Natalie’s Nails

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #dom:female #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:male #femdom_hypnosis #hand_fetish #microfiction

Natalie paints her fingernails with hypnotic red nail polish, and wants to show off her new hypnotic nails to her husband Jacob.

Jacob was sitting on the couch watching some TV. His wife Natalie walked over to where he was. Jacob thought she would sit next to him on the couch, but was surprised when she instead decided to sit right on his lap.

“Well, hello there. Is there something you want to show me?” Jacob asked.

“Oh, nooothhhinnnggg,” Natalie was saying in a seemingly innocent fashion. “I just wanted your opinion on something.” Natalie was “innocently” rocking back and forth, giggling, on Jacob’s lap. Jacob could feel Natalie’s ass grinding against his cock, and was already getting hard.

“W-wh-what do you want my opinion on?” Jacob was struggling to ask, his voice strained with pure pleasure.

“This.” Natalie brought out a hand and was showing off her brand new red-painted fingernails. Jacob was immediately enthralled by her nails, believing them to be the most gorgeous nails he had ever seen in his life. Unbeknownst to him, Natalie had bought a special container of hypnotic red nail polish from the online store MCProducts. Natalie could notice that Jacob’s eyes were widening at the sight of her beautiful nails.

“Wow Natalie…your nails… they’re so…so…beautiful…so beautiful and h-hy-hyp…”

“Hypnotic, I know.” Natalie seductively said. “My nails and I can bring you even deeper into this trance, if you want.” Natalie was grinding her ass more and more on top of his cock, making him even harder.

“Yes, I would love that very much, Natalie.” Jacob gasped out.

“Hmmm…good boy.” Natalie purred out. Natalie started wiggling her fingers in front of his eyes in a seductive way. The more she wiggled her fingers, the more the hypnotic red paint on her nails would shimmer and shine. Jacob’s eyes opened up even more. Natalie quickly realized that she could see her hypnotic nails reflected in her husband’s eyes, his eyes almost acting like a mirror. Natalie then started to really tease him.

“Oh, my. My nails are so hypnotic, I can see them flashing in your deeply, sleepy, hypnotized eyes.” Natalie was giggling. “I can even use your eyes as my own mirror to check my nails for the slightest imperfections.” Natalie quickly removed her hand and was admiring her own nails for several seconds, while grinding her ass further over her husband’s cock. She returned her hand to his face, flashing and sparkling her nails into his eyes some more.

“I can even use you as my own personal vanity.” Natalie teased. “I could apply my makeup and do my hair, and pretty myself up, and I would see every second of myself in your glassy, empty, brainwashed eyes.”

Natalie emphasized her last three words with three quick shakes of her ass in Jacob’s lap. Jacob felt he was about to explode. “Use me” Jacob moaned out.

“Sure, I could use my own vanity for these things, but honestly, the stool I have to sit on has just become so stiff and hard…and not stiff and hard in the right ways…” Natalie was giggling over her last sentence while she was openly rubbing her entire ass up and down her husband’s massive, enclosed cock.

“Please let me cum…please…” Jacob was weakly begging, aching for release.

His wife was flashing her nails in his eyes some more.

“Well, I can’t let you cum in your brand new pants, silly!” Natalie giggled and teased.

“T-take them off.”

“What? I can’t hear you.” Natalie brought a hand to her ear while pretending she couldn’t hear him.

“Take them off!” Jacob exclaimed.

“Ohhh… why didn’t you say so!” Natalie giggled again. Even her cute giggling was turning him on, due to the humiliating situation he was in.

Natalie removed both her and her husband’s pants and stuck her ass back on his cock, grinding and shaking her ass more and more. She continued wiggling her fingers in front of Jacob’s face, her hypnotic nails bringing him further under her control.

“My nails and I want you to cum so hard…now!”

Jacob exploded all over his wife’s ass. Any of his cum that didn’t wind up in her ass was trickling down his still rock-hard cock.

“My nails and I want you to sleep…now!”

Natalie snapped her hypnotic fingers and Jacob’s eyes instantly shut.

When Jacob woke back up, he realized he was laying down on the couch, where his wife had hypnotized him. Natalie got his attention by whistling at him. Jacob looked to the source of the whistle, coming from their bedroom. Natalie was standing in the doorway.

“Hey Hubby, you forgot to get me off before you zonked out for a few hours. Why don’t you finish what you started?” Natalie seductively asked while beckoning her husband with a hypnotic fingernail. The flashy nail caught her husband’s eye and brought him back into a hypnotic trance. He robotically got off the couch, stretched out his arms in front of him, and walked to their bedroom like a hypnotized zombie, ready to satisfy his wife’s every whim and desire.


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