Tick Tock Trance

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #femdom_hypnosis #foot_worship #petplay #spiral #spiral_eyes

Ellie goes to purchase a new wall clock, but is strangely compelled to buy a clock with a spiral on it.

Ellie entered a local specialty clock store named the Deep Under Clock Shop. She and her girlfriend Daisy had recently moved into an apartment, and she was looking for a new wall clock to set up in their bedroom.

The owner of the store, named Layla, cheerfully greeted her, and asked her if she was looking for a specific clock. After Ellie told her she was looking for a clock for her and her girlfriend, she said she was going to look for it by herself, and might ask for help if she couldn’t decide what to buy, which Layla accepted.

After a while of rummaging around the store trying to look for what she felt would be the perfect clock, Ellie came across an… interesting corner.

Tucked away in the back of the store in a small corner was a display of several clocks that appeared to have spiral patterns on them. There were multiple layers of numbers circling around the spirals on the clocks, and the hands of all the clocks were moving around the spirals.

Ellie wondered if she would get hypnotized by watching the clock hands move around enough times. She was already feeling slightly sleepy, though she wasn’t sure if she was feeling sleepy from watching the clocks, or if she was feeling sleepy because she didn’t sleep that well the previous night.

It’s not like the hands are moving fast enough for these spiral clocks to really hypnotize me. Thought Ellie.

Almost as if the clocks could read her mind, the hands of the spiral clocks started ticking around the spirals faster. They seemed to speed up every few seconds. Ellie soon started darting her eyes left and right to keep up with the movement of the clocks. The ticking of the hands grew louder and more frequent with every second.







Ellie was breathing heavily as the clocks were lulling her into a trance.

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

Ellie’s eyes were rolling around in her head trying to keep up with the movement of the hands, until spirals appeared in her eyes.


Ellie suddenly felt a hand lay down on her shoulder. She slowly turned to look at Layla. A big smile crept up on her face.

“Looks like you’ve found the perfect clock to purchase.” Layla sweetly told her.

“The perfect clock…” Ellie mindlessly repeated.

“C’mon sweetie, let’s go check you out.” Layla almost whispered while guiding a dazed Ellie to the cash register.

“Yes…thank you…” Ellie gratefully obeyed.

Later that day, Ellie and Daisy had crashed down on their bed, with Ellie carrying a new package. They opened it up and pulled out the new clock that Ellie had recently bought. Daisy seemed a bit confused by it.

“Uh… it’s certainly…something…” Daisy sounded puzzled, studying the spiral. “I’ve never seen a clock like this before.”

Ellie also seemed pretty confused. “That’s weird. I remember buying a clock, but I don’t remember buying one that looked like this.” Ellie told her girlfriend. “I thought I bought a pretty standard clock. Maybe I should take it back.”

“Oh, you don’t need to do that. I kind of actually like how it looks. It’s creative!” Daisy admittedly wasn’t the hugest fan of this new clock, but she always tried to find a bright side to everything.

“Well, ok. Let’s set it up now.” Ellie said.

Ellie put some new batteries into the clock, and Daisy helped Ellie put the clock up on the wall facing their bed. They sat back down on their bed to look at their new clock.

After a short while, Daisy piped up. “You know, I’m beginning to like this clock more now. Watching the hands tick round and round is giving me a nice tingly feeling in my head.”

“Yeah…me too…” Ellie happily sighed, agreeing with her girlfriend.

“We’ve already been watching this clock for twenty minutes!” Daisy excitedly exclaimed.

“Wait, what?!” Ellie was shocked. It couldn’t have been that long. It had only felt like a couple minutes had passed, at the most.

The hands of the clocks were picking up speed, ticking around the spiral, getting faster and faster. Daisy didn’t seem to notice how odd this was. It seemed strangely familiar to Ellie, but she couldn’t place her finger on why.







Daisy let out a cute little yawn, and Ellie soon followed.

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock

Both of their eyes were rolling around in their heads until their eyes were filled with the same spiral on their clock.


Ellie’s smart phone suddenly started ringing. She mindlessly grabbed it out of her pocket and looked at the screen. She was slightly surprised to see Layla calling her. She figured that she was calling to ask how she liked her new clock, but she hadn’t even recalled giving Layla her phone number. However, something had compelled her to answer anyways.

“Hello…” Ellie answered in a hypnotized monotone.

“I want you to put me on speakerphone and then place your phone on your bed.” Layla commanded.

