The Good Boy Collar

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/m #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:male #foot_fetish #furry #petplay #praise_kink #romantic #self_hypnosis #tech_control #wholesome

On the day of their five-year anniversary, an anthro wolf named Brett buys himself a mind-controlling dog collar so that he can gift his own mind to his wife.

When Roxie the Red Panda woke up in her bed on the morning of her and her husband Brett’s five-year anniversary, she was surprised to find that he wasn’t anywhere in bed with her.

She lifted the covers, and saw that in his place was a small heart made out of pink cardboard paper. She picked up the paper heart and looked more closely at it, seeing that a large arrow that was pointing forwards had been drawn on it.

She looked towards the front of the bed, and noticed another pink paper heart on the ground. She groggily got up from her bed and picked it up, noticing that the slightly bigger paper heart had the word Warmer boldly written in sharpie. After she got dressed for the day, she exited her bedroom, and found another paper heart at the top of the stairs, with the words Getting Warmer written on it.

She walked down the flight of stairs, and started making her way towards their living room, and as she walked, she found more paper hearts, with phrases written on them that were variations of “getting warmer.” Every paper heart she found was slightly bigger than the last, simulating a growing heart.

At last, she found the final card of the paper heart trail, strategically placed on the ground in front of the arm of their couch. She picked up the heart and read it out loud.

Hey Babe

Roxie looked up to see her naked husband, an anthro wolf named Brett, sprawled out over the length of their couch on his back, with a rose in his mouth, and a small pillow with a pattern of blue violets covering his crotch.

Roxie was thinking to herself that her husband was looking pretty damn sexy, but there was one thing about his display that struck her as somewhat odd.

Namely, that Brett was wearing what looked like an electronic dog collar around his neck, which had a bright pink light pulsing at its center. And her husband’s eyes had shrunken to the size of bright pink pinpricks.

She looked at his chest, and saw a small instructional manual and a remote laying there. She grabbed the manual and looked at its front, reading an introductory blurb about a product named “The Good Boy Collar.”

The blurb boasted about how it was a high-tech mind-controlling collar specially designed to reduce the mind of any canine back to its most obedient, good boy state. The manual mentioned its primary use was for spicing up sex lives between canines and their partners, by transforming any canine who wore the collar into an obedient sex slave.

Roxie grabbed the remote, studying its simple layout, which consisted of an on/off switch to turn on the effects of the collar, and a button right above a small speaker the user could hold down to issue commands that would travel to the collar and into its wearer’s mind.

She slowly lifted the pillow off of her husband’s crotch, and stared for a few moments at his large cock. She brought out her hand to gently stroke up and down his penis a few times, which started to harden up from her touch.

“Is… is this my Anniversary Day gift?”

Roxie looked up at Brett, who mindlessly nodded up and down with a big smile on his face.

Roxie grabbed the manual again and decided to open it up to look at some of the more detailed instructions, but was surprised to see a large paper heart that had been folded into the manual fall down onto the ground below. She reached down to pick it up and read the poem that was written on the front of the heart.

Roses are red

Violets are blue

I’d really, really love to be a good boy for you

Roxie let out a little giggle after reading the poem, finding it to be very corny, yet extremely cute. She turned the paper heart around in her hands, and read what had been written on top.

Happy 5th Anniversary Roxie

Right under the writing, Roxie saw a cute image Brett had drawn, depicting stick figure versions of themselves. Roxie was relaxing and reclining on a nice comfy chair, while she was propping her paws up on Brett’s back, who was kneeling in front of her on all fours. Brett had drawn motion lines near his tail to indicate he was happily wagging his tail back and forth. Roxie looked closer at the drawing, and saw that Brett had drawn himself wearing the mind-controlling collar.

Under the drawing, Roxie had noticed an additional note that Brett had written down.

By the way, I cooked you up an awesome and totally tasty breakfast this morning. You’re welcome. Brett had drawn a winking smiley face right next to the note.

Roxie looked over to their kitchen and saw a large plate seated on the counter. The plate contained several strips of crispy bacon, a small pile of scrambled eggs, some breakfast sausage links, and two small buttered toasts that were shaped like hearts.

Despite the odd nature behind the whole mind control collar thing, Roxie was incredibly touched by the massive lengths her husband had gone through to give her such a special anniversary. She looked back at the drawing, and then back to look at Brett, showing him what he had drawn.

“You sure you want me to do this to you?”

