Tickle Tickle

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #bondage #dom:female #f/m #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:male #consensual_kink #femdom_hypnosis #foot_fetish #spiral #spiral_eyes #tickling

Lindsey subjects her boyfriend Dylan to some hypnotic tickle torture.

Lindsey had just finished tying up her boyfriend Dylan to a chair, making sure that the ropes were tight enough so he couldn’t escape, but not so tight that they felt uncomfortable. She restrained his legs in such a way that his bare feet were sticking out the front of the chair instead of on the ground.

She pulled out a small feather that she had plucked out of a pillow earlier, and brought it closer to Dylan. “Do you still want to go through with this?” Lindsey asked her boyfriend. Dylan excitedly nodded his head, feeling giddy over all of the fun they were about to have.

Lindsey held the feather over to his feet and lightly stroked down his right sole with it. Dylan giggled a bit. His giggling increased when she lightly stroked down his left sole with the feather.

Lindsey then started quickly increasing the speed of her hand, quickly stroking up and down his right foot with the feather. Dylan’s giggling immediately changed into roaring laughter, and he kept shifting from exclaiming to his girlfriend to stop ticking him so hard, to encouraging her to tickle him even harder. His mind was a jumbled mess, not sure what to choose.

Lindsey moved the feather to his left foot and started quickly rubbing up and down his foot, making Dylan laugh even harder. Lindsey was moving the feather to and fro, tickling both of his feet.

“Ok, ok, enough! I can’t stand it anymore! This is getting unbearable!” Dylan exclaimed in between laughs.

Lindsey tossed the feather to the side. “But we can’t stop now! We haven’t even gotten to your favorite part yet.” Lindsey was teasing Dylan.

Dylan’s eyes widened, his eyes showing an expression that was a mix of excitement and nervousness.

“Ok, I want to continue.” Dylan told his girlfriend.

“Remember, even when under a trance, you can tell me to quit at anytime.” Lindsey explained.

Lindsey walked over to a closet and pulled out a small wheel attached to a small stand she was gripping her hand on. There was a small crank jutting out of the side of the wheel, and several pillow feathers she had meticulously glued onto the front of the wheel. Lindsey had glued all of the feathers together to form the shape of a spiral pattern.

Lindsey was using her other hand to start turning the crank. As she was turning the crank, the wheel started spinning around, making the spiral pattern made out of feathers to start spinning around, creating a hypnotic effect.

Lindsey brought the spiral closer to Dylan’s face, turning the crank faster and faster to make the feather spiral spin faster and faster. Dylan was falling further under a trance, his eyes now filled with the same spiral that was spinning in front of his face.

“You love having your feet tickled.” Lindsey was whispering to him.

“Y-y-yes Mistress…” Dylan stammered out.

“You want this spiral of feathers to brush against the soles of your bare feet, don’t you?” Lindsey asked.

“Yes Mistress!” Dylan excitedly exclaimed.

Lindsey brought the feather spiral to his feet, continually turning the crank to brush the spiral against the soles of his feet. As the feathers were spiraling around and around his soles, Dylan was bursting out laughing hard over his tickle torture. Lindsey would lift the spiral to his highly sensitive toes, and then lower the spiral to his less sensitive (but still pretty ticklish) heels. Lindsey then started moving the spiral in small circles over his soles, making sure to tickle every inch.

Dylan was trying to talk to his girlfriend, though this was challenging because of the constant tickling. “I…I think…I need…a break…please…”

Lindsey stopped turning the crank and set aside the spiral wheel to use later. She picked up the lone feather she had tossed aside earlier and brought it closer to Dylan’s face. She looked into his eyes and noticed that he still had spirals spinning fast in his eyes.

Lindsey decided to tease him over this and brought the feather closer to his right eye. “Is that a spiral in your eye, cutie?” Lindsey asked while lightly tracing circles around his eye with the feather. Dylan let out a little laugh from his girlfriend’s light touch.

Lindsey brought the feather to his left eye. “Oh my, you’ve got a spiral in your other eye too. Having spirals in your eyes must mean you really love being hypnotized and being heavily under my control.” Lindsey was cooing while using the feather to lightly trace circles around his left eye. Dylan let out another giggle.

Lindsey looked towards his crotch and noticed that his cock was tenting his jeans. She unzipped his fly and shifted his undies around until his cock popped out in full view of her face. He was already oozing out some pre-cum.

Lindsey brought the feather to his cock and was stroking up and down his shaft with the feather. Dylan was both laughing from the tickling and moaning from the pleasure. She brought the feather to the tip of his cock and was making ticklish circles around the tip, making Dylan laugh and moan even more.

Lindsey placed the feather in Dylan’s hand and commanded him to continue stroking his cock with the feather. She grabbed the small spiral wheel again and started twisting the crank in front of his face. The feather spiral made Dylan spiral further into hypnosis as the spirals in his eyes grew bigger.

“Stroke for me, my ticklish puppet! Stroke for me until you cum your fucking brains out!” Lindsey was excitedly shouting to her boyfriend.

“S-str-stroke for you…” Dylan stammered out in between his tickle-tainted laughs.

“Cum for me! Cum now, my ticklish slave!”

After he was brushing the tip of his cock with the feather, Dylan exploded and squirted out massive amounts of cum all over the feather spiral. Some of his cum got on her face, so she licked it off.

Dylan felt incredibly spent and tired after cumming, and was nodding off to sleep. Before he closed his eyes, Lindsey was stroking his now flaccid cock with the feather. Dylan made a noise that sounded like a cross between a yawn and a laugh.

“Sweet dreams, Dylan. Dream about being my hypnotized, ticklish slave for life.” Lindsey giggled.

Dylan closed his tired, sleepy eyes and dreamed of pillow feathers.


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