Master/Pet HypNovember Day 4

by Annalise de Fere

Tags: #bondage #D/s #dom:male #microfiction #petplay #pov:bottom #HypNovember

My entry for HypNovember Day 4 from Hyenaface’s list, “Master/Pet”

I hate Las Vegas. It’s so bright and noisy, you could call it Overstimulation City (and not in the fun way). But Sire wanted to meet up, and this was the cheapest city for both of us to fly to. I guess it’s a hub. So here I was at the airport.

It felt like it took ages to get out of the secured area and to where he could meet me. Even here, there were noisy slot machines and flashing lights. I hugged myself and closed my eyes a moment. But then I pressed on. I knew relief was coming.

Thrall is safe with Sire, I thought to myself. Thrall is safe with Sire. Soon.

Then I saw him, waiting for me. As soon as he spotted me, he ran up and hugged me.

“Are you ready, thrall?”

“Yes, Sire. Please, Sire.” I bounced on the balls of my feet, impatiently.

“Very well. Be still now.”

He set down his bag, and took out a thick satin blindfold. He placed it over my eyes, and I sighed with relief.

“Shhhh. That’s right, thrall. Be still. Stand straight for me now.”

I stood up a bit from my slump. He gently took the noise-canceling headphones from around my neck and placed them over my ears. They couldn’t block everything, but they helped. Inside them was almost silence.

Next, I felt him fasten the harness over my shoulders, across my chest, and around my waist. I felt him secure the leash. It was all I could do not to bounce again.

He took my phone from my unresisting hand, and soon the playlist started.

Thrall is safe with Sire, my headphones reminded me in his familiar voice. Thrall loves to obey. Thrall eagerly serves Sire.

I listened, and my mind let go. When I felt a gentle tug on the leash, I followed without a single worry or hesitation.

Thrall is safe with Sire.


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