Remote Arousal HypnoTober Day 17

by Annalise de Fere

Tags: #D/s #HypnoTober #microfiction #pov:bottom

“So wonderful to hear your voice, my liege. It has been too long.”

“Aw, I regret the delay, as always, but worky things.”

“I understand. I just… I’ve missed you. And… the way you can make me feel.”

“Oh, you mean like how I can just wave my hand,” he demonstrated, waggling his fingers in front of his webcam, “and make you focus?”

I stared at the fingers. Desire for trance makes me too easy, and I blushed, but I also couldn’t look away.

“How a little movement could make you drop deep into trance, that’s right, deep for me.”

As soon as his hand moved down, my fluttering eyelids fell closed. It felt so good to give in, after all this time, that I just kept falling.

“You’ve missed the way I can make you feel. I can make you feel my hand, gently caressing the back of your neck, and down, all the way down, soft fingers down your spine, taking you deeper, that’s it.”

I was glad I was in a recliner. I might have fallen out of a regular chair, I was so relaxed. Then again, as an experienced subject, I knew I could adjust my body if needed, stop myself from getting hurt, no matter how deep I went. I shifted a bit, getting more comfortable.

“Good, the more comfy you are, the deeper you can go for me, and down here, it’s easy to feel… whatever I want you to feel.”

I blushed. I could hear in his voice where he was going with this.

“For example, those good feelings you got from dropping could flow down your body…”

I blushed harder. “Doowwwwn,” I slurred. I pressed my legs together, flustered, and squirmed.

“That’s right. Down there. Being remote isn’t so bad, when I can make you feel what I want. And that’s what you wanted, isn’t it? You missed the way I can make you feel. But I can make you feel this from anywhere, anytime. Because you gave me that control, you can feel pleasure at my whim.”

And I did.


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