Heat Wave

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/m #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:male #femdom_hypnosis #foot_worship #microfiction #spiral_eyes

Lily knows how to keep her husband cool (and hot!) during a big heat wave.

A massive heat wave had recently hit the city. The temperature would often rise past 100 degrees, and this wave was expected to continue for an entire week.

A woman named Lily and her husband Paul were both lying on their bed. They had stripped their own clothes off in an attempt to stay cool. Their fan had recently broken down, so Lily had ordered a new fan off of an online shop, but unfortunately the fan wasn’t going to be delivered for a couple more days.

Paul was complaining about how hot it was. Lily sympathized with him, but started getting a little annoyed when he kept constantly complaining about the heat. Though Lily was suddenly struck with a bolt of inspiration during one of her husband’s heat-induced complaints.

“Hey, I’ve got an idea!” Lily exclaimed.


“What if I used that special little fan to help keep you cool.” Lily was telling Paul. “You know, that really special one you love so much.”

Paul initially didn’t understand what his wife was talking about, though as she explained it to him more, he started remembering about her “special” fan.

“Oh, yeah! I remember! Oh, I would love you to use the special fan on me!” Paul happily agreed to his wife’s plan.

“Ok! Hold on a sec, I just need to go look for it.” Lily told Paul as she hopped off their bed. Paul was smiling and lightly rocking back and forth on their bed in excitement as he waited for her. She was rummaging through some of her belongings until she pulled out a small handheld fan.

“Ta-daa!” Lily exclaimed. “I’m glad I didn’t lose this baby.”

Lily climbed back up on their bed and was sitting in front of Paul. She held the small fan in front of Paul’s eyes and was pressing down on a button with her thumb. The blades started spinning around and were getting faster every second. Every blade on the fan had curvy lines printed on them that all came together to form a hypnotic spiral. Lily brought the fan a little closer to Paul, her thumb still holding down the button. As the spiral on the spinning blades continued rotating around and around, Paul’s eyes were filled with the same spirals that were coming from the small fan.

Lily started using her hand to wave the fan around in small circles. Paul was following the motion of her hand, his head moving around in small, dazed circles.

“Around and around my hypnotic fan goes

Making you spiral deeper and deeper into the unknown

You must try to lean over and give me a kiss-“

Paul was following her command, leaning over with his face to kiss her on the lips. Before he could kiss her, Lily suddenly pulled the spiral fan away, causing Paul to lose his balance and face plant right into her naked, sweaty breasts.

“-And try your best to make sure you don’t miss.” Lily giggled, finishing her rhyme.

Paul was mindlessly sniffing her sweaty breasts, grunting in arousal with each whiff.

“Since my sweet, spiral-eyed boy is down there, why don’t you help me keep cool during this heat wave by using your nice, wet tongue to lap off all of the sweat off of my breasts.” Lily was seductively commanding in Paul’s ear. “You must repay me for helping you keep cool in this heat.”

Paul started licking all over her breasts with his tongue. As his tongue was gliding over and all around her boobs, Lily pointed a finger over one of her nipples, motioning to Paul to lick her there. When he was done, Lily pointed to her other nipple, and he licked and sucked on it too.

Once Lily was sufficiently cooled off by her husband’s tongue bath on her tits, she lifted her bare feet to Paul’s face and commanded him to lick all over her feet. Before he could turn away after he had licked her feet, she commanded him to lick up all the sweat that was pooling up in between her toes, which he happily obeyed.

They both quickly laid down on the bed, while Lily continued commanding Paul to lick all over her naked sweaty body, getting more and more turned on by her husband worshipping her by the second. They both came at the same time, their voices exploding in exclamations of pure pleasure.

Even after their climax, Paul’s eyes were still locked onto Lily’s small fan. Lily took her thumb off of the button, causing the fan’s blades to start slowing down, and the spirals in Paul’s eyes were also slowing down. When the fan blades stopped moving entirely, the spirals in his eyes went away, although his eyes were still heavily glazed-over.

“Welcome back, sweetie.” Lily was cooing to her husband. “How did you enjoy your deep trance?”

Paul didn’t respond, continuing to mindlessly stare at Lily while drooling out of the corner of his mouth.

“Hmmm… I’ll take that as a yes!” Lily giggled. Lily saw that Paul still looked completely dazed, so she tried waving her hand in front of his face. “Honey, it’s me. Your wife.” Paul was following Lily’s hand wave back and forth, still completely mindless.

“Wow, he’s deeper than he’s even been!” Lily exclaimed, impressed. “Well, when all else fails, there’s only one other way to wake him up.”

Lily scooted up closer to Paul and gave him a quick kiss on his lips. Paul fully woke back up from his trance and pulled Lily towards him in a tighter embrace, their lips locked together as they held each other close.

When the larger fan was eventually delivered, Lily opened up the package and revealed the fan to her husband. It was a larger hypnotic fan she bought off of the online shop MCProducts. Every night, she would hypnotize her husband by turning the fan on, and every night was filled with tongue-bathing pleasure.


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