Trample Trance

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #brainwashing #consensual_kink #dom:female #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:male #f/m #femdom_hypnosis #foot_worship #microfiction #spiral_eyes

Jon enjoys getting trampled by his wife’s stinky, hypnotic feet every day she returns from work.

This is the very first story I’m publishing on this site.

Caroline walked over to the front door of her and her husband’s house, and outstretched a finger to ring the doorbell. Caroline could hear her husband Jon scrambling towards the door on all fours, with him immediately laying on the ground on his back near the door.

Caroline carefully opened the door, making sure to not accidentally hit Jon with it. She closed the door and turned to her husband laying on the ground, putting a big smirk on her face.

“Caroline, step on me. Please.” Jon weakly pleaded.

“Well, since you said please.” Caroline teased.

Caroline slowly stepped onto Jon’s chest. Jon let out a grunt that sounded like a mixture of pleasure and discomfort. After walking a little bit on his chest, Caroline decided to ask him an important question.

“Hey hubby?” Caroline asked.


“Would you like me to give you my special “foot treatment,” sweetie?”

Jon’s eyes got wide with excitement.

“Your special “foot treatment?” Oh God, yes!”

“I thought you might want that.” Caroline said.

Caroline positioned herself so she could have plenty of room on Jon’s chest for her feet. She then started to slowly and alternately shuffle her feet across his chest, picking up speed every now and then, not unlike someone shuffling their feet across a carpet. But instead of causing static electricity, green stink lines start emanating from Caroline’s bare feet. Caroline, looking down at Jon, started lightly blowing on the stink lines and causing the stink lines to hit Jon directly in his face. An excited Jon started quickly sniffing in her foot stink, determined to smell up every last bit. The stink lines traveled through his nose until they reached his eyes, pumping spiral-shaped patterns of green foot fumes into his eyes, spinning and twisting around and around, now fully under Caroline’s control. Caroline, still looking down at Jon’s face, decided to start teasing him further.

“Awww, look at my little Hypno Hubby down there, hypnotized and turned on by my sexy stinky feet. Say “Yes Mistress Caroline” if this is all true.

“Yes Mistress Caroline.”

Caroline giggled to herself over her husband’s blind obedience towards her.

“My stinky feet are draining your brain, yet filling your cock and making it so hard for me.” Caroline cooed.


Caroline turned herself around on Jon’s chest and was staring at his massive bulge through his jeans. She used one of her feet to start gently massaging his bulge between her soft toes. The more she massaged his bulge, the more green stink lines kept coming from her foot, surrounding his crotch. Jon was able to smell her feet from there, getting even harder.

“Oh, poor baby.” Caroline cooed out loud. “Let’s get you out of those restricting clothes. You look so uncomfortable straining in those tight jeans of yours. I’ll help you take your clothes off.”

Caroline removed Jon’s jeans and then shortly afterwards pulled down his underwear, finally freeing his rock-hard cock. Caroline then removed the rest of his clothes and threw all his clothes in a nearby pile, until her husband was completely naked, still laying on his back. Caroline brought some of her stinky toes near his nose, and started wiggling her toes. Jon was sniffing her wiggling toes and moaning in pleasure.

“Jonathan, my toes and I command you to roll over onto your stomach!” Caroline laughed.

“Yes Mistress Caroline.”

Caroline got off of her husband’s back, and used one of her feet to help push and roll the mindless Jon onto his stomach.

“Get up for me, honey.” Caroline said. “Up on all fours.”

Jon slowly crawled up until he was standing on all fours like an animal. Caroline then got up to sit on Jon like a horse and pointed towards their couch.

“I want you to carry me over to our couch. I’ll get off of you once you get me there, and then you can get on your hands and knees in front of me.” Caroline explained. She used one of her feet to rub his cock to reinforce her command. “Understood, slave?”

“Yes I understand, Mistress Caroline.”

Jon slowly started walking on all fours towards the couch, struggling to carry his wife on his back, but his desire to serve her every desire and whim pushed him forward to complete his task. When he got to the couch, his wife climbed off of him and onto the couch. Caroline used a single finger to motion Jon to get down on his hands and knees.

“Today I’m using your head as my foot rest. Aren’t your excited?” Caroline asked.

“Oh yes! Your wish is my command, Mistress Caroline!” Jon excitedly exclaimed.

Caroline placed her feet on Jon’s head, and she then grabbed the TV remote off of one of the couch cushions and turned on the TV. While she was watching TV, she would curl her toes through Jon’s hair, tap her toes on top of Jon’s head, and would occasionally lower her feet and command Jon to kiss and lick all over them. After a couple of hours of watching TV, Caroline noticed it was getting late and decided to turn off the TV.

“I want you to carry me up to our room so we can enjoy more sexy feet fun.” Caroline seductively said.

“Yes Mistress Caroline.”

Caroline leapt into his arms and had him carry her bridal-style up to their room. While he was carrying her, Caroline would lift her feet up and command her husband to kiss her feet. While he was kissing her feet, Caroline would lean into his chest and start kissing his chest. They then eventually entered their room, with Caroline’s mind racing with ideas on how to use her hypnotic feet to fuck her husband and fuck her husband’s mind.

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