The Masked Mattgician

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #dom:male #f/m #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #sub:male #bisexual #cock_hypnosis #consensual_kink #furry #m/m #magic #muscles #polyamory

The sequel to Do You Bi-lieve in Magic. Greg the fox and his two stage magician partners invite a handsome stage magician named The Masked Mattgician over for a very special backstage show.

Greg the fox was lounging in a comfy seat in the backstage area of The Lovely Lyra Lynx’s and The Tantalizing Tristan Tiger’s magic show, talking to someone on his phone while the two stage magicians were finishing up their latest live show.

“Alright, so you’ll be coming over here pretty soon? Great, I can’t wait to see you!” Greg cheerfully exclaimed before hanging up. As he patiently waited for Lyra the Lynx and Tristan the Tiger to return from their magic show, Greg thought about how truly grateful he felt that his new partners went out of their way to comfort him after he was subjected to biphobic harassment the last time he had attempted to attend the city’s local Pride event.

Greg really appreciated being able to bond with another bisexual man over their shared struggles with the event organizers’ gatekeeping behavior, and he also really appreciated the special sexy magic show Lyra and Tristan threw together for him backstage. Greg shut his eyes tight so he could savor the sexiest highlights from that backstage show, such as when Tristan hypnotized him by repeatedly flexing his sexy bicep, or when both Lyra and Tristan sensually stripped off his clothes while magically floating his body in the air.

Since then, Lyra and Tristan had offered Greg to visit the backstage area whenever he had wanted for more special magic shows, and they sometimes even let him perform in their public magic shows as a special guest. Shortly after opening his eyes again, a big smile lit up his face when he saw Lyra and Tristan enter the doorway to the backstage.

“Hey Greg! Nice to see your smiling face again!” Lyra cheerfully greeted as Greg hopped off of his comfy chair and ran up to the stage magicians, enveloping them both with a big & squishy hug, while both Lyra and Tristan returned the hug around Greg’s body.

“I’m so glad to see you guys again, too!” Greg felt a few happy tears stream from his eyes. He pulled back a bit on the hug and gazed into the stage magicians’ eyes. “I mean, I know it hasn’t been that long since the last time I visited you guys, but I’m always just so happy to see you anyways.” Greg admitted with a blush growing on his cheeks.

This made Tristan sweetly laugh. “Hey, I always treasure all the moments we spend together. I know exactly how you feel.” Tristan told Greg, who beamed even brighter and enveloped Tristan in a tight hug. They brought their faces closer to each other to kiss on the lips. Greg then held Lyra in his arms to give her a hug and a kiss too.

They all hopped onto the couch, with Lyra and Tristan kicking back and relaxing after such an intense show. Lyra turned her attention to Greg, who was sitting in between her and Tristan. “Greg, did you get in contact with Matt? Is he able to come visit us today?”

Greg looked over at Lyra with an extremely excited look on his face. “He sure is! Matt’s on his way over right now. He should be here pretty soon.” Greg answered, excitedly rocking forward and back on his spot on the couch, feeling butterflies fluttering in his stomach in anticipation of personally meeting his idol for the first time.

After several anxious moments of waiting, Greg nearly shot off the couch like a rocket when he heard a few knocks on the door. He opened the door to reveal who was on the other side; a dashing anthro raccoon dog wearing a fancy magician outfit paired with a flowing red & black cape, with a black mask across his furry face that made him look especially mysterious.

Greg’s heart nearly stopped as his mind flashed back to all the times he had attended The Masked Mattgician’s magic shows at a different entertainment venue in a nearby city, before he had even known about Lyra and Tristan. During every show, Greg wasn’t entirely sure why he had such a huge crush on the magician, until one day everything clicked together perfectly.

That day Greg had gotten a front row seat for one of The Masked Mattgician’s shows, and was especially excited when Matt conjured up a single rose seemingly out of thin air, gently waving it back and forth in front of him like a hypnotic pendant, entrancing the entire audience. Greg was really happy because hypnotism was a very special interest for him, and he couldn’t wait to be put under by his crush.

To his absolute surprise, Matt had kneeled down near the edge of the stage in front of the middle of the first row right in Greg’s face. He gently kissed the tip of the hypnotic rose, and slowly pushed the rose forwards so that the kissed tip was lightly brushing against one of Greg’s furiously blushing cheeks.

