by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #brainwashing #clothing #degradation #foot_worship #lesbian_to_straight #massage #orgasm_denial #petplay #pov:top #revenge_hypnosis #spiral_eyes #straight_to_gay #turning_the_tables

Megan accidentally buys a brainwashing bra that controls the minds of whoever wears it. Megan’s roommates take advantage of this to turn her into their slave.

5 Stops Away…

Megan was staring intently down at her phone while she was sitting on a chair, following the little image of the delivery truck traveling down its path to its location. She had been waiting for her package to be delivered all morning.

Megan lived with two other roommates, a black-haired girl named Mollie, and a blonde woman named Vanessa. Megan had a huge crush on Vanessa, and was constantly dropping unsubtle hints towards her that she wanted to be in a relationship with her, but Vanessa never seemed interested in her at all.

3 Stops Away…

“Hey, Meg!” Vanessa yelled out to her, breaking her out of her thoughts. “Are you going to be tracking your package all morning? Staring at your phone isn’t going to make it get here faster!”

“I know that. I just want to be ready when they get close. I need to make sure they don’t deliver my package to the wrong house.” Megan explained to Vanessa.

Vanessa rolled her eyes. “Whatever.” She returned to the video game she was playing with Mollie. Megan looked back down at her phone.

1 Stop Away…

That was her cue to get up and look out the window. A couple minutes later, a delivery truck pulled up in front of their house, and Megan quickly grabbed her package from the driver and set it on a table.

Mollie noticed Megan opening up her package, so she decided to pause the game to check on her. “Hey, what’d you get?” Mollie excitedly asked Megan as she quickly hopped over to the table.

Vanessa wasn’t too amused by Mollie’s behavior. “You only paused the game because you know I was about to win!” Though she too walked over to the table, curious about what was going on.

Megan pulled out her latest purchase out of the newly opened box. She was now holding a white bra that was being held in a small plastic bag. There was a black spiral pattern printed on each cup of the bra. Mollie was staring at Megan with a disappointed look on her face.

“That’s it? A bra?” Mollie disappointedly asked. “I paused my game for this? I thought you were going to open up a much cooler package.”

“Thanks for wasting our time, Meg.” Vanessa complained.

Megan was pretty annoyed by how they were treating her. “Hey, it’s not like I promised that I bought something cool. You assumed that yourselves.”

As Megan opened up the plastic bag to take out her new bra, Mollie noticed the unusual pattern printed on it. “Hey Meg, why did you buy a bra with spirals on it?”

“Oh, no reason, really.” Megan admitted. “I just liked the pattern, is all.”

Vanessa turned her face towards Mollie. “She probably wants to use that bra to hypnotize other people.” She snarked.

“Well, I could try to use my new bra to hypnotize you.” Megan told Vanessa with a flirtatious giggle.

Vanessa groaned in annoyance. “I don’t know how many times I’ve told you this, but I am not interested in girls! You couldn’t even hypnotize me to like girls!”

“Ok, you don’t need to get that wound up about it. It was just a joke.” Megan knew she could get a little too pushy sometimes, but she felt Vanessa would often overreact.

“Yeah, sure it was.”

“Anyways, I’m gonna try on my new bra in the bathroom. It should only take me a few minutes. Maybe I could join your game afterwards?” Megan asked.

“Eh, alright I guess.” Vanessa begrudgingly accepted. “Just don’t say anything weird to me anymore.” Vanessa was hoping that Megan would finally get the hint that she wasn’t interested in her.

“Oh, ok.” Megan sheepishly said back. “Sorry.”

Megan walked into the bathroom with her bra in hand, and stood in front of the mirror. She stripped off all of her clothes until she was only wearing her panties. While looking at herself through the mirror, she placed her bra over her chest, and hooked the bra together in the back.

As soon as the hook clicked, she felt a funny feeling in her head, a funny feeling that continued growing every several seconds. The funny feeling was clouding up her mind so much, that it spread all over her entire brain, rendering her entirely mindless, her arms falling down to her sides, standing like a lifeless doll.

