Slippy Slides Water Park

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #femdom_hypnosis #hypnotic_light

Lauren brings her friends on a day trip to Slippy Slides Water Park to ride the world’s largest water bowl slide.

On a hot summer day, four girlfriends went on a day trip to a brand new water park named Slippy Slides Water Park. They were there to ride the star attraction of the park; Eye Of The Tornado.

One of the four women, Lauren, was a moderator for a forum aimed at water park enthusiasts. This was always a major passion for her, as she had been enjoying visiting many water parks over the years since she was a kid. She had been incredibly excited once this new water park and Eye Of The Tornado had been announced. Not only did the park look amazing, with a large variety of creative water slides, but Eye Of The Tornado had been confirmed to be the largest and longest Water Bowl Slide in the world.

Lauren had always found these types of slides to be fun, but was always disappointed by how short they were. After a traditional water slide portion of the ride that led into the bowl, riders would move around the sides of the bowl on a raft, until the raft went through a hole at the bottom of the bowl that led into another small slide that ended in a small pool. Lauren always wanted to spin around in the bowl for several minutes, but it only ever lasted for several seconds.

This longer and taller bowl slide would provide Lauren with a much longer ride, which was why she was looking forward to it so much. Even better, this brand new water park was only about an hour from where she lived, so she didn’t even have to fly down there.

Lauren had brought three friends with her, one of whom was Bailey, a user on the water park forum Lauren moderated for. Bailey also had a large social media presence and loved filming videos of herself going to water parks and riding the slides, and posting the videos for all her water park-loving followers to watch.

The two other friends, Emma and Casey, just came along to have fun with Lauren and Bailey.

After a long day of repeatedly going on their favorite water slides, they decided to take it easy on the Lazy River, wanting to build up to the ride they had come for.

After getting off the Lazy River, they walked up to the entrance of Eye Of The Tornado, having saved the best for last. The size of the ride was so big, that it was somewhat intimidating to Emma and Casey.

“I-is this slide going to be scary?” Asked a nervous Emma.

Lauren, noticing that Casey was also nervous, did her best to ease their fears. “I don’t think so. I’ve been on plenty of water slides similar to this. They’re very exciting, but really not scary.” Lauren explained to the girls. “This is just a bigger and longer version of it.”

Emma and Casey felt much better now, but were startled when Bailey suddenly piped up.

“Last one to the top is a rotten egg!”

Bailey started running up the stairway that led to the top of the slide, nearly shoving the others to the side. Lauren was shouting at Bailey to slow down so she wouldn’t slip and get hurt, but she couldn’t hear her.

Bailey had to suddenly stop so she wouldn’t run right into the next person in line. She looked up and noticed that not only the line to the top was much longer than she realized, but that there were a lot of water park goers in front of them. She and the others would have to wait for a long time.

The other girls eventually caught up to Bailey. Lauren was pissed.

“Are you for real?! You could’ve gotten severely hurt if you slipped!” Lauren yelled. “You do realize how wet these steps are, right? I really hope you don’t act this reckless in your videos.”

Bailey was barely paying attention to Lauren’s concerns, as she was more concerned by the long line. “Why is this line so long? The lines for the other rides weren’t this long.”

Lauren let out a frustrated sigh. She couldn’t believe she had to explain this to her. “This is the most anticipated ride amongst water park fans like myself, so of course the line’s going to be longer. Aren’t you a content creator who films yourself at water parks? Shouldn’t you be used to this kind of thing?”

“Hey, the line’s moving.” Bailey said to herself, ignoring Lauren again. Lauren decided to not even bother arguing with her anymore.

As they were slowly ascending the stairway, Bailey was complaining that the line was taking too long and that they wouldn’t even be able to make it to the top before the park closed, and the park was going to close in an hour. Lauren was admittedly concerned too, but she pointed out that the line was moving relatively fast.

They reached the top about a half-hour later. A lift system brought up their four-person raft they would be riding on the slide. After they got situated in the raft, Bailey brought out her smart phone in a waterproof case and started filming herself. The employee at the top pushed their raft into the start of the slide.

The raft quickly sped through the tube slide portion that then led into the bowl. The four women’s jaws dropped at the sheer scope of the bowl.

It was massive. So massive that at the start of the bowl, the hole at the bottom seemed to be incredibly far away. Even the biggest bowl slides Lauren had been on in the past were only a tiny sliver compared to this slide.

As they started sliding around in the bowl, all of the red and yellow panels that made up the inside of the bowl suddenly started flashing brightly. First the red panels, then the yellow panels, then suddenly a mix of random red and yellow panels flashing on and off repeatedly.

