Collection 1 - The Ex-Girlfriend Collection

by ArcherStories

Tags: #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female

Brandi’s ex-boyfriend claims his ex-girlfriends as sex slaves.

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Brandi’s new boyfriend was a lot richer than her ex. He gave her more gifts, sometimes even just giving her straight cash, and she was sure to put out. They had a good thing going. Her ex had been more about the lovey-dovey shit, which Brandi couldn’t spend. It was nice to have an understanding with a man. Brandi was pretty sure he was sleeping around on his business trips, but that was alright because Brandi was trading blowjobs with her landlord for reduced rent. She didn’t need an intimate lover—a sugar daddy would do.

Brandi had put out for her boyfriend last night, giving him a little striptease and then straddling him on the couch until he did his deed. In return, he had given her a few hundred dollars “to get yourself something nice.” As he was showering, Brandi had helped herself to a couple more bills from his wallet and then helped herself out.

With about five hundred dollars to blow, Brandi decided to go shopping. She hit a few of her regular stores, picked up a few cute outfits, and settled down for lunch. Brandi’s boyfriend used to give her more money and she used to invite her friends along, but his gifts had been lacking lately. Brandi was wondering if it was getting close to when she would have to dump him and find a new boyfriend who knew how to treat a lady.

“Hello Brandi,” someone said behind her. An arm reached over her shoulder and put a small device on the table. It looked a little like a flip phone.

“What…?” Brandi started, but the man behind her pressed a button on the phone and Brandi immediately lost her train of thought. There was a faint ringing—not loud enough to block out any other noises, but loud enough for Brandi to hear. It seemed like that ringing was all that mattered to her.

The man sat across the table from her. Brandi didn’t pay any attention to him. The ringing was very interesting and all other thoughts, concerns, and worries seemed to drop out of the back of her head.

“Look at me,” he said.

It was suddenly very important to look at him. Brandi locked her eyes on the man with fierce focus and was surprised to find that she knew him. It was her ex-boyfriend, the one who tried to give her flowers despite her hints that she just wanted cash. The one who barely ever had anything in his wallet to lift. What was he doing here?

“Hello Brandi,” her ex smiled. The smile was only on his lips, it didn’t touch his eyes. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m spending my boyfriend’s money shopping.” The words were out of Brandi’s mouth before she had a chance to register them. Even after they left, Brandi only thought about the ringing from the device and looking intently at her ex. Nothing else mattered.

“Did he give you the money?” her ex asked.

“Some of it was a reward for fucking. Some of it I stole.”

“I see,” he nodded thoughtfully. “So you traded sex for money?”

“Not explicitly,” Brandi said. “We never arranged…”

“But there is an understanding?” he interrupted.

“Yes,” Brandi nodded.

“So you’re a whore?” he said.

“I don’t tend to think of myself…” Brandi said, but again he interrupted. As soon as he started talking, it seemed vitally important that she listen.

“I shouldn’t have stated that as a question,” he said. “Let me rephrase. You are a whore.”

Immediately, Brandi knew it to be true. She was a whore, a genuine prostitute. She traded sex for money and loved it. Beyond even the facts, the connotation rang true as well. She was cheap and filthy.

“Yes, I am a whore,” Brandi responded.

Her ex smiled, this time genuinely. It was like something was confirmed for him.

“Ok,” he said. “I’m going to go home. And you’re going to follow me in your car. If you have any appointments, you’ll cancel them. If anyone’s expecting you, let them know you won’t be coming. Don’t reschedule anything, just tell them you’ll reach out. Do you understanding?”

“Yes,” Brandi said, immediately cataloguing her plans in her mind.

“Do you remember where I live?”


“Good,” her ex said. He reached over and pressed a button on the device on the table again. The ringing stopped and slowly, Brandi found she was able to think again. She plotted a course in her mind to her ex’s house even as she was pulling her phone out of her purse to call her boyfriend. She canceled on him with minimal explanation and got off the line quickly. Her food hadn’t even arrived yet, but she dropped a couple twenties on the table and scurried off.

As she was driving to her ex’s house, she thought that if she had more time, she could have taken the waiter out back and let him fuck her. That should cover lunch at least. As a whore, it was likely the more economical way to handle things.

At stoplights, she applied some flashes of makeup. As a whore, it was important to look dolled up. All the same, she drove quickly. It seemed very important to get to her ex’s house very quickly, but she couldn’t exactly explain why.

When she arrived, she parked in the driveway and walked up to the front door. He ex must have been waiting for her, because he opened the door and she stepped inside.

Suddenly, she wondered why she was here.

“Hey, what’s going on?” Brandi asked, turning to her ex. He was opening the same device from the café and just before he pressed the button, Brandi saw something small in ears, like ear buds. Then the button was pressed and Brandi was dumbfounded again.

“Brandi, I dated you for six months,” her ex said as she stared into the distance. Ever word was like gospel to her—absolute truth drilled into her mind. “I really cared for you. You were pretty, you were funny, and yes, you were great in bed. I wanted a future with you. But I think you only wanted me for my money. And I don’t think you cared about me at all. Is that true?”

“Partially,” Brandi said.

Her ex looked like he had a momentary expression of hope. “What’s wrong with it?”

“I wanted you for your money until I found out you didn’t have enough for me,” Brandi explained.

Her ex’s hope disappeared from his face. “That seems about right.”

He stepped up to her. Brandi was wearing a silky, button-up blouse. He undid the buttons and let it open. She was wearing a lacey red bra beneath—she had been planning on seeing her boyfriend and he always seemed to give her more money after she wore lace. Her ex ran has fingers lightly over the lacey bra and then grasped her breast in his hand. Brandi’s mind was empty.

“Brandi, I’ve noticed a pattern in my life,” her ex said softly. “I try to be the good boyfriend. I try to treat women right and show them that I care. But I keep getting used. So I’ve decided to balance the scales.” He gestured towards the small device, still ringing in Brandi’s ears. “I was working on that for a long time before you and the others like you. But once I found this little pattern of falling for girls who end up being bitches, I decided that justice would be a good way to implement it.”

He pulled the blouse off her shoulders and dropped it on the ground. He looked admiringly down at her chest.

“Brandi, you are mine now. You are my property. Your body—” here he grabbed her breast with a rough hand “—belongs to me, to do with what I want. You are my slave. My sexual servant. You are my slut. My personal whore.”

Inside Brandi’s mind, the gospel truth that he spoke seemed almost redundant. Of course she was his slut. Wasn’t her very pussy created for the purpose of being pounded by this man? She had big boobs because he liked big boobs. She was good at blowjobs, good at stripping, good at fucking… all to please her man. That’s why she was wearing red lace and no top in front of him right now, wasn’t it?

Her owner reached up and stroked a strand of hair behind her ear. “Your mind is mine too,” he said softly. “Your thoughts are exclusively those that benefit or please me. Your identity is one of service. Outside of servicing me, you do not exist. You will call me Master or Sir. And I will call you whatever the hell I want to. Do you understand, slut?”

“Yes sir,” Brandi responded immediately. She wondered why they were having this conversation while she standing, instead of while she was going down on him. Surely he would prefer to be telling her these things with his dick in her mouth, wouldn’t he?

Her Master looked her over for a moment, almost as if he wasn’t sure what to do now. Brandi knew that her wise, smart master had planned this speech for a long time. But he probably hadn’t thought about it through he would ever actually get this far.

He looked her over once more and then added, “I deserve this. For all the ways you bitches have treated me poorly, I deserve justice.”

“Yes Master,” Brandi said. “You deserve to own this slut.”

Her Master smiled and pressed a button on the device again.

Brandi could think. Immediately, she wondered how long her Master had gone without getting off. Surely it had been too long. Shame filled her mind. It was her job to keep her Master sated and he was probably so horny.

“Sir, may I please you?” Brandi asked, dropping to her knees. As she did, she arched her back so he would get the best view of her tits. Vaguely, she wondered if he would like her to be bare-chested now or if he preferred lingerie. How careless had she been to not know her Master’s preferences like this? More shame came, and more desire to please him right now.

“Yes,” her Master said. “Suck me off, bitch.”

