went for a few minutes, then settled on Suzy to grab and facefuck to completion.

Brandi was summoned one lazy Sunday afternoon to use her “pornstar titties” to get him off. Brandi made a show of slipping off the sheer black lace bra and then knelt before her Master. She wrapped her tits around his dick and began to bounce up and down. Master watched her with a sort of conspiratorial smile. Brandi began to talk, just like he liked.

“Do you like having a perfect little whore wrap her big slutty tits around your glorious cock? God, I’m such a worthless little slut. I guess that makes me the perfect fucktoy. Are you going to cover your bitch’s tits with that hot cum? Paint me like a fucking canvas. Wouldn’t I look like a perfect fucking masterpiece, covering in your cum? Oh, I want it so bad all over these perky tits.”

Master lasted a respectably long time, but eventually he acquiesced to Brandi’s requests and erupted like a volcano. Brandi licked him clean, then set back on her heels, covered in his cum, while Master took a picture. Brandi loved when he took pictures of her. She suspected that he didn’t look at them often now that he could just repeat the experience, but Brandi knew she had done good work when Master wanted to preserve the moment.

Brandi remained kneeling in front of her Master, head bowed, until acknowledged.

“Is there something else, bitch?” Master asked.

“Master, your birthday is coming up,” Brandi said. “Last time you had a birthday while I was with you, I gave you a new slut. But… you have lots of sluts now. And I am struggling to think up something really special for your birthday. Is there anything you want? And special, dirty fantasy? Anything in your life that you would improve upon?”

Master sat back, thinking. After a moment, he said, “You call me ‘King’ a lot. I like that.” He gestured around at the place. “I think of this as my palace. And you as my servants.” Brandi nodded in full agreement. Master smiled and said, “Make me a throne. And a crown. I know it’s silly and unnecessary, but… I want it.”

“Master, you will have everything in the world you want,” Brandi said. Inside, she was glowing. A new, exciting opportunity to make her Master happy. Something he actually wanted that Brandi hadn’t been aware of before. “I’ll do everything I can to make you happy.”

“Good,” Master said. “Now scram. I’m gonna game.” Brandi hurried away while Master picked up his game controller. She spent the next four hours with a stack of paper and pencil, drawing potential designs. Now she had a project too.

Master started spending longer and longer days at work. Brandi took this to be a good sign, as he was usually energetic and horny after he emerged. One Thursday, he emerged very early. Brandi was surprised to see him lounging on the couch at 2PM.

“I finished,” Master said. “It’s a sampler, but I’m done. It has some sample gameplay, the story fleshed out, and… well… I sent it.”

“I didn’t know you were that close to finished,” Brandi said, genuinely excited. “Who did you send it to?”

“I had been emailing a guy at NetStudio for a while,” Master said. “An old buddy put me in contact.”

“I had no idea,” Brandi said.

“Yeah, I… I didn’t tell you,” Master said. He smiled and looked down, apparently embarrassed. “I wanted to make sure that I got in because the game was good. Not because… well… not because you sent a team of sluts to make sure I did.”

Brandi smiled. “You could have just ordered me not to.”

“I know, but… I didn’t want to wonder. Or suddenly realize, like with Alexa. It’s nice to have something that’s more than just fantasy. But I want to make sure that it stays that way.”

Brandi’s smile faded slightly. “Master, if I overstepped, I am sorry.”

“No, I like your dedication,” Master said. “I wouldn’t change a thing about you. But I think you were right. I can fuck whores all day, but I need something to strive towards.” He smiled. “You know how to make me happy.” Brandi smiled, glowing with the compliment.

“Any other ideas for making me happy?” Master asked, sitting back in the couch. Brandi wasn’t sure if this was an invite for seduction or not. She decided to take the question literally.

“You’ve been fucking Mighty Girl a lot lately,” Brandi observed.

“Are you jealous?”

“Of course not,” Brandi said, surprised the thought would even come up in Master’s mind. “I wish you could fuck every hot slut in the world. And the non-sluts, I would personally convert to sluts so that you could fuck them.”

