Toothbrushed & Brainwashed

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #drugged #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #foot_fetish #hypnotic_amnesia #hypnotic_light #mouth_play #toothbrushing

A tooth fairy uses a hypnotic magic wand and a tube of mind-controlling toothpaste to help retrain a young woman back into proper oral hygiene.

Taylor sighed as she wiped some sweat off her brow after a long and tiring day of spring cleaning all throughout her entire house. As she started walking towards her bedroom so she could rest and go to sleep, she briefly turned her attention to the door to her bathroom. She considered brushing her teeth before bedtime, but quickly changed her mind, rationalizing to herself that she felt too tired from the day’s work to take care of her teeth.

Taylor entered her bedroom and immediately climbed onto her bed, closing her eyes. She laid still on her bed as she waited several moments for her overworked body and mind to finally drift off into slumber.

Right before she was about to fall asleep, Taylor was kept up by what sounded like a foot impatiently tapping on the ground in front of her bed. She groggily got up from under the covers and sat up on her bed so she could see what was making that noise, and she was completely shocked by what she saw.

Standing right in front of her bed was a tall woman wearing a white tank top with a big yellow star right on the middle of it, and a small pair of denim shorts with several little white stars that were printed all over. Her feet were adorned by a pair of sparkly light blue high heels with tooth-shaped pom-poms decorating the tips. Her hair was done in a dark blue color, and as Taylor was staring longer at the woman, she swore she could’ve seen her hair sparkling like stars in a dark night sky.

“Wh-who the hell are you?” Taylor stammered out.

“I’m a tooth fairy!” The strange woman cheerfully squeaked out with a massive grin on her face. “My name is Sparkle Star! I’m here to help you get back into the habit of brushing your teeth!”

“Wh…what? I don’t need-“

“Oh, flutterdust!” Sparkle Star swore. “Tonight is the third night this week that you’ve skipped brushing your teeth!”

“How the hell do you know that?” Taylor questioned as she reached out a hand to grab her phone from her nightstand.

“Because the other tooth fairies and I have been monitoring your toothbrushing sessions back in Fairyland.” Sparkle Star admitted with a tone as if Taylor should already know that. “All of us have been appalled by how much you’ve been neglecting your teeth lately. So the tooth fairies called upon me to help train you to get back into daily proper dental care!”

“Well, thanks for admitting to stalking me, I guess.” Taylor said in a deadpan voice as she started dialing a number. She didn’t believe the woman’s claims of being a magical tooth fairy from another world, though she intended on calling the cops because Sparkle Star had somehow stalked her enough to know when she was brushing her teeth.

“Wait, I need to show you something!” Sparkle Star shouted in a bit of a panic.

Taylor looked up at her right before she was about to make the call. “Get out or I will call the cops on you.” She warned.

Sparkle Star quickly grabbed out a large magic wand, except there was a large glass tooth adorning the wand instead of a yellow star. Sparkle flicked a switch on the stem of the wand, causing the tooth on its end to start glowing. The tooth started slowly rotating around and around the end of her wand.

The longer Taylor stared at the glowing tooth spinning around and around, the sleepier and drowsier she felt. She faintly noticed her phone slip out of her hand onto her bedsheet, but she made no effort to try to pick it back up. Sparkle was waving her wand a few times throughout the air, which only increased Taylor’s silent suggestibility.

After several moments of being trapped in a sleepy state, Taylor finally spoke up. “P…please… just let me… sleep… please leave me alone…” She weakly stammered out as she began closing her tired eyes.

Sparkle giggled mischievously as she slammed her wand towards the ground like a staff, which caused the spinning tooth to glow brighter in Taylor’s eyes. “No can do! You can’t close your eyes until after you’ve properly brushed and thoroughly cleaned your teeth!”

Taylor’s eyes grew wide open. She tried closing them again, but was shocked to find that she was physically incapable of closing her eyes no matter how hard she tried.

“Wh-what the fuck have you done to me?!” Taylor was starting to really panic.

“Just getting you into the proper mindset to be retrained into good oral hygiene.” Sparkle casually explained as she waved her magic wand towards the direction of the bedroom door. “You must now follow me into your bathroom to start your retraining lessons.”

