Hot Tub Trance Machine

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/m #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:male #birthday #feet #femdom_hypnosis #hypnotic_screen #hypnotits #spiral #spiral_eyes

Paulina convinces her husband and two other men to join her for some hypnotic hot tub fun on her birthday.

It was nearing the end of the elaborate adult birthday party that Issac had put together for his wife Paulina. Most of the guests had already left or were about to leave, though Paulina was able to convince two handsome men, named Jonah and Blake, to join her and her husband for an afterparty event in their hot tub, which the two men agreed to.

After the party, Paulina changed into a two-piece blue bikini and dropped a tiny amount of a suggestibility serum into the hot tub water, a serum she bought from an online shop named MCProducts. The serum would make the men more suggestible to being hypnotized by her and forced to obey her commands. After the serum was fully incorporated into the water, she whistled for the other men to join her in the tub. They quickly replaced their outfits with some swim trunks Paulina brought out for them and immediately joined her in the tub.

After a couple of minutes of staying in the tub, Paulina noticed that all the men’s eyes were beginning the glaze over. She knew it was time to start their hypnotic enslavement.

Paulina had a small flat-screen TV that was attached to a corner of the tub with a curved TV stand. She had a waterproof remote for the TV laying on the side of the tub near her, and she pressed the power button.

A spiral pattern immediately appeared on the screen, instantly catching the attention of the already highly-suggestible men, and their eyes locked onto the screen. The background of the pattern looked like a bird’s-eye view of a hot tub, and what looked like a spiral made out of water jets was spinning and splashing across the surface of the virtual hot tub.

The men’s eyes had become deep pools of blue, with spirals that resembled jet streams dancing across the surfaces of their eyes. Paulina had pressed a button that unleashed jets of water across her own tub. The men’s eyes and minds were being gently massaged and washed by the jet stream spiral on the TV screen, while they felt their lower bodies being gently massaged by the tub’s jets.

Paulina swam near the corner where the TV screen was to face the hypnotized men, and stripped off her swimsuit. She cupped her hands in the water and brought her hands back out to gently and seductively pour the water over her bare breasts. The men were drooling out of the corners of their mouths while Paulina was deepening their trances. She continued pouring water over her breasts, and then would shake all of the excess water right off, making her boobs shake and swing left and right.

The men fell deeper and deeper into the trance that Paulina was crafting for them, the spirals of jet streams spinning faster in their eyes every time Paulina hypnotically shook the water right off her breasts. The men kept changing their focus from looking at the hypnotic screen, to staring at her hypnotic breasts, finding both visions equally entrancing.

Paulina let out a low, seductive chuckle. “Now it’s time for the real party to begin, boys.”

“The real party…” The men moaned out in a simultaneous monotone.

Paulina swam over to one of the men, a brown-haired man named Jonah, and stuck one of her hands down his swim trunks, gently massaging his hard cock.

“Mmmm… you boys didn’t tell me you all got extra presents for my birthday this year.” Paulina teased. “Such stiff and hard presents too.”

“Happy birthday, Paulina.” The men mindlessly stated.

Paulina giggled as she grabbed Jonah’s swim trunks and pulled them off his body, and tossed them to the side. “You won’t need these old things anymore, my hard-as-hell birthday boy toy.” She seductively cooed as she lightly rubbed her fingertips across Jonah’s hard abs.

She then swam over to another man, a black-haired man named Blake, and also stuck her hand down his trunks to massage his cock.

“Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Paulina, happy birthday to me.” Paulina quietly sang to herself as she was pulling down Blake’s swim trunks and admiring his hard cock through the water. She tossed the trunks where she had previously tossed Jonah’s trunks to, making a pile. Blake was spurting out some pre-cum into the water.

“Hmmm… an extra present inside of my present…how wonderful!” Paulina giggled. Blake turned bright red as he unleashed more pre-cum in the water. Paulina swam over to her husband Issac.

“Now that I’m done unwrapping those boys’ presents, it’s time to unwrap the best present that I’ve been saving for last.” Paulina was seductively whispering to her husband. She stuck her hand down his trunks and was brushing it all over his cock.

“Oh my!” Paulina gasped. “My husband has the biggest cock of all!“ She giggled. “How does it feel being my biggest and hardest birthday present?”

Paulina stretched out his swim trunks with one of her feet so she could give him an underwater footjob with her other foot. Issac moaned out in pleasure.

“W-wo-wonderful, Mistress…” Issac continued drifting off into his trance as his dick was being rubbed by Paulina’s foot. Paulina used her feet to pull off Issac’s trunks and tossed it at the pile.

“You know boys, as much as I love teasing you like this, it is my birthday we’re celebrating tonight. I’m doing all of the hard work here by scrubbing your empty minds clean!” Paulina laughed as she swam closer to where all three men were and got right up in all their faces.

“I think it’s time you boys start pampering and worshipping the Birthday Girl, don’t you?” Paulina rhetorically asked.

“Pamper the Birthday Girl…worship the Birthday Girl…pamper the Birthday Girl…worship the Birthday Girl…” the three men were chanting together.

“Now here’s what I want my boys to do…” Paulina was whispering many hypnotic commands in their ears as they continued chanting their loyalty to her.

Paulina had Blake rubbing her feet under the water in the tub, while often commanding him to rub up and down her long, sexy legs. Blake was getting a huge erection from feeling Paulina’s soft, sexy toes wiggling over his lap, teasing his dick.

Paulina’s husband Issac was sitting behind her, rubbing her shoulders. Paulina would moan out in pleasure from feeling her husband’s fingers work their magic on her shoulders, which in turn would make Issac shudder in pleasure. Every time, his cock would bulge out and jab his wife in her butt, causing her to giggle.

Jonah was standing just outside the hot tub, pouring wine in three small glasses, and handed a glass to Paulina, who thanked him.

After she drank her wine, and was feeling a little tipsy, Paulina ordered Blake to drop her foot, which he obeyed. She used her now-empty wine glass to scoop up some water and pour the water over his naked, muscular chest. She licked her lips while staring at all the water dripping down his chest, and the wine combined with the erotic act almost made her go into a trance herself, but she was able to restrain herself so she would remain in control. She ordered Blake to take her foot again and massage it some more.

“I’m looking forward to enjoying my new birthday presents all year long.” Paulina happily sighed. She suddenly snapped her fingers. “Boys, recite our new version of the birthday song for me.”

We are under your control

We are under your control

We are under the control of our dear Paulina

We are under your control

“Ahhh…this is the life…” Paulina sighed.


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