The Treatment

by Annalise de Fere

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #brainwashing #D/s #m/nb #microfiction #pov:bottom #forced_orgasm #hypnotic_orgasms #orgasm #orgasm_delay/denial #tranced_bottom

This is my writeup of a trance experience Sire gave me. CW: doctors, brainwashing, CNC, orgasm control, hypnotic bondage. Subject perspective.

This is a writeup of a trance experience Sire gave me. CW: doctors, brainwashing, CNC, orgasm control, hypnotic bondage. Please enjoy. <3

I had just finished my routine check up, at a doctor’s office on the 10th floor of a medical office building. I pushed the button to take the elevator to the 1st floor (my hand moved IRL to push the button, and I could feel it, and see it in my mind). I drove home, and arrived so tired.

I got more and more tired, more floaty and drifty, until I had no choice but to lie down for a nap.

When I woke up, my arms were strapped to a chair, in a room that smells of lavender. The lights in the room flash different colors, distracting me, clouding my mind. An ominous voice says I’m here for a “treatment”, but I don’t remember what treatment that would be, or how I got here. (The Watcher says it’s fine; thrall is safe with Sire.) I struggle against the straps on my arms, but it only makes them tighter.

On a screen in front of me, lines danced and drew my gaze, the shape of an eye pulsing in blue and green. The ominous voice spoke, threats of pleasure taking away my will, my resistance, my mind.

And then it started. Pleasure growing between my legs, radiating out, blanking my mind. My eyes closed to shut out the intensity of the colors flashing, my arms bound to the chair holding my writhing body in place. I knew that no matter how intense it grew, I couldn’t cum until Sire allowed it.

And it grew, and grew, and grew, drawing moans from my mouth, contorting my face, making me squirm and struggle and no matter what I did I couldn’t escape it, couldn’t stop it, couldn’t turn it back down. If I opened my eyes, the pulsing eye visual drew my gaze. If I looked away, I saw the flashing colors of the lights, reflecting off mirrors or the in the lights themselves. And when I closed them again, it only seemed to grow even stronger, building and building to impossible heights.

Soon I was begging to cum, squirming and struggling and whimpering. I blushed until my face felt hot, then my chest. My clit retreated, hovering on the edge, but the pleasure only pushed me harder. There was nothing in my mind but the pleasure and desire, saying “yes Sire” and “please Sire” and unable to think or say anything else.

Finally, when I thought I couldn’t bear another second, he spoke, and I gained the release! But it just kept coming, and wouldn’t end, and got more intense until I forgot to move, almost forgot to breathe. Unable to take anymore, I asked to stop.

My body, sated, stilled. My mind was full of bliss, empty of anything else, utterly surrendered and so happy to obey. Responding to words I barely heard past the lingering ecstasy, my hands came free of their bonds and lifted the computer in front of me to the floor, gently, smoothly, thoughtlessly.

I bowed all the way down to the floor, resting my head on my hands. I based in Sire’s praise, glowing with pride at his approval.

Coming back to the chair, I noticed my arms binding themselves again without thought. I mentioned this to Sire, who freed me and brought me back. He reminded me this was a hypnotic fantasy, and I’m safe with him. I put my arms in the sleeves of my fuzzy blanket, and floated through joyful aftercare with hydration and warmth. The afterglow was so intense, I shivered now and then. Thrall loves to obey. Thrall is safe with Sire.


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