by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #dom:female #f/m #femdom_hypnosis #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:male #foot_kissing #furry #pendulum #shrinking

An Anthro wolf named Wilson accidentally shrinks himself when he drinks an unusual bottle of cola. His fox girl wife Faye has some hypnotic and erotic fun with her husband in his shrunken state.

A gray wolf named Wilson and his wife, a orange/reddish fox named Faye, had returned home from the grocery store, putting their groceries away. Wilson had finished his work while Faye was placing some frozen meals into the freezer, so he grabbed a bottle from a six-pack container of cola he had just bought.

Wilson flicked the cap off of the bottle and started chugging the cola down his throat, feeling parched from the hot day. When his wife was finished putting away the frozen meals, she turned to her husband and noticed something different about the cola he was drinking.

“Hey Wilson, did you buy a different kind of cola?” Faye asked him.

Wilson placed the half-full bottle down on a nearby counter so he could answer his wife. “Yeah, the store ran out of my favorite brand of cola, so I decided to try out a new brand I haven’t had before. It’s not as good as my favorite kind, but it’s surprisingly better than most types of cola I’ve drank before.”

Wilson brought the bottle back to his mouth to finish drinking the remaining half of the cola, and then set the now-empty bottle back down on the counter.

Immediately afterwards, he felt a funny and weird feeling in his body. He thought he had to use the bathroom really bad, so he raced into the bathroom as quickly as he could. Standing in front of the toilet, he started pulling off his pants, as the funny feeling in his body was increasing.

The next minute went by in a blur, until Wilson realized that the toilet was towering above him, and his seemingly massive clothes were strewn across the bathroom floor, leaving himself completely naked.

Faye suddenly heard her husband loudly calling for her to help him out of the bathroom. She ran to the door as quickly as she could.

“Could you open the door for me, please?” Wilson pleaded to his wife.

“You can’t open the door yourself?” A confused Faye asked him.

“Ummm… yeah, I kind of need you to open it for me.” Wilson sheepishly admitted. “It’s kind of hard to explain why. You just need to see for yourself.”

Faye finally opened the door, noticing Wilson’s clothes scattered across the floor, but she saw no sign of her husband at all.

“I don’t get it. Where are you?”

“Down here!” Faye lowered her head to the source of his voice, completely shocked to see her naked husband had shrunken down to only a few inches tall.

“What the hell?! How did you shrink like that?!” Faye exclaimed in shock.

“I have no idea! I started feeling weird as soon as I was finished drinking my cola, and then all of a sudden the toilet was looming over me!” Wilson tried his best to explain his confusing situation to Faye, but even he couldn’t make complete sense of everything that had happened to himself.

Faye was thinking a bit about Wilson’s attempted explanation, and then she suddenly realized what may have happened to him. She reached out her hand to grab her husband and walked back into the kitchen, using her other hand to grab the empty bottle off of the counter. Wilson felt extremely embarrassed because he could feel his cock hardening in his wife’s firm grasp.

Faye had noticed a “Micro-Cola” logo on the bottle. She turned the bottle around in her hand, eventually finding some tiny fine print that warned that anyone who drank the cola would shrink down to a tiny size.

“Yeah, um… I think I found the problem.” Faye moved Wilson closer to the bottle so he could read the warning. His eyes opened up in shock.

“What?! Does that mean I’m going to be stuck like this forever?!” Wilson sounded utterly terrified.

Faye was quickly scanning the six-pack container that Wilson pulled his bottle out earlier, and was relieved to find a message saying that an antidote could be purchased off of the Micro-Cola website. “Good news,” Faye turned to her husband, “I can buy the antidote online so we can reverse your shrinking.”

Faye gently placed Wilson back on the ground so she could grab her phone and search for the antidote. Now that Wilson was free from Faye’s grasp, he realized that being held tightly in her soft hand for so long gave him a massive hard-on.

“What I want to know, is why would any company make a soda that shrinks whoever drinks it?” Wilson was questioning. “Who the hell would even willingly buy something like that?”