“I know, I was teasing,” Master said.

“Oh.” Brandi felt silly. She decided to keep going with her idea. “Well, I thought that you might enjoy more of the same. I could find girls that look like other superheroes and we could get you a collection to fuck.”

“A Just-Ass Team,” Master said, his eyes large with excitement. Brandi had considered that pun when she came up with the idea, but had decided it was too cheesy. From Master, of course, it was brilliance, however.

“Yes,” Brandi nodded.

“Get them,” Master said.

“Do you have specific character requests? Or should I be creative?”

“I have requests,” Master said with a grin. It was his horny grin. He gave instructions to Brandi, then climbed on top of her and fucked her pussy while she screamed his praises and her degradations in his ear.

Brandi wanted to do it right. She had created a fantasy in Master’s mind, now she wanted to make sure it was perfect. She paid for realistic costumes, then she and the other sluts (one was actually an apprentice seamstress in her former life) modified them to enhance their sluttiness.

There was Wonder Lass, the strong staple of feminine power. She had a movie in the past few years, so Brandi was able to find a lookalike based on the actress, which was easier. She was more fit than Master normally went for, but he thought he would appreciate the movie-accuracy. The outfit was modified so that her tits were practically exploding from her corset and the skirt descended only halfway down her ass. When her “Cable of Truth” was wrapped around her, Wonder Lass would explain, “I only fight crime because I need to get fucked so bad. If one of them could just overpower me and give me a good raw-dog, I would probably just chill out.” Master enjoyed the power play with Mighty Girl, so Brandi thought that he would enjoy it with the other super sluts.

Next was The Cat, who was at best an anti-hero, but Master wanted her anyways. There had been a few different costumes over the years, so Brandi picked a sort of hybrid that showed off the sluttiest aspects of each. There was the leather jacket, unzipped and hanging free. Brandi elected not to add any bra to that costume, so Master could expose her at his will. Brandi originally wanted to go with simply Halloween cat ears, but decided to look harder and spend some money on an actual latex mask. Brandi found a blonde with huge tits and who looked good with whispers made up on her face. She was instantly recognizable and a very whoreish interpretation of the character.

There was Nightshadow, one of the many accomplices to one of the more popular brooding dark superheroes. Her costume normally was skintight, but showed no skin. Brandi found a shapely redhead who fit most comic images of the character and then leaned on her seamtress to design a new, slutty outfit that kept the feel of the original. The yellow cape was preserved, but the logo on her chest was changed to be a bra with sheer lace hanging down over her. A miniscule yellow skirt was added. A mask, similar to the Cat’s, was bought. The writers would have been horrified, but Master would be horny.

Finally, Master had requested the Jester. Brandi found a girl on Instagram who had the “crazy eyes” down and claimed her for Master’s harem. The Jester’s outfit was already slutty, so they bought a high-end costume and made minimal modifications.

While they were buying costumes, they got a new one for Mighty Girl. The old one had some stains and she was due for an upgrade to look as believable as the rest.

Brandi took one of the larger extra bedrooms and modified it. She did as much work as possible when Master was occupied in his room, fucking girls in his bedroom, or out with friends. She wanted him not to know anything was being built until it was done. She took out the carpet and added metallic tiles. She added screens to the walls, showing maps and tactical-looking readouts. She added plenty of metal fixtures throughout the room that would look natural in a command post, but also were firm enough that Master could tie a heroine to. Finally, she added a large conference table to the middle. She found the sturdiest one, with the anticipation that at least two or three girls would be laying on it at a time. It looked like a fine headquarters for the Just-Ass Team.

Finally, Brandi bought a thick, red cape. She presented it to Master on Saturday afternoon, nine days after first planting the fantasy in his mind.

“What’s this?” Master asked.

“The Just-Ass team is assembled. They’re awaiting upstairs for you. I thought that, given the spirit of it, you might want a cape too.”

“Is it for a hero or a villain?” Master asked, amused.

