Power Reversal HypNovember Day 15

by Annalise de Fere

Tags: #cw:noncon #bondage #brainwashing #D/s #HypNovember #microfiction

“No, this cannot be, I am invincible!” he shouted. I sighed, and shook my head. So predictable.

I caught him before he could crumple to the floor, and eased him down gently. Before too long, the heroes would be sweeping in to free the prisoners and dismantle the device. I checked the fit of my mask one more time, to make sure the knockout gas couldn’t get me, too. Seemed good. I hoisted the former evil overlord over my shoulder, and headed out.

I wondered, briefly, if anyone would find out my role in thwarting him. But, after all, a lowly minion was unlikely to receive credit, in any case. I’d better make myself scarce before the squad arrived, or I’d probably be sent to some kind of “rehabilitation training” with the others.

Fortunately, I had a cart ready in the underground escape tunnel, so I didn’t have to carry him far. I pulled the trap door shut, and pushed the button that would hide it behind a machine again. Then I chucked the remote before it self-destructed.

He still hadn’t come to by the time I arrived in my secret lair. Perfect. I pulled my former employer out of the cart, and strapped him in. Wrists, ankles, waist, chest. Nice and snug, but not too tight. I booted up the screen and sound system. The lights flickered for a moment, but then the generator kicked into higher gear and all was well.

“Wh-what? Where am I?”

I did my best evil laugh. It wasn’t very impressive. Kinda shrill. But I figured it didn’t matter much, considering his mind would still be all foggy from the gas.

“You’re in my domain now, Master.” I had practiced that one, to make sure the sneer was audible on the last word. He went a little pale, so I think it went well.

“Who are you? What happened?”

“You were thwarted by your own device! When you pushed the button, instead of flooding the heroes’ base with knockout gas, you flooded your own base! They’re in there now, no doubt, sweeping up your former employees – except me, of course – taking apart everything you worked so hard to build.”

His struggles ceased for a moment, then he began to pull with just his arms, much harder than before. “Who are you?!” Now he was starting to sound angry.

“I am your Master now,” I said, and queued the spiral. It began to turn in front of him, slowly. Words flashed.

“I… that’s nonsense!”

“You may think so now, but you’ll give in before long.”

“Ridiculous. I have training and implants to make me immune to all the technology I developed! And my brainwashing tech is the best in the world.”

I laughed again. This time sounded much better, since it was sincere. “You developed? I think you mean you paid to have developed. I should know,” I stepped into his field of view, “because I developed it!”

“Oh, uh… sorry, who are you?” This time he seemed genuinely confused.

I snarled, and pushed the button to start the sounds and flashing that would help to overcome his implant and ensnare his mind. “Nevermind who I was! Focus on who I will be: the one you serve.

And I watched him fall, slowly but irresistibly, to his “own” devices.


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