As she continued staring at herself through the mirror, she noticed that she had black spirals pulsing and spinning around in her eyes, matching the spirals on her bra. Though she was simply too mindless to fully register that she was getting hypnotized.

Megan hadn’t realized it, but she had accidentally bought a brainwashing bra from MCProducts’ Amazon shop.

Vanessa was angrily banging on the bathroom door.

“Yo Meg!” She shouted. “You’ve been in that bathroom for over an hour now! You said you were going to only take a few minutes. We’d like to be able to use the bathroom at some point, too! How long does it take to put on a single bra, anyways?”

Vanessa temporarily paused her door banging to wait for some kind of response from Megan, then resumed when Megan didn’t answer back. “Would you please come back out sometime within this year?!”

Vanessa turned away from the door, contemplating driving somewhere else to use a bathroom, but the sound of the bathroom door slowly creaking open got her attention.

“Yes, Mistress.”

Even though Megan had barely whispered, Vanessa heard her, and turned back around to look at her.

Megan was standing mindlessly in the doorway, with unmoving arms by her sides, and spirals in her eyes. She was only wearing her new spiral bra and her panties.

Vanessa couldn’t believe what she was seeing and hearing. “Wh-what did you say?” She asked incredulously.

“I said ‘Yes, Mistress.’” Megan repeated herself in a monotone voice.

Mollie went over to where Vanessa was, wanting to know what was happening. “What’s going on, guys?” She stopped in her tracks when she saw Megan’s mindless face. “Whoa, what’s wrong with your eyes?”

“Nothing is wrong with my eyes, Mistress. They are supposed to have spirals in them.” Megan calmly explained to Mollie.

“Ok, this is getting weird.” Mollie admitted to herself. She turned to talk to Vanessa. “Is her spiral bra, like…hypnotizing her? Is that even possible?”

Vanessa didn’t answer right away because she was having a hard time processing everything odd that was occurring, but she eventually turned to talk to Mollie.

“No, it couldn’t be.” Vanessa sounded a little unsure. “This has got to be her latest attempt at trying to trick me into letting her get into my pants. This isn’t even the first time she’s tried pulling some sex slave routine to get with me. The only difference is that she’s pretending to be hypnotized into being a sex slave now. She’s obviously faking it.”

“Oh, I dunno. I don’t think she’s faking it. Look at her eyes. How’d she make them all swirly like that?” Mollie was pointing a finger towards Megan’s face.

“Oh, she’s probably just wearing contacts or something.” Vanessa dismissed Mollie’s concerns. “There’s gotta be some kind of rational explanation for all of this.”

Megan piped up again. “What commands would you like me to obey, Mistress?”

“If she’s playing up this hypnotized slave bit, she sure is committed to it.” Mollie admitted.

“Alright, I’ll run Meg through some tests.” Vanessa told Mollie. “Just to prove that she isn’t really under a hypnotic trance.”

Vanessa stared right into Megan’s eyes. “Meg, I would like you to act like my pet dog.”

“Yes, Mistress.” Megan repeated again as she got down on all fours as if she were a dog.

“Bark for me, Meg.” Meg barked for her mistress.

“Beg for me, Meg. Beg for a kiss from me.” Megan got into a begging position for Vanessa, whining and puckering her lips, hoping for a kiss. Vanessa grabbed out her phone and snapped a picture of Megan.

Vanessa chuckled to herself. “That’s cute, but no kiss from me.” Megan lowered her body more to the ground, looking dejected and continued whining more, and Vanessa snapped another picture. “Maybe next time if you beg harder.”

Vanessa wasn’t done yet. “Roll over for me, Meg.” She commanded as Megan perked right back up, rolling over onto her back, while happily panting with her tongue sticking out. Vanessa reached over to repeatedly rub Megan’s belly with her hand.

Megan was happily barking the more Vanessa was rubbing her belly. “You should count yourself lucky I’m even touching you like this.” Vanessa teased her. “I want you to act like my pet cat now.”