Euphoria filled Brandi as she scooted closer to her Master. She undid his belt and gently slid down his pants. Careful to move the waistband over his erection, Brandi then slide down his underwear.

For just a moment, Brandi was in awe of his dick. She had memories of it before, of course, but had never fully appreciated it. It was glorious. It was her whole purpose for existing. She would do anything in the word for the service of this.

Then she remembered that she was supposed to be servicing it right now. She wrapped her lips around its head in a long and tender kiss. At the same time, she reached up and cradled his balls in one hand. She fondled them, one at a time. She swirled her tongue over his head and then began to take more of it into her mouth. She kept her throat lose, but still felt the urge to gag as it approached the back of her mouth. She would have to practice more so she could deepthroat him. Preferably, that meant giving head more often, but practically that probably meant practicing with a carrot or something like that. She could work her gag reflexes out, she was sure.

Brandi began to pick up rhythm. She sucked, so her lips were locked onto his beautiful dick. Her mouth was moist and her tongue played with him as she went. While she had started gently, he began to rock with her to pick up more of a rhythm. He was not gentle with her mouth—but he had every right to be rough. She was his private bitch and if he wanted to facefuck her, that was his right. Further, that was her privilege.

Brandi’s assessment about how long it had been was apparently accurate. It wasn’t long until her Master began to make urgent, almost pleading noises. Brandi did not slow down. Her neck was tired and she was gagging, but all that was important right now was servicing her Master as he needed it.

He exploded in her mouth, first a hard strand that found its way down her throat. Then as she continued to serve him, her mouth filled with the rest of it. He kept cumming for a long time and Brandi again felt guilt that she had let him go so long without serving him. When he was finally finished, he pulled his dick out of Brandi’s mouth and looked down at her.

Brandi opened wide, to show her Master’s gift still in her mouth. She knew how slutty she looked, like a porn star right now. She didn’t stop a drop of cum from rolling down her chin and dripping onto her tits. She smiled up at him and then, while locking eyes, she swallowed like a good girl.

Then she turned her attention back to her Master’s dick. It was still hard, but not as desperately rock-hard as when she had started. She planted kisses as she licked her way up and down his shaft, cleaning every drop of cum off of him.

Then she remembered the drop on her tits. She wiped it up with one finger and then licked it up as well.

She had done well, she knew.

For some reason, her Master looked alarmed. He was looking down at her and then glancing back towards the device that he had used.

“Oh shit, I actually did it,” her Master muttered. “I fantasized about it, but… I didn’t think I would actually… oh shit.” He was panicking.

“Shhhh,” Brandi said, reaching out and touching his dick. It wasn’t to arouse him, it was to stop him. As Brandi expected, as soon as she touched his penis he froze, looking down at her.

“Master, you deserved this,” Brandi reminded him. “You don’t need to feel alarmed. You don’t need to feel guilty. You have been wronged by so many bitches like me. You deserve to have me as your cumslut. You deserve to have a private little fucktoy just for you.” She smiled at him. “Please don’t send me away. I exist for you. I want to serve you. I want to be your’s.”

Her Master was looking down at her with confliction. She could see some sense of morality battling against greed and lust. Brandi knew that she would have to aide the side of lust.

She reached back and undid the lacey red bra and let it drop to the ground. She massaged her tits for a moment while he watched. Then she leaned forward and kissed the tip of his dick. Then she leaned back and looked up at him again.

“I am your property,” she said softly. “And you don’t have to explain to anyone what you do with your own property.” She looked down at his dick and conjured an expression of lustful hunger that hoped would turn him on. Then she added, “Or what your property does for you.”

Like a good little slut, she knelt in front her Master and waited for him to think. Some part of her inside her brain knew that he could undo what he had done, but she desperately wished he wouldn’t. One little blowjob was not nearly enough service for the level of dedication that she felt at this moment. He hadn’t even fucked her right. He hadn’t taken her pussy or her ass. She hadn’t dressed up for his fantasies or stripped for his camera. As a whore, she had woefully underserviced her Master. She could only hope that she would have time to rectify this error.

“I… I deserve this,” he said softly.

“You deserve every bit of this,” Brandi grinned up at him. “And I deserve this too. I was a bitch, and I deserve to be broken for you.”

He nodded again and repeated with confidence: “I deserve this.”

They spent the evening on her Master’s bed. She asked him about his preferences: “Shaved or furry pussy?”, “Lace or leather? What color?”, “Schoolgirl? Maid? Cowgirl? Superhero?” She would be asking these questions from her slave-spot, resting down at his hip as he laid with his head on the pillows. She gave him three more blowjobs through the day as she became aware of all his fetishes and desires.

Her favorite was the time where he had laid her on the bed, her feet at the pillows and her neck just off the edge. She leaned her head back and opened her mouth wide. He fucked her mouth and was able to play with her tits while he did so. When he got to climax, he decided to pull out and jerk off onto her tits. As he did, Brandi’s mouth went to work on his handing ball sack.

Brandi felt used. She was a sexual object. Her Master had not even given a second thought about her own sexual desires or needs. He had used her only to satisfy his own. It was everything she could have ever hoped for.

Brandi woke up early and dressed up nice and slutty for her Master. She made him breakfast and brought the plate to his nightstand. Then she teased him awake with her tongue beneath the sheets. He ate his breakfast while she ate his dick. When he was fed, he fucked her throat for a few minutes and then exploded all over her tits.

“I have to go to work, bitch,” her Master said, getting out of bed. He looked down at her and she knew he liked what he saw. She was in her red sexy lace, still covered in his cum, laying on her back on the bed.

“Would you like me to come to your work at lunch?” Brandi asked. “I can get you off really quick, I promise.” She pouted, and despite his recent ejaculation, she thought she saw his dick respond in appreciation. Her eyes were fixed on it.

“Actually, I want you to go to the store today,” her Master said. “Go get some sexy clothes for me.”

“Yes sir,” Brandi said eagerly.

“You have enough money?” her Master asked.

“I have my savings account,” Brandi said without hesitating.

Her Master looked again down at her and Brandi could see a twinge of doubt cross his eyes. Suddenly, he wasn’t looking appreciatively at the cum on her chest anymore, but nearly remorsefully.

“I got the money from my dad,” Brandi said. “Remember? I was a spoiled little rich bitch. You deserve a fuck slave, and I deserve to be a fuck slave.”

Again, the dick responded in appreciation and the twinge of doubt was gone. Instead, her Master reached over for his phone and trained it on her. He took a couple pictures of her on display on the bed. Then he stepped into the shower.

She was his porn. Brandi’s heart exploded in gladness. He had wanted to save a picture of her. Some fantasy inside Brandi’s heart imagined her kneeling in front of him, sucking him off while he scrolled through nudes of her. It was brilliant. She could still look good for him while demeaning herself for his pleasure.

Brandi made a note to capitalize on this.

After he left, she immediately went to obey his orders. She picked up several lacey negligees, fishnets, tall heels, chokers, and other assorted sexy wear. Then, she leaned into the fantasies he had disclosed to her—a skimpy cowgirl outfit, a slutty schoolgirl outfit, and a cheerleader costume to start.

That took most of the morning and Brandi again regretted that her Master did not take her up on the offer to stop by during lunch.

Instead, on a whim, Brandi went and bought a nice camera and tri-pod. When she got back to her Master’s house (it never occurred to her to go back to her own place), she set up the camera and took a series of semi-nude photos in the outfits. She was careful to expose as much skin as possible, fitting with her whore nature. She took dozens in each outfit, but was always careful to take a series of them while kneeling, hands behind her back, mouth wide open. Her Master’s fondness for throatfucking made this an ideal photo.

This took several hours. When finished, she downloaded the images and sent them to her master in an online folder marked “NSFW—;)”.

For a brief moment, Brandi feared that he would masturbate to the pictures instead of allowing her to please him with her lips, hands, pussy, ass, or tits—or anywhere else he liked, of course. Then Brandi scolded herself. Her Master could do whatever he wanted. It wasn’t her concern how he got off. She should just be glad that she was able to provide a small part of his satisfaction.