“It’s for however you want to treat them,” Brandi said with a sultry smile. “Would you like me to join you with my riding crop? Or do you want to do this alone?”

“Get the whip,” Master said. “And wear the leather.” Brandi thought that was implied by the riding crop, but nonetheless rushed to obey. When she returned, in her slutty dominatrix outfit, Master had slung the cape around his shoulders. He apparently liked the roleplay, because he was standing straighter and grinning.

Brandi led him to the headquarters room. When he entered, Master spent a long time just looking. The five heroines were standing around the conference table, choreographed to bridge the gap between looking natural and looking hot. They kept neutral expressions on their faces, waiting for him to give them a cue. Was he the hero who deserved a reward? Was he the villain come to dominate them? Did he care at all or would he just start squeezing stuff?

Master’s eyes roamed around the room, apparently in awe of the set built for his fantasy. They roamed over the various exposed cleavage, legs, midriff, and tightfitting leather and latex. The silence grew longer, while Master took it all in.

“Brandi?” Master said softly. “I am pleased.”

Brandi glowed.

“Alright, super sluts,” Master said loudly. “You’re no match for me.” The scenario had been called: He was there to dominate the heroines. To be honest, they didn’t every stand a chance.

Master went several times with the Just-Ass team. Most of the time, he was the conquering villain. He loved to lay one out on the table and lean her head back to fuck. Brandi’s riding crop got a lot of action. Handcuffs were common and whatever bitches weren’t in use were usually tethered to something. Master swapped it up occasionally, claiming to be a hero that the other superheroes just couldn’t help but want to fuck. Words like, “Oh please. You’re my hero. And I’ve always wondered what it would be like” were very common, usually followed by “Oh it’s even bigger than I thought it would be.” It was all very parody-porn, but Master loved it. Brandi suspected that every man’s fantasies were probably cheesy and odd to the outsider, but struck the perfect chord for them in practice.

Master spent most of Saturday and Sunday with the Just-Ass Team. Brandi spent most of it alongside him. The girls were bruised and sore by the end of the weekend, with Brandi’s riding crop the primary cause, but when Master finally collapsed on Sunday night, they were all very pleased with themselves.

On Monday morning, Brandi snuck under Master’s covers and reached for his dick. For the first time since their reunion, he waved her away. “I’m kinda sore today, actually,” Master said with a chuckle. Apparently he had been awake and waiting for her. “But get the device and meet me at the headquarters.”

Brandi hurried off to get Master’s device. When they entered the Headquarters, Master found all five super-sluts asleep in sleeping bags. Hair was a mess and makeup was undone. Brandi had spent an hour that morning so she could look fuckable for Master when she blew him awake. These girls had done none of the prep work. They hadn’t expected Master and despite their willing brains, their bodies were tired and had slept deeply. Brandi was worried. This was the first time ever that a slut was not presentable. Brandi blamed herself. She knew that Master liked his new toys. She should have gotten them up and made sure they were ready.

“At ease, ladies,” Master said. “I think I’m going to be taking a break today.” He wasn’t angry. In fact, he seemed humored. Most of the girls were alarmed or trying to make themselves more appealing, but none of them looked hot anymore.

“You all did a great job,” Master said. “I’m going to reward you.” He turned to Brandi. “Step outside a moment while I adjust them.” Brandi obliged and returned after a minute. Master turned to them and said, “Crave orgasms. Get yourselves off.” Immediately, the supersluts moved to each other, feeling each up, squeezing each other’s breasts, tasting each other’s lips, and pawing desperately at each other’s pussies.

“One orgasm per bitch,” Master called out. “Make ’em count ladies.”

He beckoned to Brandi and she left with him. As the door closed, Brandi realized that Master really was tired. He wasn’t even bothering to watch the lesbian orgy he set in motion.

“Come with me,” Master said, leading Brandi back to his bedroom. He laid her down on the bed and stood over her. Brandi expected him to pull down his shorts and stuff her, but he didn’t. He said, “You have done incredibly. This is one of my favorite fantasies and you executed it to perfection. My dick is so tired, I’m going to give it a rest today. But you deserve a reward.”

