Gingerbread Malesubs

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/m #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:male #dominatrix #fantasy #high_heels #mass_hypnosis #spiral #spiral_eyes

Cupcake Princess, the ruler of Cookie-Cake Kingdom, bakes up a batch of hypnotized gingerbread men slaves to cater to her every whim.

This story takes some influence from Adventure Time, though it’s not a fanfic, and doesn’t take place in that show’s world.

Cupcake Princess ruled over the Cookie-Cake Kingdom, where every subject was either a living cookie, or a living cake. Cupcake Princess had created her kingdom by baking cookies and cakes out of her magical recipe book. Every time she made something from her recipe book, the baked being she had created would magically come to life, serve their Princess, and live in her kingdom.

Cupcake Princess was an anthropomorphized Red Velvet cupcake. She wore a cupcake wrapper like a Princess dress and had white cream cheese-frosting hair.

She and her servants (that she also baked in her oven like her subjects) lived in a giant castle-shaped cake that they built for her. All of her servants and subjects were extremely loyal to their baker and creator.

One day, she wanted to bake some gingerbread men from her recipe book, and was searching for the ingredients all around her kitchen. She opened her spice cabinet to grab the ground ginger and cinnamon, but something unusual caught her eye.

She grabbed out a small container of a spice she didn’t even remember buying. It was a suggestibility spice. Confused, she turned the container over in her hands to look for some more info about what the heck this spice was.

She found some directions on the back of the container that said to add a 1/4 teaspoon of the suggestibility spice to any cookie or cake that the user was baking. This would cause the baked goods that the baker was making to become extremely suggestible and easier to hypnotize.

Cupcake Princess thought this was odd at first, and figured she never had to use this spice since everyone she baked was already so loyal to her already.

However, the more she thought about it, the more thoughts were racing through her mind about what she could make those gingerbread men do if she added the suggestibility spice to the gingerbread dough.

Those thoughts soon turned into naughty thoughts.

She thought about ordering her gingerbread men into serving her every whim and desire, and offering up their bodies to her to sexually use and abuse any way she wished.

As she was becoming more turned on, she quickly locked all the doors to make sure none of her servants would accidentally walk in on her as she started getting wetter.

While she was masturbating, she brought her hand to her face to lick her own cum off of her fingers, which tasted like frosting.

She immediately started tinkering and modifying her oven for a very special baking session the following day.

The next day, Cupcake Princess was furiously mixing in all the ingredients for the gingerbread men together in a bowl, working up a sweat. She made sure to lock the doors to the kitchen again to keep her servants from finding out what she was doing.

She mixed in a 1/4 teaspoon of the suggestibility spice into the dough. Once she was done forming the dough, she rolled the dough out over a floured surface and brought out a gingerbread men cookie cutter. She cut a bunch of shapes out of the dough and set them all on a baking sheet.

She brought out a piping bag, and piped out a little frosting onto each cookie shape. She gave each cookie a couple eyes and a small smile. Normally, she would wait to add frosting until after the cookies were finished baking, but adding the frosting before was crucial to her plan.

She gave each cookie a quick kiss on its’ cheek, and gently placed the baking sheet into her pre-heated oven and closed the oven door.

The gingerbread men were staring right up at the top of the oven, where Cupcake Princess had built a giant spiral into the top. Outside the oven, Cupcake Princess found the new spiral-shaped knob she added to the outside, and twisted the knob to the right.

The spiral slowly started up, gaining speed as it was turning around and around.

The gingerbread men started gaining consciousness the more they were baking in the oven, only for their sight to immediately lock onto the spinning spiral. The spiral was lulling all of the gingerbread men into a deep trance.

One of the gingerbread men’s frosting eyes were converging into spiral shapes the more he stared. His spiral eyes were soon spinning and twisting at the same speed as the spiral he was staring up into.

“How are my men holding up?” Cupcake Princess sweetly asked her new cookie slaves, while giggling over their hypnotic enslavement. She had asked loud enough so they could hear her through the oven door.

“We are doing great, Cupcake Princess. We can’t wait to serve you.” The gingerbread men all spoke out in a perfectly synchronized monotone. The rest of the gingerbread men’s frosting eyes soon started transforming into spirals.