Sparkle opened the door to exit the bedroom. Taylor felt her body robotically get up off of the bed through no control of her own, and she was slowly walking towards the door with her arms stretched out in front of her body like a hypnotized zombie. She took note that Sparkle was wearing a pair of fairy wings on her back, which she assumed were fake.

Taylor lumbered her way towards her bathroom, following Sparkle through the door, who continued captivating her attention with her hypnotic magical wand. The spinning, glowing tooth had now permanently etched itself in her brain, and she continued to find herself unable to close her eyes.

Once they were both in the bathroom, Sparkle placed her wand down on the sink counter, and grabbed a nearby toothbrush that she immediately handed to Taylor. “Why don’t you show me how you brush your teeth, and I’ll give you some pointers to help you improve.”

Taylor stuck the head of the toothbrush in her mouth, and started brushing her teeth. However, she was only lazily brushing the front of her teeth up and down with a few strokes, before she placed the toothbrush back in its holder.

“There, you happy now?” Taylor abruptly asked in an indignant tone.

“Uh… no.” Sparkle bluntly retorted back, sounding completely unimpressed. “You call that brushing your teeth? You didn’t brush the sides! You didn’t brush the backs of your teeth. Hell, you didn’t even bother using toothpaste! I’m surprised your mouth isn’t full of cavities!”

“Look lady, I’ve been getting real tired every night with all the house work I’ve been doing lately, and sometimes I just don’t have the energy to perform such a monotonous task right before I curl up on my nice, cozy bed.” Taylor was complaining to Sparkle. “It’s not like I never brush my teeth. And I know you’re not really a tooth fairy. Fairies don’t even exist!”

Taylor pinched the bridge of her nose and gave out an exasperated sigh. “I don’t even know why you care about my personal hygiene so much. I’m twenty-two years old! I’m an adult who can make her own decisions! It’s not like me brushing my teeth or not personally affects you in any way.”

Sparkle slowly stroked her chin as she thought about Taylor’s frustrations. “Well, I guess it’s true what they say. You can’t use hypnosis to force someone to obey a command they absolutely don’t want to follow.”

Sparkle then grabbed out a tube of toothpaste from one of her denim short pockets, and squirted out a small amount of sparkling deep-blue toothpaste onto the head of Taylor’s toothbrush. “That’s what my mind-controlling toothpaste is for!” She cheerfully exclaimed.

Sparkle walked over to where Taylor was, firmly gripped her cheek with her free hand, and then stretched out her cheek so she could look at the sides of Taylor’s teeth.

“Hey, what’s this about hypnosis? Or mind control?!” Taylor asked in a muffled yet nervous voice.

Without saying a word, Sparkle suddenly shoved the toothbrush into Taylor’s mouth and started scrubbing the sides of her teeth. Almost immediately, Taylor could sense the clean, sparkling taste of the paste starting to fizz inside her brain.

“What’s going on?! Why does my brain feel all tingly?!” Taylor was screaming as Sparkle continued forcibly brushing her teeth for her.

“That just means the sparkling power of my toothpaste is working perfectly!” Sparkle giggled in a seemingly innocent-sounding tone that was secretly malicious. “It’s scrubbing your brain clean as it’s cleaning your teeth! You need a nice, clean mind before you can truly be retrained back into good dental habits. And you thought I wasn’t a real fairy.” Sparkle teased her.

“Nooo…pleaseleave me alone…I promise I’ll brush my teeth more often…just leave me alone…”

Sparkle was now brushing the backs of Taylor’s teeth. “That’s not good enough! You have to promise me that you’ll brush your teeth every single night.” Sparkle emphasized her last three words with quick long strokes of the toothbrush against the front of Taylor’s teeth.

“Every single night…” Taylor repeated in a monotone.

“There, that’s a good start.” Sparkle lightly praised as she led her to the sink. “Now, I want you to spit out the toothpaste currently swishing around in your mouth into the sink below.”

Taylor obeyed, and then Sparkle handed her a small paper cup filled with water. “Rinse out your mouth, spit in there, and watch the paste slide down the drain. Every time you do this, you’ll lose a part of your free will.”

Taylor did as she was told, and mindlessly watched a piece of her free will literally go down the drain. Sparkle forced her mouth back open to study her teeth.