Brandi then went to work on his house. Thoughtlessly, she had neglected to clean his dishes from the days before she arrived. She had neglected to clean his bathroom, do his laundry, vacuum, sweep and mop. She acted quickly, but cleaned thoroughly. All the while, her gaze was on the clock. Did her Master still get off work at five? Would he come home early? Brandi still looked slutty, just in case. Her heart beat with the slightest possibility of being his bitch just a moment sooner.

When the house was clean, Brandi still had an hour to wait until five—plus however long it took for him to drive home. Brandi had an idea and went to her Master’s computer. He apparently had left it unlocked, so Brandi let herself in. She was worried for a moment that he would be displeased by her snooping, but she was sure he would approve of her plan once explained. Brandi went to his search history. While he appeared to look at most porn in incognito tabs, Brandi went to the “saved passwords” section of the browser and found a few accounts he had on porn sites. Once on those sites, she found his viewing history, favorites section, and saved playlists.

Brandi had encouraged her Master to be as open as possible with her, so she could please him. But she feared that some part of him didn’t see him as a worthless fucktoy just yet, so he might not have been honest. If she could find any missing fantasies, she could anticipate his needs and meet them.

As expected, most favorites were variations of hardcore throatfucking. She opened several of them at once and watched them intently, looking for common denominators that might clue her in to what he liked so much about them. Then she could replicate it for him.

These were the whores that had satisfied him for so long. Now, Brandi needed to be the whore that could satisfy him completely. It was her purpose.

Brandi’s phone buzzed. It was a text from her Master: “Bitch. Cheerleader outfit. No underwear. Home in twenty minutes.”

Brandi squealed in delight and quickly closed out of the web browsers. She hurried and changed back into the cheerleader costume. It was a short red skirt and tight-top with a low cut, which her tits seemed to spring out of on their own. True to her Master’s instructions, she wore no underwear beneath any of it. Brandi also added a little glitter, to lean into the roleplay.

Then she knelt a few feet in front of the front door and waited.

When he entered, his eyes fell on her with something like hunger—like a desperate need. His eyes leered over her tits, springing out from the slinky cheerleader uniform.

“Welcome home master,” Brandi said, doing her very best to sound submissive. “May I please you?” She then opened her mouth to make her meaning very clear.

“Yes,” her master grinned devilishly. “But not like that.” He reached down and wrapped a hand around her throat. He pulled her to her feet and started toward the bedroom. Brandi let out a brief yelp of surprise and did her best to keep her feet moving beneath her. He threw her on the bed.

“I have been nice to women for too long,” her Master said. “Now, it’s my turn to treat you like trash.”

“Yes, master,” Brandi sneered at him, leaning into the role he wanted her to play. “Punish me like the dumb fucking slut that I am. Fuck me hard.”

His pants were off and Brandi’s demand was met. Brandi remembered sleeping with him when they were dating. He was tender and gentle and she had thought he was boring. Not now. He was rough and he took her like the property she was. His hand found its way back to her neck and Brandi saw the same aggressive grin on his face. It meant she was doing a good job.

“I’m such a dumb slut. Fuck your dumb slut.” Brandi chanted as he pounded her pussy. She knew that her master had asked her to dress this way and was treating her this way for a reason. In this moment, she was more than just an ex-girlfriend that he had claimed. She was every hot girl in high school who had turned him down. She was the cheerleaders that he could never have. It his adolescent fantasies fulfilled.

Brandi leaned her head back and in a yearning yell of pleasure, she bellowed, “Oh my god, fuck me like a slut on prom night.”

And he came. It was sudden and almost defensive against his own aggressive. He grunted and the grip on her throat tightened as he finished his final thrusts.

Then her master pulled out and let go of her. He collapsed on the bed next to Brandi.

She leaned on him and planted small kisses down his body, until her mouth ended up at the Glorious Cock once more. She liked him clean, tasting her own juices. It was only then that she realized that she hadn’t come herself. She hadn’t even thought about it. It wasn’t important. It still wasn’t. He was rapidly growing flaccid, but she licked him nonetheless. He might be satisfied, but she was still his slut.

She gave him a blowjob later that night, but other than that he was fairly well sated. Brandi felt a mix of accomplishment and disappointment. He was satisfied and that was her job, but as a dumb whore she knew that she could used up a lot more. She told herself to save that energy for him later.

Eventually, he decided he was going to play some video games. He left her in the bedroom and went down to the living room, where he turned on his console and started up a game. Brandi changed from the cheerleader outfit into a lacey negligee and eventually followed down.

She sat on the floor next to the couch and asked if he would like her to blow him while he played.

“No, I’m good,” he said, not taking his eyes off the screen.

“Ok,” Brandi said and sat silently.

After a moment, he looked down at her and said, “Go away for now.”

“Yes sir,” Brandi said and immediately exited the room. She went to work on chores again, dusting and wiping down windows as quietly as she could. She, of course, didn’t change out of the sexy negligee, just in case he wanted something later.

After an hour or two, he wandered into the bathroom she was cleaning. He looked awkward and flustered.

“Listen,” her Master said. “I’m… I’m sorry for dismissing you like that. I just…” He was fumbling for words.

“Master,” Brandi said, kneeling immediately. “You do not need to apologize to me. Ever. I am here at your pleasure and I am at your disposal. My only thoughts are of your pleasure. You do not need to ever think about my feelings or how you treat me. Mistreat me, I beg you, if it makes you hot. Send me away if you don’t want me, summon me back for degrading sex whenever you do. This is my purpose. I am here for you and you deserve every bit of it. Please don’t think of me as your girlfriend. Think of me as your real-life porno.”

He nodded and looked down at her body. “Don’t wear the negligee,” he said. “Bra and panties, sure. But never cover your midriff in my presence.”

“Yes master,” Brandi nodded. “May I please go change to please you?”

He nodded and Brandi scurried upstairs to change into something that would please her master.

He fucked her again before bed and then instructed her to blow him awake in the morning. She did.

Brandi’s next week passed much the same. She would wake up her Master with a blowjob. After swallowing his load, she would ask if he wanted her to drop by work, which he declined. Then she would spend the day cleaning the house, shopping for slutty underwear to please her Master, and sending him nude and semi-nude pictures to get him hard through the day. When he got home, he would fuck her, sometimes in the throat, sometimes in the pussy, one time in the ass (he explained that he had always been curious, but he deemed that it was overrated). Then he would dismiss her and she would return to serving him by serving his house. Most nights, he would summon her again later in the night for another fucking.

Brandi spent a lot of time on his porn accounts, crawling through his search history to learn as much as she could. She watched every video in his favorites several times. As she watched whores get pounded, Brandi wondered where her Master’s eyes were. Were they watching the man’s dick in her pussy or mouth? Or were they fixated on the whore’s tits? When did he get off in the video? What exact moment had pushed her Master to the point of explosive pleasure? Could Brandi replicate that moment for him? Could she truly become his pornstar in every demeaning way that he wanted? Brandi hoped so.

She also took to taking care of herself better. Her big tits and tendency to go down on men had meant that she could get away with overeating periodically, but not anymore. Brandi kept to a strict diet, eliminating the little bit of stomach that she had. Brandi took note of the porn videos and the common characteristics the women shared. Her Master didn’t seem to like too athletic, but also not too thin. Brandi often spent hours looking herself over naked in the mirror, making mental notes about which areas to work more and which to ease back on. She had to become the perfect slut for her Master. She could think of nothing except his pleasure.

When her Master came home, Brandi learned that he could be in one of a few moods, sexually.

Some nights were like the first time he came home: He wanted to punish fuck her. He had made her his whore so he could reap justice on the bitches who did him wrong, and that’s what he intended to do. He would slap her tits, fuck her in multiple different holes, choke her, hurl insults down at her, and generally treat her like shit. For a whore like Brandi, it was like Christmas. This was her purpose.

Other nights he was in a roleplay mood. Except for the cheerleader, this rarely crossed over with the punish fucking. He would take her while she was a cowgirl or schoolgirl or dressed as a superhero. Brandi played the part as best she could. Often times these were costumes that also appeared in his porn history, so Brandi had a persona slut to base her performance on. This was her Master living out his fantasies, and Brandi was only too happy to accommodate them all, as a good fucktoy should.