Megan immediately got back on all fours, now slinking her body around like a slender cat all around Vanessa’s legs, purring all the while. Vanessa would occasionally lower her hand to pet Megan’s head, and then would also lower her phone to take another picture.

Mollie was looking at this entire display with a confused look on her face. “Wait a minute, hasn’t Megan tried to seduce you before with that whole ‘slave animal’ act. What’s this supposed to prove?”

“I’m commanding her to do things she would probably do while she’s not in a trance, before I work her up to obey a command that I know for sure she would never follow.”

Mollie looked a little uneasy. “What exactly would this command be?”

“This.” Vanessa removed her socks, revealing her incredibly sweaty and stinky bare feet. Vanessa knew that Megan hated the smell of her feet, and hated it even more when she would place her bare feet up on the table, or next to Megan on the couch.

Vanessa’s foot stink was so potent, that even Mollie could smell it all the way over where she was standing. “Oh god, your feet reek so bad. Can you get this over with soon before I barf all over?”

Vanessa glared at Mollie, but then heard Megan speak up again. “I am patiently waiting for my next command, mistress.”

Vanessa turned her attention back to Megan with a wicked smile on her face.

“I command you to lick and kiss my feet all over!” Vanessa laughed.

To her absolute shock, Megan dive-bombed on her knees towards Vanessa’s feet, kissing and slobbering all over the tops of her feet, and even started sniffing her toes hard.

Holy shit. She really is in a trance.” Vanessa quietly murmured to herself, still hardly believing what she was witnessing.

Even though Megan was obeying her without question, she was still gagging on her sweaty feet, almost throwing up a couple of times. She lifted her foot sweat-drenched face to stare directly up into Vanessa’s eyes. “Am I serving you to your complete satisfaction, mistress?”

Vanessa was in so much awe, that she had temporarily forgotten to continue taking pictures. She suddenly remembered to bring out her phone, pointing the phone’s camera directly towards Megan’s face. “Oh, you are serving me perfectly.” She giggled evilly. “Would you mind licking the top of my right foot while you stare into the camera?”

Megan stuck out her tongue until it reached the middle of her foot, while staring at the camera with big, pleading eyes. “Like this, mistress?”

“Yes.” Vanessa snapped another picture. “Just like that.”

Mollie was getting really weirded out now. “Ok Megan, why don’t we get rid of that bra before it completely takes over your entire mind.”

Megan interpreted what Mollie said as a command. “Yes, Mistress.” She unhooked her bra and let it fall to the ground. As soon as she removed the bra, she immediately came out of her trance and freaked out when she realized she was standing in front of Vanessa and Mollie, almost entirely nude.

“What are you guys doing?!” She angrily yelled at them. “You’re supposed to knock first!”

Megan bent down to grab her new bra off of the ground and quickly put it back on, falling into a deep trance again, with the spirals returning into her eyes.

“I am sorry for that outburst, mistress. I will obey whatever you say to make it up to you.” Megan apologized.

“Ok, I’m gonna gather up some clothes for Meg and have her remove that bra again.” Mollie told Vanessa. Mollie was about to go into Megan’s bedroom to rummage through her clothes, but Vanessa motioned for her to stop.

“Wait a minute, Mollie.” Vanessa paused for a moment. “We don’t want such a golden opportunity like this to slide, do we?”

“What?” Mollie quizzically asked her. “What do you mean by ‘golden opportunity?’”

“Well… I was thinking, as long as Meg is still wearing that brainwashing bra, she has to obey any of our commands, right?”

“I can’t believe you’re seriously suggesting this. Isn’t this highly unethical?” Mollie asked.

“Well, maybe…” Vanessa admitted. “But think of all of the possibilities. We can make her wait upon us hand and foot. We can turn her into our personal maid, and we would never have to work again. No more chores for us! We’d be free to do whatever we want, for both ourselves, and to Meg.”

Mollie didn’t want to admit it, but she kept daydreaming about how easier her life would be if she never had to lift a finger ever again. “I think… I’m starting to see your point. But something about treating her like a mindless robot still doesn’t really sit right with me.”