“Oh my! Your teeth still look positively filthy!” Sparkle chided her. “That’s what happens when you don’t brush your teeth each and every day. Well, it’s nothing a few more brain-scrubbing sessions can’t fix.”

Sparkle squirted some more of her toothpaste onto the head of the brush and shoved it back in Taylor’s mouth, starting the process all over again.

“Wait, stop! I can start brushing my own teeth now!” Taylor cried.

“I don’t know why you’re so upset by all of this. You should be grateful that I’m brushing your teeth with my special patented “Dark Night Sky” flavored toothpaste. It tastes and sparkles like all of the stars in the sky!” Sparkle laughed out loud as Taylor felt the toothpaste fizzing and erasing her brain with the sparkles of the stars.

“Now’s a good time to teach you my favorite toothbrushing rhyme! Are you ready?” Sparkle joyfully asked as she was scrubbing the bottoms of Taylor’s teeth.


“Great!” Sparkle ignored her protests.

Brush your teeth

Brush your teeth

To keep them clean and neat

Brush up and down and all around

You must accept defeat

Brush them once

Brush them twice

Brush them and obey

When you’re under my control

You’ll keep cavities away!

Despite herself, Taylor started repeating her rhyme in a mindless monotone.

Brush your teeth

Brush your teeth

To keep them clean and neat

Without even realizing it, Taylor was having her teeth brushed a fourth time over by Sparkle, and had lost a significant amount of her free will down the drain. While repeating the opening lyrics, Taylor’s eyes rolled back into her head from Sparkle’s constant mental assault.

Within her entranced brain, Taylor imagined herself sitting in a movie seat in the middle of an empty theatre, directly facing the screen that represented her mind. Taylor tried escaping, but found herself unable to leave due to her wrists having been tied to the arms of the theatre seat.

Within her intense daydream, Taylor saw Sparkle Star rolling a cart of dental equipment up the theatre aisle. Sparkle was wearing a sexy form-fitting dress that vaguely resembled a dentist’s jacket, and also wore a pair of luxurious pantyhose made out of magic fairy dust that heavily emphasized her long, shapely legs. She grabbed two sickle scalers from the cart, walked behind Taylor’s seat, and used the hooks on the ends to pull up on Taylor’s eyelids, forcing her to watch every second of the screen.

Brush up and down and all around

You must accept defeat

On the movie screen, Taylor saw Sparkle waving a tooth-shaped pendant up and down and all around. She had no choice but to follow every movement of the pendant with her eyes.

Brush them once

Brush them twice

Brush them and obey

Taylor saw herself on the screen mindlessly brushing her teeth back and forth like a perfectly well-oiled machine, while Sparkle carefully watched over her every move.

When you’re under my control

You’ll keep cavities away!

Taylor saw Sparkle spinning a hypnotic spiraling wheel on the screen towards the camera. The spiral had the same color as Sparkle’s hair and her toothpaste. The POV shifted to showing Taylor staring into the hypnotic wheel, with spirals spinning fast in her eyes, as she brushed all around her teeth in a spiral pattern to keep the cavities away.

Taylor suddenly woke back up from her daydream spitting and rinsing out the last of her free will down into the sink.

“Well, it took about a half-dozen sessions, but I finally brushed your rotten teeth into an acceptable level of cleanliness.” Sparkle boasted to Taylor. “Let this be a good lesson to remember; always brush your teeth every night. I’ll let you keep my magical tube of mind-controlling toothpaste. No matter how much you squeeze out, it never runs out!” Sparkle laughed out loud. “Now you have no excuse to not have my lessons of proper oral hygiene be permanently embedded into your very soul.”

Sparkle placed the tube back on the counter and started heading towards the door. “C’mon, you’ve earned your rest. Why don’t you go back to bed now?”

Sparkle started creaking the door open, but stopped when she heard Taylor ask her one simple question.

“What’s a bed?”

Sparkle turned back around to look at Taylor, confused by her question at first, but then smiled when she realized what was going on.

“Whoopsie! I may have scrubbed your brain clean one too many times. Looks like I’ve accidentally caused you to temporarily lose all of your memories!” The fairy mischievously giggled.

“What’s a memory?” Taylor asked in a dazed-sounding voice.