“As you wish.” Ellie pressed the speakerphone button and placed her phone back on the bed exactly as she was told.

“Girls, I think it’s time I help you unlock the true potential of your new clock. From here on out, you two are under my control.” Layla told them.

“We are under your control.” The girls both repeated. They were still gazing deeply into the spiral.

“I want you to stretch out your legs in front of you.” The girls obeyed. They couldn’t budge an inch until Layla told them their next command.

“Stretch out your arms until your hands are touching your feet.”

Ellie and Daisy stretched out their hands until their hands were touching their socked feet. Again, they couldn’t move afterwards unless commanded.

“Remove your socks and bring them closer to you.”

The girls obeyed again.

“Did you take off your socks?” Layla asked. “Answer with ‘Yes Mistress’ or ‘No Mistress’ any time I ask you a yes or no question.”

“Yes, Mistress.

“Bring your socks to your face and take a deep whiff of your own foot stink!” Layla was starting to sound excited.

Ellie and Daisy brought their socks to their faces and started sniffing them. Their faces were scrunching up, but they couldn’t disobey their Mistress.

“Are you enjoying the smell of your own feet?” Layla teasingly asked.

“Not really, Mistress.” Ellie admitted.

“We’re only doing this because you commanded us to.” Daisy also admitted.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I really should make it up to you.” Layla mockingly sympathized. “Oh, I know what I could do so you’d really enjoy your command! I could command you to get really turned on by smelling your own foot stink!”

The next time the girls took a big sniff of their socks, they shuddered in pleasure, which made them want to sniff their socks longer and harder.

“I could also command you to get turned on by sniffing each other’s socks.”

Ellie and Daisy exchanged their socks with each other and took a deep whiff, and moaned in ecstasy.

“I want you to toss aside your socks and focus on your feet.”

The girls tossed their socks to the side of the bed and looked down to stare at their bare feet.

“I want you to bring your own foot to your face and lick all over your foot. The taste of your feet turns you on as well.”

Ellie and Daisy both grabbed one of their feet and held them close to their faces, so they could lick all over their own feet and toes. They trembled with pure bliss at the taste. They also licked each other’s feet at Layla’s command.

After commanding them to strip each other to their bras and panties, Layla went ahead to her most anticipated part of her call.

“Have you ever heard of ‘Hypnotic Pet Play?’” Layla asked the girls.

“No, Mistress.” The girls honestly answered back.

“It’s really simple. I command you to act as a certain animal, and you behave exactly as that animal, just with an erotic spin.” Layla explained with a chuckle. “I want you girls to hop around like a couple of bunnies.”

The near-naked girls were hopping around on their bed, shaking their asses in the air as if they were shaking their cottontails, and nuzzling their faces in each other’s breasts.

“Now you two will become cats.”

The girls were stretching out their bodies over the bed like cats, slinking around on all fours while rubbing their bodies on each other, meowing and purring all the while.

“You are now dogs!”

The girls were pulling each other’s bras and panties off of their bodies using their teeth, erotically growling and barking at each other as they did so.

“Don’t you dare use your paws to strip yourselves nude for me! Only use your teeth!” Layla screamed in lustful fits.

Layla was masturbating to this entire display over the phone. “I love bringing cute, sexy women under my control! I love telling my sex slaves to obey my every command! Cum for me, girls! Cum for your Mistress! Bark for your Mistress!”

Ellie and Daisy were barking like mad as they came all over each other’s bodies.

“I want you girls to come visit me at my clock shop tomorrow morning. My store opens at 11:00 AM. See you then!” Layla cheerfully said right before she hung up.

Ellie and Daisy were snuggling in each other’s arms on their bed.

“Yes Mistress, see you then.” They immediately went to sleep.

The next day, a woman named Rebecca walked into the Deep Under Clock Shop, looking for a new clock to buy. Layla cheerfully greeted her before Rebecca started looking for a clock by herself. Soon enough, Rebecca caught sight of the hypnotic, spiraling clocks and began to fall into a deep trance.

Layla chuckled as she sat back down at her desk that the cash register was sitting on. Unseen to the customers, she had her new naked slaves staying under her desk. She was petting Ellie’s head like a dog, and had her put her head in her lap so she could more easily rub her head. Ellie happily complied with a small woof. Layla was also rubbing Daisy’s belly with her foot, and Daisy was making a pleased whimper.

“Looks like I’ve found a new customer I can add to our little group.” Layla told them. “Are you as excited as I am, girls?”

Ellie and Daisy happily barked.


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