Good Morning, Valentine

by Annalise de Fere

Tags: #D/s #dom:male #microfiction #pov:bottom #realistic #sub:nb #piv #sex #slice_of_life #ValentinesHypnoJam

A sweet hyp sex scene between a hypnosub with a clit and a hypnodom with a cock.

There is nothing like waking up in the arms of someone you love. When that someone is your hypnodom? Even better!

I luxuriated in the floaty, drowsy feeling of waking up slowly, warm and cozy. Every so often he would nuzzle me, or gently stroke my skin, sending me back down.

Blinking, I realized we were no longer touching, and the blankets were off me. I was a little cold. Concern furrowed my brow.

I looked over, and saw that Sire was still here next to me, doing something on his phone. Seeing him still there, I relaxed, and smiled sleepily up at him.

“Good morning, thrall.”

“Good morning, Sire!”

“Are you properly awake now?”
My brow furrowed in confusion. Why was he asking that? We hadn’t been trancing. I checked with my mind and body. “Yes Sire.”

His voice changed, becoming more deep and firm. In an instant, his expression became serious, commanding. “Strip, thrall.”

“Yes Sire.” I realized my hands were removing my clothes while my mind was still processing what he had said. Oh! He wanted to know if I was all the way awake before giving me an order. I noticed distantly that I was already a bit less awake again, not sleepy, but more entranced. That was nice.

He removed the blanket that had been covering his body, and I saw that he was naked. “Get on top.”

“Yes Sire.” Again, my body moved without thought. When my mind caught up, it was only to enjoy the pleasure of obedience.

I was lying on top of him, my skin alight with the joy of being next to his. I looked up into his eyes, and he caught my gaze, smiling, then was once again firm and intense as his finger touched the center of my forehead. “Off.”

What few thoughts I had switched off like a light. My body on his grew heavy, and I struggled to keep my head up so I could keep looking into his eyes. He smiled slightly, giving an approving nod.

As his hands gently took my head and moved it to relax on his shoulder, he said, “Rest.” My mind sank deep into trance as my spirit soared. His skin on mine and his hand on my hair, gently stroking me down even deeper, were my entire world. I sighed in contentment.

My mind was so empty of thought, so full of that wonderful bliss of trance, the sudden thrill of pleasure from my clit took me by surprise and I gasped. His hands moved his cock, exploring my body, testing and caressing, and I moaned. He slid in easily as soon as he chose to, I was already so ready for him.

Again I gasped in surprise; the first orgasm hit as soon as he was inside me. My body rocked and spasmed as he moved against me, inside me, fingers tugging my hair, nails digging into my back. After that, I can’t even describe to you what happened, because to me, it was all a wonderful haze of blank, blissful pleasure. I was lost a timeless time in eternal joy.

When the haze faded and thoughts returned, he was there to hold me and kiss me awake.


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