Bonnie Bust in “Haunted Hypno House”

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #brainwashing #clothing #dom:male #pov:bottom #sub:female #pendulum #petplay #spiral #spiral_eyes #striptease #tech_control

A script for an old, long-lost cartoon where a cartoon woman gets up to various hypnokinky shenanigans in a haunted house.

This story was inspired by the pre-code Betty Boop cartoons.

On one cold and stormy night, a redheaded cartoon woman named Bonnie Bust was driving her car down a long and winding road through the pouring rain, making her way back to her house after having left a big party she had attended earlier in the day.

Unfortunately for her, Bonnie had forgotten to refill her car’s tank with gas, and quickly realized that she didn’t have enough gas to reach back home. Unsure of what she should do, she looked to her left and saw a small pathway that led to a rather decrepit and abandoned-looking house. Bonnie didn’t necessarily want to have to resort to this, though she figured she had no choice but to ask whoever possibly lived in the house if they had any gasoline she could borrow to get herself back home.

Bonnie Bust used the last of her gas to turn her car onto the small pathway and parked right in front of the ancient house. She grabbed her umbrella from the back seat so she could protect her shiny, blue slit dress that she had worn at the party from getting wet. She slowly walked towards the front door of the decaying and dirty house, gently placing her umbrella on the ground below so she could knock on the door a few times.

After waiting a few moments and not receiving a response, Bonnie started knocking louder against the door. Suddenly, the door instantly span around on its hinges as if it were a rotating hotel door, trapping Bonnie inside of the spooky house.

She had lightly slipped onto the ground inside of the house after the door had forced her in. After coming back to her senses, Bonnie got back up on her feet and started searching for anyone to talk to inside the house.

Soon, she was walking down a long, dark hallway, wondering to herself if anyone even lived at this place. “Hello, is anyone here? If it isn’t too much trouble, I really need some gas to get my car running again so I can get back home.”

Bonnie Bust continued slowly walking down the hallway when she was suddenly greeted by a large, hairy anthropomorphic spider, who was hanging off of the end of a long web that stretched all the way to the ceiling of the house. Before a shocked Bonnie could even form any kind of response to this odd sight, the spider suddenly started swinging its body left and right repeatedly, with the same rhythmic movement as a hypnotic pendant being swung back and forth.

Bonnie was trying to remember what she wanted to ask for, but as she continued to stare at the giant spider swinging itself back and forth in front of her eyes, she felt herself becoming more and more sleepy as well as completely dazed. She didn’t even realize it when her body was gently swaying back and forth in tandem with the spider’s movements.

Once the spider saw that his victim had become sufficiently stupefied enough, he detached himself from the long, stringy web and lightly landed on the floor. Bonnie was far too hypnotized to resist when the spider started creating a new web to wrap the woman in, using one of his eight arms to envelop Bonnie in a spider web cocoon.

The spider used each of his seven free arms to slap Bonnie across her ass, and his slaps were forceful enough to turn Bonnie around in little circles on her feet, tightening the web further around her curvy body. After the seventh spank, Bonnie was entirely encased inside the multiple layers of web the spider had wrapped around her.

The spider found a loose string towards the bottom of the cocoon he had just made, and pulled on it harshly, immediately causing the web to quickly unravel. Bonnie began spinning around the hallway like a top, until she started slowing down once again while holding her hand over her forehead.

Ohhh… I feel dizzy… Bonnie woozily giggled to herself as she lightly tumbled onto the ground. Being spun around by the spider so quickly had only exasperated the hypnotic sensations that were overtaking her entire mind.

After having been splayed across the floor in a mindless daze for several moments, the spider reached down towards her with all eight of his arms, lifting her off of the ground to embrace her. He leaned his head closer to Bonnie’s face, and when Bonnie opened her eyes and saw the spider’s snarling, drooling face right in front of her’s, her fear immediately broke her out of her trance.

Bonnie managed to wrestle herself out of the spider’s arms and ran the other way. She wasn’t sure if the spider was trying to eat her or make out with her, but she didn’t want to stick around long enough to find out.

