Hard Cock Therapy

by Hypnautical Nonsense

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Terrance goes to see a hypnotherapist to help get his cock harder so he can please his wife.

Terrance had a problem.

Lately, whenever he tried to have sex with his wife Tamara, he had an exceedingly difficult time getting his erection firm enough to please her. Several weeks had passed, and every night they tried to fuck ended in disappointment.

One day, Tamara came across an ad on the internet, advertising a hypnotherapist named Dr. Reed. She noticed that one of the things Dr. Reed specialized in was helping patients with erectile dysfunction. She wrote down the number on the ad, and gave it to Terrance when she next saw him, explaining to him what she saw in the ad.

Terrance was skeptical, but was willing to try anything to fix his problem, so he called up Dr. Reed, made an appointment with her, and got her address.

Terrance signed up for a multi-week program. Every Wednesday, he would go in to see Dr. Reed, and she would use hypnotherapy to help cure his erectile dysfunction. He wasn’t sure if he could be hypnotized, but figured he could give it a shot.

Wednesday came, and Terrance drove up to Dr. Reed’s place, after having put her address in the Maps app on his phone to find it. He came in and was cheerfully greeted by Dr. Reed, who led him into a darkened room with a chair situated in the middle. Dr. Reed had Terrance sit down in the chair, making sure he was comfortable. Terrance seemed a little confused and nervous by all this, but he relaxed when Dr. Reed reassured him that there was nothing to worry about.

She opened up a projector screen over the wall Terrance was looking at, and turned on the projector that was connected to her computer. She opened up her YouTube account and clicked on a thumbnail for a video that featured a large black-and-white hypnosis spiral.

The video started playing, and Terrance saw the large spiral spinning and twisting around and around on the projection screen. Terrance briefly thought that the spiral wasn’t hypnotizing him, but soon enough his eyes were starting to droop, he was slumping in his chair more, and was drooling a little out of the corner of his mouth. He stared deeper into the center of the spiral through his half-lidded eyes, which now showed the same spiral Dr. Reed was making him watch on the screen.

Terrance gently closed his eyes to fall asleep, but Dr. Reed gently prodded him back awake.

“You can’t fall asleep now! I need to see the spirals in your eyes to make sure my hypnosis is working!” Dr. Reed giggled.

Terrance fully opened his eyes back up so Dr. Reed could see the spirals in his eyes, but they started to droop again as the spiral on the screen was sapping away all of his energy and making him very tired.

“Doc…I can’t…stay awake…” Mumbled out the tired and entranced Terrance.

“You don’t need to worry about that. I’ll pull up a chair next to you so I can help you stay awake.” Dr. Reed sweetly explained.

True to her word, Dr. Reed briefly retrieved another chair and set it up next to Terrance, and sat down in it. She was wearing a special kind of contact lenses that blocked out the hypnotic power of the spiral so she could focus on Terrance.

“I’m going to start helping you with your hardness problem. When you’re ready for your treatment, just let me know.” Dr. Reed gently told Terrance.

“I think I’m ready.” The spirals in Terrance’s eyes were still spinning.

“Good…” Dr. Reed breathed out. She instructed Terrance to briefly stand up and remove all of his clothes, which he obeyed without hesitation. He sat back down in the chair, never breaking eye contact with the spiral on the screen.

Dr. Reed leaned over in Terrance’s direction and used one of her hands to lightly grab his cock. She then started lightly rolling his cock around his crotch in spiral-like circles, matching the spiral pattern on the screen.

“Stare deeper and deeper into the spiral. Concentrate harder and harder on the center of the spiral. As you concentrate harder on the center, I want you to try to mentally transfer your hardening concentration to your cock and try to concentrate on your cock getting bigger.”

Dr. Reed would occasionally add a little flair to her hypnotic induction to help get Terrance’s cock up, such as giving him a sweet kiss on his cheek every now and then, and giving him a few compliments.

“You look so cute sitting there hypnotized like that.”

“Your arms feel so nice and firm.”

“Your spiral eyes look so pretty.”

Terrance was conflicted. He enjoyed how Dr. Reed had been treating him, but he felt he had only gotten slightly harder than before he came to see her.

The session ended when the video ended. Terrance admitted his frustrated and conflicting feelings to her, worried that her program wouldn’t work in the long run. Dr. Reed reassured Terrance that it would take a while for progress to be made, and that he had actually done very well on his first day. Before he got up, she revealed one last step of the session for the day.

“Now, this is completely optional,” Dr. Reed started, “but sometimes my patients feel it helps if I give them a little kiss on the top of their cocks, as a little incentive to keep going with the program. Would you like me to do that for you?”

Terrance thought for a little bit, wondering if that would really help him, but eventually agreed.

“Great!” Dr. Reed cheerfully exclaimed. She got up from the chair and kneeled in front of Terrance, and puckered up her lips.

“Mwah!” Dr. Reed had dramatically kissed over the top of his cock. Terrance shuddered in pleasure, and as Dr. Reed removed her lips from his cock, he noticed that she left a lipstick marking over the top of his cock. His dick had only gotten a little bigger from the kiss, but he was now more hopeful about the future.

Before he left, Dr. Reed gave him the link to her YouTube account, and instructed him to watch the same spiral video at least once per night, while stimulating his dick before he came in for his next appointment by the next Wednesday.

