Objectification HypNovember Day 15

by Annalise de Fere

Tags: #consensual_non-consent #D/s #dom:male #HypNovember #microfiction #objectification #CNC #toy

From Hyenaface’s prompt list

“Thrall loves to obey.”

It felt so good to slip into this obedient state. I heard the words falling from my lips, so softly. “Thrall loves to obey.”

“Thrall eagerly serves Sire.” His words were so warm, they wrapped around my mind like a blanket.

“Thrall eagerly serves Sire.”

“Thrall is Sire’s toy.”

I hesitated. I felt a little alarmed, though also thrilled. “Thrall…”

“Shhhh, it’s ok.”

“Thrall is… I’m not sure about it.”

“Well, this was your idea, but we don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.”

“I do want to! I just think,” I bit my lip. “I might need to be a little deeper first.”

He smirked. “Very well, thrall. Just relax for me, then. Thrall loves to obey.”

“Thrall loves to obey.”

“Mhm. Thrall eagerly serves Sire.”

“Thrall eagerly serves Sire.”

“That’s right. Let go for me. Thrall is Sire’s plaything.”

“Thrall is Sire’s plaything.”

“Good thrall.”

I squirmed happily. I loved those words. I loved being a good thrall. “Mmm.”

“Thrall loves to obey.”

“Thrall loves to obey, yes Sire.”

“Thrall eagerly serves Sire.”

By now, the words were automatic. “Thrall eagerly serves Sire.”

“Thrall is Sire’s toy.”

“Thrall is Sire’s toy.” I heard myself saying it, but the words didn’t seem to mean anything. They were just soft, warm sounds.

“Thrall is safe with Sire.”

“Thrall is safe with Sire.”

“Thrall is Sire’s toy.”

“Thrall is Sire’s toy.”

“Good thrall. Now, be a good toy, and get out of those clothes.”

My hands stripped the clothes from my body. My mind wasn’t involved at all. Thrall is Sire’s toy.


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