Bonnie quickly ran past a door that appeared to lead into a small room, so she skidded on her feet and took a few steps back so she could investigate the room in the hope that she could find a real person to talk to.

She opened the door and slowly stepped inside the dimly-lit room, and noticed a small table with a yarn ball winder resting on top of it. There was a pile of black-and-white colored yarn pooling next to the machine, with a strand of yarn having already been hooked up to the spindle.

Bonnie brought herself closer to the table so she could stare more intently at the device. All of a sudden, the yarn winder mysteriously started twisting and turning all by itself, causing the strands of black-and-white yarn to begin wrapping themselves around the spindle. As the yarn ball continued growing and spinning, the alternating strands of black and white yarn that were twisting around the machine were forming what resembled a hypnotic spiral in front of Bonnie’s eyes.

When the yarn ball had finished forming into its final shape, it popped right off of the spindle and onto the ground near the legs of the table. Bonnie didn’t even register what had just happened, as she was staring off into space without a single thought running through her head, her entire body standing straight up as stiff as a board.

A black cat slowly crept up on the ground near where Bonnie was standing, and let out a long, loud meow. The cat’s meowing reached over to Bonnie’s ears, and her mind interpreted the sound as a post-hypnotic command. She immediately leapt down onto the floor on all fours, pouncing and batting at the yarn ball using her hands as if they were paws, playfully mewling to herself just like a cat.

Every time Bonnie pounced upon the yarn ball, it would roll away a few feet from her. Soon, she was leaping all across the room trying to catch the rolling ball, far too deeply hypnotized to realize that her blue slip dress was riding up her butt while moving like a cat.

The yarn ball rolled out the open door into the hallway, with Bonnie chasing after it on all fours, mewling with every leap she made across the hallway. The ball kept rolling further away from her every time she jumped towards it with her hands stretched out, until it eventually rolled through an open door that led into a room that Bonnie hadn’t checked yet.

Bonnie continued chasing after the yarn ball throughout the new room, until it rolled to a stop right in front of a massive Jack-‘o-Lantern that was towering over her body. While still sitting down on all fours, Bonnie looked up at the giant pumpkin with a curious look on her face, and saw herself reflected in the pumpkin’s flaming eyes.

Within her reflection, she watched herself performing a seductive dance to a hypnotic beat, while also stripping off her clothes at the same time. This moving, reflected image that was playing out in the pumpkin’s eyes had registered in Bonnie’s mind as yet another post-hypnotic command, so she got up off of the floor and began moving her sexy body so that it matched perfectly with her vision of herself within the pumpkin’s eyes, all to the rhythm of the music that was playing in her head.

Every little dance Bonnie did was punctuated by her slowly and seductively removing a piece of clothing from her body. Once she had stripped herself completely naked in front of the pumpkin, she stood completely still with a blank look on her face as the last notes of the mental music finished playing in her mind.

The giant jack-‘o-lantern opened its’ crooked mouth, and a long tongue began unfurling as if it were a red carpet being laid out for a movie celebrity to walk down on. The tip of its tongue stopped right in front of where Bonnie was standing, who was currently distracted by another vision of herself getting back down on her knees over the pumpkin’s tongue.

Bonnie instantly obeyed this visual command, but as soon as her knees made contact with the pumpkin’s tongue, the slimy sensation against her skin caused her to quickly wake back up from her trance. She leapt back from the tongue before the giant pumpkin could eat her, and kicked his tongue as hard as she possibly could. The tongue started rolling back up towards the pumpkin so quickly, that the pumpkin immediately cracked open from the impact, its broken body oozing all over the floor.

Bonnie ran out of the room as fast as she could, running all throughout the entire house desperately looking for someone to help her. It eventually dawned on her that she was completely naked as she began approaching some kind of area of the house she hadn’t explored yet. She was pretty concerned by the fact that she couldn’t remember how she lost her clothes, though she didn’t feel like returning to the room she was previously in to look for her clothes in case the pumpkin came back to life somehow, so she pressed herself onwards.

