Mannequin HypnoTober Day 19

by Annalise de Fere

Tags: #dom:female #HypnoTober #mannequin #microfiction #pov:bottom

“Hmm. No, not this one, either.” She lifted the dress over my head, carefully guiding my hands out of the sleeves. “You’re doing so well, holding so still for me. Good mannequin. This is going to be a lovely display.” Her hand came up to caress my cheek, and I could tell she was adjusting my makeup a bit. I blinked, very slowly, but otherwise my body was still. I suppose I could have moved, if there had been an emergency, but it just felt so good to obey, to stay in trance, to stay still for her, posed as she liked.

Fabric rustled past my face. I felt her hands smoothing and adjusting. “Oh, this is a much better color on you.” Her words felt true. Very true. Everything she said felt true and good and I just enjoyed the bliss that kept me still. Reaching in, she adjusted my breasts, and patted my cleavage. “So good and still for me, that’s right.” She adjusted and petted my hair. “Take a drink for me. Got to keep you hydrated.” She held a straw to my lips. “Oh, that mindless sucking. Might have to use that later. For now, though, stay just as you are while I get the camera. Our guests will be here soon, but if you’re very good, you’ll get a break before they arrive. That’s right. Just like that.”

I stared blissfully at the nothing I saw, the nothing that filled my mind, as her camera clicked away.


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