Shrinky Thinks

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:male #femdom_hypnosis #foot_kissing #foot_worship #shrinking

When a scientist named Luke accidentally shrinks himself, his wife Sandra uses her hypnotic foot stink to turn him into her tiny slave.

In his lab, a scientist named Luke had created what he thought was a potion that would cause whoever drank it to become invincible for a temporary period of time. However, when he drank the potion, it instead caused him to shrink until he was about 3 inches tall.

Luke was panicking, realizing he had forgotten to make an antidote, and wondering how he could make an antidote at his size. He was praying that the shrinking effect was only temporary. Luke looked down at himself, and was panicking even more when he realized that his clothes didn’t shrink with him, and he was completely naked.

Sandra, his wife, entered the lab looking for her husband to ask him something. Initially not seeing him due to his small size, she was about to leave and look for him somewhere else. That was when she spotted the tiny Luke on the ground, but she had mistaken him for a big bug. She suddenly started stomping all around the lab in her bare feet, trying to scare the “bug” away.

From Luke’s POV, he was seeing his wife’s feet suddenly slam down on the floor near him several times, worried that he would be crushed to death by her feet. Even worse for him was that every time she slammed one of her feet down, her foot would let out a burst of foot stink that would fly directly into his face. Luke figured that Sandra hadn’t washed her feet for a long time. While he was trying not to retch over the stink, he tried getting her attention, which was hard since the force of her feet was causing his body to bounce all over the ground.

“Wait!…stop!…Sandra!…it’s me!…your husband!…” Luke stumbled out as he was getting bounced around all over.

Luke was able to find his footing on the ground as his wife was still stomping all over. He tried looking up at his wife to see if he could get her attention better by waving his arms around.

But then the strangest thing happened. As more and more of her foot stink was hitting him in the face and entering his nose, all of her foot stink he was sniffing up was clouding his brain, making it hard for him to even hear himself think. Soon the arms he was waving in the air to get her attention fell down and were loosely hanging on the sides of his body. He was slightly swaying in place on the ground, completely mindless, having become completely mentally subdued.

Surprised that the “bug” wasn’t trying to get away anymore, Sandra stopped stomping her feet. She looked closer at him and was surprised to see her husband had shrunk to 3 inches tall.

“What the hell happened to you?” Sandra questioned. Before her husband could answer her, she interrupted. “Wait, don’t tell me. You were messing around with potions in your lab and accidentally shrunk yourself, right?”

“Yes.” Luke responded in a mindless monotone.

“I knew that messing around with all of that stuff would get you into big trouble someday!” Sandra frustratingly exclaimed. Though Sandra noticed something interesting while looking down at Luke, which caused her to burst out laughing. “Oh my God! Look at your dick! It’s so small!” Sandra continued laughing out loud.

Luke’s face had gotten red from embarrassment. “Sandra…my dick…isn’t normally…that small…it’s the potion…” Luke struggled to stammer out, as Sandra’s foot stink was still clouding his brain, making it very hard for him to think.

“No, I think you just have a very small dick.” Sandra was still laughing.

“I…have a very…small dick…” Luke mindlessly repeated.

Sandra immediately picked up on her husband’s sudden change in how he was responding to her. “Hmmm…I wonder…” Sandra quietly said to herself. She turned her attention back to Luke. “Could the fact that I am now so much taller than you, be possibly making you submissive and obedient towards me?”

“Yes.” Luke admitted.

Sandra chuckled to herself. “I’ve got to test my husband out now.”

Sandra leaned down, placing a hand on the ground with her palm facing up. “I want you to march over here and stand on my hand.” Sandra commanded.

“Yes Sandra.” Luke obeyed in a monotone voice. He started mindlessly marching over to Sandra with his arms stretched out in front of him. Sandra giggled to herself seeing her husband like this, since from her perspective he resembled a tiny toy soldier. Once Luke was standing on her hand, his arms reached back down to his sides. Sandra lifted her hand to her head until Luke was staring directly into her face.

“Looks like you’re not the man of the house anymore.” Sandra taunted.

“I’m…I’m…I’m…” Luke struggled.

“No, you’re not.”

“No, I’m not.”

Sandra gave out the biggest evil grin Luke had ever seen, openly baring her teeth at him. While Luke only showed obedience on his face, internally he was terrified at what was to come.

