Sleepy Staycation

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #dom:male #f/m #pov:bottom #sub:female #anal #consensual_kink #dreamlike #furry #romantic
See spoiler tags : #dom:female #sub:male

An anthro fennec fox named Fiona wants her husband to hypnotize her so that their staycation feels a bit more real in her mind.

The hypnotic induction in this story was heavily inspired by the ending of the Wild Wild West episode “The Night of the Tartar.” A couple of very minor lines of dialogue from that scene are sampled in this story.

It was a nice and hot summer day, though Fiona, who was an anthro fennec fox, was depressingly cooped up inside of her house. During past summers, she would travel on at least one vacation with her husband, an anthro snow leopard named Shane. Unfortunately, money was tighter than ever, so they couldn’t really afford to go anywhere these days.

Even a simple trip to the beach cost too much money, as the beach that was closest to where they lived was still a couple of hours away, so they would still have to pay a lot of money for gas. The most exciting thing she did during her free time from work was cooling herself down from opening the freezer.

One day, she was lamenting to her husband Shane that they could never afford to go anywhere fun anymore. He felt pretty sorry for her, so he suggested that they could go on a staycation inside their own home. Fiona was skeptical at first, thinking that a staycation could never possibly compare to the real thing, though she began to reconsider when her husband mentioned that they still owned several things from their previous trips to the beach they could use for a beach-themed staycation.

Later that month, Shane was shopping for some inexpensive gifts for a friend’s birthday at a local mall. He was searching for some things in a novelty gift shop, until something shiny hanging off of a rack of keychains caught his eye.

It was a miniature disco ball hanging off of a small keychain. Shane picked up the keychain and started turning it around in his hands, noticing the overhead lights reflecting and shining right off of the ridges of the tiny disco ball. He quickly realized that he could use this keychain to help his wife imagine a special staycation as if it were a relaxing getaway. Plus, it helped that it only cost a few bucks anyways.

When Fiona returned home from her work, she noticed that Shane was back from his shopping trip at the mall. “Hi honey!” Fiona cheerfully greeted her husband. “Did you find any good birthday gifts for your friend?”

“Yeah, I found a few neat things.” Shane admitted as he held up the disco ball keychain to give it a closer look. “I also found a pretty cool keychain with a small disco ball attached to the bottom. I don’t normally buy stuff like this, but it only cost a few dollars, so I decided to go ahead and get it.”

Fiona leaned in a little closer to look at the keychain that the snow leopard was holding up. “Ok, that is a pretty interesting keychain, but I’m curious why you decided to buy that thing.” She wondered out loud. “You know, aside from it being so cheap.”

“Well, I was remembering how in the past, you’ve always enjoyed allowing me to bring you under a deep trance.” Shane was telling his now-blushing wife. “And you also really enjoyed obeying all of my commands.” Now Fiona was blushing even harder. “So, I thought I could use this disco ball keychain as a hypnotic pendant to bring you back under my control. That way, I could command you to imagine ourselves relaxing at a nice, luxurious beach to make a staycation seem a bit more real.”

Fiona was seriously considering her husband’s offer. “Hmm… that does sound pretty appealing, and I have been wanting to lay back and relax for quite some time now.” Fiona was wondering if hypnosis could be powerful enough to truly make her believe she was on the beach. “Admittedly, I haven’t exactly been in the mood lately for our old hypnosis sessions, but I am truly starting to miss them.” She sadly sighed to herself.

The fennec fox had suddenly realized that her husband had lifted the disco ball keychain right in front of her face, and started lightly waving the keychain back and forth in front of her eyes. Fiona’s attention was immediately drawn to the tiny disco ball swinging near her as the overhead lights were reflecting right off its surface and beaming right into her eyes.

“You want me to hypnotize you and take your mind on a mental staycation…” Shane was intoning to his wife with a cheeky smile on his face. “You want to experience our hypnosis sessions again…”

Fiona already felt herself falling under her husband’s sleepy spell, mindlessly following the swinging disco ball back and forth with her eyes. “Yes… I want you to hypnotize me and take my mind on a mental staycation…” She repeated in a monotone voice, but she broke free of her husband’s temporary hypnosis by vigorously shaking her head.

