by Hypnautical Nonsense

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Kate buys a bottle of hypnotic body paint that she uses to turn her breasts into hypnotic, spiraling weapons in order to bring her husband Joshua under her control.

Kate was turning her latest purchase in her hand, over and over again. She had recently bought a bottle of hypnotic body paint from a website called MC Products. She didn’t necessarily want to have to resort to this, but she felt that her husband Joshua was paying too much attention to her tits rather than what she had to say. This product would make her husband focus on both her words and her tits.

Kate squeezed out a small amount of the body paint on her finger. She pulled off her shirt and bra and starting tracing spirals on her left tit, and then proceeded to trace spirals on her right tit using more of the body paint. She stopped when she had painted massive hypnotic spirals on her breasts. Kate was extremely excited to test out her new body paint on her husband. Putting her shirt and bra back on, she called for Jacob to come over into the computer room to show off to him what the hypnotic body paint could do.

“What now?” Joshua complained.

“I thought we could talk to each other about how our days went.” Kate suggested.

“Eh, I dunno. I’m kinda busy.”

“Please? I promise I won’t take up much of your time.” Kate pleaded.

“Oh, alright. But let’s not try to take too long, ok.” Joshua begrudgingly accepted.

Kate was pretty annoyed at how impatient and passive-aggressive her husband was acting towards her, but she quickly forgot her annoyance when her excitement over her planned experiment took over.

Kate was talking about how her day had gone. Joshua poorly attempted to seem like he was listening to what she had to say, but Kate could tell that he was focusing more on her breasts than her words, and was tuning her out. At the right moment, she took off her top, exposing her spiral-painted tits to Joshua. She started slowly kneading her tits with her hands, picking up speed every several seconds. As she was kneading her tits faster and faster, the spirals she painted on them appeared to be spinning around and around. As Joshua’s eyes got bigger from the display his wife was showing him, he started drooling out of the corner of his mouth. As he stared deeper and deeper into Kate’s spiraling tits, his own eyes were soon filled with spinning spirals that matched the spiral patterns Kate had painted on her tits.

“For far too long, you have been refusing to listen to what I have been saying, and always tuning me out.” Kate started. “But now, my hypnotic tits are going to change that. My tits will make it so that your brain will soak up every word I say to you. My tits will make it so that your mind will obey any command I give to you. My tits will make you such an attentive and obedient listener.” Kate commanded.

Kate abruptly stopped kneading her tits. This knocked Joshua for a loop, causing him to stumble on his feet all over the room in a daze, with the spirals constantly going in and out of his eyes.

“I will…listen…to whatever…you have to…say…Your hypnotic tits…will make me…obey…your every command…” a dazed Joshua slurred out.

Kate leaned out towards her husband, putting her mouth near one of his ears to whisper in it.

“You want to give me a full body massage…all over my body. You want to rub all over my body so badly, don’t you?” Kate cooed.

Kate rubbed her breasts around a few more times, causing the spirals to spin faster in Joshua’s eyes.

“Mmmm… you might want to tell me that you’re too busy today, but the spirals in your eyes are telling me “Yes Mistress.” Right?” Kate teased.

Kate, taking out her index finger, started tracing circles around one of Joshua’s spiraling eyes. Joshua was following the movement of her finger around his eye, making the spiral in his eye spin around faster.

“Y-y-y-yes, Mistress.” Joshua stammered.

“That’s a good boy!” Kate giggled. She kissed him on the cheek, making him blush.

Kate stepped away from him and started walking towards the couch. She then got a fun idea in her head. She turned around, shaking her tits around while walking towards their couch backwards, causing Joshua to become further hypnotized. Kate motioned for Joshua to start slowly walking towards her with his arms stretched out in front of him like a zombie, while she continued walking backwards shaking her hypno tits in his direction.

“You are under my controoooool! You are under my controoooool!” Kate dramatically intoned, albeit breaking out into laughing fits.

“Yes, Mistressssss. Yes, Mistressssss.” Joshua moaned out.

They both eventually made their way to the couch, with Kate taking off her pants and laying down on her stomach on the couch, exposing her entire naked body. She motioned for Joshua to start rubbing his hands all over her backside, having him use his hands to rub over her feet, her legs, her butt, her back, her shoulders, her neck, and then rubbing her all the way back down to her feet. Kate had Joshua help her onto her back. Kate was rubbing her hypnotic tits to control Joshua into massaging the front of her body to her exact specifications.

After the massage was done, Kate sat up on the couch and had Joshua sit up next to her. Kate started rubbing her hypno tits right in Joshua’s face. The spirals in his eyes got even bigger and were spinning faster.

“You will never tune me out ever again. Every single word I say will sink into your mind like a rock, making you unable to forget anything I tell you.” Kate commanded.

Kate briefly kissed Joshua on his lips.


“I will never tune you out ever again. Every single word you say will sink into my mind like a rock, making me unable to forget anything you tell me.” Joshua repeated in a monotone.

“You will never complain whenever I want to talk to you ever again. You will obey my every command and my every whim without hesitation.”

Another kiss on his lips.


“I will never complain whenever you want to talk to me ever again. I will obey your every command and your every whim without hesitation.”

“As long as the spirals in your eyes keep spinning, you will be incapable of disobeying me and any command I give you.”

Another kiss on his lips.


“As long as the spirals in my eyes keep spinning, I will be incapable of disobeying you and any command you give me.”

“Good boy! You’re learning so fast!” Kate exclaimed. “Nighty night, Joshy!”

Kate snapped her fingers, causing Joshua’s eyes to immediately slam shut as he fell over on his side on the couch. Kate leaned down over him to whisper in his ear.

“Sweet dreams, Joshy. Sweet dreams about my hypnotic spiraling tits taking you further down into my control.” Kate whispered.

As Joshua was dreaming about worshipping Kate’s spiral-covered tits, Kate continued whispering more commands into his ear.

The next day…

Joshua got up off of the couch after he woke up. Before he could do anything else, Kate stepped in front of him holding up a trash bag with her hand.

“Time to take out the trash, Joshy!” Kate exclaimed in a sing-song voice.

Gently placing the trash bag on the ground, Kate immediately started rubbing her tits, causing the painted spirals to start spinning around, and the spirals returned in Joshua’s eyes.

“Would my darling spiral-eyed slave take out the trash for me this morning?” Kate innocently asked, while fluttering her eyelids at him.

“Yes Mistress.”

Kate threw her arms around Joshua in a big embrace.

“Awww, you’re the best, Joshy!” Kate praised while peppering his face with several kisses.

As Joshua nearly opened the door to go outside, Kate suddenly stopped him. Joshua turned around to see Kate rubbing her hypno tits some more.

“That outfit you’re wearing just simply won’t do. I must get you into some proper work attire.” Kate said.

Kate stripped off all of Joshua’s clothes, and had him put on a tight pair of undies, making Joshua wear that and only that.

“There, now you’ve got the proper outfit on for all the chores you’re going to be doing for me today.” Kate explained.

Kate then stretched out the elastic on the back of his undies and let go, making it snap back, laughing at his surprise. She gave his partially exposed balls a brief yet firm squeeze. Joshua got out the door walking to the front of their yard with their trash in hand.

“Must obey my wife’s commands. Must obey my wife’s commands.”


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