Brett responded in the only way he possibly could, with a single, solitary very happy-sounding bark.

Roxie grew a sly smile on her face as she crawled onto the couch with Brett, gently rubbing his belly with her hand. Every several seconds, she would start rubbing his belly a little harder.

“Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy for me? Yeah, you’re a good boy! Yes you are! Yes you are!” Roxie was cooing to her husband as she continued rubbing his belly.

Brett was happily panting like a dog so much, that his rose fell out of his mouth onto his chest.

Roxie looked down at his cock while continuing to rub his belly, and saw that it was throbbing hard. “Aww, who knew my hubby has such a strong praise kink?” She teased, as Brett’s cheeks blushed bright red.

Noticing the rose that was now laying across his chest, Roxie suddenly got an idea. She grabbed the rose, and then started using the petals to rub the tip of his dick, catching several droplets of his pre-cum on the petals. Brett was now openly whimpering in pleasure.

Roxie brought the rose up to her face, delicately licking off the droplets of her husband’s pre-cum from its petals. “Mmm… your seed is so much sweeter than the nectar of any flower…” she moaned. Brett continued happily panting.

Roxie got off the couch, grabbing the remote and placing it on the arm of her comfy recliner. She went into the kitchen to grab her plate of breakfast food, and sat down in her recliner with her meal. After sitting down, she picked up the remote, holding down onto the large button and spoke directly into the speaker so that Brett could hear every word of her command.

“Honey, would you like to act out your fantasy that you drew for me? I could really go for a nice, soft paw stool so that I can rest my paws while I eat this wonderful meal you made for me.” Roxie was sweetly speaking into the remote. Brett could sense every word his wife spoke melting his empty mind, causing him to happily leap off of the couch, running over to where his wife was, kneeling on his hands and knees in front of the recliner so she could rest her paws upon his muscular back.

Roxie was watching TV while delicately picking at her breakfast. Every few minutes, she would wiggle her toes over Brett’s back, which would cause him to happily bark out loud. She would then sometimes move her paws closer to his head so she could twirl her toes in his soft hair, making him pant harder and longer, with his tongue sticking out in a goofy-looking but cute way.

“Mmm… your hair feels so wonderful against my cute little toes…” Roxie was moaning to Brett. “What kind of shampoo do you use to get your hair to be so soft?”

Brett attempted to answer her question, but his answer only came out as a bark, which made his wife chuckle. She continued stroking his hair with her toes as she ate more of her breakfast. Brett’s tail was quickly & happily wagging back and forth, just like in his drawing.

“Such a good boy… such a good boy

Soon, the only piece of food she had left was a single strip of bacon. Roxie then suddenly got a great idea. “Brett, I was thinking I could command you to perform tricks for me. I’d love to give you a little treat every time you obey me.” She explained to her husband as she was breaking the strip of bacon into multiple little pieces. “Would you like me to do that?”

Brett quickly nodded his head up and down as his tail wagged even harder.

Roxie giggled as she held down the button on the remote so she could issue a command right into the speaker. “Roll over!”

Roxie’s sweet voice squeezed itself right into the pleasure center of Brett’s mind, prompting him to roll over onto his back, and Roxie could see that his cock had somehow gotten even harder than it already was.

“Wow… you must have a paw kink that’s as strong as your praise kink…” Roxie was teasing him as she was stroking up and down the length of his shaft with her toes, causing Brett to whimper even more in pleasure. She tossed him a piece of her bacon, who happily caught it in his mouth and ate it.

“Spin!” Brett suddenly heard his wife’s voice cheerfully exclaim in his brain. Brett tried the best he could to spin his whole body around while laying on his back, as Roxie was waving one of her paws in little circles right above his body. She tossed him another piece of bacon, which he perfectly caught in his mouth as he continued spinning his body around.

Brett could feel his wife suddenly shove one of her paws against his face, right up above his lips. “Kiss!” Brett was using his tongue to lick all over her paw, and he could hear her giggling when he started licking in between her toes. “Oh my God! That tickles so much! Down boy! Down boy!” Brett immediately stopped licking her paw, and his wife rewarded him by tossing another piece of bacon in his waiting mouth.

“Sit Pretty!” Brett suddenly got up into a sitting position, and then raised his front paws in front of his body in a cute way, as Roxie tossed him the final piece of bacon. Roxie had taken out her smartphone. “Could I take a few pictures of you in this position? You look so cute!”

