Mrs. Erotiquette’s Good Manners for Good Girls: A Guide to Pleasing Your Partner

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #brainwashing #dress-up #foot_worship #handjob #hypnotic_light #kink_education #magic_book #obedience_training #personality_change #spiral_eyes

A young woman accidentally unleashes a magical being from an old & mysterious book, who decides to teach her and her friends a few lessons in erotiquette.

Three roommates, named Sierra, Riley, and Skye, were kicking back and relaxing on their couch, playing a board game-themed video game named Dairy Dashers.

In the game, each player would dash around a game board, finding and milking cows randomly placed around the board. After all the players took their turns, they would have to bet a certain amount of milk bottles they had earned before playing a minigame, and the winner of the minigame would receive all of the milk bottles the losers had bet. Whoever had received the most milk bottles by the end of the 15th round won the game.

Riley had a big bowl of various chips she had mixed together that she had sitting on the couch near her. Whenever it was one of the other players’ turns, she would grab a massive handful of chips and shove them in her mouth, chewing and crunching loudly with her mouth open.

When Sierra’s turn appeared to be finished, Riley turned to her to ask her something while she still had partially-eaten chips in her mouth. “Isth it my thurn now” she mumbled out while bits of chips flew out of her mouth and splattered over the side of Sierra’s face.

Sierra’s eye was twitching, incredibly annoyed by Riley’s crude behavior, but she didn’t dare call her out on it. Every time she did, Riley would deflect by loudly complaining about something she did that annoyed her.

“Yes, it’s your turn now…” Sierra grumbled through gritted teeth.

Riley pressed a button on her controller to roll her die. As Riley was moving around the board, Skye was lightly clutching her controller in her lap, patiently waiting for her turn to play.

During Riley’s turn, Sierra heard a package being dropped off by the front door. She got up and grabbed the package. After setting the package on the table, she noticed that the package was addressed to her, which she thought was odd, as she hadn’t ordered anything recently.

She tore off the packaging to find herself staring at the very dusty cover of a large book. Glancing at the title, it appeared to be written by someone who called herself “Mrs. Etiquette,” and the book seemed to be some kind of a guide. She was even more confused, as she knew she had never ordered a book like this. In fact, she knew that she would never order a book on etiquette.

Riley called over to Sierra. “Yo, Sierra! You getting back to the game, or what? A minigame is about to start, and we can’t play without you.”

Riley noticed that Sierra was staring at something with a perplexed look on her face. She got up off the couch and walked over to her.

“What’d you get there, Sierra?” Riley asked her. She looked down at the cover and noticed how dusty it was. “Maybe you should blow off all that dust so we can read the full title.” She suggested.

Sierra picked up the large book and blew off all the dust as hard as she could. They looked back down at the cover again. Although the cover still looked very dirty, the title was finally legible.

“Mrs. Etiquette’s Good Manners for Good Girls: A Guide to Pleasing Your Partner?” Riley read the title with a puzzled look on her face. She turned her head back to Sierra. “Why would you even buy a book like this?”

“That’s the weird thing. I didn’t.” Sierra explained. “This book looks like it hasn’t even been touched in ages.”

Riley was about to say something, but then they both noticed all of the dust particles Sierra blew off moments ago seemed to be magically floating around in the air. The floating dust particles started converging together, and was forming what appeared to be the figure of a curvy woman. The dust particles suddenly transformed, revealing a woman who was wearing a sexy black and red Victorian era-style dress with a frilly skirt, and her hair done up in a bun.

Sierra and Riley were both shocked and weirded out by the sudden magical appearance of this women. After what felt like several hours of them staring at her in disbelief with their mouths open, Riley suddenly stammered out a small question.

“A-are you… Mrs… E-etiquette?”

The mysterious woman brought out a large folding fan that had several curved black and white lines printed alongside it. She brought her fan up to her face, and started waving her fan.

“That is Mrs. Erotiquette to you.” The woman told Riley in a stern voice, heavily emphasizing her actual last name.

The more she was waving her fan, Riley was starting to notice the black and white lines converging together into a spiral that was spinning around in front of her face. Riley suddenly felt very sleepy when Mrs. Erotiquette was waving the fan closer to her eyes, which were now reflecting the same black and white spirals that were spinning from the fan.

“Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette.” Riley droned out in a mild monotone. “I’m sorry, Mrs. Erotiquette.”

“That is a good start.” The woman was lightly praising Riley while she was also lightly running her fingers through her black hair. She used her hands to turn Riley back around so she was facing the couch. “March over there and sit down, my dear.”

The woman bent down to give Riley a light peck on her cheek. Riley immediately started mechanically marching back over to the couch like a toy robot, with her arms at her sides.

“Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette. At once, Mrs. Erotiquette.”

Riley reached their couch, slowly and mechanically lowering herself on her seat next to Skye.

Sierra looked over at Mrs. Erotiquette with a face that showed a mix of confusion and nervousness. “Wh-what the heck is going on? How did you make her do that? She never does what anyone tells her to do.”