“Thanks for the bi awakening.” Greg told the sexy magician in a dreamy-sounding hypnotized monotone. Matt then used his free hand to blow Greg a kiss. “You’re welcome, sweetheart.”

Greg barely remembered what had happened during the rest of the magic show, as he spent the rest of the show’s runtime trapped in a lovesick daze.

Back to the present time, The Masked Mattgician chuckled to himself seeing Greg mindlessly staring at him with the same lovesick look he had seen on his face all the way back during that special show. “May I come in?” Matt sweetly asked.

Greg broke out of his stupor long enough to step to the side and make a motion with one of his hands to allow Matt entry backstage. Matt walked towards the doorway while producing a lovely-looking rose out of nowhere, gently brushing it against one of Greg’s cheeks before entering the building.

“Oh, he’s just as beautiful as I remember…” Greg was so entranced by his own lovestruck admiration of the sexy magician, that he immediately started fainting towards the ground happily sighing all the way. Luckily for him, Matt swooped down to hold onto Greg in his arms in a romantic pose before he could hit the ground.

“Please promise me you’ll be more careful next time. I can’t bear seeing you get hurt.” Matt whispered to Greg in a low, husky voice that made all of the fox’s fur stand up stiff on his tail in pleasure. Matt leaned in closer to Greg’s face to plant a small kiss on his lips.

“I promise I’ll be more careful next time, sir.” Greg repeated in a dazed voice with his cheeks profusely blushing. Matt developed a sly smile over his face right before picking up and spinning Greg through the doorway with a little dance, watching in amusement as Greg spun around on his feet towards the couch, softly plopping on his back against the couch cushion between Lyra and Tristan.

“Guys, you gotta meet…” Greg started while holding out his hand in the direction that The Masked Mattgician was standing. “…the dreamiest magician of all.” Greg was so infatuated with Matt, that he could’ve sworn he saw tiny hearts made out of blue, purple, and pink colors rapidly blinking in and out of existence around his own head.

Greg then quickly realized that what he said could be slightly taken the wrong way. “Uhhh… no offense to you guys…” Greg acknowledged Lyra and Tristan with an embarrassed blush on his cheeks. “You’re both just as dreamy as he is!”

The Masked Mattgician cheerfully yet also politely greeted the other stage magicians as he pulled out a chair in front of the couch so he could sit down on it across from the others. Greg happily told his partners all about his backstory with Matt and how he was such an important figure in his life.

“He’s kinda the whole reason I realized I was bi in the first place.” Greg bashfully admitted to Lyra and Tristan. Matt felt incredibly touched that he had made such a large impact on Greg’s life.

Eventually, Greg and the others got to explaining to Matt how the fox had met the magicians, as well as the unfortunate events that had led to that meeting. Matt felt very empathetic towards Greg and Tristan’s struggles, and was wondering if there was something he could do to help them out.

“Yeah, I have some friends who had some bad experiences with those event organizers. I’ve heard they tend to be pretty hostile towards those who perform queer masculinity.” Matt admitted.

“Honestly, they’re pretty hostile towards some men who perform queer femininity too.” Tristan mentioned. “My femboy friend Alex was straight up banned by them solely for his identity and nothing else.” He sadly sighed. “He didn’t do anything wrong that would’ve warranted a ban. They were just being exclusionist pricks.”

Greg then remembered something important he wanted to bring up to Matt. “Lyra and Tristan helped me start up an online petition about it, just to bring some awareness about the nastier gatekeeping and double standards going on with those Pride organizers that were harming me and other queer men.” Greg was explaining to a very sympathetic Matt. “Unfortunately, it hasn’t really gained much traction… At least not positive traction…”

“Hey Greg, I’d love to sign that petition for you.” Matt told Greg.

“R-really?” Greg was touched by his offer.

“Of course. Even if it doesn’t really add that much to your goal, I want to do everything I can to help out.” Matt noticed Greg wiping a few happy tears from his eyes, who then sent a link for the online petition that the magician received on his phone.

“Thank you so much. It really means a lot to me to hear you say that, especially since you were the one who helped me figure out who I am. I’ve been having some pretty bad intrusive thoughts lately making me feel like I deserved those biphobic remarks, especially after my petition was making the rounds on social media and a lot of queer people were mocking me for it… calling me a coward…”

Greg suddenly felt Matt reach out a comforting hand onto one of his shoulders. “Greg, you standing up for what’s right for yourself and all the other queer men who have been treated poorly by those event organizers, that’s one of the bravest things I’ve seen anyone do… it’s the people objecting to your efforts to help those queer men who are the cowards, not you.”