“Ohhh… this is so exciting!” Cupcake Princess exclaimed. “They already love being under my control!”

She was so excited, she almost didn’t notice the timer going off. “Oh! They’re done already! Their enslavement was pretty quick.” Cupcake Princess turned off the oven’s heat, and turned off the spiral too. She put on some oven mitts and took out the baking sheet.

Before she placed the sheet anywhere, she looked down into her hypnotized slaves’ faces. Their frosting spiral eyes were still spinning around.

“Oh, how cute!” Cupcake Princess beamed to her new slaves. “I had no idea your frosting eyes would turn into little spirals like that. What a nice touch.” She brought out a spatula to scrape every cookie off of the baking sheet, and transferred every cookie to a cooling rack. She gave a quick kiss to every cookie upon gently placing them on the rack.

She was slowly pacing in front of the rack of cookies, contemplating what commands she wanted them to follow, until she finally figured out what she wanted to say.

“Listen up, men.” All of the gingerbread mens’ spiral eyes were fixated upon their baker, paying rapt attention to every word she spoke. “I baked you cookies for the sole purpose of slaving over me, waiting upon me hand and foot. Sexually serving me any which way I desire.” The gingerbread men were already starting to become aroused over the thought of being bossed around by this busty, dominating cupcake. “Got that, slaves?” She asked them, cutting through their stupor.

“Yes, Cupcake Princess.” The gingerbread men all moaned out in a monotone voice.

“Oh, no no no…” Cupcake Princess shook her head while chuckling. “That is what my loyal subjects and servants refer to me by. But you boys are special. My special, obediently subby boy toys…”

She directly faced one of her slaves. “…That’s you…” she seductively whispered towards the gingerbread man, as she forcefully prodded his crotch with her thumb, firmly enough so that he couldn’t escape her grasp. He immediately started pre-cumming all over her thumb.

Cupcake Princess brought her thumb to her face and delicately licked his pre-cum off, which tasted like frosting. “Mmmm…very tasty… you must refer to me as Cupcake Mistress…” she continued, as she grabbed the rubber spatula she used earlier when making the cookie dough. She suddenly slammed the spatula near the gingerbread mens’ bodies as if it were a spanking rod, as their entire beings shook with the force of her sudden move.

“…Or else!” Her voice turned sharp, and the gingerbread men all nervously gulped, their faces showing a mix of fear and arousal, which greatly pleased her.

“Yes, Cupcake Mistress.” The gingerbread men corrected themselves.

“Mmm, good boys.” The gingerbread men beamed from her praising them. “Unfortunately, I can’t play with you right now, as I must get back to my princessly duties. You know how restless my subjects can get when they haven’t seen me for a while.”

Cupcake Mistress brought out a cookie jar, though before she started putting her gingerbread men inside of it, she got an idea.

“You know what?” Cupcake Mistress started. “I’m thinking of taking two very lucky boys with me while I go greet my subjects. Raise your hand if you would like to come with me.”

All of the gingerbread men were wildly raising their hands. “Pick me!” “No, pick me!” They all shouted over each other.

Cupcake Mistress picked out two random cookies and stuck them both into her generous cleavage. The men quickly found a layer of frosting going across her cleavage.

“Lick.” Their mistress commanded them. They were immediately and rapidly licking all over her frosting cleavage.

Cupcake Mistress shivered with lust. “Oh! Lick harder, slaves! Harder!” She moaned out as her men increased their licking. She was putting the gingerbread men away into the cookie jar for future use, but left behind the man she was teasing earlier.

“Ok, I’ve got just enough time to finish you off.” She seductively told him. She brought her thumb back to his crotch, and started rubbing up and down hard.

After a minute, she noticed that he was close to cumming. “Not yet, slave! We’ve still got a few more minutes! I command you to be unable to cum right now.”

The gingerbread man felt full-to-bursting the more she rubbed him with her thumb, but the mental block she placed in his mind kept him from climaxing.

A few minutes later, she was ready to release him. “I command you to cum, slave!” She excitedly exclaimed to him.