“Master, just pleasing you is…”

“Crave an orgasm,” Master commanded. “Want it.”

Brandi bit her lip, breaking off the words midsentence. She was horny. She was incredibly horny, she knew. Master slipped his hand into her panties—frilly, black skimpy things—and his finger found a way into her slit. She gasped in anticipation. He began to wiggle back and forth.

Master wasn’t necessarily great at fingering. In her old life, Brandi had boyfriends that she kept long past their usefulness because their hands could do things that rivaled most vibrators. But Master’s skill was secondary to the fact that it was Master himself giving to her. Here was her King, her Master, her everything… and he wasn’t even getting pleasure from this. It was purely to give to her.

“There,” Brandi gasped as Master stumbled upon her clit. He steadied his hand and picked up speed. Brandi tried to keep very still, but her body was shaking with need and pleasure. How many months since her last sweet reward? How many fucks? How many kinky sex sessions? How many dick suckings? All the things that told her body that it was supposed to be fucked into oblivion, but no release. Here was release.

Brandi didn’t last long. She cried out, buckling her hips with his motion. “Oh my God! Oh my King. I… I…” Words couldn’t make it through the mountain of pleasure building up inside her mind. “I am nothing!” she cried out. “You are my everything.” It was all she knew how to say. She knew it wasn’t the right words, but soon any words at all were replaced but just a pure scream of pleasure, probably easily confused with agony. It shook her core.

Then it was over and Brandi was lying on the bed, doing her best to catch her breath. She was conflicted. She normally equated a climax of any kind with the instinct to get on her knees and clean with her tongue. But that didn’t quite make sense now. What did she do?

Brandi looked at her Master, who was looking down at her with an odd expression. It was partly amused, but mostly tender. She was used to seeing looks of happiness, giddiness, desire, raw animal lust… but rarely tenderness. It was directed at her.

They sat for a moment, enjoying the silence and each other. Then Master got up and declared, “I’m hungry.”

“I’ll fetch your breakfast,” Brandi said, hurrying off. It was selfish of her to spend so long after her reward without working.

“Keep the bitches away from me today,” Master said. “I’m going to take a break.” As Brandi passed the headquarters room, she heard a scream of pleasure from inside, only barely covering the moans of need. Brandi made a mental note to clean the room that afternoon.

Master was true to his word. He rested that day. It was his first day without orgasm in a long time.

On Tuesday, he got back into it. Brandi blew him awake and he spent much of the day with the supersluts.

Brandi immediately did research and began to recruit additional superhero-themed sluts, so that Master could pick and choose which heroes went into the room with him from a wider selection of options.

A few weeks later, they announced that there was going to be a Mighty Girl movie. Master spent most of that day in the headquarters and bitches from all around the house heard the noises.

It was a Wednesday afternoon when Master summoned Brandi to the computer room. He instructed her to bring the device, which Brandi did. Master donned the protective earpieces, then turned it on. Brandi’s mind went white, ready to accept any and all truth.

“You will never lie to me,” Master said simply.

“I will not lie to you,” Brandi echoed.

Master turned off the machine. Brandi blinked a few times, finding herself again in the room.

“Did you reach out to anyone at NetStudio?” Master asked.

“No, sir,” Brandi said.

“Did you have any other girl reach out to anyone?” Master asked.

“No, sir.”

“Did you or anyone else that you know do anything to attempt to aide me and my game?”

“No sir,” Brandi said.

Master set back and pursed his lips. The edges crept upward in a smile, but his eyes were glistening, almost tear-like.

“They purchased my game,” Master said softly. “They bought it. They assigned a team of developers to help me and they want me to finish it.”

“Master, that’s amazing!” Brandi exclaimed. “That’s… that’s great!”

“I know!” Master said. He leapt to his feet and wrapped Brandi in a massive hug. He squeezed her tight and she hugged back. It was a few seconds before his hands found their way down to her ass, where they cupped. Brandi felt something rise from his pants and knew he wanted to celebrate.

