Mindles HypnoTober Day 4

by Annalise de Fere

Tags: #candle #dom:male #microfiction #playful #pov:bottom #silly

Day 4 of HypnoTober, with the prompt “Mindles” because someone made a typo and I decided to run with it.

My eyes followed the flame of his lighter as it lit each candle in turn. “Ah, good, I see you’re already paying close attention.”
I blushed. “I’ve been needing this, ok?”
He chuckled warmly, which only made me blush harder. “Oh, that’s good. Good for both of us that you’re so eager to be staring mindlessly into the candles for me.”
“Shh, you can speak if you need to, but for now, just listen. Let those eyes rest their gaze on the flames, and stare deeper as you begin to feel your focus drawn in, that’s it. Just take a nice deep breath in.” I found that I was, without even having to think about it. “And relax deeper as you let it out, that’s right. Nice and deep for me.”
I smiled. This felt so good. I really had been needing this. It was so nice to go–
“...so mindless for me, such a good subject you are. Now, you said you wanted to try a mantra tonight, so why don’t you repeat this for me: the candles make me mindless.”
“The candles make me mindless.” I could hear how soft and dreamy my voice was.
“Gooood,” he purred. “Again.”
“The candles make me mindless.”
“That’s right, and you can feel yourself becoming more mindless with every repetition.”
“The candles make me mindless.”
“And it feels so good, you want to say it again.”
“The candles make me mindless.”
“And get drawn deeper…”
“The candles make me mindless.”
“...into the warmth of those flames.”
“The candles make me mindless.”
“Until you start to find…”
“The candles make me mindless.”
“...that it’s getting a little harder to remember…”
“The candles make me mindless.”
“...what it was you’re supposed to be saying.”
“The candles…make…the can…”
“But it feels so good to pull yourself deeper.”
“Me mindle can?”
“That you want to keep trying.”
“The kindle mind? The can mindles.”
“Even though it’s getting more and more confusing.”
“I can mindles.”
“But it’s so easy to sink, even though it’s hard to remember the words.”
“So just let the words trail off and your eyes drop closed, that’s right. Enjoy that cozy warmth for just a moment, but when I snap my fingers, your awareness will return to the room, and you’ll remember what you’ve been saying, and how silly it got. And…wake!”
He snapped his fingers. I blinked in confusion. “H-hey!” I mock-punched his arm.
“Ow!” He pretended to be hurt, rubbing his arm. “What was that for?”
“Making me sound ridiculous.”
“Shhh, it’s ok, little one.” He petted my hair, and I purred. He pulled me close. “You can mindles.”
I bit his arm. And for that, he wrestled me onto the bed. I had really, really needed this. Apparently, so had he.

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