The stench of Faye’s furry fox paws was making its way over to where Wilson was, and it began entering his nostrils. He breathed in deeply and shuddered in pleasure, as he had always had a big fetish for sexy paws, and especially loved how his wife’s paws smelled. He began mindlessly marching towards her paws.

Faye didn’t realize that her tiny husband was walking towards her paws. “To answer your question, I was reading the reviews for the drink on Micro-Cola’s products page, and the reviewers were saying that they loved using the cola to shrink their partners, so they could spice up their kinky sex lives, by turning their partners into their tiny paw worshipping slaves.”

“Really? That sounds interesting.” Wilson replied in between deep sniffs of her toes, which was driving him wild with pleasure, and making his cock stiffen even more.

“I just bought the antidote off of their website. Unfortunately, it’s going to take about a week before it gets delivered here.” Faye was explaining.

“What am I going to do while I’m a tiny wolf for a week?” Wilson asked. He got down on his hands and knees, leaning his head towards Faye’s paw, which was massive from his perspective. He put his lips together so that he could give her heel a smooch.

Faye was giving her husband’s question some thoughtful consideration. Inspired by the reviews she read, she came up with a perfect plan. “I know what we can do!”

Just as Wilson was about to leave a kiss on his wife’s heel, Faye ran off to grab something, causing Wilson to accidentally roll onto his head.

Wilson was rubbing his throbbing head, as he could feel his cock throbbing at the same time. Faye returned holding a piece of string. She grabbed Wilson off of the ground, carrying him over to a chair in the living room. She sat down in the chair, and placed her bare paws up on the ottoman.

Faye tied one end of the string around her tiny husband’s waist. She used the other end of the string to lift the wolf up in the air, and then lowered the string so that Wilson was staring directly at her paws.

“Wh-what are you going to do with me?” Wilson sounded both nervous and excited.

Faye gave out a mischievous and seductive chuckle. “You’ll find out soon enough.”

Faye started lightly swinging the string back and forth, slowly at first, but then was swinging her makeshift pendant faster every several seconds. This caused her naked husband to begin swinging back and forth right in front of her paws.

Wilson was already feeling pretty dazed watching Faye’s paws move back and forth in front of his eyes every time he was swung around. “Your…paws…are so…pretty…” He let out an entranced yawn.

“Oh, thank you!” Faye let out a giggle. She started swinging her husband faster, while she started wiggling her toes to deepen his trance. “Stare deeper and deeper towards my wiggling toes as I swing you in front of my paws, back and forth.”

“Back…and forth…” Wilson mindlessly repeated as he was leaking pre-cum everywhere on the ground below, splattering in random spots as his wife continued swinging him back and forth.

Faye had stopped swinging him so she could bring the string closer to her paws, causing her husband’s face to squish against her soft soles.

“I want you to kiss me all over my paws… I want you to think of nothing but kissing me all over my paws…” Faye was commanding Wilson.

Wilson was repeatedly covering every inch of her soles with his kisses, kissing every spot multiple times to make sure he didn’t miss a spot.

“Yes mistress…yes mistress…” Wilson was repeatedly chanting every time he kissed his wife’s paws. Faye lifted the string towards her toes so her husband could smother her toes with his kisses.

Faye used the string to lower Wilson in between her toes, and squeezed hard enough to make his hard cock spring right up to attention, leaking pre-cum over her red-painted claws.

“Awww…are my pretty paws making my hypnotized hubby extra leaky today? Lick your pre-cummies off of my claws if the answer is yes.” Faye was teasing Wilson. Wilson leaned his mouth over to lick up his mess he left behind on her toes.

Faye lowered the string back towards the ground, commanding her husband to lay on the floor in a kneeling position. She brought her big toe closer to where Wilson was kneeling. She then used the claw on her big toe to lightly scratch Wilson’s bare butt, sometimes toe-ing his anus with her claw.

Wilson was screaming and loudly moaning in extreme pleasure, prompting Faye to use her big toe to shove her husband into the large puddle of pre-cum he was squirting out onto the floor. Before Wilson could orgasm too early, Faye lifted the string up high so that her naked, airborne husband was staring directly into her deep green eyes.

