Flint’s Feet

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #dom:female #f/m #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:male #consensual_kink #dom:male #femdom_hypnosis #foot_fetish #foot_kissing #foot_worship #m/m

Wendy and her boyfriend Flint film an erotic hypnosis-themed porn video prominently featuring Flint’s hypnotic feet.

Wendy was setting up a video camera on top of a stand in front of her bed. She had her boyfriend Flint sitting on the bed, and told him to stretch out his legs, showing his socked feet towards the camera. Flint was patiently waiting for his girlfriend to finish setting up the camera so they could film their latest video.

Wendy and Flint enjoyed filming erotic hypnosis-themed porn videos to upload onto the internet. Wendy was wanting to do a video with a hypnotic foot fetish theme. She had a massive foot fetish herself, and regularly enjoyed worshipping his feet, so this video was extra special to her.

Once she finished setting everything up and brought out a hypnotic crystal hanging off of a chain, she hit the record button. She got up onto the bed and crawled behind her boyfriend. On her knees, she brought out the entrancing crystal and started swinging it in front of Flint’s face. His eyes immediately locked onto the crystal and was following its movements with his eyes back and forth.

“Stare deeper and deeper into the crystal with your eyes… back and forth…” Wendy cooed.

“B…ba…back and…forth…” Flint was moaning.

“You are falling deeper and deeper under my hypnotic spell…” Wendy kissed him on the cheek.

“Under…your…speeeelllllll…” Flint droned out, drooling a little.

“You are craving to obey me, and are craving to obey my every command…” Wendy hissed in his ear.

Obey youobey your every command” Flint’s cock was tenting his boxers, his mind racing with ideas of what his girlfriend would make him do for her.

“You will let me take your shirt off…you will let me take your shirt off so we can show off your sexy chest to all of our wonderful viewers…” Wendy commanded.

“Yes Mistress… please take my shirt off…” Flint pleaded.

“Of course, my sexy boy toy.” Wendy teased. Wendy was slowly pulling his shirt off of his muscular chest, while still swinging the crystal in front of his heavily glazed-over eyes. She eventually got his entire shirt off, showing his well-toned chest right to the camera.

Wendy used her free hand to give one of his nipples a light pinch, causing Flint’s cock to jump in his boxers as he squealed in pleasure. He got even harder when she gave a light pinch to his other nipple.

Wendy noticed the hard-on through his boxers, and started rubbing it with one of her feet. “You must let me help you remove your boxers. We want to show off your hot, hard cock to our viewers.” Wendy instructed.

“Yes… please help me… please help me to obey you…” Flint was sounding increasingly desperate, with pure pleasure tinting his strained voice.

“With pleasure…” Wendy giggled. She snuck her toes under his boxers. She used one foot to lift up his boxers slightly, while using her other foot to gently massage his cock. Flint lifted himself up slightly so he could grip the sides of his boxers with his hands and slowly pulled them down his legs.

Once the boxers were at his feet, he shook them off and sent them flying across the room. Flint was now proudly displaying his hot, hard cock towards the camera.

“Good boy… good boy” Wendy was praising him while rubbing her feet across his abs. Being called a good boy caused Flint to bark out loud. Wendy could barely suppress her laughter.

“Oh my, it looks like some of your programming from our recent Puppy Play Hypnosis video still remains in your mind.”

Flint blushed at the revelation and then barked again, his cock getting harder as his girlfriend was rubbing her feet harder against his abs.

“Now it’s time for your last, but certainly not the least, command.” Wendy intoned somewhat dramatically. She pointed towards his socked feet, which were still pointing towards the camera.

“You will take off your socks one-by-one, and hand them over to me.” Wendy demanded. Flint mindlessly pulled off one sock off of his foot and handed it to Wendy, who took a quick whiff of his stinky sock and moaned out in pleasure.

Wendy waited for his other sock, but he was just mindlessly staring off into space. “Your other sock, please.” Wendy had to cut through the fog clouding her boyfriend’s empty, mindless brain.

Flint complied and removed his other sock, handing it to Wendy, who took a longer whiff this time, savoring the stench more.

Wendy looked towards Flint’s bare feet, proudly displayed right in front of the camera. Now came the part she was most excited for.

She put away the hypnotic crystal and crawled to the front of the bed, right next to his feet. She brought out a single finger and was lightly wiggling one of his toes, as if she was lightly twirling someone’s hair with her finger.