“Nothing to worry your pretty empty head about. You’ll regain your memories in the morning when the residue of my sparkling toothpaste wears off.” Sparkle reassured her as she locked her arm with Taylor and led her out the door back towards her bedroom. She used her free hand to wave her magic wand about, keeping Taylor trapped in a sparkly, obedient daze as she mindlessly stared at the glowing tooth adorning the wand.

Sparkle had Taylor crawl onto her bed, and pulled up a large blanket over her. “Now you get a nice long sleep, ok sweetie?”

“What is sleep?”

“This.” Sparkle cooed as she lightly tapped Taylor’s forehead with her magic wand. “You may close your eyes now.” Taylor’s eyes immediately slammed shut. “Sweet dreams, Taylor.”

“What’s a dream?”

Sparkle chuckled over Taylor’s question. “Dreams are kind of like memories you experience while you’re asleep. Except in a dream, anything is possible!” Sparkle was happily explaining to her as she started stroking her hand throughout Taylor’s long black hair, causing Taylor to let out a soothed sigh.

Sparkle leaned her head closer to whisper in Taylor’s ear. “You could dream about me continuing to retrain you into being the best toothbrusher that I know you could be. Or you could dream about receiving a kiss from me by working hard to keep your teeth perfectly spotless and shiny. Or you could-“

“What’s a kiss?” Taylor interrupted, eyes still closed.

“This is a kiss.” Sparkle answered by leaning in even closer, and planted a small kiss on Taylor’s lips. Taylor’s mouth curled up into a small smile as she squirmed a bit under the covers.

“Mmm… I really like kisses.” Taylor moaned out in a pleased voice. “Can you kiss me again?”

“That’s ‘may you kiss me again.’” Sparkle corrected her.

“I’m sorry. May you kiss me again?”

“Just the cheek for now.” Sparkle left a small peck on her cheek, which Taylor savored by lightly covering her cheek with her hand, slowly rubbing up and down. “If you want me to kiss you upon your lips again, you must ensure that you brush your teeth every single night to keep them so sparkly and clean. Can you do that for me?”

“That’s ’may you do that for me?’” Taylor teased her back with a cheeky smile.

“I’m sorry. May you do that for me?” Sparkle giggled.

“Yes, Ms. Sparkle Star.”

“Thank you. I’ll check back on you a week from today to see how far you’ve progressed. See you later, Taylor.”

“Who is Taylor?”

You are Taylor, silly!” Sparkle laughed as she used her hand to ruffle the hair on Taylor’s empty head, which made Taylor laugh back. Sparkle then finally went out the door to return to Fairyland.

Throughout the entire night, Taylor was dreaming about Sparkle Star continuing to train her in the art of proper dental care. They were both in her bathroom, and Sparkle had Taylor directly facing her mirror as she had started to have her now brush her teeth by herself. Sparkle was studying Taylor’s every move in the mirror.

“Repeat my mantra. Up, down, all around. Up, down, all around.” Sparkle chanted.

“Up, down, all around. Up, down, all around.” Taylor repeated in a monotone as she brushed her teeth in perfect tandem with her new mantra.

After several minutes of brushing, Sparkle forcibly opened Taylor’s mouth with her hand to study her teeth.

“There’s still some room for improvement, but you’ve been greatly improving your toothbrushing abilities. I’m so proud of you!” Sparkle cheerfully praised.

Sparkle gave Taylor a kiss upon her lips as a reward for her efforts, immediately followed by several smaller kisses around her face. Taylor felt herself blushing profusely over Sparkle’s treatment of her.

Sparkle turned Taylor back around so she was facing the mirror again. “If you want me to keep kissing you, you must make sure you clean your teeth into a winning smile as bright and sparkly as mine.”

Sparkle made a big smile, showing off her perfectly flawless teeth to Taylor. Her pristine teeth were literally sparkling right in Taylor’s face through the mirror, deepening her further and further down into an entranced daze.

A winning smile

The following morning, Taylor woke up from her dream with a splitting headache. She had regained her memories that she had lost the previous night, although she instantly forgot what she had dreamed about, at least on a conscious level.

Taylor sat up on her bed and threw off her blanket, and was surprised to see that her panties had become wet.

Wow, I must’ve had one hell of a good dream. Too bad I can’t remember any of it. She thought to herself.

