Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed (or your money back!)

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:male #femdom_hypnosis #findom #foot_worship #hypnotits #spiral_eyes

A door-to-door saleswoman wants to show off her mind-controlling products to her latest customer.

Parker heard a knocking at his door and went to see who was there, but immediately regretted it when he saw who had been knocking.

He saw a door-to-door saleswoman standing right outside, who left Parker no time to shut the door by using her foot to keep the door from closing, and shoving her way past Parker into his house.

Parker was pretty peeved by the woman’s forceful behavior. “Look, whatever you’re trying to sell, I’m not interested in buying.”

The saleswoman turned around to look at him. “Before you brush me off completely, I just want to give you my card.”

The saleswoman pulled out a calling card and handed it to Parker. He read that the woman called herself “The Alluring Annie” and saw that she had some basic contact information printed on the card.

However, he quickly noticed that there was a small but bold black-and-white spiral printed on the middle top part of the card, just above her name. The more he squinted at the card, the more the spiral appeared to spin around. The more he stared into the spiral, the more sleepy he became.

After several moments of staring mindlessly into the hypnotic spiral on her calling card, Annie decided it was finally time to start negotiating with him. “Are you ready to finally hear me out, and obey what I tell you to do?”

“Yes…I am ready to obey…” Parker said in a monotone voice.

“Good boy.” Annie praised Parker. She started explaining to him what she was selling. “I work for a company named MCProducts. The MC is short for mind control. This amazing company produces a large and diverse array of mind control devices to help people control their significant others into doing their bidding. We’re the company behind such wonderful products, including but not limited to, hypnotic body paint, hypnotic lotion, hypnotic trick candles for a hypno-kinkster’s erotic birthday party, hypnotic pantyhose, hypnotic nail polish, and more!”

Parker was somewhat interested, but was rather skeptical about how well these products would work as he was starting to wake up from his mild trance. Though he was still fairly curious about the products she was advertising. “Could you give me a demonstration of what you are selling?”

“Oh, I’d be glad to.” Annie said with a glint of victory in her eyes. She then pulled off her top right in front of a shocked Parker, showing her bare breasts to him. She had two hypnotic discs attached to her breasts. The discs had hypnotic spirals printed on them, and each disc had a small hole in the middle for her nipples to slip through, acting as the focal point of the center of each spiral.

Annie was spinning the hypnotic discs with her fingers. Parker was falling back into a trance again, this time much deeper. The more he was staring into her spiraling breasts, the more sleepier and obedient he was getting.

“If you want to experience more of my hypno-boobs, you must pay for the privilege.” Annie cooed to Parker. Annie brought out her smartphone, which had a device attached that accepted cards for purchases. Parker slowly walked closer to her with his arms stretched out in front of his body.

Annie snuck her hand into one of the pockets of Parker’s jeans, making sure to give his hard cock a nice, firm squeeze before retrieving his wallet. Annie had Parker grab out his debit card and swipe it across her phone, and her phone made a “ch-ching!” sound. She then grabbed the hair on his head and shoved his face right into her breasts. Annie started spinning the hypnotic discs that were attached to her breasts again, deepening Parker’s trance further. The full hypnotic power of her boobs were beaming directly into his eyes, his eyes filling with the same spirals that were spinning around and around her nipples.

“The more money you pay me, the more you fall under my control. Money makes the world go round, and money makes my boobs spin round and round, making your eyes go round and round by following the hypnotic patterns.” Annie was intoning to Parker.

Parker was intently following the hypnotic spirals on her boobs, the spirals in his eyes becoming more pronounced as he did so.

“My nipples are the focal points at the center of these spirals that you are watching and following so closely. Nod your head if you understand.” Annie said.

Parker slowly nodded his now empty head up and down.

“Good. I want you to lick the center of the spirals right now.” Annie commanded.

Parker immediately stuck out his tongue to repeatedly lavish Annie’s nipples, while still trying to follow the hypnotic spirals with his eyes the best he could. His ever-hardening cock was tenting his jeans, and a small wet spot was forming from the pre-cum that was leaking out.

“I want you to pick me up in your arms and place me on your couch.” Annie commanded. Parker obeyed, carrying Annie bridal-style onto his couch. “If you remove my shoes and socks, I’ve got a special surprise for you.” Annie teased.

Parker excitedly, but carefully, removed her shoes and socks. He was greeted by the sight of two hypnotic toe rings, one on each of her big toes. She wiggled her toes, and the flash of her toe rings beamed into his eyes, immediately bringing him to his knees in front of her. She raised her feet above Parker’s head, forcing him to look up at her hypnotic toes.