Faye started swinging her husband back and forth again. “I want you to deeply stare into my beautiful, piercing, dark green eyes…feel my hypnotic eyes entrapping you in a warm and erotic embrace…feel my hypnotic eyes entrancing you, making you want to obey my every command…” Faye was cooing to her husband.

Wilson could feel Faye’s hypnotic gaze penetrating his melting mind and making his hard cock swell even more as he continued being swung like a pendant in front of his wife’s eyes. “I love staring deeply into your beautiful eyes…your hypnotic eyes have entrapped me…your hypnotic eyes have entranced me…I love to obey your every command…I…love…you…” Wilson was moaning out in a hypnotized monotone.

Faye immediately stopped swinging Wilson, lowering the string to her mouth so that Wilson was within kissing range of his wife’s big red lips. “I love you too, hubby. So why don’t you come over here and give me a little smooch?” She seductively asked him.

Faye lightly swung the string towards her, so that Wilson’s tiny lips could plant a kiss on his wife’s massive lips, which were enveloping his entire body. She would swing her husband away from her, only to swing him back so he could kiss her again, repeating the process over and over again. At one point, Wilson used his hands to grab a hold of his wife’s cheeks so he could climb all over her lips, leaving several little kisses all over.

After several kisses, Faye finally removed him from her lips, dangling his body up in the air. Wilson’s cheeks were burning red with a mix of love and lust. He figured that if he was a cartoon character, he could almost feel several tiny cartoon hearts circling around his head.

Faye plopped her husband down on the palm of her hand, string and all. She instructed him to lay down on his back, so she could use a finger from her other hand to start rubbing Wilson’s belly. “Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy? You are such a good boy for lovingly obeying all of your wifey’s sexy commands!”

Wilson was extremely happy from getting his belly rubbed, and only got even happier when he felt his wife move her finger from his belly to his crotch, rubbing his ever-hardening dick. “It’s me! It’s me! I’m the good boy! I’m the good boy for obeying your every command!” Wilson happily exclaimed in pure pleasure.

Faye lifted the string again to dangle her husband in the air. Wilson’s fluffy tail was happily wagging back and forth as fast as it could, while he was spewing more pre-cum down on the ground below. Faye got a cheeky smile on her face as she suddenly plunged Wilson down into her cleavage below.

Before Wilson could even react to this sudden move, he could feel the sensation of his wife squeezing her floofy fox boobies together, in turn squeezing Wilson’s body in every position imaginable, his dick getting itself constantly rubbed from within her cleavage.

Wilson was panting and gulping hard, trying his best to keep himself from orgasming immediately, until he was granted relief from his wife, issuing only one simple command.


Wilson sprayed massive amounts of cum out of his dick, practically painting his wife’s cleavage with a generous helping of his seed. Faye lifted the string so she was holding her husband in front of her face again. The last remnants of Wilson’s explosive ejaculation were dripping onto the ground from the tip of his dick.

Faye used her thumb from her other hand to lovingly caress her husband’s cheek. “Good boy…good boy…”

Wilson responded to his wife in the best way he knew how; a single, solitary, happy bark.

His wife gave a sweet giggle at this, but then noticed that her husband suddenly seemed unusually sad. “Sweetie, what’s wrong.”

“Well, it’s just that…once that antidote comes in the mail, I’ll never be able to have this kind of mind-melting, brain-frying pleasure again.” Wilson sighed. “I kind of really loved being your tiny, hypnotized slave.” He could feel another blush developing across his cheeks.

Faye pondered this for a moment, then suddenly knew what to do. She used her free hand to grab her phone and went back to the Micro-Cola website, tapping her fingers on the screen a few times.

“Done and done.” Faye announced to her husband as she set her phone back down on the counter. “I’ve cancelled the order for the antidote.” Faye lightly placed her husband back in the palm of her hand, leaning her face closer to where Wilson was laying in her hand.

“Now you can be my tiny hypnotized hubby forever” Faye seductively breathed the word forever right above Wilson’s cock, making it spring up to full mast again as he shuddered and groaned in pleasure.

“Ready for round two?”

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