Mindless Massage

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/m #foot_fetish #pov:bottom #sub:male #accidental_hypnosis #massage

Philip accidentally hypnotizes himself while massaging his wife’s feet.

Leslie was reclining in her most comfortable chair, as she was having her husband Philip massaging her feet while he was sitting on a stool in front of her chair. While he wanted his wife to be happy, he was having a difficult time putting up with the stinky aroma emanating from her feet.

“Oh hubby, your magic fingers feel so wonderful rubbing all over my tired, aching feet.” Leslie happily sighed. “I would love you to rub my feet every day.”

As Philip continued rubbing her feet, he could practically feel (and smell) a huge gust of her foot stink blow right into his face, as he scrunched his face and gagged.

“Look honey, I want to do nice things like this for you, but…” Philip trailed off, not sure if he should continue was he was trying to get across.

“Well…” Leslie was curious, and getting a little impatient.

“There’s no way I can put this delicately… your feet stink! Badly! Look, I can maybe put up with your stinky feet once every week or two, but daily? I’m sorry, but there’s no way I’d be able to stomach it.” Philip complained.

Leslie sighed. She had always had stinky feet nearly all her life, no matter how often she washed them. Though she felt that her husband was greatly overreacting how bad they smelled. “Oh come on, they don’t smell that bad.”

Philip’s nose was scrunching up more as another cloud of foot stink burst in his face. “Yes, they do! I’m tired of pretending they don’t.”

“Oh, quit complaining and rub my feet harder.” Leslie was getting annoyed at her husband mouthing off to her more, and wished he would just be quiet while rubbing her feet.

Philip was rubbing his wife’s feet harder, which caused more stinky foot fumes to emerge that entered his nose. However, this time an unusual thing happened. Instead of Philip becoming repulsed by the smell, Leslie’s foot stink began clouding up his mind. He could practically feel his brain getting enveloped in the stinky fumes of her feet.

The more Leslie’s stinky feet were shrouding his mind, the more Philip started fixating on his thumbs that he was using to rub little circles over the soles of her feet. The more he was rubbing little circles with his thumbs over her soles, the more he was following the movements of his thumbs with his eyes, around and around.

Around and around.

As more smelly foot fumes were entering his nostrils and subduing his brain, the more he was rubbing little circles over Leslie’s soft soles, and the more he was staring at his thumbs pleasuring his wife’s feet, around and around.

“Around…and around…around and around…” Philip was quietly moaning out in a dazed monotone.

Leslie was relaxing during the foot massage, eyes closed, and almost drifting off to sleep a couple of times. She didn’t even notice the accidental trance that Philip was falling into.

“Mmmm… now that’s more like it.” Leslie happily sighed. “Isn’t it better when you’re quiet, and just doing whatever I want?”

Around and around.

“Anything you want…anything you need…” Philip quietly breathed out.

“Oh, if only I could convince you to rub my feet every day.” Leslie wished. “Every day would be the best day ever.”

Around and around.

“Rubbing your feet every day… rubbing your feet forever…”

More and more foot stink was clouding Philip’s mind, and he was mindlessly drooling out of the corner of his mouth.

Leslie opened her eyes, wondering why Philip seemingly wasn’t responding to her anymore, when he was previously complaining about her feet. She looked towards Philip, surprised to see his gaze fervently fixated on her soles, staring at his thumbs rubbing little circles (around and around) over her soles. She noticed that Philip’s eyes looked completely glazed over, absolutely mindless.

“Um…Philip?” Leslie asked, slightly concerned.

No response. He continued focusing on rubbing her feet, around and around.

“Philip, if this is some kind of joke, it’s really not funny.” Leslie warned.

Still no response. His empty, mindless eyes were glued to her soles as he was drooling more.

Leslie took one of her feet out of his hands and started lightly tapping on his chin with her foot to wake him up. “Hey, earth to Philip. What’s going on?”

To Leslie’s absolute surprise, Philip suddenly grabbed her foot and buried his nose in her toes, and was sniffing hard, no longer repulsed by the smell. After his long, hard sniff, he took several smaller whiffs of her stinky feet, making sure to smell up every foot fume into his nostrils.

What the hell is going on? Leslie thought. He could barely even stand to be near my smelly feet just a few moments ago.

Her foot stink had further reinvigorated Philip into rubbing her feet harder, causing more of her foot stink to envelop his mind, and causing his eyes to glaze over even more.

Leslie looked into Philip’s eyes again. His eyes had become so glazed over, that she could see the image of Philip rubbing her soles with his thumbs (around and around) reflected in his eyes.

“Around…and around…” Philip gasped out, now loud enough for Leslie to hear.

“Are…are you hypnotized?” Leslie asked incredulously.

“Yes…Mistress…Leslie…” Philip answered.

“How did that happen?” Leslie couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“Your stinky feet…are fogging my mind…making me see your feet…from a new perspective…as I watch my thumbs…rub your soles…around and around” Philip stammered out.

Leslie’s surprised gasp soon gave way to a mischievous chuckle. “Well, looks like you came to love my wonderful feet after all, especially now that they’re sapping you of all of your free will.”

“Yes, I have come to love your feet, Mistress Leslie” Philip admitted.

“And dare I say it, my stinky feet even give you a little twinge of arousal.” Leslie purred.

Leslie shoved her foot in his face and had him sniff her foot, causing his cock to stiffen. “Oh Yes, Mistress Leslie!” Philip moaned out loud.

“You will rub my feet every day for the rest of your life.” Leslie commanded.

“I will rub your feet forever…I will rub your feet every day for the rest of my life…around and around” Philip was permanently soaking in all his new commands that Leslie was cramming into his brain.

Leslie’s mischievous chuckle soon gave way to a sexy evil laugh, as she commanded her husband to kiss all of her toes.


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