Part of this Well-Brainwashed Breakfast

by Hypnautical Nonsense

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Caitlyn invites her friends over for a free breakfast, while planning to play some fun tricks on them.

Caitlyn’s friends had come to visit at her home to partake in the free breakfast that she had promised them. Veronica and Alec were both a bit skeptical of Caitlyn’s true intentions as she was known to be a bit of a practical joker. Stacy, however, had only recently become her friend so she wasn’t used to the tricks that Caitlyn loved pulling on others.

She had offered Veronica and Alec free meals before. Sometimes, they were normal. But other times, Caitlyn would do things like making bread bowls filled with clam chowder, and designing the bowls like model volcanoes so Veronica and Alec would get sprayed in their faces by big geysers of chowder.

Alec had remembered the time Caitlyn threw a burger bbq in her backyard the past summer. She printed off a ketchup label and pasted it on a bottle of ghost pepper sauce. Alec squirted some sauce onto his burger, and as soon as he took a single bite, he practically gulped down an entire pitcher of water within seconds.

However, with money being tight these days, none of them could say no to a free breakfast, whether Caitlyn was planning on playing a trick on them or not.

The three friends sat down at the table in Caitlyn’s main dining area as she was putting the finishing touches to their breakfast dishes.

“Oh, you guys are going to love what I’m making for you this morning! I’ve made a unique meal for each of you!” Caitlyn cheerfully explained.

Veronica and Alec shot each other a quizzical look. Unique? Thinking about her previous prankster ways, they weren’t quite sure what to make of Caitlyn’s claim. Stacy was just eagerly waiting to eat her special breakfast.

Caitlyn carefully placed their meals in front of them on the table. Veronica looked down at her plate, and saw what looked like an ordinary plate of fried eggs and bacon. She wasn’t sure what was so unique about it, but the more she studied her meal, she noticed a detail that struck her as somewhat odd.

She thought that Caitlyn had used the bacon to make a smiley face, but she had placed multiple slices of curved bacon under the eggs so that the pile of bacon would resemble a spiral. Otherwise, the meal looked completely normal. Maybe she isn’t trying to prank us this time after all? Veronica thought.

She decided to look over at what kind of meal that Alec had received, and noticed that he got a stack of red velvet pancakes, with some cream cheese frosting on top. The frosting had been spread on the top pancake in a spiral-like pattern.

On one hand, Veronica thought it was slightly strange that both of their meals involved spirals for some reason. On the other hand, Alec’s pancakes honestly just looked like something you could buy at a Denny’s or an IHOP. She wasn’t sure what to think.

Any thoughts she had about this being an odd coincidence were dashed when she saw what Stacy was going to eat; a bowl filled with a green-colored corn puff cereal, with pink spirals on every puff. Veronica had not even seen a cereal like this before, and she had no idea where the hell Caitlyn had even bought this cereal from.

Even stranger was what was on the cereal box Caitlyn had set aside. A large logo near the top showing the name; Sleepy Spiral-Os, complete with a large spiral in the center of the O. Under the name was a hypnotized cartoon girl eating the cereal, with spirals in her eyes.

“Well, you can dig in now!” Caitlyn excitedly said to the others. “I hope you like what I made for you!”

“So, uh, this food looks wonderful and all, but… would you mind telling us why all of our meals have spirals?” Veronica asked Caitlyn. “I don’t get it.”

“Oh, I’d love to!” Caitlyn happily piped up. “Though I would much rather show you instead.”

Caitlyn grasped the side of Veronica’s plate with her hand and slowly started turning it. The more she turned the plate, the faster she started spinning it with her hand. As Veronica was staring down at her meal, the spiral made out of bacon was spinning faster and faster with the plate. As she stared deeper and deeper into the spiral, she felt herself falling deeply under a trance, and her eyes became filled with nothing but spirals.

She had commanded Veronica to start spinning her own plate while she checked on Alec, so Veronica could keep herself hypnotized. Caitlyn grasped Alec’s plate and started turning and spinning it. Alec looked down at the cream cheese spiral on the top red velvet pancake, and felt himself falling under Caitlyn’s spell, and his eyes became filled with spirals just like Veronica’s eyes.

She commanded Alec to spin his own plate around to keep him hypnotized as she checked on Stacy. Caitlyn grabbed a carton of milk and poured some in Stacy’s bowl. The milk caused the cereal to change color, causing the green puff cereal to turn pink and the pink spirals on the puffs to turn green. Stacy shoved a spoonful of the cereal into her mouth, and her eyes became filled with green-colored spirals. The milk kept constantly changing the green and pink colors of the cereal, causing Stacy’s spiral eyes to change repeatedly from green to pink every several seconds, as she ate more and more of the cereal, looking just like the hypnotized girl on the cereal box.

After they had been thoroughly hypnotized, Caitlyn commanded Veronica and Alec to stop spinning their plates and start eating their food. As Alec was eating his pancakes, Caitlyn slipped under the table and got on her knees in front of Alec. She pulled Alec’s pants down, and Alec was so dazed, he didn’t even notice. She then pulled his boxers down, and started giving him a blow job, causing his cock to harden in Caitlyn’s mouth as she sucked long and hard.

She took her mouth off of his cock and went back to Veronica to pull off her pants and her panties so she could worship and lick her pussy. Veronica was straining in pleasure, making it difficult to eat her eggs and bacon as she was squeaking in pleasure. Caitlyn went over to Stacy to give her the same treatment she had just given Veronica.

As they continued eating, Caitlyn would run to each friend to worship and pleasure them, and they were all moaning out loud. Caitlyn teased them by reminding them that they shouldn’t moan out loud with food in their mouths.

“None of you can cum until you finish every last bite of your food!” Caitlyn laughed out loud. “I want all your plates wiped clean!”

Caitlyn continued worshipping them and bringing them closer and closer to climax. Veronica came out loud as soon as she finished her bacon and eggs, and Stacy came shortly afterwards when she finished her bowl of cereal.

It was taking Alec a little longer to finish his pancakes since he had the biggest meal of the three. Right before he ate his last bite, Caitlyn brought out another stack of red velvet pancakes she had prepared and held them up to Alex’s crotch. As soon as he ate the last bite, he came all over the top of the second stack of pancakes, with Caitlyn turning the plate to make sure his cum covered the top pancake with a spiral made out of his own cum.

Caitlyn commanded Alec to start eating the cum-soaked pancakes, which he did, though he was too full to finish the second stack. Caitlyn took the uneaten remains of the pancakes and used what was left of the cum spiral to hypnotize Veronica and Stacy to make out with each other, until she commanded them to cum again.

“It looks like you really enjoyed my cooking!” Caitlyn happily exclaimed. “If you want, you can come over next weekend!”

Veronica, Alec & Stacy were eagerly awaiting until the next weekend for another free breakfast.


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