Still, there was the odd night when he was in a unique mood. He would actually hold her tenderly. There was no insults, slapping, or punishment. It was more like when they were together the first time. Her Master seemed to be reaching for some emotional connection. Brandi couldn’t find any porn videos in his history to help her with this. She struggled, which made her worry that she wasn’t satisfying him. It didn’t help that these nights often didn’t yield a second fucking, which made her worry that he wasn’t happy with her. She would worry the whole next day about her performance. The next night, he was usually back in the mood for punish fucking though, so Brandi was usually settled back into knowing she was pleasing her Master.

After one punish fucking session (her Master’s hand at the back of Brandi’s head to keep his dick at the back of her throat, where it belonged), her Master looked back at her with some consideration as she licked his dick clean.

“You never cheated on me,” he observed. “Before.”

“No Master,” Brandi said, immediately jumping into the assurance she often gave him, “but I was a stupid little bitch who deserved to be made into a fucktoy.”

“No, no,” her Master hopped in. “I know that. It’s just…. You never cheated on me. But Anna did.”

They parked the car down the street. Her Master had commanded Brandi to wear somewhat normal clothes, which felt hot and uncomfortable on her skin. It felt like some sort of grievous skin to be covering so much of her body while sitting next to her Master. Still, these were his commands.

“Ok,” he said. “Only one car in the driveway. She should be home alone.” He outstretched a hand to Brandi. In it were two pairs of what looked like cordless headphones. “Put these in your ears.” Brandi obeyed and she saw that he was putting some in his own ears. He pulled from his pocket the small, cellphone-like device he had used when they first met.

Inside, Brandi felt the smallest sense of envy for Anna, whose house they were sitting outside of. She was about to undergo a beautiful transformation. She had no idea that her whole life was going to be different. She was about to discover the pure joy of sucking dick, dressing like a slut, and being a worthless fucktoy. Part of Brandi was envious that she was going to experience that all for the first time.

Her Master looked over at Brandi thoughtfully. “I’m going to be collecting a new slut today. Are you going to be jealous?”

“Not unless you want me to be, Master,” Brandi said truthfully. “My only thoughts are of your pleasure. As far as I’m concerned, every bitch in the whole damned world should be kneeling in front of you begging for a proper throatfuck. But if you want to put your mind at ease, you could always put me back under…” she gestured to the device in his hand “…and command me to not be jealous.” She thought a minute and added, “Or, if you prefer, command me to be jealous.”

He looked down at the device in his hand.

“You know what this does?”

“Yes Master,” Brandi nodded.

“And you don’t mind me using it on you again?”

“Of course not,” Brandi said. “If there is some way I am inferior to your perfect fantasy, I would hope that you would take whatever steps necessary to rewrite my personality to fit. I am nothing except a source for your pleasure. That’s all I ever want to be. Whatever makes you pleased more, I want that above everything else in the world.”

Her Master nodded thoughtfully. “Interesting.” Then he smiled. “I did a pretty damned good job making this thing. Ok, let’s go.”

Brandi and her Master walked quickly up to the door of Anna’s small house. Her Master rang the doorbell. After a moment, it opened and there Anna stood.

She was a shorter girl, with long brown hair. Her tits were smaller than Brandi’s—and smaller than the pornstars that her Master normally got off watching—but she was pretty. She was wearing a halter top that Brandi immediately knew her Master would like.

Confusion filled Anna’s eyes, but before she could speak Brandi’s Master opened the device and Anna’s eyes went blank.

“Move aside and let us in,” her Master said and they stepped inside. “Close the door. Is there anyone else in the house?”

“No,” Anna said dumbly.

“You will call him ‘Sir’ or ‘Master’,” Brandi said. Rage filled her mind that any woman would dare disrespect her Master so much. Brandi resisted the urge to smack the bitch—not because she didn’t deserve it, but because her Master might want to do it instead. From Brandi’s experience, her Master got very hard by physically dominating his fucktoys.

“Ok,” Anna answered Brandi dumbly.

Brandi’s Master looked amused at Brandi. Then he turned his attention back to Anna. “Anna, when we were dating, how many other guys did you sleep with?”

“I fucked two other men, sir,” Anna said simply. “But I also gave blowjobs to two of my friends for their birthdays, sir.” This apparently struck a memory for Brandi’s Master, as he muttered, “Sons of bitches, I knew it.”

Her Master reached forward and cupped Anna’s breasts in his hands. Anna made no motion whatsoever, simply standing obediently.

He then reached around and cupped her ass for a moment. He delivered a firm slap against it. Brandi thought she actually saw it ripple from the impact. Suddenly, Brandi realized that this might be what her Master would get out of Anna. Brandi had a great pair of tits, but Anna’s ass was better. Depending on what view he wanted, he could take either or both bitches.

“You have wronged me,” Master said to Anna. “You are a worthless bitch. And you were a whore for a lot of guys, but now you’re going to make it up to me by being my whore. You have no value outside of my pleasure. Your only thoughts are of my pleasure. I will fuck you, punish you, humiliate you, and break you. And you will love it all. And you will know that you deserve it and much more.”

“Yes Master,” Anna said. A tone of humility had crept into her voice. Brandi knew that her Master was going to have fun with his new bitch when he turned off that device.

A look of curiosity appeared on Master’s face. He turned to Brandi and said, “What thoughts are in your mind right now?”

Brandi didn’t even pause. She said, “I was thinking that you are going to have fun with this bitch. I was thinking that you might like her because of her ass. I was hoping you would enjoy fucking her ass more than my ass. And then I was thinking that it feels wrong to still be wearing this much clothing when nobody can see but you, but I didn’t want to interrupt and ask if I could strip down, because you were in the middle of subduing this whore for your pleasure.”

An explosive joy covered her Master’s face. “I am pleased,” he said. “You think only of my pleasure and in so many different ways.”

“That’s all I am,” Brandi said earnestly.

“Yes, you may strip,” Master said.

Brandi immediately tore at the clothes, stripping down to her lacey black underwear as Master turned attention back to Anna.

“One more thing,” Master said to her. “In additional to obeying my every command, you will also obey Brandi’s every command. She knows my pleasure well and will ensure that you please me. You will call her ‘Mistress’.” He smiled and added, “And you will know that even among my whores, you are the lowest.”

“Yes Master,” Anna said dumbly.

Master closed the device and, set free from a sort of ‘programming mode’, Anna immediately dropped to her knees.

“Master, would you like me to please you?” Anna said meekly.

“Yes, but… I think Brandi had a good idea.”

Master stripped Anna down bare and then bent her over the couch. He slapped her ass a few times and then turned to Brandi. He beckoned her with a finger.

“Lay on the couch,” Master commanded. Brandi laid on the couch, thinking how smart it was that even if he was going to fuck a whore in the ass he could still appreciate a different bitch’s tits.

“Brandi has pleased me,” Master told Anna. “You are going to reward her. Eat her out.”

Brandi was alarmed. Did her Master just offer some pleasure? Was that pleasing to him? In all the fucking they had done, Brandi had never cum because it never seemed important. Her body was for him. There was no point of working towards and orgasm. That would be so selfish.

“Master, how can I please you with this?” Brandi asked, confused and bordering on distraught.

“Enjoy it,” Master commanded.

With the order in mind, Brandi leaned back and became aware of her own pleasure for the first time in a long time. Anna’s tongue went down to her pussy and went to work. Brandi had never been even bi-curious, but her Master had commanded her to enjoy this, so she did.

As Anna ate out Brandi, Master pulled down his own pants and entered Anna from behind. He pounded at her ass. Each motion rocked Anna back and forth just slightly, so that Anna’s mouth got a rhythm up and down Brandi’s clit.

Brandi saw that her Master had focused down on Brandi’s tits. Brandi knew that just because she was enjoying, didn’t mean that her responsibilities to her Master’s pleasure were done. She put on an expression of hungry lust directed at her Master and began to fondle her own tits. She looked down towards his dick, still hammering the new slut’s ass, and licked her lips.