“Well, it’s not like Meg wouldn’t enjoy this. She’s shared her fantasy about being a submissive slave to me before.”

“But you don’t even like her back that way.” Mollie retorted.

“Hmmm…true.” Vanessa placed her arm around Megan’s back. “But I’ve been wanting to get back at her for constantly bothering me about being my girlfriend for far too long now.” Vanessa hissed towards the mindless Megan, with an evil glint in her eye. “Under my control, I can get some long-awaited revenge against her, and she’ll love being my submissive slave who obeys my every order. It’s a win-win for everybody!”

Vanessa was lightly scratching under Megan’s chin with her finger. “Isn’t that right, my little nuisance?” Vanessa mockingly cooed to her.

Megan shuddered in pleasure. “Yes, mistress.”

“Alright, you win.” Mollie gave up. “I don’t think I could argue against any of this. Hell, I wouldn’t know how.”

“I’m glad you agree!” Vanessa beamed to Mollie, before she turned to Megan again. “Meg, I would like you to follow us back to the living room. I’ve got a special surprise waiting for you there.” Vanessa winked to her and then blew her a mocking kiss.

Vanessa and Mollie were walking back to their living room, with Megan trailing not too far behind, walking like a mindless robot. Halfway to the living room, Vanessa turned around again and blew her another kiss. “I want you to crawl the rest of the way to our couch on your hands and knees.” She commanded.

“Yes, mistress.” Megan got down to the ground to crawl the rest of the way to the couch.

Once she reached the couch, she noticed that Vanessa was laying on her stomach across the couch, having just removed her shirt, but keeping her jeans on. Megan was confused about what she should do, until Vanessa cleared her throat.

“Megan, would you be a dear, and give me a nice, long back rub?” Vanessa fluttered her eyelashes towards Megan.

Megan gulped in lust. “O-of course, mistress.”

Megan climbed onto the couch right behind Vanessa, and reached out her hands to caress Vanessa’s back. Vanessa started moaning the more Megan continued massaging her back.

“Oh, that feels so good. Rub harder, please!” Vanessa cried out.

Vanessa called out to Mollie. “I want you to pick up my phone and snap some pictures of Meg rubbing my back. I can’t wait to share them with my friends!” Vanessa laughed evilly. “This will humiliate Meg so much, and my friends will be totally jealous that I have a hypnotized slave catering to my every whim!”

“Don’t you think you’re taking this too far?” Mollie questioned Vanessa, though she continued taking pictures as she was afraid of how Vanessa might react if she disobeyed.

“Not at all.” Vanessa smirked. “We need to have some kind of blackmail against her if her trance starts to weaken, and she tries to report us. Keep taking pictures!”

Vanessa turned back to Megan. “Don’t forget to rub my shoulders, Meg.” She blew her another mocking kiss.

“Right away, mistress.” Megan obeyed as she moved her hands to Vanessa’s shoulders to massage them. Vanessa was moaning even harder this time, and motioned for Mollie to continue taking pictures.

Megan’s panties were getting extremely wet due to her intense arousal from rubbing her crush’s half-naked body. Vanessa picked up the scent of Megan’s wet panties and chastised her for it.

“You better not get any of your fluids on my back, slave!” Vanessa barked at her. “Keep it to yourself!”

“Sorry, mistress.” Megan wheezed out in a pleasure-tinted voice. “It won’t happen again.” She tried squeezing her thighs together as tightly as possible.

“It better not.” Megan had returned to massaging Vanessa’s naked back. However, she couldn’t keep her eyes from traveling downwards towards Vanessa’s plump, round ass. It was so tempting to lift her hands off of her back and place them on Vanessa’s butt, lovingly caressing it. Megan figured that Vanessa probably wouldn’t approve, but…butt…that butt…

Megan couldn’t help herself. She took her hands away from Vanessa’s back and held out her hands right over her ass that was packed away behind those tight jeans…getting closer…almost…

Vanessa could sense that Megan was doing something she wasn’t supposed to, turning her head back to her. She got an angry look on her face when she saw Megan just about to grab her buttcheeks.