Over the course of the following week, Taylor made extra sure that she always brushed her teeth every night before bed no matter how tired she may have felt. Throughout each day, every time she closed her eyes, she could see the image of the glowing tooth on the end of Sparkle’s wand behind her eyelids, continuously spinning around and around in a constant loop.

The continual sparkling of the glowing tooth that was always flashing behind her eyelids was a constant reminder of Taylor’s new desire to brush her teeth every night in order to please her mistress, and she always obeyed her mistress.

Taylor continued using Sparkle’s special “Dark Night Sky” toothpaste that she had left behind for her. The flavor of a star-filled sky was admittedly an acquired taste, but one that Taylor started getting used to, and even started genuinely liking. She also started enjoying the sparkling sensation the toothpaste was causing on her teeth and throughout her brain.

Up, down, all around. Up, down, all around. Taylor repeatedly chanted in her head as she brushed her teeth, not recognizing that her new mantra had originated from her dream. Brush your teeth, brush your teeth, to keep them clean and neat.

Taylor’s brain was fizzing and popping every time she used Sparkle’s toothpaste, although since she was now brushing her teeth every night, she only needed to use her toothbrush once per session, so she only spit out a little of her free will down the sink instead of erasing her whole mind like with her session with Sparkle.

Now a whole week had passed since Sparkle had visited her and started her retraining. Taylor was sitting down on her sofa watching some TV. Taylor looked at the time on her phone and noticed that it was getting very late. She turned off the TV and got off of the sofa, turning her attention towards the bathroom door. She started walking a few steps, but was suddenly stopped in her tracks by the sound of a foot tapping the ground behind her.

Taylor turned around to face her front door, and saw Sparkle Star standing right in front of it. She briefly wondered how she could have entered her home without having opened the door as she hadn’t heard Sparkle make a single sound, but then quickly realized that since she is a fairy, she probably used her magic wand to teleport herself into her house.

“Hi Taylor!” Sparkle giddily greeted as she excitedly ran over to where Taylor was. “I’m here to check on your progress to having a perfectly pristine smile just like mine!”

Sparkle brought out her hypnotic magic wand and flicked the switch to the “on” position. Taylor was immediately brought back under Sparkle’s spell, as the spinning and glowing tooth flashed and sparkled right before her very eyes. Sparkle turned her wand so that the tooth was pointing directly towards Taylor, and waved her wand back and forth in order to deepen Taylor’s trance. Taylor’s eyes moved in perfect tandem with the waving of the wand, back and forth.

“Follow me, Taylor!” Sparkle happily exclaimed as she walked past Taylor towards the direction of the bathroom. Taylor robotically turned her body around to follow behind Sparkle’s footsteps, with her arms stretched out in front of her body.

When they both entered the bathroom, Sparkle set her wand back down on the sink counter. She forcibly pulled down on Taylor’s lower lip so she could study her teeth again, but was genuinely shocked by what she saw.

“Th-this can’t be possible!” Sparkle practically cried out in horror. “Your teeth look even worse than they did last week! But I’ve been monitoring your every bathroom session back in Fairyland this past week, and I’ve personally watched you brush your teeth every night! How could this be?!”

Sparkle pulled up on Taylor’s upper lip to double check, and was dismayed to see that her upper teeth looked just as filthy. “Honestly, it looks as if you’ve been eating toe jam all day!” Sparkle frustratedly exclaimed.

“Well… I, uh… that’s kinda technically true…” Taylor sheepishly admitted.

“Wait, what?!”

“You see, my girlfriend Tabitha and I both have a foot fetish.” Taylor began to explain. “We sometimes like to meet up at her house or mine so we can worship each other’s feet for fun. I didn’t think it would be a big deal as long as I brushed my teeth every night.”

Taylor noticed that Sparkle had a completely unamused expression on her face, so she tried lightening the mood by flashing her an innocent-looking smile. Unfortunately, Taylor’s teeth were so dirty, that Sparkle had nearly thrown up in her mouth from the sight.

“Alright, I really don’t get the whole appeal of feet. But you do you, I guess.” Sparkle had been covering her mouth with her hand in disgust, though she removed her hand a few moments later to try to regain her composure. “But if you want to continue worshipping your girlfriend’s feet, I’m going to have to adjust your attraction to her feet a bit. Unless you want me to brush your teeth five times every day and erase your mind each time.”

