Morning Wood

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:male #cum_fixation #femdom_hypnosis #microfiction

Every morning, Lexi hypnotizes her husband by using his own hard cock as a hypnotic pendant.

“Wake up, Nick. Please wake up, darling. It’s time to open those dreary, sleepy eyes for me. I’ve got something special to show you.”

Nick slowly opened his eyes while he was still lying on his back on the bed. His wife Lexi had removed the covers so he could see his own naked body. At the foot of the bed, Lexi was on her knees, and her hand was firmly gripping Nick’s cock. Nick groaned from the touch.

Lexi then started lightly using her hand to wave Nick’s cock back and forth, back and forth. Nick lifted his head slightly so he could see what Lexi was doing to him, following the motion of his cock back and forth, back and forth with his eyes.

“You were practically begging me last night to hypnotize and enslave you this morning.” Lexi teased. “Come to think of it, you beg me every night to hypnotize and enslave you every morning. And I’ve figured out the perfect tool to use to enslave you… your own tool.” Lexi was giggling.

“E-en-enslave me…” Nick stammered and moaned out.

“Every shake of your cock makes you fall deeper and deeper under my control.” Lexi was intoning dramatically as if she were a stage magician.

“Yes, Mistress.” Nick’s eyes were now glazed-over, and he was drooling out of the corner of his mouth.

“Every little jerk of your cock makes my hypnotized hubby fall into my sexy spell even more.” Lexi was getting slightly more aggressive shaking his cock with her hand.

“Your sexy spell…” Nick said in a dreamy monotone. His cock was pulsing and throbbing in his wife’s hand, squirting out pre-cum. As his pre-cum was dripping down the shaft of his cock, the morning light was shining through the window of their bedroom, the light reflecting off of his pre-cum. His glistening cock was shining right in his face, hypnotizing him further.

“Your thick, hard cock is making you drool out all of your free will, as you closely follow the movement of your cock using your eyes. Back and forth, back and forth.” Lexi was seducing him.

True to her word, Nick was drooling up a storm all over his chest. He was still watching his wife shake his cock back and forth, following the motion with his glassy, mindless eyes.

Lexi took out a tube of lipstick and applied some to herself. She kissed Nick on his shaft, leaving a large lipstick imprint.

“You’ll get more kisses from me every time you answer my questions. Who owns you?” Lexi asked him.

“You do, Mistress.”

“That’s right!” Lexi happily exclaimed. She left a kiss on his balls. “Who owns your cock?”

“You do, Mistress.”

“Good answer!” Lexi gave his shaft another kiss. “Now, who is so unbelievably horny, that he can become completely hypnotized by his own cock?”

“I…I am, Mistress.” Nick’s cheeks were burning red with a mixture of lust and embarrassment.

“You got all of the answers right! You’ve won the grand prize!” Lexi announced as if she were hosting a game show. She kissed Nick on the top of his cock so hard that Nick immediately started squirting massive amounts of his own cum all over his body. Some of his cum also got onto his wife’s face, who licked it off. Nick’s mind was reeling from pleasure as he was still lying on his bed, covered from head to toe in his own cum and drool.

Lexi grabbed one of his hands and pulled him up into a sitting position. “Why don’t we get cleaned up in the shower together.” Lexi told her husband, and he agreed.

Lexi and Nick were both taking a shower together. Lexi helped clean the cum off of his body, while she let him rub body wash all over her naked body, which started making him hard again. Lexi grabbed his cock and was shaking it back and forth, hypnotizing him again. She commanded him to pick up her shampoo and hold it up to her so that she could grab it out of his hands whenever she needed to use it. Nick stood there holding the shampoo in his outstretched hands, mindlessly smiling like a naked, brainwashed butler for his mistress.


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