“Megan!” Vanessa angrily yelled so loud that Megan immediately removed her hands while completely startled. “This is supposed to be about my pleasure, not yours! How dare you disobey me!”

“Mistress, I’m so sorry! I won’t do that ever again.” Unfortunately, she made the mistake of relaxing her thighs, and a few drops of her wetness accidentally dropped onto Vanessa’s back. “Oops.”

Vanessa immediately rose from the couch, glaring right into Megan’s eyes. “I am going to personally make you regret ever disobeying me.”

Megan gulped in a mix of fear and lust, while Mollie had completely dropped Vanessa’s phone, looking utterly terrified at what Vanessa could be capable of doing to Megan.

Vanessa ignored Mollie to continue glaring down Megan. “You’ve left me no choice but to put you through an intense course of advanced brainwashing. This is honestly the first thing I should’ve done with you.”

Vanessa grabbed several pieces of paper that were nearby, quickly scribbling several crude drawings of spirals all over them, and taping the spirals all over the walls of the house. Mollie knew she was acting irrationally angry, as Vanessa was completely making up this “advanced brainwashing” course entirely up on the fly.

Vanessa dragged out a swivel chair into the middle of the living room, and ordered Megan to sit down in the chair.

“Yes, mistress.” Megan sat down in the chair while Vanessa grabbed a bit of rope to restrain her hands and feet so she couldn’t escape.

“Ok, you need to stop now.” Mollie meekly tried to stand up to Vanessa. “This isn’t fun anymore.” She paused for a brief moment. “Actually, it never was fun.”

“Too late!” Vanessa laughed evilly while she repeatedly slapped the swivel chair around. As Megan was spinning around and around in the chair, she became more hypnotically dizzy as her eyes were racing past wall after wall of crudely-drawn spirals, which appeared to be spinning right in front of her eyes.

Vaneesa had a very dark look in her eyes as she spun the chair faster. “You are no longer in love with me. In fact, you aren’t even attracted to girls anymore!” Vanessa cackled wildly. “But there is one thing you do love, and that is worshipping the ground I walk on and obeying my every command!”

“No longer in love with you. No longer attracted to girls. But I still love worshipping you. I still love obeying you.” Megan repeated as she continued spinning around.

“You will no longer get aroused by massaging my body, or kissing my feet, or any other kind of service to me!” Sweet, sweet revenge. Vanessa thought to herself. “But your heart still beats for joy whenever you serve me. Platonically, of course.” Vanessa added with a mischievous giggle.

“No more horny. No more lust. My heart still beats for you. Platonically, of course.” Megan chanted.

“And you will never try to grope my ass ever again! You can’t masturbate over me! You can’t orgasm over me! You don’t want to kiss me! You don’t want to stare hungrily at me! You don’t want to have sex with me!” Vanessa was prattling off a massive list to insure that Megan would never fall in love with her again. “You can’t have sexy fantasies about me! Forever and ever!”

“Yes, Mistress!” Megan yelled out as she continued spinning around, feeling all of the spirals surrounding her constantly crushing her brain. “Forever and ever!”

Vanessa suddenly stopped spinning the chair and brought out a small knife to cut away Megan’s rope constraints. Megan immediately and mindlessly slumped onto the ground below into a puddle of her drool, and the small amount of fluid from her failed orgasm.

Vanessa kneeled down so she was staring right into Megan’s face. “Here, I think you’ve worked hard enough to earn this.” Vanessa reached out to kiss Megan on her cheek, and then got back up on her feet. “Of course, you probably won’t be able to enjoy that anymore.” She laughed as she turned her back from Megan and walked away. Mollie considered comforting Megan, but Vanessa told her to leave Megan be.

Megan had curled up her body into a ball, sobbing her eyes out, her tears mixing with the puddle of drool and cum.

She wanted Vanessa to put her through that again.

