Birthday Boy

by Hypnautical Nonsense

Tags: #dom:female #f/m #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:male #birthday #consensual_kink #femdom_hypnosis #microfiction #spiral_eyes

Gabrielle has her two best friends help her throw an erotic-hypnosis themed birthday party for her hypnokink-loving boyfriend.

Gabrielle had everything perfectly set up for her boyfriend Calvin’s birthday party. Calvin was sitting on one end of a large table with a birthday cake, and the cake had a large spiral on top made of icing. Gabrielle and her two best friends Hollie and Sophia were sitting at the other end of the table, eagerly waiting in anticipation for Calvin to blow out the candles.

Calvin tried to blow out the candles, but the flames wouldn’t go out. These weren’t just your typical everyday trick candles however, as these were actually hypnotic trick candles Gabrielle bought off of the website MC Products. Every time Calvin tried to blow out the flames, the flames would spin around in a spiral pattern, hypnotizing Calvin further and further every time he blew. The more he tried to blow out the candles, the spirals in his eyes would get a little bit bigger and spin just a little bit faster.

“Make a wish and blow.” Gabrielle gently suggested.

Calvin blew one more time while thinking up a wish. While he didn’t blow out the flame, he did manage to blow himself out, immediately shutting his eyes and slumping in his chair, fast asleep.

“Ok girls, let’s make his wish come true.” Gabrielle seductively said. Hollie and Sophia were both giggling over Gabrielle’s double meaning.

The three girls walked over to where Calvin was sleeping. Gabrielle reached over to cup his chin with her hand and slowly lifted his head up.

“Open your eyes and look at me, but remain deeply under my power.” Gabrielle whispered.

Calvin slowly opened his dreary eyes, with the spirals in his eyes still spinning.

“Time for your special present, birthday boy.” Gabrielle breathed out.

Hollie and Sophia joined Gabriella. Every time a girl snapped her fingers, she would command Calvin to worship a part of her body.

Snap! “Kiss me on the lips!”

Snap! “Kiss my feet! Kiss my toes!”

Snap! “Kiss me on my ass!”

After several commands, the girls decided to strip Calvin of all of his clothes. The girls also stripped their own clothes off. They thrusted their naked breasts all at once in his face and were snapping their fingers constantly, all shouting commands for Calvin to lick, kiss, and suck all over their breasts. The more he worshipped all over their combined breasts, the bigger and harder his cock grew, until it had become so enlarged that he was ready to cum at any second.

“I know the perfect way to bring my boyfriend to the best climax imaginable.” Gabriella mentioned to her friends. “Girls, follow my lead.”

Gabrielle kneeled in front of Calvin’s massive, ready-to-burst cock. Hollie and Sophia also kneeled down near where Gabrielle was.

“Alright, at the count of three. 1…2…3…”

Hypno birthday to you

Hypno birthday to you

Hypno birthday dear Calvin

Hypno birthday to you

“Make a wish, girls.” Gabrielle smirked.

All three girls lightly blew towards Calvin’s cock as if it were a candle. Calvin immediately exploded over all of the girls, coating their bodies with copious amounts of his cum. Calvin was screaming out in pleasure as he was cumming on all the girls. The girls stood back up as Gabrielle licked up some cum that had gotten on her lips.

“Mmmm…everyone knows that the frosting is the best part.”


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