Just as soon as Lauren was beginning to think how cool of an effect this was, the flashing lights were causing a weird effect on her brain, making her feel incredibly light-headed. She wasn’t entirely sure what exact word to describe the feeling in her mind would be, until another bright flash made the answer very clear to her.


“I’ve never been on a bowl slide before.” Emma spoke to Lauren. “Are they supposed to make you feel dizzy?” She innocently asked.

“I-I-I…don’t…ttthhhhiiiinnnnnkk soooooooooo…” Lauren droned out, as more flashes of color continued dulling her mind.

“Are they supposed to make you feel sleepy?” Casey yawned.

Lauren yawned out loud in response.

Bailey was still filming herself, with a completely dazed expression on her face, and drooling out of the corner of her mouth.

“Are they…supposed to…make you feel…hypnotized?” Bailey asked in a monotone voice.

“Hyp…no…tized…” Lauren repeated.

Unbeknownst to the girls, there was a waterproof speaker built into their raft. A woman’s voice suddenly emanated from the speaker.

“Can you hear me, girls?”

Normally, they would be extremely startled by this, but their minds were so dazed that they didn’t even question anything.

“Yes…we can hear you…” The girls responded in a simultaneous monotone.

“Yes, Mistress.” The voice corrected with a laugh.


“As you slide around and around the inside of the bowl, I want you girls to get wet for me. I want you girls to get as wet as the water sliding you around the bowl.” The voice was commanding with a sultry tone.

More flashes of red and yellow lights were shining directly into the girls’ eyes as they all started getting wet, just as their Mistress had commanded. Getting aroused on a water slide was another thing they would normally be shocked by, but they were too entranced to care.

“Now, I want you girls to remember my voice previously conditioning you. I want you to remember what I told you back on the Lazy River. Remember

All three girls flashed back to when they were floating down the Lazy River on their own single-person rafts. Each of their rafts also had waterproof speakers built into them. The woman’s voice was commanding them with low hypnotic whispers to fall fully under her control once she turned on the hypnotic flashing lights inside the Eye Of The Tornado. The girls had been happily moaning hearing her sexy voice while floating down the river. The voice commanded the girls to forget ever hearing her until they were inside the bowl.

The girls’ raft was getting closer to the center of the bowl, with the hole in sight. There were multiple rows of red and yellow panels all around the bowl reaching the hole. The panels were flashing faster and faster, and the pattern of the flashes started to resemble a flashing red-and-yellow spiral, with the hole at the center of the hypnotic spiral. The raft was spinning around and around closer to the spiral, the girls completely surrounded at all sides by hypnotic, flashing, spiraling lights.

“You girls will obey any command that I give you. I command, you obey.” Said the voice.

“Yes Mistress…You command…we obey…” Lauren mindlessly repeated.

“You girls are getting wetter and wetter as you’re spiraling faster to the center of the bowl.” The voice continued commanding.

Emma and Casey were gripping the handles of the raft harder, squeezing their thighs together in a futile attempt to push back their inevitable orgasms.

“Yes…M-M-Mistress” Emma and Casey struggled out as their pleasure continued building.

“Once you enter the hole, you girls will become my sex slaves, ready to worship me from head to toe whenever I please, until I free you from my control.” The voice was burrowing its way into the girls’ brains. “Unless I decide to keep you under my control forever.”

Bailey continued filming herself, now entirely mindless, and drooling more out of her mouth. The increasingly flashy colors were now swirling and spiraling inside her eyes.

“Under your control…forever” Bailey was drooling her free will all over her body.

“You will finally meet your new Mistress at the end of the slide. I’m greatly looking forward to seeing you, girls.” The voice teased.

“We’re greatly looking forward to seeing you, Mistress.” The girls repeated back in a monotone.

“Good girls. Now…”

As soon as the raft reached the hole…

“Cum for your new Mistress!”

The raft quickly sped through the final tube slide portion that then led into a small pool at the end. The girls had looks on their faces that looked incredibly dazed and immensely pleased at the same time.

Before the raft could hit the end of the pool, a foot belonging to a long, tanned leg reached out to stop the raft. The girls looked up to see a gorgeous blonde lifeguard with the longest, tannest legs they had ever seen. The four women’s jaws dropped at the sheer sexiness of their new Mistress. She was an even more impressive sight than the giant water bowl slide.

“It’s getting to be closing time soon.” The blonde lifeguard sweetly told the girls. “You’re going to be following me home so we can all have fun tonight.”

The four girls slowly and mindlessly nodded their heads up and down.

“Yes, Mistress.”

The four girlfriends madly worshipped the lifeguard all night. They licked, sucked, and kissed all over her naked body, all took turns giving the blonde full body massages, and allowed their new Mistress to worship them all over their naked bodies. The lifeguard was looking forward to many continued nights of sexy fun with her new slaves.


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