Submission, HypnoTober Day 1

by Annalise de Fere

Tags: #dom:male #pov:bottom #submission

This is a flash fic for HypnoTober Day 1: Submission. I’m writing these and submitting the first draft raw whee XD

“It’s time to let go now.”
I was falling before he even finished saying it. His gaze on mine was so intense, my thoughts were melting in its heat. His fingers traced lines of tingly pleasure down the side of my face. I felt the corners of my mouth turn up in a tiny, soft smile as my eyelids fluttered closed.
“That’s right.”
How did he manage to pack so much warmth and joy into two little words? Pleasing him pleased me. My mind dropped deep into trance, but it felt like soaring up into blissed, buoyed by the knowledge of pleasing him. Distantly, I knew that I could wake myself and safeword if I really needed to, but in the moment, I felt weak with the joy of surrender, helplessly falling deeper, powerless to resist.
“Nice and deep for me now.”
I was falling. I was flying. Vaguely, dimly I was aware of my body being gently lowered to the bed. The tingly fireworks of delight from his fingers traced down my neck, then my chest, then–
“All the way down.”
As his hands began to remove my clothing, his lips met mine in a passionate kiss. I responded without thinking, giving in to the bliss. I reached my arms up to wrap around him and hold him, but he snapped his fingers and they fell, limply, to my sides. I surrendered to the pleasure, and floated on his love.

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