Sparkle picked her wand back up, turned it on, and pointed the glowing tooth in the direction of the toilet. She commanded Taylor to sit down on the lid, who immediately complied. After setting her magic wand back down, Sparkle grabbed her special toothpaste, found a small stool nearby, and positioned the stool right in front of Taylor.

Sparkle sat down on the stool and immediately removed one of her high heels, exposing her sparkly light blue-colored toenails right in front of Taylor. Taylor was already being sent down into a deeper trance as Sparkle wiggled her toes right in front of her face, and Taylor could see that her toes were just as sparkly, clean, and perfectly pristine as her smile.

Sparkle squeezed out a dollop of her toothpaste directly onto one of her big toenails. “Alright, let’s help get you back on the right track to earning your winning smile.”

My winning smile” Taylor mindlessly repeated.

Sparkle shoved her big toe right into Taylor’s waiting mouth, using her toe to aggressively rub the toothpaste all over her teeth. She brushed her toenail up, down, and all around the fronts, sides, and the backs of Taylor’s teeth.

Taylor sensed the fizzing and sparkling power of the dark blue toothpaste slowly overtaking her entire brain again, giggling over every tingle that was tickling her mind. The taste of the toothpaste had already been growing on her, but its flavor combined with the taste of Sparkle’s big toe had formed a very welcome combination on the tips of her tastebuds.

Sparkle removed her toe from Taylor’s mouth so she could lead her to the sink and have her spit out some of her free will. She sat Taylor back down and raised her foot in front of her face, wiggling her big toe in small hypnotic circles, which Taylor obediently followed with her eyes.

“From now on, you will only feel arousal towards tidy toes. Spotless soles. Hygienic heels.” Sparkle was twisting Taylor’s fetish around to help her achieve her goal. “You will now find filthy and dirty feet to be absolutely revolting, and you will only worship someone’s feet if they take the time to have them properly cleaned.”

Taylor was drooling a little over Sparkle’s bright, shiny toe. “Tidy toes. Spotless soles. Hygienic heels.” She repeated in a monotone as she felt a twinge of pleasure beginning to build up in her body. “I only feel arousal towards properly clean feet.”

Sparkle squeezed out some more toothpaste onto her toenail, and stuck her big toe back in Taylor’s mouth to continue forcibly brushing her teeth for her. Taylor moaned out loud as her eyes rolled back into her head, and she found herself sitting in the same seat in the imaginary theatre, facing the large screen once more.

A still image of Tabitha’s feet had flashed upon the screen. They looked just as dirty as the last time Taylor had worshipped them, but now she was absolutely revolted by what she was looking at, to the point where she had nearly thrown up. There was a big red X near the image as if to indicate that she was staring at a “bad” picture.

After a solid minute, the still image was replaced by another. Taylor was now looking at the same pair of feet, except the feet were now entirely spotless and clean, so spotless that they were actually sparkling.

Taylor felt her heart starting to throb at the sight, as her pleasure was slowly building inside of her. She noticed a big green check mark near the image as if to indicate that she was staring at a “good” picture.

Within her daydream, Sparkle Star had snuck behind her again, wearing the same sexy dentist outfit she had worn during last week’s session. Sparkle grabbed out her sickle scalers and used their hooks to pull up on Taylor’s eyelids to make sure the pictures on the screen would be permanently burned inside her brain forever.

The image shifted to the “bad” one again, and this time there were added stink lines that had been drawn in near Tabitha’s feet. Taylor’s arousal immediately started dying down as she felt herself becoming queasy.

The image shifted back to the “good” one again, a bit more quickly this time, and the sparkles near Tabitha’s feet were now animated, shining brightly in Taylor’s vision. She felt her arousal starting to increase again.

The screen kept shifting to the dirty image and the clean image faster and faster with every passing second, as Taylor desperately tried keeping up with the increasing speed as she felt her level of arousal constantly fluctuating, rising and falling every time the picture on the screen changed. The pupils in Taylor’s eyes were rapidly flicking back and forth in tandem with the pictures of Tabitha’s feet constantly sliding in and out of frame.