Her Master repeatedly slapped the outside of Anna’s ass as he fucked it, but most of his attention was focused on Brandi. Brandi thought that he probably enjoyed the fact that the bitch who had cheated on him was nothing more than a hole to fuck and a tongue to reward in this scenario. In own his words, she was the lowest of the whores.

Something odd began to happen as Brandi was enjoying. She was starting to feel a feeling that she hadn’t in a long time. It was an approaching orgasm. Perhaps her body was so pent up or the urge to obey a command was so strong that she was actually going to be brought to orgasm by this bitch’s tongue. At around the same time, her Master began to make his trademark grunting noises, indicating that he was approaching orgasm himself. Despite the continuous motion, Brandi fought against the urge to come, trying to time it.

Finally, just as her Master blew his load in Anna’s ass, Brandi let herself and orgasmed. Together, they cried out in pleasure.

After pulling out, Master had Anna lick his dick clean. Then he brought Brandi in close for a deep, passionate kiss. He grabbed her tit with his left hand and her ass with his right, but there was genuine emotion in the kiss. Brandi was pleased that he was pleased.

Master’s two sluts got dressed in street-worthy clothing. Anna was instructed to bring any sexy things she had with her and then they departed back to Master’s home.

Master fucked his new whore a lot, but not in the same ways that he fucked Brandi. Anna was often handcuffed or gagged. She was instructed to always wear a leather collar around her neck, often with no other clothes. While facefucking was nothing new to Brandi, Master sometimes stuffed his dick down deep, plugged Anna’s nose, and waited for up to twenty seconds before pulling it out. It was punishment, fueled by more anger than Brandi seemed to inspire.

The more that he punished Anna, Master treated Brandi differently. He still enjoyed blowjobs from her, but he was more passive with Brandi than with Anna. If he wanted to lay back and have a bitch suck him off while playing video games, he would call Brandi. If he wanted to shove it down a whore’s throat and degrade her as he did, he would call Anna. Brandi wondered if some part of Master’s mind had seen that Brandi had “paid some of her debt” off and he had fucked away some of his anger at the bitch she had been to him before. That or he felt more anger towards the way Anna had treated him in the first place.

Brandi still sucked Master off every morning to wake him up. She still photographed herself (and now Anna) in sexy poses and outfits through the day to send to him. She still offered to come to work during lunch break and get him off, but Master still declined. Brandi wondered why. He was always painfully horny when he came home. And on weekends he would get off sometimes three times a day. Why did he not want a mid-day break if one of his bitches was offering it to him—further, begging for it from him?

Occasionally, Master would still try the more tender approach with Brandi. Brandi hoped she pleasing him, but he was always still quiet after he came and he sent her away immediately after. If Brandi knew what sort of fantasy he was going for, she could research it in porn and perform it for him. But she didn’t know and she didn’t think it would be a good idea to bring it up. She hoped he would feel free to rewrite her if she was in any way insufficient for him.

With two hands, the chores were done very easily through the day. Master never had to worry about a single at-home meal, dish, crumb on the counter, or spot on the floor. He just had to come home, relax, and—if he wanted to—have his whores drain his balls in their mouths, pussies, asses, or all over their tits.

Brandi had worked off the small bit of her stomach and was pleased to find that her tits barely shrunk at all. She hoped she was the perfect little fucktoy for her Master.

One night, Brandi came into the living room and found that her Master was scrolling through semi-nude images of celebrities on the couch. He looked up, saw her, and immediately hid the screen of his phone.

“Master, you don’t have to hide anything from me,” Brandi said, immediately kneeling to show submission.

“No, I know,” he said, smiling. “I guess it’s just habit.”

Brandi smiled. “Sir, if you would like, would you like to put on some porn that you like and I can suck you off while you watch?”

Master’s eyes were wide with sudden possibility and he nodded. “Yes, that sounds great.”

He quickly found one of his favorite videos (Brandi recognized it from studying his playlists while he was working) and Brandi knelt before him. He was very hard very quickly and she sucked him to completion in a matter of minutes.

After that, Master regularly added porn to their fucking sessions. Brandi was pleased that he was pleased. She knew that a girlfriend might see this as terribly offensive or demeaning, but Brandi wasn’t a girlfriend. She was her Master’s whore. Her mouth’s primary purpose was sucking his dick and her dignity was nowhere to be considered.

A bonus to the whole situation was that Brandi’s longstanding question about which part of the porn videos got him off was finally gone. Brandi’s primary focus during these blowjob/porn sessions was serving Master’s dick to the best of her ability. That would never change. But Brandi had gotten pretty good at deepthroating, sucking vigorously, and fondling his balls with her free hands, to the point where it didn’t even require much effort anymore. So Brandi obsessed over listening to the noises of pleasure that Master made and their correlation to the point in the video. She made her brain a living tape recorder of the sounds, focusing especially on the exact moment Master exploded in her needy little whore mouth. Later, Brandi revisited the videos and studied them. She found that he most commonly got off during dirty talk sequences and the moments when the bitches mouth was being utterly destroyed—bonus if tits were in the view.

It aligned with what she knew of her Master, but it also gave Brandi specific images to recreate for her daily sexting. She would lay on her back, open mouthed, and recreate the specific image that her Master had been staring at the night before—with the single exception of the dick in her mouth. She would caption it with a blatant invitation to fill her mouth so full of cum that she would choke. Brandi hoped that Master got hard with it.

With extra hands around the house, Brandi spent more time thinking of creative ways to please him. She expanded her study of his computer to more than just his porn. Master had told her that she was a whore and that her primary purpose was his pleasure. While that naturally led straight to sexual pleasure, Brandi thought it would be a grave error to assume that she was to ignore his other areas of pleasure. Could she get him gifts? Make him special food? Anything that would bring him pleasure?

Brandi found out quickly that her Master spent a lot of time on a specific Facebook account. It was a coworker named Alexa. She was cute in a girl-next-door sort of way. It occurred to Brandi that Master had a crush. Brandi knew that a girlfriend would be jealous, but Brandi wasn’t. She wasn’t there to serve Master’s need for a girlfriend. She was there to be recompense for the way bitches had mistreated him in the past.

With that in mind, Brandi went looking in his relationship history. She found other exes. She did deep diving research into each of them, including any mention of breakups or negative energy between Master and the exes. She remembered the vigor by which Master had fucked Anna’s ass. She had provided something that Brandi had not, perhaps because Anna’s ass was more fuckable and perhaps because the emotions that Master felt for Anna required more degradation. In any situation, that meant that other exes could help provide for Master in a way that either of his current bitches could not.

Brandi decided to do some research into the matter. She went back into his Facebook photos, logged past relationships, and looked for any indication that things ended badly. She focused less on the exes that weren’t very hot, thinking that at least part of Master’s pleasure came from fucking and punishing girls that were attractive.

She went past Susan Palmer because they appeared to maintain a friendship afterwards. She went past Ruth Michaels because she was flat-chested and flat-assed.

Then, she found it. One Facebook message to a friend from senior year of college about a girl that he was really into, but she had turned out to be super shallow. They had never dated, but Master had seemed really torn up about it. Her name was Lucy Radlough.

Brandi did some research. She lived fairly close, no more than an hour drive. She was single, but seemed to party on most weekends, which meant that Brandi found plenty of pictures of Lucy in midriff, low-cut tops, or tiny shorts. And she was hot.

Brandi smiled and started a secret file in Master’s computer. Then she started logging everything she could find on the bitch. She was going to make a great gift for Master.

About a week into Brandi’s research, Master gave her rather strange instructions.

“We’re going to a dinner party,” he said, “with my friend Matt and his wife Josey.” Brandi remembered Matt and Josey well. Josey was a bit of a prude and had always looked down her nose at Brandi. Of course, it probably hadn’t helped that Matt kept checking out Brandi’s tits. In fact, at the time, Brandi thought about maybe reaching out to Matt on the side to see if he wanted to fool around without anyone knowing, but decided she wouldn’t get away with it. The memory was further encouragement about how much of a whore she was and how terribly she had treated her Master before. She sucked harder on her Master’s dick as recompense.