“Oh, that is easy.” Mrs. Erotiquette chuckled, while she took out her folding fan again. She waved the fan some more in front of her face. “Like this.”

The same dizzy and sleepy feeling Riley was experiencing was now washing over Sierra’s brain as she let out a big yawn. Sierra got down on her knees in front of Mrs. Erotiquette, who was now towering over the young redhead. The older woman was waving her hypnotic fan back and forth, and Sierra was tilting her head up to glassily stare at the hypnotic fan. Sierra’s eyes became filled with spirals as they were moving back and forth, matching the back and forth movement of the fan.

“Sleepy Sierra… you are feeling soooo sleeepppyyyy…” Mrs. Erotiquette cooed out to Sierra, desperately fighting back a laugh as she saw Sierra’s tired eyes drooping from her hypnotic onslaught.

“Sleepy Sierra… I feel… soooo sleeepppyyyy…” Sierra droned out while yawning again.

“You are feeling so sleepy, that I can see my sleepy spirals in your eyes.” Mrs. Erotiquette giggled. This prompted Sierra to giggle in return.

“Yesss… I feel…sleepy Sierra… sleepy spirals… spinning in my…sleepy eyes…”

Sierra’s drowsy eyes were about to close. Mrs. Erotiquette quickly bent down to her knees to be on Sierra’s level, lightly stroking her face with her fingers to keep her from closing her eyes.

“I know how tired and sleepy you must feel, but you and the other girls must remain wide awake if you are to learn my lessons in Erotiquette.” The woman gently explained to her while she started tracing light circles around Sierra’s sleepy spiral eyes with her fingers. “I would like you to get back up on your feet now.”

Sierra mindlessly rose to her feet without a word, and Mrs. Erotiquette turned her body for her, having her face the couch. “Now, I want you to follow in Riley’s footsteps until you sit back down next to her.”

She gave Sierra a bigger kiss on her cheek than the kiss she had given Riley. She lightly slapped Sierra’s butt, which caused Sierra to immediately start marching back over to her couch.

“Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette. At once, Mrs. Erotiquette.”

Sierra mechanically marched back over to her seat on the couch, sitting next to Riley. Skye looked over at Sierra. “You’re finally back! Now we can play that minigame.” She didn’t notice that the other girls were under a spell.

Mrs. Erotiquette walked over in front of the girls’ couch, standing near the TV. She snapped her fingers, causing Sierra and Riley to wake back up from their trances, and the spirals disappeared from their eyes.

“What’s going on? Where am I?” Riley asked, completely confused.

“Why do I have a big lipstick mark on my cheek? Who kissed me there?” Sierra asked, trying to rub the mark off of her cheek.

“Who is she?” Skye asked while pointing towards the older woman.

All three girls looked towards the mysterious woman. Riley could’ve sworn she met this woman a few moments ago, and was wracking her brain to remember who she was. “Oh, yeah! Skye, this woman is named Mrs. Etiquette…”

“That is Mrs. Erotiquette to you!” She sternly corrected.

Riley quickly dropped back into her obedient trance when she was prompted to apologize to her. “Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette. I’m sorry, Mrs. Erotiquette.” Riley immediately dropped back out of her trance, and she was holding her head in confusion. “What just happened?”

“I am here today to teach you disobedient girls some good manners…good manners that will make you good girls… good girls who can use their good manners to please their partners…” Mrs. Erotiquette was lecturing to them while pacing back and forth in front of their TV.

“Sounds boring, and way too old-fashioned for us. We don’t even have any ‘partners’ right now anyways.” Riley said as she pressed the start button on her controller to start the minigame. “So you can just piss off now.”

Mrs. Erotiquette’s stern face became more of a horrified scowl over the crude language Riley had used right in front of her. “That is not the way a good girl talks!” She shouted at her.

“Don’t care.” Riley bluntly admitted as she and her friends continued playing the minigame. The minigame was about rolling udders like bowling balls towards formations of milk bottles at the end of a lane. Sierra was extremely embarrassed by Riley’s rude behavior, but was hoping that it would cause this strange woman to leave.

“This is why I have been conjured here, to teach you unruly girls the basics of Erotiquette, and educate you so you can become proper ladies.”

Riley won the minigame, and was gloating to the losers! “Aw, yeah! I won! Victory chips!” Riley stuffed tons of potato chips down her gullet, belching loudly near Sierra, who practically jumped up in the air at the shock of getting burped at right in her ear. She thought about telling her to knock it off, but changed her mind.

“A good girl does not belch in public!” Mrs. Erotiquette exclaimed to Riley. “And she does not gloat to others, either.” Mrs. Erotiquette turned her attention to Skye, noticing she was slumped over on the couch. “A good girl must maintain proper posture!” She exclaimed to her. Skye let out a little “sorry,” but never actually bothered changing her posture.

Mrs. Erotiquette turned her attention over to Sierra, glaring at her. “What? What did I do?” Sierra quizzically asked.