Sometimes, the image of Tabitha’s clean feet would remain on the screen long enough for Taylor to almost have a climax, until it would suddenly change into the image of Tabitha’s dirty feet, causing her arousal to come crashing down, until the image of her clean feet popped up again and she felt her arousal heating up once more, in a continual cycle.

Eventually, the image of Tabitha’s pretty and pristine feet remained on screen long enough for Taylor to finally cum as she felt massive amounts of raw pleasure practically oozing out of every pore, and electrical charges of lust surging throughout her entire body and mind.

When Sparkle removed the scalers from Taylor’s eyes, she finally dozed off within her daydream, completely exhausted from her intense orgasm.

When she eventually awoke from her daydream, she quickly realized that Sparkle was cradling her naked body in her arms, carrying her bridle-style towards her bedroom. Sparkle noticed that Taylor had finally awoken.

“Oh good, you’re finally up!” Sparkle cheerfully greeted her. “I had to remove your clothes for you while you were sleeping because they were completely soiled with your juices!” Sparkle giggled to herself as she entered Taylor’s bedroom and lowered her onto her bed, lifting the blanket over her body for her. “Next time you see Tabitha, you’re only going to want to worship her toes if they’re completely neat and tidy!”

“Who is Tabitha?”

“Why, your girlfriend, of course!” Sparkle laughed out loud. “I guess that’s what forcibly brushing one’s teeth with brainwashing toothpaste does to someone. You’ll remember who she is again in the morning. Maybe next time you meet up with her, you might want to share my special toothpaste with her so you can help get her teeth back to being a winning smile just like yours right now. And have her clean her toes too.” Sparkle let out a small chuckle.

“What are toes?”

Sparkle sat down on Taylor’s bed, lifting her feet near Taylor’s head to wiggle all of her toes in her face. “These pretty little things.” Sparkle seductively chuckled as Taylor felt her cheeks blush bright red.

“Now why don’t you give my toes a nice goodnight kiss, alright sweetie.” Sparkle continued wiggling her toes in her face, but Taylor just simply laid there, still staring at her feet.

“Now, don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten what a kiss is.” Sparkle teased.

Taylor blushed harder as she gave a small, embarrassed smile. “I’m sorry. Could you teach me what a kiss is again?”

“Of course.” Sparkle pressed her toes against Taylor’s face hard enough to force some kisses out of her. Taylor giggled as she puckered up her lips to deliberately plant several kisses all over Sparkle’s toes.

“Kisses are so nice…” Taylor happily sighed.

Sparkle used her toes to gently close Taylor’s eyelids to help guide her into a good night’s sleep, and left a longer kiss on her lips, which made Taylor shudder in lust under her blanket. Sparkle slowly walked out the bedroom door and turned off the lights.

“Sweet dreams, Taylor.”

All throughout the night, Taylor continued experiencing dreams of her mistress Sparkle Star retraining her into proper dental care and to clean her teeth back into the winning smile she so desperately wanted now. However, now she was having increasingly erotic dreams getting mixed in.

Taylor dreamt of Sparkle gently rubbing the head of a toothbrush against her nipples, the texture causing her nipples to stiffen up.

Taylor dreamt about repeatedly being made to shine Sparkle’s heels, kissing the tips of her heels before she gently placed them upon her feet.

Taylor dreamt of Sparkle planting little kisses all over her entire naked body, stretched out over the entire length of her bed.

When Taylor awoke in the morning with her newly regained memories, she thought she could smell a tangy scent stemming from her bed. She removed her blanket and was shocked to find that not only was her bedsheet completely soaked, but she had crawled into bed the previous night without wearing a single thing.

I must’ve been really tired last night. Taylor thought to herself. I still wish I could remember what the hell is happening in my erotic dreams.

Taylor entered the bathroom to use her toilet, noticing the tube of “Dark Night Sky” toothpaste that was still sitting on the sink counter. With her mind racing with ideas of what she could use it for, she then left her bathroom so she could give her girlfriend Tabitha a call.

Taylor used her phone to call her girlfriend as she grabbed her bedsheet, heading for the washing machine.

After a few rings, Tabitha answered her call, and Taylor put her on speakerphone as she began preparing the detergents to start washing her sheet.

“Hey Taylor, how’s it going?” Tabitha happily asked her.