“We’re going to say that we’re back together,” Master said. “But I want it to come across that I’m the winner. I want to look cool, having a super hot girlfriend who begged to have me back and wants to have sex all the time, but I’m not really sure if I like her. Does that make sense?”

Brandi pulled her lips off his dick just long enough to say, “Yes, Master.” Then she plunged his shaft to her throat again.

“You’ll make a fool out of yourself,” Master said. “You’ll faun over me. You’ll constantly make advances to me. And I’ll largely ignore you. Matt will think I’m a fucking God and his wife will be super pissed off.” He paused for a minute and said, “That’ll be fun. She’s always been a prude.”

If Brandi’s lips weren’t latched onto Master’s dick, she might have smiled. She hadn’t known that they shared the opinion on Josey.

The night of the dinner party came. Brandi wore a slinky, black dress that barely contained her tits. She wore the make-up of a girl who would be trying very hard to impress a guy. When Master saw her, he frowned.

“I like less lipstick on you,” Master said.

“I was trying to look like I’m trying too hard for my boyfriend,” Brandi said, casting her eyes low. “But I can go change quickly.”

“Wait,” Master said. “Will Josey see you as needy for this?”

“She’ll see me as a big-tit slut trying too hard to turn her boyfriend on,” Brandi nodded.

“Then we’ll keep it for tonight,” Master said. “Get in the car.”

They were about halfway to Matt’s house when Master pulled the car over.

“If I’m going to look disinterested in you, then I can’t be so fucking horny. And you’re making me horny.”

Brandi dropped her slinky dress off her shoulders so her tits fell out. Then she bent over and gave her Master a long, passionate blowjob. He had one hand on an exposed tit, pinching her nipple periodically, and the other on the back of Brandi’s head, guiding her motion. When he came, Brandi sucked hard to pull every drop of cum out of his dick. Then she buckled him up again and fixed her makeup in the vanity mirror.

“Good girl,” Master said as he put the car in gear again. Brandi glowed with the compliment.

The night went exactly as Master had hoped. Matt and Josey greeted Brandi with a “nice to see you again”, but both were hesitant about it, trying to feel out the relationship. Josey’s eyes bulged in horror at the slinky dress. Matt’s eyes were focused on the same place but in different connotation.

Throughout the night, Brandi fawned over her Master in the way an obsessed girlfriend would: “Sweetheart, you’re so funny” and “I’m going to the kitchen, can I get you more wine?”. Occasionally, Brandi would play the part of “bad at whispering quietly” and Matt and Josey heard Brandi talking about how much she was looking forward to getting him back home tonight. All the while, Master played the part of uncommitted boyfriend, dismissing her constantly with a “yeah, okay”. At one point, Master sent her text instructions. Brandi went to the bathroom, slipped her tits out of the dress, took a saucy picture and sent it to her Master. At the table, Master “accidentally” opened the picture so that Matt could see.

The crux of the evening was when Brandi told the story about how she begged and pleaded for a second chance with her boyfriend. She knew she could never have anyone else even close to her “sugar bear”. She turned to Josey and conspiratorially added, “In the end, I had to beg on knees.” She added a wink and Josey’s eyes bulged in horror once again. Matt, however, shifted in his seat.

Brandi was the super-hot, sexually needy girlfriend obsessed with her boyfriend. And Master was the guy who was keeping his options open, but enjoying the ride.

It was exactly what Master wanted.

When they got home, Master pulled her onto the bed before she had a chance to change out of the slinky dress. He popped her tits out for a third time that night. Then he pulled up the dress, pulled off her panties, and fucked her pussy hard on the bed. Her titties bounced with every thrust. He told her to keep playing her part, so Brandi began chanting, “Oh my God, you fuck me so good. I love you so much, baby. Thank you for taking me back. Please fuck me forever, sugar bear. I promise I’ll be good to you.”

He came inside her. Then he collapsed in the bed.

Just as Brandi was about to crawl out of bed, Master added, “Stay here. Keep playing the part.”

Brandi slipped under the covers with Master, just as a girlfriend would. They fell asleep.

It was the middle of the night when Brandi realized her Master wasn’t in bed with her anymore. There was the glow of the computer light on the wall.

Brandi turned, expecting to find her Master on porn. She was ready to go over and service her Master’s dick with her mouth, but then her eyes adjusted and she could see the screen more clearly. Master was on his coworker Alexa’s Facebook page, scrolling pictures. His underwear was on and he wasn’t masturbating.

After about fifteen minutes, Master closed the tab and walked back to the bed. He looked at her and said, “You can stop acting now. Go back to being my slave.”

“Yes, Master,” Brandi said, slipping out of the bed and onto her knees. “Would Master like me to serve him with my mouth?” She opened her mouth wide for demonstration.

“Yes,” Master nodded. He face-fucked her hard, then finished all over her tits.

“Thank you, Master,” Brandi smiled, the cum on her chest glistening in the light of the computer.

“Now get out of here,” Master said and Brandi scurried out of the room. Master went back to bed.

Brandi thought a lot about that night. Was it possible that a relationship was actually what her Master wanted? He wanted kinky sex, of course. He wanted a bitch to suck him off like a vacuum, dress up like a whore, and cater to his every whim. But did he want that all from a girlfriend, not a slave? Was that what he wanted on those nights where he fucked her tenderly? Was this the missing ingredient in her Master’s pleasure?

Brandi didn’t know. And she didn’t want to ask her Master about it, for fear of upsetting him. Upsetting Master was a cardinal sin her mind, against her very purpose for existence.

Nonetheless, Master’s birthday was coming up. And Brandi knew what to get him.

Master woke up on his birthday to a double blowjob from Brandi and Anna together. He finished on Anna’s tits and then watched in pleasure as Brandi licked the cum off of her, all the while eyeing Master hungrily. He recorded the whole thing.

Then he went to his job and Brandi got to work.

She had done the research on Lucy’s schedule. She had even ran a few recon missions to ensure that Lucy’s schedule was reliable. Brandi found her Master’s device and tested it on Anna to ensure she knew how to work it (odd commands like, “Every time I say the word ‘bacon’ to you, you will lift your left leg”).

Brandi left Anna with a series of chores to ensure that the home was perfect and Master’s birthday dinner would be ready. Then Brandi left to go get Master’s gift.

When Master got home, his two bitches met him at the door in sexy lingerie. He was in a good mood and met them both with long, deep kisses. His kiss with Brandi was more tender than with Anna. With his lesser whore, her gripped her tight around the neck as he kissed her.

“Master,” Brandi whispered in his ear. “We have a gift for you on your birthday.”

“Better than the gift you gave me this morning?” he grinned.

“You’ll have to let us know,” Brandi smiled coyly.

They led him to the bedroom and there she was. Lucy was nude except for the bow wrapped around her tits and the collar around her neck. Her hair was bright red, matching the bow. To complete the color scheme, her lips were bright red with lipstick. She was on her knees, for the first of many times, Brandi was sure.

“I am at your disposal, Master,” Lucy said, then opened her mouth.

“Do you like it, Master?” Brandi asked softly. “Or should we take it back and get you something different?”

“Is this… Lucy Radlough? From college?” Master asked. His eyes were wide in what Brandi recognized as lust.

“She was Lucy Radlough, yes,” Brandi said. “Now she is an addition to your harem. A slut for your service.”

“Whose idea was this?” Master said.

“Mine,” Brandi said immediately. She feared for a moment, worried that Master was angry for taking liberties with her duties. She hoped he would see that this was the natural fulfillment of her commission to please her Master in any way possible.

Master turned to her. “I command you to a night of pleasure. I want you to take Anna and go do whatever you want to get yourself off. Masturbate, have her eat you out, I don’t care. But I want you to go pleasure yourself as much as possible. You’ve done very well and this is your reward.”

“Yes Master,” Brandi nodded. “I’m very pleased that you are pleased.”

Brandi took Anna by the hand and led her out of the room. As they left, Brandi heard Master saying, “Now, I guess I should unwrap my present.”

“Yes Master,” Lucy replied.