“You didn’t really do anything exactly, but you keep enabling Riley when you just let her get away with being crude all the time!”

“But-but-“ Sierra stammered. “If I tell her to quit it, she’ll just turn it around against me somehow.” She defended herself.

“That is no excuse. You have been letting her horrid behavior go on for far too long.”

The next round of the game was about to start, but their game was interrupted by a sudden message suggesting to the players “why not take a break?” Riley groaned in annoyance as she pressed the “A” button to skip the message.

Mrs. Erotiquette noticed this and looked at Riley. “Why are you not following a perfectly good piece of advice like that? Good girls take a break when they are told to.”

“No one really gives a shit about those kinds of messages. Video game companies only put those in because they’re afraid of getting their asses sued.” Riley snarked to the woman.

Mrs. Erotiquette had a completely shocked look on her face, and her mouth was wide open. Sierra facepalmed herself. She didn’t like this odd woman barking orders at them and telling them what to do, but Riley was making them all look bad.

As Riley’s turn in the game was starting, Mrs. Erotiquette slowly stepped in front of the TV, blocking the girls’ vision.

“Hey, get out of the way! I can’t see a damn thing!” Riley angrily yelled.

Without saying a word, Mrs. Erotiquette slowly pulled out her folding fan, lifted it up to her face, and started waving it.

Sierra and Riley immediately fell back into their sleepy trances, and the spirals returned in their eyes. It took Skye a little longer to fall under Mrs. Erotiquette’s spell since this was her first time getting hypnotized by her fan, but she soon too fell under her power.

“I am…under your…cooonnntttrrrooolllll…” Skye quietly murmured out. She always had a fetish for falling under hypnosis, and was developing a crush on her new hypnotist.

Mrs. Erotiquette chuckled to herself as she contemplated what to do with her new slaves. She figured out what she wanted to do a few moments later.

“You three have been very bad girls, haven’t you?” She mockingly teased them.

“Yes, we have all been very bad girls.” All the girls spoke together in a mindless monotone.

“And being very bad girls makes you feel very bad, doesn’t it?”

“Yes, being very bad girls makes us feel very bad.”

“You want to be good girls, don’t you? Good girls with good manners, who love pleasing their partners, right?”

“Yes, we want to be good girls. We want to have good manners. We want to please our partners.”

“I can teach you how to be good girls. All you have to do is listen to and obey my every word. Have we got a deal, girls?”

“Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette.”

“Good girls…good girls” the woman was cooing to the girls as she started waving her hypnotic fan more in front of their faces. Sierra and Riley’s eyes were drooping again, as they moaned and yawned out loud. This time, she let them fall deeply asleep.

Mrs. Erotiquette paid full attention to Skye now. She was deeply entranced, but was not fully hypnotized as her brown hair was partially covering one of her eyes. Her uncovered eye had a spiral spinning around in it.

The woman leaned down over Skye’s seat on the couch. She brought the hypnotic fan near her face with one hand, and was toying with Skye’s bangs with the other hand.

“Oh sweetie, I must move your bangs out of the way so that I can put a sleepy spiral in your other eye. That is the only way I can fully bring you under my control.” Mrs. Erotiquette was teasing her.

Mrs. Erotiquette slowly moved her bangs out of the way with her fingers, and was waving her fan faster. Skye was feeling very shy yet playful, as she quickly moved her bangs back in front of her eye. “no” she quietly let out, but was giggling loudly.

The hypnotist noticed her playful attitude, so she decided to act playful back. “But you would love being under my deep, sleepy spell. You will learn to be such a wonderfully good girl, just like your friends over there.” Mrs. Erotiquette gestured over to Sierra and Riley, who were sleeping soundly while sprawled over their couch.

Skye shut her eyes tight, but couldn’t hide her intense giggling.

Mrs. Erotiquette noticed Skye’s heart-shaped beauty mark resting on her cheek. She lowered her lips to her cheek and was planting several soft kisses right over the heart.

“Please open your eyes for me, cutie.” The woman was pleading to Skye. “It would make me so happy if you were a good girl and opened your eyes for me. I promise you that you will become such a happy good girl for me if you just open your eyes.”

She continued raining down several more kisses over her beauty mark, kissing her more quickly now.

Skye couldn’t take it anymore. She was giggling uncontrollably while blushing like mad. She slowly opened her eyes back up, to find her vision fully taken up by Mrs. Erotiquette waving her hypnotic fan in her face. Skye finally let her move her bangs out of the way and her other eye was soon filled with a spiral, falling completely under her control.

Peekaboo…” Mrs. Erotiquette playfully teased her new slave, prompting Skye to giggle even more.

“Proper posture, remember?” She teased her playful victim as she started lightly rubbing Skye’s back. Skye felt an erotic electrical charge shoot up her spine as she suddenly stood up straight, and carefully settled her hands in her own lap.

“Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette. I love to obey you, Mrs. Erotiquette.”