“Would you give your toes a little wiggle for me and our viewers, baby?” Wendy sweetly asked.

Flint wiggled his toes for a few seconds.

“Good boy. Now, could you please continue wiggling your toes for our audience?”

Flint obeyed and continued wiggling his toes. Wendy turned her head to the camera to address the viewers.

“Stare deeper and deeper into his wiggling toes… let his wiggling toes scramble your thoughts…” Wendy cooed to the camera while planting kisses on the soles of his feet, leaving lipstick markings all over.

Flint was staring at his own wiggling toes, falling under his and his girlfriend’s own spell. Wendy noticed and giggled over this, not expecting this welcome side-effect of their trance.

“You are falling deeper and deeper into the hypnotic spell of his wiggling toes…” Wendy was kissing, licking, sucking, and slobbering all over Flint’s wiggling toes. Despite the distraction, Flint never stopped wiggling his toes for a second. He was getting further entranced and heavily drooling over his naked chest and cock.

“You are craving to kiss his feet… you are craving to kiss his toes…” Wendy was teasing the audience by kissing his feet all over, knowing they couldn’t really kiss his feet like she could. “But you can satisfy your cravings with the next best thing… kissing his feet through the computer screen… through your phone screen… whatever screen you’re watching this hypnotic video on.”

Wendy looked back at Flint’s face. His eyes were so glazed-over, that Wendy could see his own wiggling toes reflected in his eyes, and his hard, veiny cock was openly throbbing, about to burst at any second. Wendy knew it was now time.

She turned her head back to the camera. “At the count of 3, you will cum. You will cum out harder than you ever have in your entire life. 1…”

Pre-cum was openly oozing out of Flint’s cock.


“Wiggle…wiggle…toes…” Flint was moaning out.

“3! Cum now!”

Flint came harder than he ever had in his entire life, cumming all over his wiggling toes. After Wendy licked up all the cum off of his feet and toes, she snapped her fingers and pressed the button on the camera to stop recording.

“Alright, that’s a wrap! You did such a good job, sweetie.”

Flint slowly woke back up from his trance, holding the side of his head with a hand, with a dizzy  and dazed look on his face.

“Whoa… I think that was our most intense video yet.” Flint was impressed by his girlfriend’s creative trances.

“You bet it was!” Wendy happily exclaimed. She pointed towards his bare feet. “I’ve got these sexy puppies to thank for gettting my creative juices flowing.” She planted a deep kiss into the sole of each foot. Flint gave a light-hearted laugh and playfully rubbed the top of her head with his hand.

A few days after Wendy and Flint uploaded the video onto the internet, their next door neighbor Wilson discovered the video while looking for erotic hypnosis porn. He was shocked to find out that the video starred his neighbors, as he had no idea they made porn videos featuring his fetishes. Any shock and confusion he had instantly melted once Flint started wiggling his sexy toes, instantly sending Wilson into a trance.

He brought his face closer to the screen to stare as deeply as he could into Flint’s hypnotic, wiggling toes, openly gripping his cock and pumping it up and down. He kissed Flint’s toes through his computer screen when Wendy commanded him to, and he instantly came on command when she finished her countdown.

He slumped forward in his chair, fast asleep, drooling over his increasingly flaccid dick.

In his dreams, Wilson was naked and on his knees, and he was repeatedly kissing, licking, sucking, and slobbering all over Flint’s feet. Behind Wilson, Wendy was sitting on a throne wearing a sexy dominatrix outfit, using her own bare feet to repeatedly tap on Wilson’s naked butt cheeks. Wilson raised his ass so that his Mistress could use it as her foot stool. Wendy started fingering him with her big toe until he came so hard, that he instantly woke up from his dream.

After several nights of increasingly surreal erotic dreams involving his neighbors, he decided to come over to knock on their door. Wendy came to answer. Wilson explained his newfound addiction to their erotic hypnosis videos, and asked if he could join them in their next video, which Wendy agreed to.

While filming their latest video, Wendy had Flint and Wilson sitting next to each other on the bed, both completely naked, their bare feet pointed towards the camera. Wendy commanded them to start wiggling their toes, and told them to grip each other’s cocks in their hands as they stared deeper into their hypnotic, wiggling toes.

“Well boys, it looks like your foot-loving brains will be under the control of your toes forever.” Wendy was casually explaining their future to them.

Flint and Wilson were pumping each other’s cocks up and down. “Yes Mistress…forever…forever


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