“Hey, I do want you to hypnotize me, but I only want you to do so on my own terms, alright.” Fiona told Shane.

“Of course, sweetie.” Shane lightly chuckled a bit to himself. “Just having a little bit of fun, is all.”

“How about we start our staycation on our couch over there.” Fiona suggested as she led her husband to sit down next to her on the couch. “I want you to hypnotize me into imagining ourselves sitting down in a booth inside of a train, that is taking us to the train station by the nearest beach.”

Shane brought out his makeshift hypnotic pendant again and held it in front of her face. This time, he was spinning the keychain part to make the disco ball on the end swirl & twirl around in front of her eyes.

“Look at the sphere.” Shane whispered to the fennec fox, whose eyes had immediately locked onto the spinning disco ball. Shane reached over across the couch with his other hand to gently stroke the back of his wife’s head, which elicited a small moan from her lips and helped bring her further under her husband’s spell.

“Concentrate on the ball…” Shane was commanding Fiona, who was already obeying by bringing her face a little closer towards the spinning disco ball to concentrate on it harder, allowing herself to spiral further down into a trance for her husband.

“Concentrate…” Shane looked deep into Fiona’s face and saw her glassy eyes reflecting moving images of the spinning disco ball within them. It looked almost as if her pupils were trapped right in the centers of the reflected images of the spinning disco balls, pulling her deeper into a hypnotic state with every rotation they made around her pupils.

Con…cen…trate…” Shane emphasized as he brought out his phone and made a YouTube search for ‘Train Dining Car Ambiance.’ After selecting an ASMR video that quickly filled their living room with the sounds of couples talking and dining on a train, Fiona began imagining herself and Shane sitting down in a booth on a train.

“When you look down upon the table in front of our seat, you will see a wide array of different fancy dishes for us to eat and enjoy.” Shane commanded as Fiona looked down and saw a massive buffet of delicious foods sprawled across the entire table. And the best part of it all was that the meal was completely free.

Fiona was digging into the imaginary food, openly savoring every bite she took. The sparkles from the disco ball were still flashing behind her eyelids every time she closed her eyes, which helped keep up her illusion of taking the train to their vacation destination. Shane decided to play along with Fiona’s imagination by pretending to eat the fake food that she was fantasizing about in her mind.

In between bites of their imaginary meals, Fiona and Shane cuddled and kissed each other while sitting on their imagined train seats during their romantic dinner date. After they finished their pretend meal, Shane found another video that played a sound of a train slowly arriving at a station, which gave Fiona the mental image of their train dropping them off near their destination.

The two of them rose off of the couch, with Shane motioning for his wife to follow him away from the couch as if he were leading her off of the train she had imagined they rode. He led Fiona into their bedroom so she could pick out her favorite swimsuit from their wardrobe, and she picked out a black two-piece bikini to wear. While she had been choosing her swimsuit, Shane found a pair of swim briefs and brought them into the bathroom, tearing off his clothes so he could change into his swimsuit.

When Shane returned to their wardrobe, he was surprised to see that Fiona had waited for him to return so she could strip off her clothes and change into her bikini in front of him. He was shocked by this because even though Fiona was under a trance, she was completely doing this of her own free will.

Fiona was teasing her husband by slowly peeling off every article of clothing she wore, before putting her sexy swimsuit over her fluffy, curvy body. Shane was staring at his wife with his mouth open in both shock and lust, which convinced Fiona to wrap her arms around him and pull him into a deep kiss.

“On our next staycation, I want you to change into your swimsuit in front of me, ok.” Fiona left a trail of kisses down her husband’s muscular chest. “I don’t want to miss any sexy strip-teasing from you in the future.”

Shane groaned out loud in lust. “S-sorry. I’ll remember to show off my sexy body for you next time.”

Fiona giggled. “Do you think I could hypnotize you into stripping for me on our next staycation? I think that would be pretty hot.”