A few moments later, Vanessa returned to the living room, and commanded Megan to follow her into the bathroom. Megan lifted her tear-stained face up to look at Vanessa, and slowly lifted herself up to her feet. She dutifully followed Vanessa to the bathroom closely behind.

Once in the bathroom, Vanessa had Megan stand near the shower, acting as a towel rack for her. She threw a towel over Megan’s body, stripped off her own clothes, and stepped into the shower. Every few moments, Vanessa would command Megan to hand her whatever soap or shampoo she needed for the shower. Otherwise, Megan stood next to the shower mindlessly and motionless, patiently waiting for Vanessa to finish her shower.

When she was done, she stepped out of the shower and grabbed the towel from Megan’s body, drying herself off with it. She commanded Megan to help her put her clothes back on. Vanessa then suddenly left the bathroom without so much as saying a word to Megan, leaving her all alone.

Later that night, Megan had returned to the bathroom to get ready for bed after having been commanded by Vanessa to do so. She was mindlessly waving her toothbrush back and forth across her teeth.

After brushing her teeth, Megan picked up a floss pick to floss her teeth, but she accidentally dropped it on the ground. She bent over so she could pick up the pick and throw it away in order to get another one, but then her spiral bra suddenly unhooked itself and slid to the ground.

With the mental hold that the brainwashing bra had on her mind now having been finally removed, the true gravity of her entire situation flooded her mind in full force. She felt hurt, devastated, and emotionally destroyed by everything Vanessa had done to her. Her eyes were filled with tears showing a mix of anger and deep sadness over Vanessa having permanently torn her love of her away forever.

Megan hated Vanessa now, and wanted nothing more than to get revenge against her. She was also angry at Mollie too, as she had barely done anything to stand up for her and let most of Vanessa’s behavior slide.

Megan was then suddenly stricken by a wicked thought. A wicked thought that would help aid her into getting the perfect revenge against Vanessa and Mollie she so desperately wanted.

Megan grabbed out her phone to revisit the Amazon shop for MCProducts. She found the spiral bra she had previously bought for herself and decided to rush order another one. She made sure to pay extra shipping so that it would be delivered by the end of the night. It was a hefty amount of shipping, but she didn’t care. She was excited to put her plan into action.

Megan grabbed her bra off of the ground and left the bathroom. She snuck towards Vanessa’s bedroom, peering through the doorway to make sure she was fast asleep. Sure enough, Vanessa was out like a light. Megan tip-toed over to Vanessa’s bed as quietly as she could.

Megan reached over to remove Vanessa’s bra from her chest as carefully as she could, and placed it on the ground near her bed. She brought out the spiral bra and tried fitting it around Vanessa’s chest, until Vanessa made a small sound and seemed to start slowly waking back up.

Megan knew she had to act fast, so she quickly brought her face to Vanessa’s ear to whisper to her. “Go back to sleep, Vanessa. Continue dreaming about all of the wonderful commands you are going to force Megan to obey. Keep dreaming about Megan serving you hand and foot every day for the rest of your life.”

Vanessa smiled, and returned to her slumber, dreaming about every way she wanted to control her slave. Megan breathed a small sigh of relief while wiping her brow, and finished wrapping her spiral bra around Vanessa’s breasts. She made certain she hooked the bra in the back extra tight to ensure it would never accidentally snap back off.

Megan used a finger to lift up one of Vanessa’s eyelids, and she saw a spiral spinning around in her eye, confirming she was indeed hypnotized. Megan closed her eyelid back down and smiled a triumphant, and mischievous grin. Perfect. She thought to herself.

As the night progressed, Megan’s package was eventually delivered to the front door. Megan quietly grabbed her package and took out the extra spiral bra she had bought. She brought the bra to Mollie’s room and managed to fit it over Mollie’s chest without waking her up. After lifting up one of Mollie’s eyelids to see if she was properly hypnotized, she returned to Vanessa’s bedroom.