Matt got up off of his chair to give Greg a quick, comforting hug, before returning to his seat to engage in some small talk with the others, far more lighthearted this time. Soon, they all agreed to move on to the fun part of the visit.

“Miss Lyra, may we trade seats for this special presentation?” Matt asked the lynx.

“Oh, of course.” Lyra and Matt had switched places so that the lynx was now sitting on the chair, and the raccoon dog was sitting between the two other men on the couch.

Matt had untied his cape and threw it behind the couch, and began loosening his magician suit. “Now, I hope you boys don’t mind if I remove my shirt, but I feel it is critical for how enjoyable my magic trick is going to be.” Matt finally pulled the shirt off of his chest and tossed it on top of the cape, while Greg and Tristan’s jaws practically dropped to the ground like anvils upon seeing how muscular Matt’s upper chest truly was.

“No, we do not mind at all.” Greg openly admired Matt’s buff chest with a dazed look in his eyes.

“Eyes up here, please.” Matt chuckled when he raised one of his biceps right up in front of Greg’s face, and instantly began flexing it repeatedly. Greg immediately started flashing into a trance, while his mind was also flashing back to all of the times Tristan had playfully hypnotized him by flexing his muscular biceps.

Greg focused his gaze even harder when Matt started flexing his bicep more rapidly, causing Greg to blink more quickly in perfect tandem with Matt’s intense bicep flexes. Matt was also alternatively flexing his other bicep in order to keep Tristan the tiger entranced as well.

Greg’s heart was beating faster and faster the more he watched Matt flex his bicep in his face. “How in the hell did you know that getting brainwashed by biceps is one of my biggest weaknesses?” He couldn’t help but pucker up his lips and plant a small kiss on Matt’s hypnotic bicep.

Matt lightly chuckled over Greg’s question. “Oh, that’s simple really, and I think if you look deep inside your own heart, you’ll be able to find the answer. 3… 2… 1…” Matt loudly snapped his fingers.

“Because all bi men love being brainwashed by biceps.” Greg and Tristan both answered in a simultaneous monotone upon being triggered into doing so by Matt’s fingersnaps.

“Good boys. And why do bi men love being brainwashed by biceps?” Matt snapped his fingers again.

“Because you can’t spell bicep without bi.” Greg and Tristan proudly stated.

“No, you really can’t.” Matt nonchalantly began stroking the backs of Greg and Tristan’s heads with his hands, causing them both to sigh out in happiness.

“Oh my…” Lyra was very impressed by Matt’s hypnosis skills. “You controlled their minds so easily, that you could use your skills to take over the world if you really wanted to.”

Matt briefly pondered Lyra’s words. “Hmm… I suppose that is a possibility.” Matt got the men’s attention again when he started alternately flexing his biceps once more. “What do you boys think of that?” He snapped his fingers.

“I have absolutely no problem letting this hunky man take over the world.” Greg honestly admitted in a monotone voice, but with a great big smile plastered on his face.

“Any man with muscles that sexy deserves nothing less than total world domination.” Tristan happily sighed out loud.

“I want everyone in the world to experience how wonderful it feels to fall under this sexy man’s control.” Greg left another kiss on Matt’s hypnotic bicep.

“We would be your evil henchmen, forever serving by your side, helping you to take over the world every time you brainwash us both with your beautiful biceps.” Tristan was moaning out before kissing Matt’s other bicep.

“We would be your loyal minions, repeatedly smooching up and down your legs while you use your brainwashing biceps to recruit more people into serving you.” Greg was openly drooling on himself over his erotic fantasy.

“Please enslave us all.” Greg and Tristan simultaneously finished their words of worship.

Matt lovingly laughed over his hypnotized subjects’ passionate obedience towards himself. “Oh, you flatter me boys, you really do. But I’m much too humble to want to take over the world, so I think I’ll just settle with taking over your minds for now.”

Matt gave out another laugh when he saw Greg and Tristan seem almost saddened by this admission, as they truly wanted to be ruled over by him. Even Lyra giggled a bit over this. “Hey now, don’t be too glum over my decision.” Matt tried to cheer the men up. “You can consider yourselves to be truly lucky to have been personally chosen by me to be my hypnotized servants.”