Brandi was glad she had purchased the expensive office chair. The suspension came in handy. Master was sitting as Brandi enthusiastically bounced up and down on his dick, stuffing it deep inside her pussy with each bounce. Master buried his face between her tits and repeatedly smacked her bouncing ass cheeks. He lasted a few minutes before ordering Brandi down on her knees, where he blew his load across her face.

Then Master went back to work, replying to the offer email and starting the next phase for development.

They hosted a party that Friday. The house had accumulated enough sluts that eight girls could ride the stripper poles, simultaneously dancing and engaging in lesbian sex. Erin, the big-titted dragon-tatted bitch, served drinks, occasionally while being fucked in the ass by Jimmy, who had taken a liking to her. Master kept his super-sluts away from his friends, now deeming them private property, but his friends had a wide variety of sluts to choose from. Brandy had added a cowgirl slut, a police officer slut, secretary-slut, and an extra schoolgirl slut (the first was a recent favorite of the party-goers).

Aside from fucking his whores, his friends were genuinely excited for Master. He didn’t need manufactured jealousy for the validation, he had genuine appreciation. Several of his friends asked to play the game and Master promised they would know as soon that was viable.

At one point, one friend shouted for “speech!”, which was quickly taken up by the rest of the men. No slut felt comfortable issuing such a command to their Master, but he still took that bait nonetheless.

“Well I just wanted to say, thanks to everyone,” Master said, holding a beer out to the room. Most of his friends were there, although one or two rooms upstairs had closed doors and the sound of thumping was coming from one of them. “I’m very blessed to have friends like I do. And… well… I’m blessed to have a lot of what you see around.” This was met with a laugh, as most men had a half-dressed slut on their lap. Master looked around and met Brandi’s eye. She hadn’t been trying to catch it, but he still paused when he saw her. He smiled and said, “Thanks to everyone who helped me get here. It means more than you know and I don’t know where I would be without you.” He raised his beer and added, “To finding out what you want and going for it.”

The men rose glasses and the party continued. Dinner was served and afterwards desert was brought out: Five sluts came out of the kitchen with cool whip bras and let themselves be licked clean by the guests. Master took a liking to Melanie, the redhead with big fake tits. It had been a while since she had caught his eye, but he took her upstairs. Brandi thought she heard the words “in between those big tits” come out of Master’s mouth as he explained his plans for her. Brandi smiled, glad that Master was having a good time.

The party went on late. Brandi had prepared for this and had a second shift of strippers to take over the poles. As the first shift descended, they were instantly swept up by men who had been ogling them all night. Master drank a lot, banged a few times, and had fun with his friends.

When he decided to eventually go to bed, he asked Brandi to join him. Brandi expected that he wanted one more fuck before bed, but he invited her under the sheets with him, wrapped her in his arms, and fell asleep. For a moment, Brandi wasn’t sure what to do. If she moved at all, she might wake him. Was he planning to fuck her and then fall asleep halfway through? Brandi remembered when she had played girlfriend for him the first time he owned her. He fell asleep next to her and woke up later to shoo her away. But, Brandi knew that this was different. He saw her differently now. He had accepted his role as a King of Sluts. He wasn’t pretending anymore. Maybe this was just something that he wanted.

Brandi nestled in, partly on top of Master’s chest, and closed her eyes. She remained as still as possible and eventually fell asleep.

When Master woke up in the morning, he gave her a little shake. “Hey, get up,” Master said. Brandi woke and immediately wondered if she looked fuckable enough. She had spent the night in bed and hadn’t had her prep time that morning. Apparently she did. Master took her head and shoved it down towards his dick. She took the cue and got to work.

