SciFi/Machines HypNovember Day 5

by Annalise de Fere

Tags: #brainwashing #D/s #dom:female #microfiction #pov:bottom #scifi #CNC #HypNovember #tech_control

My entry for Hyenaface’s HypNovember prompt “SciFi/Machines”

I eyed the bracelet nervously.

“It’s perfectly safe,” the tech assured me. “And you can take it off any time you want. The free trial is 30 days, after which we’ll ask for billing information. You know those trials that charge you if you forget to cancel?”

I giggled. “Ugh, I hate those.”

“Yeah, we’re not doing anything shady like that. No need to give any info up front.” She picked it up. “If you’re ready to relax, just have a seat over there.”

I sat on the couch. It looked like one of those useless ones they have in fancy offices, but felt surprisingly comfortable. I was sinking into it.

“Ok, I’m ready.” I held out my wrist.

She took my hand, and looked me in the eye, grinning. The metal bracelet felt cool going on, but my wrist soon warmed it. That pleasant coolness traveled up my arm, and I shivered as I brought it down. Our gazes were still locked. I couldn’t seem to look away. “That’s right,” she said. “Just let it happen.”

After the cool came a wave of warmth. “Mmm.” I leaned back into the couch. She gently deposited my limp hand in my lap. “This is nice.

“Isn’t it?” she agreed. “You can adjust your body to be more comfortable if you like.”

I nodded. My legs seemed to come up onto the couch of their own accord as I rested my head on the armrest. “That’s right,” she said again. I could hear the warmth in her voice as another wave of relaxing warmth radiated out from the bracelet. “Just let it take you down. You can close your eyes if that would relax you more.”

I let my eyes close. This was wonderful. She was wonderful. Everything she said seemed like a really good idea.

“Shhhh, just go ahead and sink deeper now. Let the programming take hold. That’s it. No more having to think for yourself, for 30 whole days. Won’t that be a lovely vacation?”

A distant part of me felt alarm, but another wave of calm from the bracelet shushed it away. I nodded. Lovely vacation, not having to think for myself.

“And then if I like you, I might decide to keep you. Otherwise, I pay you, and you’re on your way. Isn’t technology wonderful?”

I made a happy little “mmm” of agreement, and adjusted my body to get even more comfortable on the couch. Technology is wonderful. I hoped she decided to keep me.


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