Greg and Tristan both blushed over what Matt had said. “Yeah, I guess that’s kinda true.” Greg admitted.

Matt pointed towards his lap with both of his index fingers, to motion to his subjects to lower their bodies over both sides of the couch, so they could both rest their heads on his lap. Greg and Tristan happily leaned their heads onto his lap with pleasured sighs.

Matt began gently stroking the men’s heads with a hand, softly running his fingers through both of their hair, which made the men moan in ecstasy. “Ok, perhaps there is something to this whole world domination business after all. I could always go for some kind of ‘sexy villain’ motif.”

Mmm…please do…” Greg and Tristan shivered in delight over Matt’s gentle rubs. “We want to help you take over us all.”

Matt looked up at Lyra while continuing to gently stroke the men’s hair through his fingers. “Just look at these guys, Miss Lyra.” Matt humorously complained in a teasing voice. “A little bicep brainwashing and a few gentle headpats, and these weak-willed boys are more than willing to do my evil bidding. They’re hopeless.” This made Lyra snort-laugh out loud. “I bet I could even convince them to help me pull off the heist of the century.”

Mmm…yeah…” Tristan sighed dreamily. “We would happily do anything we could to help you steal whatever you wanted. Doing your evil bidding turns us on so much…”

“Step on me… please” Greg desperately pleaded to Matt.

“Your wish is my command.” Matt pointed towards a spot on the ground in between the couch and the chair. Greg and Tristan then suddenly leapt off of the couch, quickly scrambling to lay face down on the floor to create a pathway for their hypnotist to walk down on. Matt rose off of the couch to take a casual stroll walking across the backs of the two hypnotized men.

“Or more like, my wish is your command.” Matt lightly chuckled to himself as he walked down Tristan’s back.

Oof” Greg stiffly moaned out when he felt Matt walk over his back. “Thank you for walking all over me, sir.”

Matt magically produced another beautiful rose, holding it down near Greg’s face right before he was about to step off of him, lightly brushing the petals right on the tip of his nose. “You’re welcome, sweetheart.”

Ohhh, I think I’ve fallen even harder for such a hottie.” Greg felt his heart fluttering against the floor.

Matt stepped right off of Greg’s body to approach Lyra the lynx sitting on the chair, gently holding onto one of Lyra’s gloved hands into his own. “Miss Lyra, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” He politely greeted her while planting a gentle kiss on the top of her hand.

Lyra sweetly giggled over the lovely way that the handsome magician had been treating her. “Ooh, you’re such a charmer.”

Matt then began gently stroking the same gloved hand he had previously kissed with one of his own hands. “If you would like, I could control my evil henchmen into performing a special show just for you.”

“As long as they are both comfortable with doing that, I would love to watch them show off their bodies for me.” Lyra removed her gloved hand from Matt’s grasp to quickly fan herself.

Matt turned around and walked back over to the two other men who were still sprawled out across the floor with dazed pleasure upon their faces. Matt leaned down and started pumping his bicep repeatedly in front of Greg’s face.

“Rise up for me on your feet, my lovely little victim. Allow my flexing bicep to pump deliciously villainous desires straight into your heart, making you want to obey me as my evil brainwashed henchman, making you want to recruit this lovely lady in front of us to our cause.” Matt planted a small kiss on Greg’s blushing cheek, who slowly and robotically rose up on his feet by his master’s command.

Matt then leaned down towards Tristan to flex his hypnotic bicep for him, giving him his own kiss on his cheek too, repeatedly pumping his bicep to slowly pump Tristan up onto his feet mindlessly standing right next to Greg.

“Listen up, men. I’m thinking you two should put on a little stripteasing show for the lovely lady in the audience.” Matt told the two bedazzled men while waving his hand out in the same direction where Lyra was sitting down and patiently waiting. “Salute me men, if you understand my command.”

Greg and Tristan stood up straight as much as they possibly could. “Sir, yes sir!” They both excitedly shouted out before they both gripped their own shirts, beginning to pull them off of their chests, but froze mid-strip when Matt ordered them to stop.

“Hold on a minute, my subservient minions. I think our Lovely Lyra Lynx would prefer for you to strip each other instead. Do you mind?” Matt asked the two other men.

“No, we do not mind at all.” Greg and Tristan turned to look at each other with lusty smiles on their faces, both gripping each other’s shirts and slowly pulling them off of each other’s bodies. Once exposing their bare muscular chests to each other, Tristan reached over to pull down the zipper of Greg’s jeans, while Greg helpfully unbuttoned the pants of Tristan’s magician outfit, and they both pulled each other’s pants down.