Sandra was walking up the steps to her and Luke’s bedroom, holding Luke close to her body. After she got Luke to reveal that he had been attempting to make an invincibility potion, she promised him that they were going to have “fun” once they reached their bedroom. Luke figured that she was probably referring to sex, but he honestly had no idea how they were possibly going to have sex at his current size. Before he could think about it too hard, Sandra had already reached the bedroom and had found a large elastic string. She later laid down on the bed with Luke and the elastic string in hand. She tied one end of the string around Luke’s waist and tied the other end of the string around one of her big toes.

“What are you planning on doing?” Asked a confused Luke.

“Well, you said that the potion you drank was supposed to make you invincible. I wanted to test your possible invincibility, and your tiny size is perfect for my experiment.” Sandra casually answered.

Luke’s eyes grew wide in horror. “Noyou can’t possibly…”

Sandra interrupted him yet again. “Who’s up for a little game of paddleball!” Sandra cheerfully exclaimed.

Before he could run away, Sandra picked up the tied-up Luke and tossed him in the air. Before he could land back on the bed, Sandra kicked her foot forward and hit Luke as hard as she could with the sole of her foot, sending him flying. Once he flew out far enough, the elastic string would reach it’s farthest distance, causing Luke to fly back to Sandra’s foot. Sandra hit him again and again with her foot, using her foot like a paddle, and using Luke like a ball. Luke was bouncing to and fro on the string, being struck again and again by the sole of his wife’s foot.

“This-isn’t-what-I-had-in-mind-when-you-said-we-were-going-to-have-“fun”- in-our-bedroom!” Luke yelped out, each word punctuated with a kick from his wife’s foot.

Sandra’s theory was right. The potion had made her husband temporarily invincible; the shrinking was just a side effect. As she kept whacking her husband with her foot, Luke only felt being mildly discomforted, and not seriously injured. Though the immensely humiliating situation he was in was driving him mad.

Even worse for Luke, he was starting to smell Sandra’s feet again as she was working up a sweat with her homemade foot-paddleball. Her foot stink was frying his brain and making him mindless again. Sandra noticed how glazed and mindless her husband’s eyes looked, putting two-and-two together and realizing her stinky feet had something to do with that. She laughed out loud when a wicked thought crossed her mind.

“You’re in love with my feet.” Sandra commanded, laughing evilly as her wicked command entered Luke’s mind just as easily as her foot stink was entering his nose.

“I’m-in-love-with-your-feet-“ Luke repeated, each word said after every time he bounced off of her sole. As he started to enjoy getting used by his wife like this, he was feeling an odd stirring in his groin.

“You love what I’m doing to you with my feet.”Sandra commanded.

“I-love-what-you’re-doing-to-me-with-your-feet-“ Luke’s heart was throbbing for Sandra and her feet. Even as her foot stink was starting to make his eyes water, her foot stink was also making his cock leak out pre-cum.

“You love to plant kisses on my feet every time you bounce off of them.” Sandra commanded.

“I-love-to-plant-kisses-on-your-feet-every-time-I-bounce-off-of-them.” Luke was now trying to give Sandra’s foot a quick kiss every time his body made contact with it. Sometimes he was successful, but most of the time his face would just squish against her sole.

Luke was now leaving spots of pre-cum all over Sandra’s foot every time he bounced off of it. Sandra then commanded Luke to lick off all of his pre-cum off her foot every time he bounced back. After he licked up all of his pre-cum, Sandra had one more command to give him.

“When I crush you between my feet, you will finally cum for me.”

Sandra stopped bouncing Luke off of her foot. Luke was hanging off of her toe in front of her sole, still tightly tied to the elastic string. Sandra brought out her other foot and suddenly crushed Luke between the soles of her feet.

After waiting a half-minute, she opened her feet back up only to see a large, stringy trail of cum stretching across the soles of her feet. Luke was wedged into the sole of the foot he was tied to.

“Good boy. Your indoctrination is now complete.” Sandra told Luke.

“My indoctrination is now complete.” Luke responded in a monotone voice.

After that day, Luke continued slaving over his wife hand and foot. His wife found the blueprints for the potion he made, and made several batches of the potion that she forced her husband to drink to permanently keep him tiny and invincible, continuing to subject him to even more outrageous foot-themed experiments she could come up with in her evil mind. Luke would remain under his wife’s control for the rest of his life.

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