Shane blushed hard over Fiona’s seductive suggestion. “Sure, why not? After all, I’ve hypnotized you several times before. It’d be pretty fun to be on the receiving end of mind control next time.”

After they left their bedroom wearing their swimsuits, Shane was grabbing a few beach-themed items as he was heading for the door of their house, while Fiona was following right behind him in a hypnotized daze with her arms stretched out in front of her body.

Shane led his wife out onto their yard, unfolding a beach towel he had grabbed on the way out, and gently placing it down on the grass. He motioned for his wife to lay down on her stomach across the towel, and then set a beach umbrella down at the front of the towel to make sure that no neighbors could see what he and his wife were going to do.

He placed a smaller towel on the grass right behind his wife so that he could comfortably lower himself on his knees, and picked up a tube of suntan lotion, squeezing a sizable portion on one of his hands. He rubbed his palms together to spread the lotion, and then started lovingly stroking the lotion into his wife’s half-naked back.

Fiona moaned out from the cool touch of her husband’s lotion-covered hands caressing her furry body against the heat of the shining summer sun, and she shut her eyes tight so she could savor the moment.

Fiona could feel her husband’s face bristle against one of her big fennec fox ears, and shivered when she heard him whispering hypnotic commands directly into her brain.

“I want you to imagine yourself laying down on the towel on a nice, warm beach right under the hot sun. We have rented a private beach for some intimate couples’ time together. You’re gonna get so turned on from feeling my strong hands gently caressing suntan lotion into your sexy back.”

Hearing her husband’s hot breath whispering commands into her ear was twisting her thoughts around until she could see the quiet private beach in her mind’s eye. She let out a relaxed sigh as she enjoyed Shane’s administrations all over her back.

Shane was starting to get very turned on himself from fondling and kneading Fiona’s back, and he felt an erection growing inside of his swim briefs until his cock throbbed so hard, that he accidentally jabbed his wife on her butt with it.

Fiona giggled over Shane’s accident. “Oh my, it looks like my hubby is enjoying this massage as much as I am.” She teased her increasingly blushing husband. She reached a hand back to pull up on her bikini bottom, and then let go of the fabric to lightly slap it against her ass. “It’s just too bad that this pesky bikini is in the way.”

Shane had suddenly remembered that he had also brought out some lube in case their time outside naturally progressed in a sexy direction. He dried off his lotion-covered hands on the towel he was kneeling on, and then slowly pulled Fiona’s bikini bottom down her long legs. He tore off his own swim briefs and lubed up his massive erect cock before he carefully squeezed it inside his wife’s ass, who gasped aloud in delight.

Shane was constantly thrusting in and out of Fiona’s ass, feeling his cock twitch and throb the more he caressed his hands over his wife’s back. Fiona was moaning for her husband to thrust even harder than he already was, which he happily obliged. He used a couple fingers to untie the string holding Fiona’s bikini to her chest and pulled it away from her, and then dug his hands under where her chest was laying on the beach towel so that he could firmly yet gently massage and caress her large breasts.

“Mmm… your hands feel like magic when you rub my body… you sure know how to make a woman feel special…” Fiona could sense that her husband was just about ready to burst inside of her ass. “Oh no, not quite yet hubby. You’ve gotta wait until I’m ready to cum. I am pretty close, but you just need to be a little more patient.” She teased.

Shane did his best to time his thrusts so that he didn’t accidentally climax before his wife could. When the time was right, both Fiona and Shane were able to perfectly coordinate with each other so that they could both cum out loud at the same time. Once Fiona began to calm down from her orgasmic high, she felt her husband whisper something very sweet inside of her ear.

“I love you so much…” Fiona had turned her body around onto her back so that Shane could wrap his arms around her waist into a tight embrace, who in turn wrapped her own arms and even her large bushy tail around her husband to pull him even closer to her.

“I love you so much too, Shane.”

About a month later, the mid-morning summer sun shined through the bedroom window, waking Fiona from her slumber as she slowly opened up her groggy eyes. Since she had the day off from work, she and her husband Shane had been planning another beach-themed staycation for the past couple days.