“My, my.” Mrs. Erotiquette was impressed by how well she was learning. “You are already very well on your way to be a very good girl.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Erotiquette.” Skye beamed from her praise.

She continued waving her fan in front of Skye’s eyes, until she collapsed in Mrs. Erotiquette’s arms from hypnotic exhaustion. She was embracing her tightly while racing her hand through her brown hair.

“Good girl… good girl” she sweetly whispered in Skye’s ears. Skye, even while deeply sleeping in a trance, grew a big smile on her face.

Under deep sleep, all three of the girls got a kiss on their cheek and a slap on their ass as they were led to an unfamiliar location.

As the three girls slowly woke up one by one, they found themselves sitting at a small dining table, with the only light in the room being a large chandelier hanging above.

Sierra had to explain to a confused Skye that the woman she saw earlier had been magically conjured up from an old book that was dropped off at her door, a book she hadn’t even ordered. Skye sort of accepted her story, but was still confused as to how that was even possible.

“How does she even have such instant control of our minds like that?” Riley questioned. “I don’t want to be her little miss goody two-shoes puppet!”

“Yeah, me neither.” Sierra agreed.

“Oh, I dunno. Being under her control kind of makes me feel a little tingly inside.” Skye sheepishly admitted while blushing.

Both Sierra and Riley were giving Skye odd stares over her confession. “TMI, Skye. TMI.” Riley told her.

Mrs. Erotiquette entered the dining room, holding a tray of meals for them to eat. The girls’ turned their attention to the woman as she carefully set their plates of food in front of them. The girls noticed that all of the proper silverware they would be using had been already set on the table prior to them waking up from their trances.

Mrs. Erotiquette gracefully sat down on the last open chair, sitting close to Skye. Skye was feeling very giddy, with butterflies in her stomach, and her heart pounding faster and faster. She couldn’t entirely explain why the older woman was making her feel that way, but she greatly enjoyed the feeling.

“Where are we, exactly?” Sierra questioned Mrs. Erotiquette.

“I have taken you three under my wing and right into the pages of my book.” She answered. “We are currently in the chapter about dining etiquette, and I am going to teach you girls the way a proper lady dines at the table.”

Riley wasn’t really paying attention to what Mrs. Erotiquette was telling her and the other girls, and was instead staring at her delicious-looking plate of food, which consisted of a few pieces of roasted chicken breast, and a vegetable medley on the side.

Riley was so hungry, that she had forgotten why she was mad at Mrs. Erotiquette in the first place. “Alright, let’s dig in!” Riley shouted as she started quickly attacking her meal, swallowing bite after bite without pause. Sierra wanted to hide herself under the table, embarrassed by her behavior that had gotten them into this mess.

“Riley, is that the way a proper lady should eat her meal?” Mrs. Erotiquette rhetorically asked her with a stern tone of voice.

“Um…maybe?” Riley retorted back with a mouth full of food.

Mrs. Erotiquette grabbed her fork, and slowly started waving it back and forth underneath the chandelier. The light from the chandelier was reflecting right off of her fork, causing the light to beam right into Riley’s eyes. Riley was moving her eyes back and forth, matching the movement of the shining fork, falling deeply into another trance.

“You must eat slower, thoroughly chew your food, and then finally swallow.” Mrs. Erotiquette was instructing Riley. “And you must not talk with your mouth full.”

Riley obediently chewed her food entirely, and then swallowed. “Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette. I’m sorry, Mrs. Erotiquette.”

Sierra was getting more weirded out now. As much as Riley frequently opposed everything this woman stood for, she just as often immediately fell into her power. She was thinking back to something Riley had asked earlier. Why do they so easily have their brains washed over by that woman?

“Good girl…” Mrs. Erotiquette had praised Riley, then she started waving her shining fork in a more figure 8 pattern, to make sure all three girls were completely entranced. “I will show you how a proper lady eats her meal. You will follow all of my instructions to the letter.”

“Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette. We will follow all of your instructions to the letter.” All three girls obediently repeated together.

She stopped waving her fork around and brought it back to her meal, while also grabbing onto her knife. She used her fork and knife to slice off a small piece of chicken.

“Cut.” She said as she slowly brought the piece of chicken to her mouth. The three girls mechanically grabbed their silverware and all cut off a piece of their chicken at the same time. “Cut.” The girls repeated.

She opened her mouth to let out the next couple commands. “Bite. Chew.” She said before she delicately took the bite, and was chewing her food slowly, and thoroughly. The girls followed suit. “Bite. Chew.”

After she was completely done chewing her food, she swallowed it in the most elegant manner she could muster, and lightly dabbed her lips with her napkin. “Swallow.”

The girls all swallowed their food at the same time. “Swallow.”

For the next bite, Mrs. Erotiquette went through her routine a little faster, to help the girls get into a rhythm. “Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.” She repeated as she went through the process of eating another piece of chicken.

“Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.” The girls repeated in a monotone as they followed the woman’s every move.