Brandi masturbated for most of the night. Master had sent Anna along, but Brandi quickly remembered that Master’s dinner needed finishing. He had instructed her to aide in her pleasure in any way she wanted, so Brandi sent her to take care of the dinner.

Brandi rubbed her pussy furiously, all the while envisioning her Master. She thought about how sweet his cum tasted. How he would slap her ass whenever he got really rowdy. She thought about jerking him off while whispering praises in his ear. She thought about the slinky dress and the dinner party, giving him the reputation he wanted. She thought about him fucking Anna’s ass while playing with her titties. She pictured every degrading thing that he was probably doing to Lucy right then.

Brandi knew that her Master probably gave her the night of pleasure with the anticipation she would think about hot guys or acts that most girls would get pleasure from. He sent Anna along so that she could eat her out. But Master didn’t realize that the thing that gave Brandi the most pleasure in the whole world was pleasing him. Every time Brandi came that night, it was to thoughts of degrading sex in service of her Master. And Brandi relished in it.

Lucy was Master’s favorite new toy. He often chose her to fuck when he got home. Brandi didn’t mind, of course. She wanted him to have the most pleasure possible and Lucy was sexy. She had big tits, a nice ass, and Brandi knew from Master’s porn searches that he was partial to redheads.

At some point, Master counted how many sluts he had and realized he could watch his own porn and still have someone sucking his dick. He laid back on his bed, had Anna suck on his dick, and then watched Brandi and Lucy (the bitches with the biggest tits), make out in front of him. They kissed each other passionately, often moving to suck on each other nipples, and always glancing over to their Master and licking their lips suggestively. This apparently worked for their Master, because this quickly became a staple position in their sexual repertoire.

Brandi still awoke her Master every morning with a blowjob. It was her favorite part of the day, starting her Master off right with a slut’s lips around his dick. Nonetheless, as she was laying on display on the bed afterwards on morning, she asked, “Would you prefer Lucy to be doing this in the morning?”

“No,” Master said. “Lucy’s hot and her pussy is tighter, but no one sucks dick like your slutty little lips.” Brandi glowed with the compliment. She revisited it frequently throughout the course of the day, replaying the moment in ecstasy.

After about a week of fucking Lucy nearly exclusively, Master began to fall into a nice routine. Brandi noticed it and began dressing the sluts to match their assumed roles.

Anna was the slut for when Master was angry and wanted to punish fuck someone. He would often take her up the ass, pulling roughly on her hair as he fucked her. As such, Brandi ensured that Anna was always wearing a slave collar and often dressed her in black leather.

Lucy was the slut for when Master wanted to fuck somewhat exotically. Most of the commands for roleplaying went to her. She was the cheerleader, the superheroine, the schoolgirl, or the nurse. Brandi ensured that Lucy was always wearing some vestige of the last fantasy, be it the tiny skirt of the schoolgirl or the panties with little red pluses on them for the nurse.

Brandi was the slut that her Master used whenever he wanted a good ole fashioned blowjob. This ranged from the slow, tender-tongue blowjobs to the rough, throat-destroying face-fucks. He loved finishing on Brandi’s tits, so Brandi was topless almost all of the time.

The tender fucking didn’t stop, however. While Lucy got it once, probably because of her tight pussy, Master almost always did it with Brandi. Brandi did her best to perform, but she still wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted or why he chose her for it.

Once, after fucking her tenderly, they were laying in bed and Master said, “Sometimes I wish I wasn’t always so angry.” He was drifting off to sleep and Brandi didn’t think that he would remember it later, but she thought a lot about it.

That’s what this was all about, wasn’t it? He had been wronged and he was angry. So he was collecting bitches that he could punish for it in pursuit of justice. Sure, some of it was just pure lust, but there was an overwhelming sense of anger. Brandi wondered about that a lot. As much as they fucked, as many beautiful bitches he collected, as many degrading sex acts he had them perform… was there a greater pleasure to be had if it wasn’t all done in anger?

And Brandi thought about the night where he had her perform as a girlfriend. It was for reputation, but he had still had her perform when they were alone. It was a crude imitation of the relationship, a powerplay wrapped in the inherent anger of their shared history. And at the end of it, he hadn’t gone to porn, or to another bitch, or even for a round with the slave-version of Brandi. He had gone to look at his crush from work. Was that what he really wanted? Despite all the punishment, justice, and recompense that his whores represented, did he really just want a relationship?

Brandi thought a lot about this. She thought about it as she woke him up in the morning with her lips and throat. She thought about it as she cleaned his home and sent him pornographic pictures throughout the day. She thought about it when she and the rest of his harem met him at the door so he could pick his pleasure. She thought about it when she was making out with Lucy while Anna serviced his dick with her less-performing tongue. She thought about it at night while she and the other bitches shared the guest bed until their Master had need of them.

And one phrase from Master ran through her mind more than anything, from the originally programming and her original commission: “Your thoughts are exclusively those that benefit or please me.”

Brandi only thought about what benefited her Master. It was her purpose in life to please him to the best of her ability. That was a grand mission and if she didn’t take action to help solve her Master’s anger, she wasn’t fulfilling it to the best of her ability.

Brandi knew how to solve his anger, but she also knew that if she did that he might not have need of his whores anymore. That meant he would be free to pursue the relationship he wanted and the tender love that enslaved sluts couldn’t give him, but it would also mean that he would be deprived of the sexual bliss that his harem gave him. That was unacceptable. The idea of Master wanting to facefuck someone and not being allowed to physically pained Brandi.

Of course, Master could simply start a relationship with someone and then use his device to ensure that she didn’t mind him having a harem of whores catering to his whims, but how was that different from simply having one more whore? Wouldn’t that still be hollow?

It was a paradox. In order to be happy, he needed a real, genuine relationship and kinky, degrading, constant sex. But in order to get one, he would need to sacrifice the other.

Brandi began working on a solution.

One of Master’s friends had invited him on a ski weekend trip. Many of the guys were bringing along girlfriends, so Master decided to bring along Lucy. Brandi was not offended, of course, because her programming didn’t allow it. Lucy was likely going to be playing the role of doting, sexy girlfriend, just as Brandi had for the dinner party.

It also gave Brandi a weekend alone to enact her plans for Master’s happiness.

Master left on a Friday. On Saturday morning, Brandi took the device and gave Anna a list of chores. Then she left.

Just as she had done when acquiring Lucy, Brandi had done some recon on Alexa’s schedule and home, but she wasn’t sure what weekends were like for the girl, because she was always at home with Master. She waited for an hour until she was sure that Alexa was home alone. Then, she knocked on the door.

Alexa was a pretty girl. Her smile was big and genuine. Her tits were amble, but not quite as slutty and large as Lucy’s and Brandi’s.

“Hi, can I help…” Alexa said, stopping as Brandi opened the device.

“You’re going to let me inside,” Brandi said. Alexa immediately stepped to the side.

“Is there anyone else inside the house?”

“No,” Alexa said tonelessly.

“Expecting anyone?”



Brandi got to work. She first asked if Alexa liked her Master.

“I do, but I think he has a girlfriend.”


“Because he gets texts throughout the day. I think they’re sexy pictures. I caught one from the side once.”

“He doesn’t have a girlfriend. And you don’t remember any sexy pictures from his phone.”

Alexa blinked and Brandi watched the memory delete itself.

“Do you want to be in a relationship with him?”

“I do.”

Brandi smiled. This was the genuine relationship that her Master was craving. This was the solution to one of the things that would make him happy. But Brandi needed to be sure that he would get the other end of the equation too.

“Alexa, let’s talk about sex.” Brandi began to reconstruct Alexa’s sexual preferences.

“You love sucking dick.”

“I love it.”

“You love when someone shoves their dick to the back of your throat.”


“You love waking up your man with a blowjob.”

“I love it so much.”

Brandi continued through the scenarios that she knew turned Master on so much:

“You love dressing as a cheerleader for your man and being fucked like the homecoming whore.”

“You love dirty talking in bed and telling him how magnificent he is.”

“You love being called degrading names during sex. You even call yourself these names because it gets your man horny.”