Megan began whispering in Vanessa’s ear some more. “I want you to revisit every humiliating picture you took of me today in your mind. I want you to thumb through every picture you took of me as if you were scrolling through all of your pictures on your phone. Now, I want you to imagine our roles in the pictures having been completely swapped. Instead of me acting as your loyal pet dog, you will imagine yourself acting as my pet. Instead of me worshipping your reeking feet, you see yourself licking and slurping my feet. Instead of having me massage your back and shoulders, you are giving me a full body massage.”

Vanessa moaned out in pleasure as she imagined herself in Megan’s old slave role, worshipping and serving her new owner. Megan climbed up onto the bed, groping Vanessa’s boobs and fluffing them as if she were fluffing a pillow, before resting her head down on top of her breasts. Even though she was no longer attracted to her, Megan couldn’t deny feeling a certain thrill in completely conquering her brand new slave. She closed her eyes to finally go to sleep.

The following morning, Megan woke up to the sight of Vanessa mindlessly staring her down wearing a dazed grin on her face, with spirals spinning in her eyes.

“Good morning, mistress. How may I best serve you today?”

Before Megan could answer her, she saw Mollie robotically walking into Vanessa’s bedroom, wearing the same spiral bra that Vanessa was wearing, while also sporting the same dazed grin on her face.

Megan instructed Vanessa to get off and stand in front of the side of the bed, and then commanded Mollie to stand right next to Vanessa. Vanessa and Mollie were standing by each other so close, that their spiral bra-covered boobs were tightly squeezing together.

“We cannot wait to obey your first command of the day, mistress.” The two hypnotized slaves chanted together in a simultaneous monotone.

“Turn around, girls. I want to inspect my handiwork.” Megan commanded them while twirling her finger in small circles to motion to her slaves to turn around for her.

“We follow and obey whatever you say, mistress.” The slaves said as they turned around so Megan could look directly at their backs. Megan could see that she had hooked their bras in the back as tightly as she could. She even tested her work by pulling on the bras with a finger to make sure they wouldn’t accidentally come undone and free them from their trances.

Megan commanded them to turn back around to face her. She was twirling her finger through both of their hair as she contemplated what her next command would be.

“Hmmm… as long as you girls keep wearing those bras, I think I’ll be keeping you two under my control forever. Doesn’t that sound nice?” Megan teasingly asked her slaves.

“Being under your control forever does sound very nice, mistress.”

Megan then suddenly came up with an idea for her next command for them to follow. “I want you to make me breakfast in bed. While I’m eating my meal, both of you will have the chance to worship me!”

“Yes, mistress!” The girls cheerfully exclaimed as they both ran into the kitchen to prepare Megan’s meal. After they were done making everything, they brought all of the plates of food back into the bedroom and laid out an assortment of different breakfast foods in front of Megan.

As Megan was chowing down on bacon, sausage, eggs, and toast, she had Vanessa massaging her bare feet and Mollie sitting behind her on the bed rubbing her shoulders. Megan felt very giddy lording her power over these girls, which made for delicious revenge.

After she was done eating her breakfast in bed, Megan had her slaves follow her into the shower. As Megan took a shower, she had Vanessa and Mollie standing at attention right by the shower door, using Mollie as her towel rack, and having Vanessa hand her whatever soap and shampoo she needed throughout.

Once Megan stepped out of the shower, she had her slaves take the towel off of Mollie’s body, as they both worked together to use the towel to dry off Megan’s naked body. She then had the two work together to dress her in some clothes before she walked off to the couch and sat down.

Megan commanded her slaves to join her on the couch, one girl on each side of her. She grabbed two game controllers and handed one to each girl. She turned on her game console and selected a fighting game for them to play.

“Whoever wins this round gets the privilege of worshipping my feet while I sleep tonight!” Megan loudly announced as Vanessa and Mollie were furiously mashing buttons on their controllers, playing hard to beat the other opponent.

As they played, Megan wrapped her arms around Vanessa’s and Mollie’s shoulders, holding them close to her in a tight embrace. “This is the life.” Megan happily sighed.


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