The only piece of clothing each man was now wearing was their underwear, so Greg and Tristan gripped the waistlines of each other’s underpants and seductively pulled them down their legs. Upon letting out a small moan of approval, Matt twirled an index finger through the air, motioning for Greg and Tristan to turn their bodies back around so that the fronts of their fully nude bodies were facing towards Lyra.

“Now, how about we recruit this lovely lady into joining my army to help me take over the world…” Matt evilly chuckled, holding out the same index finger in front of Greg and Tristan’s faces and wiggling it back and forth.

Greg and Tristan were shifting their eyes back and forth to keep up with the pace of Matt’s wiggling finger, and they started focusing so intensely on his finger, that they started gently swaying their bodies left and right, increasing the speed of their hypnotic movements when Matt started wiggling his finger faster.

Lyra was happily drinking in the hypnotic sight of Greg and Tristan’s penises swinging left and right the more they swayed their bodies back and forth, their cocks resembling hypnotic pendants in Lyra’s eyes. Lyra was soon also shifting her eyes back and forth closely following the men’s hot packages, falling further down a deep trance the longer she stared.

Mmm Greg… Tristan… your huge cocks are slowly lulling me under your spell… making me feel real good…” Lyra barely noticed she was drooling a little bit out of the corner of her mouth.

“M-m… my penis isn’t that big…” Greg admitted with a big blush growing on his cheeks.

Matt leaned over to plant a small kiss on Greg’s cheek. “Why be so humble? You know it’s rude to refuse to accept a lovely compliment like that, don’t you?”

“Yeah, you’re right sir. I’m sorry, Lyra. Thank you for complimenting me on my huge cock.” Greg sincerely thanked Lyra in a monotone voice.

Matt walked back over to where Lyra was still sitting down in the chair, who was tightly gripping the arms of the chair as intense feelings of lust were coursing throughout her entire body. Matt chuckled over seeing how horny she had become.

“Now Miss Lyra, I have an offer for an entirely optional extension for your special presentation.” Matt started. “If you’d like, I can order my hypnotized henchmen to fill both of your holes, bringing you even more intense feelings of pleasure, bringing you closer into joining me as my latest minion.”

Lyra gripped onto the arms of the chair even harder than before. “Oh God, yes!” She blurted out in a loud lust-tinted voice, before she tore off her own clothes in anticipation of what was to come.

“Alright boys, you heard the lady. Time to give her the works.” Matt loudly snapped his fingers near Greg and Tristan’s ears, instantly triggering the command into Greg’s mind to walk up to Lyra’s chair. He leaned down to pick her up in his arms, before squeezing his erect penis into Lyra’s vagina.

Tristan walked up to where Greg was carrying Lyra, squeezing his erect cock into Lyra’s asshole, while Lyra was moaning out loud in pleasure the entire time she felt Tristan’s length sticking up her hole. Greg and Tristan began alternately pumping their cocks in and out of Lyra’s holes, both holding on to her tight in their arms to prevent her from falling onto the floor. Lyra’s screams of pleasure were getting louder with every thrust the men made, and her body was getting rocked back and forth in between the two men in a sexy tug-of-war.

“H-h-holy shit! I’m gonna cum any second now!” True to her word, Lyra instantly came out loud a few seconds later, perfectly timed with the two men exploding into both of her holes.

After the three came down from their orgasmic high, they all practically collapsed onto the floor in a euphoric puddle, repeatedly cuddling and kissing one another. After a few minutes of intense aftercare, Greg, Tristan, and Lyra began waking up from their trances, and looked in the same direction that The Masked Mattgician was casually strolling down towards the doorway.

Matt turned his face to look at the three sprawled out across the floor with a sly smile, before conjuring one final rose from out of thin air. “Thank you all for being such a generous audience. I greatly look forward to the next time you all want to invite me over for another amazing backstage show.”

Matt kissed the tip of the rose and tossed it towards the pile of naked furries who were still piled up on each other on the floor, with the tip of the flower landing right on Greg’s flaccid penis, making it stiffen up all over again.

When they watched the raccoon dog exit through the doorway, Greg, Tristan, and Lyra all dreamily sighed, already looking forward to the next time they would cross paths with The Masked Mattgician.


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