She went on for a while, sculpting the mind of the girl who would be the perfect combination of slut and girlfriend for her Master. She was careful to touch no part of the relationship aspect. She wasn’t going to be the maid during the day or cater to him for dinner every night. She was going to be the genuine girlfriend, until she got into bed with him. Then she was going to be his whore.

Brandi couldn’t resist, however, adding one command outside the strict bedroom:

“You love sending sexy pictures to your man. It makes you horny.”

Then, to ensure that Master had everything he wanted, even that which the whores couldn’t give him, Brandi added, “And when your man wants to be tender, you will love him tenderly.”

“I will,” Alexa said with a smile.

Brandi thought rapidly about all the sexy scenarios and concluded that she had covered every base. But just to ensure that Master would be happy, she added, “And if your man wants to try anything else in bed, you are open and willing. And if he likes it, you will love it.”

“Anything,” Alexa agreed heartily.

Brandi took a deep breath. She had found the girl who could give Master a relationship. Then she had sculpted her to ensure that she would fulfill her Master’s desires in bed. She had balanced the equation, and her Master would never need to know that the sexual elements were not genuine. He would think he had just hit the jackpot.

But there was one more thing to consider. Brandi knew how to take care of Master’s anger and resentment over past relationships, but she would have to make sure that they never surfaced again.

“As long as he wants to be with you,” Brandi said, “you will be with him. Thick and thin. You’ll never give up on this relationship. You’ll never cheat on him. You’ll never leave him. You’ll never stop loving him. Forever.”

“Forever,” Alexa smiled.

Brandi took a deep breath and then nodded. “You’ll not remember this conversation. You will keep all the commands, but you’ll not remember me. You’ll think that you are just very in love and that your sexual preferences changed.”

“No memories,” Alexa agreed.

“Then you’ll sit there for two minutes while I leave and then you’ll go on with your day,” Brandi said. She closed the device. Alexa remained seated in her living room, staring ahead. Brandi left quickly and got back into the car. Brandi looked back at the house. She had left the screen door open behind her. After a moment, Alexa appeared at the door and closed it.

“Take care of my Master,” Brandi said softly. And then she drove back home.

Master got home from his trip and was very tired he fucked Anna’s ass really quick (he said that he was having a craving) and then went to bed. Brandi asked Lucy about the trip and found that Master’s friends were very enamored with his “new girlfriend” and often checked her out. This made Master very happy and they fucked a few times every day. It was an overall successful trip.

The bitches went to bed, but Brandi remained awake, staring at the ceiling. She was nervous, but she knew what she had to do for the sake of her Master’s pleasure.

Midway through the night, she woke up, retrieved the device, and snuck to Master’s bedroom. She crept close to him, with the ear protection already in.

He shifted and looked up at her. “Brandi, what…?”

She opened the device and he grew quiet.

“Master, you’re not angry anymore. All the hurt, pain, and anger at your past relationships is gone now. You don’t carry it anymore.”

“No anger,” Master agreed.

“You won’t remember this. And you’ll go back to sleep.”

Brandi closed the device and her Master went back to sleep. Brandi resisted the urge to suck his dick, then crept back to bed.

In the morning, as Brandi sucked him off, he didn’t mention anything about last night, but something was different in his eyes. He watched her with lust, still, but the fierceness was gone. He still came in her mouth, watched as she swallowed, admired her figure as he got dressed, and smacked her ass on his way out the door, but Brandi knew her command had worked. He wasn’t angry anymore. She hoped that would free him for greater pleasures than they could ever give him.

The rest of the week continued as normal, Master coming home at night, selecting a whore, cumming on one of their tits, and then playing video games before bed. But he didn’t pick Anna at any time—the whore who he enjoyed fucking in the ass. He picked Lucy twice and Brandi twice.

When he got home on Thursday, he announced that he had a date. A girl from work had asked him out. He told the three whores this as Brandi knelt before him, gobbling his dick.

He didn’t come back home on Friday night. He came back on Saturday morning. He was smiling, but when his eyes landed on his whores, the smile wavered some.

“Brandi, I was wrong,” Master said. “It looks like someone sucks dick better than you.”

Master spent most of Saturday contemplative. He fucked them periodically, but most of the time was focused elsewhere. That night, he gathered his girls around and said, “Tomorrow, we’re going to have a big fuck-fest. I’m going to fuck you hard, frequently, and in every way I want it.” The girls squealed with delight, but Brandi knew what this was.

He was saying goodbye.

Master held true to his plan.

He fucked Brandi’s face furiously, holding her head in place and pounding her throat with his dick.

He ticked Anna up, bent her over a chair, and destroyed her ass.

Lucy dressed up as a superhero—one of Master’s favorite—and he tore the costume off before pounding her pussy.

Lucy, Brandi, and Anna had a long, sensuous, nude makeout session on Master’s bed, giving his dick a chance to take a breath. When he commanded, all three girls crawled across the room to him, sucked of his dick and begged for his cum. When he covered Brandi’s tits with it, Lucy and Anna sucked it off her chest while she licked his dick clean.

He filmed them occasionally, but mostly just enjoyed their mouths, tits, pussies, asses, and hands. Master must have been sore by the end, but he ended with a long, sensual blowjob from Brandi, while the other whores cleaned the house up.

Before bed, Master told Brandi to wake him up an hour early.

After the morning blowjob, which Brandi knew to be the last, she licked him clean and then knelt by the side of the bed.

“What are you doing?” Master asked. He was used to her displaying herself on his bed, not kneeling beside it.

“I’m begging, Master,” Brandi said. “I… I have a selfish request. And I am begging you.” The words were hard to come out of her mouth, because it was so self-oriented. She was supposed to be entirely for her Master’s happiness and pleasure. She fought through it to find the capability to speak one selfish request.

“What do you want?” Master asked.

“Master, I know that you plan on sending us away,” Brandi said. “I’m asking… I’m begging… oh please Master… leave yourself a way to bring us back if you want. Some word that would turn us back into your sluts. Some way to unlock this part of us again. I know you want to send us away and I’m not asking for you not to. I’m just asking for you to build in a way for you to change your mind later.”

“I’m… I’m setting you free,” Master said.

Brandi opened her arms and gestured down to herself. She was on her knees, topless, with Master’s cum still on her chin. “This is me free. And I know why you want to do this. But selfishly… I just want to preserve the hope that one day you might use me again as your whore.”

Master reached down to her, grabbed her hair, and pulled back hard. It was the way he treated his property, and Brandi knew it well. Master spit. It landed across her face. With his free hand, he slapped her hard across the cheek. It was bliss.

“You want this?” Master asked. “You want to be my whore?”

“I am always your whore,” Brandi said with a smile. Her head hurt from the pressure on her hair. Her cheek stung. The spit dripped slowly down her cheek. “Even if you send me away. Even if you make me forget. This is me in my purest form. And if someday you are really looking for a blowjob, I hope you remember this.”

“I’ll grant you favor,” Master said.

He commanded them to dress in normal clothes. They stood in his living room and he opened the device. Immediately, Brandi’s mind went blank. The words were like absolute truth in her ear. She accepted them fully.

She was going back to being how she was.

She wouldn’t remember her time as his whore.

She was going to walk out of this house, walk for an hour, and then come back to attention.

She would go back to her old life.

But if she ever saw him again and he called her, “Bitch”, she would revert immediately back to the slut-slave she was.

Despite the device and the truth being poured into her mind, some inner part of Brandi sparked joy at this command.

Then the device closed and Brandi started walking.

It was a year later that Brandi ran into her ex. She was at a restaurant with her boyfriend (he was no good in bed, but he gave her lots of free shit) and her ex-boyfriend bumped into her. On his arm was his girlfriend, who he introduced as Alexa.

Brandi made the proper small talk, although she did take note of the way that her ex admired her figure. After a few minutes, Brandi’s ex and his girlfriend Alexa left. Before turning back to her boyfriend and dropping hints about how gifts were nice, but cash was better, a stray thought crossed Brandi’s mind: “He looks happy with her. And that’s all that really matters.”

That was an odd thing for Brandi to think, but even odder was the thought that followed: “And if he’s ever not, he can bring back his bitch again.”


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