Oblivious HypnoTober Day 16

by Annalise de Fere

Tags: #consensual_non-consent #D/s #HypnoTober #microfiction #pov:bottom #sex #CNC #stripping

I opened my eyes, but a burst of pleasure forced them to flutter closed.

Something wasn’t right. Or maybe it was very right. Either way, these socks were itchy. I started taking them off.

I heard a zipper, so I fought my eyes back open to see where it had come from. Another burst of pleasure, and they rolled back, then closed. Mmm, that was a nice feeling.

Wait, I had been doing something before I got distracted. What was it? Oh, that’s right: I was taking off my shirt. Better start on the buttons. Wait, why am I taking off my shirt?

Eyes open. Flash of bliss. Eyes close.

Mmph it was getting really hard to think. Fortunately, I didn’t need to think to get this skirt off; my hands remembered how. I heard a soft rustling of fabric, and without thinking, my eyes tried to look.

Open. Bliss. Shut. Deeper.

Mmmmm this felt too good to wait. I couldn’t get my underwear off fast enough. This time, I opened my eyes just to feel it.

Open. Blisssssss to shut them down, down, down, then open again to feel the blissssss.

By the time I felt his hands on my body, I was writhing in need and desire.


“Ooh, that sounds like a fun idea! Do you think I’m good enough at memory play for that to work?”

His chuckle warmed me to my toes. “We’ll see. Now, just listen, relax, and get ready to be… oblivious.”


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