For every bite, Mrs. Erotiquette went through the motions a little quicker each time, so that the girls would repeat her instructions as a mantra.

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Mrs. Erotiquette noticed Sierra’s elbows on the table. “Elbows off the table, please!”

Sierra quickly removed her elbows off the table. “Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette. I’m sorry, Mrs. Erotiquette.”

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Mrs. Erotiquette grabbed her wine glass to give the girls a new instruction. She lightly tipped the glass to her lips and took one dainty sip.

“Sip.” She told the girls.

The three girls all took a small sip from their wine glasses. “Sip.” They all repeated.

“You may resume your mantra.”

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Cut. Bite. Chew. Swallow.

Mrs. Erotiquette noticed that Skye was slouching in her seat again. “Proper posture, remember darling.” She reminded Skye as she blew her a kiss.

“Oh, yes. I do remember, Mrs. Erotiquette.” Skye responded with a dreamy sigh, as she sat straight back up in her chair, hands instantly folded in her lap.

Mrs. Erotiquette got up from her chair, walking around the table until she walked by every girl, lightly brushing their shoulders with her fingers. “You three good girls are all perfectly working together like a well-oiled machine.” She praised them.

“Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette. Like a well-oiled machine.”

She sat back down in her seat and looked at the girls’ near-empty plates. “You may stop now.”

The girls immediately stopped eating and lowered their silverware onto their plates, and folded their hands over their laps.

“We are all patiently waiting for your next order, Mrs. Erotiquette.” The girls all chorused together in a sing-song voice.

“You girls have been doing such a good job learning your lessons, that I think you have all earned a special dessert. I will be right back. Don’t go anywhere!” She teased them.

“We wouldn’t dream of going anywhere, Mrs. Erotiquette!” The girls happily exclaimed with huge smiles on their faces.

The woman got up from her seat to walk into the kitchen. The girls mindlessly stared towards the kitchen, so deep in trance that they weren’t even talking to each other.

Mrs. Erotiquette returned to the dining room holding a smaller tray, with the tray containing three small bowls of french vanilla bean ice cream, every bowl topped with a strawberry compote.

She placed a bowl in front of every girl. “Now that we have learned the basics of dining etiquette, I thought now would be the perfect time to show you that there are appropriate times that even good girls can be a little…naughty…” She said with a seductive giggle.

“N-naughty?” The girls all asked in a simultaneous monotone.

“Yes…naughty…” Mrs. Erotiquette was taking in all of the girls’ bodies, especially Skye’s. “I am not called ‘Mrs. Erotiquette’ for nothing. These are the times when good girls must really be able to please their partners.”

“Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette. We must be able to please our partners.”

The woman was spooning some ice cream down all of the girls’ cleavage. “I have noticed that there are certain ladies and gentlemen who enjoy licking some ice cream off of their partners’ certain, how you might say, unmentionable areas.” Mrs. Erotiquette explained with a mischievous chuckle.

The woman started licking the ice cream off of Sierra’s breasts, which caused her to let out a shocked gasp, but was still so under that she continued letting the woman worship her breasts.

The woman turned to Riley to give her the same treatment, who also let out a shocked gasp, but was too heavily hypnotized to do anything about it.

Mrs. Erotiquette finally started licking the ice cream off of Skye’s breasts, who was feeling incredibly turned on from getting licked and worshipped from her hypnotist.

The woman was licking the last of the ice cream off of all the girls’ cleavage. “Once I have lapped off all of my ice cream off of your bodies, you will fall into another deep sleep for me. Remaining asleep for me until I take you three to the next chapter of my book.” Mrs. Erotiquette commanded them.

Sierra and Riley were beginning to enjoy her worshipful treatment of them. “Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette. Thank you, Mrs. Erotiquette.”

After she licked off all the ice cream, Sierra and Riley immediately fell asleep and collapsed into a small pile on the ground. Skye came out loud right before she fell asleep into the pile too.

Under deep sleep, all three of the girls got a kiss on their cheek and a slap on their ass as they were led to the next page.

The three girls all woke up to find themselves sitting in a row of three chairs in what looked like Mrs. Erotiquette’s living room. They were rubbing the tiredness out of their eyes with their hands, until Riley looked down at herself and saw that she was wearing a fancy, poofy blue dress. She looked at the others, noticing that Sierra and Skye were wearing similar dresses, colored red and pink respectively.

“Ok, what the hell is going on?!” Riley exclaimed. “Did she somehow strip us and then force us to wear these ridiculous looking outfits in our sleep?! I’m not her dress-up doll!”

“You know, Riley.” Sierra started. “You’re always opposing her and not wanting to do as she says, but you wind up always giving into her demands in the end. Why is that?”

“I don’t know! Every time I tell her to piss off and leave us alone, she just waves that stupid fan in our faces, and then we get all goo-goo eyed and follow her every move!” Riley frustratingly answered.

