Carli’s New Doggie

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #brainwashing #dom:female #f/m #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:male #femdom_hypnosis #foot_worship #microfiction #petplay #petting #spiral_eyes

Carli has hypnotized her boyfriend Brandon into believing he is her pet dog, and that she is his owner.

This story was partially inspired by one of my favorite erotic mind control stories, “Halloween Foot Daze,” by Jake Elwoods.


Carli threw the ball across the lawn. The ball had a spiral pattern printed on it, and as it whizzed past her naked boyfriend Brandon’s face, he fell further under Carli’s spell. He immediately got onto all fours and started running after the ball like a dog, with spirals in his eyes. Once he reached where the ball had landed, he scooped it up using only his mouth and was carrying it back over to his owner.

When he made it back over to her, Carli commanded Brandon to drop the ball at her feet. He opened his mouth to drop the ball on the ground. Next came his favorite part; his owner repeatedly petting him, calling him a “good boy.” Every time his owner called him a good boy, his cock would grow a little bigger, until Carli started stroking his cock while continuing to praise him. This made Brandon howl out in pleasure and arousal.

Carli picked up the ball and threw it again. “Fetch!” She shouted. Brandon ran after the ball again, his now fully erect cock twitching and throbbing to and fro, spraying bits of pre-cum all over the ground. Carli was giggling to herself over her boyfriend’s erotic humiliation.

Brandon returned to Carli and dropped the ball at her command. Carli was rubbing him all over his body while continuing to call him a good boy. Brandon was panting in pleasure, tongue sticking out of his mouth like a dog.

Carli reattached his leash to the dog collar around his neck, and was leading him back into their house. She would occasionally stop in her tracks and command Brandon to lick her feet, which he would happily do.

Once they were back in the house, Carli led Brandon over to the couch so she could sit down on it, having Brandon stand on all fours in front of her. She removed his leash and tossed it to the side.

“Now I’m going to reinforce all those doggie tricks that I’ve placed inside your doggie brain.” Carli teased.

Brandon’s cock jumped, his mind racing with thoughts of what his owner would do to him.


Brandon sat on his haunches, panting happily at his owner.


Brandon got down to lay on his belly. Carli stretched out her feet and commanded him to lick her feet.


Brandon sat on his haunches again, holding out his hands in a begging position, still panting in pleasure. He was balling up his fists to make his hands seem more like dog paws.


Brandon barked out as loud as he could. Carli lightly ruffled his hair with her hand.

“Roll over!”

Carli made a rolling motion with her index finger to command Brandon into rolling over onto his back, which he happily did, showing his massive erection towards her. Carli put on a pair of pantyhose that was nearby the couch and started using her pantyhose-clad feet to rub Brandon all over his cock. She used her toes to grip Brandon at the base of his cock, and was rubbing hard up and down his shaft. Her toes reached the tip of his cock, and she curled her toes over the tip, encasing it, using her soles and her heels to rub over his shaft. Brandon was howling in pleasure over her footjob.

Carli then suddenly removed her feet from his cock. Brandon was whimpering in disappointment, wondering why she would suddenly stop, but unable to ask her why.

“I’ve got some brand new tricks to teach you.” Carli explained.

Carli took the pantyhose off her left leg and held it above Brandon’s head, clutching the hosiery tightly in her hand. Brandon mindlessly plopped down on his butt, staring up at her hand clutching the hose, panting harder and harder.

Carli was waving the pantyhose in small circles above Brandon’s head, every several seconds waving her hand faster and in bigger circles. Brandon’s eyes were rolling around in his head, trying to keep up with the pantyhose that was spinning around just above his head.

“Spin!” Carli commanded.

Carli lowered the pantyhose a bit while still spinning it round and round. Brandon got back up on all fours and was spinning in circles trying to catch her pantyhose. The faster she was spinning her hand, the faster Brandon was spinning in place trying to catch the hose. After a solid minute, Carli suddenly pulled away her hand, forcing Brandon to stop spinning in place. He looked extremely dizzy.

After a few moments, Carli tossed her pantyhose in the air.


Brandon immediately leapt up in the air, catching the hose in his mouth, and came back down to the ground.

Carli repeated the whole process by taking the pantyhose off her right leg, but spinning it above Brandon’s head in the opposite direction. She made Brandon leap up again to catch it in his mouth once she tossed it in the air.

Carli noticed that Brandon’s cock was about to burst, and decided to bring things to a close with one more trick.

Carli started rubbing her feet on Brandon’s cock again. She worked him up into a sexual frenzy.


Brandon came all over her feet for several seconds, but to him it felt like it lasted hours. After he emptied his entire load, Carli couldn’t resist giving him one more trick. She pointed towards her feet.


Brandon licked up all of his cum off of his owner’s feet without hesitation.

Carli patted her leg, motioning for Brandon to get up on his owner’s lap and lay down across it. Carli was lightly stroking over his naked body with big, long pets. Her doggie was relaxing and setting into her lap as he let out a big doggie yawn, and closed his eyes to dream sweet doggie dreams.

“Good boy…good boy…” Carli repeatedly cooed in his ear.


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