Camera Control

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #f/m #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:male #foot_kissing #microfiction

Rachel downloads an app on her phone that changes the camera flash into a hypnotic beam. Every time she takes a picture of her husband Jude, he must obey whatever command she gives him.

“Hey honey, could I take a picture of you with my phone?” Rachel asked.

“Sure. Any particular reason?” Jude, her husband, inquired.

“Yeah, this.” Rachel said as she quickly took a picture of him. Rachel was using a special app that replaced the flash of the camera with a special hypnotic light. The light beamed in her husband’s eyes, making them immediately glassy and mindless.

“From now on, whenever I snap a photo of you, you will be hypnotized into obeying whatever command I give you.” Rachel explained.

“Yes Mistress.” Jude responded in a monotone voice.

Rachel quickly snapped another photo of Jude. “I want you to take off your shirt.” Rachel commanded.

“Yes Mistress.” Jude took off his shirt. Rachel stepped over to where Jude was standing, and was admiring his muscular chest, rubbing her hands over his abs, highly approving of what she saw and felt.


“Remove your shoes and socks, then sit down.”

Jude immediately removed his shoes and took off his socks. He sat on the ground, with his legs and bare feet stretched out in front of him. Rachel kneeled down near him, took a foot in her hand, and started planting kisses on all of his toes. Jude moaned out in pleasure, and his pleasure only increased when Rachel gave one big lick across his sole. Jude was getting a massive hard-on from getting his feet worshipped.

“Mmm…does my hubby like it when I worship his cute feet?” Rachel teasingly asked as she licked between his toes.

“Y-y-yes Mistress! I love it! Could you please give the same attention to my other foot?” Jude pleaded.

“Well, since you said please…” Rachel teased as she gently grabbed her husband’s other foot and giving it the same loving treatment. Kisses on his toes, one long lick across his sole, kisses on the top of his foot, little licks between his toes…

As she was worshipping his other foot, Rachel noticed that the bulge in Jude’s pants was getting bigger and bigger, and decided to do something about that.

“Oh, poor hubby. You look like you’re straining so hard in those tight jeans. Don’t worry sweetie, you’re little wifey will take care of that for you.” Rachel cooed.


“Off with your pants! And your undies too!” Rachel laughed. Jude briefly got up to take off his pants and underwear before sitting his fully nude body back down. Rachel sat down in front of him, taking off her shoes and socks, and started rubbing his cock with her feet. Jude shrieked out in pleasure as his cock got even harder. Rachel was curling her toes over Jude’s cock, and playfully gave his cock a small but harmless pinch with her toes, and felt his dick throb. Rachel then knew it was time to bring her husband’s pleasure to an explosive finish.

“When I flash you with my camera one more time, you will finally cum all over me and all over my feet too.” Rachel seductively explained. “At the count of three. 1…”

Rachel tickled Jude’s balls with the tips of her toes. Jude laughed out loud from the tickling while squirting out some pre-cum.


Rachel was stroking up and down his shaft with her toes. Jude was about to burst.




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