The Fascinating Felicity

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #dom:female #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #femdom_hypnosis #microfiction #sub:male
See spoiler tags : #dom:male #multiple_partners #pov:top #sub:female

An erotic stage hypnotist requires some volunteers for the big climax of her latest hypnosis show.

The Fascinating Felicity’s latest hypnosis stage show was nearing its end, but she had time for one final performance. She had asked for a volenteer to come up on stage, and several people’s hands shot out immediately, hoping she would pick them. She chose a man named Kendall who was sitting near the back row of the audience.

Kendall got up on the stage and Felicity motioned for him to sit down in a chair that was facing the audience. After he got himself comfortable, Felicity immediately pulled out a hypnotic pendant and started swinging the pendant back and forth in front of her breasts.

Kendall was moving his eyes back and forth, following the motion of her pendant, gazing upon her breasts. As he continued to follow the pendant, he started getting lost staring into her cleavage. Kendall had a fetish for femdom hypnosis, and being made to watch the swinging pendant back and forth in front of her breasts was already heavily increasing the massive amounts of arousal he was feeling.

Kendall got a big erection in front of the entire audience. Felicity looked down while still swinging the pendant, and licked her lips. He’s going to be a fun one.” Felicity thought to herself.

Felicity spoke to the entranced Kendall. “When I blow you a kiss, you will fall into a deep slumber until I wake you back up. Got that, Kendall?”

“Yes Felicity.” Kendall murmured.

“Good boy.” Felicity purred. Kendall’s cock twitched.

Felicity blew him a kiss, and he went out like a light.

Kendall was slowly opening his eyes back up from his brief sleep, his blurry vision coming a bit more into focus. He wasn’t sure why he felt a bit different, but when he felt a small cold breeze travel through him, he realized that Felicity had managed to strip off his clothes while he was sleeping. As his vision was coming into focus more, he noticed there seemed to be a few people in front of him on the stage. More volunteers, perhaps?” Kendall thought.

When Kendall’s vision fully came back when his eyes fully opened, the people he was seeing were four women who were kneeling on the stage in front of him, with lustful expressions on their faces, their eyes moving back and forth, drooling out of their mouths.

Kendall looked down, wondering what they were looking at, and saw his own cock was twitching and bobbing back and forth in front of the girls’ faces, quickly realizing that Felicity had somehow made it so his cock was hypnotizing the girls.

He stared more and more at his twitching cock, falling back into a trance again at the sight. Felicity cupped his chin with a hand and slowly lifted his head back up. “Eyes up here, please.” Felicity chuckled. She was standing behind Kendall now, and brought the hypnotic pendant back out, swinging it back and forth in front of his glazed-over eyes.

“Every time I stroke any part of your body with my hand, your cock will twitch back and forth, making you hypnotize these sexy ladies more and more.” Felicity was quietly commanding near his ear. She was lightly stroking his arm, which was making his cock twitch back and forth some more. The girls’ eyes were glazing over even more from watching his hypnotic cock.

After a while, Felicity snapped her fingers. “Alright girls, give him the works.”

The four women tore off their clothes, crawled closer to Kendall, and they were kissing him all over. They were leaving lipstick markings all over his naked body. One woman started riding on his dick while the three others continued worshipping him, and the three other women eventually got a turn riding up and down over his dick. By the time the fourth woman was riding him, Kendall finally came all over himself and all four of the girls.

Felicity had commanded all of her slaves to return to their seats. Felicity laughed a little to herself when they took her command too literally, as they started mindlessly walking back to their seats without putting their clothes back on. The audience laughed when all the volunteers sat back down in their cum-soaked bodies. Felicity had to quickly run to all of her subjects, giving them all some rags to clean themselves up, and gave them their clothes back. Kendall and the girls put their clothes back on and were leaving the showroom with the rest of the audience. Felicity smiled at her subjects for the day, her mind racing with ideas of what she could make her volunteers do for her next show.

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