Sierra suddenly had a revelation. “Wait, that’s it! Mrs. Erotiquette must be using that fan to hypnotize us! That’s why we can’t seem to stop obeying her.”

“Mmm…hypnotizing us…” Skye was drooling a little while rubbing herself. “That’s kinky.”

“What the hell do you even see in her anyways?” Riley questioned Skye. “News flash, that woman taking such quick control of our minds is a bad thing!”

“I beg to differ.” Skye muttered under her breath. “Also, you weren’t complaining when Mrs. Erotiquette was worshipping your breasts. In fact, you had a big smile on your face the whole time!” Skye retorted back to Riley, annoyed that she was picking on her for her attraction to Mrs. Erotiquette.

Riley hadn’t remembered what happened to her while in their previous trance. “Wait, what?! That didn’t happen. I’d never let her do that to me!”

Sierra tried to diffuse the situation with a suggestion to avoid being hypnotized again. “Look, next time Mrs. Erotiquette shows up, we’ll just close our eyes before she waves that fan in our faces. She’ll probably give up when she can’t hypnotize us again and send us back home.”

“But what if I don’t want to close my eyes, and I want to be hypnotized by Mrs. Erotiquette again?” Skye asked Sierra, while blushing.

“If I hear one more peep outta you, I’m gonna-“ Riley angrily started towards Skye.

“Girls, girls…” Mrs. Erotiquette entered the living room, interrupting Riley. “There is no need to bicker and argue with each other like improper ladies. Especially when I am going to teach you all my next lesson in Erotiquette.”

She quickly pulled out her folding fan and brought it up to her face, waving it towards the girls. A stunned Sierra suddenly remembered her plan.

“Riley! Skye! Close your eyes!” Sierra yelled out, as she closed her eyes shut.

Mrs. Erotiquette turned her head to look at Riley’s face, while she was still waving her hypnotic fan, noticing that Riley had also shut her eyes tight. The woman then turned her attention to Skye, whose eyes were wide open, sitting perfectly straight and still in her chair, her hands perfectly folded in her lap.

“Oh, you are such a good girl.” Mrs. Erotiquette praised Skye. “You are a good girl for knowing to follow the instructions of a proper lady rather than the instructions of an improper lady.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Erotiquette. I will always obey your commands instead of the commands of my friends.” Skye was elated to obey the woman.

Oh, shit. Sierra thought to herself.

“Skye,” Mrs. Erotiquette began, “would you be a dear for me, and open your friends’ eyes for them so they too can fall under the same delightful trance that I have put you under?”

“Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette. At once, Mrs. Erotiquette.”

Skye got off of her seat, and jabbed a finger hard into Riley’s side. The sudden pain took her by surprise as she opened her eyes. Skye ran behind Sierra’s chair, and used two fingers to force open Sierra’s eyelids, so she had no choice but to look towards the woman.

“Ahhh! Skye, what are you doing?!” Sierra yelled at her.

Skye sat back down in her chair as Sierra and Riley both got a face full of Mrs. Erotiquette’s hypnotic fan. As soon as they fully re-entered into their trances, they both sat up straight in their chairs, hands perfectly folded in their laps, just like Skye.

“We are ready for our next lesson, Mrs. Erotiquette.” The girls chanted together.

“I will be teaching you all the art of properly greeting someone with a curtsy.” The woman was explaining to the hypnotized girls. “You will all take turns learning how to do a curtsy. I will start with Skye, as she is my most obedient student, and you can watch her do a curtsy so you know what to do when it is your turn.”

Mrs. Erotiquette turned her attention to Skye again. “Skye, I want you to get off your chair and walk over to me.”

“Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette.” Skye said as she got up and stood a few feet in front of her hypnotist.

“First, you must lower your head, and keep your head in that position.”

“Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette.” Skye lowered her head, and felt the woman plant a kiss on top of her head, which made her giggle.

“Use your hands to slightly pull out the edges of your skirt.” Mrs. Erotiquette commanded.

“Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette.” Skye pulled on the edges of the skirt of her long, pink dress. She smiled since she felt like a pretty, pink princess for her hypnotist.

“Now, put your right foot a few inches before your left foot, and rest on the ball of your right foot.”

“Like this, Mrs. Erotiquette?” Skye asked while fluttering her eyelashes towards the woman, as she obeyed her instructions.

“Yes, just like that. Perfect.” Mrs. Erotiquette praised Skye, and gave her a kiss over her heart-shaped beauty mark on her cheek.

Skye felt like she was going to instantly melt into a puddle for her hypnotist.

“Finally, bend your knees outward, while keeping your back straight.” Mrs. Erotiquette finished her little lesson, as Skye lowered herself into a curtsy, gracefully lifting herself back to her standing position afterwards.

“Now it is time for the…” Mrs. Erotiquette shifted her eyes back and forth to make sure nobody was listening in on them. “…naughty part of our lesson.” She continued.

“I want you to start with a curtsy, but then lower yourself on your hands and knees in front of my feet.” Mrs. Erotiquette instructed Skye.

“Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette. I follow your every command, Mrs. Erotiquette.” Skye droned out as she started a curtsy, until she lowered herself to the floor in front of Mrs. Erotiquette’s feet.

Skye noticed how pretty her high heels looked. “Your high heels are so beautiful, Mrs. Erotiquette!” Skye gave a lovely sigh. “I wish I had high heels like that.”

“Oh, thank you Skye!” Mrs. Erotiquette enjoyed being praised by one of her slaves for a change. “I will be sure to get you a pair of high heels soon. But right now, I would really like for you to pay attention to my lovely toes inside of my heels.”

Skye was paying special attention to her red-painted toes through her heels. “Your gorgeous toes are even more lovely than your heels!” Skye gave out an aroused gasp.

“And my toes are even more lovely when I do this.” Mrs. Erotiquette seductively whispered towards Skye. “Look closely.”

As Skye was looking closer, Mrs. Erotiquette started wiggling her toes in front of Skye’s face, and she wiggled her toes faster every few seconds. She had painted her toes with a hypnotic paint that sparkled as she wiggled them, and the sparkles were dancing in Skye’s eyes, making her fall even deeper in her trance.

“You love being sparkled by my toes, don’t you Skye?” Mrs. Erotiquette had a big grin on her face.

“Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette.” Skye had been so dazzled by her hypnotic toes, she wasn’t even sure if she was still breathing. “I love being sparkled by your toes.”

“And every time you see my toes sparkle, you want to kiss my toes, right?” Mrs. Erotiquette was teasing her, already knowing what her answer would be.

“Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette.” Skye shuddered as she felt the erotic electrical charge surge through her entire body again. “I want to kiss your toes.”

“Well, go on then.” Mrs. Erotiquette sweetly whispered. “Kiss them.” She puckered her lips to kiss the air a few times, to motion to Skye to kiss her toes.

Skye didn’t need to be reminded again. She reached out towards her feet with her lips to delicately place a kiss on her big toe, and then quickly placed several kisses on her other toes. Mrs. Erotiquette’s toes kept sparkling as she continued wiggling them, triggering Skye to repeatedly kiss her toes every single second.

“Good girl… good girl” Mrs. Erotiquette was murmuring to Skye as she was stroking her hair with her hand.

After several minutes, Mrs. Erotiquette had to stop Skye as she was getting too flustered. “Oh my, Skye!” She exclaimed to her as she was fanning herself. “I must let the other ladies have a turn to be taught their lesson before I…before I…” She was trying to think up an euphemism that didn’t sound too inappropriate, “cream myself.” She finished with a small laugh.

“Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette.” Skye said as she removed her lips from her toes with a loud pop. “Thank you for letting me kiss your toes, Mrs. Erotiquette.”

“Oh, you are so very welcome, Sweetie.” She waved to Skye as she returned to her chair. “Riley, it is your turn to come up now.”

Riley mindlessly walked over to her, and she commanded Riley to lower her head just like she did with Skye, and gave her a quick kiss on her head.

You know, I’m starting to see why Skye loves Mrs. Erotiquette so much. She does give us some pretty sweet kisses. Riley was thinking to herself.

Throughout the rest of the lesson, Mrs. Erotiquette put Riley and Sierra through their paces, teaching them how to greet others with a curtsy, and also teaching them how to worship her feet. Once Riley and Sierra had been returned to their seats, the woman walked over to them and brought out her fan again, waving it faster in front of their faces.

“You are ready to learn your final lesson in Erotiquette when I meet you girls on the next page. We will finish your transformation into becoming proper ladies…”

“Proper ladies…” the girls mindlessly repeated.

“…and very good girls who want to please their partners.”

“Very good girls…who want to please…their partners…”

Mrs. Erotiquette leaned her head towards the girls to whisper “sleep!” and all three girls went out like a light.

Under deep sleep, all three of the girls got a kiss on their cheek and a slap on their ass as they were led to the next page.

The three girls all woke up to find themselves sitting on Mrs. Erotiquette’s bed, in her bedroom. They noticed that they had their hands perfectly folded over their laps already. Sierra and Riley quickly unfolded their hands, though Skye kept her hands folded.

Mrs. Erotiquette was already in the room, sitting down in a chair she set up in front of her own bed so that she was facing the girls, having patiently waited for the girls to wake back up.

“Girls, you are finally awake!” Mrs. Erotiquette cheerfully greeted them. “You are on the last page of my book, where you will learn your final lesson. And this lesson is the naughtiest one of all.” She finished with a mischievous giggle.

Sierra and Riley wanted to yell at her to leave them alone and to take them back home, but this time, they couldn’t even find the energy to oppose her will at all anymore.

“By now, you have probably realized that I am a married woman. After all, my name is Mrs. Erotiquette. Now, I would like to tell you girls a little bit about my wonderful husband…” the woman started as she got off her chair to grab something off of a small table.