The gingerbread man exploded into her hand. After his mistress licked off the massive glob of frosting that he shot out, she gently picked him up and brought him over to the cookie jar.

“See you later, cutie.” Cupcake Mistress teased him with a small kiss on his cheek, before tossing him into the cookie jar and placing the lid on top. She walked out the castle doors to greet her subjects, still shaking with pleasure over having her cleavage licked inside and out by her slaves.

At night, when she finished all of her daily duties and all of her subjects were heading to bed, Cupcake Mistress returned to her castle and made her way into the kitchen. She grabbed the cookie jar while she made sure none of her servants were noticing, and carried it into her bedroom.

She set the cookie jar down on a nightstand that was near her bed and removed the lid.

“Well boys, it’s time for the real fun to start.” She seductively told her slaves. She picked up the cookie jar and turned it upside down over her bed, as she watched all of the gingerbread men fall down onto her bed. She shook the jar to make sure she got every cookie out.

“I’ll be right back, boys.” Cupcake Mistress cooed to her slaves as she blew them a kiss, and walked into her closet.

Several minutes later, she re-emerged from her closet wearing a stunning dominatrix outfit made out of shiny, black fondant. She was also wearing a pair of shiny, red high heels that she had made out of red candy rocks, and was holding onto a long whip made out of red licorice.

“Miss me, boys?” Cupcake Mistress teasingly asked with a sexy wink. All of her gingerbread men were drooling at the sight, which made her giggle. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.”

She sat down on her iced lemon loaf bed, presenting her heels to her slaves. She commanded them to get down on their knees and start licking her sweet, candy-studded high heels. She would use her licorice whip against any slave who wasn’t licking her heels to her satisfaction.

“I’m not feeling your tongues on my heels, slaves! Lick harder! Lick faster! Do I need to bring out the black licorice whip?! That hurts even more!” Cupcake Mistress was barking out as she was whipping her gingerbread men into submission.

She accidentally whipped one of her slaves over his crotch, causing him to have an explosive and painful orgasm as he jizzed frosting all over her bed. She whipped him again. “You must start cleaning up your own messes!” She shouted as he was licking up his own frosting off of her bed.

Once she had enough of whipping them, Cupcake Princess got up off of her bed and decided to act out a giantess fantasy. She chased all of the gingerbread men around in her bedroom, trying to crush them under her high heels.

She started mocking all of her slaves with a rhyme. “Run run run, as fast as you can. You can’t catch me…”

One gingerbread man that was trying to run away from her tripped and fell. He looked up to find himself right underneath one of his Mistress’ heels, hovering in the air above him.

He tried getting back up again to get away, but she suddenly crushed him under her heel, finishing her rhyme with a sadistic smile on her face. “…I’m the gingerbread man!”

She sat back down on her bed, bringing her high heel up to her face to lick off some of the gingerbread man’s crumbs with her tongue. The cookie looked completely dazed, and he groaned as the remains of his body slipped off her heel onto the ground below.

She took off her heels, and was tickling the gingerbread man’s crotch with her toes, until he came frosting all over his own body.

Cupcake Mistress stripped off her dominatrix outfit, revealing a frilly grey bra, and a pair of frilly grey panties to match. The frosting frills on her bra and panties were made using a ruffle-tipped piping bag.

She picked up several gingerbread men and dropped them into her panties, and started rubbing her ass all over her bed. She made sure to smoosh all of the trapped men in between her ass and the bed, and also crushed them by rubbing her ass over a pillow.

She grabbed more gingerbread men and pushed them down into her cleavage. She rubbed her boobs together, crushing the men in between her breasts while she continued rubbing her ass over her bed. All of the gingerbread men were moaning in a mix of pain and pleasure.

She turned out the lights and laid down on her bed to go to sleep, making sure her gingerbread men continued worshipping her body throughout the night while she slept.

Over the next several days, Cupcake Mistress realized that there was really no limit to how many gingerbread men slaves she could make. She baked up several more batches of gingerbread men using the suggestibility spice, and forever bound them to her will by using her brainwashing oven. Soon, she made several more armies of gingerbread men who were ready and willing to worship her for the rest of their lives.

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