Master’s birthday was on a Saturday. Brandi had spent the last month constructing the throne in pieces, then hiding them away from her Master. It was solid and heavy. Brandi aroused nine or ten sluts at around three in the morning to help. They had hidden the pieces behind the dormitories and along the sides of the house, where Master rarely went. Brandi directed the teams of four or five girls at a time, moving the pieces together, attaching the bolts, and ensuring it was sturdy. The bottom tier of steps was about ten feet wide and was four separate pieces. The middle tier started to narrow down, but was still three pieces. The very top was the placement for the throne itself. It was solid and required seven different girls to lift. Wonder Lass had the most muscle tone and carried the most weight. When they got it to the top, they bolted it down. Brandi pushed from various angles on the throne, the stairs, and the whole structure together. She didn’t want it to topple, but it seemed sturdy.

Every slut was called to attention and instructed to look as perfect as possible. Bathrooms were packed, but as quiet as possible to not wake Master. The finest corners of makeup were done with precision and redone if necessary. The sluttiest lingerie was selected. Brandi arranged each girl as delicately as she could, to ensure the perfect visual appeal. Master normally got up at eight. Everything was ready by seven. The girls waited.

Brandi made breakfast, scrambled eggs and pancakes, and carried it on a breakfast-in-bed tray up the stairs to Master’s bedroom. When she entered, she found Master already awake. Oddly, he was wearing the large red cape that Brandi had given him when she had given him the headquarters.

“I didn’t know you were awake, Master,” Brandi said apologetically. “I would have sucked you off.” She had worn the red-and-black lingerie that had never lost its place as his favorite.

“That’s alright,” Master said. He took the tray from her and ate. Brandi offered to kneel and blow him now, but Master declined. He told her he was saving it for later.

“Master, me and the girls have a gift for you,” Brandi said.

“It’s ready?” he said with wide, anticipatory eyes.

“Yes,” Brandi nodded.

She led him down the stairs and he saw it, as well as the route. Brandi had arranged all sixty-seven of his sluts in a pathway. They knelt before him, starting at the back door of the living room. Master took a deep breath, puffed out his chest, and began walking down the path. Sluts on either side opened their mouths wide as he passed, simultaneously inviting him and declaring their subservience.

He passed Alexa, the girlfriend-turned-slave who had eventually bored him back to Brandi. He kept her around, but didn’t think to fuck her very often anymore. She was topless and as he passed, she said, “Sucking your dick is the greatest joy of my life.”

Master passed by Melanie, the redhead with big fake tits that had been one of the first acquisitions off Instagram. Her tits were wrapped in a skimpy red lace bra which barely contained them. She opened her mouth wide and then said, “I daydream about the next time you cover my tits in your delicious cum.”

Master passed Kimber, the platinum blonde who had been claimed early and had dressed as an angel for Halloween. She wore white lace now in homage to that costume. As he passed, Kimber opened her mouth wide and said, “I have never felt more alive than when you disgrace me. Your pleasure is my only desire.”

Master passed Sierra, the brunette with a great ass that Master fucked periodically (“Master, my body is your property. I am nothing on my own.”) and Erin, the tatted bartender that Master never got around to fucking but was popular at parties (“Sir, I live in total devotion to service of you.”).

Master his way around the side of the pool, following the path of sluts as it curved back around towards the start of the stairs. A chorus of praise and proclamations of service followed him. The throne was two stories tall, with stairs leading up to it. They were painted gold and a red carpet was placed over. On the bottom of the steps, to his left and right, were the Just-Ass Team. Mighty Girl and Wonder Lass were on the left, in uniform. Somewhat expectantly, they said variations of “You are my hero and my protector. I am in awe of you.” On the right were The Cat, Nightshadow, and the Jester, also in unform. Further variations, but on the villainous side: “You are my conqueror and my dominator. I shake beneath your power.”

Master ascended the stairs. The top half was barren. Brandi wanted all of his sluts far beneath him, so he could feel powerful. His cape rippled in the wind and Brandi took her own spot, sitting on the top left of the arrangement—The first bitch on his right when he sat.

On his throne was a large, gold crown. Master lifted it and looked at it a moment. He turned back and looked at the parade of bitches. He settled the crown on his head and sat down on the throne.