She returned to her chair, hiding something behind her. “My husband is a very kind and caring old soul, and very, very negotiable…” Mrs. Erotiquette happily thought back to all of the times she had hypnotized her husband into catering to her every whim. “And he is more than willing to help me teach others in the ways of Erotiquette, just like I have taught him.”

Mrs. Erotiquette finally revealed what she had been concealing from the girls. An exact replica of her husband’s massive cock, that she molded entirely from candle wax, perfectly situated in a candle holder.

Sierra and Riley’s jaws dropped in shock over what Mrs. Erotiquette was so casually showing to them. Skye brought a hand to her mouth to let out a gasp.

“Oh my, it’s so big.” Skye blushed.

Mrs. Erotiquette was grinning from remembering the time she hypnotized her husband to strip in front of her. She had him stand at full mast for her so she could use his penis as reference to mold a perfect replica out of candle wax, and made him stand like that as she worked.

“If any of you gains a partner who has a cock, you must learn how to properly please your partner’s cock.” Mrs. Erotiquette was explaining to the girls. “I apologize for my crass language, but this is the best way I can describe my final lesson to you.”

Riley had finally found a little bit of willpower to defy the woman. “Ok, this is just weird, even by your standards. C’mon girls, let’s try to find a way out of here.”

As Riley was trying to climb off of her bed, Mrs. Erotiquette struck a match, using it to light the wick that was sticking out the hole at the tip of the candle cock. As the flame was beginning to burn, she started waving the candle back and forth in front of the girls, the candle’s flame immediately catching their attention.

“Oh, you are not going anywhere girls.” Mrs. Erotiquette mockingly teased them. “Sit back down on my bed, Riley.”

Riley fell back under her hypnosis. “Yes, Mrs. Erotiquette. I’m sorry, Mrs. Erotiquette.” Riley droned out as she sat back down on the bed in between Sierra and Skye.

Mrs. Erotiquette continued waving the candle cock back and forth, as the girls’ eyes were following the movement of the hypnotic flame back and forth, as their thoughts were being scrambled left and right. Their field of vision shrunk to where they could only focus on the candle cock, and Mrs. Erotiquette’s hand that was holding it.

“Now girls, watch very closely. Do as I do.” The woman instructed. She took her other hand, and used one of her fingers to stroke up and down the candle cock. A few moments later, she gripped the shaft of the candle with her entire fist, pumping up and down the entire length of the candle.

The girls were imagining in their heads that they were each holding onto a cock, and they were all pumping the air up and down with a fist, imagining they were giving a potential partner a hand job.

“Do as you do.” The girls mindlessly repeated as they continued pumping up and down.

Mrs. Erotiquette was pumping her fist faster over the candle. “Faster, girls! Really put your all into it! This is how you properly please a partner!” She excitedly exclaimed.

The girls were pumping their fists harder and harder, and they were all drooling over the imaginary cocks they thought they were rubbing in their hands.

“Stroke up! Stroke down! Stroke up! Stroke down! Please your partner! Please your partner!” Mrs. Erotiquette chanted to the girls.

“Stroke up. Stroke down. Stroke up. Stroke down. Please our partner. Please our partner.” The girls repeated in a monotonous chant. All of the girls developed a massive wet spot on their chests from how much they were drooling on themselves.

Mrs. Erotiquette’s hand was picking up the pace. “Your partner’s cock is about to burst. Let your partner’s cock splash your face with their cum.” She commanded them.

The girls’ fists were pumping faster and faster, until they all simultaneously imagined their faces getting sprayed with cum from the imaginary cocks they were stroking. Skye enjoyed this lesson so much, that she actually tried to lick the imaginary cum off of her own face.

Sierra and Riley laid on the bed completely dazed. Mrs. Erotiquette approached the still sitting Skye and started stripping off her own clothes right in front of her.

“Now it is time to teach you the other part of this lesson…” Mrs. Erotiquette seductively told Skye as she removed her bra and panties. “…how to please a partner with a pussy.”

Skye’s eyes opened wide with arousal and was about to dive in, but she realized something. “What about my friends? Will you teach them too?”

“Oh, don’t you worry your pretty little head about that.” Mrs. Erotiquette reassured her. “They will both get their turn. They just need to take a little break first.”

“Ok!” Skye stripped off her own clothes right before she worshipped her hypnotist’s body all over.

After Sierra and Riley had been brought back to the real world, they decided to put their newfound appreciation for Erotiquette into effect.

Sierra found a partner who had a massive cock. She made a curtsy in front of her new partner while wearing her fancy red dress, turning her curtsy into a bow to worship her partner’s cock.

Riley savored her new partner’s pussy at her dining table, having learned how to eat her partner out slowly and delicately, savoring every single lick.

Skye decided to remain inside of the magical book for the rest of her life, happy to be under the control of her hypnotist, Mrs. Erotiquette. Anyone passing by the book could hear Skye squealing in pure, happy pleasure from having her entire body repeatedly kissed and fondled by Mrs. Erotiquette and her husband.


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