This time, they had both wanted to throw themselves a Beach BBQ so that Shane could grill up some burgers and hot dogs that they could eat while pretending to lay down on the beach. He also had a recipe for some pineapple lemonade he had wanted to whip up for a nice, refreshing beverage on a hot day.

While still under the covers, Fiona rolled over a bit to look at her husband, who was only now just starting to wake up too. “Good morning, hubby! Let’s go get changed into our swimsuits for our staycation today!”

Shane let out a tired and sleepy-sounding groan. “Honey, I’m looking forward to our staycation as much as you are, but don’t you think it’s a little too early to start getting changed right away?”

“Oh, it’s not that early. We actually slept in pretty late this morning. It’s about a quarter till noon!” Fiona walked over to the blinds that were partially covering the windows and spread them apart, allowing the golden glow of the sun to bathe their entire bedroom.

Shane rolled over onto the other side of the bed where his wife was laying on earlier to block out the sunlight from his eyes. “Oh, just five more minutes…” He whined.

Fiona walked back over to the bed and grabbed Shane’s disco ball keychain that he had laid down on his nightstand. She used her hand to gently stroke Shane’s head until he turned his face in her direction and opened his eyes. Fiona pulled her hand away to give the tiny disco ball a quick spin with her fingers, and Shane’s sight was immediately bombarded by the shimmering summer sun from out the window reflecting right off of the disco ball that was now twirling freely in front of his eyes.

“Look at the sphere.” Fiona commanded her husband, who sat up on the bed so he could stare more closely at the shiny, hypnotic globe.

“Concentrate on the ball…” Fiona had noticed that her husband’s entire body and mind had frozen as stiff as a board, with the only part of his body that was moving were his eyes shifting back and forth to follow the motion of the swinging and spinning pendant.

“Concentrate…” Fiona giggled when she saw phantom images of the spinning disco ball reflecting off of the surfaces of the snow leopard’s glassy eyes.

Con…cen…trate…” When Fiona snapped her fingers, Shane instantly flopped back down onto his back across the mattress, mindlessly staring up at the ceiling. Even though he was no longer looking directly at the hypnotizing disco ball keychain, he could still see the ball’s hypnotic sparkles shimmering across the surface of the ceiling, further enchanting and binding him to his wife’s will.

Shane felt Fiona tightly grip the waistline of his boxers with her hands. “Would you like for me to strip your boxers off for you so I can slip your swimsuit on?” She asked him in a sweetly seductive voice.

Mmm…yeah…” Was all Shane could answer with in his highly hypnotized state.

Fiona slowly pulled Shane’s boxers down his legs and off of his body, freeing his semi-erect cock as it was pointing towards the ceiling above him. He heard Fiona run off towards their wardrobe so she could grab his swim briefs. When she returned to his side, Fiona started lovingly rubbing up and down Shane’s hardening cock with a hand, right before she tried fitting the swim briefs over his crotch.

“My hypnotized hubby’s massive cock is so thick and meaty, that I can hardly fit these tight swim briefs on your body.” Fiona teased the blushing snow leopard. “But I think I can somehow manage.” Fiona added with a wink before lightly snapping the swim briefs around his waist.

Shane heard his wife snap her fingers again. “It’s time for you to get off of our bed and follow me outside to the beach.” Shane instantly started robotically climbing off of the bed when his wife’s command squeezed its way into his brain, and obediently followed her towards their front door with his hands outstretched in front of his body like a hypnotized zombie.

Once they were both standing in the doorway, Shane felt his wife whispering in his ear. “I want you to imagine that we are exiting the door of our summer beach home, and walking out onto the warm sand of the beach.” Fiona cooed in his ear while leading him to the center of their yard where she set out a beach chair, and then placed a large beach umbrella around the chair to shield herself from the hot sun.

Once she laid down across the beach chair to sit back and relax, she reclined into the soothing sensation of her husband firmly yet gently rubbing her shoulders, sighing happily to herself as Shane worked his magic fingers over her increasingly relaxing body, very satisfied with her and her husband’s new tradition of monthly staycations.

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