“Things are going pretty good.” Taylor answered her as she opened the top of her washing machine to drop her bedsheet into. “I was wondering if maybe you wanted to have a sleepover at your house this week?”

“That sounds great, Taylor!” Tabitha excitedly agreed. “How about this Friday at six?”

“It’s a date!” Taylor slammed down the top of her washing machine and turned it on to the correct temperature and time to begin washing her sheet. “And by the way, I’ve got something special that I’d love to show you during our sleepover, but I’ve gotta keep it a secret for now.”

“Sounds exciting. See you then!”

On Friday afternoon, Taylor drove over to her girlfriend’s house so they could have their sleepover. Tabitha graciously greeted her at the door, and they both sat down on her couch. After sharing with each other how their days had been, Tabitha removed her shoes and socks, exposing her dirty feet to Taylor.

“I was wondering if you’d like to worship each other’s feet again.” Tabitha suggested to Taylor, but was surprised to see that Taylor looked nauseated from looking at her feet.

“What‘s wrong, Taylor?” Tabitha innocently asked. “I thought you liked my feet.”

“I-it’s not that…” Taylor struggled to explain as she was holding a hand over her mouth in disgust. “I like your feet. I just don’t want to make out with them when they’re as dirty as they are right now.” Taylor was trying as hard as she could to keep herself from puking.

“Oh… ok…” Tabitha sounded a little confused. “I thought you didn’t really mind that much last time we worshipped each other’s feet a few days ago. But I guess tastes can change over time. I can wash my feet for you, if you want.”

Taylor thanked Tabitha as she walked to her bathroom to wash and clean her feet. Several minutes later, she returned to her couch to show off her squeaky clean feet to Taylor. Taylor felt herself fall into a light trance at the sight of Tabitha’s sparkly feet, and she felt her arousal start to build up inside of her.

“So, I take it that you probably cleaned your feet too, right?” Tabitha asked.

“Yeah. I didn’t use to care about that sort of thing, but I was recently looking at my bare feet the other day, and I just could no longer stand how dirty they looked.” Taylor admitted.

Taylor removed her shoes and socks, and she and Tabitha began worshipping each other’s feet for a long time, with Taylor’s tongue licking in and out of Tabitha’s toes, and Tabitha running her tongue along the length of Taylor’s soles.

Late that night, Taylor and Tabitha were in the bathroom about to brush their teeth for the night. Taylor suddenly realized that she had almost forgotten about Sparkle’s special toothpaste that she had lent her, so she left to go retrieve it from her bag, and brought it with her into the bathroom.

“Hey Tabitha, I almost forgot to tell you that a new friend of mine shared this awesome toothpaste with me. It’s been absolutely crucial in helping me achieve a winning smile.” Taylor was fondly reminiscing about Sparkle’s intense retraining methods that had conditioned her to become obsessed with her oral hygiene.

Taylor grabbed a toothbrush and squirted some of her toothpaste onto it. “The taste is a little strange at first, but I’m sure you’ll eventually grow to love it just as much as I have. It kind of tastes like the stars in the sky! You need to try it!”

Tabitha was a little weirded out by Taylor’s description. “Ehhh… I think I’m good. I’ve got my own toothpaste that works just fine for me.”

Taylor suddenly grew a sinister smirk on her face as she was slowly stepping closer to Tabitha, toothbrush in hand. “I wasn’t asking.”

“Uhhh… Taylor, what are you doing?” Tabitha nervously asked.

Taylor suddenly stuck the toothbrush in Tabitha’s mouth, and was rigorously rubbing the toothpaste up, down, and all around against her teeth. Tabitha experienced the same sparkling, fizzing sensation searing her entire brain that Taylor previously felt when Sparkle had forcibly brushed her teeth.

“Wait, Taylor! Stop! Your toothpaste is making my head feel funny!” Tabitha shouted in protest, though Taylor ignored her pleas.

“I’m so excited to share my favorite tooth brushing rhyme that my mistress taught me!” Taylor was delighted to subject Tabitha to the same brainwashing she went through. “It’s a real earworm! Once it squeezes itself into your brain, it will remain there forever!”

Noooooo” Tabitha weakly protested.

When you’re under my control

You’ll keep cavities away…


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