Brett excitedly wagged his tail some more and let out a few happy barks, especially when his wife was praising him for what a good boy he was.

“Great!” Roxie cheerfully exclaimed as she took a few pictures of her husband using her phone. After she was done, she got up from her recliner, grabbed her plate and walked over to the kitchen, placing her plate in the sink. She turned her attention back to Brett, still seated in a begging position.

“Would you like to come with me into the bedroom?” Roxie asked Brett in a seductive voice.

Brett immediately dropped down low on the ground on all fours as a shiver of pleasure surged through his whole body.

“Hmm… I’ll take that as a yes…” Roxie let out a throaty chuckle. “I’m thinking it’d be really fun if I could drag you into our bedroom on an invisible leash.” She held down the button and commanded into the speaker. “Walkies!”

Before he even realized it, Brett was crawling on all fours up the stairs, obediently following his mistress, who was walking with her hand behind her back as if she was tugging him behind her on a leash.

Once in their bedroom, Roxie began stripping her clothes off. Every time she removed an article of clothing, she would throw it across the room, yelling “fetch!” while her husband would happily run on all fours after everything she threw. Brett was furiously running back and forth retrieving her shirt, her pants, her panties, and finally her bra in his mouth, obediently dropping every piece of clothing at his wife’s paws, making a small pile.

Once Roxie was completely naked, they both crawled into bed to have sex. At first, Brett was laying on top of his wife, pumping his cock in and out of her, but then he heard her yell to him “roll over!”

Roxie and Brett had switched positions when Brett rolled over onto his back. “Looks like I’m on top now.” Roxie seductively chuckled to Brett, right before she very lightly bit the side of his neck, which made him howl out loud in pleasure.

Roxie was practically impaling herself on Brett’s hard cock over and over again, while both of them were heavily making out with each other. Roxie was raining down kisses all over Brett’s neck and his chest, while Brett was repeatedly licking her face like the good boy he was.

Roxie could sense that her husband was just about ready to burst. “Oh no, I can’t let you cum until I’m ready.” She hissed in his ear, and Brett moaned out loud in response.

Several moments later, she finally felt ready to relieve her husband. “Alright Hubby, I’m gonna teach you one final doggy trick, ok sweetie?” Brett was shaking in pure lust so much, that he struggled to nod his head yes.


Brett could’ve sworn that he briefly lost all five of his senses, as his wife screamed out his name when they came together. Roxie was kissing him even harder all over his body, while Brett continued howling out loud.

In the aftermath of their climax, Roxie was closely holding her husband in her arms under the covers, giving him all the headpats and all the ear scratches he could ever dream of having. She wrapped him up in her large, bushy red panda tail, making him feel very comfy. “You’ll always be my good boy.” Roxie whispered in Brett’s ear, before she kissed him on the cheek.

After a couple hours of cuddling, Roxie got herself and Brett dressed, and led her husband down the stairs, continuing to pretend to pull Brett alongside her with an invisible leash. She led Brett onto the couch, and then went into the kitchen to grab a container that included her anniversary gift for him. She then sat down on the couch next to Brett.

“I’ve got an anniversary gift for you.” Roxie started. “Um… it’s admittedly… kind of small compared to everything you’ve done for me today.” She sheepishly said. “I hope you’re not too disappointed with it.”

Noticing his wife was starting to sound sad, Brett brought his smiling face right up to Roxie’s face so that their noses were nearly touching, and then he suddenly booped her face with his nose.

“Aww, you’re right. I really shouldn’t be so hard on myself.” Roxie started to cheer up again. “I’m sure you’ll love your present!”

Brett opened the container to look at his gift inside, and after a short moment, he started to choke up a bit.

“I remember you telling me how your favorite treats were peanut butter crisp rice treats. I recently found a bone-shaped cookie cutter, so I decided to make these bone-shaped treats specially for you. I know it’s kind of a small gift, but I-“

Roxie was interrupted when Brett suddenly embraced her in his arms, and she could feel happy tears streaming down his face, falling onto her clothes. The raw emotion must have briefly broken Brett out of his trance, because she could’ve sworn she heard her husband whisper I love you so much, Roxie in her ear.

When they pulled away from each other, Roxie looked deep into Brett’s eyes, which were still leaking happy tears down his face, and he had a big smile on his face.

Brett told his wife “Thank you for everything, sweetheart,” though this sentence came out as a happy bark. Somehow, Roxie understood exactly what he had told her, and they embraced again in each other’s arms.


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