He followed her instructions, trying to masturbate every night watching the spiral video. His cock never got all that hard, but he felt he was making some progress.

By the second Wednesday, Dr. Reed had Terrance watching a different hypnosis video she had made. This video showed more of a spiraling 3D tunnel that an invisible camera was traveling through. She put Terrance through the same physical treatment she gave him the last week, but this time his cock was responding better to her administrations, and getting quite a bit harder. Terrance was becoming more pleased with his results, and was looking forward to the coming weeks.

The biggest breakthrough came when Dr. Reed gave the top of his cock a kiss, as it got noticeably bigger and harder afterwards. Dr. Reed was giving him some words of encouragement, and told him she was excited for him to come back the next Wednesday.

Every night, Terrance got into her YouTube account to watch the same spiral video, trying to jerk off the entire time.

On the third Wednesday, Terrance had noticed that Dr. Reed had somehow set-up a two person bed in the center of the darkened room, replacing the chair. She motioned for Terrance to lay down on the bed on his stomach, facing the projection screen. Terrance noticed that this was a custom-made bed with a small hole where he could stick his dick into, and there was a bucket under the bed to capture any cum he would shoot out. She brought out a pillow and had Terrance lay his head on it. She grabbed a large blanket and laid it across most of his body aside from his head. After making sure he was completely comfortable, she started up her latest hypnosis video.

This time, the video was something Terrance had never seen before. A large spiral consisting of a dozen hard cocks appeared on the screen, and all of the hard cocks were spinning around and around in a spiral pattern. The spiral was filling his eyes.

As he was concentrating hard on the spiral, he initially didn’t notice Dr. Reed snaking up next to him under the covers. She popped her head out of the covers next to Terrance, giggling over Terrance drooling and mindlessly staring at the cock spiral. Terrance only noticed she was next to him when she reached down with a hand to massage Terrance’s cock through the hole in the bed.

“You see how hard those cocks on the screen are?” Dr. Reed cooed.

“Yesss…I do see…” Terrance moaned out. “They’re so hard…”

“You want your cock to be as hard as the cocks on the screen, don’t you.” Dr. Reed whispered in his ear.

“Yes, I do.” Terrance shuddered in pleasure.

“Many of my previous subjects came together, in more ways than one, to make this special hypnotic video for me to help my future subjects. If you’re a good subject for me, you could help me make future videos like this.” Dr. Reed erotically explained while giving Terrance a kiss on his cheek.

While Terrance didn’t become fully erect, he was a lot harder than he was the previous sessions. He couldn’t wait for the final session the next Wednesday.

Every agonizing day leading up to the final session, he would watch the cock spiral video intently. He would fall asleep watching the video and dream about having a massive hard-on he was using to fuck his wife’s brains out. He would also dream about coming together with Dr. Reed’s past subjects to make a hypnosis spiral video with their cocks for her to use for future patients. One time, he woke up to find his lips kissing the phone’s screen where the cock spiral had been spinning.

Terrance barely had a problem anymore.

He entered Dr. Reed’s place for his last session and walked into the darkened room. She had put the bed away and brought back the chair. He was slightly disappointed because of how comfortable the bed had been, but was still excited over what Dr. Reed had in store for him.

After sitting in the chair, Dr. Reed started up her last hypnosis video. It was a variation of the cock spiral video he watched all of last week. She set up a chair next to him and started grabbing and rubbing his cock in spiral-like circles, just like the first two sessions. He instantly started getting hard. She introduced a new sensation for him; footjobs. She removed one of her shoes and started rubbing Terrance’s crotch with her pantyhose-covered feet. She would alternate massaging his cock with her hands and with her feet, making Terrance even harder, and moaning out in pleasure.

She got out of the chair and leaned in front of Terrance, and gave the top of his cock a big, long kiss, leaving a lipstick mark over it. Normally, she saved this for afterwards, but now she made it a main part of the session. But she didn’t stop there, as she kissed all over his ever-hardening cock, leaving several lipstick markings all over the shaft and base of his cock. She even nuzzled her face into his ticklish balls, causing Terrence to let out a pleasure-laced laugh. She even planted a kiss on his balls, leaving yet another lipstick marking, and causing his cock to grow harder.

The cock spiral video changed to show something he hadn’t seen from the previous week; every cock in the spiral was pumping in and out of a large pair of naked breasts. Terrance’s own cock had grown to a massive, veiny size as Dr. Reed completely removed her top and stuck his cock between her breasts and commanded Terrance to pump in and out of her breasts. Dr. Reed took out some lipstick and applied it to Terrance’s lips, and commanded him to kiss all over her breasts, leaving lipstick markings all over.

“Doc…I think I’m gonna burst…” Terrance weakly moaned out.

“Almost…almost…” Dr. Reed was telling him.

When every cock in the spiral shot out massive amounts of cum all over the breasts they were pumping in, Terrance exploded massive amounts of cum all over Dr. Reed’s tits. While Dr. Reed was telling him how well he had done in her program, Terrance was profusely thanking her for curing his problem.

That night, he and his wife Tamara fucked like wild animals.

A few months later, Terrance got a call from Dr. Reed on his phone.

“Hey Terrance. I’m gathering up some of my previous subjects to come together to use their cocks for a new hypnosis video I want to show my new subject, who’s been suffering from premature ejaculation. Would you like to join?”

Terrance immediately got a huge hard-on. “Yes, Doc.”


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