Brandi had coached them. As he sat, they chanted: “Long live the King!” Brandi hoped this fantasy lived up to what Master had expected, but she also hoped that he didn’t see it as just a fantasy. It wasn’t just a kink to her or any of the girls that Master had collected. In their eyes, he was their King. His authority was absolute and his word was law.

Master said softly, “I deserve this.” Brandi wondered if any other sluts around had heard him say it. It was probably more to himself that to them. Master reached behind him, beneath the cape, and pulled out a small package. He had apparently stuck it in his belt to carry it. He opened it and pulled out a small crown… a tiara really. It gleamed in the morning light.

Master looked down at Brandi and extended one finger. He beckoned her closer to him.

Brandi’s heart jumped. She knew that Master would likely summon a slut to blow him while on his throne, but she thought it would be Mighty Girl. There would have been something right about a King getting blown by the most powerful superheroine. Brandi ascended towards his throne and knelt on both her knees—the position one took when given the privilege of sucking off Master.

Master lowered the tiara onto her head and turned to the rest of the girls. “I am your King.” There were cheers, which Master quickly cut off with a hand. “But this is your Queen. Her word is law. And she is Queen of the Whores. Second only to me. There is no else that has served me so faithfully. And no one else who has made me half as happy. I honor her today.” There were cheers again. Brandi didn’t know what to think. She had not prepared for this.

“Rise, Brandi,” Master said. Brandi stood and turned to the cheering whores. As she looked out, Master stepped down and unclasped her bra. Her tits hung free in the air, which brought about more cheers. He tugged on her panties and she quickly slid those off too. She turned back to her Master.

He had lowered his pants, sprouting a firm hard-on. Then he had sat back in his throne. Brandi stepped forward and moved down to suck it. He stopped her and said, “Ride me.”

Brandi straddled him in the throne, lowering her pussy onto his dick. He grabbed her at the base of her neck with one firm hand, steadying her and controlling her at the same time. With his other hand, he grabbed one of her tits and squeezed. He always loved squeezing her tits.

“Enjoy this,” Master ordered. “Crave your orgasm.” Instantly, Brandi’s pussy lit up in pleasure. She moaned and the riding of his dick shifted. She directed him and thrusted against him, driving him farther into her for both of their pleasure.

“Brandi,” Master said softly. “My Queen.”

“Your whore,” Brandi said softly. “Please let me continue to be your whore. I am whole when I am your slut. That’s all I want.”

“You will always be my whore,” Master said. “But you’re also my partner now. My number one bitch. You’re mine.”

“I’m always your’s, Master,” Brandi moaned, picking up her pace. “Every inch of me belongs to you. You are my everything.”

“Without you, I would have nothing,” Master smiled. He was thrusting his hips, driving into her harder. “You have given me everything.”

“I will continue to give,” Brandi promised. “Everything you want. Anything you want. Not just whores. Not just money. Power if you want it. Love if you want it. Fame if you want it. I’ll continue to search for your darkest, dirtiest fantasies and make them reality. I’ll continue to open new minds to the joy of disgrace under you. Anything you want, I will give you.”

“I know,” Master grinned. “For now, your pussy will suffice.”

“Ooooh,” Brandi moaned as pleasure exploded through her body. She leaned forward, resting her forehead against Master’s shoulder. They continued to ride, together in mutual pleasure. She felt the motions of his body as she knew them. She knew he was getting close and so was she. She kept the rhythm, driving father together. The climaxed together, shaking and buckling and holding each other up as the waves of pleasure moved through them, almost as one flesh.

Then they collapsed in the chair, smelling each other’s sweat and breathing in sync.

After a moment, Brandi climbed off and knelt before her King. It was good for the Queen to set an example for her subjects. She licked her Master clean, taking her time and sucking every drop of cum out of his dick. Then she turned and faced the rest of the bitches, clad only in the tiara her King had given her. She stood proudly.

She was Queen of the Whores. These were her people. And together, they had a purpose. Brandi knew how important a purpose was.

“Sluts,” Brandi decreed, “let’s get to work.”


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