Trigger HypNovember Day 12

by Annalise de Fere

Tags: #brainwashing #consensual_non-consent #D/s #dom:male #microfiction #pov:bottom #CNC #dollification #HypNovember

from Hyenaface’s list

"I don't want to."

"I think you do."

I raised an eyebrow at him and tried to look serious. "I don't though."

He smirked. "Then why are you smiling?"

I hid the smile, but started to blush. "I'm not."

"You were, and now you're blushing. I think it's because," he stepped in close to whisper in my ear, "you want me to make you."

"Meep!" an actual squeak escaped my lips. I decided to try to run for it, but he grabbed my arm, snapped his fingers, and said, "Doll."

My body went still. My mind went blank. I started to feel a floaty, happy cloud filling up the space where my thoughts used to be.

He was still smirking. I loved it when he smiled at the good doll. "That's right. Now, go do the dishes."


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