“I would like you to give a warm welcome to Mr. and Mrs. Toe. Say “hello” to them, please.” Annie was further teasing him.

“Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Toe.” Parker weakly said to her toes, his voice straining with pleasure. The wet spot of pre-cum on the front of his jeans was getting bigger, as his cock continued to get even harder and tenting his jeans more.

Annie was wiggling her big toes to make them “talk” to Parker, making sure her hypnotic toe rings continued beaming their mind-controlling rays directly into Parker’s eyes. “Would you like to give each of us a nice, long, wet kiss?”

Ohhhyesss Mr. and Mrs. Toe.” Parker drawled out. “I want to kiss you both all day looonnnnggggg.”

Parker puckered his lips and started raising his face to kiss Annie’s toes, but she used her big toes to push him back onto his knees.

“Wait! You must do one more important thing before you get to worship us.” Mr. Toe told Parker.

“What? What?!” Parker was getting desperate, worried that he wasn’t going to be able to kiss Annie’s hypnotic toes.

“You must pay for the privilege of getting to kiss us.” Mrs. Toe explained to Parker.

Ohhh that makes perfect sense!” Parker reasoned. He grabbed out his wallet again to swipe his card across Annie’s phone, her phone making the same “ch-ching!” sound again. She gave him full access to worshipping all of her toes, even the ones she hadn’t adorned with the toe rings. Parker was using his lips and his tongue to lavish Annie’s feet, kissing and licking all across her toes, and even licking in between her toes.

As Parker continued his messy worship, Annie grabbed out a seemingly ordinary tube of lipstick, and was applying it to her lips. But the lipstick was anything but ordinary, as it was actually a tube of hypnotic lipstick, a brand new invention custom-made by MCProducts. Anyone who was kissed by someone wearing this lipstick would fall further under their control. And Parker was the perfect test-subject to try this lipstick on.

“Hey Parker. Parker honey, you can stop kissing my toes for now. I want to kiss you now, and show off our newest product.” Annie was seducing Parker.

Parker stopped kissing her toes and looked up at Annie, still on his knees. He was extremely excited to see what this “newest product” would be.

Annie leaned down to kiss him on one of his cheeks, the hypnotic chemicals in the lipstick absorbing into his skin and going directly into his brain. “Every time I give you a kiss, you must pay me.” Annie commanded.

Parker pulled out his card and swiped it across Annie’s phone.


Parker’s cock grew a bit.

Annie kissed him on his forehead.


Parker’s cock was straining more.

Annie kissed him on his other cheek.


Parker’s pants were getting tighter.

Annie kissed him on his lips.


Parker felt his cock was about ready to burst.

Annie was leaving several light kisses all along his neck.

Ch-ching! Ch-ching! Ch-ching!

Parker couldn’t take it anymore. “I need to cum!”

Parker’s face was covered in several lipstick imprints, all symbols of Annie’s mental dominance of Parker’s empty mind. She finally decided to take pity on the poor man. She leaned down to give a kiss on the tip of his cock through the fabric of his jeans.


Parker exploded in his pants, leaving a massive wet spot of his cum on the front of his jeans.

“Thank you for paying for our wonderful products! If you aren’t satisfied with us, we will give you your money back!” Annie cheerfully exclaimed. She looked down at the crotch of Parker’s jeans and smirked. “And I can clearly see that you are very satisfied.” Annie said with a giggle. “We’d love to do business with you again soon!”

Annie turned to leave, but was distracted by a worried Parker.

“Money…I don’t have any money left…I’m broke…what do I do?” Parker was worrying.

Annie put her hand on her chin, pretending to think up a solution. “Hmmm…what to do, what to do… I know! You can work for me by joining my harem of hypnotized slaves at the MCProducts HQ! We can test brand new products on you to see how effective they are. I’ll provide you the basics like food and water for free, so that all of your paychecks can go into more important things, like worshipping me and treating me like a queen!” Annie was excitedly shaping the rest of Parker’s life for him. “Will you accept this job offer?”

Parker’s cock was getting hard all over again. “Yes Annie.” Parker said in a monotone.

“Great! Just follow me to my car, and we can get started on your first day of work.” Annie explained.

Annie put her shirt, shoes, and socks back on and walked out to her car. Parker mindlessly followed behind her with his arms stretched out in front of him again, excited to be able to worship Annie for the rest of his life.


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