Delivered To Your Doorstep

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/m #femdom_hypnosis #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:male #accidental_hypnosis #foot_kissing #spiral_eyes

A delivery truck driver dropping off a package gets accidentally hypnotized by the sexy hypnotist who lives in the house.

A delivery truck pulled up to its final destination for the day. The driver, whose name was Devin, quickly grabbed the package and got out of the truck. Package in hand, he made his way up a small flight of stairs to the front door and knocked on the door a few times.

Devin was about to place the package on the front porch and leave, but there was something he saw through the window on the door that caught his attention. He brought his face closer to the window to get a better look.

He noticed a blonde woman with long, shapely, fishnet stocking-clad legs laying down over a large couch in a suggestive pose. A man was sitting on one end of the couch near her legs. The woman was waving her fishnet-covered legs back and forth and in circles all around near the man’s face. The man had glazed-over eyes, was drooling out of the corner of his mouth, and he appeared to be under a deep, sleepy trance.

The more Devin was staring at this display through the window, the more tired and sleepy he started to feel, falling into a similar lightheaded trance the man on the couch was experiencing. A voice he was hearing in his thoughts was persuading him to open the door and approach the hypnotic woman. He robotically opened the door and started mindlessly marching towards the woman in a zombie-like walk, carefully holding the package in his outstretched hands as if he was handing out a divine gift to a goddess.

“Your package has been delivered, my Queen.” Devin recited in a monotone voice to the woman, who was named Shelly. She looked a little surprised at first, but then smiled. “Just place the package on top of that small table over there, and join this guy on the couch for some fun!” Shelly exclaimed.

Devin did as he was told, and then carefully sat down on the couch next to the other man. On the other side of the couch, Shelly continued waving her hypnotic legs this way and that near the men’s faces. Their trances were slightly deepening with every second they were watching her legs, their heads lightly tilting left, right, and all around to match the movement of her waving legs.

“Let’s continue our fun in my bedroom. My new package will come in handy!” Shelly excitedly said. She got off the couch, grabbed the package off the table, and walked into her bedroom. The two other men slowly followed behind, marching like zombies towards her bedroom with their arms stretched out in front of their bodies.

After getting into the bedroom, Shelly took off her clothes, including her fishnet stockings. She sat down on her bed and instructed the two men to remove their own clothes. After they were all naked, she had them join her on the bed. She grabbed out the package and opened it, revealing a new pair of fishnet stockings she had bought.

These were a very unique pair of fishnet stockings, as instead of a diamond-shaped knit like other stockings, these stockings had a spiral-shaped knit. Shelly explained that she bought these from the hypnosis-themed online shop MCProducts, and that these stockings would make her already hypnotic legs just that much more hypnotic.

Shelly had the two men fit the new fishnet stockings over her legs. She started waving her legs again, back and forth and all around. As the men started falling back into their trances, the spirals on her stockings were hypnotizing them further, causing spirals to appear in their eyes.

Shelly told them that these new stockings would allow her to program specific commands inside their empty heads. She stretched out her fishnet-clad legs near them and commanded them to kiss up and down her legs all over. Devin took one leg and the other man took her other leg. Both men were quickly planting short, sweet kisses up her legs, and when they reached her thighs, they started quickly kissing all the way down her legs until they reached her feet. Shelly wiggled her toes and commanded the men to kiss her toes several times, which they did.

She commanded the two men to repeatedly hump her legs like dogs, which the two men started doing. The more they were humping her legs, the more turned on she was feeling, until she and the men all came at once. Once they all calmed down from their collective orgasm, Shelly commanded the two men to lay down on the bed close to her, with one man on each side, and she pulled up a blanket over all three of them. They all snuggled through the night.

They all woke up the following morning. Before sending Devin back to his work for the day, Shelly decided to play with both of the men for a little bit longer. She waved her spiral stocking-covered legs in front of their faces again, both becoming immediately hypnotized, with the spirals returning in their eyes. Shelly toon off her hypnotic fishnet stockings and placed them on a small table near her bed. She had Devin lay down on the ground near the side of the bed, on his stomach. She got off the bed to stand on top of his back, wiggling her toes over his bare butt. She commanded the other man, who Devin finally found out was named Peter, to lay on his stomach in front of Devin.

Shelly stepped off of Devin only to step on top of Peter’s back. She snapped her fingers and pointed in front of Peter, with Devin quickly realizing she wanted him to lay in front of Peter. Shelly was constantly commanding her men to crawl in front of each other, making the men allow her to walk on top of their backs so her feet didn’t touch the ground. She was guiding the men towards her bathroom. Once they reached the shower, Shelly stepped off their backs into the shower and instructed them to wait there in their position on the ground.

Both of the man laid on their stomachs in front of the shower as they waited for a long time for Shelly to take her shower. The men would sometimes lift up their heads to look at her feet through the shower window, drooling at the sight of several water droplets dripping off of her toes. Shelly noticed the men staring, jokingly chastising them for being peeping toms, until both men lowered their heads. When Shelly turned her attention back to her shower, they would repeat the process of lifting their heads back up to stare at her wet feet.

Shelly turned off the shower and stepped onto the backs of the two men, wiping her feet on their bare backs and butts in order to dry her feet, while she grabbed a towel off of a rack to dry the rest of her body. After they all got dressed, Shelly commanded Devin to return to his job for the day, but not before giving him a post-hypnotic command to return to her house the next Saturday night. Shelly had plans to continue hypnotizing Devin with her new sexy stockings and making him obey all of her humiliating commands. “I wonder what other things I could buy from that MCProducts website that I could use to control this cute guy’s mind.Shelly thought to herself, giggling.


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