She approached what she once thought was another door soon turned out to be an entrance to a theme park ride named Brain Scrambler. There was even an estimated wait time right next to the ride’s logo that read 0 minutes, so Bonnie quickly walked down the ride’s short queue line until she reached the loading area where people could board the ride’s vehicles.

There wasn’t a single person in the area, not even a ride operator, so she was just about to turn back and leave before a seatbelt magically came to life, stretching itself out of one of the ride vehicles and wrapping itself around Bonnie’s waist before forcefully dragging her inside the vehicle, firmly locking her in place so that she couldn’t escape.

The vehicle traveled a small distance over a track until it stopped just in front of a pair of closed double doors that were about to open. A panel opened up on the back of the ride vehicle, causing two robotic arms to protrude out of the panel right above Bonnie’s head. The two robot arms were wearing white cartoon gloves over its hands, and lowered the hands towards Bonnie’s face so that they could pull up on her eyelids with their gloved fingers, rendering it impossible for her to shut her eyes.

When the double doors swung open, the ride vehicle started up again and continued traveling down the track. Past the doors, there were long projector screens stretching out across either wall of the tunnel the cart was traveling down, and the screens were displaying hypnotic spirals spinning around and around in a constant, repetitious loop. Bonnie could also see a hypnotic spiral through a doorway the track led through in the distance.

With Bonnie’s eyes being forced open by the robotic hands, she had no choice but to stare intently at the spinning spirals splayed across the screens that were slowly sapping all of her free will away from her mind. The further she stared into the spirals, the more she could see herself sexually serving all of the creatures that lived in this haunted house, getting groped and grabbed by all eight arms of the large fuzzy spider, and rubbing her curvy body around the giant pumpkin’s body on all fours like a cat.

The track led into another room with multiple twists and turns, with Bonnie spinning all over the room being forced to take in all of the hypnotic sights and sounds, such as giant axes that swung down from the ceiling just over her head like hypnotic pendulums waving back and forth, and animatronic snakes popping out of holes in the walls with multi-colored hypnotic circles displaying in their eyes.

The ride vehicle reached another set of double doors that opened to reveal a staircase that led down into the basement, with the ride vehicle slightly tilting downwards so that it could lead Bonnie down the stairs. Instead of the screens, moving holographic images of spirals were being broadcast on all sides of the room from top to bottom, making Bonnie feel like as if she were barreling down a long hypnotic tunnel, descending downwards into a life of complete slavery.

Bonnie was repeatedly screaming at the top of her lungs as she felt the holographic spirals constantly scrubbing her brain clean of all thoughts, which only prompted the gloved, robotic hands to pull up even harder on her eyelids to ensure she wouldn’t miss a single second of the brainwashing spirals.

Once the vehicle reached the bottom of the stairs and traveled near the exit of the ride, the gloved hands removed themselves from Bonnie’s face, the seatbelt unlocked by itself, and a small hatch on the right side of the vehicle opened up so she could get off of the ride.

Bonnie stepped off of the vehicle and stumbled towards the exit in a completely mindless daze, having just been fully enslaved by the hypnotic ride. The exit led into a small area that contained nothing but a dressing room and an open jail cell. Bonnie dizzily tripped inside of the dressing room, and when she got back up on her feet, she looked at her own reflection through the mirror.

She giggled when she saw the woman in the mirror was entirely naked and had spirals spinning around in her eyes. “That girl looks so silly!” Bonnie laughed, unable to register that the hypnotized reflection was of herself.

Panels on either side of the dressing room walls opened up, and two different robotic arms protruded out of the holes. The gloved hands at the ends of the arms grabbed a french maid outfit off of the ground near Bonnie’s feet, and started pulling the revealing outfit over her naked body. Bonnie was openly admiring herself in the mirror, noticing how the french maid outfit was heavily emphasizing her large cleavage.

Suddenly, the two hands grasped around Bonnie’s curvy figure, with the arms stretching all the way out of the dressing room, and finally shoving her into the open jail cell before locking her inside. Forever trapped in a daze, Bonnie would remain in the cell until the creepy creatures who lived in the haunted house either needed her to clean something up, or to serve them as their hypnotized slave.


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